@NBA Twitter Feed Tops 5 Million

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — We’re still more than a few weeks away from some team claiming the Larry O’Brien trophy, but we can go ahead and crown the undisputed champ of professional sports leagues on Twitter.

The NBA wins in a runaway.

The NBA’s Twitter feed has a robust 5 million-plus, and counting, followers (5,011, 814 as of this morning). That dwarfs the National Football League’s 3,332,082, Major League Baseball’s 2,044,861 and the National Hockey League’s 1,166,503.

World Wrestling Entertainment also has about 1.1 million followers and the world’s soccer governing body, FIFA, has almost 800,000 followers.

It certainly can’t hurt that many of the league’s biggest stars — LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and many others — are all active on this particular social networking platform.

James, the 2011-12 KIA Most Valuable Player award winner, tops the league on Twitter as well with 4,495,705 followers. TNT’s own and recently retired future Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal has the largest Twitter flock with more than 5,598,557. They both rank among the top four pro athletes (active or retired) in followers.


  1. Coach Dee says:

    Well, not all pro-athletes has twitter accounts.

    Remember the time twitter crashed after an official KOBE BRYANT twitter account was created?

  2. Antwan says:

    Well obviously, no other pro league in America has the global pull the NBA has. The NBA is the planet’s main basketball fraternity, all other American sports are largely insular. It would actually be more surprising if it wasn’t the case.

  3. TCP says:

    Look closer, it says SHAQ centre. I think its a personal gym/gym he donated when playing on the heat. Could be wrong tho

  4. Woah! says:

    I can’t believe that James has more than 4 million followers. I wonder how many haters James has..

    • Coach Dee says:

      [Heat Huddle]

      Coach Spo: “It’s the 4th Quarter. Winning time guys…”, “LBJ, I need you to………………….”

      LeBron: zOooooOOOOooooommmmmmm.

  5. Jason says:

    0:48 When did he go to the Heat training facility? Are retired players allowed in training facilities for workouts?

    • guy says:

      0:50 dude “Shaq Center”

      when did he go to his house? are retired places allowed in their own houses?