LeBron’s Bricks: Gagged Or Gassed?

MIAMI – Two games in, LeBron James has led the Miami Heat in points, in rebounds and in assists both nights. He has done that 22 times in his postseason career, leading his team outright in all three categories, the most by any player in NBA history. Larry Bird is next — with 13.

But …

James scored 10 points in the fourth quarter of Game 2 of Miami’s Eastern Conference semifinal series against Indiana and is averaging 8.6 points in the final period of the Heat’s seven playoff games this spring. He played all 24 minutes of the second half and just shy of 43 minutes in the game. He led all scorers with 28 points, outscoring the man guarding him, Indiana’s Danny Granger, by 17. He earned his way to the foul line like no one else Tuesday at AmericanAirlines Arena, taking more free throws (13) and making more (8).

But …

He did it again. Or rather, didn’t do it.

James missed two free throws with 54.3 seconds left. Two free throws that could have put the Heat up 77-76 and shifted pressure onto the Pacers, who had led by as much as nine points earlier in the quarter.

James missed those free throws one possession after Indiana’s Paul George missed two, himself. But no one will talk about, dissect or maybe even remember George’s because of who he is. And almost everyone will do the above – and worse – to James’ because of who he is.

Mr. Fourth-Quarter, Playoff Game Choker. That’s the rep, anyway.

It’s unfair — that’s my view — but it sure makes for good sport. Never mind the games where James doesn’t choke down the stretch. Forget all James does over the first 36 or 42 minutes to put his team in position to even come up short in a close game. Overlook the failings of teammates, such as Dwyane Wade — who missed his final four shots Tuesday, including a layup to tie with 16.8 seconds left.

But no, it came down to James clanging at crunch time.

“Well, you go practice them and you go to the free-throw line and shoot them just the way you practice,” he said, going second-person when asked about them after Game 2. “You hope for them to go in. Those last two didn’t go for me. The game isn’t lost or won with those two free throws but I definitely want to come through for my teammates. But I’ll get another opportunity. I know I’ll be at line again in that situation.”

That makes it sound far more anecdotal than some big ominous incapability. And an ESPN.com breakdown of James’ play earlier this month revealed a player whose performance actually went up late in games in 2011-12. The stats study showed James, who led the NBA with a 30.8 PER rating, actually boosted that to efficiency measure to 33.1 in fourth quarters. The Clippers’ Chris Paul (38.7) was the only player in the league who was better over the final 12 minutes.

Granted, thriving in fourth quarters from December through April isn’t the same as doing it in the closing minutes of tight postseason games.

There is one possible explanation for James’ struggles late in playoff games. Think about it: They come at the end of a long season and, if a game is close, those crucial moments of success or failure come near the end of a long night. One reason that seemed to emerge for James’ strong play late in games this season was a Miami rotation that had the MVP getting more rest in the second half, keeping him fresh for those hero opportunities.

So what did we see in Game 2 against Indiana? James played the entire second half. And when it came to the foul line in the fourth, he made 2-of-2 early in the period, went 1-of-2 at 5:33 and 4:30, then maybe was short on oomph on the two he missed in the final minute.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra sure made it sound like fatigue was to blame rather than choking. “He’ll never make an excuse,” Spoelstra said. “I wish I could have gotten him a minute or two [of rest] in the fourth quarter but because of the hole we dug there was no way to do it.”

So which is it: Tight or tired? Gagged or gassed? Discuss.


  1. Sawyer says:

    Gagged. Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant all want the ball in that situation. No matter how tired they are, they want the ball. They choose to either fail or succeed for the team, putting all of the weight on their shoulders is what they want. They want the game to be decided by their final clutch play that tops off a night that may have been spectacular or mediocre. Lebron doesn’t want it. Until he puts that weight on his shoulders, he can’t push to the next level and win some championships.

  2. Michael says:

    Guys, it was because of Lebron that they even came close well dont blame lebron because he does everything for his team now! How come you guys dont pick on Wade, look he missed his last 2 shot that could of tied or took the led of the game !

    • abreezy says:

      People like you are why I blame Lebron. Y’all label him as batman and say he does everything for his team, so if he doesn’t score in the last few minutes, when he has two FREE throw attempts to put them up by one or tie, he deserves scrutiny. It’s disrespectful that D-Wade is now the number two guy for the same franchise that he won a championship for, but if he is, don’t ask people like me why we blame Lebron instead of Dwyane Wade who has proven himself as clutch for a loss like that.

  3. Miami Boy says:

    I don’t think being tired is a completely valid excuse for missing those free throws. I don’t think lack of clutch-ness is an reason either. There probably isn’t any valid excuse for missing two free throws to put your team up in the final seconds. You make some – you miss some and that’s just how the game goes.

  4. pablo.blue says:

    man, this is funny just one game and everybody’s jumping on the lack-of-stars Pacers. Please don’t forget; single handed either lebron or dwade can beat Indiana..they are superstars. You saw what happened the celtics game versus 76ers they “lost in a similar fashion”. As this is a best of seven round, 1 game out of 5 would not win you the series.

    oh and i’m a believer in wade and lebron avenging that loss.

  5. Wanchu says:

    Lebrick said, NOT only one, NOT only two,NOT only three, NOThing will come for them this year, even the championship ring. Way to go… PACERS; as the heaven above, you will win the series.

  6. heatfan says:

    try using eddy curry once in a while in center and put turiaf in the power forward spot. it would relieve james playing the 4 position and playing his normal position. eddy is a proven scorer and a 7 footer which could bang bodies with hibbert.

  7. Christian M says:

    When are we going to realize that this dude is athletic hype? Sure he’s the greatest athlete we have seen recently, but he’s no different than Dwight. Oversized athletes that get numbers because of their size. There is little actual skill that has been developed, hence the lack of closing games. He is not tired, he doesn’t know what to do in that situation. They should let Wade close the games, mostly because he is proven and is not afraid to have the weight on his shoulders.

    When are we going to stop giving out MVPs based on hype? It is like how Yao got all those all-star nods. The possibility is there, the size and dominance is there, but the results are not. Fans love him. The press loves him, so he gets attention. We forget he is no rookie anymore, and after NINE seasons, he could be just as empty handed in the ring department as Shane Battier.

    Don’t sleep on the shooting performances of Kobe and Durant (the real MVP this year). Kobe has only one MVP but five rings, and I bet he is happier to have the rings than personal recognition. Until the King gets a reliable midrange jump shot, he will continue athletic highlights and postseason wishful thinking. I hope he doesn’t get injured before he gets anything. He has been very lucky so far.

  8. abreezy says:

    People need to stop defending Lebron. He is a great fourth quarter player when he is winning, but not so when he is losing. It’s one thing if this topic of Lebron not being clutch came up only this year, but it’s been going on since his days in Cleveland. He is very talented, but don’t make the excuse that he was tired, because there have been many games where he plays even more minutes while they are up and he does great. Those numbers about his efficiency rising in the fourth are true, but misleading. The people who record these stats should check his efficiency in the last couple of minutes in the game when they are losing; let’s see how those numbers add up.

  9. Marco Polo says:

    we miss Chris Bosh :(:(

  10. chum54 says:

    heat would be one of the worst teams in nba without lebron. Lebron haters should be able to admit that because its obvious. say whatever you want about him missing free throws but they wouldnt be in the game without him

  11. pepe says:

    Stop blaming our coach Spoelstra!!!!
    he is doing very well what he can do best: being INNEFECTIVE ,Lost when designing strategies ,wearing off Lebron/Wade, ignoring the Bench and……….. still ………. Learning . learning ……learning through the playoffs!!!!
    What else he can do? How much more do you expect from Him?..C’mon

  12. Shauntee says:

    Im a Heat fan and Spurs fan. ill tell you what set these to teams apart…..I dont blame Lebron or DWade or even Bosh, i blame Spo. He is so narrow minded. All he see in his vision his Lebron and Dwade the rest of the players are in his blind spot. He has plenty of plays for those two guys, but for the rest of the guys if lebron or dwade happen to give you the ball then you can shoot. He does not know how to create offense for the supporting cast. Which we all know is a big part of basketball If spo can get out of lebron and dwade butt for awhile and stop trying to be liked by them and just be a coach then we could be a really good team. I notice coach spo never yells at lebron or dwade, like they never make mistakes. But you will see coach pop get on to tim, parker or manu. And pop can get unknown name players to perform just as good as parker, tony and manu. Thats what makes a good coach. Not to befriend them but to coach them, so everyone his playing on a high level of basketball!

  13. xavier says:

    Blame the team coach to lose the game and james and wade to settle for shooting only and 1 on 1 when they lead the pacers. No team playing at all.

  14. AAA says:


  15. ghaninned says:

    some of the posts that i ve read here disappoint me very much. as a person who only gets to watch few games and follows up most of the leagues’ action over the internet i must say this was bad writing by steve. i think you were too biased. all your thoughts were focused on LBJ and none considered the fact that basketball is a team sport not a one man show. as a basketball player/fan i am very disappointed especially since pages like these are sometimes to us our only source of information about the NBA. although i ddnt get to watch the games live i think LBJ’s efforts are worthy of the MVP honor that he got. as for the last loss i don’t think missing out on those free throws decided the game. the heat still had another shot at the win that Wade blew up. why not rewrite this to Wade a choker cause that’s been the trend for him these days(missing last minute shots). whenever i read posts on this website it is always about LBJ chocking LET THE KING BE. it’s time you find something else to write about. the next time you write things of this sort have people like us in your thoughts, people who depend sorely on the internet to follow up on the game they love the most.
    FROM Tanzania, the home of Hasheem Thabeet

  16. john says:

    im disgusted that lebron gets the blame cause u guys are not doing anything!!!!

  17. john says:

    chalmers battier miller anthony turiaf wtf are u all doing? letting someone else take the blame because u cant pull your weight? wake up and start playing guys…. are u just there for the money???

  18. clubbizarre says:

    funny, how you haters come up with a bag of fake statistics on lebrons late game performances (btw statistics show the contrary: he is very effective in 4th) instead of a BAG OF STFU !

    lebron had a huge game, played amazing defense, was exhausted to the very end but still drove to the basket, getting fouled. then he missed the FT’s. meanwhile, wade was rested and he missed pretty much everything other than dunks. and he might have had a couple of blocked shots, but poor defense otherwise.

    most of you must be kobetards, so tell me how kobe was so clutch against the thunder in game 2: 2 TO’s , 1 airball, 1 missed 3 and blake took last shot.

    Say what? Can’t hear you. LeBron will kill the Pacers in the next 2 games.

  19. LBJ is a choker and a sore looser. He dug himself a hole. I wish he never wins a Ring.

  20. Sean says:

    Hey Ieave the crisps out of this

  21. Sean says:

    Just remember that the pacers can play better 2 Danny Roy and collision can all lift and with no big man present it’s definitely game on

  22. bowcheck says:

    How come no one is talking about D-Rose missing 2 for 2 freethrows at the end of the game
    He did it in the NCAA finals and he does it still but Yall give lebron all the blame

  23. fak u haters says:

    I just don’t get these peoples, who just hate on him.. he does everything on both end of the floor by himself every freakin night! Kobe misses 10more shots in every game & makes games tight but makes last shot, and that makes him a GOD ?! wtf! durant didn’t play well against dallas. Lebron plays like MVP should in every game! so HATERS, STFU! u guys know nothing about basketball and im from freakin Finland! xD

  24. Sjsavedbygrace says:

    If the Heat need any advice they should read this thread, seems like there are 100 LIVING ROOM EXPERTS…. It’s not hard to criticise someone for not being ‘CLUTCH’ when you are sitting on the couch stuffing your face with crisps.. Take Lebron out, the pacers sweep the series. He will bounce back and probably hit a game winner before the end of this playoff run… Then people will whinge about something else – Haters gunna hate.

  25. chris says:

    he needs to REST and coach spo should trust other players while james is out…

  26. Marvin Zuniega says:

    Yeah it was at tight game, but I think it’s a normal atmosphere during a playoff game, everybody is playing tough. The real reason why they come up short was because there most valuable player was exhausted, they could’ve give him a rest for the first 3 minutes of the final quarter or maybe 4 minutes in the final 24 minutes of that game it could be a big help, Yeah, Lebron missed that potential free throws but you cannot put the blame on it, Lebron made 28 points D-wade has 24 I think the blame should be given coach Erik and the rest the rest of the guys who only converted 9 of their 34 shots, if the rest of the guys will not take it to the next level and step up, they will never have that ring, in their dreams maybe. . . 🙂

  27. LakersRus says:

    Lebron James had one heck of a game! Wade and James were exhausted after that 4th quarter they carried the team! They do need Bosh that’s for sure!

  28. Bruce says:

    Many of you are missing the point of his article. Sure many of the greats missed many game winning shots. D-Wade also did miss a layup in the last minute. However, game winning shots are CONTESTED.

    LeBron missed two free-throws being defended by… NO ONE.

    There’s a reason why they call it the CHARITY stripe.

    Face it. He choked.

    It doesn’t take away from the player that he is but HE CHOKED. I’d be pissed if I were a Miami fan.

  29. yhame says:


  30. Brazil says:

    Man…like someone said above, the miami heat`s main problem is the LACK of DEPTH…i`m a heat fan and if they dont do something about it..winning a championship will be very very hard and i`m concerned about the upcoming series IF they defeat the pacers

  31. mikelowry 3124 says:

    I watched that entire game and the fact of the matter is Lebron is exhausted but thats no excuse champions play thru exhaustion..The heat will still make the finals but they have no bench and anthony taruriaf and haslem just dont cut it…Lebron held David West pretty god shut down danny grnager yet again , and held paul george as well THe heat are asking to much of lebron , SInce when does a superstar player in his prime(d wade ) get to rest for an entire quarter. I dont get it everytime i look up d wade is on the bench resting..THe heat will have problems in the finals against okc or san antonio…IF miami Wins the championship it will be solely because of lebron, and if they lose it will be solely because of lebron as well. D wade is playing the worst out of all the allstars in the playoffs

  32. luxbet says:

    I agree with Ashburner in this article. However, a lot of the blame for tonights loss needs to go on the officials, NOT on LeBron OR Wade.http://fastbreak.yardbarker.com/blog/fastbreak/officials_doing_heat_no_favorsnot_by_a_long_shot/10802945

  33. Chucklez says:

    its very simple…and people continue to overlook it…coach spoelstra is garbage, his rotation is worse and they dont run any offensive plays other than 1v1 wade n lebron. let the shooters in the game…give players rest maybe the bench that he never uses can spark something up and the star players can feed off of that. turiaf has tremendous heart and will give u 110% no matter what but he stopped playing, i dont understand why. 8 man rotation…in a playoff series? are you kidding me? let the stars rest and you will get great results…simple as that!!!

  34. james says:

    it was fatigue. he played the whole 3rd and 4th q. 🙂

  35. Bullsfan says:

    Listen up guys! LEBRON AND WADE chocked. You can call me a hater or a bulls fanboy all you want but I am also a basketball fan. And ANY fan can see that the HEAT need to stop CHOCKING! You wanna know what happened to the bulls when they chocked? They are probably getting ready to watch game 3 now while Rose and Noah are in rehab…

  36. knickfan212 says:

    He choked! But, he was right,sometimes they go in and sometimes they don’t. Those two free throws didn’t lose the game.Ray Allen shoots inthe high 80’s or 90’s and i’ve seen him miss 4 in a row. It happens.

  37. lebron fan says:

    maybe if everyone would get off lebron’s case and quit giving him a hard time, he wouldn’t be under so much pressure to be what everybody wants. Just think about all the pressure he is under trying to present a good image to his fans and his haters!

  38. Jared says:

    Can’t wait for Lebron to get this monkey of his back. The day when he wins his first championship, all these media sycophants will have to find some new argument to make against him. It is ridiculous. And this is coming from a non-Miami fan.

  39. dew says:

    Miami is the new Flop city. Not only do they flop to get calls, but they flop games as well. James missed two key free throws and wade missed a lay up. Each potentially game changing as they would have altered Indiana’s game plans tremendously. They Heat have good defense and probably would of came up with a turn over off of Indiana trying to get a good shot to try and win. But they became their own worst enemies. Loved how Wade tried to flop on the missed lay up to try and get a call and how Chalmers flopped on the final 3 of the game to try and get a call as well. They wonder why they don’t win. Instead of flopping, they just need to put the ball in the hole and play team defense. Sure they will miss Bosh, but not as much as missed key free throws down the stretch and missed lay ups. The Heat might miss Bosh in a finals against San Antonio or OKC, or Eastern finals against Boston (KG) or Philly (Brand) but not against Indiana. Indiana’s bigs do not play like bigs. Only West is a phyiscal type player on D but not a great post guy. Lebron could guard West better than Bosh probably. Hibbert just needs any ”body” to guard him to disrupt his game. Indiana going to win this series if the Heat do not rebound, make free throws, or layups, or play defense. And everyone always wonders why Lebron will not give you change for a dollar. Because he will not give you a 4th quarter! If you want to be a hero, you have to make the simple free throws as well as the flashy dunks. Just ask Kobe and Michael who know how to come through in the clutch.

  40. Vincenzo says:

    The reason this whole discussion is even happening is because of how many times Lebron has failed. Yes, Jordan missed some game winning shots but Lebron seems to do it much more frequently then any other superstar in the game of basketball.Kevin Durant my have lost the MVP to Lebron but he defiantly own the 4th quarter MVP

  41. JackSparrow says:

    I am not a Heat or LeBrons fan but I gotta support him. In my eyes it neither Lebrons or Wade’s fault for their losses last year and even this year (yes they wont win championships). The man to blame is coach Spoelstra. You simply cannot win championships or multiple championships with a coach like him. This team needs a coaching change, someone who can guide these superstars better cos they have the talent and skills that could rule the NBA for years. I’m surprised Pat Riley doesnt see it.

  42. dANKO says:


    • Bob says:

      Kobe is the only player (at this level) that gets all the credit and none of the blame… If the lakers win, its all kobe… if they lose, people go after gasol and bynum… If lebron played like kobe did today you would never hear the end of it.

  43. NBA BIG MAN FAN says:

    Lebron James is a great player. The King of basketball. But still, that doesn’t mean he’s going to make all of the shots. I mean (and I’m not blaming the coach) he played the whole 2nd half. Even Michael Jordan or Reggie Miller would have been tired after that. Everyone has their good days and bad days. Michael Jordan didn’t always make the game winning free throws. He missed these two, but look at how many times he’s made them, how many times he scored the buzzer beating 3s to win the game. It was just that he was a little tired. Just watch it, game three will be owned by the Heat. They will win the finals this year, and Lebron will get his first ring.

  44. god says:

    LeBron James gets so much heat it is hilarious. He deserves it though, he brought it on himself.

  45. Stop Making Excuses says:

    It’s not as bad for Paul George to miss his because he is not MVP and his team wasn’t down by one in the final minute. Stop making excuses for Lebron. He missed those shots because he chokes. End of story.

  46. Revab says:


  47. Showbaba says:


  48. kobe says:

    plain and simple..he his afraid to take the big shot in clutch moments..as u can tell by the final 4 min of the game..he just stands in the corner ..MVP WANT THE BALL

  49. chiick-nba says:

    Everyone is so quick to Blame some one . gosh , the series isn’t over Yet . it was only GAME 2 . . .
    I believe the Heat will take off on Pacers 3rd Game . It’s time that Heat need to realize , to not let people
    push they around . in games like this . toughen up and show people who’s boss lol . Not only Lebron but the whole team .
    but anyways series not OVER calm your horses . I Think this is a wake up call for heat to not do that again Next game . cause the Heat is not ganna not let them go off that easy .

  50. drdanknuggets says:

    yea but jordan won championships, he missed free throws in the regular season. he lost games, but when it came down to it he took it to another level and won the games he needed to win to get 6 championships. lebron is no longer in his prime. he reached his peak last year. he is no at a plateau and he can either continue to cruise or will start to dwindle he lost his window

  51. Leo says:

    Lebron will never win a title. He couldn’t hold Magic , Michael or Larry’s jock strap.

  52. Believer says:

    I have a good idea!!

    Let Miami play 1 game with Lebron just sitting on the bench and watch the team play. We’ll see the outcome of the game. Who among you here thinks that Miami could win without LBJ on the floor? pls reply..

  53. chiick-nba says:

    Lebrons an awesome player , . of course he wants to win , But he can’t do it alone .
    All the Heat players including Lebron needs to fix some things Right NOW , If they wanna win a championship .
    and that includes making free throws , taking Rebounds , taking shots , and Toughen up . cause Indiana is not a soft team.
    Heat Needs too Show who’s Boss too . I Love the Heat . i belive they could do it .

  54. Foulpowl says:

    Blame all on lebron.. why? for piggy backing to another superstars team.. LOL oh he choke time and time again.. Trololol

  55. Mike says:

    Stop making excuses to justify voting James the MVP he is not even the MVP of the Heat,but the voters continue to give him the award.It seems the voters have a man crush on him,they vote like cows coming in from the pasture,One leads and the rest follow,Kobe and Durant are clearly the MVP’s of the NBA In any order.The people that vote couldnt Vote for a kindergarden Princess.

  56. Brian says:

    I really don’t understand why everyone commenting thinks that the author of this article is a ‘Heat hater’. The whole point of the article is defending Lebron and providing possible reasons/excuses as to why he missed the free throws. He even says that Lebron is unfairly criticized!!! wtf are you all reading???

    • THA TRUTH says:

      This guy scored 10 points in the 4th quarter. Last time I checked he scores more points in the 4th than anyone else. The only time he failed was on those two freethrows but D-wade chocked a WIDE OPEN LAYUP AND MISSED 4 STRAGIHT SHOTS.You guys need to check yourselves he played a great game and chalmers missed a WIDE OPEN 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so who really chocked???

    • Jack Hines says:

      I’m a Bulls fan and Jordon came up short many times. In the payoffs, he was often not “the man.” Remember Paxson beating Lakers in game five in 1991, Steve Kerr in 1997 NBA final. The Bench in 1992 final. LeBron is great, but, unfortunately, everybody misses putts now and then. If it was easy, they wouldn’t make them shoot the free throws.

  57. AVC's New Order says:


  58. No Excuses says:

    I can’t believe the Heat and all the Heat fans keep making the Chris Bosh excuse. Yes bosh is injured, so what, get over it. The Heat have been so much luckier with injuries than the other top teams in the east, so stop complaining. Bulls lost Rose and Noah. Magic lost Howard. Hawks lost Pachulia and Horford (for most of series), Celtics lost O’Neal, Wilcox, Green and are playing with injuries to Pierce, Ray, Bradley, Pietrus. I can’t believe Wade and Lebron keep making excuses….

  59. zliu9947 says:


  60. Michael Bova says:

    Hey, for once lets give my Pacers credit for winning!!! Not just disappointment for the Heat losing!

  61. Galul says:

    I’m sure that those who commented LBJ choked are those who didn’t watch the game! Truth of the fact is, he is EXHAUSTED! Their coach Spo should be replaced! Yah, sure, Spo is coaching 2 dynamic stars (Bosh is no star by the way) but he has NO plays! He has been relying on Wade’s and LBJ’s skills for ALL plays. So if you’ve seen the game, LBJ is SPENT! Why on earth would Spo tire his players like that (and honestly, that has been their downfall since last season’s playoff)! Am not defending James since there are games we’re really disappointed with him but there’s no way Miami will win with the current strategy of Spolestra!!!

  62. niks says:

    reggie hit clutch shots..so what..00000 rings…stop finding blame in lebron and wade..the rest of the team scored 24 points last night.if the guys played well it would not have been close

  63. Keyon says:

    This how the rest of the series is gonna look for Miami. Constant isolation and stagnant offense with no spacing of the floor. Bosh was an outlet for LeBron and Wade and without him there, Indiana can just clog the paint since they dont have to respect Haslem, Turiaf or Anthony which means its also gonna be hard for their shooters to get good looks

  64. maria juanita says:

    LBJ chokes in the forth..everyone knows that
    look at Kobe, MJ, Larry, Magic..the true masters of the game can control the nerves at the end when it matters..
    Lebron is a great player but he is nowhere near the masters..
    Who would you take from active players to take a last shots..of coarse Kobe
    and I would even take durant…Dirk and Dwade before him anyday..

  65. OutsideEye says:

    It’s always the star player who gets the blame (btw that’s why they get the $$$ and fame). LBJ is by far one of the most complete basketball player playing today, and one of the best all time.
    Being the center piece makes everyone focus on him… but hey, Shaq missed quite a few free throws (uhumm… hack-a-shaq) but no one said he did not help win games.
    LBJ carries the heat over his shoulders… to win games, basketball games that is, you need a team. Having a big trio is a big plus… but role players are important.

    If ever LBJ doesn’t win it, it won’t be because he is not the clutch player everyone expects him to be (incidently wade is the finisher so far), nor the fact that they had injuries (Bosh). Neither the fact that they don’t have a bench… (yeah yeah the 3 took all the $$$).

    Great performance from the trio will give an edge… to win, the bench has to rise to the occasion. Heat needs x-factor players to rise just this one game and imho they can make it.

    Now i am not a heat or LBJ fan. My say about the this 2012 championship is freshness will be the key!
    Injuries have plagues many teams… and not just role players but key players. Down the stretch of this playoff, unfortunately i bet there will be more casualties.
    OKC has young guns that physically can still take that much. This playoff is all different.
    Experience win championships… but i think in this one, the fresher team will have the edge by far (OKC and LAC have a good shot this year just because of this).

    Finaly word, give LBJ credit for what he is. He’s a monster on the court.

  66. jelox says:

    The Pacers are trained to give hard fouls. Bosh was out of the series because of a hard foul. The Heat should give these Pacers a dose of their own. It p#%## me off seeing Heat players being hurt.

  67. Aleks says:

    I would say give it to U. Haslem in the last 2 minutes. They need to create plays and not the standard 1 one 1.

  68. HEAT NATION says:

    The heat bench asusual was not sound in offensive end.But their defense was very good i game 2.Lebron and wade cant miss soo many shots ..They were not effective with the opportuities they got.Hope they come back very strong and finish off the series.

  69. W/E says:

    it seems that without chris bosh the heat cant be a championship team,but even with bosh they got two major disanvantages,the COACH and the friggin useless BENCH

  70. Ras Tafari says:

    Who coached Jordan when he won his championships? who coached Shaq? who coached Magic? who coached Kobey? Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. Point is , great palyers win championships because thay had great coaches. Jordan insisted on having Jackson as coach. Who coach Charles Barkley? who coached Lebron? who is coaching Lebron? good coaches not great coaches. By the way, the Spurs have a great coach, and there are a couple of anomalies. So before the talking heads tear into Lebron, remember the coach needs to step up; Kobey and Jordan did not win anything without Phil Jackson.

    • NBAfan says:

      You have the mentality of a loser…..the series haven’t even ended yet, and you are already COMING UP WITH EXCUSES….oh man…..you need to grow up like Lebron….it’s 2-1 for the pacers. If you’re the best player in the league, you need to believe you will still win…..and you need to deliver.

      Lebron, don’t be like your fans here….crumbling to the pressure already…

      you know…Kobe fans will stick by kobe even if he shoots 1 out of 10…and he still thinks he can win….

      Lebron can get a triple double but they’ll lose and his fans start making excuses that it’s everyone else, not him…..I don’t think Lebron thinks he can win….it’s really sad….too much doubt in his face….and it’s because HIS FANS don’t give him support…..JUST BELIEVE HE WILL PREVAIL…no MATTER WHAT….

  71. baker says:

    Always got to give the man excuses? Oh he was tired, his teammates let him down, he’s worn down after a tough season. The media cooing of LBJ is insane. Maybe it’s time to just admit he might be a tad overrated? All this hype about the greatest ever and Jordan comparisons. Ten years in and he’s proven himself a choker when it matters. First round and Game1 heroics matter very little if you come up soft multiple times in the Finals. He isn’t tired, he quits. He quit on Cleveland and he quits on Miami. He has never had the eye of a champion or the desire to capture it all. With his talents, he could easily have won several. But he won’t ever win one because he has no heart WHEN IT MATTERS MOST. That’s it period. At least he has some good highlight reels though.

  72. Tazzerman says:

    Full disclosure, I’m a HUGE lifelong Pacers fan, since the old ABA days in fact!

    The Pacers are doing it ‘old school’. It’s known as team basketball. Everybody looking for the open man and hot hand. Unselfish offensive play coupled with covering the paint and the boards like nobody’s business. Without Bosh, the Heat are one dip shy of a picnic. The Pacer bench will and has outplayed the Miami bench something fierce.

    All that being said, LBJ and Wade are STILL a very potent force on the court. Either one of them is capable of taking over a game and winning it. LBJ’s defense of Granger has been perfect, evidenced by Grangers HUGE fall off in points.

    Anybody who thinks that LBJ wasn’t dog tired at the end of the game last night after playing the entire 4th quarter without rest has probably never actually PLAYED basketball. He was spent/beat. His legs where gone and its really NOT all that surprising he missed both F/T attempts.

    What this series HAS shown is the serious lack of depth in both the Heats bench and the other 3 players on the court with Wade and :LBJ. Without a supporting case of characters and some offensive production from either the bench or the other guys, the Heat are TOAST. Especially so in Bankers Life Fieldhouse. TRUST ME the crowd WILL be into it, will be load and the atmosphere will be electric.

    Unless something TRULY bad happens, I predict the Pacers win this in 6….

  73. Jason says:

    I’m a Spurs fan who likes the Heat. He was tired & it showed as well as Wade but that no excuse. I just want Lebron to prove me & all his naysayers wrong. He’s to talented to not win a chamiponship but Bosh being out is a big loss. He is irreplacable when it comes to rebounds, & points. I just bought a Lebron Jersey so i am a fan not a hater. I still believe they will beat the Pacers there to talented not to win this series.

  74. Cheryl says:

    Lebron is the best player in the NBA PERIOD!!! He missed those free throws only because he could not catch a break because he basically has to carry the team on his back. Dewayne did some to help but that was primarily later in the game. Bosh is definately missed….but all in all Lebron did his thing as usual. HE is the MVP. Make no mistake about that. There is no one as good as he is. No one!!!!

  75. Thaddeus says:

    As an Magic fan I do not see this as ;pure fatigue. At the free throw line Lebron’s shooting form is changed then when shooting a basket. His gather and release when taking a normal jumpshot are always variable so his free throw line numbers were always bad (especially his early years). He’s adapted to his ever-changing free throw shot and will get more comfortable playing longer in games. Look for Lebron to escape this horrible 4th quarter mantle and put the neglect down to his 4th quarter efforts

  76. -_- says:

    This is getting ridiculous we have already realized this. Lebron is not a killer. Its just not in his nature. MJ, Magic, and Larry were all killers. Durant, Melo, and Kobe are all killers. They all not only want to win at any cost. They want to humiliate the other team, blow them out, crush their hearts, get their hopes up just to crush them. They are comfortable being the ones to drive the dagger in the other teams hearts. That’s just not bron’s nature. Look at how he’s been in the final quarter admittedly rather successful. But but its all spread out through the quarter. Looking at the stats he’s averaging 1.5 points more in the 4th but he rests the least then. Why are you guys worrying about lebron having something he doesn’t have. Its like him worrying about his hairline or a laker fan worrying about bynum’s 3pt shooting ability. The trick is to work around it. The heat won their games by putting it out of reach outside of the last 5 minutes. why change? just relax and play your own game

    • Francisco says:

      i know kobe puts a killer face shoots 1 of 6 in thE fourth quaters and some idiots say, LOOK HE IS A KILLER,,HAHAHA

      • NBAfan says:

        Who’s talking about kobe? This is about Lebron. Kobe is a finisher and winner not because of what he is doing this year, but what he has done in his career so far.

        If you just think of MJ during his wizards days, you will certainly not call him AIR jordan…more like Slow Jordan…Kobe is a vet..33 years old, 15 years in the league, 7 times in the finals, 5 rings….NUMEROUS GAME WINNERS…play offs and season a like…he’s a finisher and a winner

        What has lebron done? 3 mvps, 2 pathetic displays with the national teams (needed Kobe to join them to win gold), 2 finals appearance, zero rings, and a deluded fan in Francisco who can’t accept reality….

        Kobe is on the decline….Lebron is in his prime….I bet you challenge 5th graders shorter than you in the court and think you’re the best in your neighborhood.

  77. Dennis says:

    Wade and James lead a “soft” team. Pacers in 6

  78. Kdog says:

    Mike Miller is the reason the lost. Can any of you tell me why he is still on the team? So he hits a three once in awhile, so can I. Get over it all you LBJ haters, deep down inside you love him. Why wouldnt you, he is the best all around player of all time. Pick apart every little thing he does and dont give him credit for nothing. The man is good, he has taken two (2) junk teams to the finals, and still get slammed for not winning. Build a bridge and get over it!!!

  79. Roy says:

    Hahahah do any of these haters or the writer even watch basketball? Its the playoffs people, we should be looking at what the TEAM did wrong not ONE INDIVIDUAL PLAYER. The truth is Lebron put in a monster game and they wouldnt even have had the oppurtunity to lose by so little points without him. Once again Steve Aschburner makes an irrelevant and useless article.

  80. HeatFTW! says:

    ONE LAST THING…the Heat just need to run a pick and roll between Wade and LBJ. It’s obviously the only play that works well for them.

  81. HeatFTW! says:

    Wade and LeBron combined for FIFTY ONE of the 75 points the Heat scored last night….two player scored over double of what their bench/supporting cast scored. Their third highest scorer has only 5 points….

    • Emcee says:

      So, what you’re saying is that the Pacers are the better team. Like everyone else, it’s what the Heat didn’t do. The Pacers took Lebron out of his groove, period, and you are right the Heat TEAM is garbage. Good luck Miami, you will need it. Scary part is that Indiana hasn’t played well yet.

      • Francisco says:

        actually, there are a bunch of BETTER teams than Miami, better built team, Miami has the two best players in the NBA,the lakers in paper should be better if they restric kobe to be ROLE player

  82. HeatFTW! says:

    Also, the Heat need a supporting cast that can actually help them consistently!! Like the Thunder or the Spurs. It’s sad that all I can rely on to win games for the Heat are only 3 players….Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James. Now with Bosh out, the Heat’s fate of this series solely rests with LeBron and Wade. 2 players can’t win a game for a team, it takes a whole team. Some thing the Heat do NOT have at all. Oh, and just go ahead all you haters and completely ignore the fact that Granger missed two free throws in the clutch and the fact that Wade missed a point blank lay-up with 16 seconds left down by 3 that he ALWAYS hits!!! I smh at so much at you haters.

  83. HeatFTW! says:

    Give LeBron a break. Spoelstra did what he does best and totally ruined that game for the Heat. He played LBJ literally the WHOLE game other than about 3 minutes of rest in the beginning of the 2nd quarter, and D Wade only played what?….30 minutes to LeBron’s 42?! He may be a good player, but you gotta give him a good rest. He deserves. Wade should be able to take over while he’s resting, then when you get both of them going on the court with plenty of rest…they can’t be stopped. He’s clutch….stop saying he isn’t. He is averaging 14 points in the 4th quarter so far in the play-offs. He missed those free throws because he was tired. You could tell by how he was getting down the court….barely even could jog any more. And please do remember, all the greats (Jordan, Johnson, Kobe, Barkley, Larry Bird, Pierce, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller)…they ALL missed clutch shots in their career. Spoelstra was dumb, like always, and didn’t draw up a play for either of Wade of James for their last shot at tying it. None of this was LeBron’s fault….give him a break. Spo is the one I blame.

  84. miamiheatfan1 says:

    I’m a miami heat fan but LeBron chokes a lot. On last posessions he just stands from the wing doing nothin.

  85. FAN says:

    @true hater and red

    Finally, people with sense on these blogs……..

    And I will say it, Lebron will never live up to what Kobe has accomplished, Bron said it himself 2 years into the league.
    This is Basketball, the best game out there, its all up for grabs and will go to the team that wants it the most. When Lebron develops that hunger look like Kobe did time and time again or starts hangin his toungue out……maybe he will be hungry for one too, but for now its just MVP’s for him but we will see at the end who wants it the most

    • Francisco says:

      illusion, kobe first three dishes were served easily by SHAQ, the first he was not even an star after spending the first 2 years in the bench handing towels, the last one he had one of the greatest chokes ever 6 out of 24 lucky for him , he is a laker,otherwise
      he had been a tracy mc grady

  86. miamiheat says:

    I’m a miami heat fan but LeBron chokes a lot. On last posessions he just stands from the wing doing nothin.

  87. Tj says:

    Choker! ’nuff said

  88. kenny says:

    Lebron is not clutch and Wade is losing it. Lebron just isnt that guy at this point in his career. No fault to LeBron, but it is a missing portion of his game. He migtt become clutch at some point in his career,he might not. Don’t mention Cleveland because the stage was not set for a championship. Sure they made the finals and had the best regular season record, but if that was truly a championship team, LeBron would not have left for Miami.

    The Heat wont win a chip this year! OKC, Lakers, Spurs and possibly Boston will right now beat the Heat. OKC hasn’t proven anything yet, but Durant and Westbrook have a much better supporting cast.

    LeBron is a 3X MVP, but can he finish?

  89. chubbena says:

    The player with the Japanese name said shooting is like breathing. The reason why he can’t breath is because he choked.

  90. Eugene says:

    He missed those free throws because his release was inconsistent. He gathered the ball, but slowed down as he went up through his motion to the release. Not that you want to accelerate through the motion, but you want smooth transition from gather to release. Slowing through the release, as he did, he lost the momentum from his legs and had to compensate with his arms, and he tightened up, which resulted in the missed shot. Usually that kind of inconsistency occurs from lack of practice or a degree of discomfort at the line. I personally don’t believe it was fatigue.

  91. Red says:

    All you lebrick losers need to stop making excuses. Post all the videos and say all the trash talk you want. You losers wanted him for MVP and he got it. Now that it’s obvious he doesn’t deserve it you make excuses? What kind, of MVP stays in the gam and loses. Fatigue my rear end, Miami finished their first series in 5. Pacers finished later. Miammi had time to rest, dont give me the bs of playing the second quarter and hes fatigued. It’s called conditioning, Tim Duncan did it his whole career. Little lebrick cant play for 24 minutes? Get out of the NBA then! Self proclaimed faker, give the MVP back instead of making excuses. Thr NBA has cuddled you for too long you little baby and to all you lebrick losers, look at a real MVP Kevin Durante play and see if he makes excuses. Better yet watch D Rose’s highlights this year, the only reason why he’s injured is because he carried his whole bulls team to the finals. I don’t see rose complaining when he was playing injured or Kobe Bryant being kept out of games. True NBA players play through it and earn their keep instead of having everything handed to them unlike some people.

    • Zyzz says:

      so derrick rose does not deserve mvp last year because he choked against the heat? kobe bryant does not deserve the mvp because he did not win the championship that year? your stupid to to think that kevin durant deserved the mvp this year.. lebron choked last night but the MVP is based on the overall performance on the regular season which lebron dominated and he clearly deserved the mvp this year..

      • kenny says:

        I’ll partially take that back. LeBron is a fantastic player, he’s just not clutch. How much should that factor into being the MVP? Should Nash not have won the MVP because he’s missing defense from his game? Coach of the year and MVP are always two awards that can be taken with a grain of salt and should be, Michael Jordan should have been MVP every year he played. Why, because they are regular season awards! The coach of the year and MVP should both be from the team that wins the FINALS. Kind of contradicting to the Jordan statement, but Jordan was Jordan!

        Back to LeBron, I don’t hate the man, he’s extremly gifted just hasn’t found the button yet.

    • Flexman says:

      Pacers beat orlando before miami beat new york

  92. true hater says:

    @cdubbb24 you are dump. if LBJ stay in Cleveland they would not get Irving. cuz they will not rank first in lottory pick.
    for all those who compare to kobe and LBJ, and saying kobe did worse. are you guys nuts??
    you are comparing aged kobe who is in his down fall Vs Prime LBJ. if old down sided kobe got compare as equal to prime time LBJ, how is prime time kobe gonna do VS prime time LBJ? one thing for sure he wouldn’t miss the free throws. for those of you who keep saying LBJ is the GOAT. get the hell out of here. If he is GOAT he would have won the game last night. put magic, bird, MJ, Dr.J, and kobe in LBJ place last night in 4th quarter and they would have won the game. the wouldn’t miss the important free throws. hack even KD would make free throws. this is why lebron is known as a choker. players like MJ, and Kobe will bring it on the most important part of the game no matter how badly they play in entire game. if it is a tight game and a close game with 2 mins to go kobe , mj and magic will go war no matter how tired they are. they would not miss important free throws even if they miss shots. there is one thing separate lebron from the real GOATs.

    you can’t choke if you wanna be GOAT!

    • Francisco says:

      here we go again , stats are there kobe is basically still the same, do not dream more ,now he is a little better

  93. Law064 says:

    True he will always get the blame but he don’t deserve the heat this time. He did choke the 2 ft’s but they still had a chance to win. If anyone takes the blame it’s the entire heat team outside of Wade & Lebron. But he did miss an opportunity to put the heat up or at least tie the game. I’m no Lebron fan but it’s really not his fault.

  94. z3rOo says:

    if they had chris’ 15ppg in the scoreboard, it could have been a win no doubt.. it shows in the scorecards that only james and wade carries the load.. what the hell is wrong with the bench??? Miller/battier..a battier really has been shooting bricks all season long and i can only recall seeing him having a good scoring outing once.. we do understand that they are not their to score but cmmon, its basically spoon feeding him already, he doesnt need to create for his own shot anymore, all he needs is catch and shooot and he cant make it.. wth, uve been playing basketball all ur life, and u can barely make half of the shots u make all game.. jones missed 4 shots too.. they should get their role players involved not just all wade and james.. they can do that in the 4th.. we cant win like this.. Haslem has been throwing out bricks too.. ow boy

  95. Chris M says:

    We need Harris on the Floor, and keep Cole in the rotation… their young and will allow us to keep up with Indianas young Talent. With Proper roster rotation we shold beat Indiana and relieve some floor time from Lebron & Wade

  96. Chris says:

    Why doesn’t the heat run lebron james and d wade in a pick and roll! It’s their freaking best play, its how they beat OKC in their season meeting, they ran d wade with the ball and lebron setting a screen for him, it works, they just don’t ever use it

    • jimmydjam says:

      Why is it solely on the players? If Miami had a good Coach who can call a decent play in crunch times then they would win more games. Instead you have Eric Spankster choking and not knowing what to do.

  97. Bill says:

    Dwyane Wade gets every touch foul. The ONE time a call doesn’t go his way he stops to cry to the ref and then takes a player out. If Collison had fouled Wade like that he would have been ejected and suspended.

  98. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Nothing to discuss here. LeBron is the guy, the best player in the NBA. Simply, he just isn’t that good to make free throws. He never made 78% of his FTs, you see? Surely his missed FTs were huge, but he was by far the best player in the court yesterday. D-Wade and Chalmers struggled mightily (D-Wade, by the way, was terrible, but got better in the fourth quarter). Anyway, the Heat have lost for themselves. They’re missing Bosh, but they still can win this series without him.

  99. Flexman says:

    It’s a great shame that there is always the blame falling onto LeBrons shoulders:
    1. The team play wasn’t drawn up for him again! seriously spo like chuck said u gotta put the ball in the hands of the best player in the league!
    2. Where the hell is his team? like for real bench players don’t score, starters don’t score!
    3. Wade sitting pretty right now, he had an awful shooting night and missed shots himself and that layup, yet people forget about him and just hate on LeBron for missing the free throws.

    If you watched that game you would of seen how hard he was working on both ends of the floor every possession, fronting David West, taking the ball up the court and setting the plays. He played 43 minutes of course he’s going to be tired when he’s put that much effort into the game!

  100. thomas says:

    It’s strange, but I always thought MVPs were for individual players while titles were for teams? As much as LBJ will love a ring (and I hope he will get one!), the NBA champion will be the Miami Heat, not LBJ. So stop mixing those things.

    And for all those guys critizising LBJ: Where is another player who can play against Hill, George and even Hibbert and basically shut down Granger and West? And all this while keeping the heat in the game until the closing seconds? James was the best player out there on the court, although he was not perfect. But did anybody ever claim he was perfect?

  101. Voice from NY says:

    Duh he was tired, but that’s not the point. If that’s the way all other heat players play at home then it’s going to be really bad on the road. I’m afraid for the heat. And OMG D-Wade, are you kidding me with that layup??

  102. ringless says:


  103. rofltoallofyou says:

    pacers – clippers finals, will you guys watch? ha ha ha

  104. ringless says:

    lebron james choked again.. yeah!… happy choking lebron and prepare yourself because you have a lot of choking to do on the following days..haha…. The man has the most awkward basketball form for a Guard-Forward position…

  105. aaron says:

    look lebron is right, wade makes that shot 9/10 times so if its me, id still give Wade the ball every time with the game on the line. he’s proven it his whole career that he can make clutch shots and he should be the Heat’s closer no matter what…at least thats what i think. As a team though, the Heat did not execute well down the stretch, missing FT’s, etc. i wouldnt put it all on Lebron even though he missed 2 very big FT’s. he deserves some blame, but Wade does as well, so as a team they just didnt close well in this game.

  106. Mike says:

    @jordanbyfar. Don’t you have anything to do but put in tons of silly posts. I don’t car if you worship the Three Miami Amigo’s. Get your facts straight before you write. You don’t have a lot of more chances because The Heat is going fishing sooner or later..

  107. jordanbyfar says:

    Don’t worry guys. We will win tomorrow. Lebron will have a great game, and we will forget about all this idiotic comments people make. We will be fine.

  108. witness623 says:

    LeBron james will always be the one to blame. no matter what happens in the first 3 quarters someone will point out his every little mistake. it takes more tah one peson to win a hampionship. this is lebrons second playoff expierience with the heat. lebron just won his 3rd mvp award. he has proven he has what it takes. but since when was it a 1 on 5 game?
    What is it going to take for them to keep that explosivness like they had a few months back? It will take a team who can work well togather . they dont need a big 3 it cant be about them anymore. lebron shares the ball more than people think he does he keeps the flow on the court. to judge him in the crunch time just doesnt make sense. Lebron is going to do whatever it takes to get his ring and if not this year, it wont be long.

  109. Francisco says:

    all this hate after the good game that he had prove me once more HE IS THE MOST COMPLETE PLAYER EVER

    • kobe says:


      • Francisco says:

        check stats if in california teach some math,,only chris paul was better than him in fourth quaters, I bet you he is doing better than kobe in the postseason,by the way he is not a good free throw shooter, around 75 %, iso he is going to miss 1 out of 4,
        when you miss them most when you are more tired,he is a defensive monster also, tell kobe to defend david west and then he can defend derrick rose, gasol whoever

  110. Cali says:

    He’s not the only guy I’ve seen start looking tired and missing FT’s… Kobe has looked the same way as of late. This season and games like this definitely take their toll on players. Especially the ones who have to take over games.

  111. In the other hand Lebron is doing the same what Shaq did in 2006, he was a guest. Lebron is a guest

  112. Keyon says:

    FACT: Chris Bosh is the most IMPORTANT player on the Heat and its showing

  113. Mr. Santoro says:

    lebron shoots 59% from the line with 1 minute or less to go in a close game……

    59 %!!!!!!!

    are you kidding me?

    and this dude has the nerve of calling himself “the king”? “the chosen one”???

  114. Ricky says:

    It really annoys me when people write about how LeBron James is at fault for losing the game. Heck, 0 blame should be put on him. 0 blame on Dwyane Wade and 0 on Bosh (I know he didn’t play yesterday). It’s the useless and incompetent bench, Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem. None of them can contribute defensively, even though they are “defensive” minded players, like Udonis Haslem, Joel Anthony, Ronny Turiaf, Shane Battier (though Shane isn’t as bad as the others). We also have overpriced and useless offensive players, Mike Miller and, Mario Chalmers. If these guys had made at least 1 of their baskets, then Miami would have won the game. I remember when Norris Cole came out the first time, he was hearing MVP chants because of his type of play. Where has he been? He resorted to the rookie that he was meant to be. Miami’s bench is one of the most useless, incompetent, and dumb benches that I have seen throughout the NBA. I think the big 3 would have a better chance of winning the championship if they had the bench of the Charlotte Bobcats, or any other team. Maybe throw in some D-League players and they could do better.

    Steve, I’m going to have to be honest, but you’re article is biased towards LeBron and you should write one on how horrible the Miami bench is and if they don’t get it together, they WILL NOT win a championship. In my opinion, this is the best way things should go down, because the people in South Beach need to realize the incompetency that they are paying millions of dollars for.

    • zedd88 says:

      Bench Players need confidence in order to shoot or contribute to the team. This goes both ends. Bench players gain confidence in their play from their offensive contributions. If they score, the defend better. Any other team has the same type of bench players. It is really unfair for to ask your bench players to contribute, when all year long they have not been given the chance to build their confidence.

      Now with regards to the defense of Ronny Turiaf, Joel Anthony and Udonis Halem, they are overmatched in terms of size and bulk of the Indiana forwards and centers. Again, it is asking too much from them to be able to defend at a high level in the play-offs if they don’t have confidence.

  115. You are poor journalist to put in the spotlight Lebron. You should talk about why Indiana win yesterday.
    Nobody gave credits why Indiana win yesterday. Give credit ti Indiana.

    It´s a kind of LEBRON´S CHASING.

  116. Jack says:

    hater shut up!! u must be coming from cleveland,…or just a pure hater,..i know you are talkative and dont know how to play basketball, same goes to this writer who is unfair,..a hater, should never be in NBA writer because he is one sided blogger,..cmon people its just game 2 and where is ascburner when the LAKERS got smashed by OKC?.. SPURS vs MIAMI thats for sure,..

  117. Blur says:

    What are the chances 3-time MVP Larry Bird (watching in the stands) would miss two crucial free throws in the fourth quarter of a playoff game? Or any game for that matter?

  118. chum54 says:

    of course all the blame goes on lebron for some reason. i dont know if anybody else noticed but i remember a few pacer players missing free throws in clutch situations. and besides that wade missed the layup at the end of the game but you dont hear anyone saying anything about that. the fact is it was lebron against the pacers he does it by himself

  119. cdubbb24 says:




  120. Mark says:

    Here we go again with the Individual Player bashing. To begin with, I’m neither a fan nor a hater of Lebron. Basketball is a team game, we really can’t just blame a loss on just one, two, or even three individuals. Miami lost game 2 because everyone else besides Lebron and Wade didn’t get it done. Players such as Mike Miller, James Jones, and Shane Battier are being paid to make those 3pt shots, but they always seem to fail when it matters the most. As for the other big men on the bench; Eddy Curry and Pittman, you’ve got to ask, why the hell didn’t Erik Spoelstra try on improving them before the post-season so that he could actually use them? I really think that Miami could use some players like Stephen Curry (if the warriors would ever trade him why not?), and a decent center. It’s about time to ship out Bosh and Spoelstra. I really wish that Pat Riley would get back as the head coach, or maybe hire another coach that is much better than Spoelstra.

  121. lord p says:

    he was probably tired but he has to.make those 2..and go to the next chapter leave the old lebron and be winning guy we know… a warrior that carries the whole heat on his shoulders..!!Been tellin from February that Heat need a Center..go to the D-League and get one able to rebound and block shots

  122. Sonny says:

    oh and how many Hall of Famers were on the bulls/lakers/celtics respectively…..how many from the cavs or the heat….lol

  123. Sonny says:

    You guys amaze me. D-Wade goes 0 for his last 4 shots, including a gimmie post up on George Hill and Lebron is the fall guy. http://www.82games.com/gamewinningshots.htm check it out. Contrary to popular myth, Michael Jordan has indeed missed a game winning/game tying shot in the playoffs. In fact, the data shows that he has missed a total of 9.

    My only point is go rag on the mailman his shorts are too short or your neighbor for those orange plaid knickers….but Lebron is the truth and not perfect. There is a lot of talent in the league, nothing comes easy and there certainly won’t be many times where Lebron gets the benefit of a 1 on 1 isolation in a game winning shot moment…a la Byron Russell….twice.

  124. 1greatplayer says:

    its annoying seeing lebron being blamed for EVERYTHING this loss was dwayne wades fault missing a point blank lay up

  125. YuhMudda says:

    Ok fools… and the donkey that wrote this article , as well as, lebron critics , but honestly D.WADE came up short lastnight.. watch over the last quarter.. thank you!

  126. DrFranko says:

    Give him a chance, I bet anyone that he was tired, get on his pants! It’s not that easy to support all the pressure, and get besides that not rest at all in 24 long minutes without anyone who do at least you’re defense. Erick may give J.Jones more minutes to rest starting players on the first 2 Q. to let starters come up big on crunch time

  127. beantown says:

    miami needs a better coach eric spolstra ? where did he even come from.

  128. Tonya Juanise says:

    yooooo wheres my comment???

  129. jordanbyfar says:

    Big Deal!!!!! So what he missed some free-throws? He is not a great free-throw shooter. many stars are not goog free-throw shooters such as Howard, Rajon Rondon, Blake Griffin…..Who cares? He gave us a chance to win. NOBODY plays so hard in both sides of the floor. He had to defend a strong David West the whole game. He play 24 minutes in the second half. He will be ready the next game. And so what Wade missed a open layup? They were tired. The other players have to step up. 1-16 from the three-point line? Are you kidding me? Nobody else score more than 5 points? I am pretty sure Mike Miller and the others heard it from Coach Spolstra. Lebron and Wade probably had something to say to their pals in the clubhouse (they don’t do it in front of the camera like other players asking for others to step up in national television). You don’t call out your teammates in tv, but I am sure Wade and Lebron will talk to their teammates. They have played great defense in both games against Indiaana. They just need a couple of baskets to fall. We will be alright.

  130. Law064 says:

    Me being a Bulls & Celtic’s fan really don’t like Lebron or the Heat however I have to say Lebron did choke on those 2 FT’s but it was still 54 seconds left. Wade didn’t show up either (I’m a fan of Wade) but the heat really need Bosh. They already have a lackluster supporting cast outside of the 3. If I’m Indiana I’m worried a bit. They didn’t play with their 3rd best player and still had a chance to win. I’m a big fan of calling Lebron Lechoke Lebumm Queen James but I have to say he did miss those FT’s but he played the entire 2nd half. Wade missed a layup with 18 seconds left. But true Superstars MJ someone mentioned Reggie Miller Kobe will make at least 1 of those FT’s. He did blow the Ft’s but they still had a chance to win that game without Bosh. Wade is becoming on of the dirtiest players in the league with his bonehead flagrant foul, what the hell was he thinking.

  131. i got to give it up to the pacers i didn’t think they would win but there defense came up big in the 4th this time, but miami had there chances to win so the pacers still got to go out and prove that they can pull this out 1 win doesn’t mean nothin if miami wins in indy then they get the home court back.

    • Whats up with the play that the miami coach called, why is lebron at the three point line he needs to be in the paint getting the rebound in stead of standing around watching the ball, they need to adjust and have lebron in the post everytime and playing at the rim getting high percentage shots in the post, if they play lebron in the post then the pacers will double and the shooters who the heat have will get open shots and if they can get the shooters hittin threes then it will take pressure off lebron and wade, the pacers are not playing any better then the heat its came down to two games were the pacers have had the led in the fourth and gave one away and almost another, if the heat can get some of there shooters goining then its over, lebron in the post not the premiter, thats what he did this season played better in the post thats what everybody was saying he needs is a post game after last years finals, so with bosh out why don’t you have a guy that is built like a beast in the post. the coach of the heat is bad he needs to be fired bring in phil jackson. the zen master he will work out the mental mess of lebron in the 4th quarter and set him up for achieveing his goals, just look at jordan, shaq and kobe. phil jackson.

  132. KRS-1 says:

    To the writer, did you hear or watch Chuck on TNT regarding this Lebron criticism?
    I’ve never read an article about D Wade choking, he missed the lay up, he missed in New York. Not one article.
    Your article has little relevance but it appeals to the lebron haters out there. It’s been two years, don’t you think it’s time to get off his back? 5years later the whole of america is still hating on lebron, no matter what happens it’s his fault.
    I guess they shouldn’t have a coach and just leave lebron on the court to do it all himself, wait you want him to go back to cleveland and play for a bottom team. Pat on the back Steve good to see what little lessons you’ve learnt in all your life experience 🙂

    • hooplover says:

      @krs-1, i listened to chuck uphold lbj and even watched him get upset about it, but i also happened to listen to shaq and he told the truth, “when the play fails, take control!”, lbj simply doesn’t do that! yes, i’m a laker fan, but not a lebron hater!, i just call it as i see it.

  133. Jay says:

    all being said by everyone, I just felt disappointed as a Hear fan… LeBron need to do something about the free throws… PLS…

    • jordanbyfar says:

      NOOOOO. Miller, Chamers, and Battier need to do something about missing open three-point shots.

  134. Vinnie says:

    @emerson: blame on the bench and on the Heat management who didnt do their homework last summer?

    common man, if you look at the names on Miami’s bench: Mike Miller – ex rookie of the year, 6th man of the year. Shane Battier, confirmed starter on other franchises, great defender. Ronny Turiaf – energy guy. Norris Cole, excellent rookie who has been playing great early on this year. James Jones, good shooter and blue-collar….
    These names are not worse than Splitter / gary neal / matt bonner / patty mills / etc. or than Harden / Muhammed / Cook / Ivey / Fisher / Collison…
    So where is the problem? blame on Spoelstra for not setting up a bench rotation: who are the first guys out on the wings / inside? blame on Spoelstra for not giving time anymore to Cole / James Jones… why ??? They played well early on this year.
    And I’m gonna put a last blame on the big 3. They have their part of responsibilities in not making these bench guys more involved during the season… when you involve a Mike miller or a battier, telling them to take shots, big shots, these guys could average 10 pts a game… Miller and Battier average less than half of their respective career’s points.

    • zedd88 says:

      I couldn’t agree more witht this. The Big 3 has to sacrifice their stats in order for them to win it all. If they take majority of the shots, what’s left for the rest of the team? How else could these role players get the feel of the game. That is why when one or two of the Big 3 is struggling, chances are they will loose the game.

      That is also where Coach Spoelstra has to define the roles of each player well. How did Splitter develop into the player that he is now? If Duncan had been selfish, he could and would have taken a lot of shots and not allowed his minutes to be cut by Coach Poppovich, If Duncan plays 38 to 40 minutes his averages would still be up. But he was willing to sacrifice for the sake of the team.

      And when I say sacrifice their stats, its not to sacrifice their stats in order for the other Big 2 to have more shots. Its to sacrifice their stats in order for the rest of the bench to develop. As vinnie said, a bench of Mike Miller, Shane Battier, James Jones, Ronnie Turriaf and Norris Cole is not push over. They just were never given the chance.

  135. the architect says:

    that was not a basketball game and everyone from both teams who shot free throws at the of the game missed at least 1 of 2 each time.

  136. Marshall1990 says:

    I always find it staggering how much focus is put on individual performances in basketball, and how much weight is given to this poorly defined notion of the ‘clutch’. The clutch is spoken about so much its as if people see saving it to the last few seconds to try and drain a three as a reliable game winning tactic, one that can take a team to a championship. Surely a more successful tactic would be to score as much as possible throughout the duration of the game, whilst minimising the scoring of your opponent? And that can only really be achieved through a team effort. The reality is that without the efforts of Lebron, who was the most efficient and valuable player on the court, the Heat wouldn’t have even been in a situation where Lebron’s final freethrows mattered. The Pacers bench combined for 18 points in total compared to the 11 points of the Miami bench. That extra seven points may not seem like a lot, but the game was only won by 3. If Mike Miller or James Jones had made one of their three-pointer attempts the game would have gone to overtime. If both had made one, the Heat would have won. The reality is not that Lebron choked, but that once again he was let down by his teammates who didn’t fulfill their role.

  137. Sean Daryl says:

    LBJ = FOREVER GREATEST PRAYER ever PLAYED on this GAME called BASKETBALL – better that all time players in the world =) 1st Ring this YEAR

  138. QUEEN LEBRON says:

    people call Lebron KING are stupid, how can they call him KING since until now he has no championship ring.. That’s the reason why he team up with WADE and BOSH ,or perhaps they need another superstar in the team .

    • jordanbyfar says:

      NAH, Kobe is the one who needs another superstar in his team. Lebron will be fine. We got this..

  139. Miguel says:

    Heat has no bench? It has no starting lineup(apart from the obvious two)… especially without Bosh (for all the Bosh haters).

    2 players combining for 20 some more points in the 4th quarter isn’t a good thing, its terrible teamwise.

  140. Miguel says:

    I have to say that blaming Lebron is infantile. He had an amout of work to be done in both sides during is time on the floor. Dwayne didn’t come up, and all the other players (apart from Turiaf’s and Anthony’s defense) came up short. We have 3 sharp shooters that didn’t do their jobs, we have a power forward in Haslem that didn’t do his job… Chalmers, forget about it.
    WHAT CAN HE DO? No player can’t hold a lead and defend alone. There are FIVE guys on the court. He had to be always on the move. Replay the game please. What could he done more? Fatigue, nerves… whatever made him miss the last free throws and a couple of shots, but he is not superman. His body was clearly fatigued for everything he had done to that moment.

  141. jone says:

    playing 2 last quarter exhaust him.. and how about the bench players look at the box score seems like james and wade were playing againts indiana pacers.. who’s to blame? not lebron, not wade..

  142. Small Guard says:

    James and Co. prove that Free throws win games. Sorry to Killa but Kobe has rings, enough to say I was/am a champion.
    Not the Heat boys. Don’t be a hater cause Lebron’s Free throws are a Heat deflater. Later

    • FUEGO says:

      Kobe also had an Elite Center with him from day 1. Had Lebron had the teams that Kobe had, he would have the same amount of rings, if not more.

      • Tom says:

        Totaly agree with you FUEGO and everybody knows it! Lebron had nothing in Cleveland! NOTHING and the bench they have know is sickening

      • Nba 2K12 King says:

        most rediculous comment ever posted in a blog goes to……”Fuego”…..come on man really if lebron had kobe’s team he would have just as many rings….and how do you know this? thats just as rediculous as saying “if karl malone had jordans team then he would have as many rings and be considered the greatest basketball player ever”….theres a lot more to winning championships then just the amount of elite players you have on your team…..Theres the coaching staff, team chemistry,how good a teams bench is,how well the team plays defense, and thats just a few things….The Miami Heat are not a “great” team they have 3 guys who are phenominal players but nothing beyond that…now can they win a championship with those 3…most defenitely but the “team” itself is overated its defenitely showing now with chris bosh out of the lineup

  143. Epsilon says:

    East FINALS


  144. Epsilon says:

    Pacers on 6….

  145. rworthley29 says:

    I’ve ben following James from his high school career to now. LeBron was the reason i started to enjoy and follow pro basketball again. He’s stuck in one of the worst “catch 22’s” ever. His natural game is not one that rivals kobe or jordan, he is a facilitator. Simply put he’s LeBron and can not be compared to other great players, because he’s his own person and player

  146. BartyHamilton says:

    Let’s be honest, he is the best player in the NBA by far and he should want to have the last shot, if only for the fact that if he becomes as clutch as Michael or Kobe, he has an extremely good change of being the Greatest Player of All Time. But he needs a ring to shut people up, and to get a ring you have to play to what the team and coach wants. Yes, he missed the free throws, as did a lot of people in this game, but he was the sole reason they got to a position where the free throws actually mattered. Claim he choked all you want, but name one other player you would want to have the ball in their hands with 5 mins left in the 4th quarter. After all, it’s a 7 game series for a reason

  147. erwin says:

    Choketime! He’ll probably score 6 or 4 the next 3 games until they exit the playoffs.

  148. lmamon says:

    lebron played great but i think they gonna have a rough ride throughout the series against the pacers and celtics/sixers. if they can make it through the finals, well its NBA Finals, things will be a million times tougher.

  149. Jason says:

    This series is a 7 game series. It’s best out of 7. First to win 4 games wins. One game is nothing. Heat have a chance to get back on the win column with a win(s) in Indiana. They can do it. I think they’ll win both. LeBron has been doing tremendous at home either. This game wasn’t bad for him, he scored 10 points in the fourth. He just got unlucky. It’s funny how there’s an article about how LeBron missed two free throws in Game 2 but none about how good LeBron has been doing in the fourth and in the clutch this year. Haters gonna hate. Heat in 5 or 6, most probably six. Look for Pacers to put up a GOOD fight!

  150. jay says:

    heat would have won this if it wasn’t for their bad shooting. I mean, 3point shooting 1 outta 16!!!????
    turiaf 5 fouls, chalmers making bad moves (shooting and fouls)
    and spoelstra needs to put a big strong man is the line-up, Indiana got big guys He needs to put dexter pittman in, give him a shot. It’s not like Miami got anything to loose right now

  151. Jayson says:

    Cmon guys, LBJ will always be a choker. This is his main problem all the time! Durant should be the MVP not him. It’s a big shame if they will be eliminated by Pacers without any called “SUPERSTAR”. Hibbert and West will punish them, thats the main advantage of Pacers..

    • Jayson says:

      I will collect all his chokes and you will see the castle of your king falling. Miami should add Howard, Nash to Wade and LBJ to get a ring. It’s a fact!

    • jordanbyfar says:

      No..Lebron is the MVP and he deserves it. Lebron will get his ring. We got this.

    • Tom says:

      Kevin Durant is not the player that Lebron is and you know it. Lebron can play and guard all 5 positions on the court he is the best player in the NBA and you know that!

      • jayson says:

        the best player yet no ring at all. how many times LBJ choked in the lst minute? how many times he did a game winning shot? kobe, durant, westbrook, pierce, allen, garnett, paul they are the players you can lean on the last minute of the critical games. nash and howard should be in miami so they can have a ring and of course phil jackson.

  152. Phil nz says:

    LeBron is amazing, I bleed Celtic Green, and even I admit that he’s astounding, I think his 4th quarter slumps are like Chucks golf swing.. All mental.. One day it’ll break free & he will be truly scary.. Until then heat should flip Bosh for a 6th man & make Bron a PF..

  153. Killa says:

    Good game from the pacers! Steve Aschburner, u must be a big LBJ hater or Heat hater? LBJ played all of 2nd half with out a min rest and his team came up short. D-Wade got a long rest in the 4th Q and you said it yourself that he missed last four shoots but instead of writing about how heat as a team came up short, you start firing bullets at LBJ who was playing his heart out??? Steve A., maybe u should’ve played those long mins without rest by fighting for possession and try to protect the rim and then go score like crazy? Can you Steve?? I play basketball myself and I know how difficult it is to put ur focus on defense and offense at the same time. But a person can argue these are payed Athletic so they should perform like they are machine? LBJ put his heart and soul into each game by scoring, rebounding, finding team mates, defending most positions every night and sports writers like you still bashing about how he choked in late game situation??? What about Kobe came up short in game one vs OKC? What about Celtic came up short against Phlli? So can you write that kobe bryant or paul pierce choked too or their team came up short?? its not the individual player its the team who came up short in games and that’s what im trying to say.. Just be fair to every player and teams… SMH… I bet you not gonna post my comments…
    Lets go NBA — Where Amazing Happens !

    • OKC2012 says:

      The difference is Kobe is near the end of his career and he has already accomplished more than necessary, Celtics are old and beat up… mind you they barely lost that game. So this leaves us with LBJ… the guy who was named MVP a couple days ago, who claims status of KING, and claimed 7+++ championships were coming to Miami. This is the same guy that complains about every call yet flops everytime anybody steps within a 5 foot radius. A multi-million dollar player who makes all these claims yet acts like a spoiled, whiny child is going to get hated on no matter what, and he is going to be criticized and pointed at when he has the chance to make a big play and it does not happen, simple as that.

      • OKC2012 says:

        Plus, you cannot be a team of whiny, trash talking, fake tough guys who are notorious for playing dirty, throwing checks and flopping…… with the league officials on your side,, and expect not to get punked. They have not accomplished anything yet, and guess what, nobody is scared of them like most predicted. The jig is up! Either OKC or the Spurs will come out of the West and if the Heat even make it through they will just not win!

      • jordanbyfar says:

        Shut up man!!! Durant is a fake tough guy. Spurs are going to show you how is done

      • Francisco says:

        not individually, collective yes, the lakers have., only one MVP proves he is rarely the best

      • Sick says:

        and your OKC is fake.. just watch.. lol

    • NBAfan says:

      I don’t think it’ anything against LBJ. If he gets the MVP trophy. If he gets the title of best player in the league. If he has a nickname of King….he also has a lot of expectations to deal with.

      Certainly we expect the MVP, the King, the best player in the league to make free throws in a play off game. Yes, he can play an almost perfect game, but if he misses key shots and the team loses, it will be on him….because he is the best player of the team and the best player of the league. It goes with the territory.

      Anyway, it’s just one game…be worried if it goes 2-2 or 1-2 with the Pacers leading.

    • beny says:

      haters will be haters can do anything on that. that how it is.

    • Peter says:

      Celtics didn’t jump on a bg stage and hold a championship ceremony before they even played a game…or claim that they were going to win not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4,,,,,champtionhip.

      Plus it’s not only about what the Celtics didn’t do, it’s about what they DID do back in 2008 – win a championship.

      Pierce is playing injured, and if you gave him two free throws with the team down by 1, I guarantee you he’d hit at last one of them. Same with Kobe. Same with Wade. Missing a tough contested shot (when nothing else is available) is one thing, but two free throws when you KNOW they will be the difference in the game? Wade

      • FUEGO says:

        Now I need to comment. Please show me where they claimed to win championships. What Lebron stated is that they could accomplish that goal if they come and take care of business. Any team could do the same thing. How is that hard to believe and why does it make you people mad.

    • GONZO says:

      you’re right dude.

      Steve A. writes “But no one will talk about, dissect or maybe even remember George’s because of who he is. And almost everyone will do the above – and worse – to James’ because of who he is.

      Mr. Fourth-Quarter, Playoff Game Choker. That’s the rep, anyway.

      It’s unfair – that’s my view – but it sure makes for good sport.”


      Well, I actually was a bron hater, but i realized that he’s just not that type of player mentality like MJ or kobe. when he went to miami and changed his jersey nr. to 6, i felt like he accepted that he’s not the next jordan. So we gotta accept him, as well, as LBJ that he is. The whole hype thing since back when he was a kid, must have done things to his mind, its only human. Thats the medias fault – but not you, steve. You are the one never hyping or dissing someone. You just do it in the name of others.

    • 3MVP's says:

      he’s a heck of a player but you know , even the undisputed king , the MVP , Lechoke or whatever , just cant seem to have the attitude of every great superstars(MJ,KB,Magic,Bird,Isiah Thomas,Reggie,Dirk) when it comes “winning time” . i feel for him . i guess you just cant have it all . granted he’s the Best overall player in the league , but when it comes to winning time, he’s a goner .

    • Francisco says:


  154. Jeff says:

    LeBron is king and this video proves it!

    Be careful, Indiana cause you don’t want to mess with the King, especially in his castle!

  155. Miami cHeat says:

    bahahhahahah 3 Time MVP. No rings

  156. uoykcuf says:

    lebronze, always on the spot light for all the wrong reasons. I feel for him. Let the hating begins.

  157. prix says:

    games come and go but chockers still eternal…… .

    • Francisco says:


      • hooplover says:

        francisco, c’mon, kobe? choke? not in the history of his career has he ever! you know as well as i do and anyone else does, kobe will take the first and the last shot and everything in between if given a chance. choking is not in his vocabulary nor his system, the kobesystem that is! lol

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Man…are you talking about Kobe?? This is the wrong blog. Go to the Thunders blog…But thank you for reminding me that chokers like Kobe are eternal

      • nbafan says:

        Do any of you watch NBA at all…

        “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

        so is he also a choker? You know, because he’s missed all those shots. lost all those games and missed all those game winners. cos that’s what choking is by your definition right? not winning. you are all tools

    • uoykcuf says:

      LOL, hooplover! Forgetting those lovely airballs vs utah? kobe is a choker and a chucker.

      • Ahad says:

        I dont think you realize the difficulty of playing basketball at the level that these teams play at in the playoffs. Its really difficult, and to even be able to play basketball in front of millions of people around the world, fans or not, is difficult itself. to score 20+ points, in these games, i dont think anybody here talking about kobe or lebron can do that, if they can even get to the NBA. I know I cant do that, thats why I respect every player in the NBA.

  158. JohnT says:

    I guess it was a little of both. He did look like he was tiring the heck out of himself the way he had been playing the whole second half. Plus throw in the fact that aside from DWade there was virtually NO other player for the Heat giving any offensive boost. They were playing catch up and the pressure of it all must’ve take its toll on him. Say what you want but I don’t blame it om him. It’s a 5 man TEAM that’s suppposed to be out there. And not just on defense. Other guys have to contribute as well. It’s either that or their season is BUST.

  159. GSW15 says:

    LOL lebron can do the right thing and still get criticized! i honestly think he is a great player.

  160. allaroundballer says:

    Final minutes are never be his duty, period

  161. Objectivity says:

    Seemed tired to me.

  162. KING LBCHOKE says:

    If you look at last three minutes of tight, important games you will see that his stats are pathetic and he always misses them big oppurtunities (the ones that really matter to anyone). The games everyone is watching the ones in which the whole season is set up for he seems to fail every time.
    I agree he is a good overall last quarter player but when it gets to the end he fails. The only time he didnt this season was against the Nets.. n is that really a big deal?

    • Francisco says:

      did you notice , he is getting no rest in 3 and 4 , his free shooting is getting worse to the end of the games when, he is more tired, that is normal, for a guy who keeps indiana shooting % 37.7 when playing , 62% when he is on the bench, HE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA, NOBODY SAYS HE IS PERFECT, 10 PONTS IN THE FOURTH IS NOT ENOUGH, RIDICULOUS

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Nahhh. He only misses sometimes (like every player). Nobody scores all the time in the clutch. Lebron will be ok. The Heat will be ok.

    • cbeagan says:

      In the fourth quarter of game two lebron came alive, i hate lebron and love watching him fail but after three mediocre quarters he finally showed up, i’ll give you that heat fans. Granted most of his points came on bunnies or at the line but points are points. But if you’re going to use fatigue as a reason for him failing that is just pathetic. I’m a celtics fan in our first round series kevin garnett and paul pierce both played 40+ minutes in game in games 1-3. In game 2 paul pierce plalyed every minute of the second half just like lebron, except pp put up 36 points. He carried his team right until the finish and made 84% of his free throws. KG is almost as old lebron’s mom yet he still carried the team putting up 30 points in game 6 playing 40 minutes. KG came through in the clutch with blocked shots and points down at the other end. So if these old injured guys can handle the long season and the long games then i think the mvp can. Fatigue is just not an excuse the heat can use.

    • Tom says:

      All you haters just keep putting this man down and it needs to stop! LBJ is the best player in the NBA all is is coming from those sorry crying Cleveland fans. They need to get a life

  163. Hunter says:

    Heat could be in trouble

    • NBAfan says:

      I’m not a Heat or Lebron fan…but that’s wishful thinking Hunter. We can only hope the Pacers compete every game, not get blown out too early, and let Lebron clank free throws like Game 2. Hack-A-King?!

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Are you kidding me? Indiana is in trouble. They only score 76 points. The Heat defense has been outsatnding (like always). We just need a couple of threes to fall and we will be ok….We got this

    • TTKIN says:

      I agree with you. They COULD be. That doesnt mean they are, but they could be. They stole a game, have a coach who never lets them slack, they have depth coming out of their ears, and they are the griddiest team in the league. They definitely could beat Miami if they keep up with this team ball.

      In case no one noticed, Indiana went 1-1 IN Miami with their best offensive weapon going 6-24 in the first 2 games. Yes James was guarding him, but Miami doesnt have a whole lot of guys to guard Hibbert and West, James wont be guarding Granger the whole time. And with Granger headed back hom to a comfortable setting, just as Dallas said throughout last year’s Finals, those shots will start to fall…anyone remember how that turned out?

    • Connor says:

      your talking like its game 6 and pacers are winning 3-2. its tied 1-1 none of the teams are in trouble yet they have only played 2 games

  164. enrique says:

    I love watching the self proclaimed KING play like a JOKER in the clutch. If he ever gets a ring it will be inspite of him and not because of him.

  165. emerson says:

    unfair blame on LeBron. Blame on Miami non-existent bench! Look at OKC and Spurs. Both with strong bench players! Who is the 6th man on Miami? Eric Spoelstra should have figured out this! Blame on LeBron is outrageous! He is a 3-time MVP. Period. Blame on Pat Riley and managers who did not make the homework during regular season.

    • Peter says:

      How can you blame the managers alone? Lebron was just as eager to rock up in Miami-town with his little pals, combining to soak up 90% of Miami’s salary cap in 3 people.

      That’s why Miami has no bench…they can’t afford anyone else, and as long as the ‘big three’ exists in Miami (with their rediculous contracts) Miami will never have a bench…or even a complete starting lineup.

      Besides, I don’t see Pat Riley missing critical free throws…

      • Mite says:

        MVP means most valuable player not Most Visible Pretender…. A superstar rises above during crunch time not choke….People blame him because of his arrogance… Sow what you raep

      • emerson says:

        Salary cap justifying no bench?C mon!? This is a very disfunctional way to describe a sort of problems ranging from the talk that talk in the locker room to the field where the 3-time-MVP has to do everything alone, including a 4th quarter perfect shooting . Seems irrational. And the managers? Poor guys, dealing with salary caps and unbalanced trades during the season…sincerely, I see more diferences between OKC-Spurs and Miami outside the court than noticeable on the late minutes of the 4th quarter.

      • jordanbyfar says:

        everyone has missed critical free-throws before. Heat will win this series…so big deal!!!

      • pf35 says:

        the managers chose to sign lebron. They didnt have to. and the last time miami played against boston, they used only their bench. Miami lost, 55 to like 80. If the big three were sooo eager to join up they would have taken less money to get a bench. they took the deals the managers gave them.

      • Chris says:

        Like they celebrated that summer, “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5”. yeah keep dreaming fan boys. Not even 1 championship.

      • Tom says:

        Pat Riley is to blame he payed to much for BOSH

  166. svsdv says:

    you make some you miss some even jordan and reggie missed game winners

    • Peter says:

      How often did Jordan and Reggie go to the line for two game winning freethrows, and miss both?

      Lebron’s done it more times then I can count…

      Lebron might do everything for the first 3 1/2 quarters, but in that last 5 minutes they need to give the ball to D Wade.

      • Zobi says:

        Did you read this part??

        “James doesn’t choke down the stretch. Forget all James does over the first 36 or 42 minutes to put his team in position to even come up short in a close game. Overlook the failings of teammates, such as Dwyane Wade — who missed his final four shots Tuesday, including a layup to tie with 16.8 seconds left.”

        Just wondering what else the Heat could do? Your thoughts, because the ball was in Dwayne’s hands with 16.8s?

      • sam says:

        They did and he clanked too from point blank range but this ridiculous author who is obviously a Chicago fan boy is trying to play mind games with Lebron with his silly article. Get a life and write something which makes more sense!

      • darien chambers says:

        i lame lebron for the loss, as usual he failes to score wen his team needed him to, if he made the free throws and made a better decision instead of giving it to wade in he post, i believe the heat couldve won, lebron recieved mvp, so he shouldve proved why he is mvp

      • pf35 says:

        dude jordan missed over a thousand shots in his life and once he went 1 for 8 at the free throw line. Reggie miller missed free throws and game winning shots time and time again. And remember that D Wade choke against the knicks. Idk y people don’t like lebron. no one talks about the shots he made…

      • Jason says:

        Everyone says put the ball in Wade’s hands, He missed his last 4 shots? The main problem for the Heat is rearing it’s nasty head, It’s not Lebron, It’s not Wade or Bosh being out its the lack of DEPTH the team has. They placed all of their money in “The Big 3” and have no money for a bench…. Lebron is tired because they have no way of having him rest down the stretch for this reason and this reason only. Dont get me wrong Bosh out hurts the team because normally he is good for 15-20 points a game that translates to wins. But if they had a better bench the Bosh injury wouldn’t hurt as much.

      • Truth says:

        Yeah, give it to Dwade at the end, so he can miss a layup.. oh wait they did and so did he

      • Jim says:

        @Sam, so anybody who hate’s the HEat or even says ONE negative comment about them is automatically a Chicago Fanboy? Lol you know Indiana hates them, especially right now too. Not to mention Lakers fans, Boston fans….Just saying xD

      • Connor says:

        They did give wade the ball!!! they gave it to him with 16 seconds left and he missed a layup and yet no one is saying that wade blew the game. once again everyone is putting the blame on lebron and saying he didnt pull through in the end, wade and lebron are both outstanding players and this shows that nomatter how good a player is that all of them make mistakes

      • Steve Blake says:

        When do we all figure out the Heat is all hype.. You think i’m wrong? Why is it, LeBron can come into a city and tell them that he, personally, will bring the city of MIAMI soo much championships when he cannot finish out a game? You saw last year.. The finalls.. His statistics in the fourth quarter were garbage. Last game showed the same type of fourth quarter player that he was one year ago in the finalls..

      • Kael says:

        Lebron and Heat will get their act together and will burn the Pacers. This loss will be beneficial for them once they’re in the Finals. Heat need this defeat.

      • imad akel says:

        I agree with what Jason had to say about depth, BUT i gotta say I believe the Heat supporting cast can do more than what they are worth.

        They are a good cast i think they just slept for a long time coz james and wade and bosh would do all the work.
        Now that bosh is out they have to wake up and pick up the slack of an absent all-star. I think they can do it. I think this series is a good wake up call to them to let em know that even though they have 3 big players, it takes the whole team to win the championship.

      • Showbaba says:


      • erxzed says:

        D Wade had a shot…he missed as well.
        I am a Laker fan so I have no vested interest in James or the Heats but to me he just missed, there is nothing else to it. It happens to the best of them. To me being clutch doesn’t necessarily mean making every last minute shots, it’s not being afraid to take it, make or miss.

      • karl is crazy says:

        can’t you guys understand that the guy is almost guarding from paul george to david west starting midway of the 1st qrtr until the end of the 4th in defense and you want the guy perform his usual self??? he’s exerting too much energy in defense and you want the guy to score a lot… kobe don’t do that… durant OBVIOUSLY don’t do that… because they have players to do defense for them but in miami he needs to do both in high demand… just give the guy credit for what he does and stop blaming the guy… he’s not a superhuman…. his teamates needs to produce and give support to james… because he’s doing too much and if they make it to the finals i think james is already exausted by that time if there is no support by his teammates….

      • Bron Bron says:

        Peter who cares if he doesnt do anything in the last 5 minutes. He carries his team the entire game with 1 superstar and 2 all stars on his team. He should be able to get a break and D wade cant close a game for nothing. He always misses important shots at the end. And why does everyone bring up Jordan? Who cares about Jordan, you will never see him play basketball again, get over it. You

    • bostonlou says:

      reggie who??

      we’re talking lebron and jordan…

      no one named reggie belongs in this conversation…

      unless you had faith in reggie lewis?

      • Snap says:

        Reggie “I have just as many rings as LeBron” Miller. If anyone doesn’t belong in this conversation it’s Jordan. LeBron has a lot of things left to accomplish before you can put him anywhere near Jordan in a conversation.

    • Pat says:

      I agree with both the comment and the reply. Mike and Reggie have both misses free trows and shots to win the game … BUT …….. Lebron is playing much better this year in the fourth quarter. I also play competively (although not at their level). From personal experience, I have missed some pressure shots at the end of the game. Once I scored 57 but missed the game-winning 3 with time running out. And here is my point: LeBron CANNOT stop taking shots in pressure situations or it will haunt him forever. AND the more pressure shots that he takes, the more he is likely to make. And he will be better equipped to deal with the stress of the situation. I hate LBJ for leaving Cleveland but you GOTTA respect the man’s game. And D-Wade needs to learn how to set LBJ up in the fourth, it would mean success for both of them and the HEAT.

      • Ron says:

        @Pat…. Thanks !!!!!!! THANKS !!! and Thank you again Pat…

        Wade (The Miami Heat) need to set up plays for LBJ at the end of the four quater, PERIOD. AMERICA, please, LBJ’s talents are one of the main reasons that we are watching the game that we all love so much. Give the man a break and let him play and watch how he is redifining the game. LBJ is the greatest player who ever play the basketball game, PERIOD.

      • Laker Fan says:

        This was probably the most sensable post i saw on here. The bottom line is in the nba most playoff games come down to the last 5 min. Lebron is the best player in the world and how many shots did he take in the last 5 min? Crunch time is not role player time its not Dwade time its best player time. If you defer to wade and not look to do it yourself you will never have that success. All he has to do is take shots, yeah he is gonna miss some but the more he takes the less pressure he will feel. Nobody remembers all the shots Jordan and Kobey missed in the clutch, which is more than they made, but we all remember the makes dont we?! Shoot the ball lebron!