In A Shootout, Clips Won’t Have A Shot

SAN ANTONIO – It’s usually a difficult choice when you’re playing the Spurs — pick your poison.

So the Clippers swallowed the arsenic and the cyanide. They let the Spurs beat them up on the inside with 42 points in the paint and a 47-34 domination of the rebounding and they also surrendered 13 buckets from behind the 3-point line to seven different Spurs.

At times the Clippers looked like confused rats inside a maze, not knowing which way to run to try to cover up a San Antonio shooter.

“If they don’t pass the ball to an open man, they’re coming out. It’s the bottom line,” said L.A. forward Kenyon Martin. “That’s the way (Spurs coach Gregg Popovich) is coaching. I’ve had lots of battles with him. This is my fourth time playing him in the playoffs and it’s always been that way. The open man always hits the shot; that’s what they do well. They do an excellent job of spreading the floor, making plays and guys do an excellent job of being unselfish.”

While the Clippers did a good job of making scoring chances tough for Tony Parker (1-for-9), he was still able to penetrate often and effectively enough to make the defense collapse around him and create open shots for teammates. That’s why he finished with 11 assists.

“Just controlling penetration,” said center DeAndre Jordan. “As long as we can control Tony and Manu (Ginobili) and make those guys take tough shots and not try to collapse on them, just contain them and keep them outside as much as possible, that will take away some of their easy buckets in the paint and also a lot of their easy kick-outs.”

Easier said than done. The Spurs were the best 3-point shooting team in the league all season. And it would help if the Clippers’ aggressive, bruising big men were good enough 1-on-1 defenders to not need collapsing help in the paint.

Pick your poison.

But if they let this turn into a shooting contest, the Clippers won’t have a shot.


  1. The Hammer says:

    The Spurs did not play a perfect game, in fact the first two quarters they committed senseless TO and did not move the ball well and even then the Clips did not take advantage of that. The Spurs didn’t come in swinging until the 3rd quarter when the Clips were tired and worned out. Tonight the Spurs will be in their game from the start and the Clips will not be able to make an impact, result= another loss for the Clips. I like the Clips and I foresee them to be the premier team in LA becasue the Lakers have to go back to the drawing board to create a new team. Good luck to the Clips and lets rock and roll SPURS! If I was going to guess I think this is the year of the the better teams with the small markets: SA, OKC, Indiana and Sixers.

  2. alex_td21 says:

    I can smell it! complete the rings of TIMMY, coz he’s the real KING. He’s arguably the winningest sportsman of his era. Let’s go get no. 5IVE! Go! SPURS Go!

  3. Waldo says:

    If this goes on as it is with this impressive streak, Timmy playing the way he is and 100% roster health….then we are going all the way to the FINALS! =D GO SPURS GO!!!

  4. vgomez says:

    could be another sweep for the spurs. the clipps are small. and when deandre jordan leaves the floor its eaither kmart or evans, one is old and the other is small. they dont have consistent shooters on the floor. you might c butler and nick young or mo williams, but they are not knock down shooters. the pick and roll of the clipps are gone. they can lob maybe 2-3 times and dunk 2-3 times in the games for a total of 20 points and that obviously will not win the game for the clipps. cp3 would be hard pressed to bring up the ball, make play, try to execute the pick and roll and if dont work have to create his shot to score. that is going to be tough for the clipps.
    the clipps will adjust but i am sure their offense can not match the spurs offensive machine. the spurs know how to spread the floor well, maintain tempo, find the open man, shoot at a high clip and run down court for transition defense. they know how to defend the pick and roll and push you to spend precious seconds on the shot clock to run your offense.
    they dont commit silly fouls or run around mindless with the ball. they stick to their system and execute well.

  5. i can’t count out the clippers, but the spurs are good

  6. Frisbeetx says:

    If the Spurs execute, it doesn’t matter what the Clippers do.

    Has anybody been watching this for the last couple of months?

    They are a machine.

  7. exocast33 says:

    and Duncan had a big game. Will that happen three more games in a row? NO.

    LOL. You are right that would be as crazy as a guy with broken hand hitting 5 contested threes and a bench scrub scoring 23 points! It won’t happen again. Next time it will be Parker and Splitter. No it will be Neal and Ginobilli. See my point.

  8. Belizeboy says:

    This is a really dumb article. The Spurs shot very well from behind the arc and Duncan had a big game. Will that happen three more games in a row? NO! Don’t count a team out until they lose four games.

    • spursfan says:

      Three more games in a row? Maybe not — but it only has to happen 3 more times in 6 games. And that very well COULD – and most probably, WILL – happen!

    • toughoya says:

      Will that happen 3 more games? I don’t know, why don’t you ask our previous 14 opponents. We have been beating tougher teams than yours all year. And don’t talk about “well, playoffs are different, everyone starts with a clean slate” Spurs know all about playoffs, and don’t need anyone from the Clippers ?!?!LOL camp to try to tell us anything.

      Don’t worry, it’ll be painless, you won’t feel a thing. We’ll have you in the fishing boat by the end of the weekend. GSG!

      • Moses says:

        Hey true bro! We havent been beaten for almost two months. This guy dont know what he saying
        Go Spurs Go!

    • teamSpurs says:

      the spurs can do it maybe up to game 5, just tell your Clips no dirty tricks, to injures our players, GoSpursGo

  9. spurs5titles says:

    quit talking bout miami.. nonsense.. Spurs3x!! we can do it..

  10. spursalldway says:

    quit talking bout miami.. nonsense.. Spurs3x!!

  11. cb says:

    everybody who advances to the 2nd round has a shot. I think that in this case he really is talking about a shot at winning 1 game in this series.
    Go Spurs!

  12. MathSimon says:

    whoever said they had a shot?

  13. jj says:

    after game 2 i won’t call crazy the guy who said indiana in 6…seeing the flame extinguished in conf semi-finals and the king again without a ring would be too much of a spectacle!!!! sry, can’t help dissing miami, and especially all those miami fans who didnt even see a nba game before bron got there, and now talk kings and rings..