Stomach Illness Puts Bryant’s Status For Game 6 In Doubt

DENVER – Lakers guard Kobe Bryant missed the late-morning shootaround Thursday with a bad stomach ailment that put his availability tonight in doubt, although teammates and coach Mike Brown indicated they expect Bryant to play tonight in Game 6 as Los Angeles tries to close out the Nuggets.

Bryant is suffering from gastroenteritis, spokesman John Black said, an illness that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, cramping and other problems. The severity of Bryant’s case is not known, and the Lakers say they will have an update about 90 minutes before tipoff tonight.

Brown said he did not know his contingency plan for a starting lineup without Bryant. Steve Blake is the logical choice as the only backcourt reserve, at shooting guard or point guard, in the rotation, but Brown could go with small forward Matt Barnes to keep some semblance of a bench in place with Blake. Or, Andrew Goudelock could be pressed into emergency action after playing two minutes total in the series.

“If I were a betting guy – which I’m not, commish – I would probably bet that he would play before he wouldn’t,” Brown, who said he found out about the ailment as the Lakers prepared to leave for shootaround, told reporters at Pepsi Center after the prep session for Game 6. “But I don’t know how serious it is.”

Added Blake: “I haven’t talked to Kobe. I don’t know how sick he is or what the whole situation is, but I would expect him to be out there.”

Indeed, it is difficult for anyone who knows Bryant’s passion to play to imagine him missing a postseason game and a postseason game with the chance to advance at that. Even if he does play, though, it would be in a weakened state, which puts more pressure on the bench to produce in a series where power forward Jordan Hill has been the only consistent reserve.

“I don’t think it’s one individual,” Brown said when asked about who picks up the slack for a sick or absent Bryant. “I think it’s going to have to be as a group. We had different guys step up at different times for us (when Bryant missed seven games with a shin injury late in the regular season). It’s going to have to be a group effort more than anything else. But obviously Pau (Gasol) and Andrew (Bynum) are going to have to help a lot more, as well as (Ramon) Sessions.”



  1. rafiki says:

    This is not about a flu game. Its about getting numbnuts to come back for game 7. This team is no different than a reality show like Jersey shore. This is Hollywood’s team.

  2. theking0522 says:

    HHhHAAAA. Jordan won the game. Kobe did not. Kobe ain’t Jordan….Period!!!

  3. leilei says:

    Kobe doesn’t have to prove himself, or anything about himself . he is a great player. lakers will make it to the finals.
    The younger generation centers are spoilt, hopefully, Bynum will ‘grow up’ , to be like the older generation centers like Sharq, he has a long long way to go

  4. LAKER GURL says:

    lakers are going to win with or without kobe there still the best and u know it
    and hes not faking if he was faking everybody would’ve known by now u guys r all haters LAKERS WILL WIN I KNOW

    I LUV LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bigwill says:

    The game will be called the “Diarrhea Game” Mike Brown “It made me a believer”

  6. zhnzhang says:

    Kobe! Show us a “flu game!”

  7. KOBE SYSTEM says:


  8. NBAFAN says:

    Kobe’s just looking for an excuse if the Lakers lose lol

  9. phils says:

    try Andrew Goudelock,,,,,

  10. LJPIX says:

    Kobe is Great but its time for the team to step up,Its his way of telling the world he’s one person he needs the Lakers to ball like a unit. Last game showed that kobe can score but the team needs to all put in #real work. As for the serious just delayed so Artest be back for thunder…..

  11. beast says:


  12. Louiemdc says:

    Andrew Bynum Only Take 8 shot and make 5 in Game 5 LOL. Kobe BallHog.

  13. Denver Nation says:

    Denver will win if they can jump out to a fast start. Mozgov needs to do a better defensive job on bynum

  14. DG says:

    Not Kobe Flu, it’s gastro man. This could be the Kobe poo game!

  15. jay says:

    kobe will play and he will crush the nuggets they only lost so mwp can play game one against okc

  16. LemW says:

    Look for Kobe to score 40 plus points. Kobe done this before.

  17. isaiah isaac says:

    For all you people saying that kobe is trying to be like jordan he is not. you cant compare jordan to any one there will never be another jordan there will never be another lebron and there will definitly never be another kobe!

  18. Lulu says:

    LAL should lose this game. And bring back the series to Staples and win game 7 🙂

  19. Daniel says:

    if kobe wants this 6th ring bad enough he will play if he wants to win!!!!!!

  20. andy says:

    denver is goin fishing dont matter if kobe plays or not

  21. Joe Johnson says:

    Kobe trying to be jordan lakers going to lose

  22. Anthony says:

    Kobe will play.. Lakers all day everday!

  23. angie-la says:

    Didn’t Kobe supper from a stomach ailment a few years back during the playoffs when the Lakers came to Denver?? Better watch out what he orders from room service!!

  24. bruno says:

    if will kobe not play tonight should be andrew goudlock starting line up not steve blake (blake is on for reserved ) thats my opinion

  25. GMAC says:

    Stop comparing Kobe to Jordan… MJ is a basketball GOD, Kobe is his fat toe lol

  26. jackyyyyy says:

    wheres luke walton when u need him?

  27. I says:

    Kobe is not trying to copy Jordan’s flu game, he just got a stomach virus and he had no control over it, all hes trying to do is win the playoffs stop hating on NBA players especially Kobe.

  28. eye_smell_jordan_jockers says:

    Jeezz, since when is this about Jordan “leave the worst president ever alone”;
    lets be honest, jordan had the best perimeter defender in pippen and best forward/center defender in rodman maybe ever;
    and phil jackson in his prime!!!!!; besides jordan never played against 4 HOF in the finals (garnett,pierce,allen,rondo);
    maybe 2 max, and not even in his position; he played 1 star teams like barkleys suns and drexlers trailblazers; LOL
    a joke really!!
    and lets not forget that 80s celtics and lakers and phili got old, injured and retired!!
    give it a rest; magic is the best ever; simple logic: if bird never existed magic would have like 9 rings, and birds celtics destroyed the bulls a ton of times..

  29. SaYo says:

    lol alot of kobe haters, not surprising
    the big mans needa step it up
    bynum got dominated by javale in game 5, i think thats really the reason why L.A lost that game
    kobe puts up 40+ points out of 15-31 shooting i believe? thats fine, but the two big mans were gone lol

  30. Purple & Gold says:

    LAKERS for WIN in Game 6 with or without KOBE. Feel better Kobe and you are way better than Michael Jordan.One day, when you become the owners of the Lakers Organization, be a cool and amazing owner—not like Jordan—all he cares about is MONEY–he doesn’t care about his players. Sayounara laker nation. See you in a bit– 7:30 PT.

  31. mr-plow says:

    After the “mvp” missed 18 shots the other nite he wanted an excuse to miss 25 shots tonite.

  32. Veri says:

    GO LA!!!!

  33. Quinton says:

    Jordan is alot better then Kobe. Physically, mentall, and he is a much better role model.

  34. kobefan says:

    just pray for kobe to win the battle againts nuggets

  35. Choker says:

    Kobe can play through injuries…. The more he can play through illness

  36. Chad says:

    Hes just faking it. It’s all staged.

    If the lakers win, he gets the attention/praise like Jordan’s flu game. Oh Kobe played under sickness and still willed the win for the lakers!

    If the lakers lose, hes got the excuse, oh I was sick what did you expect.

    Go Denver!

  37. XIAO says:

    After every game that Laker lose, you don’t see as many posts as pregame prediction. tonight if Laker lose, tomorrow post will be empty!

  38. xi yang says:

    It’s not a drama, Lakers will win tonight.

  39. cramping? says:

    this will be a tough game for him if he’ll be going to have cramps,

  40. sharan says:

    Common kobe plz don’t give up on us now………

  41. edongzki says:

    the reason why lakers lost the game because bynum was sleeping all night at the defensive end…hes not helping the guard whenever there is a mismatch downlow..most of them on steve blake situation..especialy those crucial play down the strecth..

  42. ray says:

    like biggie said there going going back back to cali cali

  43. rollinniqqa says:

    kobe aint no micheal jordan nuggets got this

  44. Sea Pea says:

    Kobe got the right to catch the Flu it’s just the hype machine that starts promoting it to build drama.

  45. Everybody gets sick says:

    I have another HE”S ACTUALLY SICK! It happens to everyone, even basketball players. No doubt he’ll play still, but you people give the Kobe trying to pull a Jordan move a rest. Michael Jordan is not the first player to play sick, Kobe’s already done it and I’m sure many other player will play sick in the future.

  46. LakersALLdaWAYbabAY says:

    Lakers let the nuggest have a couple games. Artest is ready to come back and show the thunder what’s up. after game one, the plate was already set. its chicken nuggets for dinner and the lakers r going all the way baby!

  47. richboi says:

    they are playing a mile high doesnt hold well when your sick, looks like the nuggets will force game 7

  48. FAN says:

    @ MarioGermandream ……thank you, thats all that needs to be said. He is the best in the world!! Haters will always hate.

  49. tinthoy says:

    relax ladies…just watch how denver will fall..stop whining…okay?.

  50. Mark says:

    Too many Kobe Haters Gastroenteritis is different from Stomach Flu nor Jordan’s Flu 😐 Kobe’s getting old, really, you guys should stop hating because when he retires you’ll remember the impact he made to the game(he made you compare him to Jordan, thats one) lol 🙂

  51. Krob( Spurs fan) says:

    he will play ..but he aint tryin be Mike he’s great in his own right and he will never be Mike …I don’t care if he win 15 titles!

  52. saynt614 says:

    Wow, you Laker homers crack me up

  53. Matt says:

    With or without kobe, the lakers will take this game but it will be a challenge.

  54. Quinton says:

    The lakers will lose if not they will eventually get put out. They are already struggling in the first round. Also, the nuggets are not an elite team…not as elite as the spurs, heats, and thunders.

    • DJQuasar says:

      They should take the risk of not playing Kobe… It will do wonders to the Lakers bench and bring MWP outta the cage a game earlier…

    • tipacalypse says:

      Elite teams? San Antonio’s last regular season loss was to the Lakers, OKC’s last loss was to the Lakers and the last time Miami and Lakers played, Lakers were victorious. The Lakers are the elite team and if they lose the play-offs it’ll be because of Bynum’s immaturity and lack of focus and many of the bench players inexperience in playoffs not because any of those teams are better.

      • ray says:

        im pretty sure better teams win

      • Quinton says:

        True but these teams gotten alot better. The Thunders just dominant the champ defenders and they can do the same to the lakers. Also, the Heats had also been victorious over the lakers in their season. So the lakers have a handful…more then they can chew.

      • dd def says:

        well, no actually if they loose for those reasons then it proves the other teams are better for not being plagued by immaturity and bad benches

      • dan'o says:

        Agreed. The bench’s inconsistency has been the weak link. Missing 6th man Lamar alot atm!

  55. MarioGermandream says:

    guys guys come on u know that the lakers wanted to loose 2 games to get artest back against durant and by the way if kobe wanted to win the game in game 5 he would . he just doesn’t want to make that shot period stop it lakers and kobe haters he’s the best in the world still at 33 years of age that productivity come on

    • Everybody gets sick says:

      Kobe is great but he didn’t lose on purpose. That’s a ridiculous theory! If the Lakers could have swept Denver they would have. Denver beat the Lakers twice and I’m guessing the Lakers finish them in 7. Hope I’m wrong and they can finish this series tonight. Fingers crossed!

    • Francisco says:

      fans always consider their favorite player THE BEST no matter what, even when the objective evidence(like stats) is not there, I thinks he is still a good player, probably one of the 10 best in the nba now(not historical).
      behind lebron, wade , durant, rose, howard,even tony parker, dirk and others

  56. BeeJAy says:

    yall dumb kobe aint trying to be like jordan yall thimk he got this on purpose or something !!!! idiots

  57. dd says:

    That is the plan! OKC is on fire in the playoff, especially the big three: Durant, WestBrook, and Harden. Laker needs World Peace back to the field on game one and kick their a&& (literally). losing one of the three, especially Durant, will benefit Laker a lot.
    So, they will continue ” fight” Denver until win them by 4:3 so the beast- World Peace can be released at game one.
    Yeah, baby, that is the plan!

    • jazZgirl says:

      MWP comes back next game so Lakers don’t have to prolong the agony. Go Lakers go. Win tonight.

  58. Diullo says:

    GALLINARI, let’s do it!

  59. John says:

    Dude… he’s sick. Why does any of this have to do with him trying to be like Jordan? So if Durant all of a sudden gets a bad case of the squirts, he’s gonna be trying to take Jordan’s thunder also?

  60. pistolj7 says:

    Drama Queen! He’s probably just setting up an excuse for another poor shooting night.


      couldn’t agree with you more

      nuggets are gonna shut the fakers up again!


        bryant will never tie jordan!!!

      • Everybody gets sick says:

        I smell a hater lol. There was a time when people thought Kobe would be stuck on 3 when Shaq left and I’ll bet you were one of them lol. You could be right, but I’d never count Kobe out. Bet you’re a bandwagon Heat fan aren’t ya?

    • uoykcuf says:

      has he ever got a good shooting night?

  61. Shayan says:

    lets go kobe im going to pray for him to be okay and lakers to win the playoffs and also in the future. that is how much i like basketball and lakers plus kobe bryant lets go lakers

  62. Tal says:

    boy some of you guys are ediots, just because the guy has a stomach ailment he’s trying to pull a Jordan WOW!!

    the guy has the same drive to win that Jordan and many other great players had.

    • dd def says:

      hey, i’m not trying to discount what you’re saying, cause i agree, kobe has a very strong will, but i wouldn’t recommend calling other people idiots if you can’t spell the word.

  63. McG says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember Kobe’s stomach flu symptoms in Sacramento in the 2001 playoffs? Turned out to be from his hotel food being poisoned. It’s well known how hated he is in Denver. No place else in the league is he booed every time he touches the ball. Did some over zealous Nuggets fan mimic what an over zealous Kings fan did? Just sayin’…

  64. Bruce says:

    Kobe will play but not because he is afraid the Lakers will lose without him,he will play because he is afraid the Lakers will win without him because more efficient players like Bynum and Gasol will get more shots.

  65. mechaholic says:

    This is what the Black Mamba was thinking last night. “There is a very high chance that Nuggets will come back in tomorrow’s game. Let’s pretend I am sick so that even though we lose, I have an excuse. If we win, well, I am Kobe.”

  66. footwerk says:

    uh-oh,we r *ucked! Wake up Lakers defense and play how we all know u can!

    • isaiah isaac says:

      if the could play defense we would be the best team in the west. srry scratch that the leage!

  67. Jess says:

    Does anyone really believe he won’t play. Unless he loses his arms or legs, Kobe will be on the court.

  68. ro says:

    If you ask kobe, he would definitely say ‘I will play’.. it is jsut the media circulating the news of kobe being doubtful.. go lakers \m/

  69. Karim says:

    So i guess KOBE doesn’t have the right to catch a FLU, just because Jordan had one right? Give me break! you LOT’s are just pathetic. What a stupid commentary!! ” tryna pull Jordan” what a stupid comment!

  70. daniel.b says:

    everyone saying kobe jordan that or w/e…. its only the first round why would kobe try to fake something for attention… and of course kobe will play, kobe plays through anything.. and if kobe does play i will not be surprised and neither of u guys should be too

  71. uoykcuf says:

    oh pls, first you are not jordan, second YOU ARE NOT JORDAN!

  72. Black MAmba says:

    there is only one guy who will return with an MVP ring

  73. Dr D says:

    Not to worry,Bynum, Gasol Sessions come thru with or without the Kobe System…….

  74. matt v says:

    This might be the dumbest group of comments I’ve ever read.

  75. abc says:

    Kobe plays or not, lakers will win. Pau and Drew are the leagues best big together.. with MWP’ suspension lakers needed a game 6 to play a full strength with OKC.

  76. BBFAN says:


  77. I am me says:

    Gosh peole are rude! Now all of a sudden, just cuz he is sick he’s trying to be like Jordan? Thats plain STUPID! The last thing on his mind is the dam attention. if he is sick, he is sick. what reason would he have to fake that?!? Wtf man?!?! People are plain DUMB!

    Anyways, hope you feel better Kobe! (: Muahh!

  78. Kobe> Jordan says:

    I thought only jordan was allowed to get sick

    Kobe will have a sick (cool) game today and he will throw up and eliminate the opponents

  79. BBFAN says:


  80. Todd says:

    Kobe can’t win. If he tells the media he’s sick, people think this is another “be like Mike” ploy. If he doesn’t tell the media, and plays bad because he’s sick, then that mean’s he is not capable of “being like Mike”. Kobe’s sick, that’s it. Let’s home for another good game between two entertaining teams.

  81. Steve says:

    SO because he is ill, he is suddenly like Jordan, if he plays?

    Lol you people are stupid!

  82. lolhaters says:

    lol its funny the haters are the one bringing up “Jordan”…thought yall were tired of the comparisons. weak bums

  83. marquil says:

    look kobe is not tryin to be jordan………we have seen him play sick many times in his career…..and even play through injurys……but so wat if he wanna be jordan i wish i was jordan……..kobe is the closeist thing to jordan…..and im tired of hearing about the lakers bench need to step up….,.look the lakers have really never had a bench so why is people blaming the bench to step up……we all know kobes going to play and put this on the record kobe will have a big night just u haters watch

  84. Sea Pea says:

    Gasol ain’t hungry anymore and Bynum doesn’t care about championships he wants some individual respect right now. So Lakers can’t when with these guys right now. Jordan would have gotten the best out of them.

    • Everybody gets sick says:

      Wrong. Phil Jackson would have gotten the best out of them. Let’s not forget Jordan has never won without Phil just like Kobe has never won without Phil.

  85. Josh says:

    Gastroenteritis and the flu are two different symptoms.
    Haters gunna hate…. smh
    don’t comment about this being a “flu game”
    it isn’t !

  86. luscious43 says:

    The Nuggets only won the last game in LA because the big guys didn’t play worth a damn. The Nuggets will NEVER win a ring, Period, end of story!!!!!. Even if by the grace of God they win against the Lakers, OKC will beat them into the ground. The Nuggets are just gonna be one of those teams who give a great effort, nothing more/nothing less. Kinda like pitiful Rockies!!!!!

  87. nael says:

    yahh right! enough of the drama. have it in OKC and you’ll surely have a real ill while in the game.

  88. jordanbyfar says:

    He is trying to suggest that he is sick, so can come and try to score 40. That way we compare him to Jordan. I got news for him…He is not Jordan and he will never be close to Jordan….By the way..What Jordan did was in the NBA FINALS!!!

    • hooplover says:

      the only people that think kobe wants to be jordan are you haters. kobe is kobe, black mamba, the clutch, and kb24 to name a few. he’s made a name for himself in the nba and doesn’t have to prove himself to anybody. the stats and records and record breaking says it all.

  89. Emilio2400 says:

    Lakers arent about to do anything with or without him

  90. Deondrae Harris says:

    Kobe is a lil baby nuggets goin to win anyway

  91. Kevin says:

    Who really cares about the Hollywood Lakers!!! Go Spurs Go!

    • Gerald Gatewood says:

      The same person that cares about those funky spurs you are rooting for..Laker24Nation

      • dd def says:

        wait, are you indicating that laker fans care about the spurs? you lost me with that comeback

  92. j.davis says:

    I really hate haters kobe is the monster he will play whatever it takes

  93. dkhanaferov says:

    Lets seeeeee.
    Kobe’s 40+ performance was the only reason the lakers won Game1 and Game 2 ANNNND Game 3. That makes perfect sense!!!!!!! Did you ride the short yellow buss to school?

  94. MWP says:

    Lakers are trying to somehow extend the series in order for MWP to be able to play against OKC in the 2nd round.

  95. Funny Laker Fans says:

    Everyone is acting like it’s David vs. Goliath and Goliath prevails… The Lakers are not Goliath by any means and they only had 3 more wins than the Nuggs in Regular Season. OKC is Goliath… GO NUGGETS!

  96. Abe says:

    Its only more of a reason the lakers will win for two reasons 1: the nuggets wont come out as tuff 2: he wants to show that THE BEST IS ALWAYS THE BEST P.S. he’s going to do what he did in the fourth quarter last game except he will do it in the first quarter!!!

  97. quin says:

    my boy Kobe going to put up 30+ point and Lakers going home with the win

  98. pasigiri says:

    Kobe is after that 6th ring even if he has to shoot and puke his way to it. The Jordan comments are baseless. He already has Jordan’s approval of being the only player that can be compared to him. He wants that 6th and possibly 7th.

    • hooplover says:

      and i’ll stand on the mountain top and shout it with you PASIGIRI!

    • Sea Pea says:

      He patterned his whole game after Jordan. Nobody has bitten Jordan style the way Kobe has. I give him credit for the immitation because its a very good impersonation. Jordan just knows how to get the best out of mediocre people ala Magic Johnson, and Kobe can’t even when with All Stars on his teams. The error of the big 2 guard is over so that’s is the majority of the reason that nobody else compares to Jordan right now as well.

      • Everybody gets sick says:

        So Scottie Pippen was mediocre? Dennis Rodman was mediocre? Jordan won championships with great teams and the BEST coach. That’s usually the case when it comes to winning Championships.

  99. Gianmarco Muraglia says:

    Blame the height of Denver! I knew it would be an important factor! 🙂

  100. Its called 'Castling' ! says:

    Smart, very smart.

  101. Wait a Minute says:

    I hope Matt Barnes got all the bricks out his system, they’re gonna need him tonight

  102. NYK! says:

    their is no way hes faking- u dont fake sickness in 1st round and how do u fake throwing up… u guys r crazy!

  103. Jaime says:

    Kobe is going to play, he is a warrior, and Lakers will eliminate Denver tonight!

  104. Ricky says:

    They have a solid winning percentage when he’s injured. He might be doing the team a favor.

  105. D-Wright says:

    Are you forgetting its at MILE HIGH! If nuggets come out fast pace again then they will win again and tie the series.

  106. ardit12345 says:

    I see you people saying Kobe is faking , please … he played through a broken finger, ankle injurie ,wrist injurie and has never complained about anything and now he wants to fake a flu game … grow up !!

  107. dgarcia1206 says:

    Nuggets tie the series tonight, with or without Kobe on the floor.

    • swift24 says:

      Gracia i’ll talk to you tomorrow after the lakers finish the nuggets off bank that!!

      • hooplover says:

        the nuggets can’t tie my shoe laces let alone this game…….it’s vacation time for the chicken nuggets! gone fishin’

    • Deondrae Harris says:

      Thats rights

    • Black MAmba says:

      are you dumb
      kobe is the best
      no one has ability to beat him
      that’s why his name is mr.cluch

      • Gman says:

        I thought it was the self titled Black Mamba… spelling aside no one calls him Mr Clutch…..

      • dd def says:

        yeah, mr. clutch, was indeed a laker, but that was decades ago. and uh, lakers didn’t get out of the 2nd round last year so obviously, someone can beat him.
        either way, i’ve been liking what i’ve been seeing from the lakers so far this series, kobe hasn’t been shooting quite as good as yesteryear, but he’s been coming up big when they need him, and when he’s in a little shooting slump, he’s done a great job of drawing the defense in and hitting one of his shooters wide open on the perimeter. when he gets his team involved it’s really fun to watch, cause they got plenty of talent.

  108. fan says:

    We are *ucked

  109. Slick says:

    No way the Lakers can win against the nuggets fast break offense without Kobe! His 40 plus points were the only reason they came close. If Bynum, Gasol and the bench don’t show a sense of urgency… it will be long tough series.

  110. KOBETHE KING says:

    KOBE will be the finals MVP!!!! You know what it is!!!!

  111. MrCleanMachine says:

    Now, I can’t wait to watch to game!

  112. Pulsuhundur says:

    I’m certain he’ll play. He’ll not take the chance of the Lakers losing because he was out.

  113. Henrytage says:

    “Kobe tryin’ to pull a “Flu Game”. ” What a stupid commentary. ¬¬

  114. Sea Pea says:

    Nobody is going to remember this game unless Kobe scores 50 points or something. ITS ROUND ONE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! This ain’t game 6 of the FINALS.

  115. jesse says:

    kobe will play and the lakers will win

  116. nanzc says:

    hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmnnnnn, Only Jordan has the right to do that……and no one else.PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

  117. jay trevor says:

    relax ladies, he’s just being himself..and yes they will WIN

  118. Sho PAo says:

    Kobe’s staging a dramatic entrance… Playing with an illness.. A Stage drama king. ^_^

  119. nanzc says:

    Now that’s Jordanesque,,,,,pls. Kobe it’s ugly,,be yourself!!!!!!

  120. JEff says:

    This is Kobe’s way of saying “Hey Drew, get yourself ready for game 6, now! I’m going to give you the ball today.”

  121. Man..Its Just Like Jordan I Tell You. History Has A Way Of Repeating Itself.

  122. Dred says:

    The Lakers will win if Kobe does’t play. He’s a ball hog. Bynum and Gasol need more touches!

    • Jeff says:

      If you payed attention to the game the other night you would know that Kobe is the only reason the Lakers had a chance to win the game.

      • Kobe is not a ball hog and if you watched the game you will see that. In fact he tried to involve his teammates too much, especially the bench players and that is what got them in the hole along with a lack of defensive effort by Bynum. If not for Kobe in the fourth quarter they would not have come back from 12pts down to have a chance to tie the game.
        I don’t think Kobe would fake illness to get the attention to be compared to Jordan, no way. He is his own guy! He has played through how many injuries in his career. If the guy is sick he is sick and I am sure if he can play he will.

      • Dean says:


    • marquil says:

      kobes not a ball hog like he used to be……….and the lakers are not goin to win without him this not the season smart one

  123. Sea Pea says:

    Kobe tryin’ to pull a “Flu Game” in round one? Kobe will play….he likes that attention.

    • FIKRE says:


      • alex mondragon says:

        kobe will be better than jordan after he wins another ring.heck kobe is young enough to get a ring or two more than jordan

    • Mike says:

      Kobe will be Jordan, Jr. He will play and will eliminate the Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs.

    • Domainsnext says:

      I wonder if he had dinner with George Karl? Denver has shown their hospitality to the world.

      • Domainsnext says:

        On an unrelated subject, I was at the Lakers game and from where I sat, I could see clearly Mike Brown’s diagram for the last play. With a very simple iphone, I could have put it on Twitter for the world to see. Since I cannot reach Mike Brown, maybe someone can tell him to be careful not to show the diagram of the play, as he was doing at Staples Center. If you can reach him, please tell him.

    • marquil says:

      sea pea kobe does not like attention if he did he would be like lebron choke james

    • NAJ says:

      Kobe is not an attention seeker. He did not make this press release himself, he just got ill. So immature of you to say that it is pathetic

    • Coach Dee says:

      I have experienced having a gastroenteritis, and it doesn’t feel good.
      But I know Kobe, nothing will stop him in closing out Denver

    • Harley K says:

      wow lol its not like he purposely missed shoot around. Kobes 1 of if not the most hard working guy in the league. The “Flu Game” you know basketball players are people to not machines they do get sick.