Bosh Out Indefinitely, Maybe for Series

MIAMIChris Bosh will return when his gut tells him to, and right now, that gut is in too much pain to speak.

Such is the case with abdominal strains. They heal on their timetable, not yours. And so the Heat must definitely make do without Bosh for Game 2, and perhaps without Bosh for the entire series against the Pacers, and who knows beyond that. If Miami’s season lasts beyond that.

“The season has to be extended,” Bosh said, after his MRI, “in order for me to play again.”

That doesn’t sound like a guy who expects to suit up against against the Pacers, which means Bosh’s strain is likely in the medium range. A mild strain, he comes back by next week. A severe strain, he misses a handful of weeks, as Kevin Garnett once did, as Mo Williams once did, as Manu Ginobili once did.

“This is something we’re taking day by day,” he said. “It’s not the worse thing that could happen, and that’s the good news. Nothing would surprise me [if he didn’t return this series]. These are the cards I’ve been dealt right now.”

This has major implications for the Heat against a Pacers’ team that brings Roy Hibbert and David West, who combined for 34 points and 13 rebounds mainly in the post, and also an Indiana team that controlled much of Game 1 before LeBron James grabbed a fourth-quarter sledgehammer and went to work. Expect to see more of Ronny Turiaf and Joel Anthony than you ever expected. At least that’s Miami’s mindset, anyway. Bosh’s teammates are already preparing for the worst.

“We’re moving on as though he doesn’t return this series,” James said.

Turiaf is the latest in a long list of inexpensive big-man hunts for the Heat, a search that has gone mostly futile. He’s an energy guy who brings hustle yet is overmatched offensively; the next play coach Erik Spoelstra calls for Turiaf will be the first. As for Anthony, he has his hands full with Hibbert. Bosh’s replacements give Miami a different look, not necessarily a better look. They will not generate much in terms of points; that must come from other sources. Well, mainly from the main sources, meaning LeBron and Dwyane Wade will each carry a higher burden to score and create easy baskets for others.

“Guys will have to fill their roles,” James said. “It’s not deflating for us. It does stink, but we look forward to the challenge.”

In the greater scheme — and this is no shot at Bosh — Miami didn’t just lose LeBron or Wade. The Heat can compensate somewhat for Bosh; not so much for the other two. At least in this series. It was a blessing for Miami that the Pacers didn’t seize the advantage when they had the chance. So Miami needs to win only three without Bosh.

“I pride myself on being prepared, and so does everyone else in the locker room,” said Turiaf.

Bosh missed three games with injuries earlier this season and Miami lost twice, to the Lakers and Jazz. Meaning, there are no guarantees, and Bosh does carry a degree of importance. Which we will see if Miami gets beyond the Pacers and must deal with Kevin Garnett.

With that in mind, Bosh is taking it slowly, but quickly.

“I’ll rest, take my vitamins, I just do what the training staff asks me to do,” he said. “I’m going to make sure I do everything I can, hopefully that will expedite everything. My morale is high, no matter what happens. We talk about dealing with the bumps, with the bruises. Well, my bump is here. I just have to get over it.”


  1. Shaun Powell says:

    Bosh is a huge loss, more than most here are willing to aknowledge. Not having Bosh on the court means not having that consistent third option offensively, not to mention a big hole in the defence. An open Bosh can nail that 15 footer and can even slam it inside (despite not being known as an aggressive big). He is by no means one of the premier bigs in the league, but a much needed piece in Miami. Heat and company should be able to bounce back against Indiana, but at what cost? Surely even James and Wade will take a beating having to play at MVP caliber in round 2 when they should have breezed by the Pacers with a healthy Bosh on the floor.

  2. No Bosh = No Heat says:

    Now who still thinks Heat is better without Bosh? LBJ + D-wade = 2 ball hogs, no lowpost!!!!

  3. Randy Austin says:

    I am a Miami heat die hard fan no matter what hope bosh gets better soon but until he feels or should I say his stomach feels better Turiaf and Joel Anthony it’s time to show up like never before they don’t just have to put the burden on points score on dwade and ljames they going to be able to create offense for them because that’s what everybody’s going to be expecting they just got to be ready to shoot a bunch of free throws and take hits in tha paint and improve there ball control down low

  4. outsid3 says:

    And at the end…San Antonio will beat them all. Remeber!

  5. go136 says:

    let’s just wait on what will be the outcome at end of the season. and then you can shout out what you think about lebron james and the miami heat.

  6. Charles Pritchett says:

    Keep it real folks. With Mr. Bosh out the Heat will manage to make it to the Finals, however In the Long Haul (NBA Finals) Bosh’s lose is too much. They are in trouble. LBJ and D Wade will give you 100% and the others will all step it up but they really need a healthy Mr. Bosh and I am a LAKERS FAN.Please remember this is the NBA and we are only in the beginning of the 2nd round. As we all know anything can and will happen. I am going out there and say OKC will win it all. Yes over the Spurs. With a better regular season record then any East Coast team, OKC has the home court. Still a lot of Basketball to play. Praying that that Chris Bosh and Doctors do not rush back from this injury because it will not change the final outcome of this years finals. Take care Mr Bosh and Get well soon Chris

  7. Francisco says:

    hahaha, kobe chokes again, in the playoffs, owned by sefalosha

  8. fjkdsafj;dklsa; says:

    Bosh spreads the floor and clears space for lebron and wade, he is the one of the more consistent players on the team averages 18 and 8. With turiaf or anthony on the floor the Pacers bigs can stay in the land and contest lebron and wade.

    • Miami Guy says:

      You have a great point. I put all the blame on our coach Erik not developing Pittman. I have been saying it in whole season.. Give this kid some playing time.. But Erick is so stubborn when it comes to James Jones, and Pittman. He already gifted last years title. Looks like he already messed up this year again. He has not been developed a single player for Miami Heat in last a few years.. When you do not have big bodies on the floor Wade, and James need to do double work. Spo does not get this and we still play street basketball.. 😦

  9. Joshua says:

    Kobe’s the best player hands down

  10. sam says:

    heat will be ok as long as d-wade is playing his best basketball, just like game 1. no need to remind lebron because he’s always at his best every game.

  11. jumpman_cbt2 says:

    I think this could be the chance for Lebron to shut down the critics about him being not clutch.
    He always had great seasons with good stats and he plays very versatile and still can score a lot.
    This time he needs to step up and take shots in the crunch time. WIthout Bosh, Lebron and Wade
    will be the main scorers for the HEAT.

  12. GILTZ says:

    IF mIAMI GOES TO THE FINAL ANd oklahoma if they are…so i thought

    Heat is the champs.. go go go


    bosh is overrated cant wait til the lakers play them in the final kobe will kill james

  14. derrick rose says:

    ???????????????? rose is better than bosh

    • dens says:

      hahaha says who? but bosh has better chance to play on the Playoffs again
      than Rose hahaha

  15. MacMan says:

    This report is talking about how they gonna have to deal with garnett next series but if im correct that series is 1-1. Dont publish stuff before it’s set in stone #allimsaying

  16. Miami Guy says:

    Now Erik will need big bodies like Pittman whom he did not develop whole season 😦 The coaching is the weakest point of Miami Heat. We still do not play team game.

  17. James says:

    Honestly, until they get to the finals, they don’t even need Bosh.

  18. wooderson says:

    oh and the deal with garnett bit just cracked me up! hahahahaha garnett? youre kidding me right? all he can do is take open jumpshots. joel anthony by himself would destroy the weakest “bigman” in NBA history. oh but hey, the fact that you think the celtics are getting past the sixers is just ridiculous

  19. MD says:

    I agree Heat played with a sense of urgency in the 2nd half and I predict the “others” – Mike Miller, Haslem, Chalmers and even Battier will score more in game 2. I just dont think Pacers can stop Lebron/Wade. They just do too many things both offensively and defensively. Also, having seen Boston play against Philly today, they just don’t seem to have enough offense. It does seem like Heat will come out of the East. Heat/Thunder or Heat/Spurs is what it looks like it will be. What would those match ups look like?

  20. Brazil says:

    Everybody that says Bosh is not important is completely wrong in 15 minutes that he played in game 1 he scored 13 points while Turiaf and Anthony combined played for 33 minutes and scored 13 points bosh is one of the most important player that put the game over the shoulder when LBJ or D Wade are not good

    • kenny says:

      Great logic! Why don’t you just compare luol deng to brian scalabrine! Of course bosh is better than turiaf and anthony, but that doesn’t make him that important. Heat are still good team without him, if only their bench starts doing their job and not just stand and watch lebron and wade do everything!

  21. Chris says:

    This is the best thing that could have happened to the Miami Heat. No offense to Bosh, but him being gone will help the Heat tremendously.

    It will instill a sense of urgency in the players, which is great because the East is looking very easy this year due to D-Rose and D12, along with their teams, being out, increasing the risk that the Heat will fall asleep and then get a huge shock when they meet OKC or the Spurs in the Finals. At least now they are on their feet and focused.

    They will all have to crash the boards like monsters to get rebounds (Lebron 15 rebounds Game 1), insteading of hoping the ball lands in Bosh’s hands.

    It will allow the bench players to step up and shine. They often suffer from withdrawal, stepping back and letting Lebron or Wade or to a lesser extent Bosh do their thing. This will give them an opportunity to contribute and be part of the game.

    I like Bosh, but I don’t love Bosh. He doesn’t take care of the ball. He’s a little slow for the Heat’s intense speed and fast breaks. And he’s not the best defender, for his size and length. Pat Riley is a shrewd and strategic man. He will use the Championship (if they win this year of course) to upgrade Bosh’s value and trade him for a very good player, hopefully a B+ or better Center. If they don’t win this year, same fate for Bosh. Either way, he will be sent packing next year.

  22. Joy says:

    Heat is not a good team.
    Their benches are below average in the league, they still haven’t got a real big man center, their coach is no help to the team and players, he has no success expirence, and players have to teach him instead.
    Sad for LBJ and DW, they just waste their time and talents.
    I like Popovich, coach is too important to win games, and good coach can help keep team healthy.

  23. Robert says:

    No Disrespect to Bosh ( I wish him a speedy recovery) – However I expect to see Miami suddenly become a much better rebounding team. I expect to see the guys all pretty much crash the boards for fast break points and more importantly “second chance” shots. I just wish that Haslum would make his presence felt like he once did years ago. However the Heat should be fine. My initial thoughts are that the Bosh injury creates a much needed” sense of urgency” for the team which have at times become complacent. “Sense of urgency” big time… especially if they loose Game 2. The Heat in 5 – but hoping for a sweep:) We shall see.

  24. Bulls 2012 says:

    lol To everyone that says the heat is better without Chirs Bosh is crazy!!! The playoffs is a whole different monster than regular season..(as we saw with the bulls after we lost drose and noah)…now the pacers can play off the nonthreatening center and powerforward. Its going to be harder on wade and lebron now…bosh opens up the floor for them to explode to the basket…GO PACERS…get well soon bosh hate to see a good player go down

  25. Majg16 says:

    Shaun…are you serious? “Heat can compensate somewhat for Bosh; not so much for the other two”. You do realize that the Heat have played much better without Wade then they have without Bosh. Miami can go Wade-Bosh, or Bosh LBJ, but without Chris its hurts them significantly.

  26. HeatFTW! says:

    And please do keep in mind that LeBron and D Wade are a totally different, more powerful duo in the play offs. Come to think of it, the Heat are a better team in the play-offs

  27. HeatFTW! says:

    Not worried about the Heat at all. It seemed like the Heat did better without him. LeBron took over just about every position and out rebounded the 7’2″ Roy Hibbert 15 to 11. LBJ and D Wade will take over. Plus, the Heat have good back-up big men to step up. Haslem can take PF, James can switch in and out from SF to Center. While the Heat also have Joel Anthony, Ronny Turiaf, and Dexter Pittman to play Center. The Heat should be just fine.

  28. B says:

    The Heat will miss Bosh’s presence the most, but this loss shouldn’t hurt the team much. A positive note is that the Heat played very well in the second half of game 1. Their spacing was much better offensively, since CB tends to stay on the perimeter, and their defense is a little quicker to react without him.
    On the other hand, with Bosh gone, hibbert can cheat off of Joel or Turiaf and help clog the paint more.
    Should be interesting to see if indiana plays more zone next game, and if Lebron moves to the 4 with Bosh out.

  29. Mr.305 says:

    I do not think he`s so much hating.. more like pointing out facts. Although it is true that the Celtics are gonna have a harder time moving on to the semi finals than the Heat ( Atleast to what we saw in both game 1´s), I do believe they will move on and face the Heat. If Bosh is not fully healthy and ready to play by then, we will have headaches trying to guard Garnett who has turned back the clock as of late. First and foremost, i am a Miami Heat fan to the death and i am hoping and rooting for them to win the finals these playoffs.. But other than that, i do not like speaking as if am biased. I speak only thru what i see. As for this series, I think the Heat will do just fine with Lebron and Wade.

  30. Bev says:

    I wish Chris Bosh a speedy healthy recovery !!! I do think the Heat can still win it all even under these circumstanaces.
    Turiaf is a Beast, and I think he is a good match-up for Perkins of the OKC-Thunder. My team (The Miami Heat) have
    to really gear their minds up for war in these finals. The key to their winning success this seasons depends on them staying mentally, emotionally and phycially “strong and focused”. They already have all the other conponents to win the championship.

    Hang in their guys !!!! Really, you all got this !!!!

    From: Your #1 Fan in NC MsBevBlack

  31. rfgb says:

    Sure, it hurts, but Miami only took over the game yesterday after bosh left. They actually got better on defense in the paint without him

  32. Lucifer says:

    i gotta correct you mr levi …..wade won a championship with the big shaq daddy …..n lebron has proven he cant win without/with 2 allstar/olympic players…. so the heat will definately need bosh for boston …. boston may be old but they play fundamental basketball under the watchful eye of doc rivers ….. the heats coach/video cordinator (eric) is not even half the coach doc rivers is but i will say he is a pretty decent coach none the less…. i personally hate the whole heat movement and lebron the frozen one james but ima really feel sry 4 him if he doesnt win this year because the media is gunna eat his a**.

  33. Levi says:

    Shaun Powel, wow, you are a hater.
    So much negativity, it’s clear and sound that you are actually rooting for the Heat to lose and you still expect the Celtics to go past to the semi-finals which is clearly less certain than the Heat losing this round.
    The Heat can do it without Bosh and even without 2 of their big-3. The Heat has won a championship over the shoulders of Wade alone.
    Do not understimate the Heat, but please, keep hating as we proceed to our second title!

    • Eugene says:


      seriously? Championship with Wade alone? Wasn’t a little known player named Shaquille O’Neal playing alongside him that year?

    • Gunner says:

      Wade alone? LOL.

      That team also had arguably the most dominant center of all time.

      But hey, you’re a Heat fan. You’re allowed to be stupid.

    • stfu says:

      really? on wade’s shoulder alone? are out of your god damn retard mind? Does the name Shaquille O’Neil ring a bell for you moron???

    • uoykcuf says:

      hmm, where’s the “negativity” you talked about? These young fans sure are sensitive.

    • RangryRanga says:

      Shaq was the reason that Miami won their title.
      Dallas paid so much attention in worrying about Shaq, that Shaq told Wade to take over if they wanted to win.

      Without Shaq Wade would npot of been able to take over The Finals.

    • mrwormburn says:

      You must be one of those fans that doesn’t actually watch the game and thinks he knows what’s up? “over [on rather] the shoulders of wade alone?” LMFAO, there was this guy named shaq that drew triple teams and was the reason they won that year. top scorer isn’t always the reason a team wins. besides, the heat were 13-1 this season with wade on the bench and lbj in the game. yeah, wade isn’t that important, bosh is. you are probably one of those that still tries to argue that it’s wade’s team. stop rationalizing, and read it first here: wade is dead weight to lebron. wade has no jumpshot anymore, and might be the death of lebron’s career. wade is good, but he cannot lead any team to a championship. i am a huge heat fan, and like d-wade, however, i am not delusional about how good he is. you need to realize this.

    • joe says:

      you mean with shaq and mourning, not turiaf and anthony? wade didn’t win the title by himself, despite popular belief. in saying that, wouldn’t complain if the 06′ wade showed up to help get a 2nd title

    • alo says:

      +Gary Payton who shot some clutch shots

  34. Toa Tia says:

    Chris Bosh is a Beast to the Field

    • A.D. says:

      I think the Heat is better off without Bosh, he has no defense, gets not eoungh rebounds, no hustle plays and sometimes scores, that is the truth. People keep saying he’s a great player but he’s proven he’s not. As long as Miller, Battier and Calmers make shots (which they didn’t in game 1) Miami should be good. I take Turiaf and Anthony over Bosh anyday. Bosh don’t worry about coming back, just go hit the gym and chill until the Heat big bosses realize u gotta go.

      • wooderson says:

        wow youre an absolute moron. bosh has been the best PF in the league for the last 8 years. doesnt play defense? stupidest thing ive ever heard. stoudamire doesnt play defense, nowitzki doesnt play defense, griffin doesnt play defense, gasol doesnt play defense, carmelo anthony doesnt play defense, boozer doesnt play defense, bargnani doesnt play defense, david west doesnt play defense. bosh is one of few that does play defense. man some people on here are nuts.

  35. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Go Heat!!!

    (Bosh, come back soon!)

    • imad akel says:

      I’m a heat fan and i actually want to see the Heat win some games without Bosh. It’ll keep the Heat’s supporting cast on their feet.
      One of the biggest issues with the Heat is when the supporting cast goes to sleep and expects lebron wade and bosh to do everything. Maybe now they’ll step up to the challenge of actually contributing to a championship team.

  36. nickbartlett12 says:

    If he’s out indefinitely shouldn’t he be out for the series?? Time for LeBron to show why he’s MVP. Check out why he should’ve been MVP for the 5th straight year in actuality:

    • KPS says:

      He’s already proved why he’s the season’s MVP…. If OKC wins because KD completely beasts on everyone and destroys the competition, then KD gets a Post Season MVP get it? They don’t have Lebron’s season MVP trophy taken from him and given to KD. But you wouldn’t know anything about logic, you just like hating on Lebron.

      • nickbartlett12 says:

        I never hated on LeBron. He is my favorite player and I just blogged about how he should have been the MVP for the last five years. It’s time for him to win the most important MVP of all: Finals MVP. He acknowledged that when he accepted his award. I have no idea where you’re coming from. I love LeBron. I just want him to win the ship so his haters can shut up once and for all. There’s some logic for you buddy.

      • banks says:

        yea ur very dumb, he was TAKING UP for LEBRON……lmfao you thought he was hating and now u come out lookin like the idiot

      • Lol says:

        All of you are idiots! Why are you talking about Lebron when the post is about Bosh… bunch of idiots!

    • KPS says:

      My apologies, you weren’t hating on Lebron. Alot of stupid comments about Lebron having to prove himself starts with something along the lines of “proving why he’s regular season MVP”

      • nickbartlett12 says:

        Totally agree with that. He won this (and every) MVP because he was the best player in the league. It’s time for him to sustain that play throughout the playoffs and win it all this year. Haters are gonna hate, but you can’t argue with how dominant this man is.

      • daniel says:

        Yea hes dominant as anyone ever has been in the league. Still dont ever want him to win the whole thing.