Offensive Outburst Lifts Celts In Game 3

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia 76ers had their most efficient offensive game of the Eastern Conference semifinals on Wednesday. And they lost by 16.

This was the Boston Celtics’ night, an easy 107-91 victory to grab a 2-1 series lead and take back home-court advantage. In the wake of their anemic offensive performance in Game 2 and countless articles (including this one) about their inability to score, the Celtics exploded for their best offensive game in a long time.

After going scoreless on their first four possessions of the game, the Celtics did what Doc Rivers has been asking for the last two days. They went to Kevin Garnett in the post on their next two possessions. He gave them two short jumpers over Elton Brand, and the flood gates opened from there.

Rajon Rondo also set an aggressive tone early, scoring 13 points before he recorded a single assist. Garnett owned the Sixers bigs in the post and led all scorers with 27 points. And Paul Pierce finally got into the scoring act. He shot just 6-for-17 from the field, but got to the line 14 times.

All around, the Celtics were sharper than we’re used to seeing them. The ball movement was crisp and contagious all night. And after the Sixers scored 33 points in the first quarter, Boston also turned up the heat defensively.

It’s doubtful that the Celtics can pour it on like this again in this series, and in the playoffs, every game has its own personality. But Boston clearly found a rhythm in Game 3 that can help them going forward.


  1. John From OKC says:

    I’m currently thinking my native city’s Thunder will get their Banner 1 before the Celtics get Banner 18, but with Stiemsma, and Bradley to build around the Green will continue to be championship contenders again very soon.. And that Stiemsma and the Thunder’s underpublicized Serge Ibaka will go head-to-head in multiple NBA finals before they’re through. James Harden, another underpublicized Thunder player, has more in common with Paul Pierce than people think. Especially in terms of versatility.

  2. Dan says:

    It’s KG time!!!!!!

  3. RSA says:

    Let’s go Celtics. With the Bulls out and the heat struggling, Definitely a very good chance to get to the Finals. I pray that you be blessed with good health and no injuries so you all can really finish this year in grand way. Win or loose, I’ll always believe in the Celtics pride. Go Celtics Fight.

  4. NBAfan says:

    Man…KG…you were always one of my favorite players…UNTIL YOU BECAME A GOON…but my’re back!!!! How old are you…40? I am a fan of ray allen and his jump shot.. I like rondo’s game…if he learns how to shoot…he’ll be a top 3 player in the game..not just PG….Paul Pierce is a dying bread…like Kobe….

    Celts….last chance for a championship my friends…lets go!

  5. CeltFan says:

    KG gonna be 50 and play like his 36. LOL. I hope he and Allen stays longer with Celtics. Celtics won’t ever be the same without the Big 3 and Rondo. Hope they get their 18th this year :)) No one can stop them!

  6. Celtic Fan MDS says:

    I just really hope every one gets\stays healthy. We need to be at our best if we want to compete against Spurs\OKC.
    Not taking away anything from Philly and the Heat but KG is playing like how he was back when he was with the Timberwolves. With KG and Pierce attacking the rim, and if we can get Allen and Pietrus going outside, and of course Roooooooooonnnnnnnndooo doing his triple double. Our defence will bring the Championship home

  7. beantown says:

    IMO we have a very legitimate chance to get back to the finals as long as we stay healthy. It would be nice to see a lakers celtics rematch so we have a chance to redeem ourselves. celtics 2012 nba champs how sweet it sounds

  8. veta8780 says:

    GAME 3 was for those of you who actually thought Philly was going to make it through the second round! Boston is a Championship team, Philly has a little growing up to do before they’re any where Near MY CELTICS!!! Game 2 was more of a Celtics Loss then a Philly Win. Philly might not when another game!

  9. veta8780 says:

    GAME 3 was for all of you who actually thought Philly was going to make it out the second round!!! Philly has some growing up to do before they’re anywhere near MY CELTICS!!! Game 2 was more of a Celtics loss then a Philly Win….. Philly might not when another game!

  10. The celtics look great, KG is playing big time.

    • NBAfan says:

      KG turning back the clock…his game was never based on athleticism anyway…it was always based on HEIGHT hahaha….he is listed as 6’ll but you know he’s as long as roy hibbert when he plays….damn KG…you should have joined boston earlier and you’d be one of the celtics great

      • KG5 says:

        even if he joined the celtics team late, he will definitely be on the group of the Celtics Great, together with Paul Pierce. right?

  11. Sea Pea says:

    No Bosh means KG in the Finals. If something happens to Duncan then Celtics will when the whole thing.

    • Sebio says:

      That is wishful thinking dude!

    • NBAfan says:

      I think Lebron will destroy KG…KG will compete, but Lebron will win in the end…overall, I thnk the celtics have a real shot at the finals….with what’s happening to the heat recently….

  12. Karlo Garcia says:

    Celtics lookin GOOD.

  13. Law064 says:

    Great game from the C’s!!! Rondo & Paul were the initiators in the 1st qt. Paul is still stuggling with his shot but he was in attack mode for the most part. The Celt’s still have to come out and play hard if the want to go home up 3-1. KG has been amazing this post season minus a couple of games but overall he’s been outstanding. Rondo’s just a magician with the ball in his hands he’s dangerous. I agree Ray and Bradley has been missing in a couple games but overall both are not 100%. The Celt’s are looking good for a bunch of so called old dogs, oh yeah so is SA. Age ain’t nothin but a number it’s all about heart and the will to Win…Go Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Celtics 4'ever says:

    i know the celtics will make it to the final, because they have the heart of the true champion!!!! Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Einar B.

    Great game and it reminds me of some moments from 2008. Game 4 will be a tough one but if we win that one the road will be clear to the Eastern finals and so on !!!!
    Greetings from sunny Iceland where Celtic’s own the scene !!!

  16. Retro Silk says:

    Anemic offensive performance in game 2, however, the C’s only lost by a point. One point away from pressurizing the 76ers to a game 4 do or die situation. Come Friday, when the Celtics lay it on extra thick, we could very well be closing out this series next Monday. We need to get more bench production if we want to compete with OKC/Spurs level of play. I’m really diggin on Peaches performance for sure. Spread him out with Ray and let Dooling and Moore build up some confidence running the floor. Hollins and Steamboat can cut, set a few picks and get back on D. With two deadly kick out options in the second unit maybe run designed plays and see what happens. One thing is for sure, you will not be finding me doubting the Celtics’ ability to produce more similar efforts. No team can play through the pain or has the will to win the way this Boston team does. I see a clear path to the Championship series, however, we will need more offense input from Bruce Lee and our second unit guards if we going to get 18. Go Green!

  17. Paulo says:

    KG’s stats are incredible, he never had this kind of performance as a Celtic, not even in the year we took the last ring. Bradley is having his first true experience in the playoffs, so it’s probably time Ray Allen gets back as a starter. The key will be how healthy can Pierce and Allen remain throughout the playoffs. Paul was very aggressive, but he was clearly uncomfortable when he dunked in two consecutive posessions. Ray is not moving as usual, so his ability to get off screens with clear looks is diminished. I’m sure it will be enough for the Sixers, but after that…

  18. KG05 says:


  19. Guy says:

    As a Celtics fan I am still concerned with Pierce’s performance – he was aggressive and forced himself into the game but his field goal percentage was low and he missed to many open shots.
    Ray Allen and Bradley were also missing from the offense.
    Rondo was huge and KG is playing like he is a few years back in time.
    Go Celts

    • Sebio says:

      Keep in mind Pierce is playing with an injury. When you are a shooter, rythm is part of the shooting process. His rythm is somewhat messed up due to his injury.