CP3: Bruised, Beaten & Burdened

SAN ANTONIO – Another night, another beat-down for Chris Paul.

If the Lob City Clippers are going to get up off the floor to be even mildly competitive against the Spurs, first someone is going to have to sweep up the shattered pieces of their All-Star point guard.

In Game 2, Paul scored just 10 points and handed out only five assists. But more significant was his eight turnovers, the most in a game in his career.

“Just bad decisions,” Paul said. “I have to make better passes. They are shrinking the court and basically just packing it in.”

His good friend Tony Parker handled the lion’s share of the defensive matchup in Game 2, but Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard and others also got into Paul’s face.

There is not a playoff team still alive – and maybe not one that entered the postseason – dependent on one player to make it go than the Clippers and Paul.

He has to run the offense, get everyone else involved, fuel the rocket that is Blake Griffin, inject the energy into the lineup and also score big and score late. In the four games that L.A. won in its first-round victory over Memphis, Paul did not score fewer than 19 points. In two games against the Spurs, he has a total of 16 points, has shot 7-for-22 and turned the ball over 13 times. He is also playing with a groin strain and a hip flexor injury.

“He’s been a dominating player all season for us, especially in the fourth quarter making huge plays,” said Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro. “I know he’s not feeling great, but he’s battling through it.”

Down 0-2, the battle only gets tougher and nobody left in the playoffs has more of a burden than Paul.


  1. spursfan21 says:

    I am a Spurs fan, and even I think all this bull**** about Tony Parker being a better point guard than Chris Paul is ridiculous. The Spurs had 8 days to relax, the Clippers didn’t travel home. We (the Spurs) are definitely a better team in general and have great chemistry, but CP3 is without a doubt the best point guard in the league. Had a rough few games against our top-notch defense, no surprise. But if it came down to it, CP3>>>TP9 anyday.

  2. Big Al says:

    The Clippers wouldn’t really be where they are right now in the playoffs if not for stupid Memphis being unable to finish games properly, giving up some 20 points in the fourth quarter of games 1 and 7 in what other teams would have easily won. The arrival of Paul more than doubled the team’s value, but they wouldn’t really contend for a championship. They’ll never become the real LA team.

  3. JohnM says:

    I like the Clipper and I admire CP3 but since when did the Clippers played better than the Spurs???? (confused). It is obvious that the Spurs IS THE BETTER TEAM. It does not matter whether the Clippers are healthy or not. They don’t stand a chance against the Spurs in a 7 game series. Spurs lost to the Memphis last year because the Grizzlies played better basketball(NO EXCUSES HERE) but that is past now. Right now, THE SPURS ARE PLAYING MUCH BETTER than most teams. Give credit to where it is due and don’t make up excuses c’mon!!

  4. OhYeah! says:

    Whaz up with this jacked up back-to-back sked for the LA teams.? The players got the raw deal of this strike (I hope they know that next time….)

  5. mb says:

    Two of the best pgs, cp3 and Parker. Who is better? Tough call. A well rested and injury free Parker is up 2 games to nill but he has the advantage being with a team that has a good coach, solid veterans and hard working new guys. CP3 is down 2 games but has what? Himself, a pf that cant make free throws and a bunch of other guys. I say both are great and very talented but Parker is winning this series because he is good and has a very good supporting cast that makes his job easier.

  6. Jim says:

    Can’t believe poeple are talking about Billups as if he would be the saviour. He is old as hell and would not make that much
    difference against the Spurs. The problem is Griffin and Jordan can not shoot or post the Spurs down low which is the only
    small weakness they have. Grizz would have played them better but the Spurs would still beat them because the Big 3 is healthy and they fixed there inside problems with Splitter, Diaw and a healthy team Ducan. They also added Jackson and Lenoard to the team and Parker is now playing on a different level. Spurs had none of this last year when they lost to the Grizz in the first round.

  7. eugene says:

    why all the “oh the Clippers are hurt and have so many injuries?” this is the NBA (No Babies Allowed) in this instance. the Spurs are clearly the better TEAM…yes the Memphis Grizzlies are a more physical team than the Spurs, that’s why their series vs the Clippers was so awful to watch (not including the 1st game). this series with the Spurs is about who can execute their game plan better and force their will on the other team….and the results are obvious. the Spurs are a well run machine, 16 straight wins testifies to that and they have not even been challenged. the Clippers are a very dirty playing team, they hold, push, elbow, set illegal picks, punch, etc just to play basketball. Spurs in 4 or better yet, a s w e e p

  8. nr1lad says:

    guys dont forget tp is well rested , if chauncey was still around series would be much more interesting imo

  9. The spurs are on playing on a whole nother lavel of basketball, the clippers just can’t keep up and chris paul is just being takin right out of his game, tony parker is a way better point guard.

    • cp3 da best pg says:

      well that was a pretty stupid thing to say heck if ty lawson played one good gm out of two against a physically hurt cp3 is he way better right hip flexor and strained groin so i dont wanna hear that he’s way better because they’re not in the same league cp3 light years ahead of tony parker

      • Sam says:

        Even when CP3 is healthy they both always match up pretty even stats wise so to say CP3 is light years ahead is ignorant. Also 3 rings and a finals MVP, how is he better than Parker honestly? Lol

  10. Willie D says:

    Teams have to go through growing pains, and sometimes injury. Can’t bad talk the Clippers…it’s just not their time. Spurs and OKC are in championship form right now and they are making the competition look bad!
    Just time to improve for the LA teams!

  11. Belizeboy says:

    Easy to write a bad article about Paul when he’s injured, and three of his other starters are injured, plus they are down 0-2. Clippers beat Memphis which to me was a much tougher team than San Antonio. Not taking any credit away from the Spurs because they are a proven playoff team, but without the injuries this series would have been tied.

    • Kidz says:

      news flash; the spurs swept their series against the grizzlies during the regular season. If you think they are the BETTER team then you must be drunk….. then there’s the excuse bout the injuries plaguing your Clips, well it’s not the Spurs fault that they swept the jazz and got plenty of rest (actually…. yes it’s theirs!!!) and the Clippers had to fight tooth and nail against the Grizzlies thus leading to injuries and fatigue… so if there’s any one to blame, then blame the Clippers for not sweeping the BETTER Grizzlies then going 0-2 against the Spurs!

  12. Darknessmoon says:

    Spurs are playing great ball, no doubt, but people need to relax with some of these comments. Obviously, they are going to play better, not only because of the talent they have around them, but because of the system that’s been in place for years, and the most important thing of all? Their big 3 are completely healthy. Gotta give the Clippers credit for making it as far as they have, but you must wonder how good they would be if they weren’t SO BANGED UP!

    Not counting Chauncey (HUGE difference right there), so many of these guys got hurt during that physical series against Memphis: Mo Williams hurt his right hand, Eric Bledsoe hurt his left arm, Nick Young seems to have hurt his shooting hand (and now tooth aches), Caron broke his left hand, BG hurt his left knee, and CP3 aggravated his groin injury. Not sure when Reggie hurt his left shoulder, but he’s another one. Yet, they’re all playing their heart out, after a tough 7 game RD1 series. Don’t sleep on this team. With a back-to-normal season next season, and if these guys remain healthy come play off time, and hopefully DJ works on his game, these guys will be even MORE dangerous.

    I’ll be at Staples for Game 3. Let’s get a win!!!

    • OhYeah! says:

      Spurs haven’t played a game in weeks…swept the Jazz…no injuries…they SHOULD be in the driver’s seat.

  13. MyBloodIsSilverAndBlack says:

    There can only be one Los Angeles team in the Finals. And that is the Los Angeles Kings.

    Won’t be champs though. They’ll be pummeled by Tortorella’s Rangers.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……WTF……. hockey???? wrong blog dude!!!

      • Sam says:

        He was just saying that the Lakers and Clippers aren’t going to the finals basically and using their hockey team as a little comical relief.

  14. Nate says:

    Let’s be realistic here, the Clippers are still not a very good team once you factor out CP3, and that’s what the Spurs are able to do, it’s going to be a sweep. Griffin is just explosive, but he doesn’t have any finesse or shooting touch to his game.

  15. shellackshock24 says:

    CP3 is hurt u can tell he just doesnt have a head of steam otherwise it would b a great match up. with that said tho TP9 is the most dominant point guard left in the playoffs. Parker even when ina slump will dig his way out last night was the perfect example

  16. Amitpal says:

    Come everybody open ur eyes. Chris is seriously injured. The spurs are playing good defense but chris has been able to get the shots he wants but just is being able to make it cuz he just can’t jump. The injury is really bad and u ca tell by te way he plays. If chris was healthy he would do fine. He can break down the defense and would have done just fine. But unfortunately he won’t get a rest and will have to keep playing through injury.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..”seriously” injured???? NOT….. If so he would NOT be playing…..his future is at stake and no coach would/should allow a player to sacrifice the rest of their career for a single series……. He IS injured and he has alot of heart but to say seriously injured is going a little too far with it. I hope he is NOT that injured (that there is some kind o off-season surgery involved) and he comes back 100% healthy next year for all year along with all of his teammates because they are fun to watch and there needs to be a Good team in LA to fill the laker void!!!

  17. monj says:

    would you believe that parker has four more rebounds than griffin in game two of this series?

  18. KJ - me says:

    Cant wait for Billups to return next season!! and be injured again before mid season.. tsk3x………………..

  19. Mario says:

    CP3 carried the Hornets for 7 years when they would play the Lakers in the first round.. I call that a one man wreck train, plus he now has better teammates than he did then.. He does have a strained right hip flexor and groin issues, not 100% but still willing to play, I mean what else do you expect from the guy.. Cant wait for Billups to return next season!!

  20. sexy says:

    cp3, is just tired of carrying the clippers completely all season long, but i gotta admit the spurs are playing great, with duncan being great, but just imagine where would the clippers be if billups wasnt injured

  21. johnM says:

    everybody flops.. phew! bitter!

  22. 1greatplayer says:

    the spurs did an amazing job but tony parker was FLOPPING the WHOLE game

    • cris says:

      Just giving the clippers a tatse of their own medicine.

      • 1greatplayer says:

        very true…im happy everyone is finally seeing how one dimensional the clippers are….FLOP, DUNK, FLOP is what their team consist of.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..flopping !!! He gets pounded EVERY game he plays….but you wouldn’t know that ’cause you don’t watch the spurs….Not Flashy enough for most……. no headlines/blotters/tasteless quotes, etc….PS: You would ‘flop’ too if you got hit every time you leap for the bucket!!! and he gets the call about 50-50….. now if he was one of the nba’s “darlings”(read kobebronbron) he would be ‘living’ at the line !!!! with Tony it is ‘no blood-no foul’ …..with the ‘darlings’ all you need to do is get “Close” to them!!!

      • 1greatplayer says:

        please learn to read, it isnt even about that…this is BASKETBALL NOT BALLET im not saying he isnt getting hit im saying in THAT one particular game he was flopping…i really hate when fans read things out of context and go on rambling about something they THINK was said.

  23. Patrickmarc says:

    T Parker appeared slim and faster.

    CP3 is not so slow usualy,
    may be his last meal was too fat,
    something went wrong.

  24. Mark says:

    Newsflash CP3: it wasn’t just bad decisions… Tony Parker played sensational D on him all night. He stole it from him cold twice, frustrated him into an offensive foul, forced loose carries, and chased him hard off picks…

    Shutting down Paul is a job for the whole team, but maybe TP9 is just a much better defender than he gets credit for… Maybe he’s a much better player than he gets credit for… Maybe if he talked more, or was cooler, wore flashier sneakers, or cared about his own stats, Chris Paul wouldn’t have the high ground in the whole best point guard discussion…

    • Spurrred says:

      Loving this series. I want people to see TP and how he has always been for the Spurs. This domination is not a surprise to me

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……. Absolutely ! ……… very well put !!…….right on the money !!! etc …Parker is just plain Better, especially defensively(note his coach)….no matter the “Monster Hype” lavished all over seepeethree…… It take a lot more than flash to win as a point guard…..a LOT more

  25. lol says:

    STFU bitter laker fans and move on. CP3 is the best PG and kobe doesn’t deserve a player of his calibre on the lakers…its kobes team and as long as long as it is, cp3 will want no part in it. You have to admire the clippers and the fact that theyre in their first playoffs since 06. they made it to the 2nd round and unfortunately the journey ends here..spurs are fundamentally sound and have so meany offensive weapons its scary…i hate to admit but spurs might be favs right now

    • OhYeah! says:

      Amen lol…..Clippers are playing their hearts out despite a jacked up shortened schedule where they are wounding our finest…The Lakers have NO EXCUSES, except DRAMA all day loong. SA looking good….& they would wipe up the LAL. SA & OKC looks like a good match.

  26. Wrong EL-AY ! says:

    He picked the wrong EL-AY !

    No one, I repeat no one, could have prevented him from going to where he SHOULD HAVE gone. But he was in a rush, and perhaps under the belief that he could lift the ‘other team’ all by himself. Could have saved BOTH teams the woes they face today … Aw’e come on, the Clippers would have won 25-30 games (in the shortened season) with Griffin & Co. and that would have been an accomplishment for them … to be proud of. And he would have been lounging in glory … for years to come.

    Then again … “IF THE DOG HAD NOT STOPPED TO PEE, HE WOULD CAUGHT THE RABBIT” ` Arthur Gayle – This Boy’s Life (1993)

    • TYPO says:

      “… he would HAVE caught the rabbit”. And there is no ‘e’ after aw’ either, but its late … look at the time. Sorry.

  27. NBAfan says:

    The Spurs and Tony Parker are just that good….TP never gets the accolades he deserves….now he is showing who exactly is better…

    Sorry CP3…had you become a LAKER instead of a CLIPPER you’d be on your way to your first ring and helping Kobe get his 6th…

    Complaining about how you were traded to the Lakers was the best front office move of the decade…those guys who complained should get the exec of the year award (Bird and the Pacers are great though)….cause if you are with the Lakers now (they lost Odom anyway), it’s a shoe in for you to get a ring and Blake “Monster Hype” Griffin will still be at the bottom of the standings.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……so it is just that easy in your head???? all he had to do was go to the division favorite and then he wins a ring……WRONG…… STILL would NOT have been able to beat a real “TEAM” to get the east winner in the finals…… Spurs would have beaten THAT lala land team too!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..they didn’t “lose” Mr. K…….he was traded wasn’t he??…..and look how much he missed the hollywood lights…..so much that he couldn’t even play he was in such a state……….LOL………….. and PS: CP3 is also hyped WAY out of proportion!!!

    • Common Sense says:

      The Lakers are struggling with OKC!!! The Spurs would destroy the Lakers!! The Lakers were lucky to avoid the Spurs and take on the young…but good Thunder. They just aren’t as good as the Spurs. Lakers are lucky and are handling the job. Kobe is not playing like a champion. Look at game 2. Steve Blake shoots the open three, the best shot they could get since Kobe was guarded perfectly, and Kobe gets Pouty while the ball is in mid air. So outy in fact that when the Thunder got the rebound(cause Kobe didn’t go for the rebound, down by 2!) and were 2 feet from Kobe(and Kobe didn’t foul with 3 seconds in the game) so the Lakers couldn’t commit the foul until 1 second left. Had Kobe fould instead of .3 seconds left to make a 3 they would have had 2.3 seconds. Kobe is not playing like the champion he used to be playing like. He’s just pouty and frustrated with his team. He shoots under 50% every game and usually closer to 40%. He shoots a lot so he gets a lot of points but he has not been as effective as he once was. Stop the Lakers talk, CP3 made the right decision