Metta Not Interested In Peace

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — So much for world peace!

Lakers forward Metta World Peace has no intention of making peace with Thunder sixth man James Harden when the Lakers travel to Oklahoma City for the first two games of the Western Conference semifinals.

After outlasting the Nuggets Saturday in Game 7 of the first round series, World Peace was asked if he would make any sort of gesture to move past the elbow he threw at Harden in an April 22 games that resulted in a concussion (for Harden) and a suspension (seven games for MWP).

No dice!

“I don’t shake substitutes’ hands,” World Peace told reporters.

Outside a statement of apology issued shortly after the incident, World Peace steered clear of anything close to genuine remorse for his actions, which will no doubt make him an object of the eye of Thunder fans filling Chesapeake Energy Arena for Games 1 and 2.

World Peace turned the attention back to the Thunder, claiming that they’re not the sort of team that’s into shaking hands before, during or after games. He went so far as to suggest the Thunder, and particularly Kendrick Perkins and Russell Westbrook, are the ones with the history of not being terribly good sports in the handshake department.

Dave McMenamin of does his best to make a little sense of the madness:

“I shake everybody’s hand before the game, but Oklahoma City, they don’t shake hands,” World Peace said. “Only some of them, but I don’t think they really shake hands before the game. Kendrick Perkins and now (Russell) Westbrook don’t shake hands either. (Russell) used to shake hands, but now he don’t shake hands anymore.”

World Peace said that his failed handshake attempts with Perkins date back to the 2010 Finals when Perkins was a member of the Boston Celtics.

“I used to go and shake hands,” World Peace said. “I’ve been playing against Kendrick forever. Kendrick, he’ll never shake your hand so I’d have to go and find Kendrick and shake his hand. In Boston, every game I’d have to go to him and say, ‘Hey,’ and then tap him on the butt. He don’t touch my hand. But, I’m getting tired of making that walk.”

It’s not like this series needed any more fuel, on either side. But we have to thank MWP for doing his part to stoke the fires. And even if he tired of “making that walk,” it would be a fantastic gesture, public or private, for him to extend some sort of hand to Harden.

Then again, the league’s top “substitute” might not be interested in shaking his hand anyway. In fact, we’re guessing the only thing he’s interested in shaking is the roof off the building with his play in the series.

And thankfully, we only have a day to stew on all of this drama before the action gets underway!


  1. Sicko Smith says:

    Lakers in 6! An experienced team can adjust their offence/defence extremely well, also when the lakers bigs will play with a sense of urgency they put up historical numbers (20 offensive rebounds + 40 points combined), not to mention his clutches Kobe will be angry in Game 2.

  2. Leeroy says:

    The lakers fans are really stubborn (well only the ones saying harden is a flopper) you take an elbow to the head and get back up.. he was on the ground because he was in pain..

  3. Alex King says:

    Yep that 3 by Fisher was awesome! I could read on his face after that shot that he wanted to burst out laughing hella bad but considered it as a bad sportsmanship and managed to remain professional. Probably saved his laughter for the locker room as he high fived everyone. Some one else mentioned on this thread that LA freaks saw it coming… That Fisher would take em out at the end Robert Horry style 🙂

  4. steagl3 says:

    Great to see the Lakers humbled tonight by a superior team 🙂 Can’t wait for all the LA fanatics to quiet down after this series.

  5. The Human Herd says:

    I’m really curious to see what the Laker fans have to say after this one. Once again, the LA bigs are sitting on the bench, arguing, completely confused as to what happened. I know Bynum had some decent numbers tonight, but like Shaq says, “in the playoffs, decent just isn’t gonna get it done.” I know this is just game 1, but it doesn’t matter. I see the Lakers MAYBE winning 2 games, but that’s a definite MAYBE. The Lakers have been blown out in 3 playoffs games already, and it’s only the 2nd round! If the Nuggets were a little more experienced in closing games, they would be playing OKC right now. Probably doing a much better job, too. The Lakers just don’t matchup well against many teams. They completely rely on their bigs and Kobe to do all of the work, and that’s not a championship team. If you want to beat the Lakers, run some pick and rolls, much like the Thunder did tonight, and watch their bigs run to the bench in tears.

    I bet it felt good for Fisher to hit that pull-up 3 on them on the very last possession of the game. (:

    I’ll slap my knee in laughter if we see Laker fans finding a way to brag and boast after tonights game.

    There isn’t an organization quite like the Lakers. When they lose, they don’t just lose, they get blown OUT. Which always leads to them getting ejected and throwing their jerseys off on the way to the locker room, hahahahaha.

  6. Alex King says:

    So how did you like getting whipped tonight by the OKC in 3 quarters? It did get boring in the 4th, but oh well let those bench folks get off their chairs the playoffs. Westbrook vs Blake 🙂 LOL Told ya the Lakers are tired and too old for the OKC. They should just throw in a towel now. Kobe too looked like he was unsure about the series from the start. Probably feels that back to back sweep is coming up 🙂

  7. p says:

    Hey Laker Fans – Aren’t you just loving Game 1 against the Thunder???
    I am – Nuggets would have faired SO much better – Go OKC!!!

  8. Radshawballer says:

    I think the handshake thing has a lot to do with respect. Respecting the other person as an individual. Respect in the world is on the decline in many areas of society. I encourage players on all the teams I coach/play on to respect other players, coaches and officials. And I make it a priority to shake hands of all those people after the game. Yes it is just a game, but how you play AND conduct yourself can make for an enjoyable game or not. With team sports how you conduct yourself has a big impact on your team as well, not just the self-centered you.

    MWP is a great basketball player but his actions contradict the name he chose. Its probably been said already but if you are going to change your name to something with “Peace” in it, you had better make an effort to be a peace keeper or better yet, a peace maker. I havn’t seen anything like this from MWP.

  9. purple&gold says:

    all i can say is that, let them play..

  10. igorferrarin says:

    You guys can’t see the problem here. No Phil Jackson no rings. Period. Brown lacks leadership and voice.

  11. igorferrarin says:

    The biggest problem with Lakers is that they have lost their coach soon to be hall-of-famer Phil Jackson. MWP would never talk trash like that if Phil was coaching LA. I don’t like Brown since Cleveland days. MWP should be quiet and play hard.

  12. infamousboll says:

    Derek Fisher will do the Robert Horry vs the lakers, like when Horry made the big shot as spurs vs shaq &kobe lakers. Both LA teams will be eliminated

  13. harden is a flopper says:

    that elbow MWP made to harden is just a punishment of his serious flopping. common man, what flooping is worse than this?

  14. ForTheLoveOfTheGame says:

    If the Lakers will be able to play through Gasol ang Bynum to the hilt it would be Lakers at 6 but if Lakers can’t handle the OKC’s pace then it will be OKC at 6. OKC will have difficulties in winning at Staples, yeah they won road games during the eliminations but it’s the playoffs and its tough to win convincingly at Staples Center either you need to have a great shooting night just like what the Nuggets did in Game 5 or have a great defense clearing the bigs of LA but with Perkins nursing injury? I don’t think so.

  15. lakers4life says:

    reason why lakers 1st playoff series goes to game 7 against nuggets coz of MWP. they need him to start for lakers vs OKC. its so obvious if the elbowing harden didnt happen lakers finished them early. lakers doesnt wanna take chance to play OKC if one players is missing. one win is important in the series. thats it. wish them both luck and hope refs will do there job pretty well.

  16. Matt says:

    i cant wait for world peace to get punched by perkins tomorrow i HATE the lakers their a bunch of thugs ALL OF THEM

  17. oby20 says:

    playoffs is a different story, OKC is a very good team and can win a title, i believe they are the ones that can beat miami in a series, but teams have its own criptonite, OKC no matter how good they are in beating teams, they find it hard against the lakers. Lakers in 7

  18. naruto says:

    you people know ya’ll will not say this to metta world peace face he will give you a hard elbow to the face

  19. Pedro says:

    Jordan neve did handshakes, not even with Pippen who was his teammate!!!! LOL
    Lakers in 6!!!

  20. Happy says:

    Lakers are too old and no longer bright enough to win a championship. Kobe should retire and Ron Artest should get some long term therapy. I truly believe that because Ron Artest threw that vicious elbow on Harden, OKC will be on a mission. I hope they run up the score every game this series. When the Mavericks swept the Lakers last year, they did so with purpose and animosity. Let’s hope for a repeat sweep of the Lakers this year. Thunder all the way!

  21. mong says:

    Quit yappin, and lets just watch the game. Laakers in 6.

  22. markus89 says:

    Also, the MEDIA talked more about the Knicks this season than the Celtics, Lakers, Pacers, 76ers or Grizzlies; and they were by far the worst of them. I hate it. This has been the case for years!!! The Knicks this, the Knicks that! They are weak and they will not win, no matter if they want it so bad. This is also the Heat case. They will win! The championship is for whatever team goes out of the Wild Wild WESTern Conference!

  23. Bruce says:

    This board is funny…. All I hear are fantasy plays from kids and morons repeating the same commentary that was from the sportscast. It’s going to be a fun series. Just sit back and try not to have a heart attack professing your undying love for a player.

    “He’s going to jump to the moon, throw the ball off the backboard, get the rebound, and dunk a 100-point basket and then David Stern is going to tell both teams they played so well that they’re both going to be in the championship game and just to drop the east team cause the west side is the best side. Yay! Yay!”

    I like reading the really thoughful opinions but you have to scroll through a lot of trash to get to them.

  24. markus89 says:

    I’m always been a Lakers fan, but this season has been so unfair for the Lakers. First, it was the declined trade by David Stern to avoide the Lakers adquire Chris Paul. By doing that. the NBA destroyed the Lakers locker room, because all the trade details was so official that all the media began to speak about it like it was done. The Lakers lost Odom without getting nothing and the NBA demonstrated that they don’t have any interest for the Lakers to win another championship because, after all, that was the main reason of the LOCKOUT. They didn’t want teams like the Laker and Celtics to keep winning titles. That’s why the media have done everything in their reach to engage fans from Miami, Chicago, OKC and Clippers to believe in their teams; I mean, the media wants the Heat so badly (ask Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless) to win the NBA Championship that almost 90% of the time they talk about the Heat. They have interest in “new teams” with no so many championships in their bags to win it all this season because just imagine the Lakers or Celtics winning it all this season after that lockout? Would the lockout had some sense? Of course not! Obviously when Kobe Bryant retires, the NBA will NOT-EVER-BE-THE-SAME! Still think the Lakers wins this series 4-2.

  25. Ian says:

    Ron Artest. His name is Ron Artest or he’s X! That would seem accurate, at least clear. World Peace. Shame on him for making a parody of that phrase. If there is 1 idea that should not be detached from our language, like so many others (e.g. spirituality) then it’s ‘world peace’.

    So long as idealism is so far back on the shelf, then just leave it alone. Artest, words mean nothing with a name like that. I’ll just call you Ronnie; how ’bout that? Ronnie or Arnie. What about Ar-Testy? Now that’s catchy and has some ACTUAL meaning (…cause you’re testy)! And do not tell me a family member suggested World Peace or gave it to you; don’t try that evasive maneuver!

    Back to the immediate audience. Artest seems mentally unstable. Look in his eyes. It’s not like KG intensity, for instance. Instead it’s an I’m-not-all-there vacuousness. On second thought, why define the g-d damn look? These men give fans entertainment. I truly don’t make a point of moralizing entertainers because it’s hypocritical (above I was attempting to defend language and idealism, not morality). Like so many other talents, Artest is part of our entertainment (what some call our ‘culture’, another word worth protecting). So let’s have even MORE fun and theater! Maybe Kyle Corver will change his name to Tits McGee.

    Know what I’m saying about all this? And, on a related note, justice can be justice without everyone knowing about Tiger’s affairs or steroid scandals ad nauseum. All these things are trifles, don’t you think? Yes, Artest is a clown at best and only a fool criticizes the circus (it’s like, what did I expect)?

    If this is considered defamatory, it’s at least well-written and thoughtful I think. Censor it!!! GO AHEAD!! Thanks for the sports since I was a tiny tot.

  26. Darklander says:

    Lakers will win. MWP will throw elbow to Durant’s head and will get another suspension. This way, OKC top scorer can not play. Then lakers will dominate. That’s how idiot MWP is and Lakers for keeping this idiot in their lineup.

  27. OKC1 says:

    OKC in 5, this series is identical to the one the Lakers and Dallas played last year, people thinking it could go either way and Lakers have a 50/50 chance when in fact the Lakers and completely outmatched and it will show.

    • Happy says:

      For sure. I hope the Lakers get totally spanked every game. They deserve it. Too arrogant, too many ugly tattees on their bodiesa. I love Durant’s humility, and his mother coming to watch his games is what family is all about. Durant deserves to get a championship. Metta World Peace needs to change his name back to Ron Artest…..or Metta Hippocrit.

      Enough said.

  28. Mike says:

    if it wasnt for Steve Blake hot hand playing the 7th game, laker probably go fishing already….laker wont get lucky twice…..!

  29. Happy says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am soooo looking forward to OKC destroying the Lakers. After OKC is finished with this snobby stuck up Lakers squad, Artest may need to check in to a mental institute. This will be a five game series at the most. Go Thunder go!!


  30. Allan says:

    When OKC is in town all people say the the circus in town

  31. Allan says:

    OKC site on the porch with pups and let the real men push ahead Go Lakers

  32. Kobe lets bring a win bk to LA …. and folks check my music out while we arguing this series

  33. Grizzle says:

    I can’t wait to SEE how RonRon lays his “balls” on HARDEN tonite!!! HAHA


    • Happy says:

      Artest is an idiot, and should have been suspended for at least 20 games. How can Laker fans condone his stupid behavior on Harden? Artest is a total nutcase, and he certainly should not be playing basketball anymore. His presence on the court not only tarnishes the NBA, but also tarnishes the already tarnished image of the stuck up Lakers. Lakers will not win this series and they will probably let Artest go at the end of their postseason. Artest is a total douchebag, and a bigtime loser. He needs to get a brain transplant and certainly needs a new brain so that he can think like a responsible American citizen. OKC will wreak havoc on the Lakers and destroy them on the court. It won’t even be close. Lightning and Thunder will strike in a big way on the Lakers tonight! OKC all the way.

  34. Vibez says:

    I like Ron Artest(not calling him by his new name, just too strange..smfh..), regardless if he does say some questionable things sometimes, and in the end I am rooting for OKC, but handshakes and hugs don’t win games, so if a person does not do it aww well. It’s good sportsmanship and all that jazz, but I wouldn’t care one way or another as long as the game gets won and you do what you do best, which is play basketball. If I’m entertained during the game, and my favourite players play well, then I don’t care if they do or don’t shake hands with others.

  35. daniel.b says:

    lakers go 7games and move on to the conf. finals and then take spurs to another 7games anddddd then take celtics to 6games and win the championship… xD LOL jking… lakers nuggets series was a fluke, if the lakers were consistent in that series mainly andrew and pau and sone of the bench we would of easily won it no sweat, lakers got momentum on there side and the thunder have been sitting a pretty while, it could be a toss up for game one, but i got to go with the lakers that are still fresh

  36. Alex King says:

    “Especially considering that guy’s track record for acts of that nature. He’s a dirtbag. The garbage I take outside every morning has more credibility in this life than that guy does. ”
    LOL. Good one. What that lunatic did was totally despicable. He could off hit Harden in the eye for all I know. An eye for an eye then… He wasn’t even looking back just throwing elbows thinking he’s Randy Savage. He is such a hypocrite that “World Peace” … yea right. I too can’t believe they’ve let him back in the league. This is not UFC but NBA and if you don’t play by the rules you should get thrown out. Artest is one of those players with a past that should of being gone long time ago like Isaiah Rider.
    And to the Lakers fanatics – get excited to get schooled and spanked accordingly all game long in OKC. Report your sorrows and excuses later here after the tonight’s loss 🙂

  37. bunbury says:

    blah blah blah. lakers in 6, thunday in 6. we will ALL find out soon. if the lakers share the rock, especailly with bynum and gasol. they have a chance. if Iverson (meaning the new kobe) plays to dominate and lead the series in scoring, they ABSOLUTELY dont have a chance. Believe me, cause I have prophet skills.

  38. perrypeaks says:

    every year Lebron james win mvp kobe wins tittle nuf said

  39. Silverinblack says:

    Look bottomline the thunder are not very experienced team in the play-offs at all and as we all know throw the stats and records out the door this all comes down to experience and who comfortable being there and the lakers are the best closing team in the play-offs period so deal with it haters. Durant will be dealing with a VERY MAD METTA WORLD WAR! You guys will lose in 6 mark my words we will steal one on your court.

  40. kobe16303 says:

    I think the Lakers will take out the Seattle Supersonics in 6 games. The Sonics have one thing going for them, their team is in a great city…oh, wait, they’re in Oklahoma City. I kinda feel sorry for them. Do any of you guys go to Oklahoma City on vacation? Hey guys let’s go to Oklahoma City for summer break! Bottom line, Lakers takin it in 6 or 7.

  41. kobe16303 says:

    I think the Lakers will take out the Seattle Supersonics in 6 games. The Sonics have one thing going for them, their team is in a great city…oh, wait, they’re in Oklahoma City. I kinda feel sorry for them. Do any of you guys go to Oklahoma City on vacation? Hey guys let’s go to Oklahoma City for summer break! Bottom line, Lakers taking it in 6 or 7.

  42. Wolf30 says:

    Laker haters… usually come around this time when they worry about the lakers beating their favorite team….. Lakers will get buy the Thunder…. they’ll win in eaither game 6 or 7 but lakers will have a good chance winning in this round….. no one sespects the unexpected……. Kobe 24

  43. Will over Skill says:

    I think the thunder have a great chance of winning the series, but if they do let it go to game 7, you better watch out for black mamba kevin durant!

  44. The Human Herd says:

    The Lakers won’t beat OKC. Everyone is talking about how Harden will stay way from MWP after that elbow, but no one is talking about how inspired/aggressive Harden is going to play BECAUSE he got elbowed. It was a heinous act and MWP is lucky to even be playing in the post season at all. If I were the commissioner, I would have suspended him the rest of the season/post season. Especially considering that guy’s track record for acts of that nature. He’s a dirtbag. The garbage I take outside every morning has more credibility in this life than that guy does.

    As for the actual game, OKC has bigs that can at least contend with the Laker bigs. Perkins has experience against the Lakers and their bigs, and we all know Ibaka ‘the shot blocka’ will bring his game every single night. Westbrook is going to run circles around all of the Laker guards and don’t forget about Fisher wanting to extract some revenge from being traded. He’s actually starting to play a lot better these last couple of games. I’m sure he’ll play he’s best games of the season in this series, because most players who play their old team end up having great games. Who knows, though, I could be wrong about how much heart Fisher will put into the games.

    And finally, the Lakers may have Kobe, but OKC has Durant. He’s longer, quicker, more agile and, in my opinion, more hungry than Kobe right now. I feel like in this stage of Kobe’s career, Durant is a better scorer, too.

    It’s going to be an exciting series, but I see OKC winning 4-2 to face the Spurs in the WCF.

    Any Laker fan that thinks their team is going to walk all over OKC is obviously wishful thinking, because that’s just a complete lack of basketball knowledge right there.

    • Silverinblack says:

      If pau wakes up and plays and bynum rebounds And with blake on the 3’s and Ronnie/metta world war on “D” we will take the series in 6 games no problem you got to remember artest is a hand full and he will disrupt there offence big time! Vegas is loving this matchup they are going to make a killing on this series! The obvious pick is the thunder but the vegas smart money is on the lakers for a hell of a paid day!
      Unlike ·

  45. Oula says:

    Goodluck to L.A. Lakers.

  46. OKC fans are Bandwaggers says:

    All okc fans are bandwaggers i wonder how many of you liked okc when they were the super sonics zero so yall started bandwagging when they got good….. Metta is going to shut down kevin durant kobe is unguardable pau is going to out rebound your whole team and perkins cant check bynum so from all of that add it up lakers win series see all you bandwaggers at us playing the spurs.

    • Jake T. says:

      You have no clue about fans in OKC. Were we Sonics fans, no, cause the team wasn’t ours and was in Seattle, but right when the team moved to OKC the city fell in love with them instantly and hasn’t looked back. From year one we’ve been known as the loudest fans in the NBA. We’re one of the hardest places to come and play. If you don’t believe that, you obviously have never watched a game at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Ask any reporter or announcer that has worked a game in OKC. They’ll tell you firsthand that our fans are anything but bandwagon.

  47. DUmbOKCFansAK says:

    I don’t understand whyso many people say OKC will run the LAL out of town. The Nuggets were #1 in PPG as a team. They are a run and gun team and the LAL kept up with them. The Nuggets are a pretty good team and all they lack is a superstar player, i don’t know why everyone is discrediting them, this is the same team that took OKC to double overtime. We people say rested, i think of the 09′ Cavs ( led my Lebron) the breezed the first and second rounds only to be swept by the Magics. I think its better for older teams to keep playing that way they don’t lose their rhythm. A team that was rests for a week in the playoff are more likely to lose in my opinion because they tend to start off slow. I believe if the LAL can get a win in OKC’s house they will win. Also if Bynum plays consistantly for the series kobe will get easier shot and LAL we win. I’m a LAL fan but im also a NBA fan and i believe my opinion is unbias comment if i’m wrong

  48. SG says:

    When the Lakers click, they are the best team in the league. The problem is they don’t. Bynum is moody and Gasol is spotty.

    San Antonia and their new youth and brilliant coaching is going to take it all. Good fundamental basketball will win over athleticism and iso-ball. Go Spurs!!

  49. Solly says:

    Ron Artest ain’t scared. He’s a competitor. Sure, the OKC crowd is gonna hostile but Artest ain’t gonna back down from nobody. And that’s the way it should be.

  50. Demetrios says:

    OKC Thunder will sweep the Laskers just like how Dallas did last season!!!!!!!!!

  51. jc cas james says:

    @jake t im a true laker fan and yea mwp was hella foul for that but harden is from la ex banger and all he didnt have to fall down and blink twice like a lil girl he made la look bad

  52. Cholo says:

    Lakers’ worse enemy are the Lakers. They win if they want to and they loose if they let that to happen! No one is better than Kobe, they could have the MVP and what ever the media or reporters gave them, but at the end all what you will heard will be; “Lebron and Durant had a legit chance to break Kobe or Jordan records if they were healthy” So stop dreaming they still have 8 to 10 more long seasons to be compare close to what Kobe or the King MJ did in NBA history. The difference is that what ever you say about them always KOBE will be present in the comments!!!!! Let’s them make more tv commercials and let’s them force their lives to be famous. People will talk always about the versatillity and greatnes of THE BLACK MAMBA, like it or not he is and still the men. All you experienced commentator will eat your words after he gets his six ring!

  53. jc cas james says:

    u guys are dumb westbrook and harden are both from la lmao and ron ron is from queens

  54. FAN says:

    Let the HATING begin………these blogs are so fun to read I like how everyone knows everything. I’ve been a Laker fan longer than most of these bloggers have been alive. I expect to see a great matchup this series, and for the Lakers to win were going to have to come out correct. Its been amazing to see what the Thunder have grown into the past couple of years. It will be 2 great teams battling it out, and thats what I expect to see. Lakers have been here before and OKC is ready to win it all, Im looking forward to this matchup. I have noticed something in these playoffs, well every year the Lakers are in the playoffs. They are always blogging about the Lakers, never about another team unless its on a positive note……………….

  55. BFoulds says:

    LMAO. Are all Lakers fans as delusional as this fool?

  56. Jake T. says:

    All the Lakers fans keep shouting that they are going to pull this one out because the Lakers have way more playoff experience. While in terms of sheer numbers, this is of course true. However, one interesting factor the Lakers’ fans don’t seem to mention is that it was not the Lakers going to the Western Conference Finals last season, but the OKC Thunder who were only one series away from the Championship, and consequently lost to the team who beat the supposedly unbeatable Heat. The Thunder is the team with the better playoff record in recent times. Additionally, Lakers fans need to man-up and admit that MWP was wrong. They come up with every excuse possible to justify a grown man violently elbowing an opponent in the back of the head after a play had ended. Whether Harden is a punk, a flopper, or any other lame label you want to through on him, there is no justification for MWP’s action. Will anyone from LA please tell me why your fans cannot simply admit their player messed up? It would certainly be more admirable than calling Harden names, or even worse, trying to justify the statement that Harden walked into his elbow. On a final note, good luck with Westbrook, Sessions. Hopefully Brown is not cruel enough to expect you to handle Russ.

  57. Flowing says:

    I think lakers might have a better chance against OKC then i thought before. Reason is that lakers size and a the chance of good percentage shooting shots can help overcome the thunders “challenge” in round 2. If Kobe does good (like usual) and the bigs stay in the paint, and their defense carries over from the “nugget round” then the lakers seem to have a good chance against OKC

  58. Nadeem says:

    Wow Sekou Smith what a useless article. oh not not to mention, that your bias is not obvious at all lol

  59. DEZBRYANT88 says:

    Hey laker haters will will u guys ever learn, I dont even think there is another city that geth the famous chant BEAT LA..u kno y there is a chant like that is because the Lakers kno how to be champions. This series will no be easy for the thunder and do u really think kobe is tired the man isnt human. U guys need to start respecting the greatest player ever.

  60. Skywalker says:

    Yo im not lakers or okc fan but they are blatantly manipulating Artest’s words. Watch the video on the link just before the block quote. Ron was talking about the specific situation before tip off when he said “i dont shake substitute’s hands”.
    People (Writers included) gotta stop creating hate for no reason. Let them just play basketball for real.

  61. another basketball fan says:

    Derek Fisher will have his revenge, he will have the last laugh.

  62. truth says:

    OKC beat DALLAS (4-0)

    LAL beat DENVER (4-3)

    better team is evident. nuff said.

  63. RON CORLION123 says:

    I don’t think a hand shake is what bought this Metta World Peace issuse back.Metta World Peace Needs peace within himself,L.A made the mistake of getting rid of Lamar & Fisher.They will never be the same again.Until they reconstruct again,but by that time Koby will be ready for retirement…

  64. cdubbb24 says:

    we should know a whole lot more after tonight. its a big night for LA & they need to come out swinging & steal game1.

    GO LA

  65. Doncha says:

    okc..have fans..?

  66. Mark R says:

    Lakers were barely able to match the young and athletic Nuggets with no stars………OKC got both, I say OKC in 6!!!!!!

    • Happy says:

      Here here, down go the Lakers…down go the Lakers!! 6 is stretching it….OKC in 4 or 5. They’ll give the Lakers one game as a consolation prize.

  67. Marcus says:

    Spurs will win it all. Lakers who?

  68. eo says:

    to all you delusional laker fans there is only 3 contenders this year okc, spurs, heat period. thunder in 6

  69. wooderson says:

    who cares? lakers are going to be humiliated

  70. toppdriver says:

    oliver oliver oliver ,u say the lakers cant beat the celtics lately we are two and one in finals last game we came from 27 to beat okc so wat are u talking about

  71. W/E says:

    its guna be so sweet if Dfish hits some clutch, game winning shots…

  72. Christiaen says:

    Come on…!
    You almost elbow the guy his head of and you don’t even have the heart to go up and apoligize in person?!
    You can be competitive, but at least be a sport. To hell with the fact if Kendrick Perkins doesn’t shake hands with anyone, that’s not the point.
    It was an intentional elbow to James’ head, no discussion. So if you’re a man, face the guy in person and apologize, because an elbow like that had nothing to do with the game of basketball.
    It’s probably just me, but I wonder how much sense of reality some of those NBA players still have left…
    All the money in the world, but I guess they sold their brains to get it…

  73. bludale says:

    OKC sweep off LA 4 – 0

  74. Me says:

    Stop with this bias comments, I know u all have favorites but let’s just watch every game until the winner came out. It’s good to give some predictions but don’t be bias on that comments. Wonder who will be this years champion!?

  75. JR says:

    i can see dFish playing in crucial game and hitting big shots!! finally! 😉

  76. iammvp31 says:

    LAKERS in 6.. MWP will do his job on defending KD and maybe Westbrook.. kobe has to do a lot. sefalosha is good defender. and Gasol and Bynum will dominate the paint..

  77. blkmamba24 says:

    so all i hear is kobe is old..okc sweeps the lakers..blah blah blah..lakers are tired blah blah blah…okc better hope that wesbrook doesnt decide to play selfish and that WP doesnt lock up durant..chemistry? westbrook is the biggest ball hog..more so then kobe…lets just play the series out already and see who wins…okc are contenders..but dont forget..lakers still have the last 2 titles before the mavs…lets just see how this plays out shall we..

  78. dreadyjun says:

    How many championships rings does the Lakers have? How many does OKC have?

  79. skullz says:

    who ever wins this seires will most likely go through and win the championship. I don’t see the east winning it all this season. Miami I doubt have a chance vs … Lakers/OkC and do I dare say it Spurs so it will be a west team.

    Coming from a lakers fan I’d have to pick Durant and the OKC on this one.

    Every player must play at their top level and do there job and any team that doesn’t have there players will lose. This is the playoffs baby it’s going to be the biggest series ever to watch.

  80. Vlad says:

    Well…we always knew you are an ape, Con, sorry, Ron. You just insisted to make another demonstration.

    P.S. Weestbrook and Perkins have nothing to do with your deranged atack on Harden.

  81. Patrickmarc says:

    Perkins and World P will start a honey moon.
    Ibaka and Bynum too.

    As for Dallas, Things won’t be easy for Lakers.

  82. Joseph says:

    Whatever Metta said and intends to do, this article should not have published. It just started HATRED instead of pure basketball sports. I bet you’re happy to ignite something to HATE among commenting fans? I hope metta will not repeat attacking a fan in OKC, just like in detroit.

  83. Paul says:

    People need to realize, quite simply, that LA was doomed from the start – no real bench (how often will Blake bail them out ?) and more importantly no Phil Jackson! WIthout Phil they’re doomed. Without Phil, Kobe is scoring too much and making more than average bad decisions (it’s like he went back in time to being the young uncoachable Kobe again), the team is bickering at each other and the karma is gone.
    They are looking for solutions throughout the entire series they barely won (all season actually), and that means there are problems.
    OKC has no problems – OKC in 5 at home!

  84. Tony from Sydney says:

    Lakers beat OKC? no chance this year. Just look at the bunch, one’s throwing elbow and does not appolagize, one’s critising other team members for not playing well, one’s talking trash just becasue they have a 3 – 1 lead against a team that does not have any go to guy and hardly ever made the 2nd round and ended up getting pushed to the limit. This is not the lakers 5 years ago. This is a team about to disband and changes to be made. Where as OKC, they have 3 time scoring champ, 6th man of the year, 2 MVP candidates, best shot blocker in the leavue, and most important of all, they don’t blame each other when they lose and they are not dirty. They play the game hard and win fair and square. This is what championship teams are like, that’s why they will be the NBA champion this year. Sorry laker fans, your years are over and Kobe will be retired in a few years time. Best of luck with your next lottery pick!

    • Stranger says:

      although one bad apple may not make the bunch entirely bad, i just want you to search on youtube how harden flopped on tyson chandler. i don’t think championship teams should have floppers either, and flopping isn’t considered fair and square.

  85. OKC FTW says:

    OKC FTW! No doubt about it. Cry now LA FANS!

  86. jokdgr8 says:

    This will be a tough series but lakers will prevail! 🙂

  87. Factition says:

    All this talk about match ups and tiredness and age etc is missing the main point of why the Lakers do well in the Finals year in and year out – the Refs.

  88. Stack says:

    I like what Ron Artest is thinking (I’m calling him by the name his mother gave him). Why shake hands at all? Back then, they never did that. It’s about competition and rivalry. That’s what’s missing in the NBA right now. Rivalry.

  89. boombooroomboomboom says:

    looks like OKC fans are really relying to their athleticism hahhah… look at denver everyone is athletic but lakers beat them…yuh it took 7 games but it was made to get MWP back for this second round match..lakers know how to defend run n gun slowing the tempo.. OKC cant always rely on fastbreak eventually they will be stopped…we wont see MWP guard harden I will expect MWP / KOBE defending durant.. durant is quick n tall but will be tired with MWP’s defense.. And may I remind you all OKC fans SEFALOSHA aint KOBE stopper..and never will be….should have stopped kobe from stumping on them couple of years ago….may may react but i think LA in 5…………….

  90. Alex King says:

    Stop living in the past and focus on what’s in front of you. I am not claiming that OKC is gonna win it this year (although they have a great chance and are the most exciting team to watch right now along with the Heat) nor that they’re the best (their record isn’t). But I am saying that they are too much for LA to handle right now. And Kobe is sick to his stomach of what his team has become. Anyway although I am not a fan, I am realistic and that’s why I think that the Spurs will win the whole thing this year. So I am sorry to disappoint you kiddies but your fantasy of LA vs Boston in the finals won’t happen this year and probably for some time now. We are approaching the Durantchila era so enjoy your empty seats in your arenas for the next decade 🙂

  91. Ba says:

    Lakers do have a chance to win. but they got pushed to 7 games by the nuggets and look tired.The fact that denver bigs arent as physical and big as lakers was the reason they lost. just the sheer size of the lakers got them through. Denver has some talent but seriously javale is just all ahtleticism and hustle. and al harington has never been known for defense. Mozgov well no one respects him after getting Mozgov’d. Chris anderson didnt even play. Kobe looked tired after game 4. THunder sweeped the mavericks who were much more talented then the nuggets. Ibaka always blocks any sign of a back court for the lakers except kobe. and meta world peace does good on durant til the 4th. and its not like durant becomes terrible its just his shot selection that does. plus harden and westbrook usually cant be contained they beat themselves by deferring to durant to get him going when clearly they should ge ttheres first and have to make world peace and the other guys come help to stop westbrook and harden first then durant will have space and more patience…

    plus perkins will be looking to kill meta world peace and punish him for his cheap elbow and for his words.

    this battle will come down to kobe vs durant, harden and westbrook. Pau will be a unicorn. bynum will be a child complaining about everything and trying to go 1 on 3 in the post.

  92. thunderup says:

    OKC in 4-5 games!!… 😀 #thunderup

  93. susie says:

    OKC will beat the hell out of these old Lakers!

  94. xtive says:

    MWP THE GREAT… fighting spirit is the most important thing in sport
    win or lose doesnt matter…. just promise to have a good games
    see LA Lakers & HEAT for the final 2012…..

    • Retro Silk says:

      NO, NO, NO… The Championship trumps all other conditions. That’s the ultimate reason why we do all this!
      Players are’nt just jumping around for feel goods and stat sheets! The will to score on each possession as a team and the will to deny your opponent as a team take precedent. You can do it for the fans… for family, fame or money, however, in the annuls of history being a World Champion with you team mates is the only thing that really matters!

  95. Romesh says:

    wow. These are some of the stupidest comments I have ever read on here. Wow again!!
    OKC fans – OKC have never beaten the lakers in the playoffs, have you ever stopped and wondered why? so you can’t run around saying that this is going to be easy.
    Lakers fans – Lakers ARE tired! and they have a back to back game in the series. The only way they’re going to win is if, they get 1 of the first 2 games . and force this into a 7 game series!
    There’s no way OKC beat LA if it goes 7.
    The only Chance OKC have against LA is if they run and score quickly. But, if Bynum comes to play.. Perkins, Ibaka, Mohammed better watch out, they can’t stop him! but lets be honest, how often does Bynum come to play??
    I still think that the Lakers are a better team than OKC on talent and experience. But talent and experience mean nothing if you just can’t be bothered playing, and that’s what the lakers look like at times.
    I kinda want it to be LA v LA but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    • Leeroy says:

      OKC have not beaten lakers in a series because they have only played them once (since changing to the thunder) and that wa sback in 2010 when the thunder were a very young and inexperienced team, and if you have a look it gave the thunder a name as becoming a future contender, and they proved themselves that they can show growth by making the western conference finals last year, but unfortunatly the Mavs were just too good.

      OKC beat lakers in 6, Kobe gonna play his game but i think OKC can stop the bigs inside.

    • W/E says:

      what r u talking about,lakers got no talent just big time SIZE ADVANTAGE and Kobe”TheBrick”Bryant. Durant, westbrick and Harden got more talent than the whole LA team

      • The Lakers have NOT JUST TWO but BACK-TO-BACK O’Briens in the past THREE YEARS! What has the Thunder got? Oh yeah, a WCF appearance. So much for talent there…

  96. GoLaLa says:

    Hi everyone as Basketball Fan says lets enjoy the series not hate each other for predicting who will win this series that’s were the thriller comes in but for OKC or Heat Fans take note the Old and experience team always have the edge and this old teams you are talking already proven them selves so for me who ever wins the NBA championship they deserve it because they work harder to make the team win I am a LA fans we already PROVE that we are champions we are the second most team with Championship and well the Celtics is the best. ENJOY THE SERIES EVERYONE PEACE.

  97. Retro Silk says:

    Coming from a Celtic fan> for you OKC bandwagoners, you guys really have no room to spit! you’ve been doing the NBA thing for about 2.5 years and think you all got it going on? You might have your division on lock down; but really have nothing else to boast about. Lakers served you up real good in your intro year and the Mavs nearly swept you for the conference last year. You gave up on the conference race this season. I’m sorry but do you think the Lakers are gonna just let you punk them? Lakers been bringing it from LA since ’59. and look at that history since! Seattle had a really good thing in the Supersonics. but they let 3 conference championships and a “79 title go to splat because they couldn’t get a stadium built! Sorry to all you OKC fans who think they got it in the bag, you will just never know what its like to sit in your arena and look into your rafters and take it all in! Enjoy the duct work you got going on up there, its not an easily filled space. Ask any Boston or LA fan what I’m talking about! While I’m at it, Lets make it another Celtics / Lakers Championship series this year to welcome in the newbies!

    • xtive says:

      Celtic & HEAT are great team, either one go for final with Lakers, will be a good show, and a real basketball tech. & skill will be showing then….

  98. Alex King says:

    Lakers fans are delusional in thinking that they have a chance with the Thunder. Kobe can’t carry the old folks anymore on his shoulders as he is getting up there himself. And those Nuggets ran them seniors well too so they are exhausted and tired. Trust me they don’t want to go to Oklahoma right now all achy and sore. So unless MWP takes out a bunch of OKC’s players out during the series they will join the Mavs fishing trip in no time. OKC in 5. Possibly a sweep 🙂

    • Nrod72 says:

      First of all you dont know much about the Lakers, because Kobe is the OLDEST player in the rotation and he is only 33, so your comment about him getting up there AS WELL doesnt really make much sense. In addition, i think you should go back and do some research yourself as to the average age of championship teams. I think that you will find that the recurring theme is in the high 20s to verly low 30s. The average age of the Thunder is 23.7 or so. Im not saying the Thunder cant win it all. Im saying more experienced teams usually do.

  99. callboy says:

    I just hope MWP won’t throw vicious elbow into the head of Harden (AGAIN). Thunder in GAME 5!

  100. yell says:

    no matter if the series won in game 7 or swept …. A WIN IS A WIN….LAKERS ALL THE WAY

  101. Boygan says:

    OKC wants milk shake =)

  102. schlim says:

    I would rather have someone not shake my hand than have someone elbow me in the head….

  103. basketball fan says:

    all of you guys can stop giving out predictions…its much better to enjoy the series matchup by watching them on tv or on the venue its..yes..the player matchups..the fatigue factor..its comes to play..but everything will happen on the lets just see who gives in to what..its a great series..a rematch..and its good to watch these kinds of lets just wait…^_^

  104. Karon says:

    Thankyou some true laker fans that have faith in our team….. btw you cant be a lakers fan and say that we are going to lose to okc who knows what will happen what if okc have a bad game or just missing shots

  105. Chris says:

    Metta No Peace!

  106. mewo says:

    Lakers vs Clippers western conf. finals = battle of los angeles
    Lakers vs miami in finals = kobe vs lebron
    NBA = new world order

  107. jeje says:

    ya’ll kept talking about how good the thunders are. but your have 2 remember durant is a jump shooter. he might b off for a period of time. that’s all it takes for for the lakers to capitalize of that. in a 7 game series MWP will OUT MUSCLE DURANT. SAN ANTONIO HE WE COME…… THE LAKERS JUST NEED BETTER OUTSIDE SHOOTING FOR THEM TO WIN THE SERIES.

  108. bheinteh20 says:

    i cant wait to see more okc players to get “bruised, cut, knocked down” or whatever by these damn dirty lakers team. i yeah fisher is also one of the dirtiest ever.

  109. Justin says:

    Lakers will beat OKC,,this is not there time yet…Ron has his own Rules,,,

  110. Karon says:

    First of all last game aganist okc westbrook shot 3 of 22 and guess who was checking him my man kb24 and durant got shut down by a bench player by the name of devin ebanks which durant shot 11 of 32 …… so what do you laker haters think is going to happen this time.

  111. krackavelli says:

    Ron-Ron needs to just shut up & play ball.

  112. LakerGal says:

    Great people/teams/franchises will always have haters. 🙂 All the Lakers hate in this blog is hilarious.

    P.S. Everyone should know by now that MWP/Ron Artest is crazy, that every little thing he does/says is taken out of context in one way or another. I don’t think that makes him a bad person, and at LEAST he admits to being crazy. Gotta give him props for having cahones.

  113. oh god says:

    I have to agree that the Lakers dont look like true contenders this year. This is coming from a life long lakers fan, born and raised in los angeles since the 70’s… but you okc fans are ridiculous. okc? great team and great players but you cow pie kicking, tornado wranglers are too much.

  114. Kiwireaper says:

    NBA, No Babies Allowed.
    Play hard or go home.
    For the Lakers to beat OKC they will need MWP, they will also need Pau G and Andy B, and Kobe and all the other guys who they pay a salary to. This is what they do, check your rafters OKC, I don’t see any banners…

    Lakers in 5.

    • BFoulds says:

      This is probably the best post for “now doesn’t matter look at our banners” History-loser-of-the-day.

      Nobody cares about how many you won in the past with the most stacked teams of all history. Some of the teams the Lakers have put together make the current Heat roster look like a mediocre team at best.

      Lakers do not have a chance at all in beating the thunder in 7 games.

  115. AP says:

    Believe it or not; The Lakers are the NBA best team this year just watch how they will handle the Thunders and watch how Boston will eliminate Miami on the Eastern Final. Lakers Vs Boston in the Final. Kobe will share the balls more and the Thunder will learn their lesson for not been #1 in the league. Boston will scare the life of Lebrom James again. Enjoy the games!!

  116. ryde says:

    Fear the BEARD!!! The bench will play a key role in this series. Lakers bench is weak compared to OKC which owns the 6th Man of the year. Payback for Harden.
    Also, OKC has the advantage in the PG position with Westbrook and Fisher. Sessions and Blake are inconsistent and inexperienced in playoff games.

    Kobe = KD
    Bynum & Gasol –> These guys had a tough match up against McGee and Faried. Watch out! You will have tougher match up against Perkins and Ibaka.
    Sessions –> Westbrook gonna own him!
    Metta World Peace –> on the court wishing he can elbow all OKC starters for them to win

  117. Billy Gee says:

    “Moat anyone” that’s kobe speak for most. It is what it is.

    • Nrod72 says:

      You must be racially biased or otherwise emotionally and mentally disturbed if you think Kobe is “illiterate”, or from your description unintelligent. He is hailed by almost every Coach in the league as one of the smartest players in the NBA. Granted, his past choices in his personal life are suspect at best, that has no definite bearing on his intellectual capabilities. Further, i believe, should the two of you be subjected to a pair of IQ tests, that Kobe would double your score. However you would believe you had the “better” IQ, because, confused as your feeble mind would be, you would believe, as in Golf, the lower score the better.

  118. Billy Gee says:

    Kobe may have some rings….but not a wedding ring. His wife was smart enough to leave this illiterate degenerate. He may play basketball but I think moat anyone could beat Kobe in a game of chess or for that matter checkers!1!!! BWAHHAAAAA!!

    • hooplover says:

      what the heck does a wedding ring have to do with a championship? lol……………..get real and proofread before you call anyone “illiterate” lmbo

  119. Blaze says:

    i going for the Lakers even the Thunders had a great rest but sometimes you get sloppy if you take a break of something for example school work,sports, plus i think the Thunders are overconfident in winning

  120. Second to last reg season game says:

    Did we all forget what happened when OKC played in l.a. right before the playoffs, young, fresh, better? Blow a huge lead in the 4th quarter and lose in double OT.

    • KS says:

      The reason they blew that lead was because one of their top scorers was having the dent taken out of his head

      • Nrod72 says:

        Meanwhile the Lakers best perimeter defender was ejected so neither team was at full strength. And don’t start babbling about how MWP is washed up. If you dont understand the impact he can have on a game without scoring a point, even at this point in his career, you must not watch basketball.

  121. Bam says:

    Hahaha I love how OKC “brushed aside” Dallas like “real champions”. Neglecting the fact that it was only luck that got them past in game 1 and game 3 was the only game they won convincingly. They lucked out to get 4-0 and even if they make the finals it wont matter how fresh they are the young boys will panic. Experience trumps flash any day.

    • KD says:

      Hahaha, yeah cause “luck” was what swept them the series .. what a stupid comment.

  122. Clutch says:

    Lakers in seven games. It will be a close one

  123. Udontknow says:

    Shaking hands, dabs, or pat on the back is a good sign of good sportsmanship – i think we all know that, but this is the Playoffs and TNT said it best that they know DRAMA, so with that said, screw the handshakes and create some more rivalry drama that a majority people/fans love to feed off of. On the series, at this level of play, it will come down to “who has the HEART, which team wants it most. Period!” Being a Laker fan since the 80’s (beginning of my life) and will forever be a fan, win or lose – I just hope they ALL come to play. They say never underestimate the heart of champion and nobody can deny, the Lakers core are Champions! When it comes down to it, the Playoffs to the Championship is where Stars are Born and future legends solidify their mark and only one team will be left standing – they say no one fears the Lakers but why is it that when the Championship is talked about, the Lakers just so happen to be in these discussions every time, tell me why You Laker Haters? The Answer: if the Lakers Bigs play like they should, MWP defending like he does and Kobe, enough said, the Lakers are unstoppable… Heart break of all, if the Lakers Bigs don’t show… It’ll be ugly and a quick end… and painful for Lakerland… But understand Laker history and youll see why true Laker fans will always remain loyal… Cuz no one else loves a comeback more than Hollywood… Go Lakers!!

    • larry says:

      dude, the biggest problem people have with the Fakers fans is that they seem to be out of touch with reality, same with Heat fans, Fakers WERE good 3 seasons ago, but they now are most a “PRETENDING” team, people has figure out how to beat them. teams like OKC and Spurs has adjusted to the Fakers playing style, just like the Fakers and Spurs figure out how to beat the SUNS run & gun system. This fakers team will not win another championship, because for 2 years in a row, teams has exposed how this team can be beaten. Mavs didnt SWEPT them because they are lucky, its because they had the right tools, even when Fakers were winning championship, OKC (remember?) gave them a run for their money in the first round, a Nugget team without a go-to-scorer can take them to 7 games, OKC and DEN is very similar with the exception that OKC has Durant. I dont like OKC, I am a SUNS fan, I am just saying you fakers fan need to check the reality, and the reality is that the Fakers need to rebuild, or they will just be a 2nd round team at most, same with the Celtics. and as for heat, so long as they have Lebron James, they will not win either cause lebron will always check out 12 min early 🙂

  124. rcpacquiao says:

    Oklahama in 4 games.

  125. Al Johnson says:

    I love MWP! Kick some OKC @ss tomorrow night!

  126. im not a fan of both teams says:

    Spurs fans like to have this fantasy that they win one series, and they are going to the finals. Even IF they happen to beat the LAC, which I highly doubt, they still have to play the lakers or OKC. The Spurs, who beat the lakers by 21+ in each of the last two meetings. (Granted, they were missing Kobe in one of them which means nothing… but the spurs got beat by memphis in the first round seed last year!
    Looking forward to the spurs choking out. Go LAC Go! and good luck to the winner of this series.

  127. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    I hate the Lakers, but I hope the Lakers make the finals.. becasue the OKC wont beat the heat.. The Lakers will.

    • steagl3 says:

      Really, what makes you say that? The Heat have owned the Lakers over the last couple of years.

  128. 80s90sBaller says:

    Who would want to shake the hand of someone who would shake your hand with the right and throw an obviously intentional elbow at your head with his left?

    The NBA is no longer Professional.

    This next series is Team Miyagi Vs. Cobra Kai.

    • Nrod72 says:

      What do you mean “no longer professional”? 15 years ago that elbow would have been considered a hard foul and nothing else. MAYBE it would be a tech. But NO WAY would there be a suspension that included 6 PLAYOFF games. You must be 12 if you think the elbow that MWP threw was something new and evil to the NBA. Go watch some old Celtics/Lakers footage, or maybe some Bad Boys of Detroit games, and learn something about the history of the NBA. You must be Lying with that 80s 90s name if you cant remember those tough nasty games of the era.

      • 80s90sBaller says:

        not lying. just being fair nrod. i know what you’re talking about but that’s just it, it is different now than it was before. back then that was the norm, but nowadays the game is being called differently. do you think kobe could score 81 against the bad boys? no, nowadays a little flick of the hand is a foul.

        anyway if you think that this is the norm lets see how you feel when someone hits you like that for no reason.

    • Nrod72 says:

      I get what you are saying Baller, about the game being called differently today then yesteryear. But i just think its wierd that people call for MWP Banishment from the NBA and other crazy punishments. I think it was right for MWP to be suspended. I just dont think it shows unproffesionilsm in his comments about not shaking his hands. I believe his comments were innoucuos, and people WANT rivalries and tough hard fought series’.

  129. T says:

    Well this is going to be a good series! A lot of intensity! What it will come down to is will OKC be fresh of out of their funk will LA be to tired or still be rolling from the series before! Can LA win yes if the bigs show up and the bench plays can OKC win no doubt! Personally I think it would be awesome to see an LAL vs LAC Western Finals but if OKC dose take out LA then OKC all the way!

  130. Cody says:

    Lakers fans like to have this fantasy that they win one series, and they are going to the finals. Even IF they happen to beat the Thunder, which I highly doubt, they still have to play the Spurs in the WCF. The Spurs, who beat them by 21+ in each of the last two meetings. (Granted, they were missing Kobe in one of them… But still, they won by more the second time when they HAD Kobe.)

    Looking forward to a Thunder/Spurs Conference Finals. Go Spurs Go! and good luck to the winner of this series.

    • Nrod72 says:

      Arent you kind of looking past the series the Spurs are currently in Cody? You say the winner of OKC/LAL will play SAS in the West Finals, but you kinda need to think about the Clippers before that happens. The Spurs got upset by a team last year, that was young and inexperienced with a lot of talent. In other words, dont count your chickens before they hatch.

  131. Tony Snow says:

    ron is wild.

    i wouldnt shake hands before the game . i wouldnt shake my team mates hands at the free throw line either.

  132. Tom says:

    Man, this series is brewing up nicely. Hope OKC come out on tom

  133. im not a fan of both teams says:

    I believe OKC is good but they take too many jump shots. I can easly see this being able to go 7 if the lakers show up every game. I also know that most teams that come off of a 7 game series are usally more ready then a team sitting around. Okc will have match up problems with the bigs. This series comes down to how bynum and gasol play. Durant and westbrook have alot less playoff exp. so we’ll see if the laker can make this a close series, i would say the thunder could take them in 6 or 7. Lakers arent out of it yet.

    • Don't be too confident OKC fans! says:

      I’m a huge Laker fan but it is certainly nice to hear from a neutral fan that get’s it. I have OKC as the favorites but IF (and this is the x factor) the Laker’s bigs show up and play to their potential every game, the Lakers have a shot to upset OKC. I think Fisher’s impact for OKC will be huge as well.

  134. Jed says:

    @theking0522 < Most dumbest comments I've read just because you didn't sweep your opponents early doesn't mean your team has no chance being a champion. Lets look back at the bulls 1992 2nd round it took them seven games and conference finals and finals took them six games. 1993-94 Houston needed seven games also in the second round and seven games in the finals and so on. I'm not really a big Laker fan cause I'm betting Spurs this year but at least theking052 when you say something on the net where all can read it use your brain ahaha. It doesn't matter if every series your team takes it to seven games cause what really matters is your team answers when called upon. LOL

  135. Spiller says:

    what’s the obsession with shaking hands?

  136. dwellaker says:

    OKC is amazing, but if Bynum, Gasol, WP play their game, Lakers will make this a series. I live in San Antonio, TX by the way

  137. Pure says:

    Time to retire after this palyoffs for Kobe! Nothing left in the gas tank for the 6-th ring if u know what I mean.

    • Don't be too confident OKC fans! says:

      lol he’s only the 2nd leading scorer in the NBA but has nothing left in his tank. Spoken like a true hater.

  138. bgc says:

    We just have to admit that the Lakers are not the same anymore and cannot compete with these younger teams with new stars. All good things have to come to an end as much as i love watching the Lakers play, players age and become less effective than their younger selves. Just accept it.

  139. Darklander says:

    MWP is an idiot. He should be banished from the NBA forever.

  140. farouut!! says:


    • Man Up! says:

      It’s over. They got swept. Take off those panties and take it like a man and move on.

  141. Juan Tamad says:

    lakers go to seven games so MWP will be available for OKC

  142. I believe the thunders front court is better perkins is going to take gasol out of it like he did in 08, and 10 finals gasol is soft, and byunm has to get in half court and set up in the paint to be affective and ibaka is the best shot blocker and he runs the floor well and the thunder are one of the best fast break teams so that will take byunm out of it, This laker team is not the same team that won championships, they depend on gasol and byunm to much and there inconsistent, the nuggets are not the thunder, the thunder have a elite player in durant to match kobe and westbrook is better then any guard on the lakers and harden will be the best player agianst the second unit, and they have homecourt the lakers struggle on the road, its not going to be easy it never is the deeper you go in the playoffs, youth with rest and they look hungry, I believe the thunder will win. i can’t forget about og fisher i mean hes good to win you a game by himself and its agianst the lakers i think he will have something to prove to the lakers that he still has it. can’t wait till monday.

  143. danny says:

    Okc will beat the lakers no doubt about it, as denver exposed the lakers weakness there too slow, in transition ty lawson blew right by the bigs, next up is russel westbrook probably even bigger and faster than lawsonn. The funniest thing would be the lakers home made DEREK FISHER, HITTING A CLUTCH SHOT OR DAGGER TO END THE SEASON OF HIS PREVIOUS TEAM. CANT WAIT FOR THE SERIES TO BEGIN WOOOO

  144. Belizeboy says:

    Artest is stupid. He’s talking about guys on OKC not shaking hands with him anymore and making it seem like he’s just the nicest guy on the court and the victim of something. I’m just really tired of this guy and his childish attitude.

  145. Roy says:

    “I don’t shake substitutes hand’s.” LOLOLOL

  146. vrapz says:

    thats why okc took KP from boston for this match-up….with ibaka on his side thats gonna b rough down there. OKC in 6

  147. Don't be too confident OKC fans! says:

    I’m a HUGE laker fan but I’m also a big fan of the sport and I completey agree that the Lakers are the underdog in this series. BUT, I would not be surprised if the Lakers won this series in 6 or even 7 games. While Dallas did sweep the Lakers last year that can be used as motivation to not let that happen again. OKC is totally beatable and even if they get by L.A, the Spurs will be ready and waiting. Let’s go LAKERS!!!!

    • larry says:

      So only OKC is beatable but not your almight Fakers right? Typical. This series will end in 5 the most,

  148. NBAFAN says:

    Doesn’t surprise me… a douchey thug like Ron Artest doesn’t deserve the honor of shaking a talented player’s, like Harden’s, hand anyway.

  149. Edjumacator says:

    MWP’s elbow on Harden looked bad, but so did Harden’s flop–that was no concussion. Bill Laimbeer used to lay elbows worse than that on guys 2-3 times a game, and everyone kept playing. That was when the NBA wasn’t scared of a little blood. This concussion fad is simply the league getting ahead of the lawyers, who are coming after the NBA when they are done with the NFL and NHL.

    Considering King David Stern and Dan “I Put A Spell On You” Gilbert hosing the Lakers at the beginning of the lockout season, trade turmoil and a new coach, if they manage two wins against OKC this will have been a successful season. Most franchises would fold under that kind of pressure, but the LAL will survive. It’s time for the Thunder to prove themselves by winning something.

  150. Dave says:

    Wow. OKC is going to be fired up, they’ve got a score to settle.

    MWP = Most Without Pity

  151. pigeons01 says:

    Hardern don’t need to shake the hand of the weirdest dude in the planet. He just need to take him to the hole, send him to another planet. Metta Weird Peace.

  152. BlackMamba24 says:

    As a Lakers fan I can honestly say that metta world peace hit harden on purpose but it was a good thing. James Harden is a punk and deserved it. This series is going to be tough but if the lakers big men show up to play there is no stoppin em’. Lakers in 6.

    • David says:

      Are you kidding me? I don’t care what type of a person Harden is, but no one deserves to be elbowed in the head, MWP should be suspended the rest of the playoffs for something so severe and cruel.

      • Don't be too confident OKC fans! says:

        Go cry somewhere else David. MWP served his time and maybe Harden did not deserve the elbow, but he is definitely a punk, a dirty player and a FLOPPER!!! Maybe now he’ll think twice before moving into the space of a player tring to get back on defense.

        P.S. Nobody fears the beard. However many to cringe at the sight of it. It is NAAAAAASTY!

      • steagl3 says:

        Guess who else is a punk, a dirty player and a flopper? Metta World Peace! What a coincidence! MWP and Bynum are two of the dirtiest and arrogant players in the league, I can’t wait to see them humbled by OKC.

      • larry says:

        OOOOOH yeah….me stand in your way makes me a punk, how about next time you stand there and me elbow you as hard as I could and then call you a “Punk” as you go down?

  153. pigeons01 says:

    Harden don’t need to shake the hand of one of the weirdest indivifual in the planet. He just need to take him to the hoop, send him back to another planet. Metta Weird Peace

  154. #21bestPFever says:


  155. KNIX4EVAH says:

    geee. I wonder why people don’t want to shake your hand, past behavior may dictate how people percieve you and teatment of you. You reap what you sow. Right Kobe? KNIX4EVAH babay kid.

  156. KNIX4EVAH says:

    metta world “violence”, u aint no starter. Harden has better numbers than you off the bench, you silly rabbit. You lucky getting past Denver. Them young boys are going to run you into the ground. You are a sorry excuse of an athlete exhibiting a poor example of sportsmanship for all youngsters worldwide. Can you spell Humble pie. I also fault your team absent team captain (KOBE?), for not getting in your …ss for your idiotic behavior. I promise you, as long as you are playing, im not watching this series. Dont care about Lakers anymore. Its people like you that give us New Yorkers a bad name.. Thank you for playing for New York, you air head. KNIX4EVAH

  157. Sideliner says:

    Oklahoma has this easy. I don’t care if MWP was in the series against Denver or not: WHEN YOU HAVE ANDREW BYNUM AND PAU GASOL AND KOBE BRYANT YOU DON’T NEED MWP. Unless you’re playing the Thunder who, by the way, their best players are NOT their bigs, which creates a problem for LA since LA’s bigs disappeared until game 7 against a MUCH smaller LA team. Face up to the fact Laker fans, or should I say Fakers? OKC has the Kobe Stopper in Thabo Sef, they have the 3-year reigning scoring champ, the 6th man of the year, an unstoppable point guard (who’s going to stop him, Ramon Session—Westbrook will look him up and down and laugh before dropping 6 straight over his head like he did to the Mavs!). They’ve got Ibaka, the definite runner up to Tyson Chandler for DPOY. And Ibaka will push Pau, unlike Kenneth Faried–did you guys see him crush the Lakers’ bigs in that series in those games? Face up to the facts Laker fans, OKC has a HUGE advantage over LA. OKC in 5.

    • steagl3 says:

      Completely agreed. Only thing LA has going for them, as usual, is Kobe. Kobe will have to score 40+ a night for the Lakers to have a chance in this series. There is simply too much talent and depth in OKC.

  158. Aaron says:

    This is hilarious..the same laker fans that last year claim the Mavs beat them because of fatigue are now saying LA are fresh, that they are 100% after the Nuggets took them to their limit. Worse are the ones who insist Harden ran into World Peace’s elbow. Are you kidding me?? Did you not see the windup in the replay?

    • KD=MVP says:

      Elbow was intentional, but Harden had no business blocking MWP’s path. just sayin…

      • A says:

        I think what world peace meant to say when saying it was unintentional, was that he meant to hit harden, but not hit him in the head. That sounds really bad as an excuse so i guess he never clarified his statement. Harden had no business going up to him, don’t go towards trouble unless you’re an idiot. On the other hand world peace’s actions were wrong, but very impuslive indeed. The fact is, world peace’s actions have gone out to be worse than he intended them. in 2004 he got a beer thrown at him by a drunk fan after moving away from a fight and getting shoved, then going on to do what he did. I guess what i mean to say is we’re only human, and you have to give him some sympathy. But as professional athletes its your job to take s*** and deal with it because thats your job. There needs to be a balance on the expectations placed on athletes and in world peace’s situation there is excessive hate, to someone who has general good in mind and has done things to try and be better!

    • Don't be too confident OKC fans! says:

      Harden did not run into the elbow and I doubt anyone thinks that. What Harden does do and do often is maneuver himslef into opposing players space. He looks to create contact so he can then flop and get a whiste. It’s smart but completly unexceptable and I cannot wait for the NBA to start fining these over dramatic actors. And no I am in no way saying that he flopped on the MWP elbow play. But if you do wanna see a flop look up the play with Harden and Tyson Chandler.

    • John says:

      Pride comes before destruction! Your guys were a few points away from losing to the Mavs, don’t be so certain that you will have an easy time with the Lakers. I don’t care who wins either way because none of you guys could have handled my Suns a few years back. Whoever wins this will only go on to lose to SA or Miami in the Finals.

  159. Really? says:

    I can actually believe some fool said that the only reason la went all the way to 7 games is because they didnt have MWP. jokes are you stupid it was more like gasol was going for 1-10 and bynum doesnt realize in the playoffs you bring your a game every night not because some crazy fool who should just retire already wasnt there. BTW have you seen his shooting?????????????


  161. theking0522 says:

    The only game the Lakers won against OKC was the game Harden was elbowed by dirty Metta. OKC dominated the Lakers this season and will keep doing so.

    • crazyRtdog says:

      and this is the playoffs its alot differnt and the comment u posted up the pacers won 4-1 does that make them such a good team?

      • steagl3 says:

        Yes it does, the Pacers are legit and they have been overlooked all year because they’re a small market team without huge star appeal. But they quietly ended as the 5th best team in the league and have made a deep run into the playoffs.

        I hate when people say “this is the playoffs, the regular season doesn’t matter.” Of course it matters. It matters what your rank is going into the playoffs, it matters who has home court, it matters how banged up you are, it matters how much film footage you have of your opponents and how much your players have studied that footage before heading into the playoffs. The regular season is essential for teams to prepare for matchups in the playoffs. OKC has multiple wins against LA from the regular season so they have a pretty good idea of what works offensively against them. Sure, LA can use that to their advantage as well and prepare differently – which they will – but it’s incredibly foolish to think that anything that happened in the regular season won’t factor into how OKC prepares to take down the Lakers.

      • hooplover says:

        i guess you know not why the pacers won the series, NO ROSE, NO NOAH! come on, think before you write

      • steagl3 says:

        The Pacers didn’t play the Bulls genius

  162. Mike Torres says:

    Good job by Metta to stir this thing up. I’ve got a feeling OKC will win this series in 6, but you can never count out an experienced team, especially with a line-up of Hall of Famers that is eager for another championship to put under their belt.

  163. NBAisMylife says:

    it will take maximum six games for OKC to take the lakers down. Too young, fast, and skilled for the golden dynasty’s bench to handle.

  164. W/E says:

    Oklahoma is so much better than denver, lakers are gunna get SWEPT and i hope MWP does not get frustrated along the way and start hitting people

    • Belizeboy says:

      That’s my main concern about this series. Lakers are willing to do anything to win, and will use Artest to hurt people. Plus add in the fact that Bynum can erupt at any time, Barnes is a sneaky player, McRoberts really plays kind of dirty, and it really becomes unsettling to think of the injuries that could happen.

      • Don't be too confident OKC fans! says:

        Belizeboy you are SOOOOOO PARANOID lol. It could become a physical series but I’m not expecting injuries. The Lakers play tough but they’re definitely not thugs. Artest is not going to be hurting people as he knows that he’s needed if the Lakers are going to have a chance to win this series. Relax Belizeboy and enjoy the games.

      • steagl3 says:

        In response to the comment below – LA aren’t thugs!? That’s funny. Artest is mentally unbalanced and probably shouldn’t even be in the NBA. He is a loose cannon that can fire at any time, for any reason. Bynum nearly broke someone’s neck last season. He’s a big crybaby who can never believe he’s guilty for a foul, and has attitude and arrogance when interviewed by the media. Between the two of them it’s amazing LA has come as far as it has this season. OKC will be a real test of their collective skill. Their youth, athleticism and confidence are unmatched in the Western Conference. Denver was like a half court practice compared to what OKC will be. Will the childish behavior of Artest & Bynum be put aside for an entire season to ensure a team victory? I’m really not so sure.



      • HeatFan27 says:

        Lakers won’t beat OKC. Maybe it goes to 6 games but OKC have a better, more consistent team. Gasol and Bynum can’t be stopped defensively by Ibaka and Perkins. Ibaka will protect the rim and make the Lakers a jump shooting team. There is no real bench to speak of for the Lakers, and no-one to guard Durant, Westbrook and Harden. In short, the only thing the Lakers have going for them is Kobe and he is shooting less than 45% so LA don’t stand much of a chance. OKC in 6.

    • larry says:

      LA not thugs?! thats the biggest fail statement in the history. Artest is “METTA WORLD ANYTHING BUT PEACE”! the Pacers went from a good championship contending team to a non-playoff team when he was there on the palance melee, and Bynum? you should ask J.J. Barea on what he feels about Bynum. La La land people….LOL!

  165. Dylan Cross says:

    “World Peace said that his failed handshake attempts with Perkins date back to the 2010 Finals when Perkins was a member of the Boston Celtics”, well if anyone thinks this series isnt going to be intense is flat out dead wrong!!! I mean come on you have the recipe for disaster for the Lakers, thats Perkin’s take on it & I would be willing to bet OKC is ready

  166. rc says:

    metta wierd peace his name should be

  167. theking0522 says:

    Wait for the Lakers fans to start whining again when they lose their first two games in Oklahoma. Everyone knows the Lakers are going nowhere. NOBODY fears the Lakers. But is good to dream if you are a Lakers fan.

  168. Kobe> Durant says:

    Lakers are tired
    OKC fresh

    • Jack Fallen says:

      your name says kobe is better than durant.. just sayin.. plus it doesn’t matter if the lakers went 7 games. OKC don’t have a championship team yet. they are a good playoff team but 7 games will give any other team a chance to figure out their system and their weaknesses and exploit it. Everybody knows about the lakers but still hard to stop that lineup.

      • Don't be too confident OKC fans! says:

        Exactly Jack!!!!

      • QuestionMark says:

        OKC doesn’t have a championship team? They have everything a championship team has, a great sixth man, a superstar in KD, a star in Westbrook, a shotblocker in Ibaka, a defender in Sefolosha and a big body in the paint in Perkins, and they have Fisher who has won 5 rings and gives OKC the veteran leadership and experience they need. The only thing they lack is experience, but they are a contender and that is a fact, they swept through the defending champs easy.

      • @Question Mark: Yes they are a CONTENDER. BUT THEY ARE NOT CHAMPIONS. There’s a whole lot of difference there. Not only do they lack experience, THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY O’BRIEN TROPHY. So what championship team are you talking about? In the NBA, dethroning the NBA Champ doesn’t make you the champ — unless it was done in the Finals.

  169. Kobe> Durant says:

    Lakers are tired
    okc are rested

    • Coach Dee says:

      There’s a difference between a hard fought series and an easily won series.

      Yes, they are well rested. But the Lakers just got more on being a team than ever. More playoff experience for first-timer Ramon Sessions. Blake has got his rhythm back. Jordan Hill has made the Lakers’ bench deeper. MWP is back and hungrier for more drama.
      OKC is rested and hasn’t hardly played at all. Sweeping a team with no Center is good. The difference now is, Lakers has 2 Big Men, plus Jordan Hill is playing like one.


    • Pat Brown says:

      Too much rest isn’t always a good thing.

  170. KIM BRYANT says:

    One thing you are forgetting here folks, this is the playoffs! OKC will have a matchup problem the Laker bigs in a 7 game series. Dont be stupid, the only reason we went 7 games with the Nuggets was the absence of MWP.

    • Don't be too confident OKC fans! says:

      Obviously Kim most of these fans don’t understand basketball. They do not understand match ups. They do not understand that the game slows down in the playoffs. They do not understand Experience goes a very long way. They pretty much don’t understand anything besides maaaaaybe the ball goes through the hoop lol. Lakers are definitely the underdog but that’s the way I like it. I hope the Lakers shut these idiot fans up in this series. GO LAKERS!!!!

    • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

      Couldnt agree more!!! 🙂

    • lakers fan says:

      this is so true tottaly agree with you!

    • ZEVEZ15 says:

      I’m a laker fan but really, OKC fans are not that much wrong. They have a big chance of wiinning even if us lakers have all the experiences. It is the lakers’ consistency that’s the problem. Until, we can expect gasol and bynum to do what they have to do, kobe being efficient and the bench are consistent, only then will it be a good series.

  171. lord p says:

    Can’t wait to see the start of this serie..LA gonna fall anyway!!!

  172. welcome back to reality says:

    hahaha funny.. i think MWP shuould shake hands with harden but i agree with him that KP doesn’t shake hands.. even KP’s face is so mad everytime..

  173. theking0522 says:

    Thanks to the Nuggets for pushing the Lakers to the limit. Now OKC is fresh and ready to destroy the Lakers. The Lakers stand no chance against OKC, unless Metta Peace throws another elbow. Real championship contenderss make quick work of their opponents like Spurs, OKC and Miami. It took the Lakers 7 games to beat this team and Kobe played the whole FOURTH QUARTER. They will be tired. It took all their energy to beat the Nuggets. Remember last year? After beating the Hornets in 7 games, the Mavs destroyed them? Guess what..this OKC team is better than the Mavs. No ring for Kobe.

    • LakersFan says:

      You are not the KIng. Lakers all the way.

      • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

        Yo sir, ah Hornets never push Lakers in 7 games, it was 6 games, and the Dallas Mavericks was lucky every single series, they couldnt lost to the Blazers, Lakers, and Heat… They were just lucky and now Dallas know how it feels to be swept as a champ… Your definitely not a king and the OKC were never be Kings!!!

    • empire jenz says:


      such a biased comment… Lets see the GAMES till the END Before we judged THE LA… LAKERS… Bitterness? haha REFLECTED EFFECT…

      • kenny says:


        You are just being ignorant! Lucky? Really? Are you serious? Dallas outplayed them! The fourth game i remember dallas won by like 30 points, but I guess that was luck. And of course in typical Laker fashion, when they start to lose they start taking it out on their opponents, like Odom and Bynum did, and now that crazy person “World Peace”! I suggest you take a good look at the game and stop following lakers blindly and learn something about basketball

    • Jack Fallen says:

      What are you talking about “tired”? These are basketball players, professional. This is what they’re paid to do. You rely on OKC to win because the lakers will be tired? Good prediction man. Really great. Harden won’t be so stupid anymore and hang so close to MWP, what was he doing there anyway? And by the way good catch on being “contenders”. I’ll give OKC that. But lakers have been pushed to 7 games before and yet they prevail. They are not just contenders, they are “champions”. Maybe Durant will have his time but not with a team like this. You, Miami or OKC don’t have bragging rights yet. Spurs yes. Lastly, Kobe HAS rings if you haven’t noticed.

      • Oliver says:

        Please don’t be funny naming the Lakers as contenders… They almost lost to the Nuggets, they aren’t young anymore, and their pointguard position is weak. Their tall men are not reliable, and their chemistry is lacking. OKC is a contender, they are a machine, have great chemistry, they produce, and they have 3 players who can score on their own, while the Lakers have Kobe, and he gets ‘stomach flu’. The Laker’s can’t beat OKC, Spurs, Heat, Boston, Clippers, they can’t even beat the pacers, stop lying to yourself and face the fact that the Lakers last chance to win something was last year. Until they get rid of Kobe they will be stagnant.

      • LeBlanc says:

        Makes a lot of sense, Jack………..They are paid to do it, so that means they are completely unaffected physically after a long, grueling series……..uh-huh. The Lakers are clearly a good team, but Championship level basketball won’t be coming out of L.A. In the near future, however, the Clippers might give this city another legitimate chance at a ring.

    • crazyRtdog says:

      u make no sence making the lakers go to game 7 had nothing to do with it an everystar player plays the 4th q unless they are really blowing them out…. lakers went game 7 with the rockets that year an went on to win the finals right???? stupid comment bro an the okc swept the old mavs but u guys won ea game by 2-4 pts last year the mavs beat okc.

    • Cord says:

      Now you got one thing right their Thank you Nuggets you Awoke our bigs witch once again is our advantage Kendrick who who he going to guard lol Lakers will Kill in the paint westbrook wont show up again and Kevin will be shaking his head after that 6th game

      • Cord says:

        also all those teams had easy or banged up teams hhmm utah utah come on Mavs have been terrible all year they were suppose tp sweep them at least Miami had the Knicks but thats another story also the Nuggets were the Highest scoring team and very underated so ya lets go lakers

    • jeff says:

      ur not very smart, may of the nba champs plaed 7 games,i remember when thelakers played 3 7 games series to get to the chamionship to beat the celtics in 6 or 7 games in the 80s

    • sprakenster says:

      lol you’re just one of them bandwagoners!

    • Peroski444 says:


    • ha says:

      did you forget that the last time the celtics won the championship they were pushed to 7 games in their first round series?
      real basketball fans dont make outrageous claims about what a real champion is. thunder in 6.

    • larry says:

      Fakers fans…/shake head…if theyt win, they are good, if they lose, the opposition are “LUCKY”, Mavs OWNED your fakers last year, 4-0 is the cold heart facts, you might get lucky in winning one game, but the whole series? in a SWEEP!? get your facts right you fakers from La La land

    • There’s an ocean of difference between CONTENDERS and CHAMPIONS. It really doesn’t matter how many times a team loses in the playoffs for as long as THEY GET THE JOB DONE and take home the trophy. Lakers have done it SIXTEEN TIMES as opposed to what? Once for the Supersonics (which happened long ago in ’79) and ZERO for the Thunder.

    • hooplover says:

      everybody is better than the mavs, lol…..where are they now? on the boat, gone fishin’! it’ll come down to boston and lakers in the finals and mark my words, kobe will have his 6th ring!

    • texram says:

      Well, we don’t think the Seattle Supersonics have what it takes to be champions. If it takes 4 games, 6 games or 7 games, Seattle is going down!

    • THATRUTH says:

      LOL kobe doesnt get tired. he works 2x every other player in the NBA tell me last when uve seen kobe be tired for a game. easy answer, never

    • Pat Brown says:

      Kobe alright has 5 rings. Your point is?

  174. ra says:

    Handshakes don’t win rings!!!!

    • hooplover says:

      i totally agree! back in the days of kareem, bird, ewing, and others, nobody did that. i listened to chuck, shaq, ernie and kenny having this very discussion not too long ago. each of them stated the same thing, “we’re here to win a game, not to make friends”. we’re rivals and i don’t wanna’ be your friend! i sooooo agree with that, lol.

    • JimmyJam says:

      In general sportsmanship is a big part of being a professional athelete…I mean if you consider your self a professional athelete that makes millions…

  175. evan says:

    I hope the whole okc gives these soon to be nursing home residents the cold shoulder before they brush the Lakers aside for the conference finals

    • Pewterthe3rd says:

      and they say people from la are snobs. you condoning it reflects on your own personality. i thought southern folk were warm

    • reprezentedmami says:

      Do I think the Lakers are capable of beating OKC? Yes I do. Do I think they actually will? Well… that’s another story. But
      to back up my personal opinion, the Lakers are more than capable of beating OKC. LA has size, experience, defense, Kobe, and some really great shooters in Blake and Barnes whenever their hearts are in the game. The Lakers have a consistent closer in Bryant who knows how to finish games and play well under pressure, and they have a quick point guard in Sessions. They have all the right pieces to beat OKC but unfortunately they are inconsistent. Some nights they are a really great team, and when their green light is on they not only get the win, but they pulverize teams on the scoreboard. Other nights they are just plain horrible and don’t match the same intensity. Why do the Lakers have these bipolar episodes during games? I have no clue. One minute their amazing, the next night they look worse than the Bobcats, yet as I’ve stated before, they are MORE than capable of beating OKC. Will they beat OKC? I can’t answer that. It depends
      on what Laker team decides to show up this series!

      • Joseph says:

        Its because Lakers have EGOs. Very sensitive to small misunderstandings within them. while the young thunders are just play-play go-go team. I predict OKC will always run while the big LA will try to use half-court plays to their advantage.

      • gameon says:


    • Jhats says:

      I really hope at least one player on okc gives ron soon to be convict artest a knockout punch to the face. scott brooks should send out royal ivey or some other negligible player to just punch him in the face or slam him to the ground… what’s best is that he wouldn’t even have to hurt artest–he’d probably run into the stands and start punching fans to get suspended for the rest of the playoffs anyway