Shaqtin’ A Fool: Playoffs

While JaVale McGee may be the Shaqtin’ A Fool regular season champ, Shaq still has some playoff foolishness to call out. Take a look at the best (or worst) from the first round and then vote for this week’s Shaqtin’ A Fool winner. Vote now!


  1. ben says:

    hope spurs win championship. i live in San antonio and we been craving a championship for quite some time. GO SPURS GO GET THAT #5!!


    NBA final is in the west conference. The rest is to complete the NBA schedule. Very bad basketball in east again….

  3. I.AmBball says:

    the charlotte bobcats should sign the fat hawks fan lol!!!!!

    • Derek says:

      I get it. Because he would not be a good player, but would still start on Charlotte. Good one.

  4. dwayne says:

    shaq u r fool 4 putting up the players outfits lol

  5. KAka says:

    wanna be MJ-KOBE still thinking he is MJ… Please…. KOBE, forget about it… cant beat him… too much of a challenge for WANNA BE MJ- KObEEE lolzz

  6. KAka says:

    Hopefully San Antonio, but I also like the Thunder….

  7. KAka says:

    San Antonio or Thunder will be the champs. The HEAt will be destroyed by any of those two teams aforementioned.

  8. dattebayo says:

    People should get off of Big Baby Davis. He might look a little out of shape but he brought his best to the postseason. Yeah he got blocked a lot because he got no lift, but come on, Hibbert just has to be in the right place at the right time and put his hand up to do that. Davis still rebounded well and put points on the board and he is no Allstar compared to a certain softie playing in L.A. who recently put up a 3 point 3 rebound performance.