Knicks Waste Return Trip To Miami

MIAMI — In the end, the Miami Heat were just too much for the New York Knicks. Both talent and health were on the side of the higher seed.

But that doesn’t mean that the Knicks laid it all out on the floor in Game 5, a 106-94 Heat victory that sent Miami on to a conference semifinals matchup with the Indiana Pacers.

After averaging just nine offensive rebounds through the first four games of the series, the Heat had eight by halftime on Wednesday, finishing with 13. It was the first game in the series in which Miami had the rebounding advantage.

And though the Knicks had just three live-ball turnovers through the first three quarters, the Heat had 17 fast-break points. They finished with 20, which matched their highest total in the last 25 games.

Rebounds and transition defense. Those are effort categories.

Combine that with a whole lot of selfish offense from J.R. Smith, who shot 3-for-15, and the you can say that the Knicks took themselves out of this game and this series.

The Knicks gave themselves a little self-respect with their Game 4 win on Sunday. That kept them from getting swept and ended a 13-game postseason losing streak.

But they seemingly washed that away with a less-than-stellar effort in Game 5, wasting their return trip to South Beach.


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  1. welcome back to reality says:

    LBJ MVP x3.. nuff said..

  2. MTP says:

    not to mention woodson told JR to go out and be himself.. he shoots the ball

  3. MTP says:

    ridiculous.. JR Smith needs to take those shots.. you wouldn’t be writing about him if he would have shot 10-15.. he’s huge to NY although he may have been off in game 5 you can’t really say anything. there were to many players out he needed to step up and unfortunately they just didn’t fall right.. how much did novak contribute throughout the series… or anyone else for that matter… they ALL had a rough series stop taking it out on JR.. you’ll be sad when he decides to leave and dominate somewhere else!

    JR Smith most underrated and attacked player.. yet on the court he’s a team player yeah he takes a lot of shots… why shouldn’t he? He’s also extremely tenacious defensively and sets up great plays for teammates.. not to mention he’s always the first to go help someone up if they get knocked down.. and always always cheers for his teammates when he’s on the bench

  4. ANTI MORON says:

    Well, who is KNICKS in the first place? they got nothing from the start to half of this season… until Lin rose up! that is why they are now at the playoffs… let’s give them a credit for that… that’s the reason they got fans all of a sudden and people love this team because of the underdog to almost superstar stories (nobody to somebody).
    And as we can see health is a big problem, too bad for them.. but the biggest problem they have;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; COACH.. they need good strategist coach + longer training camp with it. looking forward for this team..

    • Yaso says:

      Agree with you. I have been following and watching this NBA season from the very first game and Knicks got nothing from the start to half of this season until Lin came in. Lin 7 straight games win since 04, February against Nets built up Knicks team spirit, momentum and team work. Unfortunately he is not able to continue after his knee injured.

  5. jone says:

    wade the best! go heat!

  6. Sana says:

    Boston are too old? LOL. You’re out of your mind. What does age has to do with winning a championship? I guess you’re dumb cause you forgot that Dallas beat Miami in the finals last year. Were they young? Nope. I really believe Boston can beat the Heat. Dats y im rooting for Boston to beat Philly so dat they can meet Miami.

  7. diesolo says:

    As a Knick fan it is the same old story; at the end of every season I say, oh well there is a always next year.

  8. Neto33 says:

    Can figure out how Carmelo comes to NY just to keep his average scoring points and do nothing but the same as in Denver, just play without any chance of acquire a championship for the city. is sad that Knicks have non basketball championship (that I’m aware)
    Hopefully the knicks staff will re-organize and give again chance to the Chinese dude. FOr the benefit of the whole NBA is good that everyteam have a real chance to compete for the championship

  9. goknicks!!!!! says:

    Stop saying Melo being selfish player. I don’t think he’s being selfish after watched several games. Before I would think like that!

    it is always easier saying than doing. I mean we are sitting here saying all the stuff like we know everything about basketball like we are really professional about it, but really???? if you are that professional how about go coaching??? or how about you go play and come back and say how it really is??

    at the end, lets say just enjoy the game they play or turn on something else!! don’t take too serious about it!

  10. WHAT A JOKE says:

    WHAT PEOPLE EXPECTED ANYWAY, the knicks got NO talent,a team full of BENCH PLAYERS, carmelo cant play BBALL,just ISO WTF bad selfish player will never win anything,maybe after 35 when hes gunna come from the bench his team might win sth for him, amare is a non factor on both ends of the court,J.r smith a mediocre selfish player, Chandler gota learn how to score the ball he suxs on offense, even worse all the other centers in the team should play for the D-league …clearly the knicks are gunna continue to suffer for the next couple years

  11. Knicks Fan says:

    Furthermore, People act like the knicks were suppose to win this series. If you ever played basketball you would know that just because you give it effort dosn’t mean your always gonna get the rebound. Transition def against lebron and Wade? They happen to be the best in transition and your talking about the playoffs. Not regular season games as in the last 25 was played with the same focus and heart as those players would give in the playoffs? Tyson C. didn’t seem to play very well to start series with stomach virus. Amare made bad choices and his effort was lacking sometimes. Iman shumpert ,J lin, and Baron davis out with injurys. Shumpert could of helped shut down wade while having the right Pgs to help run the offense. This would of taken pressure off of melo and JR from having to make the right plays. Instead, it took them and the rest of the team out of their confort zone. Novak was shut down from the heat defense. M. Bibby, Tony D, Jered J, Novak, and landry F. couldnt creat their own offense against a miami heat team defence. Jr smith was instant offence and was told to take those shots, he also did a good job of distributing the ball. Mike Woodson can make JR better when the knicks roster can fill in most of the holes.

    • S27M says:

      I never thought they would win but I did think they might have given a little more of a fight.
      Anyways the HEAT is the Team in east and It will be either Spurs or Thunder fromthe West

    • Lebron Fan says:

      one of the rare playoff matches between Lebron and Carmelo did not end in an epic game seven duel as i anticipated.. nevertheless i got treated in seeing my three favorite players : Lebron, Carmelo and wade in a playoff match (even though it just lasted for five games ).. I hope carmelo and the knicks can make adjustments during the off season and return next season as a strong contender..By the way when will lebron be rewarded the 2012 MVP? Go HEAT!!!!

  12. mon says:

    Get Nash now! go Knicks!

  13. S27M says:

    Heres the deal…My opinion:

    Knicks have great pieces in their team but they just have to become a team. Understand their roles and play as a unit. Trust one another, move the ball and play with some winning swagger. When a team plays the Knicks their thought process is lock down Novak and make Melo shoot awkward pull up fade aways(Amare to inconsistent this year to even talk about).
    They Have the Talent BUT they need the DISCIPLINE to WIN. They don’t seem dedicated to putting big numbers in the winning colum. Given that injuries have been AWFULL to them but if the knicks cant seal one of the top four seeds next year than its reconstruction time…AGAIN.

    They need to write off their problems from last year and come back fresh.
    Amare needs to be Amare
    Melo needs to look at how he scores and revaluate his attack against elite teams. Like how Lebron stopped shooting so many threes and started posting more all adjustments.

    Lin he needs to come back healthy and stronger because he has to dictate where the ball goes and learn Amare’s tendencies…I would recomend watching some nash & amare tapes and watch how amare likes to move.. just a thought.

    You cant have that much talent and play horrible.

    I will always be a Lebron Fan but Over that I am a Fan of good basketball and a team with good players should play GOOD Baseketball.

  14. Knicks Fan says:

    I never care for John Schuhmann’s commets. I think their more one sided then the spurs-utah series. The problem is J.R. Smith had the green light from the coach. Not really all that selfish. On a team with little to no PG help. JR just played bad, took hard shots when the shot clock was winding down and what would of been a 24 shot clock violation. You can credit miami’s defence or you can insalt a knicks team that was battered and missing in action.

  15. The playoffs expose you for who and what you are as a person on the court and team, the knicks need a point guard to make plays for others and melo because melo is not that we all know that hes a scorer first, and they need people healthy, is jermey lin the answer i don’t know, but steve nash is out there and that seems like a good fit, and they need vetrans coming off the bench.

    • Sebio says:

      Steve Nash might fit, but I would not rely solely with Nash. Amare might get his groove back the way they play in Phoenix.

      • Bball fan says:

        if they dont play defense, they wont win. no matter who you have on your roster, even if MJ in his prime days. regarding about point guard, Nash is a great play maker, but he is old and lacking of defense. the one i really like is Rajon Rondo. if anyhow the knicks or the lakers can get their hands on rondo, it’s an instand upgrade. just my thoughts

  16. don says:

    Too many injuries for the Knicks to compete against a hungry Miami Heat team.

    Schuhmann does makes solid points, of course. The lack of defensive effort is unacceptable.

  17. TRADE MELO says:

    Lose ballhog Melo. He has complety ruined the NYK. Hope you guys know since the Knicks have accuired Melo they haven’t been over .500 with Melo in the lineup. Lets get back to that PickNRoll offense that was winning us games, Not that ISO Melo calls everytime he comes down the court.

    • Sebio says:

      ISO Melo? That is a good one! NY can be a better team if they learn to share the ball.

      • Yaso says:

        Agreed, most of the time when Melo get the ball the rest of his 4 team mates just stood there and watch his actions. What’s the point of being the top scorer for every game if the team can’t win?

  18. Gmaeface says:

    I will give the Knicks credit.They played great ball in my opinion as a 7th seed. Even if the bulls had all of their players, they still wouldn’t beat the Heat this year. The bulls making changes is what need to talk about.Rose can’t stya healthy and the bench isnt as good as ppl say.What a bust Anyway Miami all the Way!

  19. NYK says:

    congratz to the heat. i won’t blame on injuries , you won it .
    we will see you next season all healthy and hopefully with Zen master sitting on our bench.

    ok since the Knicks are gone i am officially rooting for OKC to win the title…..see you next season

    @mpk1988 you wish other people (scums in ur own words) to die soon. that make u worse than scums. what normal person wish someone else to die soon?

  20. Elena says:

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  21. M1978 says:

    Unfortunatly the Knicks were’nt good enough to stop Miami. It seems luck smiles big time on the Heat this year. Who’s gonna compete on the East? Chicago wrecked with three main players injured. Maybe they won’t make it through the first round. Indiana is too young, Boston too old. It will be a walk in the park for the Heat.

  22. dattebayo says:

    Clearly it wasn’t a successful postseason for the Knicks, but looking forward they should be alright in the next seasons. They need to sign a veteran guard or two, to balance the floor on the offensive end and get Chandler and mostly Stoudemire more involved. Melo doesn’t have to exert himself so much and with Novak and J.R. Smith they have instant offense off of their bench. With a long training camp under a solid head coach, they should be a force in the Eastern Conference and finally lock up the Division title to get Homecourt in the postseason. I hope they can stay healthy to do that and then we might see a more competitive Heat Knicks Series next postseason 😀

  23. Remy says:

    Give the Knicks some credit… key injuries all over the place against the best team in the East (maybe the league) right now, its amazing they didn’t get blown out every game. That said, I rolling with Dave on this one, The next series will be interesting considering Indiana is the only healthy/talented challenge left in the Eastern Conf. and they have an even healthier disrespect for the Heat. Wouldn’t be all that surprised to see a couple upsets. Plus, It’ll be interesting to see what happen to the Heat, if Miami doesn’t win this year (Lakers, OKC. Spurs, Celtics are still very tough teams).

  24. ballhog says:

    some of the Knicks are too lazy on defense (Amarie). If the Knicks hustled like Wade, series would go 7. Heat wanted it more, thats the bottom line

  25. juzray says:

    Next Team will be Gone fishing in 4 Games !!!!!!!!! Go Heat!! Indiana what?? Good for them to climb at semis spot to bad they are facing Miami heat =)

  26. supplanter33 says:

    Lots sa bitterness here.. Knicks losers. even next season you wont win anything in the playoffs haha

  27. supplanter33 says:


  28. mpk1988 says:

    I just want to give a big shout out to some extremely retarded, dumb, comments and hate speech’s from users like : COACH D, Imad Akel, Kobe24, and some other stupid knick fans and Lebron haters in denial… You people make my day.. :D.. I hope all you scum simply die soon so that the world is a much better place..

    And yeah.. the average IQ and % of good sensible people on the planet will dramatically increase..

  29. STAT says:

    i am a fool.give me some time

  30. Dave says:

    I don’t believe that Miami is good enough to win the season. I believe the NY Knicks with all these good players cannot play good defense to win against Miami heat. I’m waiting for the fishing day for the heats.

  31. NorthPaul says:

    T(Fl)op play in Top 5 today: D-Wades flop and one…

  32. Tab says:

    the knicks will go down as one of the most selfish teams in history.. you got the selfish Melo and J.R. smith on the same team…