James Tops Field For KIA MVP Award, Sights Set On More Hardware

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Miami Heat forward LeBron James joined an elite group today as he wins his third KIA Most Valuable Player Award, becoming just the eighth player in league history to win that many or more.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Moses Malone, all Hall of Famers, are the seven players to accomplish the feat before James.

Abdul-Jabbar owns six MVP trophies, Jordan and Russell five each and Chamberlain four. They are the only players with more trophies than James.

This is the third MVP trophy in the last four seasons for James, who won it as a Cleveland Cavalier in 2009 and 2010.
James beat out Thunder swingman Kevin Durant and Clippers guard Chris Paul to claim the top spot, snagging 85 of a possible 121 fist place votes and 1,074 points. Durant garnered 24 first place votes, he was the only other player to hit double digits, while Paul earned six.

For the third consecutive season, the NBA and Kia Motors America gave fans the opportunity to submit their votes by ranking their top five choices through a dedicated Web page on NBA.com. The fan vote counted as one vote and was compiled with the 120 media votes to determine the winner.

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (two first-place votes) and Spurs point guard Tony Parker (4) rounded out the top five in the voting.

Of course, another Maurice Podoloff trophy is just one piece of hardware James is hunting this season.

He ended his acceptance speech this afternoon in Miami with these words, “I want that championship. That’s all that matters to me.”

The Heat remain on that path, facing the Indiana Pacers in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal showdown Sunday afternoon in Miami. And they’ll need another (playoff) MVP-caliber effort from James to grab that Larry O’Brien trophy.

James played at a otherwordly level during the regular season, averaging 27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.2 assists — making him only the fourth player with those totals in at least two different seasons, joining Oscar Robertson (five times), John Havlicek (twice) and Bird (twice). He shot a ridiculous 53 percent from the floor and also averaged 1.9 steals.

James ranks, in this estimation, as the league’s most accomplished player on both ends of the floor. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra calls him “1-through-5,” for his ability to guard all five positions on the defensive end.

James said this latest honor only adds fuel to the fire that was already raging in him.

“It didn’t take another MVP trophy for me to want an NBA championship,” he said. “I’d give all three (MVPs) back if I could win a championship.”


  1. xtian says:

    hey ZACCY YEAH THE BOSTON LOST 1 time in heat this off season… but your BOSTON won 1 game in best of seven playoff against MIAMI last year… Don’t you REMEMBER…

  2. nickbartlett12 says:

    This should have been LeBron’s 5th MVP in a row! Check out why:


  3. kb242424 says:

    haha he can get as many mvps as he wants, who cares.
    a team with james is never gonna win a title.

  4. Dominic says:

    I can’t believe James got MVP again….really, are you kidding. He should not have gotten it again. When James was out Wade carried the team. How many rings does James have? 0. How many rings does Kobe have, 5 (this year will be 6). James is washed up.

  5. 123 says:

    Sekou Smith loves Lebron James this results to sensationalized writing…. Most of his articles frame james as an unstoppable superstar.. bad journalism..hahahahaha.. peace!.

  6. Bigdaddylef says:

    As long as his worshipers, the media, can vote him MVP’s, he will get quite a few. Unfortunately, they can not vote him rings. If they could, he would have received as many as Kobe or Michael by now. But since he has to earn them, he will never get that many. I know that it is killing you guys that he hasn’t got any. You guys were so upset with him when he went to Miami, cause you thought that he was good enough to get one by himself. At the end of the season when he made it to the finals, you were already giving him one. Ooops, guess what, he did not earn it. Again, this year you are so sure that he will get one. Well, if he does not, don’t beat yourself up. Remember, that there are other great players in the game. Players who have already won rings. Pierce, Garnett, Bryant, just to name a few.

    • eknujsra says:

      Players who have already won RINGS…Lol…Pierce and Garnett only got one. Get your fact straight, hater…

  7. jince says:

    since MJ the best player in the game is LeBron James by far…….
    The NBA without lebron james is over

  8. kobe bonner says:

    dude he had blake and others

  9. omii says:

    I bet all these hater posts are from people from cleveland 😛 go king james!

  10. Chris paul should of been mvp he just took the clippers franchise and made them contenders,

  11. NBAfan says:

    Congratulations Lebron. You had one heck of a season, but why is it that in a team with 2 other all stars, and a decent collection of supporting players….only YOUR NUMBERS LOOK GOOD? Aren’t you suppose to be great at making your teammates better and that’s why you’re better than Kobe the ball hog and his 5 rings?

  12. kracken4dz says:

    Congratulations LeBron! Did you set the record for most MVPs with no championships?

  13. vrapz says:

    heat have great players but it doesnt mean theyr a great team…especially they dont hav a great coach who can make a good adjustment in crucial game. spurs,boston lakers,…those are great team!

    • NBAfan says:

      are you hating on Spolstra just so you can say that IF the Heat wins the title, it’s all because of Lebron? Every coach has got to start somewhere. The fact that Riley trusted Spolstra enough to have him coach Lebron, Wade, and Bosh and all the pressure in the world says something. How can you say that?

  14. Bev says:

    People need to stop hating on LaBron. Come on now. There is not reason for all that hatred !!
    Congradulations LaBron you really deserve it. No other player in the history of the game of Basketball
    has ever had to endure so much Media Abuse!!! But LaBron has survived and the least they could do
    was to give him the MVP-Award. He has certainly earned it.

    Congradulations LaBron. I love you like a son.

    MsBevBlack #1 Heat Fan in NC nba.com

  15. Karlo Garcia says:

    Congrats 2 LBJ winning the MVP. Miami concerns in the games is the 4th qtr-closing out games!

  16. lord p says:

    Congrats to the King for the 3rd MVP..there’s no other player in the league able to play 4/5 positions on the court and defend from the PG to the center of the opponent team..this guy is versatile like No other..the Nba tittle is the Next

  17. kobe bonner says:

    damn man, you getting good son

  18. akosibonik says:

    as much as he deserves this MVP, he deserves a title for himself. now is the best chance, go get it!

  19. paul says:

    i think since 2003 the player will hold the MVP hardware doesn’t win a championship ring…correct me if i’m wrong…

  20. Nur says:

    Please do not compare James with Kobe…..Kobe play when Shaq was dominante

    After Shaq left, Kobe and his Lakers spent a lot of many players but still had only a decent team. With Kobe as the leader, the Lakers made the playoffs but never got past the first round.

    Lebron James has had even worse players around him, but still took the Cavs to the finals and took the Celtics to game seven the year they won it all. Basically, Lebron, with worse players to work with, took his team farther than Kobe did when he was in a similar position. That’s why Lebron is better. With a team much worse than Kobe, he took his team farther.

    • marlon green says:

      LBJ is no where near KB24. Kobe did win 2 more titles WITHOUT SHAQ! So let’s get off the nonsense. Kobe faced tougher teams in the playoffs compared to the weak eastern conference. Those Cavs teams would’ve gotten blown out every single game by those suns teams Kobe’s team lost too. Trade conferences and see what happens. O yeah and since your on the Shaq tip Lebron did have his shot with the Diesel and how did that pan out?

      • Chris says:

        The Cavs with Lebron took the Champion Boston Celtics to 7 games they year they won. The Lakers with Kobe lost in 5 the same year. what does that tell you?

        And Lebron had Shaq when he was old and no longer dominate and only for one year. Kobe had Shaq during his prime and for several years. Not to mention the greatest coach in NBA history.

        When Kobe won 2 more titles he had an army of the best big men in the league and still had the greatest coach in NBA history.

    • Queiros says:

      I don’t think you could actually qualify a startin lineup with Smush Parker, Kwame Brown and Vladimir Radmanovic as better than any of the Cavs teams James had… that’s a freaking D-League starting lineup!

      • Belizeboy says:

        You fail to mention Lamar Odom. Also Smush Parker was averaging 11pts which is more than Blake or Fisher ever did. Thing is that you Laker fans will bash anyone who doesn’t get you a championship. I remember the years Smush parker was playing for LA and fans were not complaining about him…until they didn’t go anywhere in the playoffs.

    • NBAfan says:

      Jordan had that best coach in history too…as well as Pippen and a bunch of other borderline all stars the whole time he was doing his 3-peating. Don’t call Pau and Bynum an army of BEST BIG MAN…they weren’t when they won the 2 championships.

      Lebron fans (aka Kobe haters) LOVE TO BLAME Lebron’s teammates WHEN he loses and at the same time, LOVE TO HYPE Kobe’s teammates WHEN he wins.

      Hypocritical and sad….at the end of the day…Kobe has 5 rings, an olympic medal, and his place in history solidified…he is only adding to it. Lebron…has ZERO rings, an hour special on ESPN, two pathetic stints with the national team (YEAH, HE NEEDED KOBE TO JOIN THEM FOR HIM TO WIN) and a legion of fans who claims that he’s better than an aging, injured Kobe Bryant because he got swept in the Finals with Cleveland.

      • Francisco says:


  21. The NBA says:

    Based on stats alone, Lebron is by far the best. The only problem is that he consistently folds under playoff pressure, which separates the absolute greats from the bests in the league. He deserves an MVP, no doubt, but three in the last 4 years among players like Durant, Kobe, Paul, Nowitzki, Rose and Parker? No. In the future, maybe. The NBA has seen its fair share of “robbed” players, but Lebron is lucky enough to be on the outside looking in regarding that category. Kudos, Lebron, but if there’s 5 seconds left in a game, there’s a handful of players ahead of you I’d pick to take the last shot, and that only means EVERYTHING during finals time.

  22. Sam says:

    Someone hasn’t put stats up like that since the big O? are you serious? look at Jordans status during the 87-88 season, much better then Lebrons this season, and Jordan didn’t win MVP.

  23. David says:

    i can’t believe this. lebron james is not on the same level as magic johnson or larry bird. no player should have 3 mvps and 0 rings. especially one that, with talent and more on his favor, continually fails when it matters. lebron james is a great athlete but a trivial player. he’s polarizing for all the wrong reasons: immaturity, delusions of grandeur and flopping. that makes him unworthy of being so celebrated.

  24. Cee says:

    Good for LBJ…now let’s get that trophy in June.. you can do it MIAMI!!! for LBJ haters out there… shut it!!! why don’t you ask yourselves why your fave player wasn’t good enough for MVP instead… No offense to Kobe fans.. I didn’t like him before but he is ok now.. he managed to realize that it is a team effort to win.. It would be great if the FInals would be the Lakers and the Heat.. but it’s quite a HARD path especially in western conference…

  25. kimkam says:

    lebron haters! eat your hearts out!

  26. alex says:

    Number of players in NBA history with 5 or more championships: 25
    Number of players in NBA history with 3 or more MVP trophies: 8

  27. alex says:

    What will happen if Kobe wins the MVP next year? I’m sure all his fans would say, “OMG, Kobe is so great! Another MVP! Best player of all time!” Seriously? When LeBron wins an MVP, you say it’s meaningless.

  28. Bamz says:

    for those who say celtics will win the series vs the heat.
    let me remind you what happened last year

    your so called celtics got owned in the playoffs. oh yeah you win 1 game.

    and dont tell me your celtics lost because rondo got injured. when he got injured in game that game they win it. so dont tell me that stupid excuse. your celtics are the past. miami is the future. just live with it…

    LOSERS’S HATER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



  30. rejuventud says:

    It is good that LBJ won another one. It is the truth that he is one of the best all-around players ever to come to the NBA. A championship is a team thing, not an individual thing. LBJ didn’t fail to win a championship; the Miami Heat failed, it is a team thing. This MVP only says won thing: LBJ is among the best players ever, like it or not. He doesn’t need a championship to prove he is one of the best individual players ever; he needs a championship to be a champion… People judge on championship trophies, but as far as I know, MJ didn’t win a championship by himself; he won them with a team. The TEAM won a championship. LBJ is one of the best and his respect is due…
    HEADS UP ‘BRON, keep it up.

    • Aerial Voyager says:

      Amen to that. You’re the first one to comment that make sense.

    • vrapz says:

      ur ryt hes a great player……..but heat is not a good team! f they play like this evrygame theyre lucky if they can win championship this year. west team will crush them

  31. Da Beast says:

    Let’s go Miami.. Go get that ring Lebron “the king” James and congratualations for winning your 3rd MVP..

  32. AnoNymouS~ says:

    some of the excuses of why lebron shouldn’t accept the word is actually ridiculous.
    “he has no rings, not a good player”<- bull
    all great players who acquired a ring was back up by good players
    MJ had pippen
    Kobe had shaq, odom, fisher
    Wade had shaq and i guess haslem(well…eh)
    list goes on

    "the heat don't even have the best record"
    this is somewhat irrelevant
    but most people know that getting the first seed doesn't mean your the best…chicago bulls are living that example

    "he's overrated"
    even if that's true, his stats live up to most of the hype

    and all those statements of Miami losing to a certain team in the playoffs…still irrelevant. The award is for individuals and their performance, not the overall performance of a team.

    my opinion

  33. lebron#6 says:

    Congradulation Lebron. You got your 3rd MVP now let’ s get that ring. And for all the haters… How many excuses do u have.

    P.S. Kevin Durant was good but did not deserves so stop whining people!

  34. LeBron and Kobe still dominates the league! KD my butt!

  35. Hustler says:

    This is to the dude saying that clutch is “an undefine illusion”. There are no stats for clutch plays, just as there are no “stats” for hustle plays, hard defense, good transition on both ends of the floor, heart. If there were stats then a lot of other players would get a lot more recognition. A prime example of a clutch player is D-Fish. If you look at his career stats there is nothing that awesome about him. Averaging 8.6 ppg, but if you remember all his “clutch” moments in his playoff career, the 0.4 second shot vs San Antonio in the conference final, his 2 late 3 pointers against Orlando in ’09 I think. I still remember going for the magic and watching D-Fish go 0-5 from long range, then hitting 2/2 threes in the dying stages of the match to win.

    So while their may not be stats to prove a player’s “clutch-ness”, it is a part of the game that comes up huge and is the difference between winning and losing tight games. Kobe has it, DWade has it, Rose has it, most of the stars have it. LeBron though definately needs to close out better, which he has been doing doing pretty nicely against New York. You can also tell who is the clutch player in Miami, as it is usually DWade taking the last shot to win instead of LeBron.

    • Francisco says:

      if there is no way to prove it you CAN NOT SAY WHO has it or not based on a bias observation period, some player are in the spotligh more than others and as a result their misses are amplified.most players are better performers in the 3 first quaters because in the fourth you are going to be tired Kobe this season shot 43 % for the season and 42 in the fourth quater, lebron shot much worse in the fourth quater but still a 44%.I am not aware of lebron performance in Miami, but he was in cleveland , he was statistically one of the best performers in the fourth quater in the league. wade was the other in miami,WHEN YOU HAVE SUCH EFFICIENT PLAYER IN YOUR TEAM , GAMES DO NOT HAVE TO BE DECIDED IN THE LAST MINUTE.

  36. tat says:

    LeBum – is ALL he is till a championship happens- The excuse is Lebum is so un-clutch with every phase of his game within the last 2 mins of the games that counts aka playoffs, not saying every game, but he under performs at the rate of 8 out of 10 games, thus no championships- he is just a jester (prankster) , no king

    • Francisco says:

      that is a myth based on a bad series against mavs, he excelled against celtics and bulls, I bet you he is a career better fourth quater performer than kobe , find the numbers an we will talk, kobe is choked in the series against the nuggets in the fourth 5 of the seven games, nobody says anything because deep inside people know that kobe has become a ROLE player for the lakers
      who takes the credit for being an star

  37. Francisco says:

    I hope the heat wins , but with ring or without it, LEBRON HAS BEEN THE BEST INDIVIDUAL PLAYER IN THE LAST 5 YEAR

  38. supplanter33 says:

    I think Lebron James will win a championship this season. He is more aggressive and his team knows their role. Also the most important thing is D.Wade already defered to him so they know who is the point man and 2nd point man. The only real threat they will face is OKC in terms of Speed, Team Chemistry and Talent.

  39. Kevin Bain says:

    It does,nt matter if Lebron Wins the MVP every year for the rest of his career…what matters not 1,not 2,not 3,not 4,not 5,not 6 but 7 championships. Anything less I will consider him a failure!

  40. GCX says:

    Another meaningless award for the most overrated player in the history of the NBA. Zero rings, zero respect.

  41. Max says:

    he says he is a team player yet he has the 3 individual awards and not a team awards which are championships !
    not hating or anything just a my observation.

  42. Wes says:

    I have a hard time putting LBJ in the list mentioned in the article. I accept he is a great player, I am not sure about a league wide MVP. Of course I don’t drive a KIA either

  43. I am Lebron says:

    @Vincent Solese Porcher, did you watch last season playoff heat vs Celtics? I read the same reason as you are saying right now and look what happen to them

  44. LJ FTW says:

    DAaAAmn green goblins are so delusional if they think they got any chance against the heat,celtics aint goin nowhere and IF they face the heat they r gunna get destroyed

  45. Mr.305 says:

    Great season from LBJ thus far. If he gets the championship, ppl are still gonna hate and say it was because of Wade and Bosh. Even though partly true, numbers and history are on his side.. He made the finals without them both before, and went 13-1 without wase this season. And, won the mvp. Although he WILL need both, they need him just as much. If they do win, you cannot say he did`nt play a major role in it.

    • vrapz says:

      thats why lots of pipol hates him….coz hes a great player and he move to another team to win a championship.he just lost his greatness ryt there!!

  46. Vincent Solese Porcher says:

    The suffering for King James will continue. The Heat will be eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics. The matchups just doesn’t look well for them. Boston has the defense, the experience, and a serious edge at the “1” and “5” positions, also the bench and coaching. And, if LeHype guards Rondo, that will just allow Pierce to do what he does best: SCORE! Casper (Bosh ) will disappear and Wade is not 100%. Add it all up and Boston will win in SIX GAMES! The Black Cat bad luck continues! The best teams are put together completely, not like Miami did (three stars and “??????”)!

    And, Rondo and KG both have a huge chip on their shoulders, especially RONDO after being tackled last year by Wade!

    • Sick says:

      If Boston can beat the sixers??.. LOL
      I don’t think so… hahaha

      • ZaccyGee says:

        Their winning so far aren’t they? I reckon Celtics are going far this year…

      • ZaccyGee says:

        And also during regular season Celtics only lost the Heat once.

      • HeatFan27 says:

        @Zaccy Gee
        Didn’t the Heat only beat the Celtics one is the regular season, last season? I think the same happened for against the Bulls last season as well. Then look what happened in the playoffs. Heat will be the Celtics in 5 or 6

  47. chris says:

    Not only did Serge Ibaka get robbed of the DOF by Tyson Chandler , Big Baby Queen James Robbed Kevin Durant of this years MVP.

    i remember pretty clear when Wade was hurt Lebron sat out due being a baby over a sore ankle against the Hawks and Bosh came through in 3 OT to win the game but Lebron having to sit out with a “sore ankle” was dancing , jumping around cheering during the game and time out and not too mention the 260 pound guy over reacts on fouls like hes been shot same with the other 2 on that Heat team. Lebron is most over rated NBA player ever
    0 rings

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Dude, seriously? Ibaka did NOT deserve DPOY. Chandler is a BEAST, and a huge part why Dallas won a championship. Kevin Durant did nothing special except score. Don’t get me wrong, Durant is a great player but he is still one dimensional and has a lot to work on. I’m not even a fan of LeBron but his numbers were just absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.

    • Roy says:

      Serge Ibaka did not get robbed. He doesnt deserve the Defensive award just because he had the best block average. Tyson derserved it because he made a terrible defensive team a great one. The Thunder are a good defensive team but not a GREAT one. They were what in defensive efficiency, 12th?

      • Belizeboy says:

        I really disagree with you on that. The Nicks are far from a great defensive team and Chandler isn’t the sole reason for their improvement. I credit it to the fact that NY had Shumpert & Davis up top and Chandler down low. Also OKC is like 9th and NY is 14th According to ESPN.

      • yeah!right! says:

        yeah but last year new york was like wat 27th in defence last year and the main reason why new york has up their defence is because of chandler so this year chandler is more deserving than ibaka…

    • Sick says:

      Durant MVP?? maybe 10 years from now… lol

    • nbafan St. Lucia says:

      You blinded by your hatred…. love the game do not hate the players…. every award is always a close race, the fans voted for lebron and the media did too… a championship is won by a team… mvp is an individual award

  48. heat #1 fan says:

    Lebron is just amazing and now he only needs to win a championship so that all the comparisons go between mike and him…Kobe not in the talk

  49. Armen says:

    This is beyond comprehension. Lebron with Wade, Bosh, Miller, and the rest of the guys could not even get the NBA best record, while, the yound thunders were led by Durant, Lakers came 3rd in the west through Bryant and more importantly, Spurs got the best west record due to Parker. Lebron should have been 3rd this year.
    The MVP goes either to Durant or Parker.

    • Francisco says:

      jajaaj , lakers were good because the twin towers, not the most unefficient star in the league, by the way gasol and bynum are a better combination than wade and bosh , because lebron and wade are not complementary players , Wade is better than both, actually better than all lakers players , but his role and lebrons’s was the same in the previous teams.

    • dbcoop says:

      you realize that Durant had westbrook, harden the 6th man of the year, ibaka, and perkins…kobe has two freaking trees in the middle…parker has the deepest team in the nba, so it’s not like durant or kobe or parker are carrying their teams. When LeBron plays without wade they are 12 and 2.

  50. j.t says:

    He totally deserves it when you talking about whole round player offence, defence and overall effort. I Only wish people should appreciate it and Congrats him over his achievement instead of condemning him ,Cuz players like him are rare in NBA these days.

  51. mattman says:

    LBJ is the most gifted player in basketball..the NBA hasnt seen stats like LBJ’s since the Big O or even Magic..KD had a chance to grab the award this year, but LBJ is a more complete player..the way that LBJ has dedicated himself to the defensive end this season has been extremely impressive to watch..heres my list for mvp candidates: http://www.mindofmattman.com/2012/03/mattmans-mvp-hip-hop-ladder.html

  52. LJ FTW says:


  53. raven says:

    let’s see how LBJ will manage himself when the finals come, if he has changed then probably he will bring home the Larry O’brien trophy. goodluck!

  54. Bamz says:

    Heat/LBJ haters attack.!!!!!!… put ur useless reasons (below) stating why lbj does not deserve the mvp award………

    LETS GO HEAT!!!!


    • Celticsrck says:

      put your useful reasons below why LeBron doesnt have a ring.

      • Kobe-MVP says:

        haha. When lebron gets 5 championship rings then people can say he is the best player in the nba. Until then shut the f**k up!!!!!

      • DJ3 says:

        In Cleveland: Only had 2 or 3 good teams
        In Miami: Chemistry Issues

      • LeBron King says:

        because he didn’t have a good team until last year.
        What happened last Year?
        They lost to the team that SWEPT Lakers and Heat beat BULLS and CELTICS in 5

      • hooplover says:

        “lebron queen, i mean king”, then along came the mavs and beat the heat and sent them to their locker room crying like girls, so don’t play the match up game with me until “queen james” actually has a championship.

    • NBA Fan says:

      The reality is a lot of these awards have become very meaningless. How can you explain Kobe only winning 1 MVP Award regular season for his career. When I hear MVP I take it with a grain of salt. What matters at the end is who is left raising the Championship trophy and who is named MVP in the finals. Years from now we will only remember who was the seasons MVP by doing an online search.

      • Jkey says:

        I agree. I mean the last MVP to win a championship was Duncan in the 2002-2003 season. Since then MVPs have not had championship success.

    • Coach Dee says:


      MVP titles now are awarded for popular players. It’s never how VALUABLE the player is to the team.

      • nbafan St. Lucia says:

        name 1 mvp that was not a popular player…… every decision will always be contraversial

      • mr.ed says:

        absolutely agree.

        shame they let the media vote for the award.

        back then, players were the ones to vote. i don’t know about you but if i were a basketball player, i’d find it much more meaningful to win an award that my fellow peers voted on as opposed to the media.

      • Coach Dee says:

        How the hell can a media who covers baseball or football get to vote on a basketball awards.

    • hooplover says:

      because fans don’t vote! simple