One Play Can’t Cost You A Game …

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — How many times have you heard someone say it, “that one play didn’t cost us the game?”

Don’t care to count?


We understand.

Technically speaking, one play might not cost you the game. But one crucial play at the right time in a tight game can certainly have a more significant impact on the outcome of said game. And that was indeed the case in Boston last night for Celtics’ forward Kevin Garnett. He was called for an offensive foul on a moving screen on Andre Iguodala as he tried to make space for Paul Pierce with 10 seconds to play in a game the Philadelphia 76ers led 78-75.

The call, made by Michael Smith after Garnett had already been warned by Danny Crawford to watch the moving screens, helped seal the deal for the Sixers.

“I just thought in that situation you let the players decide the game,” Garnett said after his illegal pick took the air out of the building and a spirited, fourth quarter rally from the home team. “But if he felt like that was an illegal pick, then that’s what it is.”

It was glaring (check the video above). But not necessarily a call anyone expected in that situation. To his credit, Garnett tried his best not to make a huge fuss about it afterwards, choosing instead the common refrain that it was one of many mistakes made that led to the final outcome.

“Danny had already given me a warning about how I was setting the picks,” Garnett said. “I’m going to continue to set picks. I’m going to continue to get guys open. That wasn’t, to me, the game. We did things going up to that point in determining the game.”

Celtics coach Doc Rivers certainly wasn’t happy about the call, or the others Garnett was called for throughout the game.

“I wasn’t fond of it.  At all,” Rivers said. “I think Kevin got three off-the-ball offensive fouls.  So, clearly it looked like they were looking for it all night, and they got three of them.  Listen, if you’re going to tell me that Kevin was the only one moving in picks tonight, then I’ll live with that.  But he clearly was not the only one.  But he was the one who got the calls tonight.  We put ourself in that position. At the end of the day, I say it all the time, if you put yourself in a position to let someone else do something, then you can lose games.  And that’s what happened.”

The Celtics’ inability to execute their offense down the stretch (credit the 76ers defense for some of those troubles), coupled with late-game indecision on the defensive end, took control of the game out of the home team’s hands when it mattered most.

For all of their collective experience, this is an area the Celtics struggled in against the Hawks in the first round. Rivers warned his team about then, telling them specifically that their late-game execution would be the difference in playoff games.

One play at an extremely crucial moment in a playoff game, in particular, that was not executed properly is one reason why this series heads to Philadelphia with home court advantage having changed hands.


  1. Philli Got it says:

    I think Philli can get 2 out of there house reason is they play best like any other team. They got young legs faster, than celtics, they’re old Pierce, Allen, Garnnet. Celtics will go fas as Rondo takes them, because Paul cant do it he’s hurt not playing like once did. Andre shuts him down. Avery a great defender but his shoulder is popping in and out. I dont think celtics can win this. i think 6 games Philli goes to Conference finals.

  2. Mike87 says:

    Why is Yahoo! even writing something about a call made in an NBA game? Yahoo! should have 6000 write-up’s per every single NBA game then, regular season and post-season.
    People are raised these days to be coddled and whimps. Where is our drive, our fight, our hardwork to get somewhere? everything is expected to be given to us free of charge.
    I consider myself a LONG TIME Celtics fan. I’ve been watching since I was born when Bird was stealing balls and diving on the floor for a loose ball. I’ve watched the Celtics when they’ve been one of the worst teams in the NBA post-Bird era. The game has developed into a bunch of whiney whimps who expect to get every call over every slight physical contact. Man and I thought Soccer was the biggest whimp sport out there… nope NBA is now BY FAR. The flopping and acting is outrageous. It’s a disgrace.
    Then you come and review these Comments made by people like “justplayball” who has no idea about anything basketball related and has literally posted 25 times saying the same thing, sometimes with different words being used. I would imagine that he did not contribute a single post after Game 1 when Celtics came back to beat the 76ers. So typical of bandwagon fans. “justplayball” – a typical bandwagon fan who when their team wins, must be obnoxious and speak/type gibberish. His reply will be “Celtics fans whine when they don’t win”. The 76ers have always been a mediocre team at best, present and past. Be honest, any pro-team can be inserted there and it would fit, no one likes to lose, but everyone should respect the fact that they lost and not whine about it.
    It doesn’t matter what the cause for a lose in a game is. All that matters is a Win. Blame the ref’s, blame KG, blame Pierce, blame Doc, blame Ainge, blame Barkley, hell blame Obama. Let’s blame everything on someone else so that we feel better about one playoff game. It’s a very exciting series to watch and we will all be waiting for the next game in Philly.

    • Mike says:

      Well said. Celtics win game three by 20 points plus, and take any questionable calls by the officials out of the equation. They learned there lesson the hard way at the end of game two.

  3. John says:

    IMPARTIALITY… A call is a call regardless of when it is made. WHo’s to say that the CELTICS, using the illegal screnn scores and win the game aided by the illegal SCREEN

  4. Mike z says:

    CONSISTENCY…!!! Someone said it earlier. Make the call early and players will adjust… I referee and I have heard players say to me “I see how you are calling the game”. In the last 10 seconds you get out of the way. Just ask Ray Allen how easy is it for him to get through the screens and the grabbing and clutching… Yes the Celts put themselves in that position but they are playing against another NBA team who at any given game can beat any team. Did anybody watch the Miami game last night? Did you see D Wade fouls (2) blatantly dirty where he could have hurt the other player especially the Collisson one…. Anybody else would have been ejected. CONSISTENCY…!!!

  5. David Cooper - Santa Monica says:

    These are the Celtics, o their home court, getting “home call” refs for years and they finally get a ref call that should have been made, and we get “bo-hoo”.

    • RCG says:

      People are too funny! After reading these posts it appears obvious that non-Celt’s fans hate the Celtics and KG because they are winners, and losers always hate the winner. These Philly fans posting all this hate don’t seem to realize how hypocritical they are being. They can’t even win graciously and the reason is fear and hatred of the better team. Give your team credit for pulling off an unlikely victory instead of complaining that the game was ref’d poorly. S.Hawes is as big a hack as they come. Why aren’t you complaining about him? AI chases PP and RA around by holding their jerseys. Didn’t see that did you? Or how Brand clears out by shoving guys in the back all night. But, go ahead and practice your anger and hating now…you’ll need it in 3 games’ time.

  6. a says:

    there was 9 free throws to 21 try telling me that sixers only fouled 5 times on a shot the whole game

  7. Chris Ross says:

    This is always an interesting subject because it brings up the question of whether the refs should be making the right call or one that they have made the whole game,. There’s valid arguments for both sides and you really do wonder why the ref chose that time to call Kevin Garnett for a foul. It is expected that people were to be upset but is it rightfully so? I’m not so sure it is but it depends on what your definition is of how a foul should be called. I think it’s something that doesn’t necessarily have a right answer but unquestionably deserves some serious looking into.

  8. carlos says:

    Not a badd callll by the refff but stilll i blieve it was the celts game dey jst needed to b patiente and not rush things…….

  9. Rez says:

    I guess Celtics lost because of Rondo. He is good but he makes mistake when it is game changing time.

  10. Rex says:

    Doc try to trust your bench sometimes…….. it is a team effort not a three or four player alone…. sometimes you need to bring out guys if they have off game….their is always another game for best players but not another playoff to win….

  11. Check the score. says:

    This really shouldn’t be a big deal anyway, with or without the foul AND even if pierce did make the shot, (which he didn’t) the game would have been tied leaving the sixers with 10 seconds left at half court after their last time out, while the Celtics had no fouls left to give. So either way the Celtics chances of winning that game were still slim to none. The score wasn’t exactly a 1 point game either because the sixers stopped playing D at the buzzer and KG came down and made a ridiculously lucky 3 pt shot. So leave that play alone, Sixers won, end of story.

  12. andie says:

    Who cares whether its a moving screen, dirty play. Does the Heat ever criticized with their DIRTY FLOPPING, even when there’s no contact Wade and Lebron still act a s if there were even contacts. And Wade tried it today against the Pacers, good thing the refs didnt call a foul against Indy.

  13. bryan says:

    I don’t know why you’re all still arguing about this call. It’s a clear foul anyway. I’m a Celtics fan but sh1t happens sometimes. I could understand the arguments if it wasn’t really a clear foul like he’s just standing there then slightly moved his feet while setting the pick.. Stop the nonsense already.

  14. Dave says:

    It is part of the game. If refs did not call these fouls earlier during the game why wait for the last seconds to call them. I still remember when Reggie Miller pushed away MJ to hit a 3-pointer with a few second to go.

  15. spelkey55 says:

    After all the fans blaming each others favorite teams it’s obvious to me the lack of reasoning with the NBA leadership is being ignored by the majority of fans. I think the fans need to wake up and demand a cleaner officiated game of basketball that favors no one!

  16. Ajax says:

    If they going to call the Garnet illegal picks….. that means they also are going to call lebron traveling violations?

  17. spelkey55 says:

    Why not always call all the games the same? If KG was fouling earlier they should have been called. And both teams should be enforced at the same level. I am an advocate of instant replays being used more like the NFL. Give the coaches a red flag and let rm throw it! It would clean up what we all know to be a DIRTY GAME! I have blame for all the disagreement on the Commissioner! The people in control of the official are the ones at fault. Think about it if you put dirt on top of a screen which is full of holes most of it drops down through. Put that same dirt on something solid with no holes and voila the dirt don’t get through to the bottom! CASE CLOSED!!!

  18. vince says:

    when setting up moving screen with your body that’s good but in Garnets case he extend his arms to block iguodala, so the ref got the call.

  19. G Fossedal says:

    hear, hear. I’m a big Celtics fan…. yet:

    1. Celtics set terrible picks. Everyone in the NBA does, but we are among the worst offenders. There ought to be a clinic.

    2. Yah, I was surprised they made that call in that situation. But see #1 — it just bit us at the wrong time.

    3. The Celtics were thoroughly outplayed, outhustled, and above all, out-determined-to-attack-the-rim-‘ed last night. They deserved to lose.

    In the last 2 minutes, we missed some jumpers and made some. The 6ers made some, and got to the basket. Game, set, match. They deserve to win. Celtics need to leave blood on the floor in games 3 and 4.

  20. doubledeuces says:

    vince lombardi would have been proud, the best pulling guard block since the packers were sweeping right! the call had to be made, an advantage was given to the celtics because of the illegal block. i’m sure the ref didn’t want to call it but he had to,, how unfair would it have been for pierce to hit that three because of the advantage given by garnett knocking ai off of pierce to get pierce the shot! its not the refs fault, garnett dared the official to call it at that point of the game and he lost the dare, a weaker official wouldn’t have the balls to call it, its as simple as that! an official doesn’t want to determine the game at that level, garnett gave him no choice it was so blatant! if you can’t see it, you’re wearing green!

  21. Tom says:

    I don’t understand why this is even a discussion, he was called for a foul that he clearly committed..It’s easy to look back and say oh this wasn’t called earlier or its not supposed to be called or they didn’t get called all night, but the fact of the matter is that he committed the foul and got caught, stop whining about it. If the Celtics were that much greater than the Sixers they would have closed out game 1 and 2 regardless of foul calls/no calls. When you win you win, when you lose you lose, deal with it and stop looking for things to blame it on, they didn’t score enough points to win and they lost. Stop making excuses for losing, honestly neither team looks deserving to win the series as of yet so I don’t think it makes much sense for anybody to be puffing their chest out like they’re anything special

  22. W/E says:

    celtics this aint 2008 u got noooooooooooooooooooooooo chance for the championship get over it

    • Mike says:

      Keep telling yourself that. Celtics find ways to win, when no one thinks they can. That’s what they do. 17 championships don’t lie. Poor officiating might slow them down, but it definitely won’t stop them.

  23. beantownallday says:

    see you in philly… whole series will change after that game when the celts come out with a vengence

  24. Glen says:

    How about the two huge travels Turner had in the last few minutes that each led to baskets??? Is it okay to take 3 steps in the lane now? Lebron and Wade make that legal?

  25. Myself says:

    IMO these nba refs are just mad cos they ain’t paid enough or are greedy, or both. Anyway they take that out on the players, during games.

  26. ApeMan1976 says:

    It’s a difficult situation – the enforcement of moving picks has been relaxed in recent years, even though no one will officially admit this. In response cagey, tough players like KG are constantly pushing the limits to see what they can get away with.

    There’s no controversy – it went down like KG said. It was an illegal screen, but no one expected it to be called because it was the end of the game. It was called. Good gutsy call by the refs. Tough break for KG and the Celts.

    Also worth remembering it only cost them a chance to force overtime, and not an especially good chance (20% is generous.)

  27. Leonard says:

    If anyone is happy about this series so far it should be the Celtics. They have played horrible in both games and got a split. On the other side Philly has played their best already. I would be worried if I were the Sixers. Yes, you now have home court and yes, you won a game on the road. As a buddy of mine always says the series does not start until the road team wins a game. All season long when the Celtics have been pushed against the wall they have responded. I don’t see it being any different this time. Celtics will win game three.

  28. Snap says:

    actually KG has been doing that almost every game… most of his screens are illegal, its just never called… Im suprised they called it so late in the game… If Reffs start calling the game by the rules, Spurs will be the champs… To me they are the cleanest from the strong teams. Teams like Maiami, Boston, Memphis would always get in foul trouble

    • right says:

      right KG has been doing it for ever and they have just recently started calling it which you cant argue if its the right call but none of that let go sometimes and not others and also PHILLY FANS LETS GET FOREAL 76ERS CANT BEAT BOSTON LIKE FOREAL BOSTON IS BETTER

      • Myself says:

        and you must be Will smith….I bet your next movie is called ”it was all a dream..”

    • Myself says:

      Charlotte bobcats were ”clean” and soft too, very unagressive. Guess it was a mistake afterall, they were actually supposed to win the championships..

  29. DANITo says:

    kd is a dirty player, i never liked him. he talks trash play dirty. and always get way with this, not this time tho. he always be picking up on little guys. cuz he knows he wont stand a chance with guys his of his size

  30. jc says:

    All year the SIXERS got no calls.Went to the foul line less then any team in the nba.Even when they were in first place.WE GET NO RESPECT even thow we beat boston 2 outof 3 doring the season and beat alt 3 outof 3.the sixers are a better team face it.should be 2-0 sixer.GO SIXERS

  31. Lakers99 says:

    So is everyone just going to forget about the traveling non-call on Iggy? How was that fair, the Celts had momentum at that point and the lack of good reffing could have possibly halted their offensive pace, not to mention it was only a 1 point game. Next time you want to talk about fair reffing don’t look at just one play, look at the whole game and you will understand that this was not a fairly called game for the celtics.

  32. Rog says:

    You just never know what you will get with regards to refs on any night… and that stinks

  33. Say What says:

    The game was lost in multiple ways. You can talk about KG’s moving screen and they also can talk about that bs Turner did. It was clearly a walk and if it wasn’t a walk it was a foul, but the refs did nothing.

  34. Definition of ... says:

    To do the same action over and over expecting different results is the definition of ……
    Seriously KG and Doc expect the refs to adjust to how they want to play!
    Does anyone else think that may have been the problem?
    Refs decide how to call games players adjust.

  35. Kris says:

    You are all dumb why does no1 talk about the free throw Garnett missed after that alley oop and1? Missing that free throw was just as big as the illegal screen.

  36. Carlo says:

    I am a Celtic fan. I can understand the call of the referee about the illegal pick, ok. But it had nothing to do with the way they applied the rules until that point. So it emerges like a wrong note to somebody. Bah. Believe me or not nba refs are a joke to most of the non-american bballers for the way they DON’T apply the rules (traveling most of all). The video rulebook itself is a mess…

  37. Waldo says:

    This blog is so badly written. A high school student would be ashamed of this effort.

  38. kerry says:

    brandon is no good he need to step his game up

  39. karoLT says:

    watever said or done at the end of the day the Sixers played well & won. Celtics,u just lost the GAMe so stop crying n keep ur focus on game 3 ok boys…

    • right says:


  40. SonnyDaye says:

    Sixer fan here. To KG, I would have done what i needed to do to get my teammate open as well. Cant be mad at the man for wanting to win. But, at the same time refs make calls that are right and wrong. Thats what ur subjucted to when the game is close. I would love to see the refs let the players play the game a little rougher, but this is what it has turned into. Call or no call a team won and they still have games to play. SIxers/Celtics, come out rough from the tip, set the tone for the refs. let them know ya’ll came to play not worry about what call is going to be made or not made. Good game 2 Philly, step it up a little more and its in the bag. Good luck Bean town.


    Looks like the dirtiest player in the game didn’t get away with it last night.

  42. Tk1103 says:

    C’mon r u serious? I don’t know if some of u guys were watching basketball games closely in the past? But late in games specially when the score is tied the refs call only the most obvious calls… I agree that this play was not the only reason the celtics lost this game but when u watch the last quarter the sixers made shots and got away with a lot of calls that will never happen again in this series for the sixers i mean the shot by lavoy allen with 0.9 sec left on the clock and that circus shot by turner in the last minute c’mon !!! So yea great win for the sixers but don’t count on that to happen again they had a lot of luck and a lot of things goin their way this game….
    Celtics will win rhis series no doubt

    • justplayball says:

      … far …”In the Past” were you talking about…..10 years–20years–30 or more?????…… You are bitchin because they hit some crucial (oh , I meant “lucky”…not unless it is wade or bronbron shooting -then it is “What A Great Shot” ) shots and then homey celtfan wants the refs to bail them out …AGAIN !! like they are used to having things go……………whaaaa…whaaaa…… just wait till you lose the series…… don’t worry…. the sun will still rise the next morning!!…….. PS: TK1103…the celts lost the game because their heroes were zeroes in the 4th…….stuff happens…..people miss shots…… no big deal….just hit more shots in the next game and they will have a better chance of winning!!

    • Andre says:

      It was an obvious call. People outside the game didn’t realize that because fans are expected to look at the ball. Most fans wouldn’t see the foul even if KG had hit Iguodala in the face, simply because attention is not on screens.

      Referees are supposed to look at the whole game, and you can’t blame them for a correct call.

      You cannot say that a call is obvious only when it’s related with the player holding the ball.

  43. Mike says:

    I like how everyone is commenting on a foul they think should have been called. How about all the (so-called) fouls that decide last minute games that aren’t even fouls at all? The NBA has so many scoring prima donnas now that refs are so afraid to offend; they just hand over shooting fouls at the players request. Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade are the absolute worst offenders. Everytime they get the ball they go down the court and JUMP INTO a defender. When the defender is standing with his feet set, and arms straight up in the air, not moving. THAT IS NOT A FOUL! Sorry Kobe, I know thats how you’ve scored half your points in your career. What more do the refs want a defender to do, lay on the floor as the offensive player is shooting so as not to touch him at all. I forgot, we’re dealing with NBA refs, so that wouldnt work either. The defender on the floor would just get called for a foul because Kobe or Wade landed on them. Anyone who has played any competitve basketball at all knows its a rough game, certainly during the playoffs. Let the players play the game the way it was meant to be played. We dont need refs deciding close games. No one is paying ticket prices to see them anyway!

    • justplayball says:

      …….agree with you about kobe and wade…especially kobe …..real tired of the jumping into the defender act….. BUT about calls late in the game…….. it has ALWAYS been about protecting the ‘darling’ players….no matter how ‘obvious’ the foul is or isn’t !!!!! Just that Simple and Boring and Predictable !!!!!

  44. Danny says:

    I don’t know what on earth you people be talking about, Allright that KG got called for the illegal pick but can anyone tell me this … How the hell can the Sixers can get away with that late traveling to put them ahead by 4 late in the 4th quarter? .. im not taking away credit to the sixers organization but it’s the damn referees that need to do their job CORRECTLY!! .. That they call everything? HELL NO THEY DON’T! … in the ATL series it was the saaame thing that cost Rondo a 1 game suspension.

    P.S.: Charles Barley … If you didn’t win a ring because of Michael Jordan and you go riff raffin’ on TNT about what is wrong & right … That’s not OUR fault bro. Shut Up!

    • justplayball says:

      ……WRONG…..if it were “SOFT” he would not have gotten a foul….what is so hard to understand, celthomey ????? ……. it Was a hard screen and as that joke barkley said…..’his feet were set he just leaned a little” !!….. and that is ‘ILLEGAL”……. plain and simple…..can’t move!! I think he knows the rules, he is just used to, again…..”getting away with it”

  45. BWilson says:

    I do not get how people blame things on the ref by saying

    “I just thought in that situation you let the players decide the game,”.

    The refs call fouls and players commit them, Garnet decided to set a bad pick and thus a player did decide the game. Just because it is late in the game does not mean a refs job is done. It would have been just as unfair to Philly if they did not make the call.

    • Myself says:

      how is he blaming the refs? so if he stated that as an outsider in regards to another game in another series, what would he be doing then? putting blame or stating his opinion? get a brain please…

  46. Andre says:

    “I just thought in that situation you let the players decide the game”

    lol at KG saying those words… They let the players decide the game, he just made a foul and it was called. It was KG that made the wrong play, so it was a player that decided the game.

    When someone is going for a last second shot to win a game and the defender pushes him so hard that he can’t even shot the ball, should the referees ignores the foul under the argument that “You don’t call fouls in the last minute, you let the players decide?”

  47. brian says:

    The Celtics were uninspired and lacked any offense all night. Should we review the tape to see rajon being hit in the face 3 times with no call or how the 6er’s pull and drag people around all night off picks. It was a one sided referred game. Regardless of bads calls all night all over the place the celtics did not execute at all and i’m sorry igodala couldn’t contain a healthy paul pierce in his dreams – fact is pierce is hurt, rondo is hurt, allen is hurt, bradley is hurt and garnett is trying to carry the entire team and as good as he is and as big of a heart as he has – in the playoffs – no way – forever.

    Lets go guys. You know you can crush these guys anytime – how about dedicating yourself to doing it fast and resting up before Miaim – that one may go 7 – lets do this in 5.
    go Celts!!!

  48. phrueben says:

    yes, that was an obvious foul! it wasn’t even a pick, KG reached and pushed the philly player, and he knows it

  49. richard says:

    Philly would have won the game anyway, give the Sixer some respect. Charles Barkley is a complete jack###. Why TNT pays him anything is beyond me. I so glad he never won a ring, he’s a loser. Get him off the air your losing fans because of him.

    • mpceltics says:

      i love charles barkley……Keep him

      • Dennis says:

        Completely agree. I love Charles Barkley as a man could 🙂

        It s not gay, if its a 3-way, baby.

    • Myself says:

      Leave chuck alone. You’re just mad that Chuck stated the truth. Philly can have all the respect they want but that don’t mean they deserve it….plus, lol at ”they would have won anyway”

  50. Zach Gillette says:

    GREAT call. The rules shouldn’t suddenly disappear because of the time on the clock. Michael Smith (creative parents) deserves accolades for not being afraid to make the right call.

  51. Its a game of adjustments and kg needs to adjust to how he sets screens, but the injury to bradley is going to be huge if he can’t play

  52. dd def says:

    “One play at an extremely crucial moment in a playoff game, in particular, that was not executed properly is one reason why this series heads to Philadelphia with home court advantage having changed hands.” ? Doesn’t home court change after game 2 in every series?

    • ArnauIguodala says:

      Home court does change after game 2 in every series. Home court advantage doesn’t. Since the series are tied 1-1, it is now a “best of five” series. The Sixers have 3 games at home remaining, the Celtics 2. The Sixers could only win home games and win the series while the Celtics would have to win 1 road game.

      If the Celtics were up 2-0, they would still have home court advantage since they would only need to win at home to win the series while the Sixer would have to win 2 on the road.

    • Kibbles and Bits says:

      Home court advantage is having the ability to only have to win games at home to win a series, not playing an actual game on your home court. So now that the sixers stole one at the Garden they just have to win all their home games to take the series, hence home court advantage

  53. Kyle says:

    How is no one addressing this ‘controversy’ from the other side? Andre Iguodala has dominated Paul Pierce for two straight games. To allow Paul Pierce to potentially get a wide open three to change the course of that game on a clearly illegal play in which Garnett essentially threw a hockey check at Iguodala, and not call a foul after he’d been rendered a complete non-factor by the excellent defense of Iguodala the entire game because ‘we don’t call late in the game’ is so disrespectful to the effort of Iguodala and the Sixers as a whole.

    Refs did the right thing.

    • Jesuszilla says:

      A hockey check? Really? I’m a Celtic fan and actually agree that a foul should be a foul throughout and am more upset about the calls that weren’t made earlier in the game. But to call that a hockey check is absolutely laughable. In my experience, I’ve seen things like that at the end of games all the time that weren’t called, so it raises questions about this time. But please….stop with the exaggerations, it completely diminishes your point.

      • justplayball says:

        ……It is because you are used to watching a ‘coddled’ cloverleaf team instead of watching basketball…… don’t worry celtfan….I’m sure management will be Very active in the off-season Player Auction with the lakers and the wheeler dealer mr. cuban guy…..good luck with that …. …..PS: for garnett it is no more butt checks either!!!

      • jayson says:

        The Game 5 of Lakers-Nuggets where Pau Gasol made an screen that hit Gallinari down the floor is much more that what KG did, and it wasn’t called offensive foul. Lakers should have been eliminated in Game 6.. That call is really a very bad call by the ref. Game 6 of C’s & Hawks NBA Committee admitted that there’s wrong call on Pierce, good that C’s won or else they will not admit it.

      • imad akel says:

        In KG’s defense, i only have this:

        Look at second 0:05-0:06, watch boozer’s shove under the basket.

        Players are allowed to get away with more at the end of the game. That’s just the way it is. Every1 plays a bit more aggressively to make space for the shot.

        What KG did is nothing compared to Boozer’s shove there. That call with 10 seconds left is a wrong one.

        Next time, instead of warning KG about his moving screens throughout the game and then calling the last one, it should be called throughout the game and that last one should be allowed. I mean you’ve got to admit that’s not the worst pick ever.

    • A Mills says:

      Agreed! If Garnett had gotten away with the blatant moving screen, it might well have cost the Sixers the game. How is THAT fair?

    • Robert says:

      Fans of the game are just upset that the game was essentially determined by the refs. We love to see players make plays, not refs. But, nonetheless, I agree with you–the other side of the issue should be addressed. That shot would not have been contested because of the illegal screen in which Garnett clearly swung his body and arm out to clear Iguodala.
      Its tough to say it, but the refs definitely made the right call, hence Garnett not even arguing the call.

      • justplayball says:

        FANS–Real Fans , my friend , want good(read clean) basketball, not the same ‘ol, same ‘ol……..YOU mean you want to let the players play ONLY if it is YOUR team……. If the other team got away with what the celts get away with YOU would be screaming bloody murder…. but when the tables are turned ….it “let the players play”……. I say FINE….. IF the players(garnett) play within the rules….. otherwise just go out and play with whatever ‘rules’ you want OR don’t want!!

    • Gaz says:

      Totally agree. I have no idea the rules would be any different in late games..that would be the most stupidest professional sports rule.
      Last year, after losing to the Heat, Doc was saying that his team lost due to their “good shots that didn’t fall but their (Heat’s) bad shots that fall. The only good shots are the ones that fell! Shocked that a professional coach denies that.
      Doc is heck of a coach but he does have tendency to lay blames after losing.

      • justplayball says:

        … is the celtic way!!

      • Myself says:

        if Doc likes to lame blame wtf is KG up here addressing these folks talkin about it is what it is? don’t you think if Doc was laying blame, the rest of the team will be too? FOH

    • Spiller says:

      well said

    • cbeagan says:

      kyle i agree that the kg screen was absolutely a foul, as a celtics fan i can’t really argue that, it was ridiculous. But to say iguodala is the reason pierce is struggling is just not true. In that game pierce looked awful he wasn’t hitting wide open shots that he makes on a regular basis and it was clear that his knee was bothering him a lot more than he’s letting on. he couldn’t even jog on it last night. Pierce only hit 2 shots and i think iguodala is a great defender, but pp only attempted 9 shots. That’s not pierce’s game. even if he is shooting 0-10 agianst an even better defender than ai like ron artest he’ll keep firing up shots or at least try to get to the line because he has an unwavering confidence in his abilities as a scorer.. He wasn’t even looking for the ball last night because he was hurt. I think the celtics should’ve went with mickael pietrus down the stretch he was playing much better.

      • justplayball says:

        ……yeah….it was the knee !!………endless excuses…… ’bout he just missed some shots and had a BAD game…… no…that doesn’t happen does it??? It is ALWAYS something else……..celtfan can’t have their way so it is blame others time…..lmao…… go-philly!!!

      • JTNWhat says:

        Here’s what Pierce said:
        “The knee was fine,” he said. “I wore my knee brace today.”

        The 76ers aren’t relying on an injury to slow down Pierce. Coach Doug Collins credited Andre Iguodala for restricting the Celtics captain.

        “As I’ve said before, I feel like Andre Iguodala is a premiere defensive player at his position,” said Collins. “We played Boston this year three times, we played Atlanta three times, and Indiana four times. And we had seven wins against those three teams, three premiere teams in the Eastern Conference. A big part of that was we have a guy that makes Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, or Danny Granger work hard every single night and we don’t have to double team, and he fights through all the picks and he has long arms, and he’s strong and he’s quick.”


    • Gareth says:

      I agree it was an illegal screen. KG stuck his arm out to stop Igoudala from getting past…But it was nowhere near a “hockey check”… That was probably as soft a screen as KG had set all career

    • justplayball says:

      ….NO KIDDING !!!!! Just like they would NOT address the shameful ‘missed call’ at the end of the last series……. You(nbadotcoms’s writers) see fit to whine with boston about a call that “Should” have been called ….sayin’ it was ‘too late in the game to call it…… what hypocrites !!!!! ….. Again, like he was aptly called out by the ATL. co-owner!! garnett was just doin what he ALWAYS does …….. see how long he can ‘get away with it’…… Well last night it was about THAT long…… Great call by the officials……please stay the same way …… call it like it is no matter ” WHO” or “WHICH TEAM” it is !!!!!

      • cbeagan says:

        justplayball i see that you’ve responded to just about every post on this article saying the same thing i think the big problem is the discrepancy in playoff experience. As a sixers fan you’ve at most watched a grand total of about 30 sixer playoff games in the last 10 years. That’s including the 8 you’ve had this year. As a celtic fan that’s watched 81 playoff games just in the last 5 years you pickup that in the last minute of a one possession game, you really have to mug someone to get a foul called. Like when your team got away with that blatant travel that put you up 4 late in the game. If that had happened in the first then it would’ve been called but in the playoffs they let a lot of things go. Which is why everyone is surprised by the call. Was it a foul? of course it was. should it have been called? most people would say no and that you let them play late in the game. That’s how the playoffs work. congrats on the first round win though it must have meant a lot beating chicago’s reserves.

    • justplayball says:

      ……PS:…… garnett’s mouth never stopped trash talkin’ last night……..did you notice, everytime he was gain’ downcourt after a made basket he would just do everything short of pounding his chest! He is disgraceful !!

      • justplayball says:

        …..”goin’ downcourt…..”

      • heh says:

        Actually he wasn’t trash talking, he was talking to himself. And if you think he is the only one that trash talked last night then you must be blind.

      • Myself says:

        YOU are disgraceful, at least he has a job and I’ll bet all my money that you don’t have a sound job

      • skeeds says:

        Yeah cause trashtalking is a disgrace for the game. What the hell are you talking about? Basketball IS about trashtalking, and staring people down, and sticking your tongue out to them as you drive by them, and swearing in their face. Like AI, like Bird, Jordan and Reggie Miller.
        You know what a disgrace is? The plastic, fake reactions that media advisors plaster on your favorite stars faces, so that they don’t spoil their market value, acting all nice and respectful no matter what. Making headlines cause they didn’t shake hands
        KG’s the real deal, dude. He’s been trashtalking and swearing and giving people looks since 1995. He’s probably the most high energy player who ever played. Don’t like him, your problem.

    • heh says:

      The fact is that the young AI is not thw ONLY factor affecting PP. He is also dealing with an ankle injury and if you haven’t noticed, most of shots lately have no arc and are flat. THAT is because of the injury, not because of AI. Granted AI has been laying tremendous defense but this issue is not one dimensional.

    • cp3 says:

      you should watch all of the picks ever set in the nba, or at least this season, and i guarantee 60 percent will be what softees like you call illegal. and ill bet that 99 percent of them are uncalled. I love basketball, but i see why some other sport players dont call it a manly sport.