Spurs: CP3, Shooters Give Clips A Shot

SAN ANTONIO – So they meet again. A week after wrapping up their own spot in the conference semifinals, the Spurs finally know who their opponent will be.

Oh yes, they’re quite familiar with Chris Paul in the playoffs.

“He’s a future Hall of Famer,” said San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich.

“He’s one of those guys, you know he’s not going to give up,” said Manu Ginobili.

Back in 2008, Paul was a singular force who virtually willed the Hornets to extend a conference semifinal series against the Spurs to seven games. Now he has lit a fire under the traditionally-moribund Clippers, lifting them to only their second playoff series win since moving to the West Coast more than three decades ago. Paul led the way with 19 points and nine rebounds in the decisive Game 7 win over Memphis that sends L.A. immediately into the next round against the No. 1 seeded team in the West that is on a 14-game winning streak.

“I think, for us, we have to make sure we really respect them,” Tony Parker told the San Antonio Express-News. “Even if they’re hurting a little bit, they’re going to play hard and they’re going to play very physical and we’re going to have to match their energy in everything they do. It’s going to be a tough series.”

It should be tough than the Spurs’ 4-0 sweep of Utah in the first round because the Clippers are not one-dimensional. In addition to getting the ball inside to All-Star forward Blake Griffin, the Clippers have the outside shooting that the Jazz lacked. Mo Williams hit 7-for-9 from behind the 3-point line in a 120-108 win in San Antonio in March as the Clippers became one of just five visiting teams to win at the AT&T Center this season. Nick Young made 10 of 19 (52.6 percent) from long range in the first round against the Grizzlies and Randy Foye is also capable of bombing away.

“They’re very different (from Utah),” Parker said. “They’re more transition, fast breaks, lob. Utah, everything was in the paint. They didn’t have a lot of shooters. The Clippers have some good shooters, so it’s different.”


  1. KingEdgar says:

    If the clippers win in game one i go for the clippers in game 6 CP3 can manage Tony parker.

  2. Ryan says:

    Experience, depth, and Coach Pop. These are the key factors in winning this series. San Antonio’s starting line-up of a bench, will help the Spurs come out on top. Stephen Jackson for the three point game. Matt Bonner and Gary Neal can help pitch in several 3’s as well. Boris Diaw and Duan Blair will play very physical against this Clipper squad. Tiago Splitter can help crash the boards as well. Patty Mills, Danny Green, and Kawahi Leonard are just icing on the cake. Its the positive attitude and strong determination of the San Antonio Spurs that will win this series for them in 6 games. Yes, the Clippers come out with CP3, Blake Griffin, and a Mo Williams type guy. That kind of a combination can be lethal if your trying to adjust to thier game. What even more lethal though, Timmy D, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Plus Coach Pop and the depth of the Spurs bench. Yea the Grizzlies got lucky 2 years in a row…

  3. ko0kie says:

    I don’t know.. the spurs look really go this season.. so balanced with a tony parker in his prime. CP3 has really struggled this year against the spurs.. but this is the playoffs.. CP3 is so skilled and feisty.. you just know he wants to win so badly, he will not go away easy.. but he certainly needs help, but who is gonna step up? blake griffin looked very limited in that game 7 against the grizzlies.. he needs to get healthy and have a big series for them.

  4. Suriken says:

    The Spurs overtime win in LA was real luck. SAS advantages r experience, offense, depth, coaching stuff. LAC advantages r atheticism, speed, rebounding. At one side SAS should be schooling LAC with their highly intelligently efficient new type of basketball all series long. But on the other side SAS can’t match hulky energy on the boards especially mixed with better than average 3 point shooting. Surely Pop would adjust later, but every game is just too vital, especially with this LAC team. Nothing new to see from TD and BG matchup, but definitely worthseeing TP vs CP duel. LAC bench is deep but not stable enough to sustain Manu and Co. I see Manu is the key factor for SAS. Great series. No more injuries to both teams. Go Spurs Go!
    P.S. How could back-to-back games be approved in the conference semis? Haven’t you ever played basketball???

  5. lakermig says:

    spurs in 5 or 6

  6. wilson says:

    Spurs in 5 baby!

  7. clips58 says:

    Probably, clippers will win. If clips players remain healthy (BG, CP3, Caron), LA will clip spurs at 5. Imagine if Mr. Big Shot is playing in the playoff, they will probably sweep the spurs.

    • jk7564 says:

      are you smoking crack?? Really clips in 5. The clippers will be lucky to extend this series to a game 5

    • justplayball says:

      ………if…..if…..if……. ‘IF’ the clippers were better than the Spurs then they might have a chance….. but they aren’t….. even with mr billips……Spurs already dispatched him when he was on a BETTER team, so dream on…….

  8. rcandcess says:

    The key factors for the Clippers will be their bigs, shooters, and the duo of Blake and Paul. On the other side, the Spurs have depth, experience, fresh legs, and the still running and gunning trio of TD-TP-MG. It will be interesting to see a sweeper face off with a seven-game series survivor. I’ll give a little more credit to the Clippers than what they’ve been receiving, but that would mean only two wins in this series. I’m calling it Spurs in 6.

  9. Krob( Spurs fan) says:

    Memphis didn’t want to see us this year ..healthy and rejuvenated

  10. Mike says:

    Looking forward to a great series. In fact, the whole second round consists of great match-ups.

  11. Michael Ross says:

    Lucky? What are you smoking? Did the Spurs spank the Grizzlies 4-0 this season or not? We actually wanted sweet revenge and we were hoping for Memphis. Don’t kid yourself, the Spurs would of eaten the Grizzlies like they are going to eat the Clips!

  12. jonski22 says:

    Spurs just got lucky that they don’t have to face the Grizzlies. They must be relieve, they know the Clips is new to play-offs and only CP3 is their problem,

    • justplayball says:

      ……don’t start in with the ….”nobody wants to play the grizzlies” stuff…….they are just not that good , period. The Clippers were/are better now let’s just move on…..I would say the grizzlies got ‘lucky’ last year facing an injured Spurs spuad……and then this year things were not htat way and the Griz couldn’t beat the Spurs once this year. IF the Griz were that good, they would’ve trounced the Spurs in the opening game, but they just couldn’t get the job done!! Like @michael ross said…. Spurs wuld have ‘loved’ the chance to ‘set the record straight’. But htey face a very good clippers team that won’t be easy to beat!! That said….Spurs in 5……..

  13. Chase says:

    If Blake Griffin decides to actually play it could be interesting. If he’s going to continue to whine, look miserable & stare-down the refs, awaiting calls he thinks he deserves for flopping, I think the Spurs will smell blood and take it to the Clips off the bat. Spurs in 5.

  14. Marcus says:

    Spurs in four.

  15. teamSpurs says:

    spurs 4 – 1

  16. Belizeboy says:

    Even though I’m going for the Clippers I love San Antonio’s attitude. They respect their opponent and don’t get caught up in trash talking or other drama. I do believe the Spurs will win because of experiance and coaching though.

  17. kobe says:

    spurs in 6

  18. This could be a great matchup no doubt!