Kobe, Brown Call Out Bynum And Gasol

DENVER – In even tones but no uncertain terms, greatly raising the stakes without raising their voices, the coach of the Lakers and the star of the Lakers called out big men Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol after the 113-96 loss to the Nuggets on Thursday that forced a Game 7 in the first-round series.

Already facing pressure to step up their play as the Lakers’ advantage of size and inside play goes to waste, Gasol and Bynum were moved even more into the crosshairs by Mike Brown and Kobe Bryant, both clearly frustrated by Gasol managing three points on one-of-10 shooting with three rebounds and by Bynum getting 11 points on four-of-11 shooting. Bynum did have a game-high 16 rebounds, but his series has become a run of nights without focus.

“We’re going to need more out our two bigs,” Brown said as the Lakers faced the reality of going from a 2-0 series lead to a Game 7 in Los Angeles on Saturday night. “They’re our second- and third-best players. We’re going to need a lot more out of those guys in order to win the series. But not just scoring wise. Defensively. Defensively to follow the game-plan discipline and do it with some effort and some energy and really just lay it out on the line.”

Bryant followed soon after.

“Of course I agree with that,” he said of Brown’s critique. “I talked with Pau a little bit after the game and I’ll speak with Andrew as well. It’s one of those things where psychologically you have to put yourself in a predicament, in a position, where you have no other option but to perform. You have to emotionally put your back to the wall and kind of trick yourself, so to speak, to feel that there’s no other option but to perform and to battle, when you have that, when you have that mindset, your performance shines through, your talent shines through. It doesn’t matter what the defense does. It doesn’t matter because you’re emotionally at a level that is above that. That is the mindset that they have to put themselves in.”

Gasol, in typical fashion, did not sidestep the criticism.

“Obviously we both want to contribute more on both ends of the floor,” he said. “We have to be more active on the defensive end and help our guards and come up with the ball. On the offensive end, they’re doing a good job of sitting in our laps and coming and double-teaming. It hasn’t been easy to get into any kind of rhythm….”


  1. pavana takchavalit says:

    Trade Gasol and Bynum and fire Mike Brown.

  2. brian says:

    Oh ya, Spurs00, what a laugh. The Spurs players go through a vigorous screening process, that’s why they are so good? Every NBA team puts guys through a “vigorous screening process”. It’s not like the Spurs invented how to pick role players. Don’t get me wrong, they are good and have been a good franchise but let’s not kid ourselves, until Duncan showed up they were never championship material. Also, you say the Spurs goals are to win titles, as if the Lakers isn’t, I say 16 titles say different. Know what you are talking about before you start spouting off nonsense. My guess is you are young and just don’t know any different, at least I hope that is it.

  3. brian says:

    First, stop calling Lebron LBJ. His middle name is not Bron, it’s Ramone, so it’s LRJ, simple grammar. Second, @Inno, Kobe become a legend, sorry, he already is, unless 5 rings isn’t enough to be in your book. The simple fact is Pau has always been soft, he plays Euroball, which is soft, with the larger lane and quick whistles. They learn to face up and play a perimeter game. In the US you have a small lane and you must be physical to rebound and score. Pau has no heart, I live in Memphis and that’s why we did not care a bit that he was traded out of here. He is not the kind of player you can build around, he is a piece to be added, like the Lakers did. The problem now is the Lakers need more out of him and he just does not have it. As far as Bynum, he is just a spoiled brat with an attitude. He has all the natural gifts someone can have but he is selfish, arrogant and childish. He’s a lot like Lebron without the superior physical attributes. Kobe is the only one with the killer instinct and the will to push his team to a higher level. Now if David Stern doesn’t get involved the Lakers have Chris Paul and we are talking about something different but as it is now, the Lakers need to get what they can for Bynum and Gasol and hope they can put something together before it’s too late for Kobe.

  4. Inno says:

    Gasol did it 23 points /17reb/ 6as

    Review his stats on regular season, and his stats in every season he played… some blind people say he is soft… ¿soft with this numbers? People confuse polite, well-manners with soft… too many simple-minded

    Gasol is huge, always one of 5 better forwards, he made huge spanish national team, but he is a Team player and with Mike Brown always scared of Kobe reactions, with a coach who dont build a team Gasol and also a young Bynum can show us all their potential.

    Kobe is one of the best players ever, but if you thing you can do all yourself, dont blame others when your team lose. He look like a child, inmature, now at his age he must be as Kareem or Magic, a reference for all his teamates, someone who make them strong… Lakers won without Kobe, Gasol and Bynum look happy, feel strongers and more important without him… thats sad, if Kobe learn that, he has the chance to win more rings and become a legend…

  5. Good guys win says:

    Lakers lost already even if they win tonight, they will be out next round, so rebuild and good luck with that LOL Lakers in losing losing situation

  6. doubledeuces says:

    you may get by the young nuggets, but the lakers are only a few games away from packing it in for the summer. kobe isnt the great player that everyone wants to give him credit for being. he is a great scorer but it takes more than that to be a great player. its his lakers team again, because phil jackson retired and look where they are right back where they were before phil showed up and bailed him out. now mike brown will be blamed for kobes lack of being the “great” player that everyone has tagged him as. he should have went ahead and went for the scoring title the last regular season game. that is the closest he will get to a title this year. sorry laker fans but stop blaming everyone but who is your real problem. kobe is the real problem with the lakers, or are all of you blinded by him scoring and he does absolutely nothing else for your team. he cant even be a good leader, after all these years in a lakers uniform, as all that he has said since they lost game six has been divisive. if you worked with him, you wouldn’t want to be around him either. bynum is 24 years old and he is doing the same things that kobe did at 24, so maybe you shouldnt blame him for following his leader.

  7. nick says:

    metta world peace + staples energy = win in LA
    OKC series can only be won if the twin towers awaken from their slumber

  8. aj says:

    Kobe does all when he won’t take the shots then who will? he had to because the team need him to. His other team mates should do their job as for the game 6 it was just simply bryant basketball and not lakers. they need to step up the two tower are beast when they are working down low but in game 6 they were just an ordinary reserve playrer. some reserve player are better than them. and the bench wow they really need to help the team. I’m A Laker fan

  9. Joshua says:

    Lakers are suffering from “Sorry Opponent” syndrome. Where some players thought they would just cruise through this series and get ready for OKC. Gasol was wondering why he was about to be traded? This is why. He gets soft at the wrong times. It’s not 3-1 or 3-2 anymore. They can’t take games off. Bynum is one of the top big men in the league. up their with Dwight, but the only thing holding him back is his immaturity and huge lack of effort. When he starts of cold he just gives up. Unlike Kobe when he starts off cold he knows that eventually it will come if you just give effort. We have seen what the Laker Twin Towers can do, even without Kobe. Shaq made an excellent point the other night. He said to Bynum, “Mr. Bryant is on his way out, this could be your team…if we lose game 7 it’s your fault.” Game 5 and 6 proved that Kobe can have a great game and the Lakers still lose. So it’s up to the big men to help out if they don’t want to go home. The bench is terrible and Sessions just does not have the experience that every other player around him has. Hopefully Metta World Peace will help out because he is the only player, besides Kobe Bryant that always gives 100% effort.

  10. AbbyLovesLakers says:

    Hmm… lakers are not done. Not with the way Kobe has been playing, and since World Peace is coming back, maybe he and Kobe can finally rally they’re team and sweep the Nuggets. I personally believe the Lakers are a better team then the Nuggets, but The Nuggets are playing with something the Lakers are missing: Heart. All but Kobe Bryant who goes out and plays like every game is his last. If Gasol and Bynum could show that kinda heart, The Lakers would be in the running for their 6th ring. I see them beating Denver, but if they don’t pull it together then theres no way they will advance to the 3rd round. I love the Lakers, but its just not possible. Every other team is playing with heart but them.


    its all kobes faullt he is bad for his team its obvious the lakers got issues between them they dont play as a team,either kobe SHOULDNT PLAY AT ALL and let his teammates find some chemistry or he should start scoring 50 every night on 50%,be a real mvp and not a clown

  12. gabriel says:

    many people are so stupid and about forgetting what kobe did in the nba if you look at his numbers from the day he turn professional until now he had accomplish something many things that only few did he is one of the best of all time even have an 81 point game and still haters are still criticizing only smart people will understand a guy like kobe

  13. Mers says:

    I am a laker fan but i do not like what i am seeing from Bynum AND Gasol , first off bynum is not really mature at all he acts like no one can touch him which is a main reason we r in game 7 now if he at least got more serious and mature he would dominate , there is not team that can stop the two big man so why dont they realize that and dominate down low , Kobe cant carry by himself anymore teams are too strong now!!!

  14. Luz says:

    It’s not just the two bigs. Sessions needs to shoot the open jumpers and make them, last game he missed a very do-able game ending shot. he’s lacking experience and leadership.Everyone needs to step up.

  15. Spurs00 says:

    As a die hard spurs fan, I’m required to hate the Lakers. But I do admire and respect Kobe’s growth and championship caliber toughness. San Antonio may not get anywhere near the attention the Lakers get, but they keep their issues in house where it should be kept.

    The Lakers are again expecting Kobe to carry this team, but even his incredible play, can take them only so far. The Spurs surround their stars wiith a cast of players that have been through a vigorous screening process to make sure their personalities and dedication meet the teams goals. Then they gotta go out their and prove it on the court. The Lakers are laking this type of management flow.

    i feel bad for Kobe, so much talent, but surrounded by alot of players more interested in the spotlight of the city than the teams long term success. As Pop said, he’s lucky to have players of this caliber who have gotten over themselves and just want to play smart, tough basketball. He’s the first one to usually credit a Spurs win to the other teams “off night” and not so much on how great they played. Because none of that matters until you win four games in the finals.

    Mike Brown, like alot of coaches in the league are products of the Spurs, so their teams shortcoming may lay somewhere beyond their control. Yes, there is a growth process even for coaches, but without a solid backing of the higher ups, it’s tough to win.

    Whether Kobe carries the Lakers to a game 7 win is not as important as wether he should. Doing so will only contnue to allow others to execute at sub par levels. Every team has bad games, bad stretches and bad seasons, even the talented ones. Look what happened to the Spurs last season. It’s the dedication of the players on the court that counts. Do they want to be coached? Can they take criticism, benchig and the coaches wrath without airing it out in the media?

    The Lakers don’t need stars to regain their glory, they need guys off the radar willing to put in the work that will make them stars and then be guided by a system that will help them “get over themselves”. Being on the Lakers roster foesn;t make you a Laker, what you do when the cameras aren’t around will define where the team heads next.

    The Spurs sweep of the Jazz was fun for us as fans, but it will mean nothing if they allow their next series to get away from them. San Antonio and LA are as different as two cities can be, but the Spurs goals are to win championships, and if we have to sit the starters for lack of effort or get guys from around the world no one has heard of, Pop will always treat each player the same. That’s a big reason the Spurs are continually ranked as one of the most successful teams in any major sport.

    I hope the Lakers go deep. It’s always fun watching a Spurs/Lakers series, especially if the Finals are the next stop. Of course I want the Spurs to win it all, but I like them taking the tough road to get there. It makes it sweeter and further enhances their status as a top caliber franchise, at least for those who appreciate the game as a whole.

  16. wickedforehand says:

    I don’t understand, why would you complain about the bigs when you don’t even throw the ball to them inside… There’s just very little plays down low, as they don’t recognize or ignore the size and skill advantage of their bigs… one way or another, you gotta have a feeling these guys feel they are not getting much (at least not enough) of the plays or the ball… just the ball more inside and let the other team scratch their head stopping these two towers…

  17. funkypiston says:

    I don’t understand, Pau was tired as hell last year heading into the playoffs and went absconding in the Dallas series. If the coaches were smart, they would have rested him this year ala Duncan in SA. Remember, big men age faster.
    Looks like the guards have to play exceptionally well for LA to make a deep run and its not gonna happen.

  18. Ch@se says:

    if Kobe doesn’t make his move Lakers is done. It’s all about Kobe’s performance now. Just let go of Pau and Andrew this off-season so this THINGS won’t happen AGAIN!

  19. levisa says:

    The two big guys (gasol & bynum really need to step up or Lakers will go nowhere any time soon. Night in and night out Kobe is playing his hearts out but you don’t see the other guys put out the effort like him. Especially Bynum and Gasol. With the length and size they should be a force to recon with but you don’t see it. I think someone should pull Bynum and Gasol aside and really talk some senses into them. I am a big Lakers fan but the last two games were unbearable.

  20. rods says:

    wake up lakers!!!! do the kill and move forward. a soldier becomes braver when wounded. Let’s go go go go. Help Kobe with your defense and knock down shots when needed

  21. Kevin Love says:

    If Andrew Bynum would just stand still and hold both arms straight up he would have blocked half of the easy layups from Ty Lawson, Andre Miller, and Corey Brewer. Honestly he is playing like one of the worst defensive players in the league.

  22. nicolakerfan says:

    I just want the lakers to win and just end this series already! Stop hating on Kobe. He’s been doing his part. Gasol and Bynum just have to step up their game! No more excuses. Just get on with it! Let’s finish this! GO LAKERS!

  23. bruno says:

    1st Kobe scoring 31 Pts in 43 minutes shooting 32 times its not a MVP…
    Most of you guys here dont understand basketball, the fact that Kobe outscores everyone its a bad sign…R.sessions the PG and M.Barnes shot more times than GASOL AND BYNUM together the bigs shot 9/19 kobe shot the ball 32 times…
    thats the reason why they are losing and why the win easily without KOBE on the floor…Gasol in the previous games aint receiving the ball…

    • Larian1983 says:

      he shot the ball 23 times, and made 13 of them, let me help you with the math since you didn’t graduate kindergarten. 13/23 is over 50%. Ok? and he played 37 mins, not 43 mins. You F U C K ing piece of shiet.

  24. BBalllover says:

    Great players elevate and motivate the players around them by controlling the game and distributing the rock. Great scorers dominate the ball and demenish their teammates touches and flow within the game. Under Phil Jackson The offense forced ball movement thus the success. LBJ got to the finals with who again?

  25. Edwin says:

    Even Kwame would do better than 3 pts 3 boards!!!!!!!1

  26. dimas says:

    for lakers to be forced to game 7 by a team of denver calibre, that’s pretty much says everything. Glory days are behind them. even if they manage to win game 7, they will not win the ring. Better luck next year.

  27. chuck nasty86 says:

    the lakers need to trade bynum and gasol and worry about next year bynum aint gettin it done with javale mcgee dunkin all over the place and grabbin one hand rebounds its sad. Gasol just needs to grow a pair this dude just pretty much gave up on the whole series. And why are people bashing kobe he is the only one sick and all on this team that looks like he wants to win everyone else flat as your grandmas slippers

  28. Tygger2K6 says:

    Kobe can continue to dream that he’s the nearest to MJ. MJ was just as sick and won a playoff game. Kobe tried to be the same and blames his teammates. Bwahahahaha!

  29. Lakers4Seven says:

    Even with the lost yesterday night, the Lakers still 33-1 in playoff time when they win game 1, So no worries, Denver doesn’t worry me at all, the only teams that worry me are OK and SAN the 1st and 2nd seed Period.
    Haters always hate and look for any excuse to keep hating; Lakers have been 7 times in the finals in the past 12 years and have won 5 of them already they only lost against Pistons and Boston.
    But how many Championships this other two teams have won in the last 12 years???
    Just 1 each, so Lakers still the best team in the last 12 years with most Finals appearance and winnings.
    So haters keep hating, and fans keep cheering for your team, no matter which one is it.

  30. Adrian says:

    To all you laker fans that say that management knew about Pau being soft and thats why he was almost traded, Pau has always been soft and you should know this by how hes played since he came to the lakers.

  31. LaL says:

    here’s an LA fan hoping they lose game 7. This team isn’t going anywhere, lets lose this and force the front office to make some big changes….. BLOW. IT. UP.

    lets go Denver.

  32. DT says:

    We need a real coach.
    Fire Mike Brown, please.
    There’s no Defense and Offense on this team anymore because of him.

    Mitch is getting bad players, hire Jerry West back.

  33. Chance Isaac says:

    I just heard Magic Johnson say, “If the Lakers lose game 7 that they will fire Mike Brown.” Are you kidding me!! Magic you were great in your day but go back to the Dodgers and worry about your investment. He is coming in after a 1st round sweep last year with Phil Jackson and getting rid of Lamar Odom. Mike lost a job in Cleveland because of LeBron and now you want to take his job because the BIG men don’t hustle and make plays. Kobe would even agree!! Just stop it already…. Mike is the best thing that could happen to that organization and I am a Nuggets fan! Maybe Magic needs to borrow Kurt Rambis’ goggles and take a look at Mike’s body of work. He is not only a great coach in a town of spoiled brats but he even a better person. Jerry Buss needs to tell Magic to either suit up and help the team or go chill with Matt Kemp and you Dodger boys!

  34. kobe24mvp says:

    Nothing can beat Kobe but his teammate.two 7-footers look like 7 inch tall.I cannot see Gasol’s value,but he thought he
    is a basketball king.Pau,get a hair cut.

  35. George says:

    Lakers are done! Kobe is overrated! He can’t win without his bigs playing well!

  36. OKC 2012 champions says:

    a lot of pressure for Lakers right now. the same feeling as they fought boston 3 years ago.

  37. The Bee says:

    stop blaming your teammates Kobe.
    that’s not an excuse.

  38. lakers gonna loose in game 7. Nuggest 4 life (chicken nuggests that is)

  39. Lhanz says:

    its is just a strategy to make it until game 7 of the lal vs den series. They want artest on game 1 with okc. nuff said! 😀

  40. LakersRus says:

    I will tell you something! If I played for the Laker team myself and with a competitor like Kobe Bryant; I would consider that a gift and once in a lifetime opportunity! This team can win another championship in my opinion! The players have to pick up that same championship and competitive spirit that Kobe has! Pau had it during their championship runs! So did Andrew! I don’t count them out! They are capable!

  41. banks says:

    Gasol is the reason why Kobe got 4 and 5, stfu. The illness of Phil Jackson last year, and the lack of Phil Jackson this year is why the Lakers are doing bad,

  42. Lakerfan007 says:

    When Metta gets back, he will be out of rythm. Just like when Kobe got back they lost to the Spurs in SA. However, whatever is said and done if Bynum and Gasol don’t step up the Lakers will definitely lose and will look for an early vacation. Lakers should trade Gasol and Bynumnext season together with other inconsistent reserves (Barnes and Blake) and regroup before running for the next title. It will be interesting how Clippers would close out today’s game in LA.

  43. chris says:

    Lakers are go to win by kobe

  44. lowbudgetballer says:

    Well maybe they would do more if you didnt hog the ball and take every shot kobe! Maybe if you tried to create plays for your big guys, they wouldn’t have force shots, or take bad shots.

  45. kobefan says:

    I agree to icon….GO LAKERS WIN OR WIN, i always support your team >>>>]

  46. Don says:

    Lakers were never really a quality,they always just got lucky. Let’s face it, without Kobe they are nothing.Finally the truth may come out….

  47. 1234@1234.com says:

    If Lakers keep their current performance, they will be done for sure. Even they could win this series, there is no way for them to beat OKC if they don’t improve…. Sad but ture,,,

  48. Elvansky says:

    Miracle in Game 7 the heart of winning… Kobe and the Lakers win this series…. Go Lakers in Game 7…..

  49. Good guys win says:

    Stick a fork in the lakers, They are DONE

  50. Asoon says:

    Gasol got totally soft after the LAC-LAL game when he was ‘griffined’ twice!

  51. Matt says:

    I love the fact that the Nuggets are responding so well to all the comments before as to how easy it is to put away teams that were in the situation that they were in. If we can pull this off I believe it will be great momentum into the thunder game and beyond. So look out OKC. Lets GO NUGGETS!!! WIN!!!

  52. maestroobet says:


  53. Kapens says:

    Lakers win Game 7

  54. GiveTheBigGuysABreak says:

    I agree that Bynum and Gasol looked apathetic all game and not playing at their potential.
    Why is anyone surprised though? Bynum and Gasol play better when they touch the ball more often, just like anyone will. Keep them involved and they will play better.
    All the hype surrounding Kobe would make it hard for anyone to keep playing with a high intensity. Even if you play well, half the fans (and every TNT announcer) will just praise Kobe while you get mentioned on page two. And no matter what the reasons, when the team loses, it always falls on No 2 and 3 to blame; rarely, if ever, does it fall on Kobe even when he shoots <20% but takes 1/3 of the teams shots. Why wouldn't that get into your head after awhile? Kobe is one of the best pure scorers, but no one man can win a seven game series (just ask Cleveland).

    Kobe tries to save the day every game =apathetic Bynum and Gasol = Denver in 7 = RIP Lakers.

  55. Adam says:

    Maybe the problem is Kobe taking all of this too seriously. Take a chill pill dude! Stop beating up Pau and Bynum. They are your teammates not your enemies …

  56. Pau Gasol can we show up for game 7

  57. Adrian says:

    enough talking just watch!

  58. Lakerfan007 says:

    Lakers are done!

  59. icon says:

    lakers are doing this kind of game finish the entire first round of the playoffs because they want meta worldpeace back in the game before they face thunder.if the finish nuggest right away that is only four games. meta worldpeace was suspended for seven games. that’s the real reason why.

  60. JustSomeGuy says:

    Let’s face it, the Lakers are done whether they win tonight or not.

    A team this inconsistent has no chance of winning a title. They don’t deserve it.

    It’s over folks.

  61. Reithor says:

    Honestly, regardless the box score, George Karl is eating Brownie for dinner. He is outcoaching Mike Brown as he wants. Brown has had a whole season to develop plural offense, but he rooted for kobe-system (which actually brought him his success with LeBron). Now he demands what he didn’t facilitate during the year, actually his job is to elaborate plays and advantage situations for his players. Overrated Brownie, horrible Playoffs coach (and mediocre regular season coach).

  62. Siquito says:

    How is Koby always blaming someone else?
    First he blamed Shaq, then he blamed the owner, last year he blamed Gasol and this year is Gasol and Bynum.
    That’s why he would never be consider the greatest!!! Koby close your mouth, grab your ba**ls and play harder!!!

  63. naz says:

    Even if LA wins they will get swept against OKC.

  64. gball says:

    Those of you who compare Jordan to kobe are wasting your time. This argument will never be resolved. Both players were great players, and both will always be put in categories of some of the best players to ever play the game. The comparison of these two are so circumstatial. Had Kobe been in the NBA prior to Michael Jordan, would that have made a difference? of course! It’s like comparing John Stockton to Chris Paul, they were in different eras playing against completely different opponents and played different games. So quick comparing the two and get over it!

    • Don says:

      We can offer to compare the two, doesn’t matter if they were in different eras. One can gather the information and determine who is the better player. Come on let’s get a better story of why you didn’t play and move on, goat milk, how silly is that? Kobe is a good player, not great. Kobe needs to take responsibility for his own actions and quit trying to blame others for his shortfalls. Lets face it if he doesn’t like you or your play then your gone. Kobe will NEVER be a GREAT player and ROLE MODEL like the GREAT MICHAEL JORDAN.

  65. MavsFan4545 says:

    Lakers are a soft team. Same thing happen last year when my Mvas swept them. They where to busy calling the Mavs soft instead of playing basketball. This team needs to start rebuilding. They can start by trading Bynum to the Mavs…. lol… Happy fishing lakers your done!

  66. Good guys win says:

    Spurs will take it all
    Lakers are out not just from the playoffs but they are out for good, this team is doomed get rid of kobeeee

  67. Chris says:

    Lakers are soft!!!!

  68. warren says:

    Im sick of Mike Brown. The players dont want to perform for him.Please Phil, come back next season and turn this nightmare around.

  69. FACT says:

    With the way everything goes, I want the Denver Nuggets to win their series against the Los Angeles Lakers to make second round more interesting.

  70. Josh says:

    You guys are just like the media, with your knee-jerk reactions and absurd comments and bringing in comparisons to lebron and MJ for no reason with no relevance to the initial article. After the backlash Gasol and Bynum are getting going into this game they will play much harder if they even have a pulse in their veins. You have to get up to play in a game 7 otherwise it will be a long offseason for them figuring out what to do without Gasol. The most overlooked thing in this series that nobody understands is that George Karl is a GREAT coach. He basically took the Knicks former roster that couldn’t sniff the playoffs and turned it into a playoff team in Denver. Regardless of who ultimately wins this series I don’t think either can hang with the Thunder or Spurs for more than 5 games.

    • Josh says:

      Elaboration on what I said about George Karl. His coaching style involves taking the opposing team’s greatest strength away. All everyone talks about the Lakers is their superior size so they run the floor and tire out the big men and keep them out of rhythm and consistently give them poorer looks hence Gasol’s 1 of 10 stat-line. Being that they are seemingly weaker-minded and you can usually read their thoughts by the expressions on their faces its not too hard to see that they get taken out of games early and overthink games rather than letting instincts and ability take over.

  71. KBFAN says:

    For me personally the last game showed me that something might be going on in laker locker room, because this is not how a NBA player should play. Because besides Kobe all player were not play. They were afraid to shoot, they were not defending, not running, not showing that they want to win.
    I feel sad for Kobe because he doesn’t deserve that from his team mates.

  72. NUGGETFAN4LYFE says:

    Personally in my opinion it wasnt pau and drew playing super bad…granted they could have played better it was NUGGETS shutting them down with the double team…the nuggets went out knowing that in previous games the LA Bigs had been resposible for delivering most of their damage..so they came out and shut down the LA Bigs…if you can take away a big number of rebounds and a top scorer then you pretty much can mess up a team…Not only did denver do that they played with more heart and more focus then the whole LA team including Mike Brown and Kobe..It comes down to who wants it more and DENVER seems to want it more!! GO NUGGET!!!! #BEATLA

    • Lakers will be okz says:

      I have no doubts that L.A will win Saturday and predicted Denver would win last night. Any true Laker fan knows that they seem to do this year after year. Denver will come out swinging but Gasol and Bynum will show up and they’ll have MWP to back them up. Kobe will be Kobe and Denver will be overmatched. I applaud the effort though which is expected of any George Karl team. Lakers vs. OKC will be interesting.

  73. I.AmBball says:

    the answer is simple give pau & drew more touches instead of kobe shooting 30+ shots a night ” share the ball! “

  74. Clippers Fan says:

    It would be better if they loose game 7 otherwise Thunder will crush them so badly.

  75. Bravo says:

    Hey, it could have be worse for the Lakers. They could have traded Gasol and kept Lamar Odom and that would have been even more embarrasing. Atleast, Gasol is trying, can’t say the same for Ms. Lamar Kardashian.

  76. The Judge says:

    First, give credit to Denver. Second, this is what you get when you disturb the core and cohesion of a team. They must be missing Lamar now. In previous years, the set up was two big men were with Kobe on the court and so Lamar was the alternate to always have two on the court. The other factor that I am very suspicious of is whether Mike Brown suits this team. Lastly, if you are a betting man and losing, would you think that the Lakers are intentionally dropping these games? Just saying.

  77. famo west says:

    Bynum should get more than 15 shots per game, Gasol 10-15 and Kobe 10-15. Coaching staff does not learn from when Shaq got older and he didn’t wanna give up the ball. Had he done that, Bryant would have polished his skills throughout the season enough to provide a better offensive game vs the Pistons, as all you seen were fadeaways and jumpers. Kobes gotta develop this guy so he can conitnue to get better so they can compete more and kobe could hit those late game shots being more fresher.

  78. famo west says:

    Scoring isn’t everything In this league as you can see, But andrew bynum can’t run up and down the floor like Dwight howard. I’ve known this from watching teams beat him up and down all season, when they played denver i can recap a memory of ty lawson running and just blowing by bynum when his back is turned. Mike brown gotta keep them fresher too, his rotations are off.

  79. famo west says:

    Guys if U can watch tape watch tape of bynum’s scoring when Kobe is at the top of the Key. Double team can’t Double him quickly when Kobe’s on top. Cuz he’ll hit that 3. it worked yesterday and they never went back to it

  80. Winning says:

    Herm Edwars: “This is what’s great about sports. This is what the greatest thing about sports is. You play to win the game. Hello? You play to win the game. You don’t play it to just play it. That’s the great thing about sports: you play to win, and I don’t care if you don’t have any wins. You go play to win. When you start tellin’ me it doesn’t matter, then retire. Get out! ‘Cause it matters.”

  81. FanLeaguer says:

    If Bynum and Gasol don’t want to play then at least let Kobe know about it so he can go out and drop 63 in Game 7 without caring about giving it up to anyone else.

    And yes, 63 won’t get the job done either, but at least it’ll keep them in the game.

  82. daniel.b says:

    metta world peace will open up bynum and gasol becuase metta is shooting lights out right now… george carl is going to have to stop the double teams becuase they will be forced to gaurd metta

  83. rcpacquiao says:

    Lakers fans are hating on Gasol now. please trade gasol to the celtics for Jermaine Oneal’s injured wrist. The Celtics would surely love that.

  84. rcpacquiao says:

    bynum is disgusting. never like that guy. he treats himself like a superstar, not joining huddles, etc. but the problem is he’s just a good role player. he is not superstar material. just shows how good physical skills and size don´t help a lot if you have a small brain. he’s just dumb in a basketball sense.

  85. Highlander says:

    so when the lakers win, Bryant is brilliant, when they lose, its the bigs usually PG that is to blame. Man I woudl hate to work with KB let alone have him as a team mate. Didnt he stink it up in Game 7 a few years back but the play of PG got them over the line, but he won MVP? Wasnt it the trade for PG that got them in to the finals and back in to title contention. Sound like you cant win without him, not KB. Everyone has bad games, it not good for the headspace to be called out everytime you dont hit top gear. I cant imadgine what KB woudl be like if he got called out everytim he stunk it up or hogged the ball at the expense of his team mates and they lose. But that is usually what happens. Its all very well to quote his 5 rings, but who was the MVP of the titles, who was the team built around or what was the trades that were made to manipulated that lead to the titles. Kobe has been the constant in all 5 he hasnt been the reason they were won. This guy shoots 42% from the field, 29% on game winning shots, hogs the ball and calls out others they cant win without despite his presence. Diva. JordanBird, Magic he aint. Nothing is built around him, he doesnt make anything or anyone better, hes just the spolit benifactor of it all.

  86. Nuggets says:

    Nuggets are better. They will win game 7 if Ty Lawson steps up like he did in game 6. The nuggets did a good job of double teaming gasol and bynum. GO NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!

  87. RC22 says:

    Look it was sickening watching Game 5. Bynum after his little side comment (which was bulletin board material for the Nuggets) was so disengaged on the defensive end. Steve Kerr in his commentary repeatedly said “where is Bynum?” Andre Miller was dominating in the fourth quarter looking like CP3 the way he closes for the Clippers. But it leaves the question, Andre is a very good crafty player always has been. But it seems a little ridiculous how he repeatedly got to where he wanted on the floor without any resistance from Bynum. This is not even including the egg he laid against JaVale McGee. Mcgee looked like a 1st all NBA center. In my opinion Bynum is the best center in the NBA above Dwight Howard, but with his consistent inconsistence how can the Lakers compete for the title. I thought now it’s playoff time we were past all this BS from Dru. I guess not. He and Pau (who is playing softer than soft) look disengaged and throw their hands in the air when they don’t get the ball.
    I hope the Lakers turn it around but right now, it’s abysmal.
    KOBE has been a monster as usual, proving why he is still #the best player in the NBA

  88. butt636 says:

    If the Lakers can’t get themselves together for a playoff series, regardless of who they are playing, they don’t deserve to be there. Those overpaid prima-dona’s are pulling each others hair out like a bunch of 12 year old girls. The only entertainment value is watching them self destruct. Durant/Westbrook/Harden and company work as a team, and you would NEVER hear one talk himself up over his teammates the way Kobe (baby) Bryant did.

  89. theblackmamba says:

    ey ey people, i’m a kobe bryant and lakers fan but the defense are down, kobe is making his work but the team are’nt reponsing, i know that we’ll win the saturday night in the l.a but v.s OKC we are ugly because is a quickly and young team, they have defense, ofense, bench, adn durant adn westbrook are the best couple player in the league

  90. Pedro says:

    No heart, no title. Simple as that.

  91. R.M. Keijzer says:

    The lakers will lose. Kobe is a selfish player who’s only playing for his own statistics. It’s because of his awfull shooting percentage that they are 3-3 against Denver. He may never be mentioned in the same breath as Jordan.

  92. Rayyy says:

    It is possible the lakers are stretching out the series so that Ron Artest can return in the line up before the OKC series. Now i’m not making any excuses for the Lakers they struggled in the past two games ( Not including Kobe but Bynum and Gasol) but it is a possibility that they are doing this to get Metta Back or Preferably Ron Artest. We will see once game 7 comes which is already in favor of Lakers being the fact that its at Staples Center, But im not taking the nuggets out the equation yet they are a great team and proved it well in this series.

  93. WHAT A JOKE says:

    THE KOBE FLU GAME WAS A TOTAL FAILURE,KOBE IS NOT A LEADER AND WILL NEVER BE,HE NEVER MAKES HIS TEAMMATES BETTER,THE ONLY THING HE CAN DO IS SCORE THE BALL NOTHING MORE, its so obvious that role players like gasol and bynum need a true leader in their team to inspire them, its sad that Kobe Hollywood Bryant cant be a team leader and will never be, the whole lakers team played like losers in their 2 last games,they got no hope with this type of mentality

  94. killuabest says:

    WIN or LOSE… when offseason starts, Laker Mngt should ship out Bynum, Gasol, Couch Brown…then reorganize the team…

  95. Wolf30 says:

    i hope the lakers win but im kinda douting it….. if the lakers can handle the double team inside maybe that might help but i think its going to be a tough game…….. lakers fan always

  96. chris ramos says:

    lakers are done. they put to game 7 to make their home crowd happy..

  97. Baller says:

    You ppl out there hating Pau and Bynum should seriously shut up. 1 or 2 bad nights and now u are all haters. I know that Pau didn’t play well last post season either so he should step up his game, but Kobe will lead his team to another ring. Plus the lakers bench should seriously play better

  98. LA-shines says:

    The lakers are not done, yeah they got beat bad by denver last night, but they havn’t been utilizing their potential which you saw a glimpse of in game 1, also Denver will never, NEVER shoot like that again. You got lucky denver gave your poor pathetic city something to be happy about but the dream is over. time to wake up and feel the wrath of the lakers when you put them in a corner.

  99. KobeIsBetterThanMJLBJ says:

    Do not worry Laker Fans, we will take care the business on saturday and face thunder next round.

    The year that we won the championship 2009-10,
    Houston took us 7 games in the first round and we eventually beat Magic in the finals.

    So Haters, hate now when you can, because later on you won’t be able to hate, because we will beat Denver, Thunder, Spurs to play in the finals.

    Be ready to take KOBE’s ridiculous fade way shots in your haters’ faces! I know those will make you sick, so better be ready.

  100. doubledeuces says:

    Lakers fans had the best seat to watch the greatest player to lace then up in “magic”. from that same seat you are only watching a great scorer play but not one “of the greatest”. you are confused, you are watching a diva perform. i’ve never seen my mother shoot a basketball but if she threw the ball in the vicinity of the rim 10 times, 2 of them would go in. thats 20% for those that are mathematically challenged. kobe has mimiced jordans game, and after what 14,15, 16 years he still hasn’t learned what it took jordan 6,7 years to learn as a great scorer which was to trust your teammates, get others involved. don’t get scoring confused with being a great player as bill russell wouldn’t have 1 of the 11 rings in his safe. its got to be awfully disheartening watching kobe shoot while you are lugging around 300 pounds in altitude, with a young 230 pound rookie jumping,grinding and laying in your lap while throwing another 10 pounds of horse hair in your face. the only time you get the ball is when you go and get it after a missed shot because you surely won’t get it from the black hole…..oh, i mean the black mamba….. yea he is the black mamba alright quick to shoot it, and awfully poisonous to a team concept! should have been the night to force feed his bigs since he was so sick, but no he is too “great” to do that……what a joke! and then you all have been telling him he is an MVP for so long he then can come out and tell the world its the other guys fault we didn’t win…… the only thing that he leads his team in is the # of shots, and then pointing the finger………. only in LALA land!

  101. KOBEEEE says:

    Im a laker fan but cmon GASOL! wheres that all star talent?? THE BENCH IS SO BAD. NO consistent SHOOTERS. if only they had their former 6MOTY. Hopefully MWP brings in some DEFENSE. Lakers are really SLOW. They dont contest shots, they leave people OPEN. Kobe has been alright.

  102. mastawebber says:

    This is an easy one, its a simple case of George Karl outcoaching Mike Brown.. plain and simple. I hope Denver wins the series. George Karl and the Nuggets deserve to move on.

  103. Thomasfacio says:

    Come Lakers your champions, so play like ones. You all look tired and don’t want to get serious about winning a championship. So why don’t all pack it up and let a real team win… Sorry for the harsh words but I have been a fan since the Lakers at the Forum. The show time era…So I know you could do so much better..

  104. vvicky says:

    pls we need andrew and pau to do their best.they all the burden on kobe. i really felt sorry for him yesterday.we are praying for u guys.pls ebanks should stop shooting 3 point bcos is not working

  105. Samantha says:

    You don’t need a superstar to win games, you need a team…BAM! Nuggets taking it in LA.

  106. It is plain and simple Brown was just out coach.

  107. KEN IZZARD says:


  108. Samantha says:

    Nuggets have more heart……plain and simple. They are peaking at the right time and have built up a lot of confidence in the last few games. Our bench has outscored them in every game. You have to play as a team, the Lakers aren’t doing that, Kobe can’t win them all. Everyone says the Lakers are a better team, if so, why aren’t they winning? That’s a dumb comment. The better team is the team that plays together and has heart.

  109. Derek says:

    Even if Lakers win this series, they will not win this year championship. Sorry Kobe you ain’t getting your 6th ring like MJ did.Blame it on the Lakers management. Used to have a reliable bench players who really contribute as a team – Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, Sasha Vujacic, Luke Walton and Jordan Famar. Who do Lakers have know?

  110. daniel.b says:

    the double teams by the nuggets are making bynum and gasol feel out of it… bynum doesnt look like he wants to play and so does gasol.. bynum is looking fat and playing no defense, ya get got 16rebs in denver but i felt he could of got way more… gasol during the end of the second half tried to shoot with confidence but his shots didnt fall… kobe is doing most of the scoring and the bench and players have no confidence at all. i see open shots that blake and sessions could have tooken butt noo they had to give the ball to kobe. for the lakers to win they cant be scared.. game 7 the lakers will win.. metta world peace coming back from not playing for 7games… i bet hes itching to play.. lakers will win even if its a 2man game for the lakers… mettas defense will set the tone and george carl will have to make a new lineup for metta during the game. i guarantee metta is the game changer………………………. bank on it

  111. Joker says:

    The thing here, is Pau Gasol playing 6 meters away from the basket, Come on. When they won those championships, Gasol was playing at center, on the block, and when the double team comes, he`s more than capable of distribuit the ball. That´s where he´s probably the best.

    But now, you’are asking a 7-feet guy to stay most of the time at the perimeter and to defend smaller and quicker players. And at the same time, you are playing Bynum on the low post and he just does no thing, nothing, when they double teaming him …

    That`s what`s happenin in Lakerland.

  112. mr.ed says:

    you may hate him but kobe was the only one playing his heart out.

    it’s frustrating that bynum is just so immature now.
    and pau having the same “post-season meltdown” like he did last year. i certainly hope that if we lose on saturday, the lakers consider trading those 2 guys away while they still have some value.

  113. glock93308 says:

    If they lose this series to DENVER they HAVE to fire Mike Brown and trade Gasol or Bynum or BOTH of them. PERIOD.

  114. Dynamite Wade says:

    LETS GO MIAMI HEAT!!!!!!!!!

  115. Lakers4Life says:


  116. drew says:

    Definitely surprised about game 7. Being a Lakers fan. I give it up to the Nuggets and their coach, but talking about their what ifs in the games they lost is always pointless. The better team this season will be decided on Saturday. Will definitely welcome MWP’s return. He plays with the intensity the Lakers need right now.

  117. sirsapito says:

    Sorry but are you kidding? Kobe manages the ball all the time and Brown forces the big men to play outside to give Bryant more spaces. Truth is that Gasol and Bynum should play inside 70% of the balls but instead of that they have to play wide for Bryant. Kobe’s time is out but they don’t accept it. If L.A. wants to do something important Gasol and Bynum should shoot 2 times Bryant’s shoots…

  118. Elliott` says:

    Lakers Lakers Lakers smh you guys really disappointing your fans. Kobe Bryant is the ONLY ONE on this team that wants to WIN all the other players are playing like they shouldnt be in the nba Next season there will be new faces on the team TRADE ANDREW BYNUM, AND PAU GASOL AND LETS GET SOME PLAYERS THAT WANT TO PLAY THE GAME. AND BYNUM BETTER THEN HOWARD??????????????????????????????? HE’S NOT PLAYING LIKE A DOMIANT CENTER SHOULD BE GASOL IS SOFT AND i feel really bad for the black mamba getting stuck playing with these bums

  119. MarkL says:

    IF… The Nuggets come out and RUN and RUN and RUN, there is no way the Lakers can stay with them. This is due to the fact that the Nuggets are NINE DEEP and the Lakers have a suspect bench. World Peace will help, but he’s got rust to wring off and a one game litmus test may not be enough to get him back in the flow of the game. In order to stop this train, the Lakers are going to have to be physical and slow Denver down. Right now LA is just being out hussled and they make oportunistic baskets when the Lakers do not hustle. Look at the 50/50 balls they are getting. Fareed is killing them, McGee is making Pau and Bynum look like they don’t want to run the floor.

    Kobe is totally right to hold his mates to a higher standard. Those guys have won a championship and right now they are not playing with championship pride. A month ago people were saying that Bynum might be the best center in the game, over the last two games he’s proving a lot of people wrong.

    As for Gasol, he may be happy to still be a Laker, but just wearing that uniform is not going to force teams to lay down for you. If Kobe is all they’ve got left, the drive for his sixth ring may have to be put on hold til next year.

  120. telergy says:

    Blame Mike Brown for this series
    He’s made no adjustments to the doubling and sagging defenders down on Bynum and Gasol.
    In result Bynum and Gasol can’t contribute offensively
    In result Bynum frustrated and doesn’t give 100% effort and shuts down mentally
    In result Denver gets easier baskets in the paint and extends leads
    In result Kobe tries to save the day and shoots too many times
    In result leads to more transition baskets off missed jumpers
    In result blowing a 3-1 series lead


  121. telergy says:


    He’s made no adjustments to the doubling and sagging defenders down on Bynum and Gasol.
    In result Bynum and Gasol can’t contribute offensively
    In result Bynum frustrated and doesn’t give 100% effort and shuts down mentally
    In result Denver gets easier baskets in the paint and extends leads
    In result Kobe tries to save the day and shoots too many times
    In result leads to more transition baskets off missed jumpers
    In result blowing a 3-1 series lead


  122. BFoulds says:

    I’m sorry to say this to all you Laker fans, but just be honest. Your team is having issues that you can not see, and if Denver comes out to LA and plays the same ball they just played last night, the Lakers are going to lose. Denver played like a championship team last night.

    -Spurs fan

  123. Stan Obas says:

    Even if the Lakers win game 7 on their home court they do not have enough weapons and intensity to beat OKC.

  124. Conor 2L says:

    Props to the Lakers as they are a good team and also the better team in this series. On the other hand it is great to be a Nuggets fan as we have the 3rd lowest payroll in the leauge at the moment and are the second youngest team with combined age. Here is to staying smoking a mile high

  125. Leroy says:

    Bottom line is the Nuggests played with heart and the Lakers’ Bigs didn’t. That’s what separates young teams (aside from two talented stars) like OKC from vet teams like L.A. I’m a huge L.A. fan – Lakers for life. But even the old guys in San Antonio are playing with heart. After this season, win or not, the Lakers will continue re-building/shaping and Gasol is surely going to be at the top of the list of guys to go. Thanks for the 2 rings Gasol but we’d rather have your heart in it. 3pts – come on, you should have sat on the bench and not played.

  126. Baha says:

    This is just perfact….watching the 7 game series…it cant get any better…ppl just stop complaining and enjoy good competative basketball….whats a point of watching if you know the outcome like in MIA VS NYK, IND VS ORL…this is the best part of sport wathing the close game (neck to neck)…yoll dont want to watch and enjoy but rather see borring outcome up ahead….

  127. Josh says:

    Kobe bryant seemed like he was trying to act a little lik MJ with the stomach bug and stuff but i just hope they win game 7 because once they face OKC i think Ron Artest will do something great…… Lakers i hope you guys make it farther

  128. Mr. Basketball says:

    i got three – okay two and a half words for everyone. METTA WORLD PEACE
    Lakers win.

  129. METTA WAR PIECE says:

    If MWP goes back to the lineup, the Lakers will be boosted with nuclear elbow of Metta though unseen by the refs. Hehehe.

  130. Big Al says:

    They’re not waiting for MWP. It would be ridiculous for the Lakers to tire themselves out to the point that they might lose to Denver, which doesn’t even have a real star. OKC are fresh sweeping the lethargic Mavs yet they get home court advantage. Pau and Bynum are too inconsistent and need to focus more. To go to a Game 7, let alone lose to a team that would easily be beaten in the next round is stupid.

  131. Raul says:

    Believing is cool and all, but just because you believe Kobe will be getting his 6 ring this year doesnt mean its a realistic statement. Get Real Bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand a couple of years back but now ??? LOL thats ridiculous. Im a KNICK fan and i can honestly say after our series with MIAMI that this is OKC and MIAMI’s year and they will be in the 2012 Finals. Period. Not the lakers, not the spurs, not boston. None of the Oldies. This is a NEW ERA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FACTSAREBETTERTHANFICTION

  132. LA side: Metta will be back for Game 7 and Bynum and Gasol will play better than game 6. Kobe is Kobe and LA has more experience than the nuggets in the PO.
    Denver side: Young, energetic and enthusiastic. TJ is stepping up. GREAT bench
    I would say 55% LA; 45% Denver to win this series

  133. eduardo says:

    i think gasol and bynum need to come out and play with more energy and kobe no comments hes the kobester we always seen making the best shots hes just a beast no words.. come on lakers we gotta go vs thunder

  134. mr-plow says:

    The Fakers are a JOKE. How did this team beat the spurs without Kobe again? Bynum and Gasol are both highly OVERRATED and Kobe usually needs 30 fgs and 10 fts to get his 40 points.

  135. akosibonik says:

    lakers will win this, kobe will find a way. – HEAT FAN

  136. ingmar66 says:

    Kobe , it’s time to move on to Hollywood where whining wannabe stars without any real acting talent are always in demand. Lakers, start rebuilding (and get rid of those ugly white uniforms as well). Kobe had his share in the spotlight, will probably go to the Hall Of Fame (he has had his moments and, more importantly, sold a fair share of merchandising for the League) and should be forgotten pretty quickly after that. If there is one guy who makes you want to dislike basketball it’s him. As for the Nuggets, good luck. You’ll need it even more against OKC, I’m afraid. OKC will beat Miami in the Finals. Great team, great players (Harden for Sixth Man!). And next year, watch out for Brooklyn!

  137. BrownBeast says:

    You guys need to relax!!!!! The Lakers(we) lost Game 5 on purpose so we can have Artest back for Game 1 against OKC. We WILL NOT lose Game 7 at home. Everybody will play well and Kobe will be recovered from his illness. Stop saying we need to get rid of players. Gasol besides Barnes is the only person on our team that knows how to move the ball around on offense. Just because he doesn’t play well in one game doesn’t mean it’s time to get rid of him! Watch and see a Game 7 victory!

    • BFoulds says:

      LMAO. Laker fans everywhere. You let people like T H I S represent you? You think Lakers would GIVE UP PLAYOFFS GAMES and risk sacrificing a title run for ONE PLAYER, for ONE GAME during the lakers v OKC match up?


  138. Mr Larry says:

    I have to say Bynum’s attitude stinks. He is one of the best big men in the league but his whole demeanour is of an arrogant baby. He thinks he’s the man because he’s had one good season. The way he talks in interviews, the fact he isn’t involved in timeouts, the whole fiasco of the 3 point shot vs Golden state point to an immature, deluded star who thinks he can do whatever he wants. Kobe needs to seriously have a go at this kid because with some consistency and better attitude, Kobe could get another ring

  139. arvinkillz says:

    Defense & adjustments will win games. In the late stretches of game 5, steve blake guarding miller & miller dominated blake especially during the last minutes of the game w/c led to a denver win. if mike brown has made quick adjustments and defensive calls they have won game 5. game 6 with kobe sick, pau & bynum should have gotten many touches and could have dominated the game but they never did. Plus no extra effort & energy. It is very evident that kobe is the only player in this team who wants to win & the rest are like yeah kobe can do it all blah blah blah..Its very unfortunate that kobe is being surrounded by team mates with no heart to win. If only the CP3 trade have been approved..but there’s still game 7 & the lakers should fought back and play with all their hearts out. pound them inside the paint & if bynum thru back the ball outside because of a double team, slash inside instead of settling for 3 pts. & create plays don’t be stagnant.

  140. Wacks23 says:

    I don’t remember MJ blasting Pip or Rodman for any of their playoffs loss, you guys know why?, because he blames himself most! Even when MJ was scoring 50 or 60 plus points and they would still lose, he doesn’t blame other people … he strives harder! And when your teammates sees that in your game, how can they not bring their A game whether they are starters or role players!

    • Wacks23 says:

      Oh and btw, MWP is done and already washed up, so don’t speak like he’s still a game changer.

  141. Brandon says:

    Doesn’t matter…Its gonna be a Thunder vs. Spurs WCF and Heat vs. Celtics ECF

  142. Doncha says:

    u can tell what u want..id care..KOBE IS MVP..and everybody knows that..with Artest Denver can go back home..
    thx for nothing..

  143. Sick of the haters says:

    All you Laker haters that keep talking trash need to take that garbage somewhere else. The Lakers aren’t great at the moment, but unless you’re a Celtics fan shut up because they have more rings than your team and Kobe has more rings than your guy. The Lakers franchise will always be great, except that. When Kobe retires we’ll get another supersstar, build around him and win more titles. History repeats itself. I’m sorry your team stinks but it’s time move on and maybe spread some positive words for your team instead of putting down L.A’s team. Thanks.

    • Francisco says:

      I would love a lakers without the overrated bryant, ssooo famous, but sooo selfish, who won his first championship not being an star courtesy of the great SHAQ, Who sat on the bench his first two years, kobe remind me of Jennifer Lopez
      I do not know WHY she is famous for?

  144. #KobeSystem says:

    Bynum and Galso needs to be much more agressive when attacking the basket. No more softness allowed in the NBA!

  145. Bymun's big mouth says:

    Bynum’s big mouth results in first round defeat…

    Trade Bynum & Gasol for Dwight ….I really want to see Kevin Love, Dwight and Kobe pair up but that won’t happen

  146. Anthony says:

    The Lakers’ bigs Bynum and Gasol are just letting everyone down for nothing. This is the NBA Finals and this is no time to act a fool. Bynum need to watch Shaq’s old replays and learn how to dominate at his size. I saw a 6’8 player block a 7’0 player and a sick Kobe Bryant get more points than two healthy 7’0 Allstars and they didn’t win. It’s not right man because I’m not even playing and I care about the game more than they do. Matt Barns and Steve Blake need to develop a jump shot soon because if they would score as much as Kobe then the Lakers would good again. Denver has alot of shooters on their team but if the Lakers can’t answer back out side of Kobe then they might Get left behind early.

  147. Phill says:

    I think it’s Denver who deserves the credit for shutting down LA’s bigs. Mozgov and McGee have been effective, coupled with double teams. Gasol is a great player, only a fool would want to trade him. They lost, because Denver was better that night. They worked much harder. Nobody on LA’s side could hit a jumper. Besides, every time Bryant touched the ball he shot the ball….so it’s not like he was helping with making his teammates better. I think the home team, always has the advantage in game 7’s, but if the Nuggets play as hard as they have been, they are going to beat LA.

    • marlon green says:

      How hard is it to play ball when you have a teammate lighting up the opposing team with 3 pointers? All the other 4 players have to do is play some defense. Is that too much to ask?

  148. KOBE24THEBEST says:

    Lol I am a laker fan but people saying its intentional so ron artest can come back are full of themselves.. first of all RON RON is back game 1 of OKC if they won last night.. how does that make sense? Why risk a game 7 loss? It’s obvious it wasn’t intentional and I hope Lakers can overcome the red hot denver! LETS GO LAKERS!

    • Treshiq says:

      Finally!! I’m a Denver fan and if the tables were turned I would be SMH so hard at the reports that they are waiting for MWP…that is so stupid..>this is for a TITLE…and if my team where in it for a Title ( as KOBE IS NOT PLAYIN AROUND) why wouldn’t you get the job done as efficiently and QUICKLY As possible…HELLO!! series can shigt…Kobe sure doesn’t look like he’s “throwing it”….I don’t buy that theory.

  149. VLAM says:

    Holy smokes Lakers fans are fairweather….didn’t you guys love Bynum like two weeks ago?

    • Sick of the haters says:

      Lakers fans are not fair weather. We love Andrew Bynum when he plays basketball with grit and intensity. He can be absolutely brilliant and dominant. Then there is the other Bynum, the one that talks too much and is over confident and quits on his tim. True Lakers fans understand this and any basketball enthusiast with half a brain would understand this as well. You’re just another hater on a LAKERS BLOG. LOL the more haters you have, the better you are.

  150. gabriel says:

    i cant imagine the look on the kobe haters after they win another championships

    • ledzepage says:

      Youd seriously take the Lakers over OKC SAS and MIA? I bet you also said that in game 3 of Lakers secound round game last year

  151. lakers fan007 says:

    I wanna remind people that meta world peace will be back for game seven and then lakers will kick @$$ for both nuggets and thunder!!!!!!

  152. nrgymover says:

    hardly called, title of article is exaggerated and blown out of proportion

  153. pro says:

    Metta comin back in game 7 and Kobe, Bynum, Gasol polayin like all stars. Should get the easy win. And BTW Kobe doesn’t take that many shots, only cuz he has to he does. Does anyone remeber when Kobe came back from injury in the rgular? He had 7-12 FGA and guess what the lakers lost. SOOOOOOOOOOO Kobe kinda has to take a lot of shots.

  154. ohcre says:

    hmmm, game 7 needed to bring back artest to halt durant in the 2nd round maybe?.. or will this series once again lead to another locker room malfunction on behalf of the lake show?..

  155. Humble Tafari says:

    @ Juan, lakers would have had Dwight Howard prior to his injury….. not now . Game 7 will now rest on the shoulders of kobe & Ron ( world peace)

  156. Tal says:


  157. Paul says:

    Whatever, Thunders will OWN em’

    Thunder up

  158. PAUL says:

    a good player and a good coach will never blame anyone but themselves. lakers will lose game 7.

    • awesomo-5000 says:

      a good player and coach will point out the flaws of themselves AND others so they know what to work on


    I’m sorry, but do anybody know anything, that I don’t. It just seems that no matter what…Goudelock gets no playing time…they could be losing being blown out, and brown don’t put him in…I mean is he that big of a liability on defense….or is Mike Brown trying to lose?

    • LS says:

      Yes! Agreed. They should put him in when we need our reserves. He did well at the beginning of the season, not sure why he hasn’t played since.

  160. OCNATIVE says:

    Gasol needs to take a long look in the mirror. There is no excuse for his performance in game 6. Looks to me like Pau wants to be traded. Why would the Lakers want to keep him after his performances in Games 5 and 6. Lakers also need to take a hard look at Brown. He may be able to prepare a team for a series but he sure as heck isn’t capable of making the in game adjustments he needs to make. He needs to put someone bigger on Miller and get Pau off of Faried. Faried is making Pau look like Paula. Does anyone beside Kobe care? We’ll find out in game 7.

  161. Keith says:

    The lakers are just using their time. They use all the games so that they can use World Peace in the Conf. Semi-finals. He is also a big factor for the L.A Lakers (Just my opinion:))

  162. skullz says:

    1) Get rid of Pau Gasol ~ Sorry dude just aren’t too strong enough especiallly for a 7 footer

    2) Get rid of Steve blake. Yes he can shoot 3’s but he’s too inconsistent and can’t defend for #@@ Get rid of him and get a back up point guard that can defend well. We now have Sessions so trade blake or pick up a good Dedending point guard.

    3) I’m not a fan of Mike Brown so i’m 50/50 with him we shall see if we get to round 2 lol b4 i make my mind on him.

    Get rid of Blake and Gasol please, please, please.

  163. MAC says:

    The LA Fakers are done!!! Stick a fork in ’em!

  164. NBAfan says:

    MWP comes back for game 7….the Lakers will need their starting line up intact if they are to have a chance at beating OKC (who’s going to guard Durant?)….in this situation….sweeping the Nuggets is the worst thing they can do.

    Think about it….if they swept the Nuggets….they won’t hav MWP for the first 3 games of their series with OKC….3 games with Durant running wild? By the time he comes back, it’s way too late….

    strategy baby…wait and see Bynum and Pau hammer Mozgov and Faried….

  165. mnlakersfan says:

    I dont know why they let idiots have computers because half of you guys are idiots when the bigs go 5-21 shooting and 19 rebounds combined with 16 going to bynum kobe is taking to many shots? he shot over 50% should we just keep giving it to the guys that show no effort and cant hit a shot? the bigs got to pull their heads out of the clouuds for this team to go anywhere.

    p.s some of you idiots should just stay off the computer

    • D24W says:

      I Agree ^^^

      • justplayball says:

        I agree….. like anyone with less than a 20year history with the sport…….. these days it is ALL media driven….. Not talent/team driven !!….. So how would someone ‘new’ to the game know who is ‘best’….. form sportscenter highlights?????? lmao

    • marlon green says:


  166. D24W says:

    Kobe is the greatest Laker in history. He is 2nd in all time greats behind MJ. Stop hating on him, he played MJ his rookie year/1998 all-star game/ and gave MJ hard time. Lebron is not on Kobe’s level nor Durant. EVERYTHING THEY ARE DOING KOBE DID ALREADY!. 5 Rings, these other flukes NONE.! You ppl are so dumb and stupid enough to remember that. Kobe also won the dunk contest. Why cant Lebron win one? Cause he do the same dunks over and over. cmon now. Even if the Lakers lose Game 7, its cause their big man isnt playing like they have heart. If you seen the beginning of Game 6, Bynum and Gasol missed the first 6 shot so KOBE had to score the first point. Dont forget Bynum and Gasol has 2 Rings!! (More than Lebron or Durant) So they know when to turn up the heat. Get the f off Kobe’s wood, he’s the best player in the game now. Lebron got dunked on at his own camp!! WTF!! Kobe didnt tho. Get real you “Now-A-Days” fans, know your history. if Kobe can drop 81 on a team, and 40 three games inna row, you already know the Black Mamba got a surprize for the Nuggets. Remember when the Lakers beat Orlando and Boston for the championship and everyone thought they were gonna lose? ha, you HATERS funny. Atleast kobe can win rings unlike LeBron or Durant. Be real fools

    • VLAM says:

      I’d like to see what Lebron could do with an in-his-prime Shaq and a Gasol/Bynum combination down low. I’m sure you wouldn’t been blabbering if he lucked out like Kobe did. Don’t get me wrong- I hate Kobe but respect his game. But when Lebron was in Cleveland he had a horrible supporting cast. Mo Williams as your second best player (by far)? When Kobe was in that situation he demanded a trade. How soon we forget….

      • marlon green says:

        I’d like to see what Kobe would have done against Dallas in the finals last year with wade and bosh.

    • Francisco says:

      lebron is in a higher level, look the stats, blaming other , not kobe that is the tactic, when kobe choke in game seven against the celtics, who won the ring for him and the mvp also

    • BFoulds says:

      You had me convinced until this “he’s the best player in the game now.”

      This is just simply not true.

      Chris Paul, LeBron, Kevin Durant, Tony Parker, three names that come to me right away that I would all take over Kobe right now.

      Kobe was the best in the league right after MJ left. He just simply is not the best anymore.

    • justplayball says:

      ……..hey D24W……he might be the 4th best player the laker club has had in its history……..Man , you must be real young!!!

  167. zykelcomet says:

    Brown don’t know how to coach, he only uses 8 players. In a long season and series players will be tired like what’s happening with the Lakers. He should give enough rest to Bynum and Pau by using McRoberts. The guy is athletic and a good rebounder and hustles well. Give Kobe a rest by using Goudelock, the guy can shoot, he only needs playing time. If the Lakers lose, they should fire Brown!

  168. JBreezy says:

    If I were a Laker fan I would be far more concerned with beating a team that went up by 28 before throwing in their back-ups to ride out the last 10 minutes of the game, then trying to figure out your chances against a second round opponent you are not guranteed to face.

    What do these Nuggets have to do to get any semblance of respect? They are a far bigger immediate threat to the Lakers then a hypothetical matchup in the next series.

    • Treshiq says:

      Jbreezy please Preach..We get No respect…Except from Chuck..even Kenny STILL hurt to say La doesn’t deserve it..But not that Denver did..>Why can’t we admit that they’ve gotten OUTPLAYED these alst two games…Denver outplayed them..I am a basketball fan..yes i love my Nuggs but I’ma FAN and i know my stuff..what i do KNOW is that NO TEAM in thier right mind throws games..to get MWP back…yes he makes them “bigger ” in the fron court and is a good big defender…but his 6.2 ppg isn’t as admirable as the fact that he just scres ppl b/c he just might end your career. I personally think he should be on a football field. He cna’t control his emotions and he might end up hurting come one…hoep we kill ’em from the 3 pt line again

  169. Boris says:

    Gasol for AMARE

  170. Laker Fan Since Kobe Entered the NBA says:

    Bynum is all talk, and it is really disappointing. Kobe is the only Laker that wanted to win. The Laker club should have had traded these two big guys already after the All-Star break, and it might have change the outcome of this series (I said might, I am not saying Lakers will win the round). The possibility was there, the club didn’t grab it.

    I will still root for the Lakers until Kobe’s retirement, he’s the only player I am rooting for anyway.

    Let’s Go Lakers!

  171. eo says:

    bynum best big man in the game lmfao he might not even be in the top 5 after watching this series.

  172. Louiemdc says:

    Everytime The Lakers Loose a Game They Blame Pau and Bynum. Even Though Kobe Take ToO many Misses Shots,
    If The Lakers Win Kobe is the Hero

  173. Louiemdc says:

    Everytime The Lakers Loose a Game They Blame Pau and Bynum. Even Though Take ToO many Misses Shots,
    If The Lakers Win Kobe is the Hero.

  174. redman says:

    the lakers could win the next series if their bigs show up.

  175. Shawnymoe says:

    I put it just like this if the lakers don’t make it out of the 1st round mike brown deserves too get fired period.!!!!!!!!!

  176. mike says:

    It’s a given that the Lakers front line needs to play better offensively and defensively. Separate and apart from Bynum and Gasol poor performance, the guards need to make shots. When the Nuggets double the Lakers bigs, other players needs to stretch the defense so the bigs can go to work effectively an efficiently. The team as a whole needs to stay focus and have that determination to win. Play hard and for god sake make shots….

  177. lol says:

    come on move on guys there’s still a game 7 . . Go LAKERS

  178. Brian says:

    The Lakers played really lack-luster last night. I’m disapointed with Gasol and Bynum’s effort. Kobe will always have the heart of a champion, that is what spurs him on every night. If the rest of the team manifest that will to win there’s no stoppnig LA.

  179. Slick says:

    With Kobe feeling better and stronger, Gasol/Bynum bringing it, MWP back Game 7 will be a total “Annihilation” of the Nuggets. Good try Nuggets but the end of the road is here.

  180. willie says:

    you keep on repeating your same nonsense comments , because of big man shaq…the reason why kobe get his rings…ha ha ha…do you play basketball maybe not…for your info basketball is a team effort not just because of one person you win championship rings and trophy..you need a good guard,powerful forward,defensive center and a shooting guard…but the most important of them all to get nba ring is the will to win.To win you have to give it all there is no tomorrow…

  181. roy deguzman says:

    Why put all the blames to the two big men? Coach Brown should be calling plays to get them involved and engaged throughout the game. If the Lakers lost this series, they need to be looking for a new coach next season.

    • marlon green says:

      To bad the coach cant draw up plays for the bigs to play defense and defend the paint like they should

  182. Bob R says:

    Gasol pulled this same garbage in the first round against the Mavericks

  183. Gary says:

    Time to go to the offseason and rebuild this thing…..Gasol has to go and we need some reliable bench players…and maybe stumble on a coach on the way

  184. TTKIN says:

    Story of the Lakers’ lives. This is what the Lakers are known for. Screwing around until the last possible second. Sometimes they recover, sometimes they dont. They were screwing around in last year’s playoffs and look what happened. They were determined at the beginning of this series, now they dont care, well drew and gasol doesnt. Pau never matches physical play and bynum constantly thinks he’s too good to have to deal with anything. Get over it and play guys. I gave more effort playing with my friends yesterday than u did and u make millions to do it!

  185. William says:

    I think this is just a strategy of Lakers. World Peace is suspended 7 games. So here comes game 7,

    We know Lakers cannot win against Thunder, if World Peace is not there to guard Durant.

    Lakers is the best!!!!

  186. Mike says:

    Everyone blame on Gasol and Bynum but last night Kobe took a lot of shot too. He played just part of fourth quarter otherwise he would end up 35 shots as usual!

  187. obiwanginobili says:

    if they lose someone gets the blame, if they win kobe gets the credit. he’d be a miserable teammate to play with. without kobe the lakers big men were a dominated the game. now they watch 48 minutes of bryant shooting fade aways over two guys.

  188. Cadena says:

    At then end of the day only 3 teams matter this year. OKC vs. SA is going to be sweet. SA’s age won’t be that much of a factor given the shortened season. It will be the old regime looking for one more ring (maybe 2?) against the new regime looking for its first. The winner of that series goes up against MIA (also looking to be the new regime.) SA vs. OKC and the winner vs. MIA is all that matters. Everything else is predictable.

  189. Greg Mark says:

    I meant They have been playing hard! Darn! Auto correct..and Kobe is our MJ!

  190. PatrickLA says:

    This won’t be the first time that LA lost a series everyone but the OTHER team thought they would easily win! A couple of glaring reasons are the absence of Ron Artest and his defense especially. The other is Bynums immaturity and thirdly, Gasol just isn’t the player he was 2-3 years ago. The younger and deeper Nuggets will be moving on and not the Lakers. I guarantee it. Both LA teams will have BLOWN 3-1 series leads. The only TRUE LA team right now is the Kings! Go Kings Go!

  191. Greg Mark says:

    Dude! I loved Jordan! But give Kobe his respect! He broke records 81 points did Mike do that and will always be a better shooter! Hate him or not! Kobe as been our Jordan! Plus Lakers will win! U know Kobe don’t die easy! If 50 points is needed so be it! But all the hating and disrespecting each other teams that crazy! I am not a Denver fan! but why hate on them, I have been playing hard!

    • Fair Observer says:

      Kobe is a selfish yet great player. He will never be compared to Jordan because he doesnt make his teamates better. Kobe has never won anything on his own. Shaq was the most dominant player during those 3 championship; Kobe was simply a side kick that could have been replaced by any average player in the NBA. After Shaq left, he needed another great center in Gasol. Lebron is a way better player than Kobe. If Lebron wins one ring, his legacy should be better than Kobe’s because of all the other things he has done. Kobe is like Robert Horry with more talent and versitily. He is just the beneficiary of good talent around him; that leads to championships.For those idiots who compare him to Jordan, you should kill yourself.

  192. SDF05 says:

    The Most embarrasing thing about this that the lakers are much more experienced than this nuggets team, who doesn’t even have a star player and still beats LA. If they are going to be like this, yeah, i’ll swap to my “other” favourite team, Memphis Grizzlers. But i have a 60% chance that LA will bounce back and win this series once and for all.

    Yeah, Game 7 is going to be huge one for the lakers and nuggets, i’ll be watching that ONE. Get well soon kobe!

  193. skywalker37 says:

    My friends, you don’t understarnd…. Gasol had a VIP ticket, so he had the chance to be not just sidecourt, but on-court… just happened that he got 3 rebounds!! hahahaha that’s the closest a fan had ever been on a game!!!

  194. kamote says:

    trade gasol, thats it,

    • Juan MD says:

      you know what kamote means in Spanish????

      Go to ben mad, you need tu rest and dream about the las two rings we all won…remember the center you had….then wake up, and leave another comment… once you have thougth what you have to write…

  195. marlon green says:

    Go Lakers?

  196. Cadena says:

    @jay…aren’t you forgetting the huge discrepancy between the benches? The Lakers have an awful bench and OKC has one of the best in the game, including the 6th man of the year. Kobe is great and if the bigs step up the Lakers are a force, but 4-1??? COME ON!

    • Deb Sen says:

      Just a interesting fact only one team with the best sixth man (Manu in 2007) has gone on to win the championship in the last 2 decades. (Is it a curse!!!)

  197. Mayweather Sr. says:

    It really doesn’t who wins among this two teams coz the SAS will wear the rings this year!! L.A. Era is OVER!! It’s done!

  198. caleb / celtic kidd says:

    SMH without ryan artest…
    lakers bout washed up …. Kobe cant be doing all the work….. u guys are a team !!! act like it … Great job lawson, and gallinari along with feried… NUGGETS getiing it… lakers needs to go home…

  199. theking0522 says:

    Don’t you understand that Kobe cannot win unless he has big men around? Kobe only won during the 90’s because of Shaq. When Shaq left, the Lakers did not make the playoffs once and they were beaten by Phoenix in a first round series. After that poor Kobe started whining and they brought Gasol. Then the Lakers became relevant again because Gasol and Bynum were on the team. That is how he wins rings because he usually has the most dominant men in the paint. Now he is whining again? Man up!!! You weren’t have won any more rings without Gasol or Bynum. He couldn’t even take his team to the playoffs by himself once…..And the Lakers fans blasting Bynum now? Wasn’t he better than Howard according to you, whiners? Weren’t you going for your 6th ring? hahahahha. WHINERS!!

    • Stranger says:

      shaq did not win rings without any superstar guard..what’s your point? are you suggesting that one player can win a championship all by himself?

      • Deb Sen says:

        @theking – If thats so easy, why dont other guards just whine to get big men and then win the 5 rings just like that. BTW I am dissapointed with the lakers and particularly Gasol and Bynum. Gasol disappeared and Bynum looked like crawling like a baby to get loose balls (also talking like a baby too). I have a strange feeling Clippers v/s OKC where the clippers surprise OKC and then get swept by Miami in the Finals

    • marlon green says:

      Can you tell me how many players was left off of that championship team when Shaq left? After you do your homework get back to me.

  200. Things are not looking good for lakers,team seems tired !However i still thing lakers will win the series,because refs won´t allow nuggets to take over in game 7!113-96 nuggets trashed lakers!

    • justplayball says:

      ……. Yes ….. the refs will be critical in this game, no doubt……just like they were in last nights’ game 6 of the ‘other’ series going on …

  201. KOBE81 says:

    GASOL STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!!!! Why is Kobe the only player putting in work. mind you he has a stomach virus.
    Bynum throughout this serious has been decent but Gasol, has been making it look bad. Kobe is great and will have to give his all in game 7. Gasol needs a 20 plus game in order for Lakes to win.

  202. professab says:

    Lakers don’t play hard at all. It’s been like that all season. They lose to teams they should demolish or barely beat them. I don’t see any effort @ all. They play down to their competition. You have 1 guy dribbling and beating 5 guys down the court. That’s a shame. I’ve been a Laker fan all my life(me and my brothers) and we are ashamed of the way they have played this year….that being said, I still love my boyz!!

  203. Cadena says:

    P.S., Kobe is a great player, but he is no Jordan. Jordan never had a problem getting guys to play to their potential. There is more than one instance in which Kobe’s teams lacked motivation. Also, Shaq was FAR better than Pippen. Without Shaq Kobe has 3 rings tops. Let’s not forget how unbelievable Shaq was back then. He would have won those rings without Kobe, but Kobe would have struggled to make it to the finals without Shaq. Yes, Kobe is amazing, but you Laker fans need to be realistic when comparing him to Jordan…BTW, I hated Jordan, I am being totally objective. If you aren’t too young to remember Jordan and you aren’t a Laker fan, there is no way you say Kobe is better than Jordan.

    • alo says:

      Without Shaq.. Kobe would have 2 rings. However, I don’t think Shaq could’ve gotten those three rings in LA wihtout Kobe.

    • marlon green says:

      So if Kobe has a hard time getting his teammates motivated can you tell me what trevor ariza, shannon Brown, and Jordan farmar doing right now. Their best seasons were in LA with KOBE. And should I throw Lamar Odom in the mix too. And your crazy, Shaq wouldn’t have won those rings without KOBE either. Who was in the game handling things when the diesel was on the bench due to foul trouble or because they couldn’t count on him to make his free throws? Give them both credit they won those rings TOGETHER.

  204. jay says:

    i dont think that they lost 3 games on purpose, they lost them because of lack of selfesteem and concentration, bet the idea of getting metta back before the okc series is pretty good, cause noone besides him can guard durant, and if he does that properly and kobe disables westbrook the lakers win that series 4-1.

  205. mike3 says:

    @ juan and all Lakers Haters… Tired of reading all this. Realize that Kobe is the 2nd best basketball player after M.J.! Stop complaining and trying to find anything bad in Kobe. I hope you don”t like Queen James? If so, then you are a poor, poor Basketaball Fan. At least you have a low Basketball I.Q.

    • Sick says:

      2nd best baskeball player after MJ??? GTFOH
      He’s only teammate is the rim!!! LOL

    • ledzepage says:

      yea i think Magic and Byrd would have something to say about that

      • justplayball says:

        ….yeah…..AND ….kareem…..wilt…..oscar…..jerry…..bill……bob……..etc!!!! The ONLY ‘fans’ who think that are lakerclowns and ‘stargazer’ type of fans….. and in the immortal words of some REAL talent(based in CA but from TX & MI actually)… “They will Never forget you ’till somebody New comes along” !!!

  206. Hunter says:

    Lakers during season:
    Kobe takes too many shots,
    Bynum acts childish,
    Mike Brown brownoses,
    Barnes and Artest act like thugs,
    Pau puts up with @#$%,

    Lakers win in season:
    Kobe is the SOLE reason,Brown brownoses,

    Lakers start to lose in playoffs:
    Kobe takes too many shots,
    Pau and Andrew can’t get involved because Kobe takes too many,
    Kobe gets angry and blames Gasol,
    Brown is exposed as ordinary buttkissing coach that he is,

    Lakers win:
    Kobe is hero
    Lakers lose:
    Blame Gasol

    The typical Los Laker ways

  207. Cadena says:

    Having Artest back will help a lot. You have to feel that the Lakers will pull off game 7, but then again, they totally laid down last year against the Mavs. AND the Nugs have all the confidence in the world. Normally, I’d say the Lakers have a 85% chance in this situation, but with the way they look now, I’d say 60%. Still likely they win, but I won’t be the least bit surprised if they don’t. Either way, OKC has a cake walk ahead of them next round. Even if Gasol and Bynum play better, OKC’s bench will destroy the Lakers’.

    • JBreezy says:

      The Nuggets and OKC play hard against each other (all games within 5 points or so this year). I agree the Lakers would be a cakewalk for OKC, but these Nuggets playing selfless Basketball will not be a cake walk for any team including OKC.

      I would wager OKC would rather play this disfunctional Laker squad over the “starless” offensive jugernaut the Nuggets are performing as right now.

      All I read here is the Lakers are failing, the Lakers are letting it go to game 7, I wonder what these Nuggets will have to do to have someone say the Nuggets are better then the Lakers right now…That the Nuggets are good enough to win this series and are prooving it right in front of you all.

      • DoYouKnowWhatYourSaying says:

        Hmm.. the Nuggets are more selfless than the Lakers… however the Laker have more APG? You sure are smart. Im not saying they dont get each other open looks but most of their points are off one man fast breaks and and isolations. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  208. BigMarc says:

    They should have traded both of them for Dwight Howard

  209. Ronald says:

    It’s really difficult to be a Lakers fan this past few days. I hope Lakers as a team will figure out a win with nuggets for the upcoming game 7. Lakers don’t disappoint us.

  210. JAI JAI JAI says:

    all the way boston… they beat philly… miami vs cs is 4-0 regular season.. bostob vs spurs finals

  211. Lakers_dynasty says:

    Lakers will lift the 17th crown no matter what you say and Kobe will reach jordan in any statistic!
    the next Jordan is Kobe as 24 follows 23…

    You can’t consider such an experienced team as finished so easily.

    Besides, they left the series come to tie 3-3 on purpose in order to have Ron Artest with Okc ! 😉

    Tommorow we have nuggets on the menu!

  212. Balanar says:

    actually the lakers forced it to game 7 so that artest will get back against OKC, pretty cool huh?

    • Xiao says:

      laker only intention is for lunatic Artest to get back and hurt someone else. Last night Kobe almost took one of the Denver guy out. Laker are whole bunch of dirty players who are going fishing saturday.

    • ledzepage says:

      pretty stupid if they lose

  213. NBAfan says:

    They get meta back in game 7. They need metta for the full series in rd 2 if they are to stand a chance. Taking this series to game 7 is a good strategy be it on purpose or not. Who will guard durant? Mwp! Watch gasol and Bynum come up big and the lakers meet okc with a full squad. Strategy; gotta see the big picture here. Sweeping den means 3 games without metta against okc. Think about it.

    • Marlon Green says:

      I totally agree with the strategy of the Lakers throwing those games against Denver. It makes no sense at all when you think about it. How does Bynum go from an break out all star season to this unfocused not prepared player all of a sudden? Sure he’s had his problems on and off the court this year but his performance on the court has been awesome all year until now. And yes Gasol can be soft at times but with Bynum’s play going to another level makes things alot easier for him. If you really look at these games you can see it, the lakers are purposely throwing these games. They are to experianced and too good to be outplayed by starless team with inconsistant and average players. And it’s smart if they can burn some games on world peace’s supension. With the way OKC is playing the lakers need all of their weapons from start to finish. I look forward to the Lakers ESPECIALLY Bynum and Gasol to actually play their size HUGE and Kobe will be awesome and win easily against this average team.

      • ledzepage says:

        yea hows that strategy gonna hold if you lose game 7?

      • JBreezy says:

        The arrogance of your posting and totally flawed logic you are using are totally indicative of why the NBA hates Laker fans.

        This “starless” and “average” team is running circles around the Lakers, they are taller, faster and younger then the Lakers, and if you think a coach in a hot seat like Brown is going to intetionally throw ANY game in professional sports you are deluded and need to find help.

        The “star” on the Nuggets is the sport of Basketball itself, played the way it was meant to be played!

        A unit working together as one can move mountains (Bynam and Gasol).

      • justplayball says:

        ……breakout all-star season????? Are you high or something, no, just another deluded fakerfan……. lol……lol…..lmao!!!!!

    • Sick says:

      IFFFFFFFFFFF they win game 7?…. LOL

    • Joey E says:


      • Sno says:

        They’ve been under pressure the past two games to close and came up short, am I wrong?

      • justplayball says:

        …..and jack….what position does HE play.???? the joker????……jackoff maybe!!!

  214. JJ says:

    The return of Metta will be big in game 7

    • Larry O'Connor says:

      If MWP plays in game 7 he will have a huge effort. Hopefully he wont do something stupid and get kicked out again.

  215. Rekal says:

    damn i watched that game last night and for real kobe did his job sick or not, but bynum and gasol needs to step up their game,their body language yesterday was very bad,no effort,they dont look focus or motivate to win,same thing for the rest of the team, guys like mat barnes and sessions need to step up their level of play,if playoffs basketball guys,on denver side i can say nothing bad about them,they are taking what LA are givem them,and taking advantage of it,it will be a good game 7

    • justplayball says:

      ….”did his job” ??? Yeah, like the cheap flagrant (from behind of course–no stones to do it from the front) he gave when his team was beaten to the bucket …AGAIN……

  216. MWP says:

    it was the gameplan so that MWP can get some game time in before they face OKC!

  217. rodrick L.A. says:

    Oh my god the lakers need to end this series already

  218. LakerFan says:

    i hate to say this but the Lakers are Done and Gone.. with Kobe ageing, their front court being lazy and depending on what will Kobe do, their bench players are useless except Hill and Blake. they should have traded Pau for David West or someone atleast. with Artest be able to get back, they should get back to business, atleast made it to 2nd round.

    • Gerry says:

      I agree with you 100%. We’re are not going anywhere with this lazy group of dudes we have on our team. However, Gasol must go!!!!!

  219. stefano says:

    It’s alright guys!
    I’m a Denver fan, anyway next game will see the return of the Peace. Peace in the lockroom & Peace in the World.
    Otherwise… It’s hard to believe we’ll see another season with Pau and Kobe together.

  220. ko0kie says:

    bynum is clearly not ready for a long playoff run…he doesn’t look focused nor does he have a sense of urgency to win every game. even if the lakers can get past the nuggets ( which I hardly doubt ) they will get stomped by the a well rested young (meanwhile not unexpericened anymore) thunder team..

  221. AA says:

    Funny that no one mentions it. The reason their defence is breaking down, the reason Denver is able to have their way with both of the soft big men is simple…

    M W P.

    Game takes on a whole new complexion when you have a forward who can single handedly move mountains and is not bothered by anyone’s size or speed. Do you think Miller or Gallanari will be effective in game 7 when Ron Ron is back? Do you think puff boys like Lawson, McGee or Fareed are going to be able to get anywhere NEAR the paint while Peace is on patrol? Don’t bet on it.

    See you in game 7.

    • Xiao says:

      Nobody has mention this madman because if he’s on the court somebody else will get hurt. The guy is a psycho…..

    • Scott M says:

      100% agree
      this game seven is a blessing in disguise, get MWP a game to get the rust off and go full force at the thunder…Go lakers and MWP…dont be soft or over freindly when you come back. Be the beast that Soft gasol isnt and big talker bynum only wish they could be!!!!
      Mamba and MWP all the way!!! Im excited to have MWP back, hes playin at a allstar level again

    • OKC'sNext says:

      I agree whole heartedly. We have been missing MWP big time. Artest is the Answer.

      • alo says:

        Iverson is the Answer

      • justplayball says:

        …..Yes he is the answer….. to the question…”Who is the craziest, lamest, stooooopidest multimillionaire sports figure?” he IS the answer to that!!

    • Sno says:

      It’s nice of Artest to take time away from clubbing and TV appearances to play some b-ball. That being said, I won’t take away from the guy’s talent, but just as Kobe is only one person, so is Artest, they’re still short 3 players.

      I don’t see any team getting past OKC this year regardless.

      • justplayball says:

        ……if they (OKC) were THAT good how come they didn’t win their division???? and lost it to the “OLD” team?????

  222. WolfBrown says:

    If the Lakers lose, I won’t even watch the rest of the playoffs…

    • ledzepage says:

      you can tell Laker fans just love basketball

      • justplayball says:

        …..indeed…BIG basketball fans!!!…….. Naw….just Stargazers!!

      • Treshiq says:

        CO SIGN ledzepage..It’s easy to be a LAker fan.They harp on Kobe(who is great yes), but they know very little about bball the league…or anything else…they down see the demise thier star is getting older and though STILL a phenom.no one wants to step uo and help…so i stand by the LAkers being gone the first rd this season..

  223. ivan jennings says:

    haters in the building. hope i can still find you after the lakers wins another championship title this season. son of a beaches go to h3LL mothafuqers

    • ledzepage says:

      I am astonished by your eloquence. How old are you? 7?

    • JBreezy says:

      You sound confedent and sound minded [/sarcasm]…. Sometimes childish banter reveals a severe lack of confedence.

      Did you see the faces of the Lakers last night?
      This series is already over, they have all given up (but Kobe).

  224. ezradalton says:

    Kobe is supposed to take 20+ shots. He is a proven superstar one of the greatest of all time. It’s not that Pau or Bynum don’t get as many shots as he does. The problem is the didn’t put forth the effort to get and make those shots. If Pau and Bynum don’t step up it is over for the Lakers.

  225. lakers says:

    its only kobe on this team im mad

  226. binn says:

    yup I agree, the lakers lost last year bec. pau gasol didn’t played aggressively. hey men give it your all it;s the playoffs . even when kobe is struggling he gives all what he’s got!

    • Juan says:

      BInn, is that short for Osama Binn What the Heck You Talking About? Let’s blame the Spanish guy on the team. The Lakers would not have made it to the playoffs without Pau Gasol, or won a championship either. Gasol’s and Bynum’s play is just a reflection of the leadership of the Lakers, from Mike Brown to Mitch Kupchak to Jerry Buss to Kobe Bryant.

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        I agree with the leadership problem. Mike Brown does not inspire his players and he doesn’t make the adjustments needed in the playoffs. He had the same problem in Cleveland. A strong record in the regular season but the playoffs need a coach with some “Mojo”.

      • TRU*NBAFAN says:

        Amnen!! And a Spurs fan would know that. They have the best organization in the league because of their leadership that starts with Pop and all his players RESPECT him and each other. No prima donnas, the team understands that even though the team has captains, POP is in charge and he doesn’t have to resort to calling them out all the time to get them to do their job. Kobe thinks he can guilt and scare the team into playing better…he has no clue and should take a clue from Duncan and Robinson. And yeah try to keep yourself and your business out of the media so much, it will serve them better.

        Win or lose Spurs will make no excuses.

      • sbfern805 says:

        SON!! dont forget Phil Jackson was on the Lakers side… AKA BEST COACH IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS!! Now HE knows how to get respect from Anyone!!! EVEN THE BEST TWO PLAYERS IN THE WORLD… MJ AND KB24. And unlike San Antonio…this is CALIFORNIA the best State in the World Media is part of our culture, there is nothing in San Antonio so Media doesnt go there…its boring!!! Win or Lose Lakers are still Better than any team 🙂

  227. Humble Tafari says:

    Lakers should have got rid of Gasol and took Dwight Howard!!!! Now they regretting it big time.

    • Juan says:

      Excuse me Humble. What country. . .planet are you from? Dwight Howard is out for the rest of the season, Wilbur!

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        I would bet that Dwight Howard would be playing his best basketball right now if he had been traded to the Lakers. Most ailments and injuries are psychological. His mind made it real and so he has to have surgery. If he had been traded to Lakers his mind would have been rejuvinated and his back would be strong.

      • ledzepage says:

        yea larry I dont think you can magically wish surgery away……..

      • Juan MD says:

        this is a reply to Larry O’Connor…..
        Yeah…”If he had been traded to Lakers his mind would have been rejuvinated and his back would be strong”…
        and if my grandma had two wheels she would be a bycicle…
        man thats like saying you could play like kobe just if you earned his money…just because of your crazy mind…LOL

  228. Michael Beckerman says:

    The Lakers are going to win this game and go on to beat OKC. Look at the history of the NBA finals. Lot’s of teams “stumble” at various time. But they have the piece and they’ll figure it out. Go Lakers!

    • phillip says:


    • Juan says:

      Is Michael Beckerman a pseudonym for Metta World Peace? If so, you are the “piece” that’s missing. Denver fans and fans of the NBA thank you for your lack of self-control!

    • Kobe geting 6 says:

      the lakers will win saturday and will beat OKC and see the heat in the finals kobe will win his 6 ring then the debate of kobe and jordan will begin

      • pakyaw says:

        @kobe geting 6.. dont even put jordan name to kobe comparison..,even if he win his 6 ring ,still no debate between those two…
        JORDAN legacy lives FOREVER.. kobe legacy will only last 15 years after he retired…coz U KNOW WHY? kobe will always only 2nd to the shadow of MICHAEL JORDAN for the rest of his carrer…. TRUTH HURTS!

      • Raul says:

        Believing is cool and all, but just because you believe Kobe will be getting his 6 ring this year doesnt mean its a realistic statement. Get Real Bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand a couple of years back but now ??? LOL thats ridiculous. Im a KNICK fan and i can honestly say after our series with MIAMI that this is OKC and MIAMI’s year and they will be in the 2012 Finals. Period. Not the lakers, not the spurs, not boston. None of the Oldies. This is a NEW ERA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FACTSAREBETTERTHANFICTION

  229. Mert Dalgıç says:

    Bynum and Gasol came to watch the match today.

  230. jovdelmar says:

    Pau should expect to be traded after this season. He has to see it coming right, i mean noone will accept that kind of performance from him specially against his matchup with the rookie Faried. Pau got outworked and out hustled.

    Lakers need reliable shooters to pay for other teams when they double bynum/kobe
    Lakers also need a coach who will utilize and develop all his players, Coach Brown may be good at detailed preparations and Xs and Os but i dont see any heart / effort from his team and he certainly is slow at making adjustments specially in playoff games.

    Kobe is one of the greats but unlike before I dont see kobe leading his team by example in defense anymore, so many lapses of his own just like his fellow teammates. Could be coach’s fault? age? whatever the reason is. it is what it is.

    • Juan says:

      Pau is suffering from PMS. Post-Metta-Syndrome.

      • Ricky B says:

        How is Kobes commitment to his teamates questioned? He has brought every single player on his team that has worked with him in the past 4 years at least 2 rings. He is the only man on his team doing work and its not like he can score 81 points a game every night. come on man you cant hate on Kobe all your life

      • sbfern805 says:

        Look. When Pau Gasol played for memphis, he showed his true capabilities and was the franchise of his team. Few years later he disappeared and no one really talked about him until he got traded to the Lakers…First three years, this guy was showing everything…and he is fading away just like the first time. Most hispanic/Latinos are this way, it comes from Spanish blood, they were once great, and they become miserable. What i hate the most about Pau Gasol, is his laziness and lack of effort. If he was Marc Madsen, i would understand that he doesnt have much talent and not much is expected from him, but he has everything to succeed ( height, skill and range) but he does not utilze any of it. Bynum’s head blew up too fast, and feels his position is locked up and secure so he can do whatever he wants. Kobe as great as he has been all these years can no longer do it alone with just role players, So if he doesnt receive help, Lakers are done. Maybe Metta World Peace brings some confidence back into the team….

  231. Karlo Garcia says:

    Kobe’s toughness is never a question.

    • Juan says:

      His commitment to and from his teammates is though!

      • kobe says:

        juan what are u talking about..u have no clue..his teammates never show up for every single game..they play hard one game and dont show up for next..did u even watch that game last night..Bynum and Gasol are lazy have no heart..yea blame kobe..only one that shows up for every game plays hard and wants to win..this is why he does take alot of shots cause his teammates act like they dont care if they win or lose..STICK TO SOCCER JUAN

  232. anonymous says:

    Good thing the Magic didn’t trade Bynum for Howard haha.

    • Juan says:

      Ouch! Pouring salt in a fresh wound!

      • Vendetta says:

        hahaha…btw if the magic had Bynum they would kill the pacers….and howard is injured so if u put it that way lakers would lost 4-0 and i’m a lakers fan. they wouldn’t have any good center

  233. Ben says:

    Whatever the outcome of this post season (which I can’t see being beyond round 2), Gasol will probably be shipped in the offseason. Questions can only keep getting louder, as he once again goes missing in key postseason games.

  234. nino says:

    tough to be a lakers fan right now. i mean we all know that it’s kobes team but right now i think ill have to agree with the haters that lakers are kobe only : /

  235. regardless says:

    To me, if Lakers win 7. game, they’ll renew but if they lose, it’s over for either Gasol or Bynum as a Laker.

    • Juan says:

      Lakers are done if they win or lose. They will not stand a chance against OKC, and I’m a Spurs fan!

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        Lakers can beat the Thunder. Depends just on what Laker squad shows up, the same team that took a quick 3-1 lead over Denver or the Lakers squad that is now up on the ropes with a Game 7\

        Our bench is not good at all, but at times some of those guys have and can step up when needed. Bynum Gasol Kobe is a good trio as well, when Bynum gets in his right mind to work hard and be mature he is a dynamic big man and everyone knows what Gasol can do, but his problem is does he know it? His consistency has come into question and that needs to change, both bigs are HEAVILY PAID PLAYERS, play like your contract has you seem!

      • justplayball says:

        …..DITTO !!!!!

    • shane says:


  236. Carl says:

    I’m saying this as a Laker fan: The Lakers don’t deserve to win this series. It’s really hard, but what the hell else do you WANT out of Kobe Bryant? He’s the ONLY player on this team that even LOOKS like he wants to win. It’s really just sad.

    • Juan says:

      I disagree. Kobe’s demeanor on the sidelines of game 5 showed me he’s given up on his teammates. I think his teammates just showed him in game 6 that they reciprocate his sentiments.

      • jay says:

        That’s some really flawed, silly logic. Bryant is frustrated because his team isn’t putting forth effort. And you suggest that it makes sense for them to respond to this by…..putting forth less effort? Nonsense.

      • O.M.B says:

        At Least Kobe will get in the huddle during the timeout.

      • Scott M says:

        Losing MWP is the reason for this
        with him this series was a sweep. Im actually happy this happned because now when the lakers win game 7(and they will) Metta will be back for all of the thunder series. This is a blessing in disguise laker fans, fear not!!! we have the Mamba and a full squad vs thunder. This is exactly what we neede 😉

    • Badandy says:

      @ Scott M. I agree that having MWP will help out the Lakers against OKC. However, the officials are going to watch him like a hawk. And Harden is a cheap and dirty player-so he’ll play up the physical nature of that matchup. MWP may get into foul trouble quick.

      • Brighton says:

        Harden is a ditry player? He just won the 6th man of the year, and he did nuthin to provoke MWP. Don’t think that the lakers will play okc, they still have to get by Denver, who is on a roll.

      • kobe says:

        that’s a fact right there.

      • justplayball says:

        …..’whirled peas’ will be rusty and will tire easily….being on tv isn’t much exercise…………. now ‘HE’ is gonna be a laker savior ???? Wow, how the ‘mighty’ have fallen!!!

      • lakers+duke=awsome says:

        harden isnt cheap. mwp deserved a bigger suspemssion too. and a reduced pay cut. or like a ban for plaing the first bit of the season

  237. frank says:

    This Lakers team is a mess. What if every player, Kobe included, does what have to do and nothing more? They are simply unprofessional

  238. Objective says:

    So let me get this thing clear.
    When Kobe is shooting horrible NO ONE is allowed is talk trash and now he wanna talk trash ????
    listen up Gasol : grow some balls, that guy ain’t your mama !!! Since when is it healthy to have one employer have so much power in a organization ? Lakers y’all slipping bad. BTW : Y’all gonna get sweept by OKC. Game 7 against a starLESS team, come on. No more rings for brainless peeps 🙂 have a nice period Lakers fan 🙂

    • Mo says:

      i don`t agree with you, Kobe aint trash talking. He is not saying they are playing poorly, he`s saying they are not in the series right now or at least not mentally in it

    • lakers+duke=awsome says:

      it wasnt horrible he shot above 50% in that series. i know he didnt in the regular season but here he is so please get ur facts straight.the lakers can get 1 more ring. maybe 2 but the bench need to play and Bynum and Gasol need to sto-p acting like 5 year olds

  239. armin halvadzic says:

    Lakers are not done as someone said beffore me. They just lost allot of confidence and if they go in the second round OKC won’t be intimidaited by them because they know that denver took them to game 7. I’m not saying Denver is bad,matter of fact they are a fantastic deep team,is just that I think Lakers are better. Number one reason Lakers are losing these games is effort and energy. Denver came out with allot of will to win and they accepted the chalange with open hand.On the other hand Lakers took it a bit to easy with the mindset of : this is gonna be easy we just need to come out and play a little. Well they gonna have to play HARD. And now there is pressure on them meanwhile Denver is in the win-win situation. They already did they job. They showed up. Bynum wake up,get angry ! and Gasol … I know you are not soft but don’t be soft.

  240. Heya says:

    Kobe will be Kobe, sick or not he gives his all, Gasol looks tired. Its Bynum thats lagging big time. Plus the big mouth he is carrying just made the other team more determined to kick the lakers @$$

    • hitman1979 says:

      yup that’s kobe , that’s what separates legends (kobe ) from spoiled talented players like Bynum who doesn’t put they’re best foot forward all the time because thinking they’re too good against this team who play they’re hearts out .heart win championships not just talent.

      • Gerry says:

        I agree with you on that one 100%. Just looking at the way Bynum is carrying himself on the floor hurt my stomach. Here’s a huge 24 year old well paid dude would not even sweat in such an important game for his team; He should be traded. I’m a Lakers fan, for years I have been following Bynum attitude, he’s always doing something that I hate seeing players do; laughing and giggling while your team is losing. That is one of the reasons I like players like Kobe, he just hate to lose.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        Ditto with Gerry

        The laughing with Bynum really upsets me, he looks like just a big kid sitting over on the sidelines.

        Then last night they showed how Bynum doesnt even get in the huddles anymore, I believe the words said “this has become part of his ritual” and that is just pathetic too me!

  241. LakersFan says:

    They should be called out. They were no help at all. Kobe was sick and still outscored every player on his team! He is the MVP.

    • dattebayo says:

      I don’t wanna take away from Kobe’s performance, his statsline looks great. I still think his “stomach ailment” is somewhat overblown by the media. I am not saying he faked it but every player plays so many games, in some you not gonna feel 100% healthy. Don’t kid yourself though, Kobe took 23 shots and had 4 freethrows, Pau and Bynum only got 10 and 11 attempts respectively. If they had more shot attempts or as much as Kobe has had, they would have more points too…

      Bynum at least was rebounding, that 3 points 3 boards performance from Pau is a disgrace to any player of his caliber. That is the second time he is struggling in the playoffs and the reason they wanted to trade him. If the Lakers lose that series he is gone…

      • BigFundamental says:

        I saw the game… Kobe looked terrible (health-wise)… you can’t fake that dehydrated, queasy look on his face. As much as I strongly dislike Kobe and the Showtime Lakers, I have always respected Kobe’s game… after last nite, he def earned more props from this Laker-hater, ala Michael Jordan Flu Game! Either way, they’re gonna get bounced when they meet my Spurs if they make it past OKC… Timmy’s gettin #5 this year

      • phillip says:

        When are people gonna realise LA ball just aint good enough. if the Nuggets played to half of their potential in the 3 lossses they win every game. Scary thing is, this is the first game they’ve played well as a unit. Dre and Javale won it in LA and they come of the bench. They could very well lose this series, but at least their future is brighter than stale LA

      • lamar says:

        u must didn’t watch the game…more shots? they were givin the ball all night its their fault…bynum plays weak even on ally oops he lays the ball up and misses instead of dunking…he got blocked like 4 times the only reason he even gets a rebound is because he’s tall..he doesn’t go after the ball..and when he gets block shots its because somebody is driving to the cup and he’s in the way…if he was dennis rodman’s height he wouldn b NOTHIN

      • Hauso says:

        Look man, Kobe had to start shooting cuz the big men weren’t doing anything. They had chances early and the Lakers went down 13-0. He had to shoot at the end of game 5 too. Bynum and Gasol looked miserable. Lazy to their spots. Big men have to work before getting the ball. You think if Pau had more attempts he would have had more points? He had 10 attempts….3 points. That’s TUUURRRIBLLE (charles barkely voice). Guarantee Kobe doesn’t care about his stat line. That guy is a proven winner. Did you read the part about his mentality?? That’s why he continued to score while Denver was playing really good defense. And that’s the other thing, no one’s giving Denver any credit. They deserve a ton of it. Playing with way more hear and desire. Bynum needs to come out and DEMAND that he get the ball, with his play, not his mouth. Work hard early, get to spots, finish when he gets the ball. BTW…Kobe shot over 50%. I’lll take that ANY DAY. Hopefully, the big men respond tomorrow and get it done. But with men that big and strong with minds that weak…it’s doubtful they can do too much against the Thunder, Spurs, Heat or Celtics.

      • Reggie says:

        Dude, Kobe was not faking. He was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Which is inflammation of the stomach. That’s not something you can fake. Plus he got two intravenous bags of saline during halftime which is something needed when you lack sufficient fluids in your body. And if your ever got an IV before, you will know that it’s definitely not pleasant or fun.

      • John says:

        wasnnt it reported that he had Gastroenteritis? Had this myself a few years ago and it is not just some “stomach bug”. you throw up anything you ingest, including water, and if you have any empty stomach you dry heave. a comman symptom is also severe diarrhea. if kobe had it half as bad as i did, the fact that he even set foot on the court is incredible. please at least try to know what you are talking about before you post such an incredibly ignorant comment.

      • John says:

        also, most of bynum’s rebounds were uncontested by denver….just saying.

      • Treshiq says:

        I was AT the GAME big fundamental..Kobe may not have looked 100% but he didn’t look to much different from the other games where i’ve seen him live. I do beleive he was under the weather…But i don’t beleive it was as bad as what HE LA and the media wanted ( the DDenver teamand fans) to believe.

    • Juan says:

      Kobe is the MVP, Most Vain Player!

    • pigeons01 says:

      Shut up! Kobe stinks, LBJ and Jordan want to be like.

      • awesomo-5000 says:

        you make no sense. your argument is invalid

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        straight hater…

        lebron wishes he had five rings like kobe does. No disrespect to lbj, great talent, but until he proves to me he can deliver in the clutch DO NOT put his name in the same sentence as KOBE or MJ ..simple as that!

    • Gerry says:

      I Agree with Kobe too. However, I would say that the entire Laker team, beside Kobe, has been putting no efforts; it would seem like they don’t respect the Coach, they have not been showing no didgnity at all. Especially Bynum and Gasol, for all the money they got paid and also their status in the team; I would say shame on them!

  242. jura says:

    And the Razzie Award for worst actor goes to …..Kobe “I drank too much GOAT milk”Bryant

    • weber says:

      That’s a ridiculous comment! Goat milk?!?! C’mon- learn about the actual game of basketball, and then have something more educated to say

      • justplayball says:

        ….it is just part of the script!! Nobody will ever know all the facts…… They(lalalalakers) are ripe for the pickin’ … but you never know… Denver could have a terrible shooting game again and the kobester could light it up again and the lakers move on….. makes for a great storyline in the 7th game!!

  243. Ferdinand says:

    Lakers are done.

    • Juan says:


    • Scott M says:

      The lakers arent done, they will beat denver at home..BUT………..they dont look good and i see a bad fate vs the thunder:(
      im a huge lakers fan and want them to win…..kobe is a killer, bynum itleast rebounded hard.
      but gasol………….i could trash you and say what we all feel, but i will say just this. Your a champion and a allstar, step up your game man. your being mentally weak. get out there and fight like an animal!!! This isn’t ok. 3 pts……..?

      • LAfanfromafar says:

        this was why Pau almost got traded. i think Lakers management knew something about this soft spanard

      • Joy says:

        i’m big fan too and i agree with you about Pau, he has been world champion (in a really world champinship) but actually he is playing like a small forward trapped in a sluggish 7 foot body. something is wrong with that man because looks like he don’t find his place on the court. Come on Gasoft, awake! we need you!!!

      • Greg says:

        this is exactly what happened last year. gasol dissapeared and we almost traded him. he just gets soft for some reason.

      • Rango says:

        Gasol is out of fuel, he played all season games and is one of the most used players in minutes. Nuggets players are playing with so much energy and intensity, but i think lakers will prevail. I dont see lakers winning much more, its bench is horrible!

      • Chandler says:

        I agree. I don’t see a very bright light at the end of the tunnel, or even if there is one for the Lakers when they play OKC. Gasol will be gone in the off-season. Whether it is a package for Josh Smith or a package from another team. We’re gonna have to get another good player to fill in the 4 spot. To be honest, Pau is better than Josh, but because he has been M.I.A. the past 2 series in the playoffs, he’s gonna get traded. I think Lakers will have one last run with Kobe next season. I hope that if he does play on the Dream Team that his playing time gets limited. Pursue D-Will (even though we don’t have a very high chance, its worth a shot.) In the meantime, get back either Sessions or Aaron Brooks. Andrew Bynum is gonna have to shape up too. I blame him for the loss at home. He’s talking trash and not backing it up.

      • LAL:P says:

        Lakers step up, come on Kobe was sick and he still putted up 31 pts, what happened to pau or bynum?? this isn´t a 3 point team I don´t know why you guys are looking for three´s work in the paint thats why we have the big guys!! I agree pau played awful but come on not just him had fault, also did andrew he didn´t played as a player should come on its the playoff you work your @ss of to be there now show that you want…Ps I don´t believe trading pau Gasol would be a great idea, I believe in getting great players to play in our bench! Because this bench isn´t preforming well and we need a bench that reproduce not limit us. Come on LAL the road isn´t easy OKC is a tough match up but if you guys play hard we can give a fight!

    • Showbaba7 says:

      Who told you lakers are done? People just like to hate. Even though I am a big fan of Miami, I appreciate the effort of the greats. These guys are all putting their best. I admired what and how Kobe played last night under the condition but Bynum and Gasol need to do better in game 7. If NUGGET wins game 7 that means they are better than lakers but I don’t believe lakers are done.

      • Laker big men are not playing to their potential. They are both playing very soft and like they expected to win the series. I think they will have a better rythm playing with their normal starting lineup with Metta World Peace next game. It has really hurt them with him out this series, as Ebanks just doesnt cut it. And the Laker bench is the worst in the NBA, I really hope mangement addresses that next year. I don’t know why Josh McRoberts is not playing more. Jordan Hill played a couple good games but has slacked the last few as well. They are just not getting bench production. Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, & Jordan Hill are all hot or cold and Troy Murphy is just horrible!
        The Lakers will only go as far as Kobe, Bynum & Gasol take them! It cannot just be Kobe having good nights and the other two expecting to cruise through series!! This is not the Laker team I know and love!

    • justplayball says:

      ……I started to watch Bynum closely(from the middle of the 3rd qrtr on) after made and missed baskets(Denver mostly) and he seems to think this is a game of ‘trotting’ not running. I can’t understand why he just doesn’t ‘run’ back court and get in position ASAP. Is he real tired, perhaps ill as well. All I know if I was that tall and gifted with a body full of muscles like that .. I would be all over that backboard. He made one offensive play that was very commendable… got a close offensive rebound and didn’t bring the ball down and ‘easily’ just ‘put’ the ball in the basket. Why doesn’t he do this all the time is as mysterious to me as I am sure it is to his coach, teammates and fans. I’ll tell you this .. IF he ever “Gets It” he will be a force in the league for a long time….. PS: I am no laker fan, but I can really understand their(kobe and coach) frustration… and I think, under the circumstances, that they addressed it in a proper manner…..kudos!!

      • Steel Kobe 24 says:

        Ya he never hustles up and down the court, he just never seems to be putting forth his best effort. If he went ALL OUT each night like Kobe and the other greats do, he would become an immediate MVP candidate

    • Mike says:

      they are done until kome retires cuz as long as he is taking 30-40 shots “cuz he has to(lmao)”, they will never win anything…

      • QuestionMark says:

        Agreed Kobe shot like 42% in the season and 28% from 3, that is no where near efficient and when you shoot like that and take 30 shots, you are bound to lose no matter how many points you have.

      • Sasha says:

        Exactly. I’m glad I’m not alone in this. kobe almost ALWAYS shoots under the team’s % game in and game out. He turns the ball over more than any other Laker. He’s a liability.

      • Peter says:

        You are a joke, did you watch game 6? 13 for 23.. Who would you rather take the shots ,1-10 Gasol?