Verbal Shots Fired, Again! Vogel: Heat “Biggest Flopping Team In The NBA”

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Have we learned nothing from the verbal transgressions of others, Frank Vogel?

Did you not see what Kevin Garnett did to the Atlanta Hawks after their co-owner took shots at him on the eve of their Game 6 showdown last night in Boston?

Vogel, the Indiana Pacers’ coach, lobbed the first stone in his team’s Eastern Conference semifinal against the Miami Heat by telling reporters in Indianapolis that the Heat, in so many words, take flopping to artistic levels.

Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star has the goods:

“They are the biggest flopping team in the NBA,” Vogel said. “It’ll be very interesting to see how the referees officiate the series and how much flopping they reward.”

The Heat, who eliminated the New York Knicks on Wednesday, were fourth in the league in points allowed and fifth in the league in field goal percentage defense during the regular season. They like to swarm to the ball when it’s in the paint.

“Every drive to the basket, they have guys not making a play on the ball,” Vogel said, “but sliding in front of drivers. Oftentimes they’re falling down even before contact is even being made. It’ll be interesting to see how the series is officiated.”

The Heat roster does boast the league’s master technician at drawing offensive fouls, Shane Battier. But to suggest that they have the most accomplished group of actors in the league on that one roster is a bold statement.

Surely, Vogel’s statement was intended for the ears of the officials more than it was a direct shot at the Heat. At least we hope that was the case. We’ve all seen the results of bulletin-board material in these playoffs so far … Lakers center Andrew Bynum said something about close-out games being a breeze and the Lakers have lost two straight games since then.

Then again, Vogel’s team has nothing to lose. Most folks don’t have them upsetting the Heat anyway, so if this is his way of raising the stakes a bit for his team, well, more power to him. (With LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and crew waiting, the Pacers know they have their hands full.)

As long as he knows what he’s getting his team into!


  1. Romesh says:

    NBA should introduce “flopping” rules. Technical foul if the referee deemed you flopped. Easy fix!
    The only teams that will complain about this rule is most likely The Heat and The Clippers. Without question the only 2 teams that flop around the court trying to trick the referee into giving them a call. I don’t really care who’s the “WORST”. They are bad as each other as far as I am concerned. Falling over, grimmacing their face, acting like they got hit hard. I’ve always wondered how these guys played when they were in the playgrounds as kids, did they fall over like they do now? haha.
    Secondly, surely the refs watch game tape. Why do they consistantly call fouls for players that flop when they’ve seen them flop before? doesn’t make sense to me!!!!
    IF I was David Stern…. Flopping would not be tolerated. Firstly there’d be a technical foul and secondly there’s be a fine. You’d have to revise the rule for players taking a charge though because 90% of charges are flops anyway so you might have to have some sort of sub-rule for that.

  2. NBAfan says:

    NOTHING NEW…the MAVS should have won their first finals meeting with the HEAT, but the refs would just call ticky tack fouls on an out of control wade bulldozing his way into the paint….I swore off the NBA for a year after that. Came back when Boston got their big three and Kobe got Pau.

  3. santee says:

    GO Thunder!

  4. Celine says:

    this comment will not do anything good for indiana pacers. we see calls negatively if it doesnt go our way. but it is what it is. if all we have to do is say nasty things about any other team in the league, better stop watching the nba. even we are not perfect the sports or leave it!

  5. LakersFan says:

    Why the fine?

  6. bill says:


  7. bill says:


  8. Edward F. says:

    Stop crying VOGEL and the rest of you making excuses before the first game of the series is even started!!! ….or are you that scared? Let’s play and let the best team win.
    And guess what?! …It will be seen by everyone on the TV and replayed time after time in Sport Center, so…do you really think the referees can favor a team over another openly? Don’t make unreasonable statements to justify losses!

  9. Mike G says:

    Regardless of which players/teams are the biggest floppers, the point is that it’s a problem. It ruins the game. I would love to see the players get fined for flopping during the game. Kind of like how the NFL players get fined for making dirty hits.

  10. re says:

    the indiana should try to under cut james and wade.. every time james and wade attack the basket always take charge

  11. boy says:

    well, if this true.. the Miami Heat should have won the Championship last season…

  12. CanadianHoopsFan says:

    I think the biggest flops of the year came from the Nuggets. Gallinari bumping into Gasol in “excruciating” pain but got up immediately as if nothing happened after realizing the refs didn’t buy it. Then Kenneth Faried acting as if he got knocked down by GSP after Kobe fouled him while driving to the basket ending up in a flagrant 1.

  13. HeatFanSince2000 says:

    ah ah ah. Are we playing playoffs off the court?

    Prove you’re the best team winning games.

    4-0 is coming.

  14. heatfan34 says:

    i think its funny all your grow men crying deal with it the miami heat are better than the pacers the pacers would of never even made it if d howard was playing

  15. Nah, it’s the Clippers. (Flop City!!!)

  16. oh please! says:

    Making excuses if the other team beats you, game 1 hasn’t even started yet, trying to condition the game to go on your favor….man…just play the damn game….calls go both ways….it may not seem like it…but all these fan boy theories are sickening…what happened to good ol’ fashion basketball…i’d appreciate a team that works hard with no excuses…make your case on the court, to make negative statements BEFORE games are actually played, are far worse than flopping in game…..sad….just focus on how to get your team better pre-game and what strat your gonna execute instead of worrying about some future bad calls, and you may actually beat the heat………

  17. POPS says:

    The Miami Heat is the Best in the NBA (if there is no 4th quarter) TROLOLOLOLOL !

  18. dwynn says:

    All Of You Shut Up just watch the Game and Lets see whose gonna be the Champs this year!Stop saying BS!Blah…blah..blah….

  19. lol@pacers says:

    hahaha, Vogel is crying baby, just prove to the game that your pacers team is the best. don’t tell that your team not doing some floppers during the game.. huhuhu for VOGEL ^_^V

  20. lol@heat says:

    heat fans getting butt-hurt over someone stating the truth. Regular season wins don’t mean squat obviously. If it did, that means the Bulls are better than the Heat, and the Pacers won more games against the Bulls than the Heat did. Don’t overlook the Pacers as a joke, because this series is gonna be a dogfight.

    Don’t complain like babies if the Pacers pull it off.

  21. Brent says:

    Heat are not Floppers its all the Clippers i was watching the Clippers yesturday and it was all Evans and Griffin



  23. goknicks!!!!! says:


  24. goknicks!!!!! says:



  25. goknicks!!!!! says:

    lol…some of you guys are talking from basketball on to ENGLISH!!! FUNNY READING SOME COMMENT~~HAHA

  26. arshdeep says:

    true players are players like kobe nowitski duncan peirce who stayed on one team and did their thing not like lebron

  27. JOH says:

    Yeah.. Miami does flop. But the most? No.

    LA Clippers are the biggest. Lob city? No! Flop city.

  28. Julien says:

    Seems like a lot of Heat hating on here if you ask me. Truthfully the whole NBA does it. Not just the Heat or the Clippers. Here’s the deal- there is a lot of contact that goes uncalled in the NBA. Stuff that we can’t see on camera or don’t see in a game unless we’re watching very closely. A lot of holding and pin downs on screens, elbow shots in the lane, shot to a guy’s head when he goes through the lane, forearms to the back when a guy goes up for a rebound. Have you ever been in the locker room after a game? These guys are cut, battered, and bruised from head-to-toe. Look at Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook’s arm the next time you watch a game. Full of scar tissue from old battles fought in previous games. After a while guys like LeBron, D Rose, and Blake get tired of taking all of that physical abuse and force the referees to make a call by selling the contact. You would too if you were in their shoes honestly. So talk about what you know and don’t come on here making ignorant racially driven statements about people from Miami speaking English as a second language blah blah blah. Just sounds like foolishness to me. Oh and by the way- Frank Vogel only said this to influence the referees because he knows his team likes to foul a lot and foul hard but it still won’t be enough to beat the Heat. They are 1-2 years too early from their team being a bona fide eastern conference contender. Now let’s play ball. That is all.

  29. mr-plow says:

    Another idiot opening his mouth for nothing. Pau Gasol was the biggest flopper now its def cp3 and blake.

  30. Heat fan says:

    Frank Vogel, trying to mess with the Heats heads won’t stop them from kicking your a$$es

  31. dave says:


  32. dave says:


  33. welcome back to reality says:

    yeah.. so early excuse for stupid frank.. maybe it’s not the refs he wants to tell this things to maybe it’s pacers management, maybe he want’s to give early excuse incase the heat beat his team’s @s$#8!! .. sorry frank but after this heat whipping your career will be over..

  34. welcome back to reality says:

    with those words vogel just said i got a 2 words for you,, prrrrffftttttt!! FOUL.. hahaha.. immature guys like you shouldn’t be coaching a team in the nba even in streets..

  35. welcome back to reality says:

    i don’t think it’s a very professional thing specially for a coach to say such things.. it’s so stupid.. and i think flopping is 1 also a key for good defense or offense.. you can act all you want but it’s gonna be a good one.. like varejao he is a good defensive player because he’s been a good flopper.. let your game do the talking coach.. it’s not like your going up against a howard-less magic again.. you’re going up against good coaching, tough crowd, bosh and wade and ofcourse the mvp this year lbj..

  36. KNIX4EVAH says:


  37. HeatFTW! says:

    and to Roy Hibbert……the Heat have literally NO bench. Miller has been off….all Battier can do is play D, on bad players. lol, and Haslem is having the worst season of his career. Only thing they have to worry about is the Big 3! And it’s sad how th players are more mature than the coach is!

  38. HeatFTW! says:

    Very immature and un-needed comment from Vogel. I was ready for a good, nice match up between these two…but now?..HEAT BLOW THEM OUT AND SWEEP THEM!This guy deserves it….the Heat didn’t do anything wrong, or anything to you…..very unacceptable coming from a coach. -__-

  39. Edub says:

    Pacers are calling the Heat floppers, which is what they are, but Pacers flop and are always acting they arse off. They always get away with the Reggie Miller kicking out theie legs when shooting the ball, they commit hard fouls and they act like they haven’t done anything wrong. Vogel has no righjt to sy Heat are floppers because then he’s just being hypocritical. Heat have Wade and lebron. They cry to the refs so of course they’ll get the calls, after what? 8, 9 years? Of course they have the refs tied to a string on their pinky.

  40. 2012playoffs-heatfan says:

    Say anything you want frank, blame the refs, call them for not officiating well, call the heat a biggest flopping team, because heat will win this series in an easy way, blame the refs also if you lose. ’cause i know that it’s all you can do, stupid coach.

    • KNIX4EVAH says:

      Wake up Heat fan, he is not stupid, he is tactful. Why not try to get into your opponents head like he got into yours. You’ll be alright, don’t worry. You may want to thank the Knix for playing banged up. It may have been a different story if Knix played healthy. You have no bench again. The big 2 and a HAF will have to play their rears off to defeat a complete team like the Pacers. Maybe the 2 n a HAF will restructure their contracts to attract Superboy (Dwigt, “Howard, the DUCK”) . Yea, Shaq was the first self proclaimed “Superman” in the NBA. Money can,t guarantee rings. If that was the case, The Yanks would have a lot more than 27 rings. No, Miami Warmth fan, if the 2 1/2 do win, it will not be easy. “Pot calling the Kettle black”?

  41. kenneth says:

    what if u will be the ref of the heat-pacers series? so that u can call correct calls

  42. ram says:

    its a clear shooting on the ref’s ability to make calls. It’s always been a different angle from TV than the ref’s vision so flopping for us maybe a good call for them.

  43. x-writer says:

    fine too see,that not only me see that flopping from the heats. and that flopping is not normal, just for laughing… i hope the ref will do a better job than usually

  44. Lorena says:

    Frank should be glad that they advance to the next round. Dwight Howard gave them a break. But trust me, he’s gonna wish he never opened his mouth when he start to feel the heat come Sunday.

    • KNIX4EVAH says:

      The Heat should first of all thank Knix for playing banged up. it may or may not have been a different ending if NY’s squad played healthy. Their injuries depleted the bench taht was doing very well. With Miami, after the big 2 and a HAF, your bench is fair. MIind you, when Dwight was playing, the Magic was not fairing so well either. You need to watch out for the Pacers. They have the ability to compete at every position, they will wear you down, there bench is stronger than the “Warmth”, I mean Heat. Now, Vogel is getting in South Beach’s heads. It is up to the Commissioner to control the “Flopping” epidemic, if the Refs won’t.

  45. jack says:

    all of the haters like vogel will be a loser,..and all of u who thinks some of the miami officials pay some refs?..stupid thinking if this is true then, stupid are the officials and nba organizers then??..i bet this is the only way vogel thinks he can catch some attention against the heat,…well play your best shot frank vogel, your stuff not your mouth,…

  46. paul john says:

    all are speculations… shut up guys… all of you are just so insecure how great the miami team is… well, we do all have crab mentalities…

  47. Cain Marko says:

    those who made negative comments against the Heat obvously favors other teams.

  48. jipz says:

    Yow! another lame excuse… just play the game bro!

  49. Fat Bogdan says:

    Guy’s, teams win championships, individuals win games. Remember Celtics 2008, remember lakers 2009, 2010. I still say, as i did last year, Miami will not win the championship

  50. Ryan says:

    Really? Vogel? the heat is getting the HARD fouls everytime they drive, especiallly Lebron.. no need to flop there..

    • Brain32 says:

      No wonder LeBron is getting hard fouled when driving, I’d hit him hard too as he gets “and one” nearly every single time somebody is on the same halfcourt as him when he is driving to the basket, well if he is going to get additional FT every freakin time then I’d rather make sure he atleast does not get the 2-pointer…

      As for Blake you all cried a river when he dunked on Pau but when players do UFC moves on him it’s normal yeah right, I will not comment on the Celtics or Spurs as I can’t be objective in their case….

  51. Jintan says:

    Intesting, since is pretty much true. (I don’t hate the heat, neither Lebron)

    However for the coach to say this means that the players are as ready as brave when he said that. Plus Heat are an elite and pretty strong team but when it comes to a “battle” at the stakes they don’t “grow” as much.

  52. Ariel says:

    lol what is Vogel thinking? actually his strategies are flops… Actually Pacers won’t get to 2nd round if Dwight Howard is playing

  53. john says:

    man up and lets play ball!

  54. RDT says:

    indiana’s coach have big head already after beating HOWARD-less magic! too confident!

  55. yaug_03 says:

    Are Vogel and Mayweather related?Pacers died when Miller retired. Go play some playoff basketball.

  56. dexter says:

    i fully understand what other fan will say against the heat team because they are not a heat fan but if you really look what lebron and the heat did inside the court its amazing specially coach spo i love him very much what hes doing with the team…i like his coaching job.

  57. dattebayo says:

    I love watching competitive basketball and I have seen every Heat game this season and every Timberwolve Game simply because of Miami’s Defense and the Timberwolves Hustle (K-Love is a monster). I think Wade and James sometimes get the foul going to the basket with little contact or simply because they act like they got hit, Wade can do this really well. Yet overall I have not seen the Heat flopping, meaning several flops in every game to gain a major advantage in foul calls. Yes there are some flops but the worst I have seen so far are flops from Vlade Divac, Robert Horry, Reggie Evans and Manu Ginobili. I still see Pau Gasol getting away with travels longer than 3 feet and Kobe getting more foul calls in comparison to Wade and James.

    Andre Miller didn’t even touch Kobe in Game 5 on that transition drive and Kobe jumped a little weird, faked contact and got to the line. Many people say that’s a smart play, I guess some would disagree. That pick from Chandler on Lebron James was a clear foul to me but not a flagrant. You can set a pick, but you can’t move on it or put your shoulder into it. Chandler put his whole weight behind that pick and even lowered his shoulder into it. I think Lebron acted too much afterwards but that pick must have hurt really bad and you can see Lebrons head snapping during the pick.

  58. Jason says:

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. Pacers are just scared they’re gonna lose. And fyi, they are NOT the biggest flopping team in the NBA. It’s the Clippers. The calls are made by the refs. Why don’t people blame the refs? Oh yeah, all the hate has to go on LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. It’s the refs fault they can’t make the right calls.

  59. ryde says:

    A good defense is a good defense, being at the right position at the right time (flopping or not flopping — it’s part of the game). The referees should know that. It’s not your job to be a referee! You’re a coach.
    Vogel is just playing mind games. Watch out… might come back to hunt you. Stop being a cry baby and just do your job!

  60. RapWax says:

    I never noticed Miami flopping that much during the season, but they did quite a lot in the NY series. LBJ flopping out of bounds, Mike Miller just staring at the ref as he goes down. Not like they’re the only ones, though, a lot of the other teams are trying to win Oscars, too (down in Hollywood for ex, Flop City).

  61. Melvin says:

    It is normal to see that people tend to envy others team strength,
    then start to think a lot of idea to attack them, not using capability in winning game but words.
    If your team no have the ability to avoid foul trouble, why blame referees? Blame your team first.
    Train harder and fight for win, not blaming referees or stars players.
    Trash talk doesn’t benefits you and your team at all.
    Just play basketball game, that’s what we NBA lover want to watch.

  62. LakersRus says:

    I know everyone has the Heat picked this year! They lucked out with Rose going down for Chicago! Don’t underestimate the Indiana Pacers! They are better than you think!

  63. hoopfan says:

    Basketball is a game of 90% skill, 5% luck, and 5% acting. OF COURSE THEY”RE GUNNU FLOP!!!! THEY WANT TO WIN DON”T THEY?!?!?!?!?! All ya’ll trippin kuz they smart and want to win

  64. Steve says:

    Labron flops, Kobe flops, Pau flops, Blake flops. It’s become part of the game. The stars of the team do it in order to protect themselves from getting over hacked. I’m more upset with how biased home refs are!

  65. Aram says:

    This is sports. Leaving comments such as refs are pro heat is no good for the game. You fans should take it professionally that there are lapses in officiating unless you go ahead and play Chess.

  66. ko0kie says:

    lol this is ridiciulous.. it’s just ignorant to believe lebron james benefits from the charges and offensive fouls.. he would be unstoppable even in the halfcourt.. maybe teams can close the lanes but who really can take a hit when lebron attacks the rim at full speed not worrying about any charges?

  67. gerger says:

    I believe Pacers has the advantage on this match up. Pacers has a deeper bench and socres could come from everybody on that team.if it’s not bron, wade , and bosh, no one else could score in bunches for the Heat

  68. the Truth says:

    Every team flops a little bit here and there…but the heat flop SOOO much they change the course of the game. That’s not even basketball anymore! The majority of their points come off of flops and charity calls. Why flame coach Vogel for stating facts.
    There really should be a difference between an offensive foul and a charge. Instead of playing REAL defense players are now encouraged to just slide under the offensive player. It’s moves like this that put the game in referee’s hands rather than the two teams who are battling it out for dominance. Hence the flopping and charity calls that unfairly decide the game.

  69. gerald29 says:

    vogel,, the series havent start yet ..i know your making an excuse now ..coz the heat will ambush your team,,

  70. generaljack says:

    Miami will still win games, they have one of the best teams in the league with great players, but the flopping and acting, just takes away from the games, and their legacy as players, they can win games without flopping, there’s no need to do it. play the game proper and the fans will respect you for it

  71. Miami Heats Pat Riley says:

    Talk is cheap. Man up and play that’s all

  72. Jeff says:

    Good for Coach Vogel – in Miami on 790 the Ticket today giving more locker rooom fodder. Like the Heat need any more incentive? LeBron and DWade played “average” and the Heat took care of the Knicks, although undermanned, pretty easily. If they step up their games, and CB plays above average, look out Indiana.

    • Emcee says:

      The Pacers have 7 players that have a above average starting caliber PER statistic. That means they have 7 above- average solid starting caliber players. 7 solid vs 2 1/2 studs kinda evens things out. Oh, and they shoot better in the clutch because they share the ball. Again, don’t underestimate this team. Vogel is just planting a seed in the refs head. His team can win a fairly called game against the Heat any day. There are too many fair weather fans who don’t know this yet.

  73. As a pacer fan and being from the city i do not support what coach vogaul and what center hibbert said, bad move on the pacers part go play and let your play talk for yourself, i’am startin not to like are chance’s now,

  74. Jessie says:

    The Pacers are a joke. I feel bad for all the Heat haters out there, who claim that the Heat flop. Heat haters want the Heat to lose, not the opposing team to win. Well sorry kids, Heat are winning it all this year whether you like it or not.

    • Emcee says:

      Hey the Heat are good and get a ton of love because they are true contenders. You sound like a Pacer hater an call them a joke because their coach told the truth. It is true that people become sore whenever criticisms are accurate. Right?

  75. JTastick says:

    Lol I have to admit Vogel has balls to make that statement, unfortunately now he’ll have to live with the consequences. Heat gonna make it a sweep. Actually, the Pacers are a good team so in 5.

  76. heat k knicks up says:

    heat are just floppers they make the game so fuking boring.When i saw my knicks go against i couldnt watch the whole game and series except game 4.lebron is a big bum d wade to and bosh to heat team k the coach k playing dirty.they always want a foul.and a foul is called on them they get pissed off when its their first foul.i got a feeling pat riley pays refs to call a fouls anybody on the heat team goes in the paint.How in game 1 knicks vs. heat lebron pushed j.r. and he fell they called the foul on j.r. smith

    • come on, you are just a hater says:

      …”miami is boring to watch”… ?? man, what kind of basketball to you like, because it is not the NBA. please do us a favor and go watch the euro league. no disrespect but maybe you will find more excited.

    • Sick says:

      coz Knicks is joke!

    • Cain Marko says:

      SORE LOSER!!

  77. Denzyl says:

    This is what “FLOPPERS” do…….. what a bunch of ducks this Pacer lovers, all they do is talk smack and haven’t proved nothing yet…… this is what’s coming

  78. emankeys says:

    I’ll say that the Boston Celtics is a flopper rajon rondo always get a foul his way even though he struggles at the line. Pierce gets his way by acting on a play and so does Garnett.


    Winning a title by gaining advantage from refs aren’t a real CHAMPION ! Earn ur respect by playing REAL basketball ! Vogel made a good statement… altho he seems silly…


      My friend you are a Heat hater, and also have no knowledge about this game, that’s all.

  80. Denzyl says:

    I guess floppers win MVP trophies not one but 3 times… and by the end of the season I guess the “Floppers” will win a championship to……. bunch of reatrds talk so much and don’t know a thing about basketball… GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Baffled says:

      Chris paul should have been the MVP… he took a team that did not even make the plyoffs last year and lost Billups to the number four team in the West. Lebron just has too much talent around him to be considered MVp. The game is much easier when you have another perimeter player who command s a double team and a skilled big man who can finish in and out of the paint. Lets be honest……the NBA is trying hard to make Bron the face of the NBA.. His stats are off the charts but he is not as valuable to his team as Chris Paul or Kevin Durant.

  81. Someone says:

    Frank Vogel you don’t say?

  82. Good4Vogal says:

    Hes speaking the truth i don’t know why everyone is getting down on him… The heat are the biggest flopping team whether you like it or not.

  83. likedamaster says:

    It’s true though!!! The amount of flopping that comes from the heat is almost as upsetting as the flopping that occurs from the Clippers team.

  84. Pheazle says:

    pacers got to even get past the first round, they were lucky that they had Orlando, and lucky they didnt have dwight…

    Now hes gunna run his mouth about the heat? everyone saw what KG did last night… its not fun for a coach to watch your team get RUINED through the course of a game. Heat are taking this in 5 BECAUSE of what this guy has said

    • Emcee says:

      If Orlando had Dwight, Indiana wouldn’t have played them in the first round. They would have played the Celtics. This will not motivate the Heat to play better, they already bring it against the Pacers because NEW FLASH!!! The Pacers are pretty good. Despite how hard the Heat played the Pacers, they were lucky that Wade made that miracle shot in the fourth game to steal the fourth meeting between the two making the season series 3-1. The first two were against a Pacer team that hadn’t clicked on offense yet. Be careful not to underestimate Indiana.

      • Too many haters says:

        No one was underestimating the Pacers, especially the Heat, but man, this coach Vogel now trying to play this kind of game… he will swallow his words really hard, that was a mistake

  85. timbersteak says:

    lol cry me a river! teams try to play more physical against lebron&wade and i admit that they flop little but it’s not worse than all the dirty players (mwp, bowen, garnett) and what about PAUL PIERCE the worse queen drama in history. What about the spurs who question every call with timmy almost popping his eyes out?! lol what about kobe who always looks at the referee for a foul and screaming after each lay-up? CP3 is the best flooper in the league and it looks like he’s teaching blake some now. Stop crying and making excuses because the heat are overwhelmingly strong! all the superstars have treatment favors not only the heat you biased fans!al least i, as heat fan can recognise that…shm

    • Too many haters says:

      It is just too many haters my friend. If you watch the game you know that happens

  86. NBAfan says:

    So Vogel, trying to be fancy in front of media, huh? Dont worry, Miami will force you to swallow your sh** just like KG did. And then after the series, when asked by media to explain the humiliation and blowout, i will be there, laughing

    • Vogel playing talks game says:

      He will swallow his words and it will be very funny to see, thanks coach

  87. GE says:

    I wish someone on the KNICKS called these flopping clowns out. RESPECT to Vogel for calling these ACTORS out. And I blame the NBA for allowing this garbage play to continue!

  88. Danny says:


    Many players flop just to get the calls…

    Many fouls aren’t called, what do you call that?

    Majority calls goes to home team more often.

    Hopefully Heat destroyed the Pacers fast.

  89. Cdoso says:

    None of you watch basketball cause every team flops. Rondo and Pierce are the worst. Ginobli is known for his acting, Kobe gets every call. To say that the heat are the worst floppers is just ignorance. And lebron and wade get every call cause they are superstars. Just like the Jordan Rules of the late 80’s and 90’s. Stop making excuses. just take the beating like a man and shut up about the refs.

    • Jordan Rules has nothing to do with it says:

      Agree with you that every team flops, all these talk is just hating on the Heat. But the Jordan Rules has nothing to do with this subject. The Jordan Rules were a defensive strategy employed by the Detroit Pistons against Michael Jordan in order to limit his effectiveness on offense. The Pistons’ strategy was “to play him tough, to physically challenge him and to vary its defenses so as to try to throw him off balance.

  90. Dew says:

    The flopping in the NBA is getting rediculous. Dirk, Griffin, Chris Paul, the Heat all are bad and terrible actors. Shame people have to sell fouls to win ball games these days. The integrity of the game is getting ridiculous. I saw the Clips flopping every time down the floor in their last ball game to get foul calls. Why does Griffin even try to flop…he is a terribad free throw shooter. As for the Heat. They have got to be the worse. I can not see how anyone is a fan of that flopping team who spends most of the time on the floor rather than entertaining their fans with the right way to play basketball. My only guess is due to them not being ”GOOD” enough to beat anyone without the flop. I’m glad I am a Spurs fan where they don’t flop. Only Manu might be guilty of it now and again, but I honestly haven’t seen him flop all year. They haven’t needed to. Manu on the pick and roll with Tiago has been killing people. Hell, Tiago is just killing people and no one has really had an answer for that man yet. Just beating up teams with raw skill and surgically (thank you Kenny Smith for that one) outplaying anyone who comes up against them. Got to be the greatest group of guys on the hardwood right now and are amazing to watch. Can not wait for the Spurs to dominate the Las Angelas Floppers (Clips) next round and beat the Miami Flop in the finals.

  91. Heat Championship says:

    lol u mad? Heat got this in the bag. To all the people who clearly don’t watch the heat games, they are typically playing against the refs as we are usually on the short end of the stick as far as getting the fouls we want. We simply outplay most teams with simple athleticism and it pisses off all you little crybabies… imagine if we actually had a center, or a good coach, or a real playbook? Jordan should be thankful because if we had these things, the heat would have more hardware than him


    • Baffled says:

      I am a bit baffled. Do you understand the current depth of the Miami heat roster. You have Haslem , Mike Miller (Rookie of the year)and Battier( National Champion at Duke) coming off the bench. These three players can start on most teams in the NBA. This is what I don’t get with heat fans. Most of you were not fans when the heat played in the old Miami arena ( Glen Rice, Roney Sikely, Harold Minor) . I live down here in Miami and there was no talk about the heat until Shaq joined forces with wade. That provided the the first wave of bandwaggoniers. Then when prince James admitted he is not man enough to win a title the way Jordan ( greatest to ever play the game ) did it I saw the second wave of band wagon fans. Comments about needing a better center or point guard are ridiculous. The all star game is played in Feburary not June. The heat already have three players who at one point led their teams on deep playoff runs ( well, mybe not Bosh). MIAMI…you have a talented team………….show some heart and some ….stop the flopping. Even if they win seven rings together ,none of these guys should even be in the same paragraph as Jordan.

  92. Boo Yah says:

    I agree with you CAB

  93. Boo Yah says:

    Compared to the Heat, the Pacers are like Bobcats. They are gonna get crushed. They stand no chance in winning the conference semi finals. And even if it is a close game, the Pacers don’t have a reliable fininsher. The Heat have two finishers. And if you think that the refs support Heat more, that’s not true. They are just doing their job. I bet Indiana won’t even be able to win two games out of the series.

  94. S27M says:

    no doubt they flop BUT why fuel the fire?

    Indy your not gonna win and I am confident on that at most youll get two gmaes in this series.

    Lebron will avg 30 in this sereis and wade 25

  95. Brain32 says:

    Well he didn’t say anything wrong, however I wouldn’t blame the players for it, if it works it’s a legitimate move it’s not up to them to regulate that. Remember the Hack-A-Shaq tactics? It sure worked but I never blamed Pop or the Spurs for it…

  96. VOGEL AN IDIOT says:

    This is soo childish …If PACERS have the capability to win,they will win …He(Vogel) is trying to play psychic games with the HEAT…I wish HEAT should crush them so badly .

  97. steve305 says:

    well he kinda has a point but look Vogel you better put your basket ball where your mouth is ur team doesnt have a big chance in winning this series plus u talk like ur guys can stop wade and lebron first u talk about their fast breaks where in the league teams barely could stop i doubt ur team could stop them 2. well its gonna be a good series but now u jus got lebron and wade and the heat mad I wont be suprised if ur team gets swept im just gonna laugh my a** off

  98. YuhMudda says:

    Heat win in 5… so this coach needs to shut up!

  99. Janet says:

    This comment if for David. You talk about Heat Fans not knowing English. Let me be nice and fix a few of your own.

    1. thats = that is or that’s
    2. they all are = they are all
    3. horrid = ????
    4. english = English with capital
    5. there = their…… there refers to place. their refers to ownership
    6. i = I ..always in capital letter
    7. there again
    8. the heat = the Heat…once again, name

    Go back to school and yes, I’M OR I AM HISPANIC AND A HEAT FAN.

  100. the heat should sweep them thanks to coach vogal

  101. Don says:

    Stop it. To claim that the Heat win bcuz refs is lunacy. They win games bcuz of the fact that they have 2 of the league’s top 3 players on their squad; not to mention a top 10 power-foward. Yeah they play great swarming defense, and have one of the most efficient offenses in the league; but at the end of the day, they’re just more talented than everyone else. That’s why they drew so much ire from the basketball world when they 1st decided to create this “Avengers” squad. And last yr’s experience on how to gel and play team ball only helps them. Heat over Pacers in 5.

  102. Derrick Withering Rose says:

    That’s what happens when you play basketball in the middle of crop circles, you start talking smack way too soon….

  103. bob says:

    I dont get it. whats wrong with flopping? its crafty and gets the call and ultimately helps you win.
    do what it takes to win. european soccer players do it all the time

  104. Galul says:

    What a stupid comment Vogul! It is as if a game is won by flops! Flops can happen (and please don’t be a hypocrite and say your players don’t flop at all!!) and if it does happen, what you’re insinuating is your beloved Pacers are doomed?? boo hoo!

    I thought coaches were smart…and this comment came after the Heat gave you much praise during their interview of facing of the Pacers! tsk tsk If you can win with flops then you don’t need the likes of Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Durant, Garnett, Pierce, Duncan, Parker…oh sorry, I forgot that Pacers doesn’t have any star..hmm I guess desperate time calls for desperate measure Mr. Vogul

  105. nbafan says:

    entertaining* =)

  106. nbafan says:

    HAHAHAHAHA this is so intertaing this stuff on here. So many ignorant people lol.. Keyboard warriors pathetic really.

  107. Chicago Bull**** says:

    Let the Pacers excuse machine get turned on, again!!!!!

  108. Fat Bogdan says:

    Personally I think that Miami players are good. Not great, not at all best trio in the Nba. Not at all a great team, they had losses to lesser teams, besides the fact that they lost to the Celtics. Anyway, yes this is playoff basketball, but i think that Indiana will be a challenge(give some credit to Bird) and Philly is in trouble. Go Garnett & Co

  109. Shodan says:

    Wow pretty foolish from Vogel, words will just fire the Heat up even more, well wouldn’t be surprised if pacers get swept now.

  110. PWB says:

    Vogel’s already making excuses before they lose

  111. StopHatingOnTheHeat says:

    It’s hilarious how many people hate on the heat. Fun fact that all teams flop. I guarantee that you can take ANY NBA all-star and make a youtube video of them flopping. The Heat get called for just as many offensive fouls throughout the course of the season as they draw. The Pacers have no room to talk about floppy when they have the all time great (Reggie Miller). Vogel Shut up and let your teams play do the talking. I think the Pacers are a legit team but the Heat are simply to great for them. Heat in under 6.

  112. WHAT A JOKE says:

    Damn Vogel dig his own grave,i cant believe he did that to his team,now the pacers are gunna get swept hard,i guess he really likes fishing

  113. miam fans we are haters alright but please explain these says:

    videos don’t lie <—— look at how he acted after the initial hit. he act like he got shot by missile, if it was real hit there is no way his reaction would be waving hands and acting so off balance, he is trying so hard to fell and his face tell it all. check at 1;45 what is that? new break dance move and drop it like it's hot (or heat)? <—– was it Haywood or invisible cowboys linebacker hit him? cuz obviously the air can't push a guy his size to fly away at least 15 feet. <—- the co star is cute flopper too. watch out wade is here! even no one is around the invisible man can still throw him 4 feet in the air. dangerous stuffs!

    those were only in playoffs i am not even putting on the season games. NBA should make new program for miami "flopping with the stars".

    refs better start giving technical on floppers cuz they are destroying the game.

    • Sebastian says:

      miami heat fans owe no explanation to anyone! Flopping is a technique, either you get a favorable call or you sacrifice your defense.. It’s part of the game..If you dont like it you better watch a chess game and stop making senseless excuses!

      • Sykes says:

        Are you serious? flopping is not a technique. Its a shameless act done by the players to draw fouls. Players like LeFlop can win games without flopping but unfortunately that doesn’t seem the case here. We can all be fans to a team we like but at least admit the mistakes our favorite teams are making. I’m a Clippers fan and I fully agree with everyone that says that Griffin flops alot.

  114. jimbo999 says:

    Let’s see how floppy your face is Vogel after the Heat is done with your darling Pacers! Don’t be like Jeff Van Gundy now and try to grab some Heat’s leg during scrimmage

  115. Riddlecule says:

    Hollywood teams are in LA already (Clips and Lakers). Heat i a good shot blocking team at every position except point and they mix it up by drawing a few fouls. Why are the pacers crying already, the game hasn’t even begun.

  116. Mitchell says:

    Really? You can’t count on a ref to help you win a game, it has to be done on your own skill. Control what you can, forget about what you can’t. Plus refs don’t call most things, the NBA has gotten weaker because of the hand check rule. So yeah it might seem like they’re flopping but if you can use it to your advantage then go ahead. A good team not only knows their strengths but also utilizes them.

  117. Mike says:

    If Vogel is true then it make the refs the bad guy if they can(or intend) to officiate or favor whoever they like. I think Vogel is speaking the truth because I saw many games where it’s so obvious. Nobody is perfect but one call after another make you curious…..

  118. Zip says:

    I thought Vogel was the Coach of the Year, but this was a MISTAKE. This kind of shenanigan never works out. It doesn’t matter what team it is or even if it’s true. Now his team is going to pay the price. At least if he already had his foot in his mouth nobody could have heard this. Too late now 🙂

  119. Xaled says:

    Vogel still suffers from this

  120. Sebastian says:

    Well, at least Pacers already have their excuse once they’re gone fishing!!

  121. Cab says:

    U Mad, Vogel?
    I hope your team gets swept now.

  122. They need to listen to what Jeff Van Gundy said and start reviewing these flop calls and start fining and suspending players for doing it. It’s really pathetic when your teams superstars are the ones doing it. Play the game fellas.

  123. Carlos Loser says:

    Thank You, Mr. Vogul! I thought I was the only one, other than the outspoken Mr. Noah, of course, that noticed the Miami heat are Oscar contenders every year.

  124. Tan says:

    No, Vogel did not lob the first stone. How about Spolestra’s cage match comment, hmmm?

    • minitiative says:

      The cage match comment was a compliment, not even remotely close to an insult. Context, my friend. Calling a physical team physical is exactly what they want to hear. Calling a team a bunch of floppers is a direct insult that will only serve to anger the Heat, so while Vogel may have put an onus on the refs to call the game better, he’s now put a lot of pressure on his Pacers to win game 1. On the topic of flopping, sure, every team flops. Same in the NFL, same in soccer, not so much in hockey, but still.

  125. daniel.b says:

    I AGREE 100%……………..

  126. fanofafan says:

    the biggest flopping team is the CLIPPERS, then the heat, then OKC

  127. david says:

    vogel is just speaking the truth heat are best at flopping like that screen tyson did to lebron james it was not even a hard one and james make a big deal out of it and tyson gets called a foul on it but when lebron james did the same thing to john lucas no call was made these nba refs are awful this season and playoffs they want heat to win it all just like there overrated fans and espn and NBA it self shame

  128. Quinton says:

    So many people are hating the heats because they are become an elite aggresive team. Its the PLAYOFFS!!!! It will it aggressive! I been watching all the series! These team are playing aggressive alot. So stop crying about the dam pacers and be ready to see your team get blow out! Lets go HEATS!!!

    • justplayball says:

      ….you can’t speak or type english….. and the “heats” sold-out to bronbron….. and they anything but ‘elite’…….. an elite team with 3 multi-millionaires doesn’t LOOSE to the Mavs after being up in the series……just live with it , OK??

      • someone can't move on says:

        im a heat and i can admit that i knew they weren’t gonna win last year but its called moving on. see you cant admit that you love heat and you want bron bron in your city =p

      • Sick says:

        its because the Pacers doesn’t have a championship…. LOL

  129. Stats Speak Louder says:

    You are actually taught to fall back on your heels just before impact when expecting a charge so I’m not really sure about his point there, Shane Battier alone skews this stat for any team because he is so great at it anticipating charges.

    • justplayball says:

      ….hey, ssl you mean….he is so great at ‘flopping’ , right……. He is well know in this league and Memphis was crazy to let this foul shot magnet go…..!!!

  130. Vogel is a chihuahua all that barking but no bitting says:

    of course every team will speak highly of their own team when it comes to winning that ring. Once you start throwing comments like that around before their match shows how scared vogel really is of the heat. he is trying to put media pressure on the heat which causes the fake nba fans to raise expectations of the heat and also trying to shift pressure off himself to the heat since he knows The heat will do some damage to his game no matter what low blow comments are said.

  131. Sameer says:

    i don’t remember the last time Wade drew a charge. Joel Anthony probably doesn’t know what Charge means. Lebron drew some charge fouls in the first game of NY series and that was it. Shane is the only player who is good at drawing charges.

  132. Nexus says:

    What a stupid thing to say publicly as if you didn’t have enough to deal with with the big three.

  133. Sameer says:

    I don’t remember the last time Wade drew a charge.

  134. Franco says:

    It will be war.

  135. QUEEN LEBRON says:

    that’s true expect refs to give special calls for Wade and Lebron.

  136. prix says:

    Heat got legendary floppers
    do you all remember last season D wade floop, “ohh my eyes!!!”
    Chris Bosh flop on boozer (that’s funniest flop ever)
    then we got are our best actor winner in james. flop on dallas, act like a line backer hit him. went through like 10 feet
    then the oscar winning moment flop on d.rose. ” ohhh d rose scratch my face!” then a wink followed after the foul call
    and more flops are coming this year too, all in youtube video don’t lie.

    seriously NBA refs got to stop protecting their precious actresses. even FIFA (one of most corrupted sport organizations) got rules about giving yellow and red cards to divers and floppers.

    NBA should give technicals on those floppers

  137. jjdubs22 says:

    Flopping has become part of the Game. every NBA team does it. The heat have perfected it. If the calls were not being made then the heat wouldn’t do it. props to the heat for keeping up with the times. blame the refs not the players.

    • Los says:

      he is. it’s directed at the refs and their officiating of heat games as of late.

    • justplayball says:

      …..players are taught to play ball ….. the officials should just call ALL fouls equal…. that is what they are there for, right??….. So if they don’t, players should learn to use this against opponents….. what integrity!!

  138. dmontani says:

    lebron is a disgrace to the league, dude needs an emmy the way he flops. such an actor. love the guy that compared the heat to a younger celtics, the (slightly) younger celtics have rings though. celtics/OKC finals all day

  139. Jeff says:

    Miami will bring the Heat, what are the pacers gonna bring?? Lets go Heat. You have fans in the UK as well. Lets go King James.

    • justplayball says:

      …..the Pacers will bring what’s called “Team basketball”…. a concept that ‘some’ ballclubs have NO CLUE about. Happy losing Miami…. one on one basketball will NOT win this series!!!

  140. LazyBalls says:

    Oh stop the whining you buncha pansies! It’s not the “flopping” that’ll kick your @$$, it’ll be the ultra-superior talent.

  141. Just a nba fan says:

    I totally agree with Vogel. Miami Heat are a flopping team. The refs practically handed the game to the Heat game1 against the Knicks. Even thought the Knicks played horrible, It was totally unnecessary of LeBron flopping that game. I’m not even a Knicks fan. I think their strategy is to just get people in foul trouble and get to the free throw line as much as possible. Like Van Gundy said, flopping ruins the games. Miami Heat already have haters. Imagine how much hate they will get if they “flop their way to the Finals.” -NBA fan

  142. Roger Yeardley says:

    I thought for a moment this column was going to take on LeBron James’ fakery as at least part of it, but of course discussing the NBA stars’ cheating is off limits on the official NBA site. In the final game against NY, I turned off the game after a NY player took a swipe at the ball on one of James’ drives to the basket and missed completely, and James put his hands to his face like his eyes had been gouged out and the announcers dutifully lamented this kind of dangerous foul even as the slow motion replay showed James had not been touched. I recalled another playoff series.. was it last year against the Bulls?, when did a similar thing in the backcourt and then was laughing and joking after he got the call. That one at least the announcers discussed, and showed the slow motion replay and then James instantly changing from ‘man-in-pain’ to yucking it up a moment after he got the foul call. I think he learned just not to laugh about it and he can get away with this kind of fakery when he wants to and even the announcers won’t call him on it. Sometimes the NBA is more like a joke than a real sport. Things like this and the special ‘Shaq rules’, where he could knock someone over and it was a foul on them, show that first the NBA is a business and secondly a sport. There is money in the big stars scoring a lot of points and winning games, and little things like consistent application of a set of rules can’t get in the way of that.

    • justplayball says:

      …….man o man……. couldn’t have said it better….or in fewer words….. GREAT POST , Roger the nba sux like this…… wish it could, like you said, could be played with ‘a consistent application of a set of RULES’ !!! Wish Pacers would win so we can have some GOOD playoff basketball instead of ”…Stargazing”…..of course we would have to have the fakers and the SELLtics out for that to happen!!! just sayin’….

  143. BFoulds says:

    Vogel is right. Can’t hate on that.

  144. J says:


  145. wasd says:

    Wrong move Vogel! this will just let a fire in the likes of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James who when given(which now you did) will take that to heart and pound you good…maan c’mon…

  146. Kwiss says:

    Hey Vogel … congratulations for reaching the semis. If a veteran player like Garnett lands 28pts/14rbs after an opposite team manager’s rant, imagine what LBJ and D-Wade are gonna drop after that one. C you on Sunday!

    • dmontani says:

      lebron doesnt have the drive to do what KG did and never will

    • justplayball says:

      ……why do they need ANY incentive……. isn’t a gazillion $$$$$$$ enough incentive…….. No….. the money came toooooooo easily!! Now they(millionaires) are all jaded…. and in need of incentive from a coach of another team!!…… This is just infantile….. what a bunch of spoiled babies… (hence my moniker)—–JUST PLAY BALL—– !!!!!

  147. Christian M says:

    I think he has a point. Its not so much Wade as it is LBJ, as we’ve seen him hit the deck easily, even against players half his size. He’s certainly no Gallinari when it comes to flopping, but I think in general we need to go back to the 70’s and 80’s playoff ball, where whistles were rare and players won games by outplaying each other, not ability to “draw” fouls. Its just interesting to see such a large physical specimen spend so much voluntary time on the floor. You’d think he would be putting players on the floor, not vice versa.

    I just hope touchy fouls, on both sides, are a non-issue through the rest of the playoffs. I think Stern needs to take a look at his officiating practices, and start letting some of that stuff go, its just a headache. And when one team is in the bonus by the second quarter, and the other team maybe has 3 fouls called, maybe we should quit lauding the team for playing “aggressive” basketball, and tell the refs to call the game both ways. If the game was called fairly without treatment, there would be a lot less whining by players, coaches, and myself.

  148. Jan says:

    And he is so right… Always said that, the thing that annoys me the most about LeFlop James are his “acting skills”. He has the ideal body and talent, but I would sacrifice a herd of goats so he never wins a ring. He just doesn’t have the heart of a MJ. Kobe, etc.

    Just my 2cp..

    • justplayball says:

      …..ALLLLLLLLL of this cr*p was started when the league decided to ride mj for a decade…… couldn’t get NEAR him without a ‘foul’ called against the defender and he can and DID push off -(or chicken winged around a defender) whenever he wished and it was NEVER called …..just look at the “GREAT PLAY” (so-called) when he made the last shot against the Jazz in a game 6 win, I believe….. it is just an absurd joke. Now it happens all of time with the nba’s ‘chosen darlings’ …….really just predicable ..AND boring…..AND lame…..just like watching the ‘greatest’ player ever before and after his “baseball” vacation!!!!

  149. Iestyn Davis says:

    I’m a big fan of soccer and diving (flopping) there is rampant, it takes away from the game. I hate it. I don’t like that its starting to come into basketball as well. These guys should go watch a Rugby or American Football game, that should make them think twice before flopping…

  150. jim says:

    Leaving aside the incentive effects…is he right? Sure looked like it in round 1.

  151. A Mills says:

    How can he say this when Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are on the same team?

  152. jj says:

    this is news how?

    This is video proof. And this is just on the NBA Finals.

    • What? says:

      The three point attempt by Wade at the 1:10 mark is hilarious! These guys are talented, but they try to take the cheap way to a win. Trying to foul out your opponent via theatrics is just weak. It used to be players wanted to go through their opponent for the win, not around them.

      • justplayball says:

        ……NO KIDDING !!!!! Refs should NEVER reward the shooter unless he WAS in the act when fouled…… I hate that cr*p so much…. it makes it ….like you said …..more about theatrics than the incredible Skill these most athletic humans have !!!

  153. Jon says:

    Vogel… why can’t you keep your fool mouth shut! What good will awakening the beast do??? Not helping man, not helping…

    • justplayball says:

      …..awakening what “Beast”???……. Do you mean the beasts can be asleep and beat the k-nicks????…..Why do “pros'( I use the term loosely) need to “awakened” ????? just askin’

  154. charles says:

    Good job Vogel. It shows that the man intends to win rather than just play the heat.

  155. Just saying says:

    its true..the Heat are a bunch of floppers and its a shame to see the refs calling those weak a$$ plays…shame on them.

  156. kILLarifIC says:

    Its truely sad that the Indiana Pacers are deciding to go this route instead of just playing playoff basketball. I believe this says that theyre own coach fears the Heat. I personally think that the Pacers have a damn good team and have alot of advantages and mismatches going into this serie., But instead of pumping your team up and getting them ready to play against LBJ and Wade , hes speaking to the referees about how to call charges which are legal in the nba last time i checked. Im not a fan of the charge in alot of cases but until the NBA decides to make those changes its fairly legal and you gotta Iive with it. The Pacers need to be focusing on their mismatches which are Roy Hibbert, David West, and their 2 point guards (Hill,Collison). Great coaches dont worry about things like that, they get their guys focused , put together a great gameplan, and put their team in a good situation to execute that gameplan. Don’t put the game in the refs hands. If so your already telling your players that yall arent good enough to compete with them.

  157. Indiana says:

    Lol seriously? Frank Vogel should be focused on winning this series and not saying this BS of flopping, the pacers could flop
    as well then

    • justplayball says:

      …He was just getting the TRUTH out into the open BEFORE it happens so heatfanand media types(read TNT announcers??) can’t say it is just ‘sour grapes’ when it DOES happen!!!…… I think it was a VERY SMART move….. Go Frank….. Go Pacers!!!

  158. ethan says:

    Thank you Frank Vogel. not big on the talking smack against the heat but he does speak the truth. Wade, James, Bosh, Battier, Miller they all flop. you touch these guys and they fly across the court like you talked them. its pathetic. and James is the MVP?! please get some real refs out there and call fouls when they are there, not just on a hunch

  159. Goinz says:

    Well, he´s right…

  160. Michael says:

    Vogel is wrong, this award goes to the Clippers.

    But in all honesty, the Heat and Clippers have to be the two biggest flopping teams in the league. Disgrace to the game, especially when you have athletic hulks like Blake and Lebron partaking in most of the flopping mastery.

    • justplayball says:

      …..Exactly!!!!!….. How hard do you have to hit/run into a ‘hulk’ like that to make them ‘fly’ to the hardwood???? NOT VERY HARD !! is the answer!!!

      • Sick says:

        it’s because they have the skills to do that….
        while your team doesn’t know how to do it moron… LOL

  161. nbapacersfan says:

    The Indiana Pacers are taking their talents to South Beach !

  162. rvel06 says:

    i’ll bet you will not post my

  163. Showbaba says:

    Vogel should think about Garnett how he responded to the Hawks owner before he made the statement.

    • justplayball says:

      … in the ‘middle’….. c’mon…this is the nba, man…… it is a “showtime/entertainment” league obsessed with ratings and the $$$$$$ that come with it …. it has been this way since the coronation of bird/majik as the face/saviour of the league!!!!

  164. rvel06 says:

    oh com’n sekou..youre obviously a big miami heat fan..
    media should be always in the middle right?just askin.

  165. Showbaba says:

    Vogel doesn’t have a clue of what damage he has done to Pacers with that statement. He will hear it loud when the series start on Sunday.

  166. Gustavo says:

    Vogel just made the Pacers get swept. Heat in 4 now for sure. Remember how LeBron and Dwayde get when their upset and play good basketball??? Should not have done that Vogel, tsk tsk.

    • Yep says:

      Yeah, they get beaten in six, by an old Mavs team…real impressive work there.

      • KnickFan says:

        Did You see nowitzki hit an impossible jumper that time? Did you see chandler anchoring the middle for the dallas that time. Man, it’s a bad matchup for the heat. Accept it.

      • steagl3 says:

        hahahahaahahahahaha so true

    • justplayball says:

      … mean your stooopidstars need to be made angrwy and mad to play good ball……. they just probably tired of counting…….$$$$$$

  167. txemacasanueva says:

    Right on coach! It’s a disgrace to the game the way Leflop James is treated by the officials with the travelling and the charges. On top of that, I think wade is one of the dirtiest players on the league.

    • Quinton says:

      If the pacers do not want to get dunk on they can just move out the way.

    • justplayball says:

      ……ditto about bronbron and double DITTO about noD-wade !!!

    • steagl3 says:

      Wade is absolutely one of the dirtiest players in the league, just look at his blatant takedown of Rondo last year, the Heat had a very good chance of losing that series if Rondo hadn’t been mangled by Mr. Wade County. It’s going to be a different story this year.

  168. Rams says:

    Coach Vogel is Honest. . Flop City Miami.
    he strike 1st to the refs, before they can damage the series. .

  169. CarlosKing says:

    The Pacers gonna Flop Next Round.

  170. eo says:

    very true frank could not believe what i was seeing against the knicks, cmon miami play like men.

  171. Dan'o says:

    About time somebody said it publicly!

  172. Johnson says:

    This is true.

  173. akosibonik says:

    what’s with vogel? tryin’ to psych up the refs? don’t think so. he’s just getting the heat angry, and you don’t like our heat when it’s angry, shutup vogel!

  174. He is right says:

    I’d say he’s totally right, watched the beggining of the last game against the Knicks, James getting fouls each time he’s driving to the basket or dribbling into the defenders. I can’t see how you’re supposed to defend is the guy runs into and you take a foul each time. But I guess NBA wants him to be the so called “king” so refs are nicer with him.

    • Quinton says:

      Do you even watch any basketball? If theres a player that always get calls for him its kobe bryant and the rest of nba crybabies.

      • Los says:

        C’mon man!!! Are you that biased? You don’t have to be a heat hater to see that lebron flopped his way through the first series. That bs foul against JR smith or the “whiplash” he got from that chandler pick? Those are just a few that come to mind. Granted they would have won without all those calls, but you can’t deny they did a considerable amount of flopping. Not sure if that makes you the worst flopping team in the league but you can’t completely negate it

      • Haha says:

        Los did you even watch the play where Chandler set the pick for James? He straight up knocked him down. If you think that was a flop, then you may be better suited to watch rugby. Or you may very well just be biased and blind.

      • typpercat says:

        Did you see his flagrant last night! Kobe only got a Flagrant 1. Oh well. Flagrant 2 means immediate ejection and possible game suspension. The LOS know how to act!

    • justplayball says:

      ….you are BOTH right…….. that is why many sports fans ignore the nba because of nonsense rules like the charging/blocking joke. I agree, it is soooooooooo tiring watching so-called superstars run/dribble into an opponent and get a foul called on said opponent. If they called it right, though, then all of the “FANS” (those humans in the arena seats that come to see so-called “superstars) would be deprived of watching said sstar because they would foul-out like any other player who is not coddled because they are not used by the league to promote their “PRODUCT” !!! when the coddling is at a minimum the real TEAM wins…… end of story!!

    • Kel says:

      LeBron and Griffin both get bogus calls.

  175. Howard says:

    Vogel – play the game, not your tongue please.

  176. Rodrigo says:

    Stupid child coach! The Miami Heat is going to crush you and your lazy team!!!! Let´s see ho´s gonna talk after the beating! Lebron James & D-Wade are going to bully you…stupid dam kid! Vogel…pffffffffff……

    • Xiresilver says:

      What team got decimated, at home, by the the Pacers, last year, under Frank Vogel, oh yeah, THE PACERS!

  177. Julian says:

    If you’re going to call out a flopping team, call out the clippers

    • Los says:

      why? they’re not playing the clippers, they’re playing the heat. Not to mention they flopped a ton (especially lebron) in the first round. Hopefully all that nonsense stays in that first series and doesn’t carry over, it really ruins the game when players start going for calls instead of buckets

      • Average Joe says:

        It’s pro basketball. Teams do everything necessary to gain an advantage over their opponents. Everyone who whines that the Heat are flopping too much need to understand that they’re doing everything they need to gain additional ball possessions and more opportunities to score. It’s just that simple. And what Vogel is doing is he’s trying to negate or reduce that advantage. It’s his prerogative and it’s not rocket science, it’s just basketball.

      • sandshrew says:

        that aint basketball… thats acting… its not on the play.. its a strategy on the refs..

  178. Jatt says:

    Yup… The Bulls dealt with this “Hollywood team” as Noah stated last year and now the Pacers will get a taste of it. Someone should really give them an Oscar for their accomplishments with the refs. Seriously. Let these men play baseketball, without turning it into an acting contest.

  179. cm says:

    oh boo hoo now the refs going to give the heat 3 or 4 offensive fouls,

  180. Alex Sauceda says:

    Mayne, da heat are gonna be world champs you can take that to da bank mayne! Pacers are a really good team but no way can they stop da heat! Dats why Vogel wanna be starting drama and makin excuses!! HEAT 2012-2022 CHAMPIONS BELIEVE DAT!!

    • BFoulds says:

      Your English is horrid. Heat can’t beat Spurs or Thunder in 7. Sorry.

      • david says:

        what do you think bfoulds thats a heat fan and they all are horrid at english just like when they never learn to stop talking about there team champs when i recall they have not won it yet i bet there were saying the same thing last year then the heat choked..

      • Sebastian says:

        Well i’m here to watch what teams could do or not do..If you want to sound like a fortune teller, youve got to be busy looking at your crystal ball and get outa here!!

      • justplayball says:

        …..ditto…..again !!

      • typpercat says:

        That is just the way one talks in Miami! English is the second language! Have you ever listened to LB, English is his second langauge too!

      • tommy medrano says:

        miami heat is the best in NBA!!!!!!!!!

      • KPS says:

        Yeh they won’t beat them in 7… they probably will beat them in 4…..

      • AKon says:

        I dont like the Miami Heat, but i have to say that all of you guys saying that lebron chokes and he cant do all that probably have no clue how hard it is to play like Lebron or even get to the NBA. and i agree that alex kid cant really spell

      • Bball fan says:

        i think heats got a better shot against the thunder rather than facing the spurs in the final. the way the spurs are playing right now is freaky scary

    • R4 says:

      Man go back to school first of all. and Secondly he just stating the obivous. James and Wade get to many calls when ever there arms starts to wave in the air. I love to see a ref that actually can call a balance again.

      • TJ says:

        How are you going to tell someone to go back to school and then write what you did? Geez, at least spell-check or ask someone to proof it for you before you call someone else out.

        Bottom line, there are many players who flop, that’s just the nature of the game now. What I take issue with is the inconsistency in the calls. If you make a charge call on one end, then call the other. If you call hand check or pushing on one, call it on the other. As players you adjust when you get good, consistent officating. But, when refs apply different standards, that’s when I get really frustrated!

  181. newyorksteelo says:

    If I am not mistaken, a team member of the Indiana Pacers also took a shot at the Knicks during the regular season claiming that the 2 back to back games against them were easy wins. Guess what, the Knicks beat them on both games and by blowouts. Watch out Indiana. It’s going to get interesting.

  182. RR says:

    The Pacers will have to deal with the Refs. as well, it appears the Refs are working for the Miami Heat giving them favorable calls over and over. The Pacers are in a tuff situation.

    • Harley K says:

      i know but most our on the offensive side when they drive even if they get blocked they will probably get the call. Indiana has a decent chance i think they can get a couple of wins but the refs will bail out the heat…..they always do

    • Quinton says:

      Thats a hard claim

    • justplayball says:

      ……wow ….IT IS that obvious, isn’t it ?? bronbron has been the nba’s “darling” ever since he got into form HS via Cleveland, and the “league” is tired of waiting on him to “A**ume” his ‘throne’!! This is his LAST chance to “prove” he is an MVP and FINALLY be a real winner(not just at the bank) … expect alot of bad calls, especially with the charging/blocking joke of a rule………it is more like referee’s choice….ie. a judgement call…..and it needs to be enforced always and EVENLY no matter WHO is the ball handler OR the defender!!

      • mikonja says:

        so true :))

      • Bball fan says:

        that was not the case last year in the final series against the Dallas lol.

      • steagl3 says:

        Amen… LeBron will continue to get ridiculous calls his way… like that “foul” on JR Smith when he was falling out of bounds and jumped backwards like JR ran into him. I hate floppers. D-Wade is right up there as is Ron Artest. All the shooting guards do it too – D-Rose especially – pretending like they get fouled and throwing their hands in the air any time someone’s guarding them close. I’m tired of these lame loopholes in the rules – don’t call fouls on that garbage – basketball is meant to be played with some contact! May the best man win!

      • jay says:

        looool D-rose doesnt flop man, do you see the boy get hammered every single night? Hence his multiple injuries, culminating on that torn ACL, did you not see the interview where D-rose was “tired of being on the receiving end of hard fouls,” did you not see the bulls vs pacers series last year? Hansborough, Dunleavy and Hibbert we’re hammering him every night. If you call Drose a flopper, what about Fisher? Scola? Manu? Dragic? Wade? Bosh?

    • KPS says:

      Thats why I’ve been trying to tell everyone but no one believes me! The refs are actually being paid directly by Lebron James. They have dinner every night with the Miami Heat Executives and they are always plotting how to screw the opposing team on every game they play. Finally… someoen that actually understands

      • QuestionMark says:

        Yeah like you actually saw Lebron paying the refs or the Miami executvies having dinner with the refs. Don’t make up some BS especially if you have no clue on what is going on, yes Lebron and the Heat get some calls in their favour, but so do other teams like OKC, they had alot of calls go their way against Dallas, and this is coming from an OKC fan.

      • Average Joe says:


    • R4 says:

      Man finally someone is speaking the truth. Lebron James is bigger than DE football player but falls to th floor like a WWE wrestler. I second that motion that The Heat flop alot and get help from the refs. Wink Wink.

    • gary says:

      nba playoffs are fixed.

  183. YouLoseIndiana says:

    The heat reminds me of the younger Boston Celtic how they flop like a pro

  184. Wilt the Stilt says:

    actually its the Clippers… aka the Fresno Floppers…

    • Joel says:

      Flop City LA, by far take’s the cake !
      B Griffin is a prime example why the future of the NBA look’s bad !

      • D-Rose says:

        I don’t hink the clippers flop more than other teams at all. without Lob city there would be no flop city. Griffin get fouled more than any other NBA player, without getting any calls, so he exaggerates when he is fouled sometimes. If the referees did there job he would not do it.

    • Tammy Vaughn says:

      I go with the Clippers—CP3 and Griffin

  185. Ray says:

    Wow ! Gotta love playoff basketball !