Countdown To The Apocalypse?

LOS ANGELES – A baseball owner named Magic Johnson said on TV Friday night that Mike Brown would probably be fired as coach if the Lakers get eliminated in the first round. Brown had to address the semi-report Saturday around 11:15 a.m. after shootaround, and – oh, yeah – there is a Game 7 against the Nuggets that tips around 7:40 p.m. And this is only the beginning.

Brown being moved into the crosshairs by one of the most popular people in Los Angeles – although Dodgers minority owner/Lakers VP/close friend of Lakers owner Jerry Buss did not say and was not pressed whether his statement was a hunch or actual information – will be the least of the problems if Denver finishes the upset. Think stocking up on canned goods and water.

Being swept by the Mavericks last year was enough of a hellstorm, with the added element of the Lakers losing their composure in the finale, but that will be nothing compared to the reaction if the home team is eliminated Game 7 at Staples Center. Dallas was a championship team. Dallas never trailed 2-0 in the series.

The Nuggets completing the comeback would make May 12, 2012, one of the worst moments in franchise history. Brown might not be fired since Jim Buss made the controversial choice as head of basketball operations and will not be anxious to admit if he made the wrong choice to replace Phil Jackson. But the pressure that is already immeasurable will go way up for the start of 2012-13. And, naturally, there will be calls to break up the team.

“It’s something that shouldn’t be on our minds,” Pau Gasol said of the fallout if the Lakers lose. “We’ve got to be confident in our team and our group that we’re going to get the job done. You’ve got to put yourself mentally in a positive outcome. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to reach it.”

But, he admits, the pressure on the Lakers, not the Nuggets.

“You could say that,” Gasol said. “But regardless of who the pressure’s on, we’ve just got to deliver. It’s Game 7 and we’re playing at home. Hopefully Staples will be rocking and giving us the energy that we need and putting a lot of pressure on the opponent. Then we have to do the rest.”

Even if Brown survives, Johnson has pushed the speculation ball down a steep cliff. It can’t be stopped now, even if Magic, in his role as ABC/ESPN commentator, was speaking of a first-round loss. Winning here only to become an easy out for the Thunder in the Western Conference semifinals won’t make Brown’s ears bleed any less the next four months.

“My focus is on winning this game and that’s it,” Brown said Saturday after shootaround. “I don’t have any control over the other stuff. I think I told almost everybody here that’s covered me, ‘You guys have got jobs to do.’ Magic has a job to do. One of his jobs is to voice his opinion. He’s a great guy. But there’s nothing for me to be concerned about there. I’m playing and coaching to win this game tonight and that’s it.”

And the timing of Johnson for the second year in a row questioning the future of Lakers personnel the day before a possible elimination game?

“I think ESPN probably pays him seven figures,” Brown said. “He’s got to make comments whenever he feels it’s necessary to make comments, and he’s got to make the comments that he feels are the truth or that he believes in or whatever. He’s free to say what he wants. It doesn’t bother me.”


  1. THE ZEN MASTER says:

    We want him againnnnn!


    @Nba fan why do you have to always include leBrons name to the conversation i dont see how james affects kobes play and if yo wanna go on about how james is a self promoter and how he plays with a perrenial all star i do recall shaq being a perrenial all star and i do recall pau being an all star as well when he played with them didnt he win five rings the years in between that i dont remember kobe reaching the nba finals he was at home watching the finals. look kobe and leBron are two different type of players and there great players just stop hating on one cause i can guarantee if he won a ring this year you will still hate on him and try say its because of wade he won a championship i dont recall an nba playoff game being played by 5 players against 1 just leave the guy alone period

  3. Eaglos says:

    When Bryant involves the whole team, Lakers play good. When his plays for self promotion
    Lakers play bad. So even if Brown gets fired and another “brown” steps in it won’t make much
    of a difference if Kobe continuous to make 40-50 attempts per game.

    • Really? says:

      40 to 50 attempts per game? When did that happened?

    • NBAfan says:

      If Kobe MAKES 40-50 attempts…he will score 100 points every game…NICE…..

    • NBAfan says:

      Seriously now….self promotion? I don’t know about that. Maybe he is…maybe he isnt’…but that’s just your opinion, not a fact.

      What’s a fact? Kobe wants to win. He wants to play ball and after all those years playing deep in the playoffs, I think he knows a thing or two about WINNING on the court (something Lebron doesn’t know anything about).

      Who is a SELF promoter? Lebron James….earlier in his career, people say that he’s better than Kobe because he makes his teammates better and Kobe does not since he’s a ball hog and rags on them for playing badly….well, fast forward to 2011-2012 and you see Lebron posting GREAT NUMBERS in a team with 1 more superstar, another perennial all star and a decent supporting cast…..why is it that ONLY Lebron has great numbers in a good team? Only he is benefiting from playing in a super team. A ONE HOUR SPECIAL JUST TO SAY THE HE IS TAKING HIS TALENTS TO SOUTH BEACH is shameless self promoting.

      Calling yourself the King is self promoting….I can keep on going on.

  4. evol1961 says:

    common guys give Brown a chance! Not to say the Lakers are overrated or something, most people under-appreciate the Nuggets, they are a really good team, they might be #6 but they are only 3 games back vs. Lakers in the reg. season!

    do not be surprised to see game 7’s for those teams (as well as LAC/MEM matchup) due to their close records, just do not expect the Lakers to lose in game 7 at their home court!

  5. zEEJAY says:

    Fire Mike Brown… The Lakers want Phil Jackson Back!

  6. Ken says:

    Who is he to say that I know he’s a Hall Of Famer but to judge the Lakers early I don’t agree with him. We’ll see in the next couple of games and he will eat all what he said.

  7. Dooms Day ! says:

    I wouldn’t wish the scenario on an enemy (the HEAT). But the way you put it is so intriguing as to make me want to see it. Wow !