Hang Time Podcast (Episode 78) With Trail Blazers Guard Jamal Crawford

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re not the only ones glued to the flat screen every night watching the playoff drama unfold all around the league.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are not alone.

NBA players like Jamal Crawford, whose Portland Trail Blazers missed out on the postseason this season, are locked in on the action every night as well. So when there’s a wild ending to a game or series, or both, as we had in Philadelphia and Boston Thursday night, Crawford is watching each and every second just like we are.

The only difference is, he knows what it’s like to be in that huddle when there are 3.5 seconds left and the play that either saves or ends a season is being drawn up. He knows what it’s like when those game-winning free throws drop through the bottom of the nets. He knows that euphoric feeling of seeing the plan come together as well as he knows that empty feeling when you come up short.

And that’s why we couldn’t think of a better guest to share his insights than our main man and Hang Time favorite @JCrossover (on Twitter) to give us the lowdown on what he’s seen so far.

Check it out on Episode 78 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring Portland Trail Blazers guard Jamal Crawford:


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  1. karoLT says:

    i just think, THE HAWKS din’t have enough time with AL Horford in the equation for the playoffs… Next year i think they would make serious noise… Lets Go Hawks