Bosh, By Gosh, Is Hurt

MIAMI — The most destructive and imposing force in these NBA playoffs made itself known once again, and the question must be asked: Can anyone beat it?

The injury virus, we mean.

Infecting and affecting basketball and making life hell for several contenders, the virus paid an unwelcome visit Sunday to the Heat and perhaps rendered Chris Bosh weaker, or worse, out of the East semifinal series with Indiana. A lower abdominal strain wasn’t enough to completely ruin the afternoon for the Heat, who pushed aside the Pacers in Game 1. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade took over in the fourth quarter (outscoring Pacers 42-38 in the second half by themselves) while the star-challenged Pacers shot 6-for-19 in the period and Danny Granger, their best player, vaporized (1-for-10 shooing).

But you knew that could happen. Meanwhile, what happens from here? And how might it change the tenor of a matchup where Indiana had a clear size advantage even before the injury?

“We don’t know about Chris,” said coach Erik Spoelstra. “We won’t know anything until the MRI.”

Miami doesn’t know the severity. An ab strain is a tricky injury. The best healing option is rest because of the chances of re-injury. Bosh felt a jolt of pain when he drove hard for a dunk and then landed funny in the second quarter. He stayed in the game, shot a free throw, when had to be helped off the floor seconds later after reaching for a rebound.

Bosh was the best player on the floor for Miami at the time, with 13 points and five rebounds in the half. And given his size, and the Heat’s overall lack of size, his importance in this particular series was and is larger than usual.

And so one more player was added to a playoff hit list that includes Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Iman Shumpert, Baron Davis, Amar’e Stoudemire (self-inflicted version) and Joakim Noah. And Dwight Howard was injured and counted out just weeks before the playoffs.

The injury virus didn’t hit James or Wade, and because of that, Miami was able to grab Game 1. Whether that’s enough to win three more games without Bosh, if that’s the case, will be more of a challenge. Joel Anthony and Ronny Turiaf were gritty replacements in Game 1, combining for 13 points and 10 rebounds, but how does that translate over a seven-game series?

If a major injury happens to cripple the NBA’s glamour team, this postseason will be remembered for who wasn’t playing rather than for what is was.


  1. Cain Marko says:


  2. Jason says:

    Injuries are part of the game of basketball. If you say these Playoffs will be “remembered for who wasn’t playing rather than who was”, I’d suggest not watching them at all. Of course a D-Rose and/or DH12 injury greatly effect those two teams (and arguably the two who beat them), but that doesn’t TAKE AWAY from what any team is accomplishing. You won’t hear the teams without their top guns making excuses, and we shouldn’t make excuses for them. It’s part of sports. It adds another dimension to the experience. Of course we would all rather see every player completely healthy and active, but that doesn’t happen in the regular season, and it sometimes doesn’t happen in the Playoffs. But we keep watching because it’s part of the game … and we LOVE this game!

  3. Rick says:

    Im sure that the Heat will beat the Pacers, but maybe in 6 games, Lebron and Wade too much even without Chris, they can do too much on both sides of the ball, but the Celtics and Heat will be a good one 6 or 7 game series. Dont like the Celtics but they come through most of the time. Dont know if they have enough defensively other then Garnett;s shot blocking and the other guy dont know his name tall guy, but celts may face alot of foul trouble against the Heat like the other teams that play Wade and James. Im always a Piston Fan,who knows when they will ever make it back to the playoffs, but weve had some great hardworking memories.

  4. BFoulds says:

    I think the Pacers are going to win this series in 6. If the Heat make it past the Pacers, then the Heat will go to the championship round, but they will lose to either Spurs or Thunder.

  5. Belizeboy says:

    Miami can win this series without Bosh.

  6. John says:

    I have read the posts up here and there are alot of good points regarding this series. But what people fail to realise is that without a doubt the pacers are a good team, key word here is (GOOD TEAM) They have alot of good pieces that in due time they will be considered as contenders. The Miami Heat on the other hand are a SUPER Team built and constructed to win NOW no EXCUSES!!! Bosh will be a LOSS but when you got the best player in the league who can defend and play any position from 1 through 5 and who looks this year like he is really hungry for that chip and a sidekick named Flash, i am sorry Indiana no BUENO you getting beat in Five. Haters can hate but the truth is the pacers aint beating the heat period. Its like saying the Thunder were gonna get beat by the Mavs we knew that was not gonna happen, and i aint a thunder fan!!

  7. mr.yoso says:

    do you remember last 2010 when ALL of you counting out the celtics to the easten conference??? the celtics just beat the hell out of LBJ’s cleveland cavaliers!!! if bosh cannot play and the heat faces the celtics, maybe wade and james can stop pierce and allen, but WHO GONNA STOP KEVIN GARNETT??? and especially RAJON RONDO?? the heat are strong but they are NOT THE TEAM TO BEAT!!! remember last year?? even if they make the finals once again i’m sure that they cannot win in any last 4 teams on the west! look at what dallas has done to them!! nobody expects that dallas win the championship???? think again guys, THINK AGAIN…

    • Cain Marko says:

      you remember last season, WHEN HEAT BEAT the celtics in the playoffs.. what you’re suffering from is poor memory.TSK.TSK.

      • mr.yoso says:

        yeah i remember that, but do you remember that the heat beat the celtics because RAJON RONDO HAD AN INJURY, I REPEAT INJURY?? even though he played he is not 100%! so if they have an injured player like bosh and they faces the healthy celtics, it’s a different story man! oh wait! i think the heat can’t even make to the conference finals!!

  8. Hmmm, definitely something that the Heat need to watch. Without Bosh in the paint they are seriously undermanned in that department and can be take advantage of, as both David West and Roy Hibbert amply showed. Will his absence decide the series? Highly unlikely as the quality of Wade and LeBron will undoubtedly win them the series in the end. However, it may cost them a couple of days rest, which at this stage of the year are nothing short of gold.

    Make sure you check out:

  9. akosibonik says:

    bosh, is a key player. it will be a hard task to win without him. but not if you still got two stars. defensively, we have turiaf and haslem, who can fill his shoes, and offensively, james and wade could carry it. this may be a good thing that happened, maybe the miami heat would realize that they could not rely on three stars alone. im still confident that will beat the pacers. pacers aren’t that mature enough.

  10. P.Riley says:

    it’s coo’ guys, it’s coo’

  11. ITS MORE THAN A GAME says:


  12. wooderson says:

    but to be fair its no problem for wade to score 10 more points a game and miller, battier, chalmers to score 10 more points a game between them. if ronny and joel helped by pittman hold down the defensive end and stop west and hibbert then its alllll goooood

  13. wooderson says:

    its going to take a collective effort to cover for who is probably the heats most important player especially in this series.

  14. weezy says:

    How will the heat beat a team like celtics, thunder or san antonio without its big 3 in full swing.
    Chris Bosh is the most valuable post player Miami has.
    I hope he gets well soon

  15. Robert Golf says:

    Bosh is important for them when he’s playing good, but the Heat will have trouble with OKC, Durant & company has already made plans for the Heat. If Bosh isn’t at full health the Heat may be in trouble.. Either way OKC in the end!!!!!

  16. W/E says:

    Its ok we dont need Chris Soft, Lebron James and Dwade are more than enough to own any eastern team and get to the finals. celtic fans,delusional as always their team has the easiest schedule in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs and they thought they can win the championship,what a joke, the heat are gunna destroy them

  17. jefrey says:

    Heat vs Clippers in Finals

  18. dattebayo says:

    Bosh looked really hurt and I expect him to miss at least 3 games if not even more. He finally had an opponent he really couldn’t shoot over every time and he did a great job driving the ball to the rim and he rebounded well too. If he can’t play the Pacers can win at least 2 games. The Pacers were in foul trouble throughout the game and just too aggressive on defense. Granger and George, their best scorers weren’t even going or even involved in the offense and the Pacers still outscored the Heat until the end of the 3rd. I think Anthony is a great hustle guy and Turiaf also brings some energy but they are not as long as Bosh and they really don’t shoot the ball well from the line.

    If the Pacers start defending without fouling, if they move the ball better like they did in the first half, if they rebound better on the defensive end and if Granger and George have a solid game offensively the Pacers have just too many weapons on offense for the Heat’s defense to take away from, they will give the heat more they can ask for.

    Without Bosh they can’t pound the ball inside to the frontline as much and beside putbacks there is no reliable offensive output for the Heat. The Pacers stayed home on Miller, Chalmers and Battier and they didn’t get enough open looks from deep to be a factor. Wade and James will have to be star players on both ends and be more efficient scorers like they can be and they need to drive even more to get their shooters open looks.

    After last nights game though I believe the Chuckster, that you shouldn’t sleep on the Pacers. Btw. how hilariously awkward were those flop non calls? I had to laugh so hard when the commentator said: “That’s 15k for one noncall on Miller’s flop, was that worth it?”

  19. Bosh’s injury could be the difference maker in this series. No other Heat player can play the 4-position better than CB (although LBJ could shift to the 4 and be like a Charles Barkley type of forward)… Bosh’s presence certainly draws most bigs out of the paint and make life easier for both Flash and King…. if the injury is not severe, Indie’s gonna be toasted in little time… but if Bosh will be out for the season, bye2x Bron2x….. see you next season for that gold ball will not be in your hands this year…..

  20. boombooroomboomboom says:

    No Bosh? big problem for the HEAT//remember this season when bosh DNP? heat came to loss 4 games in a row LOL…james your ryt LA vs Celt in repic final…dont know if your LB James / James harden though

  21. udog_fan says:

    Don’t see Bosh coming back in this series. In the past he has proved over and over again that he is soft. That said James is still capable of carrying this Heat team through the Indiana series, unless Hibbert goes crazy then it will be interesting.

  22. James says:

    It will be the Celtics and Lakers going at each other again in the finals

    • Retro Silk says:

      That’s what I just got done saying in the other blog! I’m down 4 that!

    • kobiik says:

      @ james old school dude here..

    • Joe Schmo says:

      Stupid poster is stupid. most unlikely scenario lol

    • Sick says:

      Celtics can’t beat sixers… lol

      • Myself says:

        lol I’m glad you think your JOKE is funny, cos that’s what it is, just a joke from a clown…

    • chalice says:

      Lakers and Celtics? I don’t think so. Boston caught a break in playing the Sixers due to Derrick Rose and Noah’s injury. Indiana OR Heat are too much for Boston to overcome if they make it past the Sixers. Also, I doubt Lakers could beat OKC or San Antonio this year. Put your money where your mouth is, you will win BIG if you’re right……

  23. jHEAT says:

    No Bosh? No Problem…

  24. i was hurt to see bosh hurt, the pacers played well till the 4th, they don’t have any answer for the mvp, and flash, the pacers will not win series, 4-0 sweep, is that bad for me to give up on them after one game?

  25. OKC All Day. says:


    • Mike says:

      Totally agree with you a 100%. How can they beat the Thunder without out their big 3? Oklahoma has to many weapons.

  26. Arjay says:

    I look forward for Chris Bosh recovery.I hope it would not be severe as it does.yes, I certainly agree with all of you.every player should step up on their games and muster more awareness and eagerness to compensate for the loss. Let’s go MIAMI! 😀

  27. theking0522 says:

    Bosh will be ready for the next round…No Bosh..No Problem. The MVP got this!!!

  28. with bosh gone dwade & lebron will up their scoring and the bigs(anthony & turiaf) will help defensively.
    GO HEAT! bosh get well soon.
    (Pacers played good till the end)

  29. Coach Dee says:

    How the HEAT a GLAMOROUS team?

  30. eknujsra says:

    .Miami is still the team to beat even without bosh..

  31. Bamz says:

    Hope Bosh recovers from the injury soon. but if joel and turiaf do what they did in game one on every game. Miami will have no prob.

    LETS GO HEAT!!!!!

  32. Sad for me as a fan he is so important role in the team that I hope he will not suffer any injury. To me the next game will be crucial for the heat to be prepared for game 3.
    Ronny Turiaf, Haslem, Joel Anthony, Dexter Pittman, veteran Howard and Curry.

    Those players can contribute points and rebounds.
    -Mario Chalmers has to average 10 points per game in this serie to compensate for Bosh´s injury.
    -Miller and Battier need to score from downtown and have strong defense.
    -James Jones can enter the court along with Cole and Harris shooting 3 points.

    The X factor in my opinion have to be Norris Cole from bench and James Jones shooting three points. If Jones shots over 60% from downtown we could compensate for pointless.