Garnett Leads Celtics Past Hawks

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — The next time Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon speaks about Kevin Garnett, he might want to do it in private.  Better yet, he might want to keep Garnett’s name out of his mouth after the way Garnett made the Hawks eat his words Thursday night.

Gearon called Garnett the “dirtiest player in the league” on the eve of the biggest game of his team’s season. Garnett’s response was the delivery of an absolutely inspired performance for the raucous home crowd in Game 6 of this first round series.

Garnett was filthy, in a good way, against the Hawks. He filled up the stat sheet, working the Hawks over for a season-high 28 points and 14 rebounds in the Celtics’ 83-80 series-clinching win. He also added five blocks and three steals to carry the Celtics, who advance to face the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference semifinals. The 76ers won a Game 6 of their own, finishing off their upset of  the top-seeded Chicago Bulls.

Garnett, however, had Gearon on his mind by the time he made it to the interview room after the game.

“Thank you to their owner for giving me some extra gas tonight,” Garnett said. “My only advice to him is next time he opens his mouth to know what he’s talking about with X’s and O’s versus checkbooks and bottom lines.”

He didn’t stop there.

“I just found that comment to be a little rude and a little out of hand, and I wanted to address it,” he said of being called the dirtiest player in the league. “Just because you’ve got a lot of money doesn’t mean you can open your mouth.”

The Hawks didn’t go down without a fight. They went on a wild 14-4 run, fueled by Al Horford and Josh Smith, and held a 79-76 lead late on a drive and dunk by Smith. But Paul Pierce scored on a layup to bring the Celtics to within a point and Garnett dropped the g0-ahead jumper over Smith with 30.4 seconds left.

With a chance to tie the game with 2.3 seconds to play, Horford missed the first of two free throws, the Hawks’ first and only miss at the line the entire night. Pierce finished the scoring with a free throw and the Hawks’ Jeff Teague lost the ball out of bounds as the final buzzer sounded.

On a night when Pierce was still struggling with that sore knee and Ray Allen, one of the greatest shooters the league has ever seen, was missing free throws, Garnett served up a flashback effort when the Celtics needed it most.

“Kevin was phenomenal,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “He bailed us out. Kevin was fantastic. I was just so proud of our guys on the last play Kevin scored on. Execution, that’s all we talk about. They went to the last option we wanted and then Kevin had to make the shot, and he made the shot. That’s hard to do under pressure.”

Garnett performed like the future Hall of Famer he is. The Celtics did not want to spend their weekend in Atlanta facing a Game 7 if they couldn’t finish the Hawks off at home.

Instead, the Celtics will host the 76ers in their fifth straight appearance in the conference semifinals. And they can thank Garnett for punching that ticket.

“KG was an All-Star tonight. he made some big shots, some timely shots,” Hawks coach Larry Drew said. “He put them in a great position early. I thought his aggressiveness, he was really fighting for the low block. We tried to disrupt his rhythm t as much as we could. He made some big shots for them, some really, really big shots.”

Why anyone would be surprised that Garnett can produce like this at this stage of his career, he’s just days away from his 36th birthday, is a mystery to Garnett. He said he grinds now the same way he has his entire career.

“You know, I don’t want to come off kind of wrong, but I really go at my craft and take it very seriously,” he said. “I always have, since ’95, since I’ve been able to come into this league, and it’s almost like you guys are shocked. Like this ain’t what I do every day, like this ain’t what I was made for. It comes off as disrespectful at times.”

There will be no more disrespecting KG, certainly not in Atlanta.


  1. dfhhjm says:


  2. Cotter says:

    There’s not a decent centre in the entire league. Even Dwight Howard isn’t worthy of carrying Wilt’s, Russell’s, Kareem’s, Shaq’s, Hakeem’s gym bag. If all of those player’s were playing today, Dwight Howard wouldn’t even get mentioned.

  3. see says:

    Everyone sleeping on the Heat. I like that Underestimating one of the best teams in the NBA

  4. LakersFan says:

    Garnett is the dirtiest player. I can’t wait until he retires.

  5. BOB WILKINSON says:

    The celtice have beat the heat several times this year. Only way to beat the celtics is when teams play dirty and injure other players which is not right. If you can’t win honestly then don’t injure someone Physically that could put them out of a job it’s simply not the way to play. celtics play with heart and I in team. Beat them fair and square or take the road home. Garnett and the boys play with heart. What Miami did to Rondo last year was un called for. I believe if you go and intentionall injure someone you should be fined and thrown out for the rest of the season. Go celtics go for the dream and bench players watch and learn and pickup the place where you belong and play as a team. Doc is the best coach in the league. Danny give them encouragement and support as they are your team.

  6. justplayball says:

    Of course, not even a mention of the rip-off call at the end of the game …..that they(refs/nba front office) has admitted to screwing up ……But ….WHAT’S NEW……… Guarantee ….had it been the other way around….Celtics would be on the line for ‘thrilling’ come from behind win….. what a JOKE!!!!! …..And yes…..KG is well know as a dirty player… this NEWS to anyone….. and garnett says it way ‘kinda rude’ to point it out……..get real and quit the playacting!!!!

  7. theking0522 says:

    The Celtics only won because the officials made a terrible call. The NBA said that Atlanta should have gotten the ball and a free throw. Celtics fans can dream all they want. Ain’t nobody stopping the Heat. The MVP is getting his ring and when you see that TRAIN coming at you, you better MOVE!!!!

    • justplayball says:

      …..never happen….. the rest of the team is…..well, NOT a TEAM !!!!! just a collection of players …… some with huge egos……!!

  8. nhjkmn says:

    the heat i think will make it to the finals unfortanly but i don’t think they can beat the spurs or OKC

  9. Smith says:

    Lossssiing badly Wahahahaha

  10. Smith says:

    Hey stop finding your brain cuz your wasting your time you don’t have a brain pls Wahaha heat zero rings wahahaha the jokes on you dummy celtics the old dogs of miamis tail the rest of your life Wahahahaha nooob,, im so happy when celtics fan is looosing , I mean lossing

    • justplayball says:

      …please try to learn how to spelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll….or just have a dictionary —you know what that is ..don’t you???—- right there beside you……..and PS: If you make a Real sentence once and awhile people might know what you are sayin….just sayin’

  11. Smith says:

    Wahahahahah weak,,,, remember the champion 0f 2006 the heat!!!!hey where is your brain wawahha make sense you don’t have a brain,,,, just continue to sniff celtics wahahaha who’s noob now? Wahaha brain lesssss

    • justplayball says:

      …..that was ONLY because of the mountain in the middle……..Remember what happened last year Smithy????? forgot that already???

  12. SMITHUNOOB says:


  13. SMITHUNOOB says:


  14. SMITHUNOOB says:


  15. Anirudh says:

    the owner of hawks should have thought 100 times before saying that,
    he ain’t any dirtiest player….he is a brilliant player….a future hall of famer…
    maybe the dirty words made KG angry andhe made the celtics past hawks

  16. heatyoh! says:

    sorry folks!! heat will win 4 games straight against the C.. BRON taking 2 mvps!!!!

  17. Smith says:

    Poor celtics I feel bad about you guys,, since the heat arrive , the celtics became the little old dog of the heat,, sniffing t
    And sniffing and will continue to sniff ,,, the tail of Miami wahahahahahaha

  18. Islander says:

    LeBron will choke again…just wait and see

  19. Kyle says:

    Celtics will crush the heat. and then this summer bron will cry again and take his talent to another city ahahahhahaah

  20. danny says:

    everyone is saying what happened last year. Well last year is last year and this year is this year. No one can doubt the celtics are one of the best teams since the all star break. First lets talk about philly, you guys lost the atlantic division wen u had a chance to control it to the same very celtics. and the celtics beat them recently in their very last game so they have momentum. Then the heat, yes the heat did beat the celtics last yr but this a completely different swad. AND TBH I actualyl believe boston has a better bench. ALLEN, Pietrus,Stiesma, or maybe bradley, and dooling, is way better than cole,battier and joel anthony. Rondo is the best point guard in the guard, chalmers putting pressure on rondo is a joke, all hes gonna do is stay in no man’s land shootin 3’s, while rondo will facilitate the game and get his shots, so maybe lebron needs to get him. Garnet and pierce is playing well, so is rondo, so if anyone whose even thinkin sweeps are dreaming.

  21. Miami Cokd says:

    well Lebron will do his diaapperaing act once more. Congratulations MVP————-Most Vanishing PLayer. YOu loser against dalllas

  22. CELTICSPRIDE says:

    Can anybody answer this question:

    How many championships did the following players have by the time they won their 3rd MVP?

    Larry Bird
    Michael Jordan
    Magic Johnson
    Lebron James

    Thanks for your responses.

  23. rose looney says:

    you go kg!!! gearson looks old and i would like to see him play for 3 minutes. he’d be carried off the floor!!!the celtics reign .they are my favorite and will be til the end!!!!!!!!!

  24. rose looney says:

    mike gearson you look like a old man. i would love to see you go out and play!!!!!!!kg is great and everyone knows it keep it up kg the celtics reign!!!!!!

  25. NBA fan4life says:

    I like reading all these discussions on whose team is better than the other. Somehow, it makes me smile how all of you guys try to defend your fave teams and ya know what, its all good coz we all like our teams to win it all, of course. but, in my own perspective, anything is possible at this stage. A lot of factors could contribute to the success or failure of a team specially at this stage of the playoffs ie.,like fatigue, injuries, sickness etc., Moreover, if you try to listen to the coaches during their press con none of them would never dare say that their team is better than the other and they’ll win the championship. they know that there are still games to be played and they should proved it on the floor come crunch time. So why don’t we all just grab ourselves a bucket of ice cold beer to cool our heads and enjoy the game. let’s see how the playoff unfolds to our very own eyes. as an old adage goes especially in this game of basketball, “DON’T HATE THE PLAYER, HATE THE GAME”. after all its just a game and its all good for all of us NBA fans out there. Lastly, may the best team win the championship and good luck to all die hard fans. PEACE OUT! ^_^

  26. bong says:

    boston didnt beat the heat last years playoff…boston was beaten ur mouth

  27. winston says:

    @dennis..perhaps you’re right about it. the celtics would need all the gas in their tanks in case they play against the heat for the eastern finals. but then again, it won’t be a walk in the park for the heat as well. bron and wade running over them? possible.but then again, Celtics are among, if not the best in transition defense. plus those two are more effective facing the basket so switching, which Celtics is capable of doing efficiently will slow them down. Down low, interior wall will be a factor to consider. at this point, no one is safe. execution will spell the difference.

  28. RK says:

    Poor KG…somebody called him out for being the dirty punk that he is and he got his feelings hurt. How sad.

  29. dennis says:

    Celtics vs miami in east finals???? possible….and i think the old C’s will need all the GAS in their tank because Lebron,Wade will run them over and over….catch us if you can OLD FOLKS!!!

  30. TIM & ZO says:

    Celtix V Heat… Im not saying that the Celtics cant win games, but in the playoffs, the Heat buckle down. The celtics don’t have a big man advantage. Anthony will control KG. The Tics don’t have anyone that the Heat will have trouble guarding. Maybe Rondo, but at one point in the series, Wade or Lebron will be on him and thats it, shut down. As for peirce, Lebron and Battier are suited for him. The Heat have stoppers for each Celtic. Who can guard Bron and Wade on the Tics? the Tics need a Healthy Petrius, an on fire Bradley, and Wilcox back (or another inside presence) to have a good chance. Leggo HEAT!

  31. Dutch NBA Fan says:

    Listen up you Americans, first of all you’re all damn lucky to be able to witness basketball of such a fantastic level and to watch several of the worlds best sportsmen compete with each other in the NBA Play-offs. I personally think than any exhibition of well-played basketball should earn our full respect and that is exactly why I do not understand why so much of you just can’t stop whining, For example, if this old-timer by the name of Kevin Garnett manages to pull of this amazing and important individual basketball-game while we have not see him accomplishing such stats for quite a long while, and this after being called names, why for heaven’s sake can’t you people just APPRECIATE it and applaud it instead of having discussions about an other tiny aspect of the NBA you do not like?

    Take this from a basketball-fan in a country where this sport sadly enough is not widely represented or popular.

  32. winston says:

    those people who keep on saying that KG is a dirty player doesn’t know a thing about defense. sometimes you get physical, but more often than not, that’s how it should be done. you don’t guard somebody by keeping your distance. you need to make them earn for every shot they take. KG is just so good at making players work harder for each basket. you call that dirty? nope. you call that honest to goodness defense. GO CELTICS!!

  33. WHAT A JOKE says:

    the celtics aint goin nowhere,if they r not lucky enough to fall to the sixers they r gunna get swept by the heat big time

  34. Desmond Johnson says:

    Celtics can make it past the heat if the team shows up every night on defense, and KG has to come up big on the rebounds.Also Allen has to hit at least 2-4 3 pointers every game for them to come out on top, but one thing that can really work for the heat is their fast break offense i really think the best thing for the to do is to foul on the fast break and or work on transition defense, and i can see the Celtics coming out on top in 6 games.

  35. jimbo999 says:

    Celtics, celtics, celtics…see you next year!


  36. Zip says:

    Kevin Garnett is a great player. Definitely works hard at his craft and it has shown. Also an incredibly dirty player. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive.

  37. Scaltastic says:

    People can yap all they want but that doesn´t take away from the fact the KG is one of the top 3 pf in history and one of the top 10 defenders of all time. I don´t give a damn about these idiots that are bashing him, they just can´t handle the truth.

  38. AVC's New Order says:

    Haven’t you all Remember the sickness of LeChoke James. Come crunch time he will just disappear. He just wished there is no 4th qtr. So even if the Miami team is that strong, when its time for the good to be delivered, Mr. James is nowhere to be found. So Keep on dreaming Miami fans unless Lechoke James will get better during 4th qtr crunch time. Even if they get past Indiana or Boston which I think they will have a hard time, still one team out there in the West is out to kill them.

  39. Xaled says:

    Celtics cheated again, Watch last 20 seconds of the game, they will cheat again as they did in 2010 so a team from the west win it.

  40. clamjo proved you celtic fans what dirty is says:

    its funny how people that go for a certain team can’t admit who is dirty and who isn’t so thanks clamjo for that. As for heat v. celtics, PFFFF please to think pierce with a bad knee, also rondo not effective as before, dirty KG stand a chance against miami is a joke. Besides miami big three, The heat hasn’t shown any weakness for celtics to take advantage of. with the injury pierce barely recovered from will only benefit the heat since pierce wouldn’t be as fast to keep up with LBJ

    • Peter says:

      They havne’t?

      So destroying them 3-1 in the regular season (by an average winning margin of probably 15) doesn’t show any weakness?

  41. alo says:

    @Your wrong: It took the Celtics seven games to get past first round in 2008 when they won it all.. so what’s your point? If you know basketball and not just fake fan you should know Hawks are arguably a better team than Knicks this year.

    • Peter says:

      The Hawks are a far better team then the Knicks this year, even when they DIDN’T have Horford (and they he made a huge impact against Boston those last few games).

  42. smith says:

    yeahh pacers? wahahahah look at the match up plsss,,,,, lebron,wade bosh, to who? paul? old gramp grainger? maybe big roy can be a factor but, miami on 5 , just sayin, guys,,, wanna bet? hihihi

    • Peter says:

      If Miami underestimate Indiana they will be destroyed.

      Hibbert vs nobody (the Heat have no useful center)
      David West vs Bosh
      Granger vs Lebron
      George vs Wade
      Barbosa, Collison and Hill vs Chalmers

  43. heat says:


  44. Carol says:

    Why are you all talking Heat Celtics? They aren’t even inthe same bracket. GOOOOOO Pacers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Law064 says:

    Well everyone saying the Heat will take the east need to really look at Indiana. They have size and depth that will push the heat to the brink. Unlike NY the Pacers play pretty good D and also have weapons on Offense. The Celtic’s and 76ers series will also be good. The only reason Philly survived was some bone head plays by CJ Watson. They barley beat the Bulls without Rose and that says allot about Philly. They will be up to their neck with the C’s. Good luck to them though

  46. Ryan May says:

    Im’a celts fan myself dont worry. The only reason the Big Ticket got called the Dirtest player in the geam is because The Hawks neede someone/somethign to blame there lose on.

  47. mr-plow says:

    I think the owner of the Hawks meant to say ATL is the dirtiest CITY in the world. Have fun watching the rest of the playoffs Joe Johnson Josh Smiff and especially you AL HORFORD. G O G R E E N

  48. Paulo says:

    If Garnett is dirty, what would you call World Metta Peace, or whatever stupid name this guy invented??? GO CELTS, the 76ers will be tough because of their atleticism, but they’re no matchup for us! Miami is full of talent, but they’re not a team, we can beat them, if Wade doesn’t injure someone! Then it’s OKC: Garnett will eat Perkins alive! Westbrook will be hold by Bradley. Then it’s Durant… WORLD CHAMPIONS 2012!

  49. KG Hater says:

    I agree with Hawk’s owner…….KG is the dirtiest player in the league…both literally and figuratively!

    • saywatnow says:

      trask talker maybe but dirtiest player?? oh come on!! dwayne is more dirty player than to KG! remember what he did to kobe last all star???

  50. FAN says:

    This only the 2nd round, stop talking it’s like the conference finals already! Philly is young they will pose a problem for the veteran C’s, don’t know how much legs Boston still have. And if they don’t sweep them (most likely not) and get some rest prior to the conference finals they will be worn out. Pacers have a deep bench advantage on the Heat. But you never know any one of the big 3 can go beast mode. It seems like Miami is still not at full capacity yet, as if they are holding back.

    With this crazy shorten season and the intense plays of the playoffs, these players are dropping like flies. With a tweak of an ankle or another torn ACL, anything will happen! (Just look at the BULLS). It seems everything night there is a key player getting injured. You cannot guarantee the teams will be at full strength after this round.

  51. 76ersFaninTN says:

    All this Celtics talk here about them playing the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, ya’ll TOTALLY disrespecting the Sixers as a “cake walk…” JUST A REMINDER: The Celts STILL have to contend with a YOUNG, ATHLETIC, HUNGRY team in the 76ers this next round, & it’s going to be a BATTLE of “old-school vs. new school…” MAY THE BETTER TEAM PREVAIL…:)

  52. smith says:

    hahah celtics the oldies vs the young legs of miami……..? really not even close for the celtics,,, hihih get your wheel chairs and send your selves to the nursing homes wahaha miami all the way

  53. Media hyporcrites says:

    I remember when they(aka the media) called KG The Kid one of the youngest players to come out of highscool now they are saying father time should halt his performance and and he’s old… don’t forget he was leagues MVP2003-2004 campaignas long as he is still in the league he’s a threat. Unfortunately for Mcgrady another year out of the playoffs first round this is depressing I’m going to need him and Vince to get a ring I pray they get one before they retire.

  54. SP says:

    The celtics do not have what it takes to handle and take care of the HEAT, esp in the playoffs.
    C’s yall remember last year playoffs facing the Heat? haha
    That entire team is a joke and bunch of actors.
    Rondho and Pierce will get the treatment from LBJ and Wade
    Bosh will take care of loud mouth Garnett.
    Im not a Miami fan but speaking on how its gonna play out.
    Bow down to your King and MVP.

    • Karangat says:

      Will never bow down to a self proclaimed king and a QUITTER!

    • Peter says:

      You kidding? Garnett is better then Bosh in every possible way this year and Avery Bradely is going to make Wade’s life hell. If these teams match up Lebron is going to have to score 30 every night, and their bench will need to produce for them to win.

      Miami have no one who can match Ray Allen’s scoring off the bench, and have never had an answer for Rondo or Garnett.

  55. Gerald Tamayo loves Neil Awit says:

    i hope Celtics and Heat would meet at the Conference Finals.
    but i’m with Heat all the way though there are still flaws on their plays.

  56. Clamjo says:

    KG is a thug!! Proof below…

  57. TEO says:

    The Heat is going to sweep the celtics just like last year, The celtics had a better chance last year then now. Definetly Miami 4 and 0 Celtics, complet swewp. The heat dont need a center neither PG, Because lebron can play all positions, and we have depth in our bench Miller, Haslem, Battier and the youung star Cole.MIA VS OKC in the Finals Cant wait.

    • Peter says:

      How do you figure Boston had a bettrer chance last year? Boston’s Playoff team last year was terrible…

  58. Louiemdc says:

    2008 NBA Champions.

  59. eo says:

    to all you dreamers thinking boston can beat miami i feel sorry for you and i am not a heat fan

  60. Dom says:

    Dirty player huh? Is that what you call his love for the game and intensity? The Atlanta owner clearly didn’t even know KG throughout the years. And to the dumb heat fans that are so puffed up and confident of a sweep, there is no way that will happen. Boston is probbably the only team that knows how to stop Miami from starting their transition game because of their defence, this is why the Heat which dropped 100+ points on the knicks will not happen in Boston, they won’t get over the 90 pts mark in the series, maybe once. To the question who wins, I don’t know but, anything can happen, I’m a Boston Fan so I wish them to win, Banner 18 on the way baby you know what I mean?

    • stefano says:

      why cant you say your team will win ? cause you know your not , talk all this statistics and all that craap but at the end of the day you guys clearly know your going to lose. the celtics got mopped up last season in the playoffs , they were the easy stuff . sooo please im buying all of the celtics fans heat championship gear after they win. let me know if you guys want the hats or some championship T’s

      • RCG says:

        I’m a Celtics fan for life! I’m also a basketball fan and love the game in general. So…since you’re so confident the Heat will win…I’ll take some free NBA swag since you’re offering it so generously. I got your promise in print, now, so you better pay up! I got your word, right? You said “Championship Gear.” I already have a bet going that I’ll rock a Heat cap and T-shirt if they win…at least I won’t have to buy that #%!

  61. TTKIN says:

    Hoping their grind-it-out defense will lead them past Miami (this is a Laker fan saying this).

  62. jordan says:

    garnetts one of my favourite players in the league even though i go for okc and he played heeps good tonight

  63. kimkam says:

    go heat go! melt the celts!

  64. ian coronado says:

    i agree wade is the dirtiest player. look what he done to mike bibby. and mike bibby is hes former teammates

  65. ctallent says:

    KG is THE MAN!!! a true superstar, love his style. keep provin’ the haters wrong baby!

  66. Vologodian says:

    Love this old-fashioned (in a good way), anti-glamorous team! Go Celts!!!

  67. JG says:

    Celtics fans take the “blue pill” and wake up. Miami will destroy you, again.

  68. stefano says:

    Boston celtics require 90% acting skills and 10% basketball skills. i thin half the team was picked up from broadway , and paul pierce gets injured in air hits him to hard

  69. Eric says:

    KG all the way. btw I am from Minnesota.. I only can blame K.McH for not putting a team surrounding KG.

  70. Gman says:

    Dont mess the Tha KID

  71. stefano says:

    All of you are mad because lebron james is going to come in and put the boston celtics in their nursing homes like he sould , chalmers has been playing phenomenal soo there goes rondo , chalmers can be explosive offensively and defensively and you guys are talking about all this boston defence , but when the heat arent rolling on offence their defense is one of the most hostile in the league so you talking about us ‘heat fans’ that dont know nothing atleast you know the Celtics have little to no chance of winning this series.

  72. Jay says:

    Okay For All The Haters AKA CELTIC FANS…what favor you guys have?? 2-1??? last year the celtics were 3-1!!! and got raped in the semi finals 4-1!!!! please revise what you say before u talk about the celtics/heat series (if that happens this year) secondly how is d.wade the dirtiest player you guys obvioulsy dont watch i said before watch the nba not the teams you prefer to watch. kg is a hall of famer forward honestly but he is wayyyy dirtier than dwade

  73. josh says:

    to all of you true celts fans… seem to forget what happened last year…..everyone said the same thing about the heat losing to the celts…..what happened they got swept…..and they are weaker this year. so let the celts prove they still got it and beat the heat… saying the heat are underdogs is just silly……and ppl who say stats don’t matter….cleary YOU DONT WATCH THE GAME……so lets see if the UNDERDOG celts can win….

    • RCG says:

      It is YOU who don’t seem to be watching the games. You must get your information from Miami area newscasts. Boston has been a better post All-Star break team. They play better defense and have a better bench. Lebron may have had a field-day scoring against the defense-phobic Knicks but that won’t happen with Boston. Boston had a horrible second half last season and due to injuries, were ghosts of themselves going into the playoffs. This is NOT that team! Boston is in the heads of the Heat and are clearly in yours, too.

  74. Haters says:

    I love how everyone is calling the Heat overrated. Are all of you still that jealous that your teams couldn’t find a way to put three great players on the same team?

    Even though the Heat didn’t win the Championship last year, at least they made it to the Finals. Less can be said about any other team in the Eastern Conference. Oh, whoever called Dwayne Wade the dirtiest player in the NBA is an idiot, I think you’re confusing a dirty player for great defense and effort. You should be talking about Metta ‘World Peace’.

    • alo says:

      Boston won the first year they put three great players together who are not even in their prime together.. you mad?

      • saywatnow says:

        allen pierce garnett?? counldn’t put three great players?? u must be joking though.. heat managemnt get an idea on the celts.. heat got beat by celtics treat…

  75. Good that KG Said that to the Hawks owner because before the game I hope he would address that situation and he did.
    Thank you KG
    Thank you Celtics
    #Banner18 here we come

  76. Perting Utoga says:

    Dream, believe, survive, you may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one…

  77. kris says:

    All you guys wondering if Celtics can beat the Heat, we beat them twice in ten days remember? It is very possible and we have to be a lot more consistent thats it.

  78. dattebayo says:

    The Heat will have to beat Indiana though too 😛

  79. dattebayo says:

    Reading all these comments how Boston would smoke the Heat, beat the Heat and so on, I can only tell you that they need to go through Philly first. I am not saying Boston will lose that series but with making the 2nd Round Philadelphia will prove a challenge because their defense is great too and they are younger and healthy. If they steal Game 1 or 2 they can beat Boston in 6, if Boston defends Homecourt Philadelphia will fall in 5 or 6.

    And please hold your Celtic pride in perspective, your team beat the Heat 3 times this season (just like last year). I have seen all the games and the Heat’s defense in the 2nd and 3rd games was not anywhere as stellar as at the beginning of the season or the playoffs. In the 3rd game the Celtics were hitting shots like crazy (56%) and they have yet to reproduce such an efficient output.
    Overall the Celtics are not as deep as Miami, they don’t create any mismatches for the Heat and Miami is younger and they will not settle for 3pointers like last year. They will attack the rim and force the action. There is no way, that I see Boston beating them in Miami and if the Heat play solid in Boston, they will win that series in 4-1 like last year.

    • myself says:

      It really doesn’t matter who beat whom before then, and I understand that Heat is not gonna be a force that can be deterred easily but Boston will win. Stats don’t count when boston plays against heat, they ignite somethin in boston I mean look at Rondo scoring like 20+ points when they played Heat. Just you wait, you’ll see….

    • RCG says:

      How do you figure that Boston “has no mismatches” against the Heat? Rondo>Chalmers/Cole. Pierce>Battier/Jones and the way KG has been playing, at the very worst, it’s a stalemate against Bosh. It’s Miami who has no bench. Miller is suspect on both ends. Jones CAN’T defend. Battier gives you virtually zero offense if he’s run off the arc and Anthony/Howard/Turiaf are strictly liabilities. Lebron can get his wherever, whenever and the Celts don’t necessarily focus on his containing his scoring. But Wade, Bosh and all the rest struggle against Boston. YOU should not forget that this is not the ’10/’11 Celtics who entered the playoffs hurt and dissheveled. Boston is ready for Philly & Miami and will be ready for whoever else they need to face, as well.

      • dattebayo says:

        The way they have played this season, Lebron and Wade perform better than Pierce and Allen and produce more. KG will get his touches and Bosh will have to step up, no doubt about it. How can you say Miller and Battier are not producing? Miller is a good 3 point shooter and rebounder and he can handle the ball. Battier is in there only for his defense, any points you get from him via the corner 3s is a plus. I agree that Chalmers cannot guard Rondo, with the Heats defense it is not like Rondo takes Chalmers off the dribble and gets layup after layup. I know he did that one game but the Heat then were not as great defensively as they are now. I don’t think Cole and Jones will get any playing time in this series, though I would like to see Jones in there to space the floor. I think we will see Haslem, Anthony, Bosh, Miller, Battier, Wade, Chalmers and Lebron.

        I didn’t see you write anything about Boston’s bench, do you think they can relieve the starters against these Heat lineups? Do you think the Celtics will outrebound them, they didn’t rebound well all season. Do you really think the Celtics are a better team then last year, I’d rather have Jermaine O’Neal than Hollins or Stiemsma and a healthy Ray Allen.

        I think it would be a great series, I hope they manage to meet and then we can see. I hope Everybody will stay low on Technicals and not injure themselves. Losing Pierce and Rondo really hurt the Celtics in last years second round. I still say the Heat would win this series in 5, they will have to bring their A-Game though.

        btw. in one win the Celtics shot like 60% from the field and only won by 8 (115.107), they went 9-14 from deep and even Rondo hit his jumpers including a three. They will not shoot 60% from the field in this series, that’s highly unlikely

  80. mike amentola says:

    heat need to beat the pacers first. there size and depth can give them some fits. i think hibbert and west and collison have big series they can atleast push the heat deep. the sixers think they won the title after the first round and will come back to earth after they lost in 5 to the celtics.

  81. booo says:

    im sorry, but celtic fans are living in some dream world ……

  82. caleb / celtic kidd says:

    got to love em celtics …. KG, RONDO,ALLEN,PIERCE… and the celtics lets get it

    • caleb / celtic kidd says:

      its funny how they trying to bad talk KG !!! df … -_-
      they just mad because they cant get him …. dirty haters SMH

      • Brighton says:

        I’m sorry, who else do the Celtics have? they don’t have a bench!!!!! heat will crush the Celts.

  83. Judge says:

    I agree 100%, Dwayne Wade is the dirtiest player by far. He got away with it. i dont know why? D.Wade average 15 personal fouls a game and only 4 or 5 been penalized by the referee..

  84. lebron for mvp says:

    KG is good .But they cant beat HEAT!!They have to dream for it!!

  85. bu says:

    yup, guys, like u said KG was a monster & the others chipped in & sometimes they don’t show on the stats. celtics certainly played ball in the right way, & played to their strengths.

    this shorten season was really not good for any players as you see many get injured & rotations out of sync. the only beneficiaries are the owners & NBA to maintain the broadcast revenue & tickets revenue. fans…. well….. we like to watch more games but not to see so many players get hurt & playing out of sync.

  86. I love the Celtics.

    KG is dope.

    He’s just so consistent for his age AND that fact alone rubs a lot of owners, players, and coaches the wrong way because they wish they had him on their team.

    I strongly believe that the C’s will take the EAST.

    I also am optimistic and believe that if they can maintain their health and get some REAL rest by the Finals… THEY WILL WIN IT ALL.

    Thanks for reading my OPINION.

    Let’s go Celtics Fans.

    GOD Bless!


    Antha (WATCH)

  87. jordan says:

    i’ve a celtics fan since the day i turned on my tv and saw basketball was on. i really appreciate all these guys do. go celtics

  88. Garnett ballin…. but GO HEAT!

  89. Edward F. says:

    and still…Kevin Garnett is one of the dirtiest players in the league.
    There you go: I said it! Because it is the truth!….and by the way Kevin: I don’t have any money! and yes…I can open my mouth whenever I want, this is a free country!

  90. Mike Z says:

    Yes for sure KG was the catalyst for the win but, let’s not forget what veteran players like Pierce do even when they are having a bad night or they are hurt enough that shouldn’t play but they do… Of course I’m talking about one of the last plays when Joe Johnson seemed to have beaten him to the basket and Pierce blocked him. Then, at the end sunk two free throws…. Doc, for my money you are the best coach in the NBA but, I have to ask: why Marquis Daniels for such a critical time to guard a big guy?

    • Swatguy says:

      Reply the play. Pierce ran Joe into the second row. The pre-inbound foul on Daniels should have been two shoots. The next foul by Daniels was a flagrant. The Hawks were robbed at the end. Also those three techs were horrible

    • heh says:

      I was thinking the same thing about the Marquis situation. I also was curious why the refs called the foul on Marquis when HE was the one getting hit in the head!

    • myself says:

      I wish Doc would retire soon honestly he’s made some unintelligible decisions this playoffs. E.g he could’ve put Avery back in during yesterday’s game when there were bout 4 mins left and ATL was startin to come back, and there was no one to guard Teague…..

  91. DON says:

    LET’S GO CELTICS!!!!!!!

    • truly1 says:

      gearon was right about everything he said. if garnett need modivation then they wont win another series

      • alo says:

        Garnett didn’t say he needed motivation, he just said it gave him some “extra” gas.

  92. Richard says:

    One thing everyone knows for sure .. Hawks management is among the wqrst in the league. The best thing that could have happened for Mike Woodson was being fired by miserable Hawks management, Woodson improved the Hawls every year he was here .. and as long as the Hawks are owned by clowns like Gearon, they have no chance of ever being anything but a disappoint for the city and fans.

  93. Law064 says:

    Ahhh haaaa Gearon STFU and get some facts, I was wondering why he made that comment. KG killed them and the Celtic’s closed out the series. Good job holding off the Hawks. Ray Allen shot horrible but the rest of the team held it together. Go Celtic’s and my bulls are done now smh that’s a big disappointment they really blew that game last night

  94. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    I LOVED Garnett’s method of responding to false accusations and unwarranted criticisms. FIRST, you prove what was said was a blatant falsehood by performing like a professional, experienced, capable, dominant, gutsy, never-say-die player. SECOND, you say to the person who made the false accusations and unwarranted criticisms what you think about what they said. Excellent performance by KG last night; he played Celtics basketball!

    As far as the Heat are concerned, they have to prove they can get past the Pacers 1st. THAT remains to be seen.

    • Jay says:

      Dont Worry About The Heat..All 4 teams in the east are not pushovers so just wait and watch the series

    • Sick says:

      worry the sixers first…

      • RCG says:

        …Gonna be another low-scoring, grind-it-out, defensive battle over 5 games. Celts 4-1 but the Sixers aren’t going to simply roll over. Philly will have it’s chances but the veteran squad in Boston is going to put them to bed. Expect big things from Bradley, Allen and Pietrus as the Sixers really don’t have answers for this trio…unless they start handing out concussions again.

  95. RAY08 says:

    A couple of dirty plays in his career doesnt make KG a dirty player…..He’s just intense…..everybody plays dirty…..the last player to not play dirty was Bobby Jones…..and as far i remember he’s retired now…..KG is a defensive dynamite and jus because people cant get past him, they call him dirty… respect to the boston defence and move on….Just like Atlanta did today…..See u Hawks fans next year……Go C’s…..

  96. King Nemh says:

    Garnett is a beast

  97. nhel says:

    Go Celts…….

  98. JOel says:

    since the bulls got hurt and out of the playoffs, the only team to beat the over rated heat are the celtics or OKC

    • Showbaba7 says:

      How silly u are? Your are calling one the best 4 teams in NBA an overated team. People like you would cry this year when Boston is knocked out by sixers.Did I hear you say what? if Sixers would not do it then wait for the HEAT to burn them out just like they did to them last year. This year would be 4-0.

      • Peter says:

        Because Miami are a top 4 team in the league, but everybody talks about them as if they are BY FAR the best team in the league, and nobody else in the league can beat them.

        Hence they are overrated…

        To add to that, they are overrated because as soon as they came togerther everybody insited they would be unbeatable and would win a title, but they have yet to do that.

        So they are overrated because their reputation well exceeds their actual ability.

  99. David says:

    28 points, 14 rebounds, 5 blocks… hope you’re happy, mr. gearson!

    it’s true the celtics’ offense is struggling and even from 3 they had a bad game this time, but their defense is just too good. it is probably one of the best defensive teams i have ever seen.

    and, of course, garnett is brilliant. just brilliant.

  100. Karlo Garcia says:

    When the Boston Celtics r REALLY HEALTHY they can beat anybody,anywhere. The way they played in this series was like 08.

    • jordan says:

      Yeah, like the way the spurs played with david robinson, the bulls with MJ or if the lakers had an in his prime shaq roaming the paint. WTF?

      • myself says:

        lol OK not exactly like 08 cos I doubt there can eva be any moment ( well except maybe some jordan play off games) that exceeded that playoff season for boston but they playin like champs n they got the spirit too. I hope they win it this year

  101. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    With this terrible offense, the Celtics won’t beat the Heat no way… I felt sorry for the Atlanta Hawks players (but not for Joe Johnson, who played porrly in this series), because they’re just a good center (and a better effort by Johnson) from the Eastern Finals contention. With a good center (I don’t kow exactly who he is, maybe it’s Kaman), they would put both the Heat and the Celtics in trouble. Well, anyway, GO HEAT!

    • patrick alvin santos says:

      dream on dude… the only way the overrated Heat can beat the Celtics is by breaking Rondo’s arm again

      • CelticFan says:

        Ain’t that the truth…they call KG “dirty player”…Dwayne Wade is the dirtiest player in the league.

      • jas0n says:

        agree on that…heat was the best “on papers” only…but dont forget that dallas upset heat last season…and dont underestimate celtics they are 2-1 favor of celtics this season,its not impossible..maybe another upset…cheers !!!

      • myself says:

        EXACTLY! Dewayne gonna have to try harder to do so again n if he do, well….I’ma just keep my thoughts to myself cos they won’t let me post em

      • Your wrong says:

        you got to be joking Patrick….the 76ers are enough trouble for the celtics….dont put the celtics and the heat in the same sentence because they would just get destroye’d…i mean it took them 6 Games to get past the Hawks….thats a joke

      • celtic4life says:

        I like that…..The celtics are ready. They play best in a tough sitution. The only team Im worried about is the spurs, but the heat they put that fire out a long time ago!

      • no your wrong "your wrong" says:

        ya they did finish this series in 6 games,not ez. but u look bak in 08 they did it in the first round n in 7 games,lol. but then again this is pretty much a wole new celtics team mostly the bench of course. of course due to all the stupid trades. oh ya phili is gonna giv them a hard time. but we’ll see. pullin for the celts of course

    • Peter says:

      Haha such a idiotic statement…you’re talking about how Atlanta would dominate Boston and Miami if they had a great centre, but you forget that:

      1. Al Hortford is a Centre and an All-Star
      2. Boston and Miami are two of the best teams in the NBA who DON’T have true centres

      So how badly would Atlanta get dominated if Boston or Miami had a true center?

      As for Miami vs Boston, scoring has nothing to do with it. Boston wins with defence – the Atlanta series was low scoring because both teams have top tier defense. New York is a scoring team, so the Miami series was a higher scoring series. Boston vs Miami will be a low scorig, ‘grind it out’ series jus tlike this one…and in a series like that Boston are VERY hard to beat.

      • Peter says:

        IMO the toughest matchups for Boston would probably be Indiana (size and depth), Lakers (size), San Antonio (depth). As a Boston fan, Miami seriously doesn’t scare me. I feel like if Boston plays their hardest, they can beat Miami 3 times over.

      • myself says:

        Agreed. IMO there’s just something about boston when they play Heat I think it’s cos they r youngins so they got the mentality of ”uhuh I’ma take you to school”. If they meet Heat they got a 70% chance of winning, I could bet on that n I don’t gamble

    • Harry Mann Jr. says:

      Remember the Heat have no center and point guard. Something the Celtics have.

      • Jay says:

        Same Way Last Year…

      • myself says:

        actually they got two centret and one got an injury (Ronnie) but Joel anthony’s a pretty decent centre n gets decent mins on court so don’t try to use dat as an excuse

      • RCG says:

        @Jay… …no Rondo. Or did you forget how Wade tried to cripple him? Also, no Shaq and an another O’neal who played like a corpse. This years version of the Celtics is well-tested and has shined through adversity. With Rondo leading, The Big 3 producing on both ends and a bench sold on defense, Boston has a solid shot at another Title. The Heat have two guys who can put up 35+ppg on any given night and a third who can get you 25-10. The problem for Miami is that those 3 guys never click on the same night and when they try the rest of the team disappears.

        Boston>Philly. (4-1) Miami>Indy. (4-1) Boston>Miami. (4-3)

      • Peter says:

        No Doubt about it, Boston has a stronger team this year then last year – much stronger.

        Boston were great last year while Shaq was healthy – even though he only played in spurts, when Shaq was on the court he was dominant and so were the C’s.

        After the trade though, Perkins went to OKC, Shaq never really played again, JO was on and off and Big Baby played a lot of their minutes at Centre. Look up Boston’s record after the Perkins trade and you’ll see that they were a very average team with barely a winning record.

    • Big Bobber says:

      Terrible offense? The Celtics offense runs in cycles. Theres nights when they look bad, but then theres nights when they’re hitting on all cylinders and they look absolutely unstoppable. But no matter how they’re playing on offense, their defense is always strong. And I’m guessing that you didnt watch the Celtics dominate the heat in the last 3 games they played each other at the end of the regular season. One of the games was mostly bench players, but the other 2 games the Celtics owned the Heat. The Celtics seem to be in the heads of the Heat players. The Heat have nobody to stop Rondo or KG. Everyone knows that LeBron will put up his 30+- points and Wade will put up 20+ pts. But then what? Who else will step up?

      I’m not saying that the Celtics will beat the Heat, but you are way off base saying that theres no way the Celtics will beat the Heat. Your just a dumb Heat fan who knows nothing about basketball. In the end, you might be right and the Heat might sweep the Celtics, but its obvious that you know very little about basketball.

      And as someone else mentioned already, what if the Celtics had a real good center and KG went back to PF? What if…what if….What if…what if. What if the Heat didnt get LeBron James? What if Heat fans weren’t dumb?

      • heh says:

        Props to you for your statement, but I must say its only the bandwagon heat fans that are dumb (like the guy you responded to).

      • celtic4life says:

        I couldnt of said it better myself, but IF the celtics were to loose against the heat, they wont get swept. Not by a long shot.

      • Kel says:

        Way to speak the truth.

    • Stats Speak Louder says:

      Check out the previous games before you make ridiculous comments, the Celtics offense is terrible with their 2nd unit and Miami has the same issue with theirs. Boston leads the series 3-1 and I can tell you right now the outcome will be determined by who’s bench comes ready to play.

      Your wrong
      No YOU’RE WRONG! The Hawks aren’t a terrible team, I’m not sure where you got that false information from.

    • Kyle N says:

      Who cares about the East, The winner of the Thunder/Spurs series in the western conference championship will win the title, no messing! Peace!