Blogtable: Inside Lakers-Thunder

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Oh, prescient ones: How many games is this Lakers-Thunder series going? Why do you see it that way? And who wins?

Steve Aschburner: It’s a five-gamer. Lakers eke one out at home. They needed Game 2 badly and didn’t get it. Kobe isn’t Kobe anymore, not like we think of him. And it’s all OK, TV ratings be darned. A Spurs-Thunder West showdown would be Tombstone at high noon.

Fran Blinebury: Thunder in five.  They’re younger, better deeper.  Best case is Kobe will explode in one home game to get a win.  Another end-of-the-road sweep for the Lakers isn’t out of the question after gagging up Game 2 so ignominiously.

Scott Howard-Cooper: The Thunder will beat the Lakers in six games. I would have liked to see this series include a Laker team playing with urgency, but no sign of that. The Thunder are better, but the Lakers are still good enough to make it interesting. Said the man who said Dallas would never sweep L.A. in the second round a year ago.

Shaun Powell: OKC in four, and I mean a convincing four. The Lakers can’t keep up with these young boys. Besides, Bynum doesn’t want to play, Gasol is headed down the other side of the hill and Kobe is ready to blow a fuse. At least this is the evidence we’ve seen so far in the postseason. There’ll be some soul-searching going on in Lakerland in the offseason, which begins in five minutes.

John Schuhmann: I’ll stick with my pick of Thunder in five. The Lakers should be able to get one game at home and if they had held onto that lead last night, I’d say the series goes six or seven. But I just don’t think they can hold the Oklahoma City offense down for more than a game or two. They made a defensive adjustment in Game 2 and certainly showed some fight after Monday’s beat-down, but the Thunder have too many offensive weapons. If you take one thing away, they can go elsewhere for points.

Sekou Smith: I picked six games before the series started and even in light of recent events, the 29-point blowout in Game 1 and the Houdini performance in Game 2, I’m sticking with that. The Lakers still have the tools to give the Thunder trouble, as they showed for 46 minutes last night. And if they win Game 3 Friday night, they’ll have set themselves up for a series and potentially season-defining Game 4 Saturday night in Los Angeles. Of course, I would like to reserve the right to change my mind completely if they can’t hold serve in Game 3. Because if they stumble, this series doesn’t make it out of the weekend.


  1. rvel06 says:

    Shaun Powell: OKC in four, and I mean a convincing four. The Lakers can’t keep up with these young boys. Besides, Bynum doesn’t want to play, Gasol is headed down the other side of the hill and Kobe is ready to blow a fuse. At least this is the evidence we’ve seen so far in the postseason. There’ll be some soul-searching going on in Lakerland in the offseason, which begins in five minutes.
    BRAVO!!!!Shaun Powell is my favorite writer..only 5% of his predictions are correct..

  2. LakersRus says:

    The OKC team is half the age of the Lakers and Dallas! Yet both teams are playing them tough and down to the wire! They have a young, good team! But I don’t know if I’d put them on the championship pedestal just yet!

  3. JTCH says:

    Don’t know what the Lakers fans are taking solace in. The Lakers best chance of taking a game in the series was game 2. OKC thoroughly destroyed them in game 1 and were due for a letdown, especially in front of the home crowd where there is a tendency to relax. The Thunder showed the Lakers that even in the face of extreme adversity, when the game is all but lost, they can literally find a way to get the victory. There won’t be a letdown for game 3 and the Thunder are going to come much more ready than they did for game 2.

    If the Lakers at the top of their game couldn’t beat the Thunder at the worst of theirs, the Lakers really don’t have much of a prayer of winning any games at all, unless Durant or Harden are injured.

    Playing Kobe, Bynum and Gasol for nearly the entire game is going to take its toll. It certainly did in game 2 when the Thunder got a final burst of energy. If the Lakers held the Thunder to less than 80 points and still couldn’t find a way to win, its over. No amount of wishful thinking is ever going to change that. The Thunder will take the series in 4 games and are the best team in the west, even better than San Antonio. It’s a shame that Miami lost Chris Bosh and Chicago lost Derrick Rose. OKC vs. Miami or Chicago with their best players would have made an outstanding final series.

    LAs best chance at getting to the finals was lost when they had to play either the Thunder or the Mavs. They do not match up well against either of them. The Mavs swept them last year and would have done so again were it not for the Thunder. The Thunder will sweep them this year. The Lakers really have nothing going for them at this point. They should have tried playing into the other bracket with the Grizzlies, Clippers and Spurs. At least LA had a chance of beating them. Against the Mavs or Thunder, they had no chance. They were lucky to get by the Nuggets.

  4. LAL4Live says:

    Kobe has to step up as a leader. With Pau by his side. Give Bynum the ball in the post more. Every Laker should have his own task on the court, now Kobe is tryin to do everything. OKC is playing really good this season and will keep playing like this.
    LA has to step up as a team. Play with heart and soul. If they win the next 2 games they are going to win the series for sure.
    Mike Brown has to coach better though, I don’t like his decissions in the playoffs this far. If a player doesn’t plays well, get him to the bench. Don’t force it.
    We will see what tonight brings, I hope for the best. Lakers are still a championship team.

  5. killuabest says:

    all those nba media casters are hypocrites…why if the laker won the 2nd game all they will say is ..its a 7 game series…goin down to the last wire…. for the lakers to win they should have a heart..yes a very determined and focus game mentally and ..psychologically..they should play like a 7th game win or gone fishin…hope lakers read this.. Go Lakers in 4-2 win finger crossed.

  6. LOS ANGELES says:

    KB24,dnt make your fans disappointed,pls win this series,u can do it.dont make silly plays

  7. asfjkdl;s says:

    Why is everybody counting out the Lakers, the next 2 games are at home. At OKC they showed they can play great D agaisnt them.

  8. LOS ANGELES says:

    @samuel 71,u mean kobe is different from before, kobe is even better now he could have won the scoring title if he did not miss 7 games during the end of the regular season.Fortunate for durant that kobe miss games dude

  9. Mike says:

    Kobe said that Blake was the one who help them through the Denver series and whoever made the threat to Blake’s wife was simply idiot…Plain stupid…!!!!

  10. chuck nasty86 says:

    ATTENTION. to everyone who keeps saying kobe is too old news flash second leading scorer in the league. Secondly who else would u want taking shots kobe or sessions who LA wasted two players to get. sessions has averaged about -4.5ppg not gonna cut it. Lakers can win this series but a few things must happen BYNUM and GASOFTTT need to play like 7footers i see hardly any blocked shots from either of them and Gasoft just flops all the damn looking to get foul calls and FIRE FIRE FIRE mike brown please this dude is lost completely. Last but not least quit turning over the goddamn ball lakers this means you too kobe and they will be fine.

  11. jd3b says:

    Whether we (Lakers Fans) like it or not, they’re not the same Lakers we saw when they were winning their Back-to-Back(s)… They’re not that hungry anymore… With their past championship experiences, they could have won the series against the young Denver Nuggets in a breeze but instead they went on to 7 games…

    Game 2 was a heartbreaker but I still believe on my team, my Lakers… If Kobe’s desire is more glory, then now is the time to do it… Pau can be tough again… Drew can be more dominant… Let’s do it Lakers! Let’s do it one game at a time!

  12. David Wright says:

    Lot of delusional lakers fans out there. lakers in 7?.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… thanks .. I needed a good laugh

  13. Carl says:

    As a Laker fan, my team proved that they can beat this team. If home-court advantage means something, then we may win both of the home games, even though realistically, we may only win one. If we win both, we’re back in it, and it’s a best of three from there. Best of luck to both teams.

  14. Nam Nguyen says:

    Thunder in 4. I’m a Lakers fan but honestly, Kobe is old and predictable. He doesn’t play “off-ball” while he’s not as good as before. Lakers’ hope is Bynum and Gasol step up and help them win at least two next games in L.A

  15. Einar says:

    I’m very disappointed on how Lakers play. It’s not the Lakers we say on the last 2 games. I really don’t know what’s up for Lakers but I hope they’ll play their game on the preceding games.

  16. Moshe says:

    game three and four the lakers win game five they steel from okc give six they win again in los angeles

  17. LA LAkers says:

    I still hope Lakers can make it.. what’s wrong with you Mike Brown?.. do something if you don’t want to be kicked out next season..



  18. LA LAkers says:

    I still hope Lakers can make it.. what’s wrong with you Mike Brown?.. do something if you don’t want to be kicked out next season..


  19. Tony s says:

    Whats the big deal? Seriously this is the playoff. Okc kept home court now it’s lakers turn rite? Netherthe less I fink game 7 is likely but dunno who will win

  20. The Judge says:

    This series could be a boring one if the Lakers don’t produce. Moving forward, San Antonio can beat OKC and win the whole thing now that Miami is in trouble. If the Lakers can come up with some magic (as you can see I am still a fan) and beat OKC, they can beat San Antonio and beat Boston for the Finals.

  21. Kobe@Manila says:

    Yeah!! I go with you LA CONCERN!! Trade BROWN for BRIAN SHAW!! The first in history where coach are traded!!

  22. audio says:

    I saw the top teams play in person. I am a Hornets season ticket holder, so I don’t have a dog in this fight. OKC is great fun to watch play. I enjoy watching them play, they have a ton of young talent. The Lakers are their own worst enemy. They get lazy on defense, because they think they can always catch up to their opponent. No problem, just give the ball to Koby. They lost game two to OKC because they took a mental vacation with two minutes left. You can’t do that when your facing a quality opponent. The Lakers win game three,then run out of gas in game four and lose. In game five the Lakers play hard, but fall behind with about five and half minutes left in the fourth quarter. I don’t see number seventeen this year.OKC in five. Everybody better look out for the Spurs, most complete team I saw play this year and they have the best coach. I look forward to the NBA playoffs all year.

  23. ebok says:

    next season ill pick howard, griffin, paul, kobe as the new reinforcement

  24. ebok says:

    mwp explode….

  25. ebok says:

    lakers win in game 7

  26. i am following basketball since i learned it and lakers is the one i favored for the past 15 yrs of my life and i can say that lakers dosn’t win this game i prefer to say that kobe is in his battling age unlike OKC they those young legs but i can surely say a 100 pct. if lakers doesn’t find another player like kobe does then goodbye lakers . . . .

  27. Amy says:

    OKC Will win this series why? It is their Team Chemistry. Team CHEMISTRY of Lakers is not great as the Thunder. Some video prove it…… a scene in a Blowout game

  28. LA concern says:

    Why not just fire coach Brown now and lakers might have a good chance of bouncing back. His plays are not compatible with NBA champion calibers. Brown will be more effective coaching the amature league. Laker players should make their own plays, for they definitely know better than their present coach.

    • Tony says:

      ..and hire Kurt Rambis….Brown is a good coach, his only problem is that he is too afraid of Kobe!!!!!

  29. Bok says:

    I’m a big fan of Lakers, but I’ve got to admit OKC has their numbers in this series. This series will prove that the Lakers should rebuild – SOON. And I don’t think Brown’s the right guy either. He’s not bad – but not that good either.

  30. ryde says:

    I think OKC has what it takes to win it all this year… Winning in blowouts and close games against the Mavs and Lakers.. They are just finding ways to win, man.
    Fear the BEARD, Metta World Peace.

  31. climate change says:

    i picked 6 for OKC before the round started, Kobe is different now that’s because Mike Brown doesn’t know how to utilize Kobe in his comfort zones unlike Phil Jackson.

    • Tony says:

      you have that right…Last year under Phil Jackson, Kobe was real comfortable fishing the Redondo Beach

  32. lol says:

    Lakers are done unless Kobe will be in LIKE MIKE mode !!!!

  33. Ga says:

    @ domainsnext: You’re ryt my friendOKC is not that talented, it showed in game2. that was supposed to be lakers but okc is just fortunate that time.i go for lakers in game7

  34. Hex says:

    Thunder Sweep

    I understand believing in your team, and being a true fan despite the odds. But time is against the older Lakers and talent may be waning as well, the odds don’t look good. Comparing both teams, it seems like the Lakers just don’t have what it takes anymore

  35. edwin says:

    this is the Time to face the truth… LA should make a big adjustment for the next season.. get Dwight for Bynum and Kobe..

  36. J says:

    OKC will not win a title. They wont even make it to the finals. When the Lakers take the next 2, they have a real chance to win Game 5 as well. Winning 2 games at home is what a team is supposed to do. What makes OKC a dominant force? They don’t have what it takes to be champions. Kings from 2001-203 would use OKC to wipe the court. Lakers can win this series.

    OKC is not up 3-0. It is a 2-0 series. No way Thunder will close out LA in LA in Game 4 or Game 6. I’m not even a Lakers fan, but know from past playoff games that this series is far from over. Odom would help though. Lakers can win this series.

    • Tony says:

      Because you are not a Laker fan that’s why you don’t know anything about the Laker. Most laker fans are already surrender!! maybe you just pretend that you are not a laker fan…?

  37. Mich says:

    Hopefully, this will reach out to Lakers management and coaching staff. I’m a kobe fan but I don’t see the Lakers winning this series if they always run their play to Kobe for each offensive possesion. It’s very very predictable.
    Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol should often be given a post play. In fact, it would be really really better if the first option of their play will go to Bynum or Gasol. They have high percenteage wise if they are given post play.
    This way also, kobe will have a relax offense in which I really think it would be very very good for team.
    Bynum and Gasol should post more often!

  38. chano says:

    go lakers i hope they can comeback

  39. Ross says:

    LaL on 6! haha 4 straight wins!

  40. Tim says:

    Lakers in 6! BLACK MAMBA!!!

  41. Parra says:

    What that guys dont know, is what thisn’t a math test, this is basketball <3, and lakers can comeback if they really wanted.

  42. Andrea Smith says:

    Don’t fool yourselves Laker fanboys… it’s a sweep

  43. raymond says:

    it ain’t over till its over.. don’t ever count the Lakers out. If i would bet on a team that can come back from 0-2 series it would be the team where Kobe is playing.

  44. izone says:

    lakers will make a record a 4 game winning streak in this semifinal battle with okc!

  45. LA says:

    u r idiot charles barkley, u didn’t even win a championship, even when you joined houston with the best team, so dont talk to much… lakers is still the best

  46. Orion says:

    Jesus Kobe, where’d those knees go ?

    Looking like a grandpa out there , retire, your no Jordan!

  47. KenFrom Phil says:

    well we could see that the game of basketball is 50% luck and skill. Anyone could have win that game. We could not judge the lakers directly nor the thunders. lets just enjoy the games without using any discriminative comments such as mentioned,

  48. Pastorlg says:

    This is basketball, it is more about luck than we think. The lakers did not appear in the second round they played the game of basketball well enough to be playing okc now. They are still a championship contender.

  49. Laker4Life says:

    The ball is round, my friends. Don’t count out the Lakers yet. A simple turn in events can make this series in the favor of the Lakers.

  50. LA Guy says:

    I seen Game 2, the Lakers could have won that one, but turnovers, no baskets, and zero stops had cost them dearly. As a Laker fan, I don’t see how the Lakers could win this series. Lakers might win atleast 1 game, but the Thunders had proved they aren’t afraid of the Laker’s Bigs by attacking the rim. I can see Thunders winning this in game 5 or 6.

  51. Mike says:

    Lakers will win next four and shut all you haters up. GO LAKERS!!!!

  52. sam says:

    lakers should be fine if they win games 3 and 4, but i know that’s easier said than done. i still can’t believe they lost game 2. im a huge kobe fan but this loss should fall on his shoulders. he is the leader and he should have made plays. hopefully he comes out blazing in game 3 to atleast make the series interesting.

  53. pAkyAs90 says:

    OKC takes LAL on 4,5 or 6????na ah!! i dont think so… you cant even tell what will happen for the next game..i admit OKC now is a hard stopping team, but i know LAL can manage to get what they really want..and that is to win a ballgame.. thats why BIG THINGS HAPPEN”.

  54. laker crusade says:

    T_T lakers…………..

  55. These 2 home court games for the Lakers are critical . Lakers should defend the home court and just pick one game off the road and win the GAME 6 . Game 7 is possible but I think OKC will get it. OKC is a complete team with discipline on both offense and defense matter. Durant, Westbrook, Harden for the Main offense, meanwhile Ibaka, Perkins, Sefolosha and others for the defense.

  56. FkipDE says:

    KObe you need 2 go 2 KNicks my G….het the six rings cuz u cant get ring no more in LAKERS…

  57. specialfriedrice says:

    OKC in 4, Kobe will try to be a hero in game 3 shooting even more shoots then the stupid amount he already normally takes, then he will blame his teammates for not being involved and not having any mojo, OKC will embaress the Lakers in LA.

  58. Krob( Spurs fan) says:

    The lakeshow may have won more titles in the past decade but you can argue that the spurs have been the most consistent team in the past decade and a half and won more games then any other team in the past decade and a half ….We have 15 straight 50+ game winning seasons and made the playoffs all thoise years …dominance! and never lost a finals

  59. jteeth says:

    The Lakers are good as it was but didn’t get better like the other teams keep stepping up. One of them is the thunder, the old Spurs just got better. that’s how it is. Thunder will win in 5

  60. bike says:

    you know. lakers have a chance to win in this series. if only gasol, bynum. and the subs are goin to step up.. even if the thunders are young and fast , but the lakers have the capacity to win it.

  61. Jep says:

    Never under estimate the heart of a champion.

  62. hunter says:

    see,these thunders are just so energetic co’z they haven’t taste a loss in the playoffs this year,but the time L.A. wins a game at home,you’ll see them crumble…trust me with that..

  63. kaibaboy says:

    yeah guys…the nearest to mj is over….that is all the way..1997 slamdunk competition was the worst ever…so kobe has no atletisicm so just with that..YOU CAN NOT COMPARE WİTH MJ!!!LAKER BYE BYE..TIMVP21

  64. hunter says:

    not that fast folks,2 wins at home for L.A. & thats it,steal one from OKC. & we’re off to the cons finals…,

  65. Kobe@Manila says:

    Look at the Pacers right now.. Up against the Heat 2-1? Why??????? Because they got BRIAN SHAW!! Lakers is 0-2.. Why?

  66. rorororororo says:

    Guys, listen. Last night was one of the most perfect games the lakers have played all season. i am a HUGE laker fan. i have watched all there games this season and i have come down to one conclusion, HEART. i think that they just stopped playing with heart the last two minutes. i hope that this will be there wake up call, or else, kobe might not catch up to michael and gasol might never be seenin a laker unifor again.

    Lakers in 7. Please wake up.

  67. Jay Grant says:

    OKC is the better team. LA is good enough to win this series but needed game 2 & yes making Bynum more of or the focal point on offense has usually resulted in a style of basketball in which the Lakers win.
    It is difficult seeing the Lakers win this series but on paper they have the team that can pull it off if they would just play that way. How can a team stop Durant, Westbrook, Harden Ibaka & co. Plus now they have a veteran point guard with championship rings? Not to mention Perkins?
    Slow OKC down get in the half court. move around alot constantly on offense and defense and they’ve got a shot even a good shot. But can LA do that with this ball club in it’s current state? OKC / SPURS most likely in WC Finals.
    I’m in LA & cheer for the Lakers but as a fan of the sport in general the Thunder are No Joke!They’re ready!

  68. Vinj - LAKERS fans since 1995 says:

    Even if I love Lakers the most and I don’t find a pinch of winning chance in this round with OKC, I’m still hoping for the oldies to grab the trophy. The OKC’s have a tremendous offense and their defense is not that breakable too. In their Game 2, Blake missed the 3-point shot but we cannot blame him. How many times he made those tough shots and it seems like he wasn’t able to handle the pressure this time. Looking forward to the outcome in Staples.

  69. joeyt2k6 says:

    Lakers will fall in either 4 or 5 games. I’m a a Lakers fan through and through and I still believe that Kobe is one of the best players in history next to Jordan. However, I find it so infuriating that the Lakers are not playing with any sense of urgency despite the fact that they’re facing a young, hungry and aggressive Thunder. They should give this series their everything if they “really” want to advance. Sadly, it’s just wishful thinking and to me, it seems like they are treating this series as another day at the office where if they have a bad day they could go home and return the next day. Is this the kind of attitude that will win them the title? I highly doubt that and I will be the first to say that they don’t deserve to win.

  70. LaVErdad says:

    Lakers will take game 3, game 4, game 5 and game 6….

  71. ver says:


  72. Kobe@Manila says:

    LA will NOT WIN unless there is a coach.. It’s better playing without a coach.. Ah.. Sad to say… History may repeat itself.. But still.. I BELIEVE!!! LAKERS CAN DO IT, in SIX or SEVEN..

  73. labuks says:

    In my opinion guys the okc is strong team no doubt of that but Lakers team is veteran they played many years and they win straight two season champion also okc even though thay are young they have the hunger to become champion we will just wait who will win, lakers game and okc is more interested to wacth because they are both good team either lakers or okc win its ok because that is game all about.

  74. jimmy castilleja says:

    The Lakers are done. OKC is young and will not give up. OKC in 5.

  75. Ron says:

    Oh boy! Kobe’s done! I remember when Celtics visited the Staples Center on game 4 of the NBA finals, Kobe letup, didn’t even had a lay up as far as I can recall. As a bitter consequence, an unimaginable 20+-point lead slowly vanished giving the Lakers their 3rd loss, eventually losing the Finals to the Celtics. Defense wasn’t manifested at all. Skill and experience wise, I believe he’s the best still …that is if he plays….if only he chooses to. But of course, age and the body’s wear and tear is taking a toll at him everyday he’s out there in the court. Such a great loss for basketball since we know he still has the “it.”

  76. lilpucca01 says:

    come on its not over until its over … you’ll never know what will happen next basketball is basketball sometimes the ball slips out of your hands.. we can never predict what will gonna happen next lakers still had a chance to beast okc. and okc. needs to take care of the ball

  77. Basketball is basketball and theirs no excuses. It’s the playoff and anything is possible. The Lakers could come back and still win this series. Don’t count out Kobe yet. He does want that 6 ring.

  78. lakers fan says:

    i don’t care what people say about lakers losing in 4,5,or 6. i think the lakers can beat the thubder because i believe in them. and if they lose game 3. they’re not out of it. i believe in the lakers and so do all lakers fan. down 2-0 they can still win the series, as long as the laker players don’t give up. i’m not saying they will win the series, but they certainly can if the players believe in eachother. LETS GO LAKERS

  79. phils says:

    what happen to the lakers…are you still a kid for not playing well in a game, to all of the players in LAKERS TEAM, all of you are not kid anymore, all of you are professionals…go to the playing court and play well….KOBE BRYANT, PAU GASUL, ANDREW BYNUM and REST OF THE TEAM…..what happen to you guys…

  80. brybry says:

    lakers in 6 baby!

  81. oby20 says:

    dont be so sure that thunder will win the series easily for a sweep or in 5 games, that is ridiculous, lakers showed last night they can stop the thunder, most of the game they are controlling the game, and they collapse in the last 2 min, and that is on the road. Home game is a different story, lakers are very good at home, and when they win this 2 home games thunder are in danger, boys will panic and lakers will go for the kill. if lakers lost game 3, then it will be thunder in 5, if lakers won game 3 and 4, lakers in 6 or 7.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      hilarious, the only victory LA had over OKC all season long was by playing dirty and injuring our best bench player, and it still took them double overtime, and that was with OKC stuck in the 2 seed and the Lakers fighting for their division. LA WILL NOT WIN BOTH IN LA, maybe 1 and that s only if Harden continues to struggle.

  82. bryan says:

    Lakers are not the same team they where a few years ago. i lost respect for that team last year. ps lakers fans need to face reality

  83. LAL4LIFE says:

    Have faith Laker Fans 🙂

  84. OKC 2012 champions says:

    Lol i thought it was a Laker day but then I had a powerful feeling that these last 2 minutes, they just run the house down and kill a 9 – nothing run. amazing finish.

  85. Jay says:

    The Lakers are gonna come out fierce and filled with energy for game 3 and 4 and they are gonna win both these games at the Staples Center!

  86. thor says:

    i still believe in the heart of a champion..all they need(lakers) is a better coach..

  87. Data suggests Thunder will win in 6 with 30.4% probability (most likely scenario).
    Lakers will win series with 15.3% probability…

  88. L.A says:

    L.A will shock OKC

  89. Marc says:

    As much as I wish I was wrong, the Lakers are done in 5, maybe 6, but I doubt it. It’s not so much that the Thunder are too good for them, they just need to find a better offensive attack. Gasol needs to be more consistent. Kobe’s too old, and Bynum does his thing but it’s not enough. Not to mention Sessions has seemed invisible throughout the playoffs, he really needs to get going. They should have just used the Triangle, it’s what they used a couple years ago when they won back to back, why get rid of it. I know Phil Jackson is gone, but if you have a formula for winning, your supposed to use it. Oh and Metta is terrible. LA shouldn’t have traded Ariza.

  90. W/E says:

    right now kobe is just a selfish inconsistence inefficient mediocre shooting guard who happens to be the best scorer on his team, it seems like he is really fading,its sad, the lakers do not seem like a championship team at all with their current roster and their coaching staff

  91. t0litz24 says:

    i admit i’m a die hard kobe fan and a laker fan..but kobe can’t play he used to be way back 4-5, yrs. ago his prime is over’
    ,for me it’s so disappointing..he’s old to play with younger and faster players..i’m not saying his not competitive all laker and kobe fan we are not giving up more games to’s only game 2 come on!!..

  92. Ephraim Tadesse says:

    Thunder clearly winning in 5 and just because the Lakers are good enough not to get swept (although did last year) Kobe will go off, but Durant, Westbrook and Harden are gonna blow out the Lakers again… You can’t expect a comeback after the way they ended Game 2

  93. Packer says:

    The Lakers will NEVER be done. Everyone Dreams of playing for the Lakers. Lakers still have the chance but I think we will loose in 7. GO LAL!!!

  94. fan says:

    lakers 2/15 from behind the arch in Game 2 and it was that close. Something to think about considering how much better role players can shoot the ball and get going at home (Steve Blake Nuggets game 7).

  95. jim says:

    kobe will never win another title again! he’s no michael jordan, not even a magic johnson, hes just an everyday good player, 3 of his titles belong to shaq! shaq was mvp of those finals not kobe. kobe was acting like bynum is now and so shaq left. magic brought players together as did bird, jordan, and all the other true greats, kobe not great just good.

  96. jcLA says:

    Lakers will win both in la after this game 2 loss. They figured out hot to beat OKC. Then they will go back to Oklahoma and win a close game. Finally, they will close the series in LA. LAKERS IN 6!

  97. jim says:

    lakers are done! Kobe still can’t truly share, he can’t play with bynum. bynum is immature. kobe cant play the same as before. its over, a simple reality that everyone needs to accept, sorry.

  98. Anon says:

    Gasol needs to go, bynum needs to grow up & play like a man, sessions needs to do a lot more and bench? get real and get a totally new one

  99. Manthra says:

    They lost because we do not have Luke Walton anymore! Just joking! They could have won yesterday, but The Twin Towers seem to be tired already! We traded our beloved Derek Fisher for a garbage Pick n Roll guard who cannot even score! For me, it’s better if we kept Mr. Fisher, than to sign Sessions.

    As a Lakers fan, I am still believing in a miracle. If the Lakers get the wins in Game 3 and 4, and if they win Game 5, Oklahoma will have their worst nightmare!

    Lakers in 6 or 7!

  100. SPEEDY CEVICHE says:


    • SPEEDY CEVICHE says:


  101. Reg says:

    The lakers seem finised, they are going through the motions at times on the court, the first 6 possessions of the 4th qtr was a great example, between the shot clock violations and the forced shots by world peace it was hard to watch…. When Bynum and Kobe are out of the game, Pau needs to get his butt on the block and act like he is 7 ft. After all he is at times called” The most skilled 7 footer in the game”. The Lakers are under a new coach system, new defensive system,new players at key positons and a lockout condensed season. We need to be realistic about winning a championship under those circumstances this year against the likes of the SPURS or the THUNDER.I love my Lakers but they are not having fun on the court, they are thinking to much instead of playing confident LAKER basketball, which in the past would have been able finish off a team that is down 7 with 2 minutes to go. They have chance to go home and hold serve,but not sure if they will be able to keep up….

  102. Data suggests Thunder will win in 6 with 30.4% probability (most likely scenario).
    Lakers will win series with 15.3% probability…

  103. Nonya says:

    Not one good point was made for the Lakers in the comments.

  104. mo says:

    i would like to see mike brown fired before we lose the playoffs … hes the most uneducated coach in the history of the nba id rather take chuck swirsky for a coach than him

  105. daniel.b says:

    if okc wins, its because of there bench and james harden.. for the past 3yrs or so lakers always didnt have a good bench and ramon sessions even though its his first playoff run, hes not producing NOTHING!!!!!!!. i would take fisher then sessions. game 2, who knows we maybe would of came out on top if we had fisher shooting some 3s at end of the game.

  106. mo says:

    its mike browns fault he uses a 7 man rotation for most of the game he needs to monitor bynums minutes so hes more effective but hes a bloody fool that mike brown

  107. daniel.b says:

    if lakers dont advance , i hope they do, but if they dont, i hope the spurs or thunder destroy the heat

  108. Jan says:

    if the lakers win game 3 and 4, this series is gonna get very interesting and might even go to a game 7 and the lakers might pull off the biggest comeback of their career. I believe in the lakers i really do. GO LAKERS

  109. EDC says:

    Lakers might want to try the rookie, Morris, his 3pts are ok!!

  110. EDC says:

    I am a Lakers’ fan but OKC is really shooting the ball good!!!!

  111. iceboat says:

    i still believe Lakers can win this series. common, they almost won the second game at okc
    home court.. I still have faith in kobe and metta. As along as Lakers can defend their home court then they will win this series

  112. EDC says:

    Lakers maybe should plan next season, perhaps getting Fisher and Odom back. if that’s no the case, really should get D12 and Deron Williams and get rid of Gasol and Bynum. Ebanks, Sessions should go too, maybe perhaps pick Iverson up with a mid-salary as a backup SG for KB24.

    Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Deron Williams, Metta World Peace would be a good dream team for the Lakers

  113. HaleyBird says:

    Lakers too old, to slow to keep up with the Thunder..come on! They held the Thunder to 77 pts at home so regardless of youth, speed they made the Thunder play their game! Lakers gameplan worked in Game #2, give Mike Brown credit! They didn’t lose cause they are old, they lost because they left their gameplan in the final 2 minutes, lost their focus, Kobe got sloppy…TO…forced shots and tried to take it on his shoulders…it’s on him and he’ll take it as a super star. You shoot that 3 Blake…selfish not to take a wide open shot in the dying seconds…you just missed…Kobe shouldn’t be mad that you shot it., he should be mad that he left you in the position.

  114. Ben says:

    I really hope that LAL and Miami go down in this round.

    I’m not a hater of those teams at all, I’m just really enjoying watching OKC and Indiana play. It’s the final I want to see. Plus, it would be really interesting to see two teams who haven’t won championships in a long time (OKC as Seattle a long way back, Pacers in ABA) battling it out. I can live with someone like San Antonio or Miami taking the whole thing – but I’m excited by the quirky and different direction this playoff season is taking.

    And I’ve been on the OKC bandwagon since 2009, so pleased to see the team come through with all the potential I saw.

    By the way ‘not a blind fan’. You are a blind fan. Lakers went to 7 against Denver. OKC stripped Dallas 4-0, now up 2-0 against Lakers. But forget the numbers – if you can’t see just by watching (all season) that there is a huge gulf between these two sides, and that the Lkaers have about a 1% chance of taking this series, you are a blind fan. The only shot they have is if a key OKC player goes down for the series.

  115. kleanup says:

    Lakers in 6. You all are trippin. Lakers will win the next 4in a row.

  116. David Reeves says:

    People also realize that OKC did not get much help from anybody else outside of KD35, RW0, & JH13….nobody else scored in double figures & Thabo Sefolosha who is their best wing defender had 0 steals in game 1 he had 2.
    LAL out rebounded OKC 41-36
    LAL had more steals 9-7
    but both teams were almost evenly matched on turnovers & OKC had only 4 more ast than LAL did…..& yes LAL needs to shoot betetr from 3pt land as they were 2/15 but OKC didn’t shoot good from long ranger either as they were 6/17….so you see it’s not like OKC dominated them here in Game 2….the Lakers controlled the tempo all game and kept it close it’s just they made those two costly mistakes at the end….LAL had this won & with just a few more seconds taken off the clock OKC would’ve been in the foul situation to extend the game but sadly they gave the ball away and OKC was able to regain the lead off of them

  117. David Reeves says:

    Everybody calm down and don’t by in to what the negative people on here are saying…..would you rather have had the Lakers lose the way they did in game 1….or better yet game 5 and game 6 of the Denver Nuggets series? I was very pleased with the Lakers effort tonight and I wish they would’ve played like this all postseason….i’m not mad but I want to be but I truly feel like L.A. just made some silly mistakes down the stretch it’s way too early for Christmas and L.A. gift wrapped this 1 to OKC…..Just check the stats on OKC’s big 3 K. Durant 22pts on 9/15 shooting & 1/4 from 3pt land, R. Westbrook 15pts on 9/17 shooting & 1/3 from 3pt land & J. Harden 13pts on 3/8 shooting & 1/3 from 3pt land…..The Lakers did their job on Defense and kept it close all game so their strategy ccoming into game 2 was good they just need to build on it and cut down on their turnovers ….and trust me I always give props when props are due such as I did in game to the OKC Thunder….so i’m not a biased fan…but LAL gave this game away…they’ve showed they can at least compete with OKC & stay close with them in a game something most people thought couldn’t happen after game 1…..going home they just need to build on their game plan they had tonight, get some home cooking for games 3 and 4….keep forcing OKC into turnovers and containing the BIG 3 & they’ll be fine but LAL cannot make those silly mistakes again.

  118. RON says:

    Okc in 4 !! WILL BEAT SPURS ON 7 and beat celtics in finals 4-2 !,,,

  119. typinggame says:

    People talk about Laker’s aging problem, but I think the bigger problem is their team chemistry. Bynum is trying to become the next team icon, but with Kobe being there, that’s not possible. Kobe in his “LA is my land, and Laker’s is my team” mentality won’t let his alpha male presence fades away.
    Gasol disappeared in the playoffs last year, to my surprise. This year is even tougher on him. He struggled in the first series and the person guarding him was not Serg Ibaka.

  120. LAL says:

    OKC did well to hang in there. Lakers Defense with MWP leading the way was excellent yesterday! If they continue to maintain the defensive intensity like last night, expect the Lakers to pull off an amazing comeback and win in 7 games.

  121. los lakers09 says:

    lakers will win games 3 and 4 i belive i belive im a die hard lakers fan trust me some how some way the lakers will fine a way to advance to the next round i belive i belive lakers all the way!!

  122. Flowing says:

    LAL has a chance, just because they lost game 2 doesnt mean their done, lakers have a good chance of wining cuz they slowed down OKC with good defence in game two and it they carry that defence over to home court they will beat OKC not by much but still win. I think lakers will win in either game 5 or 6. LAKERS ARE NOT DONE.

  123. Thane says:

    How can you guys say Kobe is washed up? He’s still one of the leading scorers in the league and he’s 33 years old. I mean that doesn’t sound like a washed up player to me. The only thing the Lakers need to do is slow the game down like they did Game 2 and they can win any game. Take more control of the ball and don’t have stupid possessions late in the game.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      he also shoots down near 40 % and had to take 4 more shots PER GAME than durant to score the same points. Thas 264 more shots, not too efficient

  124. James says:


  125. Mike says:

    Laker fans probably have the hightest hope of all the fan. Remember that OKC play extremely well on the road and last night Durant only take 15 shots (made 10). Westbrook seem to get mad last night and everytime he get mad, he’s out of control and shoot nothing but air….I’m glad Harden is more involve now at crunch time.

  126. Mike says:

    OKC’s show has ended.
    Lakers will beat them in 6.

  127. Ali says:

    I saw parts of game 1 and i didn’t see game 2, what i see from these Lakers is that they don’t want to play. Watch LAL 2 years ago vs the Celtics u feel a different energy n different attitude.
    KB seems tired dats why he turns the ball over, the Key to winning this series was closing DENVER out from game 5, to get some rest to be able to face the thunder.
    I’m a Lakers fan, and i want em’ to win, but it doesn’t look like they will 😦
    i say in 5 or 6 games they will not be able to take it to game 7 n if they do they will lose badly.

  128. Jo1 says:

    hmm… Not saying a word, just gonna sit here and watch (Words from a devoted CELTIC!)

  129. bball says:

    Firstly, Heat without Boss is no opponent for Spurs, Spurs can make life difficult for at least one the Duo, and they do execute great offensively even against tough defenses, cause they know how to adapt.
    Secondly yes, Lakers lost the game because they dont rely on the most reliable weapons they have, the two big men. Run some plays for them please and let them dominate in both ends of the floor. This loss is mostly on Kobe and i doubt he would blame it on his teammates. Cobe needs to do what he does but also take a breather once in a while and generaly let himself get couched, let the couch do the best he can and even if it fails they still give their best shot.
    This loss can be attributed to playing vs a better team that can beat u in the fourth quarter or tireness and mental fatigue. I think its more of the second. Lakers need to relax a bit and calm down ( the problem with lakers is they cant seem to be able to do that) and play a clever game for a change, focusing on their strenghs.

  130. LAL 4 Life says:

    We can win this (LAL) the way we played in Game 2 with Bynum playing like he did WE CAN!
    Two home games in a row and we could tie the series at 2-2

  131. Darren Donovan says:

    I’m a Boston fan, and am really enjoying what they’re doing now. Both Boston and LA are “old”, BUT the camaraderie and chemistry is MUCH better with the Cs. Someone above mentioned how Kobe embraced Blake after the big 3 pointer in Denver, but was nowhere near Blake after the miss last night. That would NEVER happen with the Celtics, whether RR, PP, RA, KG or whoever misses a crucial shot, you’ll see support from their stars, a tap on the head, some act of encouragement, not abandoning their team mate like Kobe did. I’m a big Kobe fan, not a Lakers fan, and that’s what I see.

  132. Thunder Up says:

    People keep sayin OKC got lucky…how do u get lucky against the lakers? Kobe is sooo competitive u think he would just relax in the 4th? and sayin the lakers are gonna win this series is plain stupid no way in hell they can beat OKC in 4 games including a back to back cause if it goes to game 7 they cant beat us at home after what they had to go through last series wit Denver

  133. OKCRef says:

    If Lakers play the game with 5 against 7 or 8 like they did in game 2, They will go fishing on Sunday. KD offensive foul did not call and Westbrook hit a 3 point. James Harden pushed Kobe way and got 2 FT instead he got 4 fouls and would sit on the bench. KD fouled MWP and Lakers was called lane violation.

    • Teddy says:

      If we’re talking about fouls, lets not forget about metta pushing collison into harden right? Or that ridiculous call caused by the instigator gasol on harden resulting in a double technical. Seriously? Before you blame the refs on their short comings, you should be blaming kobe for his selfishness and his last 2 minutes of play. FYI, that apparent Durant “foul” on blake, can we say flopper. Face it, game one, L.A. got blown out. Game two, L.A. blows it. Lesson learned, at least L.A. is consistent. OKC in 5.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      fouls and free throws were called even although there were bad calls both ways, next excuse?

  134. Teddy says:

    We all know kobe doesn’t have any faith in his team. When blake chucked up that brick, from the post interview, he even said and I quote, “I don’t know what metta saw. I just saw the ball in the air and from there, I just wanted to get in good position for the rebound.” Obviously you could tell Kobe was pissed. Can’t fault blake for taking the shot either, but just because you hit a crucial 3 in the denver series doesn’t make you a clutch player. Game on the line, I’d want it in my best players hand. Realistically, OKC in 5.

  135. ledzepage says:

    when will the laker fans realize they need to revamp this team. Its impossible for this team to win another ring this year. I mean with Mike Brown as a Coach, Kobe taking +20 shots (for some laker fans its okay for Kobe to take +30 shots), Bynum and Gasol will play a good game for every 3 bad games, sessions d isnt very good, and to sum it up the lakers bench is just terrible!

  136. jauko says:

    Watched Blake in Portland for 4 years and he can’t even make a free throw in the last two minutes of a game much less be counted on to make a clutch 3 pointer for the win. Anyone who would go to Blake for the last shot is living in la la land. Lakers are making too many bad decisions to win, especially when their two bigs have already tuned out. Go fishin’ lakers. lol

  137. KPS says:

    The Lakers showed last night that they are capable of beating OKC. If it werent for the terrible last two minutes of play, the series would be tied 1-1. OKC can’t rely on jump shots to win this series. When it doesn’t fall, they go from a 100+ pt game to barely getting up past 70 pts a game. This series could potentially be a 7 gamer. Either way, I don’t think anyone can beat the Spurs the way they are playing…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      KPS learn some stats, that ws tied for the lowest scoring game of the thunder the entire year, your statement is just not correct, OKC was only the # 2 scoring team in the league. once in a very great while all 3 of the big 3 dont put up huge numbers, yet they still manage to win, if i were the Lakers i’d be scared that they just got beat when they did almost everything right and OKC played bad and still won. Blowout in LA tonight 3-0 Thunder!

  138. jauko says:

    Watched Blake in Portland for 4 years and anyone who would ever imagine he could win a game with a clutch 3 pointer has to be living in la la land. He couldn’t even make free throws in the last 2 minutes of a game much less a jumper. Lakers aren’t making enough good decisions to win, especially when Gasol is so soft and Bynam doesn’t care. OKC in 5. Go fishing, Lakers.

  139. Istillbelieve says:

    what all you people need to understand is yes, lakers are old, yes thunder are young….but the lakers do have the experience needed to survive being down 2 – 0 even against a young fast okc team, as you all saw last night IN OKLAHOMA the lakers controlled most of the game and just choked at the end which is typical. I believe they can go home, and take both games in dominating fashion. Lakers are a great team at home, one of the best in all of NBA all year. Lakers in 7!!!

  140. lakers4life says:

    lakers played good last night.. they just have to stay with the game plan of playing it big/inside and it will be tough for okc to win again.. slow pace game/ slow scoring type of game equals lakers better chance of winning a game and even this series.. im a laker fan and i think this will go 7 games.. westbrook is the man for okc.. if he scores 25+ they’ll win if its 15 below they’re doomed..

  141. lakers take it in 7 says:

    Not just a blind LAL fan. last night they reverted to the triangle a few times and it worked they also changed their rotations on D. I dont understand why losing a game 2 is the end so far OKC has only held serve if the 1 -2 game difference holds even half its value LAL wins. OKC can go on a hot streak with its outside shooting but odds are against it.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      the odds are not against it, that is why OKC is the 2 seed and finished with a much better record than LAL because they are more consistent and better scorers. Watch out, Harden hasen’t even gone off yet.

      • Tristen Rendler says:

        Ever heard live by the jumper die by the jumper? Odds are completely against it. Thats why (Hoping Lakers Push 6) Thunder will lose against San Antonio.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        obviously we have been living and living well on the jumper, 2 of the top 5 scorers in the NBA my friend

  142. tinthoy says:

    ur right danito…okc was lucky…lakers in sex

  143. Ric Bessette says:

    I was very surprised that OKC Thunder swept Dallas “World Champs” first, and now I’m afraid it’s looking like the L.A.Lakers
    get it next. Youth was winning last year and now add team unity, desire and some maturity with team speed. O.U.C.H.

  144. Jay says:

    Kobe Bryant has got to learn that there is no “I” in team, it’s all about Kobe, if his head gets any bigger it;s gonna explode. The Lakers are finished and should have been finished in round 1, they are not a team, they are Kobe. Kobe should retire and become a coach.

  145. tanginaniyo says:

    Mga gago pala kayo eh! Kaya natatalo ang Lakers ay dahil wala na sa kanila si Luke Walton. Mga bobong supot! Sana mamatay na sa Kevin Durant! Puking ina nyo!

    • Knicks fan says:

      stfu, brown monkey!

      • Snfern805 says:

        thats just bynum…Gasol can average 17 points per game and 10 rebounds. I am not mad at that Balke shot…he was wide open and Artest saw him and that was for me a great play. Just like Kobe sometimes forces shots i get mad at but understand because noone wants to take that responsibility to miss that shot. I respect Blake for having the Ba.lls to shoot that ball wide open… he didnt force it and i can live with that.

  146. JJK says:

    Four out of the six playoff games OKC won by coming back from a deficit in the fourth quarter. That says something. Everyone says that yesterday’s game Lakers gave up when there was 2 min left in the fourth quarter, I don’t believe that, Lakers could not take the pressure (both offensively and defensively) Thunder brought in the last two minutes. Everybody is trying to find scapegoat. Thunder in 4 games and will meet Spurs and that series will be better than the NBA finals.

    • Sbfern805 says:

      really? Lakers couldnt take the pressure? NBA champions couldnt take the pressure? been there done that couldnt take the pressure? how about careless plays by them cost them the loss? You know…Kobe will laugh last and so will the Lakers…Thunder better take advantage this year cuz Lakers’ new squad will be unstopable.

  147. Francisco says:

    I am being sensored, kobe 0 of 7 since 2007 in the last 10 minutes in playoffs,down 2 or for the win, choking when it matters

  148. 1Mjordan says:

    #1Kobe is not Mike…..he doesnt know how to run a team without a coach #2why the hell would LA pic that coach lol U know they gone lose with thay guy…Kobe is use to being in control he is not his team is babies thoat is where the league is going wrong

  149. bbline says:

    kobe is awesome but the team is not supporting him

    • 16going417 says:

      WHAT??? Did you not see the game? Kobe choked. Plain and simple. BTW, Bynum scored just as many points in games 1 and 2 against OKC as Kobe. Oh… and he did it taking fewer shots by the way.

      Game 1
      Bynum 7 of 12 for 20 points
      Kobe 7 of 18 for 20 points

      Game 2
      Bynum 8 of 19 for 20 points
      Kobe 9 of 25 for 20 points

      Not to mention MWP defense on Durant. So, I think Kobe is getting some support, but they did not go to Bynum during the last 2 minuets. Giving it to Kobe during crunch time does not work anymore. The game plan has to be implemented for 48 minuets, not 46.

      Now I can see no support from the role players. None of them are doing anything. Sessions (a starter) has 2 points in each of game 1 and 2 (not good enough). Barnes scores 8 points in game 1, but zero in game 2. Blake is on fire in game 7 against Denver, but has zero in game 1 and only 5 in game 2 and he misses the game winner. Lakers can win, but everyone needs to step it up to include Kobe.

  150. Brandon says:

    OKC in 5. They have a ton of weapons and have been phenomenal in the clutch this postseason, If you slow down any one player on OKC, another 2 or 3 step up and dominate (offensively and defensively). This, and the Lakers just don’t have the mental toughness it takes to come back in a series without Phil Jackson. They don’t look mentally or emotionally focused, and neither does Mike Brown. They look defeated after just 2 games

  151. Boy says:

    I wonder why there is no article how Kobe choked big time last night?? Some stupid are saying that he should be the MVP. Hell No!! Lol

    • NO LOVE says:

      There are articles out there. I’ve read 3 or 4 already. And I still think OKC dodged a bullit regardless. If Kobe got the last shot, it was dropping.

  152. DANITo says:

    okc just got lucky again, same thing happened with dallas the first 2 games. iam so mad at kobe and the lakers for running it at the last minute , they were playing great. i hate that okc team , the spurs gona destroy them anyways , they going nowhere. u cant get lucky all the time

    • Respctable dude says:

      Luck has nothing to do with it watch the game pls

    • OKCKD35 says:

      awwww hating cuz his poor lakers cant compete, first off why dont you run some stats and see who the most clutch player was in the NBA this year. you wil find out its Kevin Durant “The Gift” what he did to the lakers last night is nothing new, he did it in game one against the Mavs. what you are seeing is a team grown up from last year that knows how to close a game down the stretch.

      • Tristen Rendler says:

        I am a Laker fan. Thunder will win in six. KD is amazing and still getting clutch genes. I’ll give you that. But the Thunder are going to lose against the Spurs who are on a mission. Lakers done.

  153. billy says:

    Also, even though Kobe is getting old, he still does not want to play team basketball. He should fade in the background and own fourth quarters, like a better version of Paul Pierce right now.

  154. billy says:

    kobe is done. He’s old and the Lakers just don’t have the firepower right now. They are not a bad team, they just cannot beat OKC.

  155. Joshua says:

    OKC bases there offense off Jumpshots, as you saw last night Jump shots dont always Fall!! We have Kobe’s Legendary Post Game, Pau & Bynum’s down low post game, Sessions Being the Floor General, and Ron Artest Put On his prolific Defense!!!!!So what we done slipped in the Fourth!! IT HAPPENS; Nobody is perfect! We Are A CHAMPIONSH CALIBUR TEAM! OKC and the Heat play exactly the sam, same matality!. thats why they never win the in the long Run ! WATCHH!!

    • Matt says:

      Yoiu have a point on there offensive stategies, being a perimeter scoring team.. But winning championships is all about Defense.

  156. Joshua says:

    Yall Crazy, Kobe brought scored 18 points in 6 minutes in they lost to the nuggets! KOBE BRYANT and the Lakers are the wrong people to be underestimating!. When they they two staright games at home,OKC gone now Wussup! 4-2 Lakers take The Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. Laker4Life says:

    LAKERS IN 7. We still believe!

  158. drew says:

    I still think the Lakers have a chance. As tired as the Lakers are, the Thunder will eventually feel the Laker grind.

    Yeah, they should have threw inside to higher percentage shot at the end. Take care of the ball and make higher percentage shots, so your big men have a chance to get back.

    Lakers in 7.

  159. prix says:

    @David Buck
    that’s funny you lakers keep bragging about 16 titles the best every year this and that
    you are not even best in record book. Celtics got 17
    and they have more chance of getting 18 than u are getting 17 this year
    heck you are not even the best team in last 10-15 years. the spurs are so shut up lakers
    time for a sweep

    • Sbfern805 says:

      OK reminder PRIX!!!! OR PR…CK!! ’00,’01,’02 Champions; ’04 and ’08 FINALS; ’09 and ’10 Champions. In the last 12 years Lakers went to the finals 7 times!!! And why are we the BEST? 31 Finals Appearances. Boston 20 Finals appearances, 17 Titles. San Antonio 4 Final appearances, 4 titles. Numbers do not lie…LAL owns the NBA!!!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        LA USED to own the NBA, its funny fans talking about things that are so far in the past. LA also has the highest player salaries in the NBa every year, when you spend the most money on your roster most of the time you end up with the best team, its not rocket science its hollywood.

      • Snfern805 says:

        And this is LA’s fault? oh its now a problem spending too much? and talking about two years ago is not really “too far” in the past. And that was my point…You guys have nothing and we have everything…conclusion = WE ARE BETTER!!! have a nice day

    • KPS says:

      The Lakes have been the most dominant team looking back at the last 10-15 years… thats a fact. Since inception of the NBA… that’s debatable. I’d included the Celtics and the Bulls up there for sure but in the last 10-15… there’s no question at all….

    • Michael says:

      to prix the spurs r the 2nd best in the last 10-15 years they have 4 titles no back to backs, the Lakers have 5 titles a three peat and a back to back

  160. Jazz4Life says:

    This is why i hate the NBA sometimes. No one is giving OKC credit for the win, instead, everyone is saying that the Lakers let one slip. Why can’t you all admit that the Lakers aren’t the same team anymore and aren’t going anywhere?

    All day, the refs missed calls against the Lakers, OKC and the Lakers both shot the same amount of FT, which isn’t normal for OKC who averages like 30 free-throws, not 16 attempts. So, the refs want the Lakers to win, but they won’t, they’re washed up and are done.

    OKC in 4, or worst case, 5 if the Lakers manage to win one at home.

    And give this team credit, no one will give the Thunder or the Spurs or Indiana credit, everyone is still hopping the Celtics, Miami, and Lakers bandwagon.

  161. lakermig says:

    OKC in 5, maybe if we bring it 6 and i’ve said this from the first day of the playoffs, cause i knew OKC and the lakers would meet up and that would be the end of the road for us which, will now lead to a team overhauling,I believe. Had we gotten the spurs we mights have had a shot given they are an older team but in all honesty its kinda a blessing in disguise. The lakers need to be a bit overhauled everyone thought after last years sweep they’d come back hungry and i know that we had a lot of changes but the bottom line is we have to get rid of either bynum or gasol and buy a big name and some proper role players.Take a bit of a note from the spurs.The days of give the ball to Kobe, he’ll sort it out are unfortunately over.

    • Sbfern805 says:

      ok i thought Lakers had it last night…i was going to log into NBA.COM and comment of where the Okies are. Well Artest made the right play at the end of the game and i can live with that even though they lost. Now as a Lakers fan, what i hate the most about Pau Gasol is that he is perhaps one of the most talented Forwards in the league and him not showing this gets on my nerves. i dont blame Blake because he took an open shot and he is just an average player and tried to do the best he could. About changes next year, its difficult because Pau is valuable and Lakers cannot afford a downgrade…Bynum is legit but needs to be hungry…demand the ball!!!! well that being said Deron Williams should come to the Lakers and we get rid of blake and Pau and get LO back again to have the length back by giving up Gasol.

  162. jay says:

    if lakers can play like they played yesterday with the same energy, i do still believe they can get out out these series even they down 0-2, let me break it down a lil; if they win those 2 games to come , which means they protect their home court , the pressure is no more on them but on okc . so as that being said , the key of the series for both teams is gonna be game 5, can okc city lock it down under controle at home with all this pressure on ? in game 5 of a best of seven series against the lakers ? when we all know that the lakers are way far much experienced team than okc? cmmon guyz , with no disrespect i thank u got it wrong , it s too early to give it to okc, take note those too games determine whether or not lakers have a chance

    • OKCKD35 says:

      so you are saying the pressure is on OKC, first off you have to win both games at home where OKC has already beaten LA and LA needed a double overtime and an intientional elbow to win the other one, even if they did win both in LA the pressure would still be on LA as OKC has home court. The pressure is on LA and they will not hold up to it! just like the mavs fans who said the same thing after the 1st two games of round 1

    • Matt says:

      I think you have it wrong, besides KB, Gasol and Bynum oh and World Peace, no other laker players have more experience than KD, Harden or Westbrook not to mention Perk and Fish

  163. Lakers fan says:

    Look I am a lakers fan but before the playoffs started I had the OKC vs Heat in the finals. It would be Durant, Harden, Westbrook vs LeBron, Bosh and Wade.

    Guess what Spurs are under the radar and might end up being in the Finals and the way they move the ball, they will give Heat some serious trouble. Spurs already beat Clippers in game one.

    I want to see Ebanks & Hill combo just like the regular season.

  164. Edward Ferre Reynolds says:

    OKC will in 5 or 6. And I hope Kobe doesn’t blame it on his team mates again!
    Kobe’s never accepted responsibility, no admission of guilt or mea culpas after the obvious. This is disappointing. He is taking his stubbornness, selfishness and constant blaming on his team mates too far. He’ll be retired in 2-3 years and in his 17 years career he never learned to be humble…that’s too bad..

  165. Burbuja says:


    I can’t believe you can blame yesterday’s loss to Pau and Bynum. Kobe made two turnovers and then missed two jumpshots and the guys that scored OKC baskets were not Ibaka and Perkins precisely but wing players.

    Tired of people shifting the blame to Drew and Pau. How can anyone compare KB to Michael Jordan is something that blows my mind.

    • 16going417 says:

      THANK YOU Burbuja. Glad someone was watching the same game I was. Kobe blew it yesterday and it should be pointed out just like it is pointed out when the other players perform poorly and make mistakes.

      However, I disagree with your MJ comment. Based on past performance Kobe is the closest comparison to MJ in the game today. Besides I don’t ever remember MJ scoring 81 in a game. They are different, but I believe Kobe is more than comparable.

  166. LAKERS FOREVER says:

    lakers in game 7. i still believe in lakers.

  167. paul says:

    lakers will bounce back 100%

  168. the truth says:

    Celtics vs Lakers in 2012 finals

  169. Pedro says:

    Lakers are tired. Period. And they’ve been stumbling all season long.
    Today, OKC is a better team hands down.
    But as a Laker fan I still believe in a miracle.

  170. Sam says:

    This is almost like divine punishment, loving every second of their futile attempts to win games. Your time is almost up Kobe.

  171. KB24 says:

    C’mon! I hate all of you! It’s so annoying to see how people can be jealous of a long history of triumphs which can still be ON. I still believe! I’m a Lakers fan, I’m realizing my team are getting old, but a true champion’s heart never stops beating! Stop saying nonsense about Kobe not being the old Kobe anymore! It’s so obvious, time flows for everyone, but NO ONE has the right to count him out so easily, so you should pay some RESPECT to one of the greatest player and franchise, THEY DESERVE IT! Go Lakers, do the best you can ❤

    • BFoulds says:

      Washed up

    • OKCKD35 says:

      he got his respect when he was winning games and titles, why should he command respect when he choked and cost his team probably the biggest game of the year?

    • rob says:

      It is extremely sad to see a team lose because of effort. I cannot think of another team in the NBA that tries less to win. In my opinion, the Lakers still have the most talent on 1 squad… but no discipline… and no heart. Kobe lead’s like a dictator, and not like a president. Pau needs to watch tape of their last championship series and ask why he is settling for jumpers and sky hooks. Bynum… doing his job. Blake… despite his angry look and competitiveness, he is just unable to guard anyone of importance. Worldpeace… i have no confidence in any shot that follows after he dribbles. Sessions – we crowned this kid too early. We traded a playoff lion for a regular season track star. Sadly, if Lakers cannot pull off an upset, he will have to settle for 5 rings.

      Lakers in 7.

  172. TTKIN says:

    I dont get it. I simply dont get it. Does anyone else? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE LAKERS THIS YEAR?!?! WHY DO THEY NEVER WANT TO PLAY?!?! Kobe is going to kill someone if the Lakers get swept again. Kobe may have been off his game last night, but at least he WANTED to be there helping. Bynum showed up last night, but where the hell has he been?!?! And Sessions?!?! That was supposed to be a huge pickup and he has pulled a Derek Fisher statistically. Problem is, Fish at least had clutch shots!!!!!!!

    • SImon says:

      I am a Laker fan since 84 out the womb….don’t sit there and blame everyone but Kobe. He gave the game away last night. He needs to be more of a leader instead of a dictator. He doesn’t have the right to be arrogant when he shoots 29% or whatever.

    • Jason says:

      But remember, Fisher was traded to the Rockets for Jordan Hill. Sessions was on the Cavaliers’ roster at the time of that trade.

  173. KB24 says:

    if the thunder win game 3 then it’s gonna be a sweep in their favor of course. however if they lose, i think the lakers will gain a lot of confidence and take the thunder to 7. they already showed they can win at okc, even though they basically threw away the game yesterday. this game 3 is the ultimate decider though.

  174. LakerFan says:

    for me if the lakers dont win the games at home in a convincing lead. then the lakers are done. shaun powell is right, bynum doesnt want to play, pau is not being pau, kobe is not being kobe. if those 3 dont deliver in the coming games, expect a sweep… its hard for me to see my team go home early. if they lose in the west semis,i expect a major overhaul on the roster in the offseason. but if the lakers find their groove once again, then we have a series… improbable but not impossible! lets go lakers!!!

  175. BFoulds says:

    Kobe will have a big game at home, but that’s about it. Thunder in 5. Thunder will move on to face the Spurs but will get out witted/experienced/played by the Spurs in 6.

  176. 16going417 says:

    What the Lakers do not understand; what Coach Brown is not preaching and what Kobe will never admit is that Bynum is now the face of the franchise. When he is dominating they get the job done and win games.

    As stated by Mr. Aschburner above, Kobe is not Kobe anymore. Is it not amazing how Kobe is these days? Blake makes a 3 at a critical time in the Denver series and Kobe meets him at mid court with an embrace. Where was Kobe last night when Blake missed the game winning 3? Do we only support our teammates when they are a hero?

    Also, Last nights loss can be directly attributed to Kobe. With less than 2 minuets to go and a 7 point lead Kobe turns the ball over twice and instead of going down low to Bynum when they have possession, he dribbles around frantically and jacks up bricks.

    Sure wish Bynum and Gasol would openly chastise Kobe for chocking in the last 2 minuets and costing the Lakers the game, but he is too special to be criticized.

    I’m a Lakers fan and say realistically Thunder in 5, but I hope the Lakers get swept to teach them a lesson about how to play with a sense of urgency and the desire to be a champion.

    • Matt says:

      So true, well said (y)

    • Chandler says:

      Fourty-six minutes of great basketball and exposing the Thunder’s weekness. Then 2 sloppy turnovers by our star player. Yeah, we love him. But he just made 2 bone headed moves that could have possibly cost them the season. Plus, Blake didn’t need a 3. He could have done a pump fake, taken a few dribbles in, and shot a 15 foot jumper at a much higher percentage. Last night was a NEEDED win. OKC is 9-0 being up 2-0 in a series. Realisticly, I don’t see them coming back. Its tough. But if they are to, these games are a MUST win for Lakers. I’m praying that they will hopefully come out. I’d love to see the Spurs vs. Lakers battle it out for the last fight of the 2 most dominating teams of the decade, or possibly even a hallway series between the Lakers and Clippers. Lakers are old, but I’ll be darned, they’re more entertaining to watch than the Spurs.

    • K-IN-G says:

      The Lakers need to learn: Kobe isn’t your hero anymore!! Sad to say, but they need to release him and save some salary and hopefully get a younger guard trough the draft. Thundre in 4, that’s right, its gonna be a SWEEP

      • Tristen Rendler says:

        Lakers will go in 6, and Kobe has earned the right to let Kobe retire as a laker.

    • JMan says:

      Good comment. Kobe has done some magical things in the last few years but his game has just become pump fakes, fallaways and contested threes. He has become too predictable and defenses have him worked out! If he cannot adjust I see the Lakers suffering the same fate as last year…swept

  177. whenwewere25 says:

    lakers , 7.

  178. whenwewere25 says:

    Lakers 7.

  179. Hovik says:


  180. Kalib says:

    Thunder in 4 hands down… In order to beat OKC Lakers would have to stop someone… They cant, they wont, they are not a defensive team… You cant beat OKC with weak defense and Bynum hasnt been a presence in the paint at all! They just want to hand Kobe the ball and shoot… wont work this time…

    • Kobe#24 says:

      First off the Lakers obviously do have good defense look at the score last night, the Lakers let that game get away us lakers will win the next 2 games at home. and probably take it to game 7 and make it an interesting finish

      • Michael says:

        I’m with u Kobe#24 they will find a way to get it to a game 7, and if they do, who knows anything can happen in a Game 7

  181. what i like about the thunder is in the 6 games they played 4 of them they habe had to come back and win in the 4th,

  182. OKC 2012 CHAMPS says:


  183. LaL says:

    the lakers really BLEW it last night… that game was a bit more of a laker loss than an OKC win. They had control w/ 2 minutes left then 2 boneheaded turnovers, zero stops and zero baskets…

    That game could go down in Laker history as one of the worst playoff losses, just think had they managed to get either one stop or score one basket in the final 2 minutes they’d have home court advantage right now! Disappointing for sure but it just goes to show we need to BLOW. IT. UP.

    Pau & Bynum simply don’t have the edge. You can’t win a championship if your 2nd and 3rd best players don’t have that edge.

    • Michael says:

      LaL we don’t need to blow up the team, it takes to long to rebuild, Kobe can’t wait around through a rebuild. we just need a better bench. Need to keep the twin towers, u never get rid of size when u have it

  184. Matt says:

    The lakers will take it all the way down to a game seven in OKC, i am i laker fan, but i don’t know what will happen. All i know is that they won’t go down without a fight, they’ll take it to game seven, and with any luck or the sheer will power of Kobe and Co. will bear down on the Thunder. I still believe.

  185. Kevv says:

    OKC will take it in game 5 or 6 for sure. But just to respond to Samuel71’s outrageous comment about Thunders being able to beat a more powerful lakers years ago?? You must be out of your mind.

    This Thunders wouldn’t even be able to win 2 games against Kobe’s Lakers during his prime. At least not yet. Believe that.

    • ledzepage says:

      technically the did beat the lakers twice when they were on the verge of a championship.

    • KDEISEL says:

      it actually isnt all that outrageous. for how young and inexperienced they were, the fact that the thunder put that much of a scare into the eventual champions that year, (taking the series to what, 6 games?) it proved that the thunder weren’t too far from being able to beat them. which is what they are currently doing. i’d say your comment regarding OKC’s inability to wim two games in kobe’s prime is ridiculously idiotic because OKC did win two games against the championship lakers team two years ago. check ur stats before u get on ur knees for kobe.

    • shhh says:

      well, i don’t think this thunder team will beat the lakers of 2000-02 with shaq-kobe, but i think they will be able to beat the lakers of 09 and 10.

    • Dan says:

      Thats like saying shaq and kobe wouldn’t beat jordan and pippen…..

  186. LAL says:

    I agree that if they(LAL) don’t win game 3- OKC in 4. But yea i wouldn’t count them out, cmmon this team has KOBE BRYANT and i don’t care that he is not the same old kobe anymore, He can still win ballgames. And hopefully twin towers finally step up.

    • JMan says:

      Kobe is a predictable old man, that is why Sefalosha is shutting his a$$ down. He will continue to shoot threes and fall away J’s and the Lakers will get swept just like last year.

      I love the lakers but we are gooooone!!!

      • NO LOVE says:

        How can you have love for the Lakers with that attitude? We almost had OKC last game with old man Kobe and it took as bad a 2 min stretch as they can play to end up losing that game. The Lakers are in this, granted they’ll have to win both home games, but they’re ALIVE. Oh and believe this, Kobe will set up his team more and when Harden guards him he’ll go to work. Harden cannot guard Kobe.

  187. rcpacquiao says:

    yeah baby. the lakers winning and the celtics winning. and the lakers fans were calling the celtics old and washed out at the beginning of the year. Well, who looks older and washed out now? The difference with the young guy from the celtics (rondo) is a genius, with a very high basketball IQ while the lakers’ young man (Bynum) is just plain stupid.

  188. laurent says:

    how do you sop Harden?…how do you stop a slasher?…YOU TAKE CHARGES!!!!…but pau gutless gasoft won’t!!…that’s why you the lakers are loosing.

  189. Mike says:

    So much for Charles Barkley who predicted OKC will fall to Dallas and Laker

  190. Tudor says:

    if lakers dont win game 3, okc in 4. Lakers are on a slippery slope but i wouldn’t count them out yet

  191. prix says:

    NBA is never been better. So Glad lakers are losing. it’s about time the annoying Lakers shut up.

  192. Samuel71 says:

    Thunder in four. This Thunder could have beaten a more powerful lakers team years ago even Kobe was capable to carry your team by himself. Now Kobe is not the same and he needs more support from you team. One day Bynum or Gasol are heros another day they are the bad guys; one day Blake and Sessions are reliable players another day they aren’t. How can lakers survive with such a variable players perfomance and with Kobe in a downhill road?

    • shhh says:

      i like the thunder, but i don’t think this thunder team could beat the lakers with shaq-kobe-horry that won 3 titles.

      • Samuel71 says:

        YEEEEESSSS!!!!! I forgot shaq on lakers. There’s no defense against the shaq in this OKC!

    • Jason says:

      Not so fast 71. OKC will have to get past the Spurs.

      • peter says:

        And then whoever wins the east…

      • Samuel71 says:

        Yes you got reason, but i’m only talking about OKC-Lakers series. I’m Spurs fan and I hope to see my team winning the last game of the 2011-2012 season.

  193. Adrixe says:

    I think the lakers are done. OKS is just too fast, young and they can’t stop them from getting to the rim. it’s a tough matchup with them. if they got the spurs instead, they might have a better chance.

    • meangene says:

      I agree it is over but would you say that OKC is winning only because they are a younger team? I have read many different blogs & watch alot of talk on this, the best was with Chuck & crew a few nights ago so why the change in attitude now?

      • QuestionMark says:

        OKC isn’t only winning because they are a younger team, their winning because Lakers can’t keep up with the team, Durant is too tall and long for Artest to stop, even though he didn’t score alot last game he still shot well, Westbrook is too fast for Sessions and Blake to keep up with, Sefolosha can defend Kobe really well like he showed last game, Harden is the sixth man, enough said and Ibaka is the top shot blocker in the league and had like 7 blocks in game 2. The big 3 for OKC can go off at anytime, while on the other side, only Kobe can go off at anytime. OKC beats Lakers in everything except size, Lakers have size, but I think OKC’s quickness can cancel out the Laker’s size, and that was shown in game 1 and 2, Westbrook scored in the paint before Gasol or Bynum could do anything and same with Harden. This is why OKC is winning and will keep winning, KD is the best scorer in the league, Westbrook is one of the best stealers in the league, Harden is the sixth man, Ibaka is the best shot blocker in the league, Sefolosha is one of the best defenders in the league, Cook is one of the best 3pt shooters in the league and Collison is one of the best at drawing charges, all of these contribute to wins.

    • Domainsnext says:

      Domainsnext says:
      May 17, 2012 at 3:43 pm
      Not so fast my friend. The Lakers showed in game 2 that they can beat the Thunder handily. Most Lakers fans guarantee we will win the next two games in LA. Game 2 showed that the Thunder are not as fast and talented as everyone else may think. Look at the score. The Lakers did exactly what they were supposed to do to win the game; the Thunder were just fortunate to change the outcome, not by talent, but by luck.


      • Celticfan says:

        So if Thunder wins it’s luck, and Lakers lose what is it, bad luck?? A win is a win & a loss is a loss and the team that executes better will win the game, it has nothing to do with luck.

      • Frank says:

        I find it unbelievable how delusional Lakers’ fans are. LUCK! There is no such thing in this universe known as luck. If you want to define luck then luck is the residue of design. OKC adjusted their defensde in the last 2-3 minutes and it paid off for them. It’s that simple.

      • DM8488 says:

        another bindly following fan.

      • Greg says:

        i disagree. even as a huge laker fan. maybe it was luck that the lakers lost, or maybe it was luck that the thunder were losing? i think that thunder is clearly the better team right now and will win the championship this year

      • QuestionMark says:

        I don’t think giving up a 7 point lead with 2 mins remaining in the game is luck, in fact its pure skill, and if the Lakers did exactly what they were supposed to do to win then they would have won, they let the Thunder come back at the end, this shows OKC can handle themselves under pressure, whereas Kobe took what was even for him terrible shots and thats what happens when you try to play hero by yourself, yes Kobe is a terrific player and can get it going in an instant, but OKC won as team, KD didn’t jack up tough shots at the end, he kept his composure and trusted his teammates and that is why they won. Only thing here that is closest to luck is Blake missing the wide open 3, but then again Blake isn’t used to scoring under pressure and that the pressure got to him. Lakers fan have to face it, OKC is the better team and Kobe isn’t the player he used to be.

      • From a Laker fan I think the Lakers are going to have trouble with the double header with the younger faster team. The huge problem with the Lakers is they have the worst bench in the NBA. The starters are adjusting well, but Blake, Barnes, Hill, Murphy, Ebanks, and McRoberts just doesnt cut it. The Thunder has a much better bench. The Lakers bench is being outscored in every game by huge numbers. The Lakers starters are having to play more minutes and in game 2 it resulted in fatigue and mental mistakes in the last 2 mintues. The other thing I just don’t get is the Lakers made the trade that ultimately allowed Fisher to go to OKC, and got Sessions and he has been sitting on the bench in the 4th quarter. He should have been in the game at the end of game 2 instead of Blake, as Session has that nice runner in the lane. And, he doesnt turn the ball over as much as Blake. Blake is a hot and cold shooter and he was cold that night and had 2 costly turnovers at the end, granted Kobe also had one. But Kobe had to handle the ball more than usual because Session’s was not in the game. Lakers should have gotten Sessions and also kept Fisher for these pressure moments! I still have faith in my Laker’s but it is going to be a tough, uphill battle! If they don’t win game 3 it will be over.

      • Snfern805 says:

        @question mark….really? OKC won…of course with careless play by the Lakers…Im sick of people saying they have come back 4 games from behind and that shows their matureness and blah blah blah…Dude Lakers gave it away and thats the bottom line. Its not luck YOU ARE RIGHT!!! Lakers turned the ball over and missed the shots. However OKC deserves the win but not the reason of why they won it.

      • cmm says:

        OKC in 4!

    • Keven says:

      The Lakers have four games in OKC and all they need to do is win one.. The Thunder did what they had to do at home and the Lakers will too. You’ll never know how a series will go until a team loses at home. If the Lakers look at all the positives from the last game they shouldn’t have any problem defending there home court. Game five and game seven(if we get there) are the turning points. The Lakers ,and there fans, just need to keep there heads up until then…