Relentless Thunder Rally, Take Game 2

OKLAHOMA CITY — A seven-point lead with two minutes to play and one of the greatest closers in the game wasn’t enough to save the Los Angeles Lakers, not with the Oklahoma City Thunder lurking in the final minutes on their home floor.

Six points from James Harden, two critical turnovers from the Lakers and a Kevin Durant baseline runner with 18.6 seconds to play and a sure-fire, series-equalizing win for the Lakers turned into another shocking comeback win for the Thunder. More amazing is that OKC struggled through its worst game this postseason, yet still stole Game 2 in the final minutes at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Durant’s free throw with 0.3 seconds left capped a 9-0 run for the Thunder, who won Games 1 and 2 in their first-round series against the defending champion Dallas Mavericks by a combined four points. That might explain why they didn’t panic in those final two minutes.

“I’ve been around these guys four years, and one thing about them is they won’t quit,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. “They’re not wired that way. It’s not in their DNA. If it was, they wouldn’t be here.”

The Lakers led 75-68 with two minutes to play with the game seemingly in hand. But instead of the veteran Lakers salting this one away with Kobe Bryant finishing the deal, the Lakers lost control of the game and basically gave it away.

“We’re better than Santa Claus giving out gifts,” said Lakers center Andrew Bynum. “We like giving out gifts. We give out games, contracts and rings.”

The Lakers got sloppy with the ball, opened the door with their turnovers (both of which involved Bryant) and watched the Thunder kick it open at crunch time. Bryant missed a 3-pointer that set the stage for Durant’s go-ahead basket and he missed all five of his shots in the final five minutes of the game.

Durant, conversely, was fantastic down the stretch.

“He’s a great player,” Lakers coach Mike Brown said of Durant. “That’s what great players do. He played a great game, especially the last two minutes of the game on both ends of the floor. Big shot. Big steal. Great presence down the stretch for OKC.”

The Lakers face a brutal back-to-back set in Games 3 and 4 Friday and Saturday night at Staples Center just to keep their season alive. The Lakers are 1-7 when trailing 2-0 in a series with Bryant on the roster.

They had one last shot at snatching this one. But Steve Blake‘s corner 3-pointer with 2.3 to play was wide right and bounced off the back of the rim right into the hands of Thunder guard Thabo Sefolosha.

That final play was run for Bryant. When Lakers forward Metta World Peace saw Blake slide behind Russell Westbrook and into the corner for a wide open look, though, he didn’t hesitate to pass to Blake.

“Once I let it go I kind of knew it was to the right a little bit,” Blake said. “I felt comfortable shooting it, but I knew it was to the right. I was wide open … and you gotta take it and make it.”

The Lakers had everything in their favor, holding the Thunder to their lowest point total in a win since they’ve been in OKC. And they still couldn’t get it done.

“The last few minutes there they just made gambles and … just flat-out risks defensively,” Bryant said. “Durant did it. Westbrook did it. We’ll make our adjustments in Game 3. But they did a great job.”

An unbelievable job in the final two minutes.


  1. jim says:

    The lakers are done. kobe still cant truly share the ball. he cant play with bynum and let bynum be a great star, kobe is unwilling to share that spotlight. bynum is immature, gasol is good for nothing most nights, its over, im sorry

  2. freaknboy says:

    The REAL BIG 3 of NBA : Durant, Westbrook, Harden ?

    Anyway, this year, it’s the only team as strong as spurs !

  3. NBAfan says:

    GUYS…the Lakers dropped this one. They had a chance to be at an advantage…but OVERALL….the HOME TEAM IS SUPPOSED TO WIN THEIR GAMES…that’s how it’s supposed to be…

    So congratulations to the OKC for doing what they are supposed to do…now it’s the Laker’s turn to do it for 2 games….LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS

    Boston dropped one but made up for it and they are again back to square one…lets see how Philly answers

    From where I sit..the only team who is at a disadvantage STILL is the Heat…dropped one at home…and have yet to even it out…wait for Game 4 and lets see what happens….


  4. JAZZ says:

    It’s funny how these guys trash talk about Kobe and Lakers. No doubt, OKC really did well on their games. But that doesn’t mean, lakers are already losers and that OKC is the best team. Lakers are olders and OKC are younger, even kobe said that. That’s why for me, it doesn’t matter if LA will lose and OKC takes over the game.. It’s normal and expected. Besides, these LAL guys have already proven that when they were on these OKC guys’ ages, they can do much better. I wont be surprised if OKC sweeps the LA off the game, but It won’t lessen my admiration for the LA no matter how strong their opponents are. Congrats to OKC and goodluck to LAL. and you people, who know notihng but jump into one team to another, you are the real losers. xoxo 😉

  5. edward says:

    my first post. where was sessions? why is blake even playing? pau gasol is one of the main reasons the lakers are losing this series. he should have been traded months ago.

  6. Kevin says:

    I think the lakers need Tim Donaghy to start reffing their games again, just ask the Kings with Tim on the court the lakers are shoe-ins

  7. LAWL says:

    I quite enjoyed Kobe’s little tantrum under the ring after Blake took the rightful shot and missed at the end. Had he not been a little cry baby there was a foul to be made on Sefelosha. And then he goes on to disrespect the thunder in the post game interview saying they just gambled, Yes they gambled but the odds shouldn’t have been good enough for them to complete a 9-0 run to end.

    He made two pivotal turnovers, got his shot blocked and failed in his defensive duties chasing Harden down the court when they cut the lead to one and getting over to Sefelosha after……….Steve Blake, really? shortest three ball, wide open, Westbrook looking the OTHER DIRECTION and it never looked good, Kobe may have stuffed up but it could all have been rectified, Metta made the right play. Kobe was 0-6 from three on the night and had already been denied the ball by Sefelosha the inbound play before and had covered him fairly well so far this series. The Lakers should still be feared they have a good team and their big men really worry OKC at times as shown in the first three quarters. However the Thunder did not shoot well at ll in the second half and two key players were out. If the Lakers can bring that game against OKC’s best 5 they might not be out by Saturday.

    Let’s see if the Thunder can bring to La what they brought to Dallas in game 3 and 4 of the First round

  8. W/E says:

    hollywood kobe THE BRICK bryant is really hurting his team in the playoffs,even when he scores 40 he is still bad for the team cause of his inneficiency, most importantly he goes for stupid selfish iso at the end of the game,lakers got no chance if their best scorer cant be a team player

  9. Killa! says:

    Daaaaaaa eeeemmm ! Okc and spurs ain’t no joke this year ! Okc and spurs are complet team with pg, sg, sf, pf, c and bench. Duuuuuuummmmmmbbbb Miami, has no bench or pg or center and Lepain I feel your pain bro. It’s going to be either San or okc will be this year champ believe it!

  10. Chad says:

    Watching basketball is to be enjoyed and I don’t bash/hate individual players but what I don’t like is how the media grossly overrates KOBE for his ‘individual’ greatness – while all statistical evidence point otherwise.

    It’s stupid to see how theres so many fans thinking hes as good as ‘advertised’ – i guess thats just the NBA achieving their business goals in marketing star players.

    Kobe has 5 rings – but so what. If that is to be made a point than Robert Horry is better than KOBE. Basketball is a team sport and he is just 1/15 on a basketball roster team.

    Kobe is clutch –

    Kobe is clutch/efficient throughout the whole game – No, Kobe’s shooting percentage are much lot lower than lebron/durant/mj (around 50% FG players)

    A very interesting stat would be to look at the number of games the lakers lost – due to the point differential from KOBE’s missed shots from shooting under 50%.

    I bet you the number will be rather significant.

  11. Most likely scenario is Thunder in 6 (30.4%).
    Lakers win series with 15.3% pprobability….

    • NBAfan says:

      Wow….with this..I don’t need to watch…there’s no need to watch any NBA games… need to compete, basketball is just a collection of numbers and stats….no need to actually try hard and go out there and compete. Sports is a silly concept…

  12. Fedor says:

    Harden scored 4 of the last 9 points not 6. Fact check please. KD had the steal and dunk, game winner and free throw. That’s 5 of the 9 points.

  13. InHoopsWeTrust says:

    LA made their adjustments. Controlled the pace, effective D, and O from the Bigs. They played a fine game.
    OKC played what might be their worst game of the playoffs.
    The Lakers were spotted a quarter and a half of playing against a college team before the Thunder woke up
    and remembered that they’re an NBA team.
    No Sleep ’til The Alamo!

  14. JFY says:

    FAker/Lakers!!!!!! Go Thunder, get it over in 4 games right away!!! Lakers go to referee everytime they are called for a foul. Whiners also

  15. cherrypopper says:


    • NBAfan says:

      yeah…it’s so sad….I’m a big kobe fan but he aint’ the kobe we all love and HATE anymore….well…he’ll adjust…he’ll find a way to keep on playing….it’s a transitional year for him…he needs to come to grips with his declining physical ability and skills….but I trust in the MAMBA to find a way to play effectively enough for 3-4 more years…

  16. Durant35 says:

    Durantula !!

  17. Durant35 says:

    Durantula !

  18. Johnny says:

    It seems like the Thunder are great closers down the stretch now all of a sudden. But thats only because Westbrook does not have the ball in his hands curing church time. Does anyone else notice that? Westbrook is the second guy if the Thunder are up big. But its obvious that Harden has the ball in his hands during crunch time and becomes the second guy. I think that kills Westbrook inside because he doesn’t want to be the third guy he wants to be the #1 option. Westbrook’s body language says it all when Harden goes up for that lay up during the 9-0 run.

  19. FAN says:

    Its funny, Lakers owned the Thunder all of game 2, just ran out of it in the last 2 minutes. Several bad decisions on several players. Yall must of not watched the game I watched. Its always filled with “what ifs” when a team loses. Dont EVER count them out. The Lakers have found a way to control the Thunder, all they have to do now is to find out how to win against them. You bloggers need to stop hating and actually watch the games like the real fans do. Its always the same people hating on these blogs.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      lakers did not find a way to control the thunder, as a matter of fact the thunder played a terrible game and still won, yes the lakers made some good defensive adjustments, at the same time OKC was careless with the ball and missed an awful lot of open shots. not to mention ibaka in foul trouble the entire game and still had 7 blocks. by your own statement you should be worried because the thunder controlled the lakers in the 4th quarter (by your reasoning) we all know about the careless turnovers and Kobe’s unability to shake the mongoose ( my new name for sefolosha, the mongoose is the natural predator of the balck mamba) twice in the final 30 seconds. They had to call a timeout, then inbound to blake.

    • Fanned says:

      Thunder lucky to win? Lakers gave it away? I understand the reaction, but it does an injustice to LA. Up against a younger, faster and deep OKC roster they adjusted from being blown-out in game 1 and played better than expected. But covering KD, Westbrook and Harden takes its toll – and KD’s defense of Kobe deserves credit.

      OKC at crunch time had composure yet took ballsy risks to close the game ( Kobe points this out post-game ). Dallas also succumbed to the relentless Thunder to lose by a couple points before being swept.

      is this series looking more like the Thunder/Mavs playoff? I think so – Lakers are 1-7 when down two games

  20. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    dissappointed with the lakers and how they played in the last five minutes of the game…they won the game but mental error happened…lucky for okc because of turnovers of steve blake and missed shot by the lakers….

  21. Aaron from OKC says:

    we well keep our squad probably for a few more years i know rus and KD gpt atleast 5 more yr on their contracts and i dont see anyone else leaving were gonna sweep the lakers battle the spurs then destroy the heat in the paint with our big men

  22. I like the move the thunder made puttin durant on kobe at the end durants lenght just takes kobe out of it, the thunder are impressive to me 4 of there 6 playoff games they have came back in the 4th to win, the other two blow outs.

  23. SWEEP says:


  24. Adrixe says:

    Lakers are done. Coaching staff and the bench are way off. they should have stayed with brian shaw and continued the triangle offense. Mike brown is a good coach but he will not bring the lakers to the promise land. Lakers have all the players and a very good team to win the championship, but they dont have a solid game plan and plays that really uses their talent.

    OKC is well coached and has younger legs and better player. so OKC will sweep them.

  25. CristainZuenfo says:

    Serge Ibaka was absolutely beastly. He made LA work for their leads…whenever LA looked like they might get into a comfortable flow, he was there to tell them it wouldn’t be that easy. They really had to work for their points and there was always the spectre of an Ibaka block looming over them. As Reggie pointed out, his blocks didn’t really stop them from scoring but, mentally, i think it prevented LA from taking full advantage of their superiority in that game.

  26. huh says:

    Let me get this straight LAL almost take game 2 in OKC and its over..
    BTW seko try giving credit where it is due I am no Laker fanboy but their defense had a lot
    to do with OKC scoring its not like they were just missing open shots.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      they missed quite a few open shots actually, i recall a set of 3 3-pointers in a row where they were wide open, westbrook missed some easy jumpers and drives to the lane and harden didnt shoot well. OKC still got the win, if i were LA i would be worried that OKC just played a terrible game and won, especially since they got what they wanted from bynum.

  27. Tony from Sydney says:

    Thunder has probably the best starting 5 in the league in terms of offence and defense. They have no one who is really not good at defending when required to play defense, this is a big contrast to players like Steve Nash, Amare Stoudmire and etc. They are all good players, but their teams can’t make it deep into the play off because they fail to make stops when needed. It looks like 4 years of rebuilding process will finally pay off. This team is actualy quite like the Spurs when it’s rosters were young, but I thikn it’s a lot more atheletic than the spurs when they won their championships. I seriously doubt that the Spurs will be able to take on OKC in the next round, despite the fact that they have home court advantage and wil be very well rested after the 2nd round. The big 3 of OKC will be too much for the old legged big 3 for the spurs. The supporting cast is also much better than the Spurs. Good luck OKC, hope you go all the way this year!

  28. spiffy says:

    A.Bynum said that ““We like giving out gifts. We give out games, contracts and rings.” what the hell, that’s not an excuse. It’s lakers’ fault (including A.Bynum). OKC is just too great this plauoffs for you guys.

  29. Rocks says:

    Don’t be carried away too early. Remember LA was playing away and it was expected for OKC to win both games at home. But they almost let one slip away. Now it’s time for LA to take care of their business at home. And they will because they have to. And those who play(ed) ball knows what it takes to beat a player like Kobe. It’s not that easy. If OKC go to Staples with a wrong attitude they will come out empty handed and with a slower momentum. If they lose Game 5 then it’s over. LAL will never relinquish a lead in series, believe u me. I’m secretly cheering for OKC but I know NBA is full of surprises. Let’s enjoy this series ya’ll!!!

  30. StillGottaChance says:

    Last night’s game was there for the taking but LA just couldn’t close it out. I doubt they will get a better chance in this series for a win like that… With Durant held to 22 and Westbrook and Ibaka giving less then inspired numbers this was a no brainer for the Lakers. Gasol and Bynum were relentless down low and if they hope to have a chnace they will need to play at the same level the rest of the series and hope OKC continues with lackluster performances and 13+ turnovers a game. It’s still a distinct possibility though, especially now that we’re back at home.. Go LA

  31. mario says:

    Just sack mike brown, the guy is useless. Good defensive coach but offensivelly no system besides isolation, no ball movement, nothing in general.

  32. Karlo Garcia says:

    I still give LAL a slight chance. Need 2 win #3 or go home, go fishin.

  33. griffin1983 says:

    Bynum and Gasol are putting up good numbers…..but looks like the black mamba has lost its venom…….. 9/25 FG……cmon…he put a lot of pressure on the Thunder throughout the game, but you need points to win a game……it doesnt matter if you take a ‘ out of this world shot !!!…’ ….its still only worth 2 pts….so, i believe Kobe should stop shouting at others and step up his game…..Metta good job throughout the game…..but you had to give it all away in the final 5 minutes (as usual) ……Hill – good job, keep it going…..

  34. CristainZuenfo says:

    I fell asleep watching this game and my satellite box didn’t record the last few minutes…when i logged onto I was shocked. Fell asleep because it seemed LA were cruising a bit and OKC couldn’t find their rhythm, maybe because of the early,niggly fouls and bad referee calls. They weren’t shooting the ball well at all but they had little streaks where they would look like the in-form team they are. Incredible resilience to claw themselves back into that game…Champions have to win ugly and they did that.

  35. matt and renee says:

    Lets ALL stop the hating and get off of Kobe’s back. Kobe has not won one single ring by himself and as far I as I know neither has anyone else in the NBA (maybe wilt). The Thunder have been playing well most of the season and everyone knows Bynum and Gasol have to play out of their minds for the Lakers to stand a chance. Lets get away from the Kobe vs LBJ conversation because it is neither relevant nor pertinent. Being clutch or being a great closer does not guarantee any rings either… ask Reggie. Lets stop putting stock in great individual play because it takes a team of guys fighting every second with their wits and will to make it to the top. In saying that if Miami meets LA in the finals, it will be the most watched series in the history of sports lol.

  36. lakerfan says:

    after the game its obvious lebron is way better than kobe just putting that out there

    • For the Kobe haters says:

      Kobe is going downhill. I’d take Kobe in his prime over Bron any day of the week. The Kobe we’re watching now is NOT Kobe at all. He’s more like a Paul Pierce now lol.

    • who cares says:

      Yeah lebron would beat Kobe in a one on one game not in the nba. In the nba Kobe obviously is better…. history proves that. I hate Kobe and his overrated lakers I’m a thunder fan but seriously who cares about Kobe vs. Lebron? Both are overrated overpaid babies far far far away from ever being in the same category as Jordan. Lebron could be compared to Magic a little if you take his rings away and awesome personality. And Kobe has had a couple years where he could have slightly been compared to MJ in the department of being ungaurdable if you take away the rape situation and the horrible baby attitude he has. But in the end seriously who cares? Last time in NBA history where to players were compared so much was Bird vs Magic. At least they both won rings and dominated at the highest level and changed the game so I can understand why people would talk about them all the time. How about DURRANT vs KOBE? Obviously KD wins that or does it not matter if you win or loose? Last I checked Lakers have delivered back to back horrible playoff performances. and Lebron? Well, man if you can’t win with a team that starts with 3 allstars I guess it goes without saying you are overrated!

  37. jordanbyfar says:

    This is just in from Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN: “Since 2006 Kobe Bryant has taken 7 shots in the PLAYOFFS to tie or win the game with 10 or less seconds left”
    Mike: “You know how many he has made?”
    The other Mike: “How many?”
    Mike: “NONE….He has not made one shot with 10 or less seconds less. ”

    Kobe clutch? Kiss my A****** and Kobe should ask KD hw to make shots with the game on the line.
    You know who was making the big shots in the playoffs during the championships run of the Lakers during the late 90″s?….Well, Glenn Rice, Rick Fox, Robert Horry..NOT KOBE.

  38. Chad says:

    “one of the greatest closers in the game” yeah right…he only missed 5 of his final shots and turned the ball over a few times…

    For statistical evidence, just refer to the below.

    There is a big difference between someone who takes a lot of shots in crunch time than someone who actually makes shots in crunch time.

    Kobe is not the latter and fortunately for him the NBA highlight reel doesn’t show missed shots.


    I still believc… I can’t see the lakers losing this… I just get the feeling that there’s still something in them and it’s going to be huge. Just wait…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      keep dreaming, the thunder played their worst game of the year and still won! dont count on us shooting less than 30% in the second half of game 3-4

  40. kobe sloppy says:

    Kobe ate the game in the final minutes

  41. Laker fan where you at? says:

    Now where are the laker fans saying stuff on the last blog…

    • Sam says:

      Hiding, because hey got beat fair and square and don’t have any two bit excuses now..Well they never had any real excuses in the first place.

    • For the Kobe haters says:

      Laker fans are still here chump! Congrats OKC did what they were supposed to do, win at home. It’s funny OKC is faster, younger, deeper, has the 6th man of the years and runner up to the MVP but you all get so excited to beat the number 6 seed Lakers lol. Congrats but just know, IF you get by L.A you have zero chance against the Spurs. They won’t make the same mistakes down the stretch, they do have a bench, they shoot the 3 better than anyone, POP is a brilliant coach. Enjoy these 2nd round victories and maybe you can get to the finals NEXT YEAR!

  42. QUEEN LEBRON says:

    WOW, couldn’t say anything about THUNDER DEFENSE, It will b for sure THUNDER vs SPURS

    • Francisco says:

      chucky bryant, missed last 5 shots

      • For the Kobe haters says:

        Thunder D is great on Kobe but even with the misses he broke the defense down setting up many many putbacks and offensive boards. He also carried them in the 3rd quarter and it was because of him Blake was WIDE open but unfortunately he missed. Kobe makes a difference but someone like you with no basketball I.Q can possibly understand.

      • NBAfan says:

        I can see Francisco with his little crumpled pad and 10 cent pencil by his TV counting how many shots kobe misses…at the end of the day…Francisco is Francisco and Kobe is Kobe….

        He played poorly…yeah…does it erase all the other great things he has done….NO!

  43. Jones17 says:

    Unbelievable. OKC didn’t play great in the final 2 minutes, the Lakers got sloppy. We had this game in the bag going back to LA 1-1 but literally threw the game away.

    2 stupid turnovers and poor shot selection cost us and i can’t see us going beyond 5 games now

  44. Fred Case says:

    Lakers need a miracle to pull this off against a younger and better coached team. Sad to see my favorite team losing a seemingly won game in the last 2 minutes. It’s frustrating but this team is hopeless!

    • Francisco says:

      better players, durant and westbrook better than kobe

      • NBAfan says:

        Yeah…I’ll agree that at this point….overall, a young, athletic, and hungry all star is better than a 33 year old, banged up, accomplished superstar like Kobe…but Kobe at Durant’s or Westbrook’s age? Kobe wins…

  45. CristainZuenfo says:

    “Durant did it. [Harden] did it….” Kobe was referring to Westbrook, not Harden, where he tipped the ball onto Kobe’s arm for the turnover.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      he was referring to Harden scoring 6 of the final 9 points, westbrook didnt even touch the ball.

      • CristainZuenfo says:

        Me, Sekou and/or the editor of the page believe Kobe was referring to the moment in the highlight clip where Westbrook took a gamble by going for the steal, with the ball eventually brushing Kobe’s arm, resulting in a Thunder ball.

  46. cpimentel7 says:

    Thunder has been showing game after game, how they are a strong consistent team. Los Angeles Lakers, are a great team, but judging from their previous encounters against the Denver, and the first game against the Thunder which they lost with 19 points gap, everything points towards an elimination for LA. My prediction is 4 – 0, to Oklahoma City Thunder.

  47. clubbizarre says:

    Kobetards, tell me how you hate on LeBron for not taking the last shot? Tell me how Kobe was so clutch in this game with 2 turnovers, 1 airball, 1 missed 3, and Blake taking (rightly so) the last shot because Kobe could’nt get open, because the Thunder aren’t stupid, they KNOW kobe wants the last shot so they put 3 players on him.

    Seriously. Stop hatin’ you don’t look good yourselves with Kobe out there.

    • NBAfan says:

      You just told me that Kobe drew 3 guys and that’s why Blake got the final shot…that’s good being the decoy….so even if he was shooting poorly….they still guard him…why? Why not let him take the last shot if he was shooting poorly? Why guard him so well? Cause he’s Kobe…

      Nobody said Kobe was clutch in this game…does he HAVE TO BE CLUTCH EVERY GAME to be clutch? So he should never lose a game to be clutch?

      So Lebron should be 82-0 in the regular season and sweep the playoffs and win a championship from his rookie year till he retires based on the hype that his fans give him…..

      BEST PLAYER. GOAT….MOST COMPLETE…CAN PLAY ALL POSITIONS…UNSTOPPABLE,..and yet…Pacers up 2-1….and he’s still ringless

  48. Norman A. says:

    Lakers are done! I smell some sweep again….

  49. dred says:

    Kobe blew it for the Lakers. It’s all on him. He has too much pride and arrogance to admit it.

  50. Tim says:

    Lakers are finished, and the universe celebrated. The end.

  51. obs says:

    as much as i hate admitting to this : OKC in 5 games

  52. allaroundballer says:

    If OKC somehow able to keep this squad until another seasons, they’ll be dinasty! After Bulls and Spurs, finally a team that builts together since they’re rookie. You can be proud OKC !

  53. Patrickmarc says:

    Ibaka did a great job again..

    • marlon green says:

      Major props to Ibaka who truly should have been denfensive player of the year! That man was swatting everything! And Durant should have been MVP. I guess the league say’s one franchise cant win every award in a season. Saying they win the title.

  54. OKC2012 says:

    This series is just about done, after that crazy series against Denver the Lakers have to be tired and with back to back games coming up there is no way LA can take both, and if it goes 3-1 OKC there is just no way on earth Lakers have enough to beat OKC 3 games in a row.

    • GONZO says:

      Yeah, seems like it.
      I wonder why kobe played so weak. He choked, turned it over. Of course, OKC showed great will & spirit. But +7 with 2 mins to go? You gotta bring this home, kobe. Especially because you now lost the series!!

    • cpimentel7 says:

      After seeing the OKC beating Dallas, and the way LA beat Denver which took them to game 7, I have no doubts OKC have everything to get over LA, and my prediction is another 4-0 in favour of Oklahoma City Thunder, they simply have the best team and their victory is fairly earned!

      • erny7777 says:

        Im a lakers fan and yes, lakers did throw this game away. But if lakers can get this close at okc home, then i fully expect a 2-2 tied series by sat night. Lakers can come bak and win it they just need more interest and determination. Drew and pau played great. Kobe played great. But just keeping the lead at the end is wat has always killed the lakers. Hopefully they can go home and win 2 home games and get the series tied and go all the way to game 7!!!!!!
        I have faith in THE BLACK MAMBA!!!!

  55. jordanbyfar says:

    What happened with the clutch s guy? OHHH, I get it. He went 9-25, had a couple of turnovers and shot some bricks…You see, seems like everybody misses some shots in the clutch…We are only humans…..hahaha

    • juan md says:

      yeah…the differrence is:

      KB has already done everything,

      My self-lover friend LJ thinks he has done it all, but he has not…
      the worst of all is he believes to be so pretty, so rich, and sucha a good player, when the truth is you don´t enjoy seeing him play

      Aparta from that, KB, stop throwing bricks¡¡¡

      • Francisco says:

        trust me body he has choked in his career more than everybody else, missed 5 last shots, closer what a joke, he has being lucky to be a laker , lakers have won like 16 times, fisher has 5 also, horry 7

      • Belizeboy says:

        @ Francisco, EXACTLY! I don’t know how Bryant became known for closing games when the people with the most clutch shots during his first three championships where Shaq, Fisher, and Horray. Heck even during the last two I remeber Fisher, Gasol, Brown, and even Artest on one occasion saving the Lakers in the playoffs more than I remember Bryant doing it.

      • NBAfan says:

        Francisco…the guy who pulls out all sorts of crazy stats to defame Kobe Bryant…suddenly believes in LUCK saying he’s lucky to be a Laker?

        Paxon and Kerr won Jordan’s championships for him…he made one clutch shot in his life and he had to push off Bryon Russel for it….

        I think the global recession has lessened all the jobs out there and desperate statisticians have invaded sports. WHO ARE THEY TO DECIDE WHAT a “clutch” shot is? If you are watching the whole game…you’ll have a feel for the FLOW of the game…a clutch shot can be made with 5 minutes left…a clutch shot can be made even though your still leading by 5….if you understand basketball…IF YOU PLAY REAL BALL….you’ll know…clutch can’t be easily defined by a set of parameters…you need to know the flow of the game…momentum, etc.

        Francisco and Belizeboy…do you really like basketball? I think you watch this sport to hate on Kobe…..

  56. oweisman says:

    One gets the feeling that Kobe just sort of orchestrated that OKC comeback down the stretch, only to get a last second shot to win this one and the spotlight. I bet he was praying with all his might that Blake misses that shot.

  57. LakersRus says:

    Proud of the Lakers! They fought hard against a younger deeper team! And I guess Harden can throw elbows too! lol

    • Belizeboy says:

      So now you’re admiting Artest threw and elbow, when before Laker fans were claiming he was just celebrating and Harden got in the way. Which is it?

      • NBAfan says:

        nope, he is not MATTLOCK! But the general belief is he threw an elbow ….but it’s no coincidence that HARDEN’s elbows are flailing wildly recently as well. You’re quite good at twisting things around…..

  58. Latigo Rapper says:

    BROOM BROOM BROOM…. THIS COULD BE ANOTHER SWEEP… Game 2 will certainly have a heavy psychological effect on the lakers… tst tsk.. not a good sign.

  59. spelkey55 says:

    Time to go fishing for LA real soon! LOL

    • Domainsnext says:

      Not so fast my friend. The Lakers showed in game 2 that they can beat the Thunder handily. Most Lakers fans guarantee we will win the next two games in LA. Game 2 showed that the Thunder are not as fast and talented as everyone else may think. Look at the score. The Lakers did exactly what they were supposed to do to win the game; the Thunder were just fortunate to change the outcome, not by talent, but by luck.

      • HeatFan27 says:

        The fact is, the Thunder won. Bear in mind that the Thunder held the Lakers to 75 points so your argument can be taken both ways. However, I think the Lakers may win one or two games in the series but I am looking foward to a good Thunder vs Spurs WCF.

    • NBAfan says:

      The fact is, HEAT is down 2-1 against a non-title contender in the PACERS..and the fact is Kobe has 5 rings and Lebron has none.

      When it’s Kobe vs Lebron, there are no facts…5 rings and 15 years of excellence is not enough…but when it’s about the Lakers..the fact is, they still lost…hahah

      Anyway…..the home team is supposed to win both games at home…now it’s time for LA to win in their home court…they should have won, but OKC did some great stuff to win….GOOD FOR THEM…but they didn’t gain some advantage folks..they’re SUPPOSED to win their home games…

      IF they beat LA in their home floor..then yeah..that’s gonna be good bye LA…oh wait..Pacers beat Heat in their home floor and trashed them in their own court….that’s the fact here.