Wade-ing In Troubled Waters

INDIANAPOLIS — If a certain Heat All-Star blew a layup near the end of a playoff game, violently shoved a defender in same game, then followed up two nights later missing a ton of shots and angrily cursed his coach, would he be due for a public grilling, you think?

LeBron James?  Yeah. Of course.

So it’ll be interesting to see the double-standard reaction toward Dwyane Wade, the more Teflon member of Miami’s Big Three, who is self-destructing before our very eyes.

Make no mistake, the Heat trail the Pacers 2-1 in the East semifinals partly because of Chris Bosh‘s abdomen strain. But what about Wade’s brain strain? Taking into account how sloppy he finished up in the Game 2 loss, then how he cracked in Game 3, scoring just five points, this has been unquestionably the worst two-game stretch of his otherwise blessed and non-controversial professional life.

He has behaved like a bum (which is different than calling him a bum, so calm down) and played like a bum (ditto). If his name was LeBron, you’d be killing him right now. His current collapse is almost as bad as LeBron’s fourth quarters last summer.

What transpired with Wade in the 94-75 loss Thursday raises two serious questions:

Is he healthy?

Was he wrong to lash out at Erik Spoelstra, yelling “get out of my (bleeping) face” during a third quarter timeout?

In full view of a sellout crowd and the intrusive cameras, Wade went full-blast on Spoelstra (who didn’t answer) and had to be pulled away from the coach and muzzled, first by Udonis Haslem, then Juwan Howard. It was a quick exchange but also a nasty one, which obviously will raise the issue of Spoelstra and job security, especially if Miami loses this series.

Wade, after the game: “I don’t even remember what y’all talking about.”

Spoelstra, downplayed it, taking the “You have no idea how often things like that happen” route, before calling it “irrelevant.”

He added: “Guys say something you don’t like and you move on. Dwyane and I have been together a long time. We’ve been through everything. That’s nothing.”

As for the health question, it was downplayed by eveyone except Haslem, who confessed: “He’s a little banged up.”

Wade missed 11 of his 13 shots and looked completely lost. He had five turnovers, once stepping out of bounds, once dribbling the ball off his foot. Danny Granger blasted a 3-pointer in his mug. In a word, Wade was horrible.

“Offensively I knew I didn’t have it so I wasn’t going to force a lot of shots,” he said. “We’re not going to win a lot of ballgames with Chris Bosh out and me scoring five points, so it’s on me.”

If the last 48 hours have been difficult for Wade, the next 48 will be excruciating. Basically, he can’t do anything to make amends until Sunday. And during the two-day wait, his ugly performance, both on the court and the bench, will go through the media ringer. It will get worse for Wade before it gets better.

A bad five quarters, including the fourth in Game 2, and a testy exchange with his coach will bang between Wade’s eardrums until Game 4. And then we’ll see if it was just a lapse for him, or a way of life in a series that’s getting out of hand for the Heat.

“It’s obvious he wasn’t himself,” said LeBron.

Well, that better change. Or during the forthcoming backlash, Wade won’t feel like himself. He’ll feel like LeBron.


  1. zyweic says:

    After everything that has been said and done…. Miami will will the series in game 6 (4-2)!!

  2. acid joe says:

    anybody a lip reader?

  3. Killa! says:

    Lol in the picture looks like d-wade is telling spo Urrrrr fiiiiireeeeddd lol. Son, instead of getting angry at ur coach get angry at the game and dominate start game 4 or else it’s smelly fishy time with Charles Barkley lol…
    Come on Let’s go South beach get wild but not outta controls like d.wadelol. We wana see Miami vs Boston on ECF..

  4. AJ says:

    The got 3 superstars, but 3 superstar is not enought to win a championship ring, they need a better supporting cast some quality players who can wade, bosh, lebron can lean on if they have a bad game. about erik spoelstra he’s a great coach to bring miami in playoffs, he rotate well the players, but as i’ve said a while ago miami heat need some quality players, they have lots of bench players but we can’t say that they are quality player for a playoff season. i hope maimi heat will come back in GAME 4, and i hope that wade can lead the team because he had a heart of a champion. and i hope that lebron will bring his a game in crunch time..

  5. sepoc156 says:

    The blueprint to creating a true NBA dynasty has been created by the Spurs. OKC and Pacers are learning and moving in that direction. Everyone else is playing catch up. Too many egos, selfishness, personalities and not enough sacrificing for the good of the team. Once a player publicly disrespects a coach for the world to see, upset or not someone has to go.

  6. sepoc156 says:

    The true NBA blueprint that everyone should be following is the Spurs. OKC knows that and so do Pacers. You don’t build dynasties with alot of superstars.

  7. Ahmad Shahhet says:

    if you gonna trash ur coach and then bounce back and have a great games, you’d better understand that its your coach.
    i supported SPO if he give Dwade a one game suspension for insulting him in front of the crowd.
    i have full respect for veterans like Juwan Howard because he knows how to respect a coach who is fully dedicated against the organizations and the players.
    one more important things Dwade must understand; coach SPO got 15 players to worry about and 15 players who got their own personal reasons and problems in their private life, so how about you man up and act like a leader instead of lashing your coach, think about how important your image should be in front of the youth generation who idolize you.
    and keep your mouth shut when you have bad nights.

  8. duro says:

    Many Heat fans are happy about having three stars but they complain about their weak bench. Maybe you should accept the concept that if you hire three stars the salary cap wouldn’t allow you to hire a good bench.
    Therefore, you end up having three glamour stars AND a horribly playing team. Even when they win, even when they win BIG, the Heat display a miserable show in terms of b’all. They’re all about isolation, LBJ keeping the ball indefinitely until he decides to go in. He has wondeful b’ball skills and so he often get away with a bucket but every time he can’t, there’s no alternative. The astonishing thing is that it seems many Heat fans think their wins are due to LBJ/Wade/Bosh offensive skills. Wrong. It’s about their defense. And defense is a lot about coaching.
    I don’t think Spoelstra is such a bad coach as many say. Sure he’s not Popovich or Jackson. The problem is he’s the third or fourth guy in the team rank. First come LBJ/Wade/Bosh. That’s wrong. Well, that’s ok for selling tickets but it’s wrong for winning long term.
    NBA b’ball is a complex and hard business. Lots of games and a long season. If you want to win – consistently win – your team AND organization must be a perfect and smoothly running war machine. Look at Spurs: they win consistently over a long time. Look at Celtics/Nuggets/Bulls: they win fairly consistently (according to their quality level), subject only to injuries.
    Look at teams like NY, Lakers, Heat: sometime they win big, sometime they make miserable show, dpending on how their “stars” feel on any particular day. If your team has to cope with the childlish behaviour of Wade, Bynum, Anthony, any given gameday is a blind bet. That’s not the best foundation for long term winning.

  9. Kson says:

    Im a Parent and Very Disappointed how Wade Reacts to Eric. To think You Guys Especially Superstars are Supposed to be Role Models, my Kids Look Up to them how Determined they are to Win and if the Team Loses I explain to My Son its Part of the Game but the Respect between the opposing Players and Coach is still there Shaking Hands after the Game. I always Say to my son if you are not playing right or doing it correctly its Ok, you will Gain Experience and Learn from it how Bad Or Worse Game you are in.

  10. PINGUOSMACK says:


  11. KboyNBAfan says:

    My hope for Heat to win the championship are slim. But for the Thunders, i believe they will win after many years and write out history. Thunders has been outstanding this year. If you look at the stats of how many game they loss compared to Bulls, who were 1st in East, it’s unbelievable. Thunder will win this year. They have the energy, the support, the skills and what it takes to be the best. Thunder will the series no mater what.

  12. Lenon says:

    “bad attitude for DWADE!!!..” …” the great pretender LJAMES “

  13. Bok says:

    And to D. Wade, please be an example to the kids, especially the aspiring players that no player is above any team. I’ve watched MJ his entire career & there was never an incident that he blew his top, or blamed his teammates for his shortcomings. Wade in this game, it’s strange but it’s off. And I find it disrespectful on his part to yell at Spo, & losing his temper because of his bad scoring night. He should be resilient enough to find ways to win, not to score. It’s a shame cuz I used to admire his game, especially on 2008 Beijing Olympics.

  14. Bok says:

    It’s a combination of a lot of things. 1) The Heat simply doesn’t have the tool (bench for 1) to win it all. The big 3 can’t do it all by themselves. 2) I don’t think Spo’s the right coach for this kind of lineup. My suggestion to Pat is to trade 1 of the big 3 for a decent supporting cast. This only proves star studded team doesn’t guarantee a championship.

    • NBAfan says:

      The HEAT does have enough tools…Battied is a great of a supporting cast as you can hope for…smart, good defender, can hit the 3 pointer…..you also got Mike Miller who can hurt you from deep…ex Roookie of the Year too.

      The big three shouldn’t do it all by themselves…but they should be the leaders of the team…making the team better….not hogging the ball and just showcasing their talents.

      I don’t think there’s any coach out there who would be able to handle 3 ego filled guys who had a parade promising multiple championships before they even practiced together with a full roster….

      Nobody will trade Lebron…Miami is Wade’s team….Bosh has always been the odd man out and I hope he gets traded…I’m sure he’s hoping the same thing….BOSH…you gotta go join the NETS…team up with Deron…you’ll see your 20 pts and 10 rbs back up

      Deron and Bosh…that’s a nice combination!!!! Trade him..for brook lopez and someone else….everybody will be happy…

  15. garret says:

    as a true nba fan not just a pacers fan miami’s chances dont look good right now
    first of all the miami’s defense cant stop us on the boards were dominating them so as long as we keep it in a half court set we will be fine
    secondly the heat’s role players are complete GARBAGE 2 stars wont be enough especially when your facing a defense like the pacers and a balanced offense like pacers
    and dont forget george probly one of the most versatile defenders in the nba will be on wade all game and thats no easy task
    theres a chance the heat win this series but imo not a big chance

    • NBAfan says:

      6’8-6’9 athletic, can run and jump, and long as heck…he reminds me of pippen…Wade…6’4…super atheltic, but can’t shoot to save his life….Paul George just needs to back off a bit and let him shoot jumpers…he’s not good enough to make them all consistently and he can always distrupt his shooting…..

      Bosh being injured is really hurting the Heat…and he was unfairly called the .5 in miami heat’s big 3 or big 2.5 last year

      Man…Larry Legend…he’s really a master of the game…how’d you build this team? I guess that’s why David West joined them…he liked what he saw…..

  16. The Heat can still win says:

    The Heat can still win if Spoelstra makes the right line up and change their offensive strategies. What i can’t understand is you have one of the best 3 pt shooters in the league and you won’t play him who? JAMES JONES and that doesn’t mean bench him when he misses 2 shots. Spoelstra needs to change his line up. Starting with taking chalmers out of the starting line up. He makes to many turnovers and can’t score when given the opportunity. I would replace him with Norris Cole. This should be the line up 1. Norris Cole 2.D wade 3.Lebron 4.James Jones 5. Joel Anthony or the same except have number 5. spot switch with haslem or turiaf. Also use Pittman he’s a big body in the paint. Spoelstra needs to keep this line up and not switch his line up randomly when things start to go bad. Spoelstra needs to set up plays for James Jones like Ray Allen for Boston. That way it can open up plays for teammates. As for Lebron he’s doing well. I think the team as a whole and Lebron James should attack the basket more when they’re down 10 or more. That way once they have a commanding lead they can take 3 pt shots and work on a inside outside game. In my opinion if Miami does this and keep playing great defense they can still beat indiana and win the championship.

  17. Benji23 says:

    Trade Wade!

  18. sixxers says:

    Sixers are the best team out thier they may not be the best but they have good additudes and play together!!!

  19. jude says:

    i have too much respect with D-Wade but the way he treated his coach Erik? all of it have gone to trash. in fact he is not the franchise player for the heat.. if the heat will lost this series, it will not certainly the coach will be fired but for me it would be D-wade for a trade.. why blame the coach for missing so many shots? scoring just 5. i expect wade on a different uniform next season. bye for wade

  20. Pacernation says:

    Why are everyone so high on the Celtics? They havent exactly been lights out… 7 games with the hawks? LOL! Pacers>Celtics

  21. Rod Miller says:

    Why was Wade mouthing off to the coach … Spoelstra didn’t miss a shot all night.

  22. LakersRus says:

    Hey D-Wade! If the heat gets too hot in Heatland, feel free to join the Lakers! lol

  23. YAVIER says:

    lebron thinks is going to win not 1,2,3,4,5,6 but 7 jajja good luck whit that forever fan of the old big 3 THE BOSTON CELTICS.

  24. knickfan212 says:

    LOL! The Heat cancelled practice and their media session. Announced it on their Heat twitter. That loss has them F-up.Walking around in a daze,yelling at the coach in front of the fans and video.Now everyone is saying trade one, they can’t play together, Can someone say Stoudemire and Melo! The Heat expect to win because they have “THE BIG THREE”.You can’t just expect to win, you have to feel you’re gonna win.At this stage of the playoff everybody is playing ball. Teams are like,what big three? You’ll be able to tell next game if they got it together. If they don’t, Riley might ship all of the big three and anybody else that’s around when he makes his decision.

  25. W/E says:

    Dwade is a non factor,he CANT even shoot the ball. sad fact KOBE THE BRICK BRYANT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DWADE, only if LBJ starts playing like an MVP the heat might have a chance,BUT another sad fact is that lebron plays like an MVP only in the regular season not in the playoffs, heat got no chance without Chris bosh

    • didntknowuallpsychic says:

      the big three, is just a number, and it’s still on d wades jersey…yes hes still #3… dont beleive me, check his jersy

  26. knickfan212 says:

    It shows how Bosh is one of the big three.They look like a whole different team when Bosh isn’t playing. I hope the Pacers beat them, they’re the underdog.

  27. NZBaller says:

    Love the Lakers but Thunder have got there number this time and its the Spurs vs Thunder in the West BUT the East is another story. I had Miami or Bulls locked in all season to win it all but Injuries hit the Bulls and Miami is crumbling under pressure and it shows us that Bosh is a major part of this team and Lebron and Wade just cant do it without the big guy. So whoever wins the West, wins it all.

    Deep down I want Boston to win but I think they are going to gas out in the conferance final… yes I said it they will be in the East finals.

  28. Lija says:

    I think when LeBron mentioned 1,2,3,4,5,6… championship he forgot to add 0 as well.

  29. TrueHEATfan says:

    I laugh at you HEAThaters. When this team is beating your favorite team you punks don’t have anything to say, As soon as they have a couple bad games the flood gates of criticism open. I have learned to accept that since the Decision and the dissapearence of James in ’11 finals. Wade is my favorite player and dude is obviously going through some personal issures and is lashing out. Not saying its the right thing to do but its up to Lebron, Pat Riley, and Big Zoe to get to the bottom of it A.S.A.P. He was like a contagious cancer out ther game 3. It ws affecting the whole team, but that tends to happen when you have a team as tight knit as this, yeah to the onlooker everyone besides the Big 3 and maybe Mario are a bunch of talentless scrubs,,,, well that does not change the fact the team is close off the court. The roleplayers are just doing what all of Lebrons past team mates have done., Marvel at the greatness. Look for the HEAT to still take the series . Ol’ faithfull Wade never lets me down he is a constant contributer that was just a carrer low for him . He just needs to come to terms with Playing with a better player than he is. Yes Wade is my favorite player but Lebron is the best player , not just on the team but in the world. People are to busy hating him to realize it. Anybody ever think he doesnt player that well in tight games cuz he is used to blowing team out and sitting most of the 4th lol( Lebron has had many clutch moments , actually better % than Kobe). Not crazy about the coach he is not utilizing certain key players. This is a series where the Heat bigs aka Turiaf and Curry need big minutes so they can bang with the Pacer bigs.

  30. latasha says:

    i totally agree with the eddy curry comment, i watched him as a knick and even though he plays no defense he can get u between 15-20 points and hes at least a body in the paint.

  31. Rocabye says:

    Coach and player are a lot like father and son. Sometimes the son gets mad and blows up at his father. Doesn’t make him a bad person..just had a bad day. Idk why the media is blowing it up so much, its silly.

    The Heat are finished by the way. Even if they make it past the pacers they are not making it past the Celtics. Even if they make it past the celtics they aren’t winning the championship. No matter how you slice it, its not panning out for the heat. The Lakers are in a similar boat. Kobe isnt Kobe anymore…ppl need to let the past go. Kobe’s FG% is terrible for a leading scorer, and all those bricks translates into easy buckets for the opposing team. Bynum and Gasol have to play lights out the whole series just for the Lakers to have a *chance* at winning a game. And the only reason LA came close in game 2 is because OKC was having a slump night all around. Now if you can’t beat a team at its worst, how the heck are you beating them at their best, or even at their average? LA winning the series is a pipe dream. Its like the Mavs all over again.

    There are 3 championship caliber teams in these playoffs: Celtics, OKC, and the Spurs. I’m almost positive a Western Conference team is going to win it all this year. The celtics are the East’s only real shot. You cant sleep on the pacers but I dont think they can compete with the Spurs/OKC…not yet. Both of those teams are both extremely talented and very deep on top of that.

  32. Lindie says:

    The Heat’s thoroughbreds are broken due to playing too many minutes. Unless they get a decent bench that can compete while resting on the bench, they will not go anywhere on a seven games playoff system.

  33. MyKing23 says:

    I’m a big Lebron fan since his rookie year. Even if I’m a Miami fan I would say this is an unbiased article. I agree Wade has gone way beyond when he shouted at spoelstra. But I don’t blame him for being so frustrated, it was an off night. I’m not a fan of spoelstra either. I don’t think he has good coaching IQ. Well if you have the best player in the world on your team, you got to give him the ball on winning time, he didn’t on game 1..I don’t blame wade for not sinking the go ahead basket,,but I blame spoelstra. It’s’ given people has no confidence on James converting down the stretch (ALL the haters of course). But if you’re coach is showing no confidence on you on last shots that’s a big problem. How can a player like James prove himself if he’s coach in the first place does not want the ball on his hands during the last seconds of the game. I’m not a blind fan. I admit James has had a share of clutch plays but I think he is a player who’s very scared to lose. He just need to win his first championship and shut off all his haters, then he will get this off his chest and be the best basketball player ever. He has what it takes and I believe he will pull it off. Sign Phill Jackson and dump Spoelstra. We need a coach who lets his player play.

  34. JAYSEAN88 says:

    heat taking it all..doesnt matter wht all u guys say abt dem! end of storyy!

  35. phillipjpark says:

    I’m going to say it like it is.

    D-Wade publicly disrespecting his coach in front his whole team is just WRONG, plain and simple. I don’t care if you have the worse coach in history, you do NOT do that in front of your team.

    Wade is a leader on his team and if he pulls antics like that, what are the other players supposed to think. If he has issues with Spo he should meet with him after the game in a civil manner. Not like that. He is supposed to be a professional.

    ALSO, when it comes to the Miami Heat’s performance last game. Lebron also had a TERRIBLE 2nd quarter. Right now everyone would be on his back right now if it wasn’t for D-Wades no show. So let’s not blame it entirely on DWADE. I mean the best player that game for the Heat was MARIO CHALMERS. WOW.

    And Finally, The Pacers played like dream. I am not even a Pacers fan but the way the spread out their offense was amazing. They had like 5 players that were in double digit points(all around 15-20s) playing unselfishly as a TEAM. They played great defense and split their offense in post and outside really well. They can drive, post up, jump shoot and knock down 3s.
    They play like as a real TEAM where all 5 players are important on the floor and NOT running the offense through 2 or 3 superstars.

  36. HDK says:

    There is no way the heat will win this year. They might get to the finals, but they can’t compete with teams like san antonia and OKC.

    In order to win they have to get rid of bosh (who is too perimeter-orientated) and get a decent inside player and a point guard. this becomes obvious right now when they play the pacers.

  37. kobe says:


    • Francisco says:

      iam here, he has been very consistent(lebron), wade bad behaviour affected the team, look i do not belive the heat is a great team(pieces do not fit) they have the BEST player in the game for the last five years;look this one is for you
      did you know that kobe is 0 out of 7 in the last 10 seconds with 2 down or for the win since 2007(when he was at his prime) in the playoffs.His myth as a close has been in the regular season.Iam not a heat fan , I just want lebron to win just a championship, if he does not he is still the best individual player I have seen

    • Francisco says:

      lebron will do better with marc gasol and steve nash, even when wade is probably the best guard in the league, and bosh in the top 20, but some pieces overlap

  38. Lakers#1 says:

    I know what would win a championship for the Heat; Trade away Wade and Bosh, get Howard and sign Nash. LBJ + Howard + Nash = gold

  39. Timmy says:

    Celtics winning this year. all the good teams messing up leaving the celtics open for the easy win!

  40. LBJalltheway says:

    The Heat are obviously going to pull through. Wade is going to be spectacular in game 4 and as much as nobody wants to admit it LeBron is on fire so far. LBJ is certainly going to have a talk with Dwayne and i’m sure there will be some arguments but in the end they’ll pull through. They can still do it without Bosh it’s just guys like Haslem ,Joel,Battier and Turiaf have to step up. Erik Spoelstra is a great coach. He has taken 3 of the best players in the league today and has matured them so much of the past 2 years. Think he got them to the finals last year when it was the big 3’s first year playing together and with the rest of the Heat players. This timer LeBron will not die down and Wade will just get better and with the return of Bosh and Spoelstra coaching and their defense and the rest of their TEAM they will win the NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS!

  41. Kobe says:

    Wade is an old donkey who need to get whipped to behave. Mabe he ate too much hay adn get lazy

  42. FAN says:

    Dont know what to say about this Blog, Heat definetly are falling apart. Im not a Hater but a Laker. The Heat definetly need to win this year, or Brons resume wont look too good. Ive read in many blogs that the reason why they are losing is because they have 3 superstars? I will say this…….the Lakers did it with Fish, Gasol, and Kobe which of the 3 only one is a true superstar. I do believe the coach has alot to do with winning and losing, but is also used as an excuse. True leaders will step up and lead their teams to gold. Heat just need to figure out who is leading and they will be fine. Pacers are alot like OKC, young and talented. I believe the best “team” ball play has been from the Spurs……..only because most of the people on that team people havent even heard of and they have got it together and winning games.

  43. The playoffs, I am a Laker fan but i think OKC has their number this year, if the Lakers are able to get by OKC they will probably win it all. I am hoping for a Boston and LA final that would be awesome, since we don’t when we will see it again for sometime!!!
    As for the rest of the teams the Spurs are a force to contend with they are playing almost lights out! Miami still hasn’t figured out how to use the talent they have and that at the end of the day will be their downfall.

    Boston the team i love to hate and hate to love, the boys are possible going to make one last run, and people who keep calling KG old are only adding fuel to a fire, KG is one of the most competitive players in the league, like Kobe all you do by calling players like that out is bring out the best in them.

    Boston will be representing East, the West is all about 3 teams Spurs, OKC,Lakers in that order and i am going with OKC to get it done over all.

  44. Striker9 says:

    Yeah but isn’t it Lebron’s fault, like last year in the finals! Miami is 2 players right now! 5 guys getting pay millions a year for making what? 3 open 3’s in 3 games! Come on start talkin about the team not Lebron and Wade!

  45. LakerFan says:

    Best thing that can happen to Heat is trade either Lebron or wade and build the team…
    I say trade Wade get a decent shooting point guard and Big man and one more good defender
    point guard — Mo williams best option, unite him with Lebron again
    Big man — Some one decent enough but crucial ( like amare, boozer who understand their roles well)
    defenders ( Tony allen, afflalo, steal them from some team like HEAT always does)

  46. Chop says:

    Wow! Dan Gilbert is starting to look like a genius knowing that the Cavs may win a championship before these Crybaby Heat.

  47. tgirl says:

    I think that D Wade should apologize to the public because it is not acceptable to demonstrate disrespect to coaches on TV. There are so many impressionable young people watching and they need positive guidance not negativre inappropriate actions. I hope that he considers this for the sake of proper edict.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      yeah but mr.ego wade says when asked about the rant “i dont know what you guys are even talking about, i dont remember that”

      any man, espesically if asked, would own up too it and admit the mistake not act like a child and downplay it. SMH, the heat do not deserve to win anything, like ive been saying since this trio joined up

  48. bbking says:

    wade has to grow up. remember last year mocking dirk because of his flu? no sportsmanship at all. I hope that this heat “team” will never win a ring. don’t deserve it. and like it was said: fluke champion 2006.

  49. artagnan says:

    dwayne wade is not to blame with heat’s woeful two loses… blame to the newly acclaimed mvp who is a choker in late game heroics… its always dwayne who takes the chances that the new mvp wouldn’t… what is his name? king who? the king with no balls… it is proper just to call him QUEEN JAMES… for not carrying the team in time where it comes the most… the cavs will win the championship before he does.. if i’m the president of the miami organization i’ll trade him even if his the mvp perse…

  50. LEvan says:

    Miami Team is just constructed badly, team like this can not win any thing

    as we know most of the nba championship teams were constructed with other teams in mind, this team is just players thrown in a team with no system and plan

  51. Josh says:

    Its all about OKC. Lakers dont stand a chance and neither does anyone else except the Spurs and thats just plain fact

  52. The make up of the Heat was always going to be a problem once the team gets to the play-offs, they have to many holes that cannot be filled once it comes to crunch games.

    They don’t win boards, they don’t have a legitimate post player, they don’t have a point guard who can run the show, they have three awesome superstars put haven’t built a team around them or they can’t decide how to use their big three.

    The team will be broken up whether its the coaches, or the big three or the rest of the squad, they need everything to fit together, and finally Wade doesn’t have the same spark and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had problems with his feet or ankles.

    So unless miracles happen its gonna be either OKC or Spurs title,…..though I am hoping for Celtics.

  53. jovdelmar says:

    Just like the Lakers (blew up their chance at winning game 2), its also GAME OVER for the Heat.

    Pacers and OKC are moving on to next series.

    (Obvious) Finals: Celtics vs Spurs

  54. oneLOVEBASKETBALL says:

    come on TEAM play is what we need for a championship team… i go for spurs-celtics for the finals!

    • Nate says:

      That’s actually what I’m predicting, Spurs vs Celtics, but Spurs come on top. Even though the Spurs don’t show a lot of defense this year, they always come up big on that end when they need to. Plus they have a better bench and offense than the Celtics.

  55. Chris J. says:

    Firstly, that coach should of sat Wade down. He might of been upset but he should of sat Wade down for disrespecting him: hands down. Secondly, the Heat aren’t going to win the championship, AGAIN! The Heat need a solid team and they don’t have that. The best all around team in the league is the Spurs. Their cohesiveness is unparallel. I want OKC to go all the way, but they have a tough road ahead.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      I agree and this is why Lebron and Wade probably dont respect Coach Spo in the first place. Where is the discipline?

      Gregg Pop, Doc Rivers, Tom Tib, great coaches like that dont tolerate disrespect at all and GET RESEPCT from their players at all points of the game. If there is ever a disagreement or one of the star players aren’t playing good ball those three will not hesistate to SIT ONE OF THEM DOWN!

      Spo needs a backbone and then the respect will follow whether they naturally like him or not…

  56. Dan says:

    Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4 Years without a championship!

  57. dd def says:

    i do really like that spoelstra didn’t just say “oh well he was just off, he’ll get it together.” he actually kind of owned it a little bit himself aswell by saying “i need to do better at getting him comfortable and getting him good spots” that’s big. nate mcmillan always just said “well we were missin shots” not “i’m screwing the team over royally”
    so good on coach for taking some of that on. heat definately have their work cut out for them. pacers are really solid, and they just look hungrier.

  58. JFY says:

    The BIG 3 has thought they are the greatest and bragged about it!! Wade, no respect for your ranting to the coach. If you didn’t think you were the best and being the arrogant person you are maybe it would not have happened. GO PACERS< Love it!!!!

  59. Louiemdc says:

    Miami Needs a Legit Center. They Should Use Eddy Curry.

  60. Jayp says:

    LOL I love this……
    I am a Cavs fan from Cleveland. And there is NOTHING sweeter then seeing the Heat fail over and over. Thank you Pacers. I hope they all choke HARD and Pat Riley blows up the team. Because clearly Miami is not a team effort. They can play great defense as a team however, one injury and the roster is short on offense and creates all types of issues within the team. I can’t wait for the end result and how the media will blow up this topic and most importantly how Lebich James reacts. Wade needs to grow up he is full of it. I hate him more then Lebich.

  61. rekemania says:

    Y’know, I really hate it when sportswriters such as Shaun Powell here stab at the fans for disliking Lebron, in your few opening paragraph’s you blast us for our “double standards” you are saying the only person we blame when things go wrong is Lebron, and you make it sound like Lebron has done nothing to deserve the “hate” from fans all over the NBA, Lebron has done many stupid and hurtful things to deserve some major hate, so don’t make it sound like we hate for the sake of hating. it is not our fault Lebron is not the most popular guy out there..

  62. mrsullivan says:

    When the Big Three came together they talked of how many rings? Six, seven, eight? This is where the problem began; before one game had been played they anointed themselves a dynasty. And every team took note. James is a great player, a superstar, but he can’t close a close game, not hating just a fact. As each series, each year goes by, they will have to live with this arrogant attitude, and the pressure will build. They failed the first year; this year probably won’t make the finales, maybe, but probably not. Then next year the pressure will be even greater, the fans will become dissatisfied, and the fans will demand a championship, Wade will be pissed, James will try, Bosh isn’t the answer, coach will be fired and the dynasty that was to be will be swept aside as new young teams will emerge.
    And for this year? Lakers go to seven games in every series and Kobe gets ring number six.

  63. xbertlab says:

    Dark at STAPLES in June!

  64. TY says:

    whoever said Lakers are gona win the title is an idiot, they are down 2-0 to the thunder, they arent comin back

  65. MIAMI 316 says:

    its not over till its over… i believe that miami will win this series… hell 2 more games at home..

  66. MIAMI 316 says:

    it over till its over… i believe that miami will win this series… hell 2 more games at home..

  67. HEATers says:

    so its coach fault if you have 2 starts that’s ridiculously missing big time even in freethrows and you have bench who doesn’t want to cooperate even taking wide open shots…..

    they also want Phil Jackson to lead the team? wow… what I know Phil Jackson left the Lakers because Kobe is aging and he doesn’t want to put any dirt on his winning records ,specially his image as the “greatest coach” … The only team that PhilJack will handle is either Clippers or Thunders, a young team with a big caliber.

  68. beagle76 says:

    I used to like Wade but he has become a totally different person since the other two big egos signed up with him. Just after game 2 , he says he noted how the Indiana players were celebrating their victory. Geez, weren’t there fireworks and grandoise celebration of 6 premature championships when you guys signed together? Weren’t you the main culprit that provided the impetus for Dallas when you were celebrating even before the game ended? And then after all that bravado about taking note of Indiana’s celebration of game 2, you show up wit a big stinker.

    Yup time for more fireworks…blow this Miami team apart. It’s not a team. I am glad reality is bringing these three egos back to earth. (Oh you can count Chalmers too… who acts like he just scored his 50th point eveytime he makes a basket). Learn from Tim Duncan, folks. No talk, just all substance

  69. flip says:

    Damn im really disappointed in d wade, come on man it doesn’t matter who you are, your a player playing for a coach thats just straight disrespectful, man it stings to say this cause im not a lebron fan but at least lebron doesn’t go off on people the way d wade does and lebron goes through so much more criticism, i think they’ll lose this series cause bosh isnt around and d wade is being a little bitch

  70. ndog says:


  71. j says:

    So when does pat riley or phil jackson step in as coach?…

  72. bullsfans says:

    eric spoelstra is the reason the heat wont win this series and the reason lebron cant hit late game shots

  73. Shawn says:

    I agree with comments that the problem is EGO OF THE SUPERSTAR. At all times, and especially under pressure, you have to exercise humility. First of all respect your opponent. The opposite team. Not think you are too good that you can’t get beat, and get upset when they have a great game – and you cant keep up. All that negative energy getting mad, is wasted, when every second of the game, every ounce of strength you have needs to be channeled positively. If you respect the other team, then you focus on your game and become more cohesive as a team. The same with Dwight Howard, he thinks he is so great so he disrespect his coach and even his own team mates. that is a loser mentality and i don’t respect him. he thinks he is superman, better than others. In contrast, the Bulls lost Rose and Noah, and they just came short of winning. now that is a winning attitude, and winning team. Dwade is a great player, he may have lost somethings in his youth, but his experience can make up for it and make him a better player. but, not if he does not exercise humility. He should first and foremost apologize to his coach.

  74. Carl says:

    This series has exposed a fatal flaw in Miami. If they’re playing a contender without their Big Three, they have very slim chances.

  75. eastcambridg16 says:

    not for nothing put spolestra is a HORRIBLE coach, not going to win those 7 titles you want to claim south beach with all the drama and attittude/ego’s on that team. Watch real teams, spurs/celtics ect. how many injuries have the celtics suffered all year? and still playing hard basketball because they play together that’s what a CHAMPIONSHIP team is made of.

  76. jim says:

    there is no team in Heat

  77. spo must go says:

    Hey Spoelstra, why don’t you die from a heart attack like everybody else so we could have reason to scout for a real coach who knows how to adjust to the situation. Even if D Howard, Rose, wade, Lebron, Kobe, Durant and Rondo would be placed on your team, i’d have more chances winning the lottery than seeing you drive that team to the conference finals. You could find trade as a Jim Carrey impersonator. Please leave already before I also wish your family be murdered like the dude who said the same thing to Blake

    • BFoulds says:

      This is the craziest post i’ve seen in a while. Wishing death to someone for the benefit of your sports team? Wow, grow up

  78. John says:

    This is childish, Michael Jordan the greatest didn’t do it….. c’mon even you’re the greatest one respect must be always there

  79. arshdeep says:

    get over urself heat fans jus cuz bosh gah injured u guys blaming him buh heat also have two more all stars one of them a mvp they can still pull it off but the heat are choking its not that easy to get a championship by signing a few superstars it takes what indiana did develop there young players work hard and turn into a championship team good luck to the heat next yeear

  80. digitioli says:

    This is karma. Wade should have been ejected from game 2 for that push – an obvious flagrant 2. Then bron bron throws elbows in both games and gets nothing either. (except 2 shots for the breakaway) mvp gets 10 fouls and 3 bunny hop travels a game for free – even more at home games… This league is out of control manipulating games for TV revenue. They’ve almost ruined a sport that used to be about agility and skill. Hats off to the Pacers for staying cool and playing team basketball.

  81. Phil says:

    I’m listening to the latest ESPN First Take podcast, and Stephen A. Smith has been talking about how D-Wade’s been stepping back and trying to let LeBron get comfortable with being more of a focal point offensively, especially in the later stages of games. However, it’s backfired. LeBron will never be a closer, and he’s proven time and time again in his career why his team can’t trust him late in games. D-Wade needs to stop the niceties and take over. Miami is his city, the Heat are his team, and it’s time for D-Wade to get going.

  82. Yall dumb if yall think any other team besides the Heat is going to win the championship

  83. Elle says:

    I really feel bad for LeBron, he’s worked so hard this season, winning his 3rd MVP proves that. And now it’s all come down to this. I like Wade but what he did there was uncalled for. What he said there, I mean if that’s really what he said, you just don’t say that to your coach period! Especially in public. He’s the reason why i like the Heat, which makes me more disappointed in him. If Heat loses in game 4, they’re done. But I hope they get it together though.

  84. A.H. says:

    Step 1: Pat Riley should fire Spoelstra and step in next year.
    Step 2: Miami should take a shot at bringing Steve Nash this summer.
    Step 3: If they still don’t win next year, trade bosh the year after and get some decent teammates.

    Wade was right to burst out on Spoelstra. What moron does such drasting changes from Game 2 to Game 3 considering they almost won Game 2 by a missed layup and missed free throws.

    #Spurs for the past 15 years#

  85. player says:

    immoral act shown by wade.. good player in terms of skill, but too bad attitude..he should not act like that.. tsk2x

  86. Nate says:

    I’ve grown to dislike Wade when the big Three was formed. He’s been on an attitude change for the worse since then, mouthing off, and playing more dirty. He use to be one of my favorite players before the Decision.

  87. antwan says:

    wade and lebron man yall the best on the court period now show them they cant stop yall and gone head and win the series

  88. @boweezy24 says:

    Wade To The Knicks Next Season, Trade Him 😀

  89. marvzky says:

    wade played almost 37 minuted in game 3 and scored only 5 points and blamed his coach for that. what a man. No wonder his ex wife slept with other men behind his back

  90. Cherno says:

    This is just CRAZY. Because players make more money than coaches they don’t respect them? I wish he did that in college and try to walk back on the floor to play. Coach Spoelstra might be young but it still doesn’t matter, HE is the coach. I will blame him too for letting his players disrespect him like that and screw the league politics about special treatment for superstars. Winners have discipline, Coaches make the calls, not players.
    As long as Wade or LeBron don’t respect their coach or grow up instead of making fun of other players (in the Finals) and giggling on the bench instead of focusing, they won’t win any championships… it takes way more than athletic skills to be the best team in the league.

  91. jd3b says:

    I think wade is feeling the frustration that MIAMI was once his team and now he’s overshadowed by LeBron… I was once a Heat fan back when Wade was carrying the team… When they won the championship back in 2006, it was not just a Wade-Shaq combination but it was a team effort. From Haslem to Mourning, everyone worked together.

    But IMO, a team with overflowing talents is not going to work i think

  92. bigJ says:

    if you want to see a team, watch GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL!! Never say die attitude! :))

  93. diego says:

    well miami will not go to the nba finals or western finals dont be suprised that indiana will be in the eastern finals vs boston trust me on that i was listening to the radio 710 espn los angeles the big 3 is not good enough there ego get in there way if they dont win witch i dont think they are at all they should trade wade or bosh cuz wade and labron dont go together at all miami will not win a championship with these players is to much money for miami team organisation even the general manager said it him self we dont have no gap thats the god new the bad news is we dont have no more money why because of the big 3 so miami has to get rid of 2 or 1 on the off season

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      Tricky situation, do you get rid of the MVP Lebron? or the guy Wade who has been there his whole career and gave you one championship? or Bosh, who is the only legit BIG you have and works well when either Wade or Lebron arent on the floor…

      The decision on this will bring about a lot of drama

  94. heatGuy says:

    Coach Spolestra may not be the best coach in the league but D Wade cannot go and disrespect his coach and that too in the playoffs when you really need your team chemistry clicking on all cylinders!! It puts the team in an awkward situation! Just can’t be done!!

  95. Heat?!?!?!?!?!?! says:

    How do you start changing line-ups who haven’t played with one another more than 9minutes the entire season for an important play-off game? You have 12 players throughout the year and you can’t develop the rotation for possibilities like you find yourself in now?!?!? Come on. Thats why the Pacers, Spurs and even the Celtics are better teams. They use everyone and everyone has played and developed.

    Lebron, Wade and Bosh shouldve taken less money from the start so the Heat could fill the roster out properly. They have caused this. They have cash-strapped the franchise from winning with a true team. If they stay together, then somehow they have to upgrade everywhere and by any means – Ray Allen, Steve Nash, Jason Terry, Lamar Odom, Greg Oden even (Utah has enough bigs to go after!) …

    Phil Jackson is the only coach that Lebron and the rest will respect. Coach Eric is gonna go. Has to unfortunately. Phil did this with 3peat number 2 in Chicago. Similar players to work with. Just need better role players to contribute consistently. And some players to get some rebounds.

    This must have crossed Pat Riley’s mind. Bosh may be traded. Wade may be traded. And Lebron is back where he began in Cleveland with no one else to help him. Sad that it may come to this but then how long will it be to build a proper team around him again?.

    The Heat may be able to get out of the East every year as it may get weaker with Boston about to end, Orlando in a mess and the Bulls without Rose or a second go to player for next year. But when they face the West Champ ?!?!?! … OKC is only getting stronger and they will be a threat for the next 5years.

    If they really want to win, give up some cash from their overblown contracts (they have and make enough cash from endorsements etc) and get some true team players who can step up when needed. Otherwise, this will be the saddest experiment in sports history.

  96. PG84 says:

    It’s impossible to win games with guys like Battier shooting 0-7. Look at the Spurs. Everyone who plays has to chip in an score at least a handful of points. Right now they have no chance against San Antonio or OKC. I hope they get back on track but it’s rather unlikely for them to win a ring this season. They have to get some help this summer. Without a good Center, a constant Chalmers and a helpful bench it’s never going to work out and critics will never stop. It’s tough to be a Pat Riley nowadays.

  97. Well... says:

    I’m a Heat, fan. More than that, I am a D-Wade fan, but I have to admit that at this point I have major concern. The Heat are playing awfully, and the lack of Chris Bosh in the lineup is creating some serious balancing issues. The pick and roll game for the Heat now is basically a one on one because the Pacers do not have to respect the man setting the pick because of a lack of offensive potency. Then, if either James of Wade have bad shooting/scoring nights, the Heat are almost rendered useless as they both have accounted for about 75% of the team’s offensive output. I don’t want a repeat of the Finals last year. This has to be a coaching move. It is going to be up to Spoelstra to use his head and make some coaching moves and develop some kind of strategy that gives the team a fighitng chance. Last year, he just kept doing the same thing even though it clearly was not working. Let’s face facts, Bosh will be out. Stop making excuses for this and just come up with something else. Team has a lack of depth, but the players all have unique skills that the Heat can takeadvantage of. Rebounding, defense, taking charges. Focus on what you can do, and get the best out of it. Don’t satisfy all the people who have doubted you anyway! Do it for the fans that have stuck by the Heat before the big three….

  98. kentmike says:

    to DWade2012 Champion..I dont see that you blame eric spoelstra but you are suggesting that he should be fired..I too am a wade fan but i think that it is the lack of quality players in the 1 and 5 position is the key reason for the heat’s recent demise. Its unfair too blame the coach for the recent performances of the heat. With the quality of wade,james and bosh, they should perform well and to think that they are not living up to the expectation they had i think they are to blame..

  99. Mike says:

    The HEAT, especially Wade and LBJ are spoiled by talent.

    They believe the Championship is theirs by divine right since they have been blessed with the most talent.

    This year they have often been outhustled, outworked and outplayed because of it.

    “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”
    Calvin Coolidge

  100. serge says:

    I’am with the heat all the way, but they need to start thinking as a team, sometimes it’s seems to me the the rest of the team leaves all the responsabilities and james, wade and bosh, just look at the score board from last night, everyone makes mistakes and last night wade had a bad game, but it’s not wade’s fault they lost, that’s on the rest of the team who didn’t score.

  101. Chitown Ray says:

    Ha ha..is it just me or is it others that really and truly want LBJ and Dwade and CB to still fail miserably and not ever get a NBA championship together…I want them to play well but not win it all. I’m still smarting over how they punked every team in the NBA into cutting good players to get cap space to sign each of them either as a unit or separtely when they know for several years prior that they would all be playing together…I hope Indiana knocks them out this year and New York next year and Chicago the following year…Hey LBJ…”not one, not two not three….hehehe””…Go Pacers!!!

  102. NBAFAN-2012 says:

    Spurs (period)

    • NBAfan says:

      Yeah Man..the Spurs are the Kobe Bryant of NBA teams…you never really appreciate how good they really are until you see their whole body of work……IF it’s the Spurs coming ouf of the west. I do want Timmy D winning the championships and retiring…just like David Robinson…..Nice ending for one of the good guys of basketball….

  103. British Baller says:

    Bosh needs to go after another unsucessful season, He is a great player but the Heat cannot afford to carry him and his cap space. The bis 3 experiment has failed, you need a team to win a championship not a few superstars and a load of dross. Trade out Bosh, cut the deadwood and get rid of a clueless Spolestra, use the freed up cap space to bring in 3-4 solid performers who can rotate in and out and compliment LeBron/Wade in a useful manner rather than needing to be carried as most of the HEat players need to be these days. The Heat need a presence around the basket that Bosh does not offer and there are some good potential free agents coming into the market who they could go for but something needs to happen or it will be another failure again next season.

    I am a Heat fan and it is painful to watch but hopefully the organisation will learn their lesson this year. Pacers to take this series unfortunately!

  104. Coach K says:

    Bottom of the line is that Miami Heat needs to understand this is the NBA not practice, the park, the D-league, College, or the YMCA pick up games! Their are many teams out their in the NBA that feel like they are the underdog and love being the underdog. Those teams understand what TEAM really means and what it really takes to be successful. These teams like Indiana have nothing to lose and look fwd to coming at Miami full throttle on a full tank of gas. They have the mindset and the players to get it done. I am truely scared for Miami Heat, I knew they would lose the opening game in Indiana. The fans are real and the yellow shirts are grabbing the Miami Heat players attention everytime down the floor. Yeah Chris Bosh is a major factor thats out but other guys need to step up and have confidence and never give up until the staduim is clear. Wade spazzing out last night at Coach E.P really just put miami heats FIRE all the way out. Somethings are not for the public and the media especially as a professional athlete representing the NBA. I understand wade is fustrated but its just like a student that goes to school everyday. YOU are responsible for your own actions and D.WADE is responsible for how he played in game 3 and how he carried hisself in front on millions of viewers and fans. If you ask me, yeah its going to hurt Miami. Its like they cant play together to be successful as one. I am starting to question who is the true leader of this basketball team and organization. Wade blew up in the end of 3rd on the HEad Coach. Why didnt Lebron James come calm him down ? No support from Lebron! WOWWWWW

    My perspective on the Heat’s ball club is that ” I dont care ” Im going to get my numbers. Its becoming a self thing not a team thing. Indiana has a overall better fundamental ” get it done ” TEAM. whether its simple smart basketball or not They are getting the job done. Collins is doing whatever he wants to Chalmbers! it starts with the point guard. Hibbert heart is big as the sun right now. Talk about confident and comfortable in your skin….. Talk about the Indiana pacers!

  105. prove it on the field says:

    This next game will be the one where Wade purposely injures someone (see: Rondo’s elbow in last year’s playoffs). He’s out of control when things don’t go his way (see: Entitled, Coddled).

  106. PETER says:

    Dwayne is obviously feeling the pressure , as the Heat choke in another playoff series.

  107. terry says:

    Man Ive never seen so many BBall Pros…and critics. #1 Everyone including D-Wade is entitled to a bad game, which is
    all it was…Oh sorry he also missed a few shots in the game b4- so what. He will come back only with a vengance if I know
    anything about DWade…I admit his timing couldnt be worse, again so what. Its a long time b4 the Fat Lady sings…so
    Beware—-DWade hasnt gone anywhere.

    Not a huge HEAT fan- but for all u BBall Pros out there…mark my word!

  108. Hunter says:

    This is what you get, for calling him SOFT, HALF OF OF A KING, AND SO ON,

    TAKE NOTE: The only heat to hit a game winner in the finals of game 3

  109. chubbena says:

    it’s Wade himself alright. Given the chance he would jump into the stand like MWP.
    Need Bosh to win? How about getting Chris Paul as point, Andrew Bynum as center, D Will, Kobe, D Howard, Nowitski, Durant from the bench? Then you’ll win some.

  110. Mike z says:

    I could see this coming for a while. D Wade has changed his body language, attitude and even character (if possible) in the last two seasons. He has been committing blatant fouls, complaining about every call and non call alike. He just looks like somebody with a problem in their head. We don’t know what goes on in these players personal life or what stress can do to them. But, even LeBron who everybody hates would not curse his coach out on national tv for millions of people to see it, he would just go seat down, put on his warm-ups and quit. What would be so wrong with Wade publicly saying “I was frustrated but wrong. I apologize to my coach, my teammates and the fans. I will try to do my best to make up for it” ? Oh wait, that’s how things used to be right?

  111. fox3 says:

    the heat will not win a championship “if they don’t respect the coach” just accept the fact that everybody have a bad game even superstars like wade,lebron etc. don’t blame it on somebody like spoalstra the not “american coach . . maybe its a fact..

    • A.H. says:

      Spoelstra ain’t a proven winner. He has no decent offensive system except “Let our defense lead to Offense” and “let’s Isolate DWade or Lebron and let them do their thing”. Even on defense, he just gets bailed out because of Lebron and Dwade’s speed to close out shooters.

  112. Yowgi says:

    Definitely, heat wont get a championship this season =(

  113. The Thunder Brand says:

    You see….in OKC we have grain fed, pure organic raised players such as durant, harden and westbrook.

    These organic players are pure in scoring, defense and overall have great chemistry with one another. In the OKC farmers market, we make sure our fans get the freshest plays from our Thunder brand. What makes us great is that we are just pure and organic.

    No enhanced free agents are added to our mix to ensure the chemistry is well balanced and players, coaches and all personnel are treated equally.

    This is the Thunder, This is OKC.

  114. b baller says:

    Miami is not losing because of wade or lebron. its the style of ball there playing. Heat offense is run and gun. but a team that talented should never have to play that style of basketball. at this time you need spacing at the center position and power forward position. Guys who can shoot mid-range or 3 like Shane and haslem need to start. so lebron and d wade can get to middle and would not be so crowded. And that way you can drag hibbert out of the paint. Hope spol realized can’t play those big men that can’t shoot in this series. Else going to be hard one to win.

  115. Galul says:

    Am getting tired of all this referencing of LBJ this and LBJ that, he choked this, he disappeared that… It’s quite obvious that Shaun “The Rock” Powell (yah, I know why you used this picture since you pretend to be the Rock here), Steve “Funny guy” Aschburner (stop cracking the corny jokes please) and Flan “Wayne Knight look-a-liike” Blinebury (the guy from 3rd Rock from the Sun) are all Heat-haters. They can’t wait to write stories like this and make a mockery of the Heat.

    It was funny and entertaining last year but I think it’s time you guys find other ways to spice up your articles. This really shows how small your imaginations are becoming.

  116. Wade was unprofessional and poor in judgement both on and off court. It doesnt matter if he’s human, you are paid to play and by playing is accepting that you are wrong and need to step up for the team. I can foresee another season without the Heat winning a title…such a pity, waste of talent if the so called Big 3 cannot win a title!

  117. NotAMiamiFan says:

    it’s a 2 straight bad performance from him.That’s inexcusable for a player like him, in a team like that, especially in a playoff series. They should pack up now and go home ’cause the Celts will definitely advance to the finals.

  118. mohamed says:

    uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm that happens all the time. uhm uhm uhm uhm

    this man has no authority, fire him

  119. LoveEmTexans says:

    the problem is the Miami Heat is and had always been D.Wade’s team! Wade is worried, maybe knowing the LeChoke is again… well, choking and he deems it necessary to put the team on his back… bad call! A great player is great when he involves his team. Wade MUST not force anything and just play the way he plays and the Heat will be fine.

  120. James Flores says:

    Now you see how these arrogant players fall. that what they get in saying if they’ll just play there cards right, they will surely win multiple championships. now they will really know that it is very hard to win a championship.

  121. HeatRDaBest says:

    go heat!

  122. jun apache says:

    perhaps King James, should consider when he say’s ” not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4……. he really needs to prove it !!!

  123. Cholo says:

    Media is not making a big deal of Wade behavior! Indeed is not Kobe or Lebron! They love too much Tarantula and Wade. One day KD will explode as well!!!!

  124. Ken says:

    You all forgot about the Pacers who are on the rise. So when one is rising the other one is declining. Very simple.

  125. 75% miami heat cant win over indiana pacers, indiana pacers has a teamwork, i cant imagine the heat will cry again like a baby..uhuhuhu poor miami u better trade dwade and get a great center 7’1 or 2, we know that he’s greedy, great teamwork is a key w/c this word u cant win, eric spoeltra is the most worst coach in 2011-2012, boooo 4 miami heat! booooo! they cant win against indiana pacers, boooooo! poor team! go SAN ANTONIO! 1000% spurs wil be the champion in this season

  126. rem111 says:

    And by the way Wade should go to LA 🙂

  127. Arf says:

    Heat can win the series without Bosh. The question here is are they mentally tough enough to come back and prove that they are a championship team no matter what. A true great player is not only the best talent, but the one who has the ability to make teammates better. I think both Lebron and Wade should prove this in the remaining of the series..

  128. HEAVYHITTA says:

    Wade is only human. I’m not a fan of the Heat whatsoever, but I do understand Wade’s position and action that he took during the game. He was frustrated — plain and simple. I’ll leave it at that.

  129. rem111 says:

    Wade’s ego been through a lot and as a competitor his ego is huge. Being number 2 is one thing, another is losing last year title with a bad 4th quarter lebron who is supposed to step up and basically doesnt, final blow is to see that within two years there is no real team work on this addition of players which is the Miami Heat.

  130. James says:

    Dwanye Wade, can do this he had a hard life growing up, this should be nothing to him.They have to come togther as a family now like Remember The Titans.My adice to the team is don’t let your emotions over power your intelligence. T.I.P

  131. ariel olivo says:

    BOTTOMLINE: MIAMI can’t WIN a ring even with bosh..so to think that they will escape without him is FOOLISH. beAT the HEAT…lets go CELTICS…18th banner up for grab!

  132. ariel olivo says:

    BOTTOMLINE: MIAMI can’t WIN a ring win even with bosh..so to think that they will escape without him is FOOLISH. beAT the HEAT…lets go CELTICS…18th banner up for grab!

  133. ariel olivo says:

    BOTTOMLINE: MIAMI can’t a ring win even with bosh..so to think that they will escape without him is FOOLISH. beta the HEAT…lets go CELTICS…18th banner up for grab!

  134. mike says:

    As a mavericks fan i’m loving this!!!!!! the only thing that would make it better is if the heat were in a 3-0 hole.

  135. spurs5titles says:

    hey guyz.. maybe the heat needs 7 superstars to win a championship.. they can recruit more but the spurs will still win it all..

  136. Kyle says:

    The Miami Heat should simply relax. The Team is obviously one of the best in the league and they should prove that to everyone. But being great doesn’t mean you wont have bad games. Game 3 is just one of those games. The team should pull it together and try going back to square one. All of these are simply mental. The team should get over it before game 4. Especially Wade and Coach Spo. They know that they have the talent, the chemistry, and the potential to be NBA Champions. I think they should play the game the way Miami Heat plays the game. Godspeed to Miami!

    • 1greatplayer says:

      the heat are NOT a “good” team…they have good INDIVIDUALS players….they need a PG, SG, and C and a new bench….im tired of people putting the heat in an “ELITE” category when they dont deserve it and DWADE shouldve been benched he wasnt being productive and his 5 point werent needed because they still got a beat down

  137. Ankhaa says:

    Indiana definitely win for this series.

  138. Heat says:

    Heat need to pull it toghether

  139. if dwade hit his shot, they would have won. i believe the heat will still win. every one except for dwade made their shots, and dwade will in game 4.
    go heat

  140. The Judge says:

    The truth. When Miami became champions, Wade was the star yeah, yeah, and so was Shaq. He remained the star, the money man until Lebron and Chris arrived. What is he called now? Robin and Lebron is Batman Lebron plays almost all positions now that Chris is injured. He must be hurting from this set up mentally. Wade must act professionally even if he dislikes the set up. Erik is not a bad coach. I read that he’s instrumental in developing Wade’s shooting. I sort of wonder where will Wade go? I mean a championship calibre team.

  141. Hanes says:

    if they want to win, they should be in one page.!!! PACERS doing a good job playing against the best three (James, Bosh and Wade). certainly most of the team are winning because of the TEAM effort, as for me, i believe the system of the Miami its just need a little adjustment.

  142. kofiLL says:

    if Dwayne Wade would be trade i want him in Lakers!! nyahahaha i know it’s impossible.. just want to share

  143. HOHO says:

    Where is InsideTrax when IT IS NEEDED THE MOST?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. kofiLL says:

    wade should control himself, lots of fans was disappointed with his actions even me, wade should understand because that’s basketball men and he should follow to his coach no matter what!! i just pitied to Spoelstra

  145. marvzky says:

    Wade is probably upset that Lebron is now the main man of his team. he’s not even considered in MVP race and he’s blaming his Coach for that.

  146. marvzky says:

    Wade think he can carry his team in his shoulder, that he can win a ring with himself without the help of a coach. Sorry Wade your mouth is better than how you play in this series.

  147. Joel says:

    Not 5…..not 6….not………….well, not one! LOSERS!

    • Arne says:

      I rly think to say that doomed them. I remember Wade lookin ad Lebron with a”wtf are u…nonono…oh my god” face while he said it . he knew that would hunt ’em forever.

  148. Tito says:

    Wade is 30 now. He still have trade value. It is obvious to me the team lacks chemistry and also a Center. Why not look for a decent Center ? We have a good core of players already. A little tweaking this team can go a long way. Btw, I’ve been a Heat fan all my life and went to their games in the early nineties when I lived there. D-Wade is one of my favorite players but has not develop that outside shot. He misses a lot of shots and don’t even ask about 3 pointers.

  149. Robert says:

    Two things – It’s as plan as day to me.
    1. COACH – First this is the last year for the coach. He must be gone immediately and there must be upgrades on the bench. They do not play well consistently in a half court set with or without Bosh. They do not rebound well and so on….

    2. WADE – The unthinkable. Regardless of what anyone thinks it is not in D. Wade’s DNA to play 2nd fiddle for the Heat. HE IS NOT AND WILL NOT BE THE SAME PLAYER as long as he is playing for the Heat from a psychological standpoint as long as Lebron is on the team. What he is experiencing is mental. What we are witnessing is mental. He simply can not take the lead the way he is accustomed too as long as LeBron is on the team.So what that spells is a trade. The only way that Wade and Lebron will ever win a championship together is if the Heat get a STRONG coach with a strong system in place and with new bench players. Otherwise the quick fix is trade D. Wade because they will NOT trade Lebron. And that is unfortunate.

    I personally think that D. Wade has been unhappy for quite some time. And it would not surprise me to hear him asking for a trade – using another reason other than Lebron of course.

  150. a says:

    i am a fan of d wade since he came to the league but i hate his attitude he is so arrogant. look at lebron he is an mvp but he is humble, unlike wade!!

  151. Mr.G says:

    coach affect the team…
    look at dallas mavericks…

  152. D Pa says:

    Wade is no longer the same one when Miami took home the Champion

    He changed a lot as a player

    Lets focus on the game, forget the loss ready for the next game

  153. BBH says:

    Spolestra is definitely the problem, he doesnt know how to handle big players never has. He is bereft of ideas.

    Pat Riley needs to stand up and be counted the Heat need him a man with the experience to handle the egos.

  154. Yo says:

    Lets all start blaming coaches!!!!! Lets blame jerrsy sloan for karl not getting a ring, lets blame paul westphal for charles not getting a ring with phoenix, lets blame mike brown for lebron not getting a ring a with cle…. wait a min! COACHES ARE PAYED TO COACH NOT PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. kojo says:


  156. D'WADE = CHUMP says:

    Erik Spoelstra needs to grow a pair! I’d have benched Wade’s punk @ss for the remainder of the game, then grilled the $hit out of him in the press conference. You don’t like the coach telling you what you are doing wrong? Don’t play the game then! Thats exactly what the coaches job is! Wade is just a punk. Case in point – Shove on Rip Hamilton vs Bulls. Kobe’s broken nose in All-Star game. Wade, grow up, Coach Spo, grow a pair! I know the only real reason the Heat will lose this series is due to Chris Bosh being injured, but its still going to be fun to watch all the same!

  157. blah blah says:

    when the heat form there big 3, i said to myself that this big 3 will be broken when they don’t win a championship in there first 3 year, and i see that wade is the first one to leave, they lost last year, they are losing again this year, if they lose another next year there are no big 3 in miami anymore.. i think lebron will be the one to stay, maybe bosh also, but wade?? i don’t think so…

  158. Yo says:

    Wade vs Coach, you guys think coach will take all the heat for this one? its awkward cuz he’s been with the org for so long… really curious to see this one play out.

  159. Yo says:

    Why can’t you guy’s express your opinions without diragatory comments?

  160. Marius Gerald Bantolino says:

    I am really feeling so sorry for my fellow Filipino man Erik Spoelstra.. D – wade was so stupid!!!

  161. JIM says:


  162. The Judge says:

    If I were Miami’s owner, I will get in there and speak to both Eric and Dwayne. These two guys need to shake hands and focus on the series. Otherwise, it is all over, poor Lebron.

  163. Sig says:

    If a guy is called the MVP of a team that was once yours just like you’re just a role player then you might turn out playing like a role player/ second or third option as well.
    And yeah, maybe its not good for your confidence and social behaviour.

  164. STEVE says:


  165. MBA says:

    Seems that the heat has 2 chokers on their team.

  166. tanzkie says:

    DWade will be DWade for the next game and their’ll be a surprise game after losing from pacers with 22 points…

  167. JoeOKC says:

    OKC will take it all.

  168. dreadyjun says:

    Wade is a buffoon.

  169. sepjo says:

    very happy to see this heat team loses. why? because wade, lebron, bosh are still the arrogant losers of last year. still arrogant despite losing last season finals to an old, not athletic team Mavericks (my team)
    People, dont forget what lebron told that they could get multiple championships, maybe six, seven. Thats how arrogant they are. So its very happy to see them failed, to teach them how to be humble.
    miami heat team is only all about ego and not playing true basketball, unlike teams like celtics, mavericks, OKC and spurs. The latter teams are building on team chemistry, thats why they have success in them.

  170. heatfan34 says:

    this is about wade i like how u idiots bring lebron in it grow up haters trade wade lebron and bosh are great together look at thier record 15-1 trade wade

  171. lakermig says:

    wow i never thought id say this but if bosh doesnt come back in this series they might actually not make it past the pacers.
    to be honest i think this years title is either spurs’ or OKCs regardless what the heat do they dont have the depth even with bosh to control OKC or the Spurs

  172. eugene says:

    yeah heat should fire coach spoelstra and put him in the lakers. lol.

  173. Ao1 says:

    At least everyone knows now that the key player is really Chris Bosh while often people gives credit to the 2 (Wade and James). Of course they are both great a needed in the team yet the key player is Bosh. But in this series, even the Mighty Dinosaur, Chris Bosh returns they will lose anyway so why bother returning! LOL

  174. bull says:

    hey LBJ good job mate.. wade relax man.. breath.. dance with the music coz they need u too.. MIAMI will be fine.. relax guys?????????? wade will bounce back? wanna bet ?? credit card info lets bet bet now??????

  175. bomber says:

    attitude problems cant win any championship…have you seen Jordan or Kobe make such outburst not fitting of a NBA Superstar of his stature…man i thought you were one of those superstars who do the talkin inside the basketball court….

  176. James says:

    Poor Spo, still can’t get the respect of his knuckehead superstars

  177. casper says:

    heat ..last year to fast celebrating..this year 1 game and they thought it is al over ..well 4:1 should make them think they are not even great team. Two great talents with nice supp cast ..but no chemistry..see Ya later

  178. bev says:

    they need bosh

  179. olan says:

    poor LeBron, he can get a hundred MVPs but not a ring…

  180. george the Greek says:

    Hello everyone….Wade’s behavior is bad …. many dislikes…but the truth is the guy had a bad moment…give him a break…as somebody mentioned before, if the coach is not fired for Wade’s bad behavior everything is ok……I am a Celtic’s fan……
    listen to me, spurs procceed 4-3 OCT proceeds 4-1 miami loses that series 4-2 and boston takes the ticket to the eastern finals in 5 games….

    tough and the most interesting will be the spurs vs oct…..(these are the real filals…) and i think OCT will come to the finals and get the championship from the pacers….so far they play exellent basketball they have quick players RW clutch players KD and of course the best 6th player who does so much more work than the one he has been credited this year………thats all….. have a nice day you people…..

    ::::i would like toi mention that i am happy to have a great competition this year…NBA is so much better than it was in 04-07

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      dont know if OKC can beat the Spurs 7 games….but I see Boston in the Finals for the East

  181. peter says:

    The Miami Heat is a very good basketball team but it is wrong to put so much pressure on them to win a championship. They do not have a blanced team. One, they do not have a point guard good enough to start on other team. Two, they do not havr a center good enough to be the second big man on another team. Three, Chris Bosh is good but overrated. LeBron is extremely good but does not know how to use energy wisely that is why he chokes in the fourth. Dwayne Wade is also extremely good but he is banged up. Give them a break and send them on vacation.

    Roy, Danny do the honors.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      the pressure to win a championship was put on themselves when they said we will win MULITPLE RINGS …not even knowing who else would be on the roster, their own MOUTHS got them in trouble….point blank, dont talk if you cant deliver

  182. wadeallday says:

    Every good teams have a time when there struggling, then all of a sudden they just come right back and win it big. Look at the lakers back when they struggled against the thunder a young team just like the pacer back in 09-10 (i think). Next thing you know, there in the finals with the celtics and beat them.

  183. NBAfan says:

    Hey…where’s Francisco at?

    D. Wade….L. James…birds of a feather man…

    They both think they are supposed to get handed all the accolades on a silver platter. They both think they DESERVE to be NBA GODS…..

    Lebron as gifted as he is…still don’t have a post game, nor can he get his FT% up to 80.

    Wade…still can’t hit threes to save his life and still playing like a reckless tornado….can he continue to do this when he’s 33 years old?

    the Coach will be the scapegoat…he will be fired if they lose….because Wade and Bron are the NBA’s superstars…and they need a bail out…..

    Spo should join the Cavs and help them win a championship before Lebron does..hahahaha

    • finally a good comment with sense… I’m tired of comments blaming about the Coach.. its not the coach who missing all the shots even freethrows.. I’m sure once Spo moved to other team he’ll get the deserving credits that he never got in Heat

  184. Go Miami says:

    Its obvious that Wade is not playing playoff time basketball and what a shame of his being the acknowledge leader of the team. As a leader, he should sacrifice everything for the team including being a role model, not only inside the court by being a reliable crunch time player, but also in accepting and respecting the coach and playing with his system. If he’s not happy with the coaching staff, let it be known via appropriate means and not through on-court protest such as missing much needed points. In the end, the whole Miami basketball organization will suffer and the demoralization of its millions of fans will follow after its demise.

    Its about time for Pat Riley to intervene before its too late. He should promise to the team that all differences with the players and coaching staff, if there’s any, will be settled in the offseason. All the individual pride and egoistic behaviour should be binned in favour of the much needed team goal of winning the championship. It is never too late. The team has the talent and should take advantage of its huge array of strengths rather than living each day with an uphill battle of its weaknesses in the center and pointer guard position.

    Dwayne Wade is the leader of this team and no doubt about that. This is the right time for him to show his leadership and be remembered as a hero by his million of adoring fans including myself. D’Wade should lift his game up to the level at par with what the basketball elites like Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Moses Malone, etc. have done before during playoff times which is delivering an unselfish, team-effort, and fearless play. Go Miami. Believe in yourself!

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      yeah cussing your coach isnt tolerable behavior in my book….where is Riley?

  185. fire spoelstra says:

    Spoelstra is a disgrace to the Filipino Race. I’m so ashamed being a Filipino everytime I see him

  186. fire spoelstra says:

    Don’t you guys get it…Spoelstra should be removed as coach for the good of the team. All he did in the past was to rely on the big three and not make the necessary adjustments when needed. Any coach could make that team win without bosh. It’s just that the coach doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. He should be axed if the team wants to go all the way to the finals

  187. kramer says:

    yeah fire coach spo he deserves a better team anyway

  188. Ba says:

    if this is the miami heat against the pacers and theyre backlashing each other now. Imagine when the meet the Thunder. or even the spurs( too deep, thunder will whoop them if they get out and force turn overs but if spurs slow it down like always then itll be in the air) We might as well stop the eastern conference playoffs now. No championship caliber team on the East. Celtics maybe are coming into form at the right time but man even when the play off started only the Heat and Bulls looked like real contenders while pretty much all 8 teams in the west look like contenders. Miami will not hold it together if they have to face good post players and good post defenders for 7 games.

    Can my boy Roy Hibbert get the cred he deserves for being the difference maker. Even game 1 was close til the final few minutes.

  189. chie says:

    the wandwagon team will lose… according to lebron… not 1 not 2 not 3…… not 7? should he say not 7 not 6 not 5…. not even 1 championship. bwahahahahahhahahahahahhaa

  190. kramer says:

    yeah fire coach spo he desrves a better team anyway

  191. grd2345 says:

    This game was like if Wade was suspended for hitting Collison.

  192. BostonBoy says:

    Spoelstra is obviously not a quality coach if he can’t win with two superstars

  193. ribrocks says:

    Wade just needs to calm down. He’ll get plenty of time to do so once he goes fishing.

  194. Simeon says:

    What the best we can do now (fans) is to support. Not to blame anyone. If someone fails, everyone should step up. The Heat is still ON.

  195. Jeo Prakash says:

    Chill DWADE will be back to DWADE next game

  196. OKC2012 says:

    LOL @ comment about Chicago so true, if Wade would have went to the Bulls, him and Rose would SHARE the spotlight, both being hometown heroes…. and btw Wade would have gotten his second Ring last year.

  197. ram says:

    Dwade just needs to relax, spend a good time with Gabrielle when he comes back to Miami and then he’ll be ready to enjoy the sunshine in Miami. Just wait for the next season folks, there’s not enough heat to dominate the Pacers.


  198. P L Dijon says:

    Let’s face the fact. Anyone would have had such reaction, wouldn’t they? . The Heat were in the midst of a blaze and no one knew where the extinguisher is and how to sort the situation out. To me, he merely overreacted for he knew he was NOTgood and therefore couldn’t be a good option for the team. Being critisized is part of the game and D-Wayne just needs to step up his game or lose it all.

    Obviously people tend to misunderstand things at face value without taking the whole context into account.

    • P L Dijon says:

      My former statement wasn’t a a way to back Wayde up (I put N instead of D, my mistake) as I reckon that in collective games , trust and respect should matter no matter what. However, even though D-Wayde deverses to be fined by the Heat or the NBA (sometimes sailormen need to know who the captain is), this man-to-man argument should be sorted out behind closed doors. The whole priority is winning game after game. We’ll discuss later. This is play off time and chit chat has nothing to do with it.

  199. JaniWenz says:

    Basketball is a TEAM event..I Repeat, TEAM EVENT, any team in the NBA can Win a CHAMPIONSHIP, the hard thing to do is How to PLAY AS A TEAM, how to trust each other and how to respect each other. A great player SHOULD ALWAYS listen to his coach, because A COACH is the ONE WHO watches the team as it plays, they know what are they lacking. ONE great EXAMPLE of a TEAMWORK was when PISTONS DEF. LAKERS when it has (Oneal,Bryant,Payton and Malone)..thats all I can say guys..

  200. Moe Nasr says:

    If this show me anything, it’s that Lebron isn’t as weak minded as everyone thinks…..being criticized for the way he does anything and he still ballin….let’s see how d- wade fair………

    • KLew says:

      i agree. i’m not a big fan of lebron james as a person, but i do think he’s an extremely great basketball player, and through all the grief he gets for blowing games he hasn’t lost his cool like dwyane wade did tonight.

  201. OKC2012 says:

    They are being coached by a child. If he has any plums he will bring Wade off the bench next game, I don’t care if they lose, blame Wade, can superstars not be disciplined? The team is cracking, and they were not much of a team before this so that pretty much closes their case. I doubt they take this series…… but if they do, and they win the conference finals too, it just does not matter because OKC or Spurs will be coming out of the West and even with Bosh, the heat will not manage against either of those 2 teams.

  202. John says:

    I dont really mind if the heat win or lose but im glad people realize how pivotal chris Bosh role i live in toronto and i had hoped if he didnt resign with toronto he would go to a team where he would be second option and average like at least 20 and 10, but in miami they barely run plays for him and even with the limited plays calls he still plays pretty well. Hate to see him go down with an injury but glad at least it bought attention to how good and important player he is.

  203. KLew says:

    i’ve been reading these posts and find them quite dumb for the most part. first off, if you’re going to compare the current miami heat to michael jordan’s chicago bulls teams you have to remember that it took the bulls 3 tries with jordan in the playoffs just to get past the detroit pistons so jordan could win his first championship. it’s a team chemistry that the bulls back in the 80’s had to work for to get a championship in the 90’s, and the heat thought they could just buy it. as far as the coaching situation goes, spoelstra needs to look at the players like coach popovich does over in san antonio (even though i hate the spurs too) and bring the hammer down. he needs to tell them i don’t care how much you’re paid or how much you’ve played, it’s the playoffs now and there isn’t an excuse for a grown man acting like a baby. as far as management goes, i bet pat riley’s feeling like this team does need some changes, but i wouldn’t go as far as signing another huge ego/ bank account. they need to find a good rookie center, probably a veteran point guard, and if spoelstra can’t get this team rallied together to at least make an effort, maybe even a new coach.

  204. evan says:

    spoelstra is a good coach, he understand wade frustration and said, “he will bounce back”, by him self, thats statement defintly will lifts up dwyane,he is an honor man, i believe he will repay spoelstra faith in him,so now,just sit down n watch watch whats gonna happen in game 4

  205. Robin says:

    Dwayne Wade has been a jerk sin ce he left his wife for that homewrecker. He was such a good guy and so humble. He is a train wreck now. Like he is on steroids (lol).

  206. Aleksandar Canev says:

    I love D-wade, but for the last 2 seasons i can’t recognize him he become different player and yelling to Spoelstra, but i will always remember the 02-03 Wade the best one probably. Hope Heat turn the series, although only Lebron is playing now good basketball and i never liked him

  207. spectacular2k4 says:

    Wade thinks he is above anybody in the team. Frustration is no excuse to be disrespectful to your HEADCOACH. You can argue with Eric in private but not in public and in front of your teammates.

  208. Foulpowl says:

    Can’t you gys get it? It’s lebrons fault.. he is stealing wades spotlight now wade is upset.. now spolstra is favoring leborn and now wade is upset becuase beforewade is spolstras favorite.. so whos to blame? lebron! hahah,,

  209. prix says:

    @martin keep dreaming cuz Zen master will come to New York. where he started where he will end. how many all stars and hall of famers and MVPs do the heat to win one title? not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4?? come on how many???

    @LazyBalls give the credit where it is due. pacers played like a TEAM that’s why the won as a team and they are not garbage. did you even see the game? who acted like garbage? Pacers are a good team and they can win the series i will say Pacers in 6.

    wade is a dirty player (who injured another player in all star game? really all star game? then rondo’s dislocated elbow, that dirty play in game two this series + so many flops) and now he is adding “drama queen” to his resume. he complained about Pacers Game 2 premature celebrations. it’s not ok when pacers did it but it is ok when he did it?? (remember not 1, not 2, not 3 premature championship celebrations) and now this drama. Seriously Miami never fail to entertain ….

    Spoelstra is not a good coach in fact any division 1 coach can do better job than him with all the talent he got. that doesn’t mean players should disrespect their coach. Heat players are spoiled. in fact all the superstars are spoiled, Howard is pushing Van Gundy to quit or get fire. Melo caused Mike D to quit. Mike brown got fired from cleveland cuz of lebron. Larry Brown quit Knicks cuz of marbury. Zen master quit because of kobe until kobe changed and tried to work things out, Jerry sloan quit utha cuz of D-WILL (can you believe that??? J sloan was in utha for so long it’s like forever and D-will caused him to quit) i am sick of all the spoiled superstars. both LBJ and Dwade disrespect Spoelstra (yes LBJ too. remember last year bump on spo??) and they do that because no one gonna do anything to superstars. The teams will only fire the coach. Spo is not a good coach so that won’t hurt team but it’s still wrong to use coaches as scape goat for all the frustrations.

    These spoiled brats just make players like Dirk, TD, KG, KD look better…..seriously miami get it together cuz u only got 3 more games to play this season before you go fishing

  210. BOSTON #1 OKC #2 says:

    I wonder if the Heat fail if Lebron will seek a new ‘super team’ they needa gel better like the boston 3 did.
    could you imagine the Heat not making the nba finals….

  211. Embarrasing Lebron says:

    Lebron! you can’t win a championship in your life because of how you left your previous team!
    Wade! come to Chicago, you will win it with the Bulls because real NBA team is there in Chicago!

  212. MIke says:

    i think Eric must be replace. his players doesn’t respect him..
    and he doesn’t have the capability to lead Miami for a championship

    but, i think they can pull this one over the pacers…

  213. spectacular2k4 says:

    Respect the coach no matter what. This is why I hate the fact that superstar players seems more superior than their coaches. I hate what wade did. That was terribly disrespectful not just to your coach but to the sense of the game . Head coach should be above all the players in the team. Never cursed your HEAD COACH in front of the spectators and your team mates. That was humilating and shows the real you. No matter how special or superstar you are, that ain’t right.

  214. dew says:

    Think if anyone did this to coach Pop they would be playing the next game? They should bench D-Wade in the dog house as a lesson for not playing well and for disrespecting the man coaching the team. Spoelstra should not put up with it and play someone who will show a better effort in this playoff series and is able to help them win. Or at the very least make Wade come off the bench and get his rhythm against the Pacers second unit. Luckily I am a Spurs fan and our team does not have this problem. Haven’t heard a peep out of Stephen Jackson this season since joining the Spurs and he would be the one to make any noise in the league right now other than what Meta Artest has done. I think Wade has figured out he can not win with Bosh and James and his performance and mental state are showing it. Heat should use amnesty on James and let him go back to Cleveland so Howard can join him there with Irving. Might be a better place then where he is at and let Wade and Riley rethink how to build a model franchise.

  215. Mike says:

    That’s the reason why people are so impressed with Derrick Rose. Superstar to the utmost, go to guy, heart and soul of the Bulls and you’ll never see him going off on Thibodeau like that. Spoelstra better man up and let it be known who’s in charge, that’s a bad look to have your subordinates going off on you like that on national television. Wade had a bad offensive night but that’s no excuse for the lack of effort in other areas of the game. Lebron was better off in Cleveland.

    • ryde says:

      i agree… much respect for D Rose. It’s just sad he had that injury. Should have been Bulls vs. OKC.
      I also like KD.. such a humble guy and respects his coach.

  216. goodspeed says:

    Dwade whats happening on?youre not professional

  217. Coach Dee says:

    No surprises here guys. It should have been 0-3 if the HEAT didn’t get lucky last game 1.

  218. JJ says:

    I don’t think that this little event affects Spoelstras job security. If a player doesn’t respect his coach, then it’s not the coaches problem.

  219. Wade is just frustrated, no big deal, the Heat will get it together if they are a real contender for the title. I am surprised how lost they are without Bosh!!! I really under estimated how valuable he is to Miami!
    I think wade has had too many injuries and they are catching up to him…nowhere near as explosive as he once was…

  220. Gino says:

    Its not end of the road for Miami Heat stand up give what you’ve got! “forgive and forget”. Great players (Le Bron,Dwane) never give up stand up! Be a raw model to the basketball fans especially to the kids. Good Luck Miami Heat.

  221. Ralph says:

    Make no Mistake Dwayne is still one of the best Shooting guards in the Game, This is the Playoffs, Shots will be contested, The Heat just need not to self destruct, because the Pacers will not win the series if the Heat play aggressive, I think Dwayne is forcing shots because of the absence of Chris, but others have to fill the void, Dwayne ignore the haters, and focus on playing smothering defense and Indiana will self destruct. Everyone prepare for THUNDER VS HEAT

  222. Havoc says:

    sometimes i can’t stop thinking that LeBron and Wade are just playing a fix game.

    actually, this playoffs is like scripted.
    my reason simply because of the same W-L record of teams in the FIRST ROUND, go look at the the records, its always a pair who gets the same record like OKC and SAS with 4-0 record and MIA and IND with a 4-2 record.
    something’s not right here, like this whole playoff is fixed.

    and as of the records for today, the WEST teams have both 2-0 records.
    for the EAST teams, they have both a 2-1 record.
    is it just a coincidence or is this really a result of game fixing?

    no wonder LeBron hasn’t won any NBA Championship.
    i’m sure that not only LeBron and Wade are a part of game fixing but other all-star players too just like Kobe Bryant.

  223. nbapacersfan says:

    The Indiana Pacers are going to shock the world…. stay tuned !

  224. Date Mole says:

    They should sent DWade out of Miami for being disrespectful. He was a mess today and behave like a girl. Sent him to Sacramento.

  225. heat's a joke says:

    wade got irritated last game because pacers celebrated “too early” on their court and he intended to use that as a fuel for this game.. i guess he used too much fuel, cause he burned out lol :))

  226. HeatFTW! says:

    Wade will feel like LeBron?! what are you trying to say here? but yeah, Wade needs to get his head on straight if they want any hope. Their bench is outrageously bad, and Chalmers is on and off. The only consistent players are LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. Bosh is out for this series, so it’s up to Wade and LBJ. Wade snapped tonight, so it was alllll LeBron. One player can’t win games. The Heat need people to step up

  227. RIcky says:


  228. Lee says:

    Never saw the game, so I’ll ask the question, where was Lebron during D-Wades ‘meltdown’?

    My perspective is, regardless of Wades past success with the Heat, this is quite clearly Lebron’s team now, and if they succeed, all the glory will be placed upon him ‘apparently’ coming good and being an all-time great.

    So why is it that when the opposite happens, and another player goes into meltdown such as this, Mr James name hardly gets a mention? Yes, D-Wade had a bad night, a bad couple of nights even, but why does that mean without his performance the heat can’t win? I seem to remember one of the most controversial, troublesome players in the history, Dennis Rodman, having many a bad night for the Bulls, but did that stop Jordan making the headlines, winning championships, and proving his greatness?

    Lebron clearly needs a pack of superstars around him to have any chance of winning a championship, and I find it hilarious that some people are suggesting they trade for Dwight Howard and sign Steve Nash in the off-season. Hell, why don’t we change the All-Star game to West vs Heat! lol

  229. Justin says:

    Dwade is really a bum! He must remember that he’s playing in a team of players not just himself. Sadly he’s blaming the coach wherein he’s the one playing. Also, why blame on the absence of Bosh? Bosh could not even hold the ball when Lebron & Wade are on court. Both guys think they’re the only superstars and always have eyes only in the ring and not considering they also have co-players. Both players are just too selfish and blames other people when they’re having an off night…lol!

  230. Da Kid says:

    I am happy to see that the Indiana Pacers are doing well against the Heat, Ive been a fan since the Miller era. As for the Heat, Wade should look back into his 2006 Finals performance against the Dallas Mavericks. Just forget about the added pressure of having to win because of the two big name additions to the team and just think of them as regular teammates. I wish they would get back on track and give us a great series!

  231. HeatFayn says:

    D Wade is not the type of player that gets into confrontations with the coaching staff something obviously was wrong, was said or probably was bothering him. I’ve watched this guy play he is very consistent and never lets anything get in the way of his game. D Wade is not that type of player. D Wade rarely has bad games. Pacers figured out the player to stop on the Heat team is clearly Wade. He is the most fluid and constistent player on the team. Yes Lebron is having an MVP year but Wade is clearly the player you want to stop on the miami heat team. Wade had a bad game some of the fouls were questionable. Get real!! D Wade rarely have 5 point games. Miami has no legit center and is undersized and that was the difference they were beaten. Pacers played great and were confident. Miami must get it together and move past this otherwise their series is over. Obviously missing Chris Bosh in the Center and also missing his additional 16 ppg, Plus 3 point shooting was horrible from the Heat. Better luck next game Miami in 6!!!

  232. Keyon says:

    Spolestra just lost Wade. They’re going to lose this series. Chalmers basically had Wade’s points and I highly doubt he’ll lead the team in scoring again. Nobody else other than LeBron is consistenly giving you anything.

  233. Darklander says:

    What are Miami’s offensive options after Lebron, Wade and Bosh (out)? Nothing! All bunch of softy role players. Get a Chandler-like center to anchor their defense and good shooters in the mould of Ray Allen to break up the opposing team’s defense. Fire Eric Spoelstra!

  234. Bobcat says:

    Heat need to start playing like a team. They were beaten well in the last 2 games because the Pacers just simply played better together. It’s like playing 2 (LBJ and DW) on 5 – never going to win championships that way.

  235. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    D-Wade…he is self-destructing that may cause the miami heat chances to go back to the NBA finals….the curse is on!!!! sorry Le Bron you may the MVP but you will never get a Championship Ring….

  236. june bartoli says:

    pat riley

    Please come back and trade Wade for Howard

    Then I can shout again GO Heat

  237. ryde says:

    Eastern Conference playoffs has too much dramas and twists… It’s hard to predict who’s gonna get the Eastern Coference title.

    – Chicago (#1 seed) losing to Philly (#8 seed) due to injuries on Rose, Noah
    – Amare punching fire extinguisher case
    – Bosh injured, Wade acting weird… Miami falling apart.
    – Celtics turning back time playing great basketball

    Western Conference pretty much turning out OKC vs. Spurs.

  238. i still believe in HEATS! :) says:


  239. ryde says:

    Eastern Conference playoffs has too much drama’s and twists… It’s hard to predict who’s gonna get the Eastern Coference title.

    – Chicago (#1 seed) losing to Philly (#8 seed) due to injuries on Rose, Noah
    – Amare punching fire extinguisher case
    – Bosh injured, Wade acting weird… Miami falling apart.
    – Celtics turning back time playing great basketball

    Western Conference pretty much turning out OKC vs. Spurs.

  240. ion57 says:

    “He had a Bad Moment”, “Hes a great player”, “Don’t buy his jersey.” Leave the poor guy alone and let him be pissed off without your stupid comments. I think Wade is a great scorer but does wade make his team mates look good ? no. And never has this been a reputation of his. Does Lebron make his team look like super stars ? Ask Cleveland. I think if either one of these guys whether its Lebron, or Wade do not play well on any given occasion – especially score 5 pts the entire game – the tendency to sulk, get angry, or whine and complain the entire game to the officials and bang up players on the opposing team goes up dramatically. Its rather unfortunate, because this shows a lack of maturity on Miamia and requires a constant sense of affirmation by their peers around them to tell them they are great players in order to continue to play great. I would rather see others around them like their teammates play great, this is what Michael Jordan was famous for.

  241. kimi says:

    lets go pacers!!!!!

  242. semikalosi says:

    It’s at this point you begin to feel sorry for a star-studded team like the Heat. Why? Well first off, and probably most importantly, they have two of the best players in the league. Bosh is injured so his inclusion is null… Secondly, when they first united, promises were made to the fans and not one of them have been completed. Not one, not two, not even three. None!

    Secondly, they have the MVP. Yes., The. Most. Valuable. Player. And they can’t get past 80? Twice? Against a team people were writing off (myself included)., To be eliminated at the first round? It really makes me question whether stats should be the most important factor when picking an MVP.

    And lastly, many (including a very close friend of mine) people have under-estimated the importance of Wade and Bosh. I’ve read countless articles on Bosh not being the same player he was when he was at Toronto, how he shouldn’t be talked about in the same breath as Lebron and Wade. How this is now Lebrons team. The funny thing is, Bosh shows the emotion needed in big games. But both have given up a lot to have Lebron shine and yet (in play-offs at least), his luminous glow seems to just fade. Remember the frustration Wade showed last year? This is nothing new. What I see is his realisation that their plan is not bullet-proof, and some changes may need to be applied. And not specifically in the coaching department.

    I’m nervous for the Heat and they should be able to bring this series back, but the signs are starting to tell. I’m an avid Blazers fan (mostly because of Roy) and actually picked the Bulls to make it ot the finals, and maybe win it all. But now, I actually want the Heat to make it to the Finals and win it all. I don’t know why? Maybe it’s because I feel sorry for them. Who knows? But I hope they can pull out of this slump…

  243. mb says:

    Lebron has been known to choke plus Bosh is out plus Wade falling apart equals BIG problem for Heat. But lets give credit to the Pacers, it wasn’t only the Heat cooling down but also the Pacers playing well.

  244. thorax says:

    Poor Eric has to watch the play pen when all the big babies are crying….

  245. Vinicius says:

    Miami Heat its not a Big Three? Everybody says only James and Wade Bosh its not a great player hahahahaha now we see why Bosh so important to Miami Heat like Wade and James. I’m heat fan and i think miami heat dont will win this series without chris bosh

  246. ryde says:

    Howard – van Gundy, Melo – DiAntoni…now Wade – Spoelstra…
    It’s sad why some NBA superstars nowadays don’t have respect for their coaches anymore. This is just being irresponsible and unprofessional of them. They don’t send good message specially to the youth.I just hope we won’t see more future “superstars” with attitudes like this. Being disrespectful, acting like spoiled brats.

    • mrsullivan says:

      Pat needs to fine Wade 10-15K, like the lakers did Drew, if Wade can’t handle that fine him another 10K. Riley doesn’t back the coach so he sit on the bench like a deer in the headlights. This season is tough, my laker are in the same boat as Miami, great five, a modest bench. but with the condensed season, quick turn on playoff games the deeper bench wins. this is the problem the Lakers had with Denver and continue to have with OKC. I fighured the Pacers would be the team to beat in the east, and in the west I’ll root for my Lakers but the Spurs look to be the choosen ones.

  247. Adolf HEATler says:

    What kind of attitude is that? Dwade, you’re getting older act like a Veteran not a whiny ROOKIE. Even if you have the 3 of the best all star players on your team you still can’t make it. Learn from the San Antonio Spurs. You guys need a RELIABLE bench players and your stars need to REST!!!! LeBron, Wade and Bosh are just HUMAN they also get tired so when they’re out who will fill their shoes? NONE! Pat Riley needs to get some CONSISTENT bench players next season, both who can play offense and defense not someone who just flops (miller LOL). We’ll see you next season MIAMI HEAT but for now the Championship Trophy and Rings belongs to the Spurs.

  248. BRITBAJAN says:

    Inasmuch Coach Spoelstra has carried this team to the postseason with the talent that the team has, the President (Riley) needs to make a decision with regards to his coach’s future with the franchise. With the way, this team has played last year and this season, more was expected of this team as far as winning a championship. Wade and LBJ cannot carry this team alone, and finally someone else other these two has shown up – Chalmers. What has happened to Haslem, Miller, Cole, Anthony, they need to stop being spectators and be productive role players. Pat Riley’s coaching style can make a profound change the way this team’s focus on every game. Not meaning to put down Spoelstra…Pat Riley is constantly making notes on every game and he will revisit the possibility of coaching this team. Or have a championship winning coach such as Phil Jackson. With what has happen tonight, that was suppose to send a message. And it could not come at a better time. I hope this Miami franchise is taking notice. This is not the time to be critical. It is time for some self evaluation and see where this team is headed.

  249. lebronfan says:

    i still believe that heat can pull this pacers series..

  250. jHEAT says:

    D WADE will definitely redeem himself in game 4!!!! The HEAT is on… MIAMI WILL WIN GAME 4 GuarantSHEED!!!! HEAT on 6…….

  251. renz_garnett says:

    where’s the MVP???

  252. Andrea Smith says:

    LAzyballs is another prick who doesn’t understand basketball

    The Pacers are garbage? Really? Then what do you call the Lakers now?

  253. ion57 says:

    “He had a Bad Moment”, “Hes a great player”, “Don’t buy his jersey.” Leave the poor guy alone and let him be pissed off without your stupid comments. I think Wade is a great scorer but does wade make his team mates look good ? no. And never has this been a reputation of his. Does Lebron make his team look like super stars ? Ask Cleveland. I think if either one of these guys whether its Lebron, or Wade do not play well on any given occasion – especially score 5 pts the entire game – the tendency to sulk, get angry, or whine and complain the entire game to the officials and bang up players on the opposing team goes up dramatically. Its rather unfortunate, because this shows a lack of maturity on Miamia and requires a constant sense of affirmation by their peers around them to tell them they are great players in order to continue to play great. I would rather see them make the rest of their team around them great, as Michael Jordan was famous for doing.

  254. Jwye says:

    Wade is a great basketball player but he behaves like a child and in many ways is disgraceful to the sport. This is just another incident of it. The fact that he wanted to be payed for playing in the Olympics is even more shameful than this. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to and even Lebron himself said, ‘It’s an honor to represent your country.’ Cause it is! Apparently the already loaded Dwayne Wade needs even more money because representing your country isn’t enough… And him throwing Bibby’s shoe in the Knicks playoff game. Childish. He’s all about flash and showboating.

    Can’t wait to see the Pacers knock them out of the playoffs and cause Wade to have a ‘failed’ season.

  255. Ry says:

    No Heart, No leadership, and no way they will get respect from the rest of the league. Just a sad series of events for a once proud franchise

    • NBAfan says:

      I don’t consider a team that retire’s another players number proud….

      that’s why lebron said he’ll change his numebr to 6…because he already decided he’ll be in miami and they’ve already retired 23 because of MJ…..no need for the 1 hour show..he planned it all along…

      Miami was best when they had Mourning and tim hardaway….

  256. planet11 says:

    In my opinion,Superstars need supercoach to tame them . I think Jordan and Kobe won’t be so succeful if without Phil Jackson. It just doesn’t work without a great coach to unite team’s cohesion. Miami and Laker are the examples here.

    • NBAfan says:

      Lakers are used to winning. Lakers are just 2 years removed from their last championship…..

      Just admit it…Lebron and Wade playing together was a bad idea….their play style is too similar…they both need the ball in their hands and they both need complete freedom all around the court to do their thing. Both ofthem can’t be relied on for a 3 pointer and they are just redundant when playing together…

      BAD MOVE FOLKs…bad move….Lebron and Dirk..hell yeah…wade and dirk..hell yeah…Lebron and Ray allen..hell yeah…wade and durant…hell yeah…Lebron and Wade…same player…you dont’ need two Lebrons…you don’t need two wades….

      YOU Don’t NEED WADE AND LEBRON TOGETHER…actually it’s up to lebron..let wade play his game and lebron fill in the holes since HE IS SO VERSATILe..but then that means wade is jordan and lebron is pippen and the NBA and the lebron james camp WON’T HAVE THAT

  257. jayfox28 says:

    the difference between lebron & wade is that lebron is a great guy on & off the court while wade is a moron.

    • NBAfan says:

      Lebron calls himself the King…and has a tattoo saying the chosen one on his back…he may smile at you but that’s more for PR….don’t let that fool you….

      If he’s such a great guy..he wouldn’t have left cleveland….

  258. Coach Nick says:

    spolstra looks like Dr. Nick from The Simpsons HAHAHAHAHA

    it’s a me coach nick.

  259. Rebel says:

    That’s just bad sportsmanship. Hopefully, Wade can forget tonight and come out and play in next game. He owes that much to his faithful fans.

  260. Joe says:

    This is what a basketball star does, blame your coach and other players when you are not playing well.

  261. willBourne says:

    don’t just rely on your coach….he only make strategies..it’s for the players to respond.

  262. Ry says:

    The Heat are trying to buy a ring! Well they have no leader… Can anyone lead them? ummm not anyone on thier pay-roll! No HEART therefore no Ring! Even if they won this series they have been exposed. I really feel for the Heat fans, they have all the talent but no finishers. Shaq could pull them together but hey, he’s having fun doing shirt off’s with Chuck lol

  263. ASDF says:

    Wade is a loser that has to injure other players to win. Remember last year? He destroyed Rondo’s arm…

  264. kobe16303 says:

    Let’s go Pacers! Everybody (including my own brother) has been underestimating the Pacers all year long. Sure they don’t get many games on national TV (until now), but they just quietly had a great season under the radar. And now, without Bosh, I see the Pacers winning this series in six games (especially after watching game 3), and I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals (Indiana would have home court advantage). However, I don’t see them beating the Spurs, Thunder, or Lakers in the Finals (I could see them beating the Clippers, but they’re done).

  265. randy says:

    you know what a team means?? it’s SAN ANTONIO SPURS!

    • NBAfan says:

      and Pacers man…common give them their credit…Larry Legend knows his stuff…..quietly and with hard work they’ve put themselves in a 2-1 situation against Lebron james, D. Wade, C. Bosh, and the dreaded miami heat

  266. kedar says:

    Lebron must forget big 3 & all.now he will not be getting any support from wade and bosh..just dominate the game single handely like he used to in cleveland..chalmers can be the man in pacers series…

    • NBAfan says:

      Yeah…I think lebron can be the man and save this series…BUT..he’ll need wade and bosh to win the ring…

      Also….sinec he teamed up with friends….he has to play the politics game…if he takes over…Wade will not help him…..these diva’s just can’t play ball and compete….they gotta bring some soap opera stuff into a basketball game….

      All in all…IT’S OBVIOUS..LEBRON SHOULD HAVE JUST STAYED IN CLEVELAND and maybe brought Bosh or Amare into the team…

      Think about it…if he stayed…maybe he can lure Bosh…and then maybe Tyson Chandler…..and then HE WILL BE THE UNDISPUTED KING of the NBA and Cleveland will forever be his just like Chicago is forever MJs….but nah…he had to do something stupid and move to miami and team up with his friend who essentially brings the same things to the team…they are redundant playing together….it’s not a two headed beast…it’s two beasts fighting for the same role in the team…

  267. Gabe R. says:

    I love how Indiana gets no credit for these W’s they’re getting. They’re a good team. TEAM!!! Not two superstars, one star, and a supporting cast of aging vets who want a ring and some young guys. I’m not saying the Heat can’t beat them, but Indiana can beat the heat, and they’re showing it right now.

  268. ARI says:



    • NBAfan says:

      Bennet Salvatore will be officiating game 4 and D- WAde will be back to his old self…..30 points on 30 out of 35 ft shots…the whole pacers team fouls out by the end…..

  269. kobe16303 says:

    Let’s go Pacers! Everybody (including my own brother) has been underestimating the Pacers all year long. Sure they don’t get many games on national TV (until now), but they just quietly had a great season under the radar. And now, without Bosh, I see the Pacers winning this series in 6 games (especially after watching game 3), and I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals (Indiana would have home court advantage). However, I don’t see them beating the Spurs, Thunder, or Lakers in the Finals (I could see them beating the Clippers, but they’re done).

    • Celtics_Diva says:

      Home Court means nothing, win one game on the road, you steal home court. Hawks had home court, look how well that turned out.

  270. NZ FAN says:

    I don’t often blame coaches first when things are going wrong out on the floor but I don’t think Spoelstra has what it takes to lead this team to a title. Some of the lineups that are being played are bizarre, the obvious inability to manage his players and the lack of effective game plans expose Spoelstra’s inexperience as an NBA coach. Pair that with the fact that they have no depth, LBJ’s fourth qtr disappearing acts, Bosh’s injury and no mental toughness you have a recipe for an earlier than expected exit from the playoffs. History shows us that no team is “guaranteed” a NBA title and Spoelstra’s Heat will find this out the hard way…again.

  271. lakers4life says:

    wade lost it, glad to see miami heat losing.. Spurs vs Celtics in finals.. I’m a lakers fan though..

  272. jairic says:

    Wade and James are kind of at a mental level comparable to young children. It’s not going to get fixed; this is who these guys are. Wade is at the tail end of a great career and with just a few highly productive years left he hitched his wagon to LeBron hoping to get another title (or more). Now he’s locked in there, with the most immature superstar in NBA history and knows that there’s no championships at the end of this poorly conceived rainbow and LeBron looked a lot better losing with the Cavs than he does causing the Miami Heat to lose. Thankfully, the NBA has legit starts like Durant, Westbrook, Rose, Love and Hibbert.

  273. Jeffrey says:

    Wade’s frustration killing him.. i think one of the reason why he is like that is because of lebron. Lebron is the MVP. and this season .Lebron is unstoppable and Wade? the explosiveness of him is gone. He know that Lebron is better than him. he(Wade) just messing up. act as a team! and not a Allstar! that’s what Pacers just do. they act as a TEAM!

  274. Christian says:

    Overrated? A fluke championship? Go watch the 2006 Final and WITNESS the MVP stats that D wade put up the whole series. I wouldn’t really call that a fluke championship. They also had one of the best big men to ever play basketball: SHAQ yeah remember him? Also, go witness the 2008’s China Olympics and tell me D Wade is overrated. He obviously isn’t 100%, and he’s definitely got something going on. Professional basketball players don’t just stop playing good, they get worse over time, and I don’t think his time is over yet.

    • NBAfan says:

      Fluke championship because the referees helped Wade a lot…he would go crazy and out of control driving to the basket and one tap on his jersey and WHISTLE…two free throws….HE WOULD HAVE NO CHANCE AT MAKING THAT SHOT..otherwise it would be a 3 point play….

      Just check youtube….cause I don’t want to post it here cause they’ll just moderate me out of it.

  275. Rage says:

    Now, where are the Heat fans who said “No Bosh, No Problem”? where y’all at? The Chris Soft chant seems to have gone silent now. I’m a heat fan, but i hate the fans who have disrespected CB and his game. The Heat are missing their centerpiece. If anyone of the Heat roster should be traded, It should be the WHOLE bench.

  276. spelkey55 says:

    When a team that everyone expects to win because of the number of superstars on their team is high, the superstars don’t take it well when things just don’t go their way. Once Miami got James and Bosh everyone including and most of all their so called superstars thought they were just going to breeze through season after season of titles. Well not only they failed last year they find themselves failing again. People can say all they want about talent and physical aptitude but what it all boils down to is HEART! The Heat have little and their so called superstars reflect that in the actions and record in the crunch. Miami is going into an early CHOKE cycle!

  277. miami heat fan says:

    wade has got his bad days he will bounce back…watch pacers loose….go heat u can do it i belive

    • NBAfan says:

      You’re a true fan…I respect that!

      I still think the Heat will win..but I am appreciate what the Pacers are doing so far…..

  278. Aficion says:

    This isn’t just one incident of Wade losing it for a second. This points to a bigger problem. Wade and Lebron just don’t respect Spoelstra. They never have. They’ll never play as a team, never truly be winners, and keep choking if they don’t learn a dose of humility.

  279. Luis Alvarado says:

    You all need to focus on one thing; RESPECT… yes wade is one of the best players on the nba, but no player has the right to yell at the coach, less in front of million of people watching. For me he lost respect and credibility as a leader of his teammates and the coaching staff. Coach need to sit wade down the next game. DEMAND RESPECT COACH!

    • yaryt says:

      Luis, may I just remind you that this is the NBA and not the college or high school level where coaches have the final say. In this league, the superstars dictate the terms. Sit Wade and he’s a goner, if he isn’t already. The way I see it, if the coach can no longer command (not demand) respect from his players he’s no longer an effective coach.

    • mike says:

      i would love that, but then spolestra would really get fired and he doesn’t deserve that.

    • DWade2012Champ says:

      Hello Pacer Fan. Demand respect during the Playoff? Hahahaha, you wanted make it easier for the Pacers to win after Chris Bosh went down? He has coach the Heat for 2 seasons now and it is clear he does not have what it takes. The Miami Heat need a coach that has been there and done that; Win a Championship.
      Pat Riley time is near.

    • JLG-503 says:

      HAHA it is so funny how you said D-Wade is one of the best players in the nba,and now you said sit WADE out for game 4 of the Semifinals!!! How much do you think Eric hates him?

    • Tio says:

      Good point-of-view, i don’t care for Miami but a very good suggestion

    • Ben says:

      The Coach strategy is wrong, that’s why they are not winning. Having all these superstar all together takes a legitimate Veteran coach who already won. To me Miami does not have a good team but they have Superstars. they need Pat Reilly to finish the job. That’s the only way. they need to put a trust on their bench if they wanna win this one. EDDY CURRY a guy that was averaging 18 pts not too long ago. he’s that fat come on. Im a fan but not a fan of this coach.

  280. sabamc says:

    Adrian (above) is right! Doesn’t matter if you are a superstar or a veteran, if you don’t respect the coach you already lost. Maybe for an individual sport you it matters less, but for a team sport, good luck winning this series (let alone the championship). What a baby! LeBron is being a beast this post-season and Wade is choking.

    Getting better is not the problem for the heat, they do need to be a “Team”.

  281. Chrison says:

    i’ve seen this before..Heat vs Dallas Finals 2006. Wade got angry at payton

  282. ilovehammock says:

    He’s getting more arrogant, but less productive nowadays…

  283. dawol says:

    dwade racist?

  284. Danny says:

    Trade D-Wade and Bosh for Dwight Howard

  285. cio says:

    wade + no respect to coach = cant win chmpnshp w/ lebron…

  286. Heat Hater says:


  287. RAMBO says:

    ..you know guys, all teams have their up’s and down same with their players.. just remember how many times PHIL JACKSON walked out while Michael Jordan was making his own plays.. but at the END still there will always be something that remains.. and it is FRIENDSHIP that they build together.. that what makes NBA more than a game.. “,)

  288. AJ says:

    Well Well…III Heat is a good team the only problem is… 3 super star came together to Win a championship without knowing that championships are won with spirit and confidence… if 1 of the 3 is off they are doomed they dont know what to do.. and when all the 3 r there then they think today i will win it on my own… Lebron had better chance winning NBA title without Wade n now even if he wants to win he cannot because there 2 other to pull his legs 🙂 n now the thing is these three cannot do the job together… well i m not a Heat Fan… but still what i said is what it is…

  289. Andrea Smith says:

    Martin, you have very little basketball IQ
    The Heat has shown that they can win without Wade as long as they have Bosh. Heck, Bosh even hit that game winning shot with LBJ and Dwade out.

    And you say, what… trade Bosh to Orlando? The Miami is losing because they don’t have a reliable inside presence they can rely on when the offense gets stagnant and the ball isn’t moving. Chris gives them that option.

    I don’t know why your comments are even accepted here, you have little basketball IQ

    • A says:

      bosh is ovverrated, but i think hes undervalued and underused with the heat. dwight would provide a low post presence like none other and would be able to dominate the boards night in night out. the heat need to play more like a team. lebron needs to be a great player and make his team mates better. pacers are going to win this

  290. aaron says:

    its 1 game in round 2 of the east semis…relax with the criticism of d-wade. he played poorly, and he will bounce back. its what every great player does. i will say though, without Bosh, wade and james cannot have bad games like this or play poorly down the stretch like in game 2 and expect to win the series.

  291. LazyBalls says:

    Not a Heat fan, but Pacers are garbage and won’t win another game.

    • NYCbeat says:

      Pacers are a much more complete team compared to the Heat.
      Bosh down, Lebron nor Dwayne have a savior.

  292. Lougene says:

    He’s just proving a point, Lebron is nothing, the heat can’t win without wade.

  293. edward says:

    wade is loosing it, plain and simple its lebrons team now.

  294. hillybilly says:

    coach eric is a nice person lot of haters because his position as coach is a subject of envy but nonetheless hes as good as a person can be and he deserves better than how these so-called superstars treat him

  295. jennifer says:

    d-wade you”re still my favorite basketball star/ it’s okay to vent/ you’re a champion/always will be/ don’t lose faith your team and coach need you to be strong/i’m praying for you& your teammates. God bless you!

  296. OKCvsMiami says:

    People have ups and downs. DWade just had a bad game. What people are neglecting is Chalmer’s outstanding performance.

  297. Adrian says:

    bunch of loosers!!! one who do not respect the coach will not be a champion!!!! Go pacers!!!

  298. Clips Fan says:

    This will be really interesting to see how it affects team chemistry. Before this series I had no doubt Miami was going through, and now Indiana is in this with a serious chance to cause an upset.
    How will Wade and Spoelstra come back from this? I’ve never really regarded Spoelstra as a quality coach, Miami’s office took a mild gamble on him coming through the ranks and with the talent on offer, it’s his head on the block if they lose this series. It’ll be interesting to see his coaching style over the next few days.
    DWade’s a bit more of an enigma. What is he going through and how will he rectify it? Unanswerable questions at the moment. Maybe LBJ will have to do a Cleveland and carry the team through this round, maybe even the playoffs.
    Only bright spot in that match for Miami was Chalmers, who had an excellent game, definitely his best playoff performance.

  299. jaydawg says:

    why are people blaming speolstra? wade is clearly the one whos been trash. lebron has played like a true mvp this whole year and he hasnt stopped. wade on the other hand isnt supporting lebron enough. hell, when miami got someone to get a big game outside th ebig 3 (chalmers) wade couldnt do anything. he has been an overrated player ever since he won a fluke championship. lebron is playing like a beast and spoelstra has always been coming in with a good defensive plan. its up the the stars now to get at least some points. wade needs to pick up his slack.

    • A says:

      its not as easy as you say. lebron is a small forward and wade is a shooting guard. they have to learn to play in tandem with eachtother. Have we seen a headline saying lebron, wade combine for blah blah points many times this season. no. fact is the shortened season has banged up everyone and true teams have been able to get through it by playing well together not just individually. they have to share the roles. wade has been injured a lot this season and no bosh means the heat are extremely undersized, lack someone slightly consistent and miss a few of his post play. The fact is its all spoelstras fault. Lebron shouldn’t be putting up the numbers he does so often because his team should be helping him out!!! bosh is a pretty good player but he’s ignored and then wade is trumped by lebron sometimes. the playoffs really test your character and as good a player as lebron you can’t do everything becuase basketball was made to be a team sport. He can’t play all 48 minutes and he can’t play power forward. the pacers are going to pound it inside play hard defense and try and hit good shots from the wings. they have a decent bench and guards ready to dish it out, pounce for steals etc. the heat cannot beat true teams and thats that. lebron shud have gone away from cavs for a year. gone back and played with irving and co, that would be a better team and irving could be his help late game and if he was more fresh late game he could hit game winners. you can’t do it all

  300. john says:

    I love watching the heat lose. They’re losing because the superstars have a crutch, each other. They lost Bosh and in panic mode.

  301. QAZ12 says:

    Im so happy to watch these clowns lose. Keep crying baby Wade.

  302. Martin says:

    The Heat will lose the series, fire Spoelstra, and in the offseason hire Phil Jackson, trade Bosh to Orlando for Howard and sign Steve Nash to the veteran’s minimum contract…they will win it next year

    • Clips Fan says:

      Bosh for Howard? Hahahaha. The only thing that might happen there is Steve Nash signing. Even that’s unlikely, as Miami will look for a presence in the paint in the off season.

    • erxzed says:

      Tha’ts in Martin…they need DHoward & Nash because their problem is that they don’t have enough stars….right???

    • D-man says:

      If that happens, then Deron Williams will turn into the best player ever and lift the Nets to a title in three yeards

    • frank liu says:

      trade wade for a legit center (tyson chandler / d howard)…and pat riley heading the team.

    • Fabio says:

      I totally agree with Martin. Bosh is great and makes a difference, but he never takes the responsability to carry the team if needed, he has too many of his “moments”. Howard is an actually reliable superstar because what nobody in the HeEAT speaks openly about is that there’s little trust in the not-Big-3 players. NASH would bring more balance, especially psychological balance. Spol could stay, of course Phil Jacksoon is a real maestro for managing EGOS so, even better.

      • lol says:

        are u people serious you want another tantrum filled self absorbed egostatistical player on the team. The last thing the heat need is another crybaby on the team, they need someone like chandler who will actually play the game to win with no complaining about this or that. Dwight Howard ?? REALLY

    • bad says:

      hire a retired coach? trade bosh for an arrogant controversial player? man your opinion isnt make any sense, mybe riley will laugh at you till he cry

    • AdRoes says:

      You’re probably 12 years old and dreamed this scenario up on NBA 2k…. I say you’re just a pup because you obviously don’t remember how well Gary Payton – Kobe – Glen Rice – Karl Malone – Shaq worked out.

      • Bball fan says:

        wrong year for payton and malone, that year was the break-up year with Kobe and Shaq. such a bad timing, just like barkely, pippen and olajuwan

  303. Miki says:

    We are all part of the light! Lets not loose sight of where we stand as a Team. Heat players you all best feel the game as a way of reaching for something higher than your own egos, give credit to the fantastic game of basketball and rejoyce you been blessed to play it at the highest level, congratulations Heat. GO HEAT

  304. Jake says:

    Man Wade IS a bum. His best years are behind him. I was a huge fan of his since he came into the league, but his best years are behind him. He’s lost his explosiveness, which is forgivable, but his attitude is not. Remember their last game against Chicago where he just shoved Rip Hamilton? There’s been dozens more examples throughout the last couple of seasons.

    • DWade2012Champ says:

      Yes. Like Carlos Snoozer. DWade is a Top 5 player in the League and you are talking about Bum? Tell me of a Team that would not like to have him. You still Hating because Wade did not go to Chicago in the 2010-2011 Offseason. You should be ashamed to comment after Chicago crumbled and they still have a better bench than the Heat. The Heat is playing 2 againt 5 and 1 againt 5 when LBJ or Dwade is resting; so go talk trash someplace else.

      • celticsfan says:

        its carlos boozer by the way. and how can you diss him after you said chi-town has a better bench then the heat? get your facts striaght before you just start clowin people and not know what your talking about. And in all honesty you know if d wade was on the bulls you wouldent be talkin trash about them point blank period. Now bein a celtics fan look at what there doing. Kevin garnett playing both sides of the floor,draining shots, and playing lock down d. he wouldent be doing that without his TEAM. the celtics are playing a well rounded game by working as a TEAM. With all the injuries we have we fing ways to come up big. My point being, if d wade cant get his act together and be a team player then he can kiss that championship good bye.

      • someonewhoknows says:

        It’s hard to win any game when you’re not playing 5 against 5. If you really think Miami can win with just 3 players, you’re blind.

    • Jo says:

      With that kind of attitude, you still matain as his fan? You moron. No matter who he is, such lousy attitude is simply not acceptable!

      • DWade2012Champ says:

        Learn to spell “maintain”, get a few Degrees and then you are allow to critic you moron. I respect every single player in the league and I surely won’t call any of them a bum. They are athletes that work hard and never wanted have a bad shooting night. He got mad because he cares and till the moment he does, I would be his fan.

      • bsj968 says:

        If you are going to call someone a moron for a misspelled word, you probably should proof read before you post and correct the glaring grammatical errors.

  305. Shaun Bowel says:

    He’ll feel like Lebron??? Wow, Shaun, you are by far, second on top of the list of Lebron-haters. Just below Skip Bayless.

  306. lol says:

    lol Bosh better recover quickly or else things will get pretty ugly in miami

    • jack says:

      haha yup miami looses in six games i think, poor bosh, might go home thinking”team lost cuz of me”

  307. kyle says:

    I’m so sick of coaches getting fires after supposed to be role model athletes curses at them in public…society we live in..nobody should buy wade jerseys anything he advertised for

    • wadefan says:

      he had a bad moment in his great carrier and now nobody should ever buy his jersey again.. let alone anything he’s helped market.. you sir, are a moron

      • Helio says:

        Those who cannot spell “career” should be careful throwing around the word ‘moron’.

        But I whole-heartedly agree with your point. If a guy didn’t get a bit fired up when he’s playing like a dog, I wouldn’t want him on my team. I spent all year watching Nets players that couldn’t give a damn — it’s nice to see someone who has his heart in it.

    • DWade2012Champ says:

      Unless you work for Adidas and Not Nike it is ridicoulus to bring that topic up. People still buying Kobe Bryant jerseys after he change his number and he surely did something worse than DWade; did Wade actually do something wrong? Can’t he atleast have a offgame? After all he is only human.

    • Baron says:

      Wade blowing up at Spoelstra. That is very uncharacteristic of him and I’m sure coach sees how frustrated Wade is. He is usually about as calm as collected as they come. Let us just hope he can get his game together.

      • Lee says:

        The funny thing about that was after the game, Erik said that happens all the time. Wade curses at him and making him look like a punk. I remember back in the day the coach was the guy who didn’t take any **** from any player cause it was his team. Now, if that was an highly respected coach like Phil or Pop, trust, he would be getting fined.

  308. miami fan says:

    lets go heat..

  309. celtics4life says:

    dwade just needs to calm down hes a great basketball player he cant start forcing shots hes got to let the game come to him, find a way to help your team in other ways by rebounding and playing good defense

  310. DWade2012Champ says:

    What is Pat Riley waiting for? Get the Torch and start coaching the Heatles. Like the Beatles without their Paul McCartney.

    • CoachD says:

      No surprise at all with Miami trailing in this series. Could have been 0-3 if they hadn’t got lucky on game 1.

      • StevieD says:

        Wtf are you talking about @CoachD .. they won by a comfortable margin in game 1. Bosh being out has completely messed up their playbook and a vital answer to the match up issues with the Pacers.
        Similarly the sixers had no chance to win if Rose/Noah didnt have similar issues.
        So, Miami will most likely lose the series, but it has to do with BAD LUCK losing Bosh.

      • Peter says:

        How many key Celtics guys were hurt against Atlanta, yet they still pulled through.

        Heat have been one of the few playoff teams who have actually been pretty much healthy all year long, now they get one setback and they fall apart? What type of team is that?

        It’s far from over, but they have to pull themselves together. I said right from the start that this Indiana team is a strong and heavilly underrated team, and they they were going to make life very difficult for Miami – everyone else insisted they would be a push over. Miami like always seem like they EXPECT to just win because they have the big 3, and if they don’t they fall apart.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:


        So now if they lose the series the excuse to it all will be because of losing Bosh?

        Like Zach Randolph said in his press conference after winning game 6 “he’s hurt? oh well i didn’t know since he was on the floor. Everybody is hurt this time of the year, no is a 100%, that cant be any teams excuse.” Whether a team is hurt or not you still have to compete and if anything this should be a sign to Riley that Miami just doesn’t have enough DEPTH. Losing any of the big three will spell disaster for this team, so why take that kind of gamble? In any game or practice Wade Lebron or Bosh can get hurt and then that championship they promised is just even more distant than it was before. One of the BIG THREE need to be traded to free of cap space, simple as that, bring in a good PG (not an allstar level, just good) and a REAL BENCH and this team could win multiple rings!

    • Baron says:

      With Bosh out and the whole team shooting 3 ball at 10% accuracy though this series its going to be rough. In addition to their big three they have the problem that no one else except Chalmers can create any offence. They can take shots, even make shots but they can not create shots.

      Got to give Indiana credit though. I did not think they had much of a chance in the series.

      The series is not over though but if Wade cant get his game back together for game 4 then its going to be season over for the Heat.

      • Manuel says:

        @Peter How many key guys from the Celtics were out? How many were from Atlanta? Josh Smith and Al Horford weren’t there most of the games, Zaza Pachulia was out too.

      • Sideliner says:

        @Manuel: They have plenty of back up for Bosh (Turiaf, Anthony, Pondexter). They don’t bring his offensive abilities, but get a grip and realize that you have Dwyane Wade and Lebron James. No excuses. The big 2 of Miami are just not pulling through, and Chris Bosh being out shouldn’t change the fact that they have the best 1-2 punch in the league. Indiana had the ability to beat Miami from the start with their well-rounded team, and their talent.

      • Celtics_Diva says:

        @Manuel, how about the fact that the hawks lost to the celtics when both ray and rondo were out? Enough said. Paul pierce is basically playing on one leg right now, ray allen has to have ankle surgery in the offseason, and avery bradley is playing with a dislocated shoulder. It’s the playoffs! Win or Go Fishing!

    • Justin says:

      Its not a coaching problem its a disfunctional system in Miami. The lack of depth is certiantly takeing its toll and thats no ones fault but Pat Riley’s. Its not Erics fault that he can’t play LeBron Wade and Bosh for every minute of every game without them running out of gas. If you look at who is achieving in the NBA playoffs currently you will notice the depth on each of there teams. Take the thunder for example. James Harden could easily be a starter but the Thunder bench needs to score and James has taken on that role and done very well with it. He knows that him scoring off the bench is what will get them a championship and thats all that matters to him. The only thing that saddens me is the fact that because of his role as the 6th man he may never achieve any of the other accolades he deserves. Another example is Manu Ginobli. That is why the Spurs are doing so well at the moment. I dont believe any team in the east will even come close to beating one of the western teams that are left in the playoffs in a 7 game series.

    • veta8780 says:

      Look at the Lakers this year and look at Miami… its the Coaches!! Spoelstra does not get a board and draw up plays like my celtics coach ( btw Doc should have been in the top 5 coaches but Hate On) Plus I don’t like a coach who hasn’t played in the league.

      • lou says:

        how about Pop,he is a coach who never played in league,yet-he’s gonna go down as one of the greatest coaches ever in all pro sports

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      @stevied……. you are comparing the bulls to the ‘dreamteam’ Heat???? wow , what a reach!!!!…..lol….. the bulls DRAFTED their star player …they didn’t get adopted (for a pretty penny) by a spoiled over-hyped star(?????) now did they!!! so just keep makin’ excuses for the BAD sportsmanship being shown to the world for all to see!!!! If that kinda cr*p happened on my team the jerk would sit til he remembered who is Boss is or just cut loose so some other team could have this spoiled ‘cancer’ of a player!!!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..what do you know about the beatles besides their name …….. or names…….please keep this basketball!!

  311. Bev says:

    The heat is definately on!! I hope Miami can pull it together. They must understant that a championship “team” is just that. “A TEAM’. LaBron, Wade, or Bosh can’t win a championship with just one or even just the 3 of them it must be the “TEAM’. I hope all the guys are okay and can pull it together. Everyone on the team needs to encourage each other right now. Come what may, Im pulling for you guys.

    Lots of Love

    • Adam says:

      You are correct… and that is why my Pacers are winning so far.. because we are a TEAM!

      • D says:

        If you want to see a TEAM, watch the Spurs.

      • Jann says:

        correction, If you want to see a TEAM, watch the Celtics!

      • Scott the magician says:

        Correction, if you wanna see a team. watch my lakers!!!………

      • Garry says:

        Lakers will definitely win the championship.. End of the story..

      • TriggaJimmy says:

        Lakers winning it all this year? i think not okc has them. lakers lost the first gane by 30 and the second they fell apart in the last 2 min. i have no hate for the lakers but they are not making it this year they are having issues and okc isa strong team this year. even if kobe pulls his heroics i dont see this going past 5 games makes for the lakers will lose. and thunder are a groupe of young guys so in a statement lakers out this series

      • shellackshock24 says:

        the only true “TEAM” r the spurs, when u can go 12 deep and never slow down on the court then thats a team. the celtics got no offense and the lakers r just a sad mess of great players with to much ego including bryant

      • Lakerfan says:

        I’m a Lakerfan, but the spurs plays like a team

      • Timmy says:

        Yup celtics taking it home this year!!!

    • hemingway87 says:

      I cannot listen to the people talking about how much of a team these Pacers and Spurs are compared to the Heat. You could not play as good as the Heat defensively if you woud not be a good team. That is not the point! The problem with the Heat is a flaw in its creation – the overall talent level is just not high enough and is not going to be because of the cap space the “big three” block and keep on blocking. Look at players 4-10 and compare them to the Pacers, Spurs, and so on. They are just not good enough offensively. On most nights LeBron, Wade and Bosh can compensate that. But when one goes down it becomes much more difficult for them to get a win. With Wade playing like he did tonight, they do not stand a chance. And that is NOT LeBrons fault even if all the haters out there want it to be. They are not good enough, plain and simple.

      • Ty says:

        u right defense wins games and if people think offense makes a team why did Knicks lose? All the knicks have is offense, you have to have defense and that’s what Miami has as a team

      • right... says:

        you know for once this is not lebron fault. say what you want about it. but they better get they stuff together cecause if they don’t, it will AGAIN look bad on lebron’s resume exspecially after winning his 3rd MVP

      • TJ says:

        I beg to differ. You take this same “talentless” team you call them and get Doc Rivers, Popovich or Phil in as the coach and I guarantee you the Heat would be awesome right now!!! Conversely, you send Spoestra to the Spurs, Boston or Lakders and they fold like a tent with no poles. It’s the coach people! His rotations are horrible and he never seems to have anything tangible to say in timeouts. It’s always “we gotta do better guys”. Really!?!? I think even the cheerleaders know this. How about strategic defensive sets and running the offense for your best player for pete’s sake! He does not command respect and I’m not surprised that the players don’t give it to him. The team is only as good as the leadership, period!

      • shhh says:

        i think with doc rivers, this heat team will be cruisin’
        i hope it won’t happen though.

      • kILLarifIC says:


      • .....justplayball !! says:

        too bad….cause it is true

      • the watcher says:

        the thunder are better and are going to win. Dwade will not be a heat anymore, after these playoffs he’ll get traded to orlando for howard or to some other team. Bosh will get traded as well. The only one staying will be the queen. Everybody new from the start this was not going to work.

    • raj says:

      advice to wade : play with a little humility (like OKC) and you may win some games – he still has a huge ego and that is hurting the heat

      • Sameer says:

        Too many players on the heat are humble. Wade makes this team better with his ferocity and ego. He was just cranky with something – fight will girlfriend or whatever. Spelstra is not doing a good job with the front court. Juwan Howard may actually be better than Haslem and Pittman. What the hell happened to Eddy curry. Maybe he can stop hibbert.

      • Deb says:

        Humility seems to be a lost commodity! The heat don`t know what that is. I grew up watching the true greats like Wilt, Bill russell, Kareem, Magic, Larry, etc.Lile James did in his ‘Decision” show. How many of these previous greats mentioned would have dared to put themselves on such a “throne”. It`s easy to be a good winner. What about losing? they don`t seem to be dealing with it well! I feel if you toot your own horn long enough, you run out of air!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..leave the beatles out of this pathetic discussion, please…… they had REAL talent

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        just so you all know…….these nba.com blogs are censored if ‘they’ don’t like what you say…. and I am NOT talking cuss words here, just opinions……. make it pretty funny though!!

    • celtics 1000 says:

      i dont see heats getting past indiana ,okc or spurs they are a better team collectively than individual talents like heats. shag won a champtionship with wade within the first season, kevin garnet won with pierce in four months of playing for the celtics, paul gasol won a champtionship with kobe within 7 months of coming to the lakers….. i think lebron, wade and bosh need to play as a team than as superstars

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        If you look at what you just wrote you named 1 allstar or superstar type player going to a new team.

        Miami brought in TWO! That is there issue. For one Wade and James play too similar styles and need the ball to be effective which always leads to the “your turn” “my turn” roundabout. It should either be just Wade and Bosh with good solid players around them and off the bench OR just James and Bosh w/ the same specifics. Miami has a lack of depth and now with Bosh out it really exposes that issue even more because Wade and James must DO ALOT and if one of them isnt producing its game over!

      • shhh says:

        i still can see heat get past the pacers without bosh, but without him they’ll probably lose the east finals if it’s played against the celtics.

    • MIGO says:

      The HEAT is getting what was being cooked a lot of ppl saw it a mile away since the team was put together they have the potential to be one of the best franchises ever, however they don’t have IT yet……

    • Justin says:

      i dont see how Lakers can win anything there losing to a TEAM called the Oklahoma City Thunder right now i remind there down worse than the Heat

    • Miami says:

      As a long time Miami Heat fan (since 95), This loss did not surprise me. Erik Spoelstra gifted the last years series to Dallas. He is not a real coach that can make this team to play a team game. All we need is a real coach not a puppet for Riley. What did he do wrong this season. – He did not give playing time to any big-men like Pittman to let them improve during the regular season. I guess he has some personal issues with James Jones who is the best 3 point shooter in NBA. Jones is always on the bench. There is no single player improved during Spo’s term. They all are getting worse instead of getting better. Spo can not come up with any plan B during the game.. Rotating 8 players in Game2, not having big bodies will only kill Wade and James. You can not expect James to fight with 7′ guy for rebounds, and have a decent game..

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        yeah….it is the coaches fault when bronbron and wade CHOKE when the going gets rough…… I would love to see them get some “Other” coach…. because the results would be the same…… great in the regular season and not so great when it counts….. in the playoffs…… Go Pacers

      • Ron says:

        What????? it is the coaches fault?
        Last time I checked it was Le Bron melting down, Wade melting down. Their HUGE egos and lack of humility catching up with them.
        I remember a national televised party anouncing the world that the HEAT was going to rule the world, take over the Universe, and win 6…or more championships……..
        THAT is the problem. Their inflated egos…..it is just catching up.
        Nobody likes the HEAT, except some people in MIAMI. And some kids who watch TV without parents pointing out to them that all this superstar stuff gets you nowhere unless you have humility .

      • Debi says:

        YOU ARE 100% RIGHT…….Spoelstra has been the problem all along, Riley either needs to take back the team & coach them himself or get someone that the team will respect…….there is absolutely NO respect for Spoelstra. We need replacements for our players when they’re hurt, Turiaf has done a great job, but the ones that are doing well are fouling as well……can’t anyone defend without fouling???? Not sure WHY Spoelstra has against James Jones, what it that about?? If he’s in for 4 mins., & he doesn’t make a shot, Spo puts him back on the bench……let him stay in the game longer than 4 mins. at a time & you just may see what he’s made of!!!!

    • Eric Zap says:

      I’m bummed that the Heat will lose to Indiana. I’m a Boston fan, Bill KILL Miami, but will have their hands full with Indiana.
      Wade is the leagues dirtiest player, he’s among the biggest babies in the league. No more T-Mobile, no spotlight, poor guy. not.

    • jon says:

      thats a joke

    • Spurrred says:

      You must admire die hard fans. Knowing they are sinking, already up to their chin, from the Thunder, Laker fans still chant title. Naive. Best Team is Spurs, Celtics rely too heavily on KG now, with Allen and Pierce banged up. Spurs exhibit health, talent, inside outside scoring, and ruggedness. Title already crowned

    • Ron says:

      Good luck with that Bev.
      Great athletes, but they just did not learn basic stuff when they were kids. Like respecting others, humility, stuff like that. Good thing is that for the second year in a row kids hopefully learn from watching these so called superstars that there is more to life and winning NBA titles than huge egos and expensive shoes.