World Peace Crushes On OKC?

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Judging by his words alone, you’d think Lakers forward Metta World Peace was from Norman instead of Queensbridge.

A day after his Lakers were trounced by the Oklahoma City Thunder, World Peace was in the mood to praise all things Oklahoma City and just about anything else associated with Oklahoma. That includes Thunder coach Scott Brooks, Kevin Durant, Durant’s teammates and the wonderful people at Chesapeake Energy Arena who booed him constantly Monday night in Game 1 and will do so again tonight (9:30 ET, TNT) in Game 2.

(That booing is more intense for him courtesy of the elbow to the head of Thunder reserve and KIA Sixth Man of the Year Award winner James Harden.)

World Peace saved some of his most interesting, and perhaps bizarre, praise for a specific segment of the crowd. The things that come out that man’s mouth sometimes are, in a word, priceless.

Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman captured many of the highlights with this video — you have to watch it for yourself so you know it’s true.

His explanation for making his first two shots in Game 1?

“I didn’t realize Oklahoma had so many, like, fine women,” he said. “I felt really comfortable. I hit my first two shots, it was mainly because of how beautiful the women were.Β Great fans, because they support their team. They took in a team that needed shelter . So no matter what, you can always say great things about these fans. You can always say great things.”

And ladies, just in case you needed a reminder, World Peace wants you to know something else.

“You don’t need make up to be beautiful,” he said, expanding on his admiration for the fine women of Oklahoma. “That’s the American way of telling a woman she’s beautiful. She can be beautiful without make up. And that’s what I’ve seen in Oklahoma City.”

Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up.


  1. QUEEN LEBRON says:


  2. GONZO says:

    1. he’s crazy
    2. he can ball
    3. he’s the reason why we talk & wonder, thats what stern likes about him!

    give him a break. in every great team, theres gotta be a crazy person!

    my formula: a emotional leader with the willing do get it done (best example: MJ), a sidekick which has almost the same talent but is ok with playing in the shadow (like pippen, harden), some shooters witch usually are well-behaved and disciplined (kerr, allen, etc), a guy that rebounds a lot and most of the times, isn’t the brightest but great heart (some white 7’10 guys), AND a crazy person, one that can make those plays totally confusing the opponent, distract even yourself but for the good of it: a rodman, laimbeer, MWP!
    for me, thats almost romantic, to see such a team. nowadays they try the ”big 3” formula, but let me tell you something: you only win a ring if you got one crazy soul at your team! πŸ˜‰

  3. peter says:

    Let Metta World Peace be. Let him play. He helped the Lakers win their championship. He will also help OKC this year.

  4. LakersRus says:

    I don’t see how you can watch this interview and not get a chuckle out of it! Metta almost acts like a happy go lucky high school kid! lol! He’s talking about how fine the women are and comparing it to basketball! You got to admit, there’s no other like this guy! LMAO! I really hope he straightens his life out! I think he is a very good basketball player! And a great defender! I wish that elbow wouldn’t have happened because he has come so far! Let’s just hope he keeps his cool on the court from now on!

  5. wickedforehand says:

    weirdest introduction ritual ever…

  6. Karim says:

    SEKOU SMITH, how about looking for another topic to write about. you seem to have ran out of ideas, this world peace issue is getting boring! its over, so you might as well try and skip over it.

  7. ryde says:

    Metta “Weird” Peace… You’re one funny guy, man!!! I like that.

  8. fbtmof says:

    The only thing Artest will ever be remembered as is the most asinine player in NBA history. Keep it up though bro! Hearing stories about this foolish man and his shenanigans always brightens my day. I hope he gets his lights knocked out by an OKC player, or a fan. Or better, by the fine women of OKC that do not need makeup. Idiot.

  9. George Taylor says:

    Go get dat ring sixers and Andre dunk on somebody for yah boy, good luck in game 3 im
    watchin yall.

  10. critter says:

    Hey, we don’t have Rodman anymore. At least someone’s out there, being colorful amid the sea of bland personality that constitutes most NBA interviews..

  11. Jake T. says:

    I live in OKC, have had season tickets to the Thunder since day one, and have nothing but loyalty to KD, Russ, Harden, Brooks, and the rest of the guys. That being said, I actually sort of feel some pity for MWP. The guy genuinely seems like he is a decent person, albeit with some impulse issues and some immaturity problems in the sense that he is unable to admit to mistakes. However, I really do think these crazy comments about the girls here is his way of trying to make peace (some pun intended) with OKC. In his own strange way, MWP is attempting to show that he’s a playful guy and can admire and compliment our town. Thinking about the many comments other players (and TNT commentators) have made about how no one would want to live in such a small city, or there’s no way there is anything to do in Oklahoma, its actually pretty refreshing that instead of knocking our great town like so many others, the guy is trying, again in his own weird way, to be friendly and nice to the people of OKC. I’m sure most of you will not share the same opinion, and I don’t blame OKC fans for failing to forgive him for the Harden incident, it was ridiculous, but I think his comments were a big step in the right direction and a genuine attempt to be a good guy.

  12. DM8488 says:

    Artest SHOULD be from Norman! thats where 1 of the state mental nut houses is!

  13. the pacers have been sad for like 7 years because old ron wants to take a nap on the scoring table in the palace, goes after a fan who throws a cup on him but doesn’t go after ben wallace who was in his face, what was he doing on the scores table anyway, the pacers are now just getting back to begin in the playoffs and begining competitive. The lakers should of got rid of artest and kept odom instead.

  14. zeek says:

    if you think about it… he dont shake subs hands. you shake hands at the beginning with the starters.

    most of the time its how u say things and not what you say. people took that comment way out of context. lol

  15. J says:

    Honestly…I love Metta World Peace…he never ceases to make me laugh, and quite honestly hes not that bad a player when he gives it his all

  16. mark says:

    Can’t stand that man, i think he’s the most hated person in the NBA

    • H2K says:

      The man was featured in one of the best movies for 2012 and in Trey Songs and Toni Braxton’s video. He is a star and he has game, he is not “hated” he is “infamous” and that is what makes him popular and stand out. Give the guy a break…….Does anyone knows your name?

  17. googergieger says:

    Ha. The contest is over. Give that man the ten thousand dollars!

  18. cherrypopper says:

    i also thought about the women in the crowd while he was making successfull plays at the start of the game…
    so no surprise that he said that – he just speaks his mind a.k.a. the truth ;
    metta world peace is the nicest person in basketball ;
    and i love his wicked smile !

    you commenters are mean and/or not bright enough, to put it mildly πŸ˜›

  19. W/E says:

    he doesnt really care about an NBA ring right now,the lakers are a circus team

  20. GRIZZ says:

    love it real funny laker’s all day

  21. V says:

    I get what MWP is sayin,……. Still should of been suspended from the 2012 playoffs tho’… But he does weirdly have a point : )

  22. Jensen says:

    hahahahaha…nice one metta…totally unexpected!!

  23. Mike says:

    I used to hate Ron Artest after the incident but now I think he did not do it intentionally. He might have a mental issue but he doesn’t have the evil mind.

  24. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Huahuahuahuahua πŸ™‚ He’s crazy πŸ™‚

  25. spelkey55 says:

    World Peace? Should be World’s Insanity. Give me a break!

  26. KOBE 5 Rings says:

    LOL… he’s just being nice.. building his reputation back up to where he had it…

    and he can’t be hated by the okc fans if he wants to do that.. they have to forget the same way indiana forgot alot..and laker fans forgot.. and the othe teams he’s ran up on to attack lol.. I love the guy though.

  27. Killa! says:

    Ahahaha . After game 7 with denver he said “i dont shake hands with sub” lolzz… This guy is something else, he craks me up with his comments every time. Kobe needs to elbow him in the head and tell him get your head straight n focus on the game. Okc is not a joke they fo real !

  28. blair56 says:

    Ron-Ron is just saying what everyone wants to hear. They want him to bow down a bit after the Harden incident and that’s exactly what he’s doing. It’s all just a show. He doesn’t care.

  29. erny7777 says:

    MWP is retarded. Im a lakers fan but ron artest is crazy. I love his skills and his “d” but come on man, step up ur game then give credits. Lol

  30. Jones17 says:

    Someone grab the straight jacket…

  31. NBA Fan says:

    Ron Artest should be thrown out of the NBA, he had too many problems and can’t manage his anger.

    • Morgle says:

      Agreed. He is an absolute madman, I’m still in shock over the things he says and does, even though it’s been long enough that I shouldn’t be suprised. Maybe I am just suprised @ the commish not doing ANYTHING about it to get it through that impenetrable skull of his…

    • Domainsnext says:

      I believe that the media and the Lakers haters are over their heads focusing on matters that are in the real world, we all do, it is meaningless. He was one of the reasons the Lakers got two championships with his toughness, Sanding his ground when it gets physical. That’s what you learn when you grow up in Queensbridge. And that is precisely why the Lakers acquired him. I believe that the incident was purely an accident that Harden caused himself by running toward Artest at the time of celebration. Many teams try to intimidate the intimadator like what Oklahoma City when it acquired Perkins and Harding. It is for the obvious reason. It is the same as why the Lakers acquired Artest. May the last man standing win.

    • chalice says:

      Ron Artest a.k.a Metta World Peace seems like a troubled soul that is contantly being examined by the media and the fans. From the outside looking in, it seems he has bipolar tendencies. I think he IS getting help and trying to better himself so to throw him out of the league now is quite ridiculous. That being said, he should continue to talk to his psychiatrist and if any concerns arise, the league should talk to his psychiatrist as well. Some of his problems he created and some come with being a NBA “star” player. I admire Artest for his awareness of mental health issues, and wish him the best in his career and especially his life. That being said, I doubt the Lakers can beat OKC.

    • Your sooo self righteous.... says:

      PFFT whatever guys! Worse was done in the 80’s – people need to harden up a little (no pun intended). Yeah he was out of line, has been in the past and probably will be again down the line. But he has been suspended, is trying to manage his short falls while still trying to be an integral part of the Lakers. Basket ball players are not role models – he did the crime, did the time and thats how the league handled it. All good for us to sit back on our couch and keep criticising people – at least he aint in a gang you goose!