Turner Has His Moment In Game 2

BOSTON — The Sixers have been searching for a go-to guy since Allen Iverson was traded in 2006.

By default, Lou Williams has been the guy with the ball in his hands down the stretch for the last couple of years. But since he was drafted No. 2 in 2010, Evan Turner has been the man with the most potential to be that guy.

On Monday, at the end of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, Turner had his moment. With the Sixers down one and 45 seconds left in the game, the ball was in Turner’s hands. He was isolated on the left wing on Rajon Rondo, a scary and competent defender.

Turner was having an awful night. At that point, he was 3-for-10 with five turnovers. Sixers coach Doug Collins said afterward that Turner was “out of synch.”

But that didn’t matter as Turner drove into the paint and got around Rondo. Paul Pierce came to help, in position to take the charge. But Turner somehow avoided the contact, slipped to Pierce’s side, and put in an incredible scoop shot off the glass.

“Evan Turner made a miraculous shot,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said.

It ended up being the deciding basket in what was an ugly game, a 82-81 victory for the Sixers to even the series. The Sixers followed it up with a tremendous defensive possession, benefited from an offensive foul on Kevin Garnett, and put the game away at the free throw line.

Turner had a similarly important bucket in the first round against Chicago. But this was another step up in intensity. And another notch in his belt.

Turner has been inconsistent from game to game, quarter to quarter even. He’s yet to fill his potential as a No. 2 pick. But that one play at the end of Game 2 was another glimpse of just how good Turner can be.


  1. CoachJ says:

    Just looked at the replay of the Garnett foul, he got called because he was holding him, just saying! if he didnt step into iggy there would be no foul. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE GAME TONIGHT, this is exciting hoops!

  2. jc says:

    BOSTON stinks the SIXERS are a better team stop crying GO SIXERS

  3. Ray says:

    Celtics Fans are saying don’t be worry we are going to win the series but quiet frankly ya’ll are struggling against us this series. Iggy is playing PREMIER defense on ” The Truth” which is big and im not saying he is going to do that the entire series but for the most part he will slow him down as he did in game 1 and 2 ! Also the Sixers are playing their best basketball in a long time (MOSTLY Defensively) and if i was a Celtics fan I will be worried and I wouldn’t over look my Sixers because we are definitely not a push over team any more, and with the Celtics coming to philly that only makes matter worst. LETS GO SIXERS !

    • Peter says:

      Boston won the first game by 1 point, Philly one the second game by 1 point.

      Philly are struggling just as much agaisnt Boston as the other way around…

  4. Tsaba says:

    Guys! wait a minute. Cos big things are coming from the Philly

  5. Shuaib says:

    Don’t worry Celtic Fans. The Celtics will win games 3, 4, and 5. Paul Pierce has nothing to be worried about, he’ll catch fire next game. It’s just that Rondo needs to be more aggressive. He needs to shoot, because most of the time he’s wide open. Rondo is my favourite player and I have nothing against him, it’s just that a few more shots would be appreciated. 😀

  6. ko0kie says:

    look at it… that was sooo drose-like! how he tucks the ball, drives, winds his body and finishes… great move. hopefully turner gained some confidence, because he is a terrific player with a lot of upside..

  7. Law064 says:

    That was a poor shooting game from both teams. When Paul Pierce scores only 7 points and you lose the game by 1 I would say Boston shouldn’t be worried. Paul has been cold so far this series. We’ll see what happens in game 3 in Philly. I know 1 thing for sure Pierce has to get it going because 7 points won’t do it. The offensive foul on KG was a strange call that late in the game. I saw a lot of moving screens from both sides that was a no call. Boston still will win this series but they will need to get Peirce going. Go Boston!!!

  8. dattebayo says:

    A few days ago the Celtic fans were writing in these blogs how the Celtics would smoke the Heat in the Conference Final. Now they barely one Game 1 at home (by one) and lost Game 2 against the “inferior” 76ers. I have not yet seen both games but the Celtics lost Homecourt and they need it back to win the series. It’s gonna be interesting too see what they can do in Philadelphia. If Philly wins Games 3 and 4 they will win in 6 🙂

    • Peter says:

      Boston don’t need home court to win the series…

      Also people were talking about what will happen if Boston plays Miami, nobody saidit was a sure thing. I still don’t think Miami beating Indiana is a sure thing!

  9. HonestGuy says:

    Looking more and more like a future all star. Meanwhile, John Wall is out practicing dunks and fishing.