Can Less CP3 Be More CP3?

SAN ANTONIO – When the practice session was over, guard Nick Young headed straight to the dentist for a root canal.

His Clipper teammate Chris Paul came out of the video review of Game 1 feeling like he’d already had one, minus the Novocain.

“We have to limit the turnovers and me personally make a few shots,” Paul said, having connected on just 3-of-13 from the field and scored only six points in the series opener. “Out of 16 turnovers, I had five of them.”

Paul didn’t blame the Clippers shortcomings in the 108-92 loss on anyone but himself and said his nagging groin injury was not a reason.

“We played hard last night, but we didn’t play effective,” he said. “It’s probably me. I didn’t play effective, so I’ve got to come out and have a better game.

“Just plays I wish I could have back. One of them was a travel in the lane. I felt like the ball slipped out of my hand. I threw a bad pass to Reggie (Evans) when I got in the air. I probably should have shot it. I threw a bad pass to Bled (Eric Bledsoe) between his legs. I remember all of them.”

The Clippers, more than any team left in the playoffs, are reliant on their one key cog to fuel their success. Though he handed out 10 assists on Tuesday night, Paul missed all seven shots he tried in the second half and never took control of the game the way he did at critical points in L.A.’s first-round series win over Memphis.

While it was a bright spot to get 23 points from backup point guard Bledsoe and 3-for-3 shooting from long range by Young, the Clippers are going no farther without Paul’s leadership and he said he might have found a reason for coming up short in the opener. Did he push too hard in the step up in class against San Antonio? Did he shoulder too much of the burden to set a tone in Game 1.

“It’s trying to do too much,” he said.

Less is more. The new CP3 motto.


  1. been a cp3 fan since forever. I like that hes on the clippers BUT i wouldve liked to see what him and KOBE could do together if he were on the Lakers. ugh, Damn you Stern

    • Sweet-rose says:

      CP3 is on the right team. Clippers need him more than The Lakers. Tired of Lakers trying to get all the best players. Now the Clippers are the most interesting and exciting team. Unlike the dirty playing Lakers.

  2. Laker says:

    Look I am a lakers fan but before the playoffs started I had the OKC vs Heat in the finals. It would be Durant, Harden, Westbrook vs LeBron, Bosh and Wade.

    Guess what Spurs are under the radar and might end up being in the Finals and the way they move the ball, they will give Heat some serious trouble. Spurs already beat Clippers in game one.

    I want to see Ebanks & Hill combo just like the regular season.

  3. Lil Jon says:

    Cp3 will do better this game. He realizes his mistakes and I have no doubt he will fix those problems

  4. Royal says:

    the truth is the spurs have too much weapons. Clippers have to find a way to stop the inside game nd the outside shot!! it seems like a tough task but lets hope they can find a way. The Spurs Know exactly what they’re good at nd you can see it. Cp3 needs to find a way to get himself going and his team needs to hit shots that he gets to them. i like the spurs in this series thou.

  5. ..Wat? says:

    I’m sorry, did you just say that CP3 is subpar to TP? Don’t get me wrong, i’m a great fan of both their works. But In any universe, CP3 is better point guard. Granted, it was immature of him to say that. But he’s a young guy, on a very young team. He’s just learning to shoulder the burdens of leadership. And come on, without TP, the Spurs still have a great line-up. But take CP3 away, and i doubt the Clippers would even be in the play-offs. He does have a lot to learn, in becoming a greater player. Things that TP already knows, playing aside Tim, Stephen and Manu. Not to mention getting to be coached by one of the best coaches in the game ever. But in the point guard position TP is not in the same league as CP3. He is just trying to give his all for his team. Don’t hate a young man like that. @The myself guy.

    • BFoulds says:

      Just because Parker doesn’t have the stats doesn’t mean he’s not the better point guard.

  6. bucketnekkid says:

    comments like the one “myself” made is how you distinguish the difference between someone who actually understands the game of basketball and someone who has no clue and should keep their dumb logic and reasoning to themselves

  7. bucketnekkid says:

    he never said he didn’t have faith in his ability or plays. he just realized the mistakes he made. as someone who plays the pg position on a competitive leve, i know exactly what he’s talking about, but you obviously have no clue.sometimes you try to make things happen that you shouldn’t have and he realized he did that a few times. doesn’t mean that he’s not still gonna go out and play hard and have faith in his abilitiy to make plays.he just wants to limit his mistakes.

  8. basketball_wizard says:

    I think Paul is right about this one less is more!No matter I find it hard to believe the Clippers will make it past the Spurs. Even though the Spurs are going to win this series even Duncan said that they would have a harder time with the Clip’s if Paul is on his game and stays healthy. Duncan gets a lot of respect, even though I am not a Spurs fan, for what he said about Paul & the Clippers organization.

  9. LakersRus says:

    As a Laker fan I wish CP3 was a Laker! Every time I watch him play I think to myself he should’ve been a Laker! Good luck CP3!

  10. myself says:

    the PG position is not an easy one and it involves lots of decisions. For him to make a comment like this I’m suprised. Guess that’s how you distinguish the best overall PG’s from the better than most ones. I mean you never here Rondo and Parker saying stuff like that cos they know they gotta have faith in their plays.