It Doesn’t Look So Easy Now

LOS ANGELES – First, the Nuggets responded behind closed doors, in their locker room as coach George Karl used the regrettable claim by Lakers center Andrew Bynum as part of the final pre-game instructions to the team. Then, they made the rebuttal where the entire world could read the statement, before a packed Staples Center and a national-television audience.

Bynum said earlier Thursday that close-out games can be easy, and the Nuggets answered back with a 102-99 victory at night that chipped the Los Angeles lead in the best-of-seven series to 3-2.

Message received.

The Nuggets may have played with the same energy anyway, just as they had in the Game 3 win and several stretches of the three defeats. As Kobe Bryant said in dismissing the impact of the comments: “Did it pump them up? Probably. Would they have come out and played with that kind of energy anyway? Probably.” But for Bynum to offer any bulletin-board material at this stage, with the Lakers on the verge of ending the series and looking to the second-round showdown with the Thunder, is the latest head-shaking moment of the first round from the All-Star center.

“In general, I think he’s wrong,” Karl said. “I think it’s hard to win. I’ve been blessed to win a few series, and it’s hard to win the next game and the hardest thing in the world is to win the fourth game. I don’t care who you’re playing. If it’s the eighth seed, it’s hard to win that fourth game. You get to know each other, the euphoria of being a human being is when you win, in your head, there’s a little bit of a letdown. His feelings on my close-outs are a little bit different of me being in them. I told my players that.”

It doesn’t stop there. Not only did Bynum make the Nuggets feel disrespected, backing up the assertion came with decent production, the 16 points and 11 rebounds. Meanwhile, his counterpart, JaVale McGee, continued to emerge as one of the Denver stars of the series, getting 21 points and 14 rebounds in 33 minutes off the bench.

“It is bulletin-board material,” Lakers coach Mike Brown said. “If a guy wants to say that, then in my opinion he’s got to back it up. If you’re going to step out and say that, he’s got to back it up. But we all have to get his back and try to help him back it up.”

Did Bynum back it up?

“We did not as a team,” Brown answered. “JaVale McGee had 21 and 14. He impacted the game. We didn’t do a good job with our team defense, we didn’t do a good job with our team offense. You’ve got to give Denver for winning the game. It is what it is.”

It is a bad loss. It is a 3-2 series. It is the first round, still.


  1. Edjumacator says:

    Doesn’t take much for Laker haters to get wood.

  2. Louiemdc says:

    Kobe 32 Shots
    Bynum 8 Shots made 5.
    Gasol 11

  3. Nuggets will beat lakers in game 6!Kobe is NO Jordan!

  4. Rosco says:

    The Lakers are so fun to watch, really good when they are losing a game, because that’s when the finger pointing starts who’s fault it was. That my friends is not a team effort. Lakers have some talent no question, but way to much ego. And Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) that’s the funniest thing changing his name, kracks me up just to hear em say that, that’s entertainment. He’s a time bomb just waiting to explode. Hey Metta, try and be more professional on the court will you? Thing about the Laker’s too is the all the front row celebrities you get to watch instead of the players.

  5. WHAT A JOKE says:

    Most bigs in the league are sooo bad, this era is a big dissapointment,oh and MCGEE is a joke omg.. even worse the 2 best centers in the league are soooo immature and weak mentally, even talent wise they lack critical characteristics, D12 is great on defence but hes really struggling on offense no skills,no real talent just pure strength and athleticism,bynum omg he SUXS on defence he got no intensity and he shows how low iq he has everytime he gets owned on help defence situations,offensively nothing special really. I really hate to see those guys on action, they cant even do 1 friggin dribble,cant shot the ball,y the hell they dont work on their friggin skills, no talented centers in the league omg..

  6. a BIG fuss out of nothing says:

    the big man ate his own words on the court and JaVale numbers proved it so why are ya’ll
    stressing this issue again ahahahaha.

  7. blair56 says:

    Shaq is as big as an idiot as this guy. This is why Shaq endorses him.

  8. mr-plow says:

    how is this loss NOT kobes fault? he missed 18 freaking field goals!! How are you the hero when you take 43 shots to score 43 points? If Bron or KD had this type of game in the playoffs we would never hear the end of it. Can everyone PLEASE get off kobe’s jock already!!

  9. ITS OVER says:

    Lakers are going down. No 6th ring for that clown Kobe Hollywood Bryant

  10. Cheng says:

    I saw Mat Barne took a lot of three the last few games hitting nothing but air! I cant believe some people stupid enough to say that Laker intend to lose this game, win that game..etc. The only intention that I saw from Laker team is when wome of their players tried to take down other players…Very unprofessional! The only nice guy in Laker uniform is Gasol..

  11. The lakers should of kept fisher he would of hit them threes at the end thats what he does, byunm was a no show in games 3,and 4 and nobody said anything kobe did what he always does so i’am not surprised, the lakers will win this series, but they will lose to the thunder in round 2.

  12. Epiphany says:

    It’s funny how Laker fans are now bashing Kobe when he’s done this his whole career, only in the past they got bailed out by Fisher, Odom, Gasol or even Farmar & Brown at the time. So now that they aren’t looking so good in the first round and people are finally waking up to see that Kobe is just a shot jacking ball hog.

  13. I want the Nuggets to win this series sooooo badly! They deserve to win this series. To make the playoffs with a team like that is a feat of its own and the Lakers need to re-built. Neither team will end up beating the Thunder in the next round anyways.

  14. Nate says:

    1) ” crying: 😦 the lakers are too good so i have to come hear to vent and show my jealousy” that’s how you idiots sound. those 16 CHAMPIONSHIPS hurt huh. @ Justplayball, putting “lol” in every comments doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. No one even knows who’s you favorite team, just a laker hater.
    2) @ Dattebayo, Lakers aren’t the first or only team to get swept in a playoff series nor will they be the last. Considering they lost to Dallas who were the Champions your argument is even lamer since Dallas probably beat your favorite team.
    3) @ Francisco, Who on NBATV doesn’t know about you. Did Kobe refuse to sign your #8 or #24 Jersey? lol… you’ll be alright man.
    4) @ Belizeboy, You’re as see thru as Datteboyo. I can see all the hate.

    • dattebayo says:

      Dude, all I said is Bynum is a dummy saying stupid stuff before an important playoff game. Since he got swept last year and the Lakers didn’t respond and fight back at all after being down at halftime in Game 4, isn’t it quite ironic for him to say what he said?

      The Lakers are not a sympathetic Team to me with Bynum elbowing Barea, Artest elbowing Harden and Odom bodychecking Nowitzki and basically ruining his career this season. In the press conferences all three just came up with lame insincere excuses and acted like nothing is wrong or they didn’t do anything wrong. I am not rooting for them to win the title and I don’t believe they have enough to do it. To me Kobe is jacking up too many low-quality shots while his big men too often don’t even touch the ball. If it weren’t for Mike Brown’s defensive system and Bynum’s health the Lakers wouldn’t even have Homecourt in the postseason because their offensive Game was inconsistent all season and a struggle, like Kobe’s shooting performance.

      Frankly, I wanna see the Nuggets win and play OKC in the next round but I am not a hater. If the Lakers manage to win it all this season despite all their struggles and weak bench they clearly deserve to be the Champions. It’s not that I couldn’t stand it or live with that, it’s just that I think it’s unlikely.

  15. killuabest says:

    Bynum= no brainer..still a kid in his prime
    Couch Brown= hope this is your last season looking forward to coach Byron Scott
    use goudelock more =subs for session / blake
    Kobe= share d ball more to 3 big men
    bynum= pls repeat your 30 rebounds…
    gasol= be a def player too

    all this LAKER’S 2012 WORLD CHAMPIONS…

  16. Mark says:

    Lakers secretly didnt want to win. they cant afford to play any games against the thunder next round without Metta. The Lakers will close the series next game though & Metta’s suspension will then be over.

  17. Pat Brown says:

    It is quite obviously that most of you are Lakers haters. Stop complaining and blaming players. What is your team doing? Brag on them. Ooops, or did they even make the playoffs. Everyone always want to blame players for not performing at the top of the level you feel they should. Every night want be a good night all the time. Every team wants to win, who wants it more will determine the outcome of the game. Evidently, Denver wanted it more and needed it or we wouldn’t be having to discussion on who screw up. People always blaming Kobe for taking too many shots. Okay who gone tak’em then? He give them the ball and look what happen, either bad shots being makde or turn over, therefore, he has to take over. Can’t blame him for that, especially when the team is showing not type of effort at all. All I can say at this point is bad lost for the Lakers and handle your business with the next one.

  18. kobe says:


  19. KOBES FAULT says:

    Kobe is supposed to be the best player in his team…but he plays no team bball, being selfish and less efficient makes his team WORSE, he only cares about his numbers, thats DUMB, certainly not winning basketball, the lakers are gunna pay in second round vs OKC cause kobe wants so much to be a hero, he plays STUPID his coach should substitute him each time he takes a stupid shot,hes hurting the team chemistry bad every time he goes in “hero mode”.

  20. Jrk says:

    Don’t be fooled! The very reason why the Lakers forced game 6 is for MWP to play game 1 against OKC.

    • Mark says:

      thats what i said

    • phillip says:

      forced a game six ? so I’m guessing if Kobe or Ramon get their 3, they go into overtime and then ‘ force a loss ‘ intentionally . OMG that is off the charts !!!!!! The best thing about that theory is that so many people beleive it LOL

  21. Cali says:

    Kobe hits one more 3, or that 2 in the lane to tie the game, and then OT, and then a win… and nobody cares about how many shots he took… typical.

  22. Corey says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Kobe is unbelievably great. But he just isn’t what I thought he would be. Yeah he knows how to score a lot but still struggles with throwing a team on his shoulders. Maybe we expected too much from him. He has some rings because he has been on a great squad, but he just doesn’t quite get it done solely by himself. I think of Lebron on the cavs or even on the heat and realize Kobe will never be that guy. He will never bring that much to a team.

  23. RON ARTEST says:

    The Lakers purposely lost game 5. Their goal is to win the series in 6, so that metta world war, aka, ron artist, is available for the start of round 2 against OKC; they will use him to injure the thunder players. Lakers are by far the dirtiest team in the league – kobe, ron ron, bynum,… what a disgrace they are

    • gameon says:

      delusional if this were even remotely tru then why was Bryant chucking up those three pointers to tie or win the game………duh he was trying to win The Nuggets played great and no one seems get that the Lakers got outplayed. The NUGGETS WON not the lakers lost Denver played better and with more intensity.

  24. Andre says:

    The only way Lakers can win it all this season is Kobe accepting he’s the second man on the team, like he did in his first 3-peat with Shaq. Kobe is a good player yet, can help a lot the team. He’s still more than a role player. But Bynum is the best healthy Center in the league, and Kobe needs to realize they need to use Bynum accordingly to have a chance to win.

    I’m starting to think Kobe’s ego is so big that he prefers to lose than winning as the second man.

  25. Truth says:

    After Nuggest win game 6 in Denver, we are heading to game 7 with Metta World Peace back! Haha, he is such a nutcase, the Lakers are going to lose! Anyway, it will be Heat vs Spurs final whatever, and Lebron will lose to Duncan AGAIN (and I’m not even a Spurs fan)

  26. ray says:

    i saw the game
    and I must say … damn kobe takes a lot of bad shots
    I like how clutch he is and his 40, but he had to take a lot of shots to get there man

    a pacers fan

  27. Clippers-42-32-50 says:

    i was really hoping for the nuggets to win! im happy they did!

  28. Belizeboy says:

    I’m just laughing at the fact that Lakers bigs got balled up be JaVale McGee…JAVALE MCGEE LMAO!

  29. justplayball says:

    ….Just like lakerfan…… when you LOSE we don’t see many comments, BUT when you win you act like that is the way it is supposed to be ….. Enjoy your ‘history’ because that is all you have now……. laker train is going into the tunnel not to seen again for years……bye bye !!

  30. Someone says:

    i’ve really learned not to question the lakers all those years but…are they really this much in control of the situation? are they so sure they are gonna win game 6 on the road? that artest excuse is not good enough for me the way they played yesterday…but then again they always screwed around in the first round

  31. qimba says:

    The Nuggets are nuts if they let Miller get away again after the playoffs. He and Harrington, who are both working through injuries that will require surgery after the playoffs, are leading by their examples and as other bloggers before have pointed out already, Kobe is leading with his ego. Pride comes before a fall.

    Miller has paid his dues and is due atleast one playoff run instead of always going out in the first round. First the Nuggets must make the most of homecourt and take the Lakers out Thursday. Let them get inspired by the wizards of smart dissing them until game seven on Saturday. E.G. “World Peace is back! & will cut a piece out of the goldly rox”… etc.

    Then play as a team that knows they will have to elevate like their new center if they hope to beat Kobe flopping and lobbying like a politician; not to mention the rest of the Lakers (and the refs—who will play to Hollywood and the NBA powers that be… because of both left coasts where the lemmings live, that watch the tube that buy the beer that Colorado makes that pays the bills…(:~))

    Hopefully McGhee can continue to play out of his tree, leaving Lakers lost in his shade…

  32. dirk45 says:

    Three things that are the same as last season:
    – The defending champion gets swept
    – The team that sweeps the champ will be new champion
    – The Lakers exit second round

  33. Rich says:

    The guy was just talking out of experience when they got swept last year.. But his immaturity didn’t help in suppressing those thoughts to the press. I still want them to win because I want OKC to go through stiff challenges on their way to the championship.
    MFFL !

  34. ko0kie says:

    after all I have a feeling we see Metta World Peace playing a first-round series game against the nuggets..

  35. ko0kie says:

    lol andrew… just because he folded in game 4 against the mavs last year, doesn’t mean every other player is like that..

  36. tdistor says:

    It was awful watching the Lakers last night. I do not understand Kobe’s ‘hero mode’ performance, i do not understand Gasol’s lack of focus, and i do not understand Mike Brown’s constant praising of the players when they win a game, when everybody knows they’re so inconsistant in their playing.
    I’m spanish but something wrong with Gasol, i don’t know if it’s because of the role he’s forced to play in this team or if it’s something mental that blocks him. He has to play big because you are supposed to play big, i couldn’t believe watching Mike Brown saying that they keep saying him ‘Play Big’ all the time.
    Said that, i do not think Gasol is the main problem in this team. Kobe is. Too many bad shots, too many turnovers, too many individual playing. So sad to watch.

  37. marko says:

    For all the praise Thibodeau got for coaching the Bulls last two years, they are not very good offensive team. It’s all left to Rose’s individualism on offensive end, which can turn them in one-trick pony like last year against Miami. Or no-trick pony like this year. It’s not like they don’t have any good offensive players. Boozer was much better in Utah, but PF is as good as PG makes him be, and Korver could be Ray Allen caliber threat at the outside if only they have couple of actions drawn for him.
    Greg Popovic would do miracles with this team…

  38. Joseph De Francis says:

    3 out of 4 survived.

    your full of it, they have never beat the lakers, and yet they needed motivation.

    just write the game story and leave your b s novel aspiration out it.

    if we want to know about the game we will watch and read about..

    its bad enough to have a blanket of advertisment swollowing the stats and data as we try to read them.

    do not feed off someone to make your story interesting and then fool the young into thinking the answes are so simple, man you reporters have taken our society into a new low of stanards and ethics.

    just to get ahead regardless of the direction you are being pulled.

  39. Fed up kobe fan says:

    Bynums words are true, teams do fold when on the brink of elimination and get down early. he wasnt suggesting they would just give up, he was saying that if the lakers got a big lead and held it for awhile, the nuggets would fold….which they would have.
    My issue is with my favorite player of all time, kobe bryant. Kobe, there is NO EXCUSE for andrew bynum (best C in L) to have 8 shots and you take 32….if you wanna get on the podium everyday and praise bynum for his talent, aggressiveness and being the future of the team, you better darn well make that animal a force in the offence. Kobe your taking away from the team and your selfishness will AGAIN be the teams downfall. Your my hero but im getting tired of seeing Bynums talent wasted and you shooting 30-40% on 25+ shots. Its unexcussable.
    Lakers, pull it together because this is getting frustrating and old
    PS….Bynum and Gasol are the lakers ONLY chance at winning vs the thunder. You best start utilizing them or you will NEVER tie MJ for rings. Smoetimes the truth hurts playa.

    • justplayball says:

      …….Best center in the league??? What league??……

    • justplayball says:

      ….overrated players like him NEED to keep their pie-holes shut…… period. Nobody wants to hear what this punk says, and when he can’t back it up, he starts pushing people around like the bully on the playground……..

    • justplayball says:

      … got that right……”that animal”…..

    • Alex Aranda says:

      Ok, it’s a problem Kobe taking so many shots. But it’s a worse problem the supporting cast not making the 3’s fall. The Nugget’s game plan with Bynum is double & sometimes triple team on him. That’s why he’s not making more shots because quickly he’s sourrounded with 2 or 3 bodies. But if the Lakers starts making 3’s when Bynum kicks the ball out (as he has done all games of this series), then Nuggets will think if it’s worth doble-teaming Bynum, and will open the paint,

    • justplayball says:

      …..yes that is what is is about….tying the underwear salesman for ‘rings’………lmao….. The nba has moved on from you now kobester…. the coddling is over…….. How ’bout a NEW NICKNAME………. “Almost Kobe!!” kinda has a ‘ring’ to it , dontcha thinK??? You really thought you could be the Hero…..but alas…… you are the ZERO !!…….. keep workin’ on that recordbook…….

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      You too huh? I have been also tired of Kobe’s excuses but I am just as tired if not more, of Coach Brown’s behavior. First with his “acting dumb” about Metta’s elbow to Hardin, then letting Kobe take the public role of “Coach Kobe” (who’s really running this team) and his inability to even TRY and keep Bynum under control. Did he NOT learn anything from Coach Pop while under him.

      None of these shinanigans would be tolerated on Pop’s teams. Tim and Tony may be the Captain but Coach is the boss and he gets (and earns) the respect, PERIOD

  40. JJ Barea says:

    Bynum is a punk!

    • Kenneth Faried says:

      Yeah, definitely, that guy just elbowed me too in Game 5. I can’t believe he only got a Technical, I didn’t even do nothing besides trying to inbound the ball and that ***** elbows me.

    • Paul says:


    • phillip says:

      Look out world the Mcgee express is coming ……………. tooooooot tooooooooooot . Whos the knucklehead now ? Looking back ( or in to the future ) if I’m Kuchpak I trade Bynam and whatever else they want for Howard, but I reckon Mcgee might be better than them both in a few years…………. toooooot tooooooot

      • Bill says:

        Mgee is garbage. In the first two games he couldn’t hit a layup. He’s young and athletic and it will serve him well for a bit but he’ll never be close to an all star, EVER! Howard is a diva and he’d only get worse in lala land. Lakers still take this series in 7 and then off to OKC to get beat down.

      • TWizz says:

        @Bill. It’s not like Bynum played well his first few years in the league lol.

    • justplayball says:


  41. theking0522 says:

    Put it in the books. Every time Kobe scores lots of points……Yes, you know it…The Lakers lose. hahaha. The Lakers playing really close games with the Nuggets and somehow they are championship ready? It could have easily be Nuggets on top 3-2. The 2nd game of the series finished 104-100 and the last game went down to the wire in Denver. If the Lakers make it, there is NO WAY they are defeating OKC. Another early exit!!

    • Fed up kobe fan says:

      I agree, kobe stop excluding Bynum and Gasol from the offense. Kobe is responsable for this lose. 32 sots while gasol and bynum get single digit shots and again shoot over 50%. Kobe here is a little reality for you. ANDREW BYNUM is more of a force then you now!!!! and you will NOT win your 6 ring excluding two all stars from the offence. Im truly appauled at this.
      lakers winning a championship= play of andrew bynum and gasol,,,plain and simple. get them involved or lose

      • justplayball says:

        …..Kobe is playing to be in NYC next year……he needs more press……lol

      • justplayball says:

        …..memo to lakerfan……. gasahol is washed up … with it. If you think bynum is your next sstar…… well, y’all know this is lala land …. the land of make-believe….nuff said….

      • Silked23 says:

        LOSS*!!!! Shots*!!!!

      • justplayball says:

        …..please, please learn the language before trying to type……….!!!

      • Carl says:

        If they aren’t going to score or put their heart into it, who the hell else will? You sound stupid.

      • frank says:

        You better go back and watch the game. Kobe only took over when bynum and Gasol failed,I think he should have taken over earlier and by the way Kobe is the shooting guard not the point guard that would be Sessiona and Blake!

      • lebrunt says:

        *appalled, *6th

  42. Francisco says:

    again kobe taking 32 shots plus 10 or 11 free shots for a total of 37 shots, if the lakers had an efficient ball handler who takes 18
    shots a game and leave the rest to the big guys, they were unstoppable,,get rid of kobe

    • kobe says:

      u have no bball knowledge..did u watch game..granted kobe did take alot of shots but he had to..Bynum again played with no heart or determination..i live on SOCAL went to game and again he looked like he didnt want to b there..he even said in paper that he has to bring more huslte a d to the game..he does this alot..vey immature..for someone who said closeout games r easy .he played soft ..and gasol dont get me started on him..he is being guarded by a guy who is 6’7 and all he does is shoots 18-19 footers..they have no bench and no outside shooters..get rid of i said before stick to soccer FRANCISCO..big guys were GOT HIS LUNCH HANDED TO HIM BY JAVEL MCGEE..AND GASOL WELL IS GASOL

  43. dattebayo says:

    “Close-out games are actually kind of easy,” Bynum said. “Teams tend to fold if you come out and play hard in the beginning, so we want to come out and establish an early lead and protect it.”

    I know people are on Andrew for that comment, but I feel him. I know he understood what he was saying and why he said it because he knows about it very well. I mean, isn’t it what the Lakers did last in last seasons playoffs in Game 4 against the Maverickss?

    Andrew is such a dummy, I am looking forward to seeing him taking more 3s and trotting back on defense, running is for small market players anyway 😀

    • justplayball says:

      …..poor Andy….. he might grow up someday….maybe

    • BFoulds says:

      Most teams don’t fold. Only the Lakers do when they know they’ve lost. Utah was down by more than 20 in game 4 against the Spurs and they fought back with a 19-2 run even though they knew they couldn’t win. They didn’t fold, they aren’t the Lakers. Bynum thinks teams fold when they are down because thats what his team does.

      • Slider821 says:

        Good point!

      • justplayball says:

        ….exactly……. “When the going gets tough”…… hang it up!!!!! lol….

      • Neil says:

        Didn’t you see the Lakers last game against OKC? They were don’t by 17 with 10 1/2 minutes to play in the fourth and they won by 8. Last night they were down by like 15 in the 4th and got within 1. You’re stupid and don’t know the Lakers.

      • RON ARTEST says:

        Neil…you mean the game where Metta World War brutally and purposefully injured James Harden, so that OKC were without their best 4th quarter player, causing OKC to struggle down the stretch? Oh yes, great heart by the lakers…yeah right. they either fold, or they use dirty tactics, like giving people concussion, to try to win..

    • uoykcuf says:

      you know the saying, stupid players have stupid fans.

      • Happy says:

        Here here. I agree wholeheartedly that Lakers quit games when they know they are going to lose. Just look at last year’s sweep of the Lakers by the Dallas Mavericks. In particular, Andrew Bynum went bush league as he blatantly fouled one of the Dallas players. I really hate the Lakers and hope to God that this series goes seven. Even if the Lakers end up beating the Nuggetts, they will be no match for the youthful Oklahoma City Thunder. I hate Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant, and the rest of the ugly vain Lakers. Let’s have a new NBA champion this year. The Lakers have won enough. Their time is gone now. Go Nuggets go!!!

        Enough said.