Thunder Need Perkins For Next Round

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — The status of Thunder center Kendrick Perkins for the Western Conference semifinals remains a bit of a mystery.

The Thunder’s week off after sweeping the Mavericks in the first round should benefit Perkins, who suffered a right hip muscle strain early in Game 4 against the Mavericks and did not return. But there has been no officials update on his condition, leaving Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman to wonder exactly what the recovery process (10-14 days potentially?) has in store for the big man and his team.

We will let the medical professionals handle the prognostications about his return and instead try to sift through the words of his head coach for a few morsels of information about where things stand.

“In the next couple of days we’ll have a better understanding of where he’s at,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said after his team’s practice Monday. “We know the next couple of days he’ll continue to get worked on by our medical staff. I have a lot of respect for what they do. And it’s always about the players, so they’ll make sure [Perkins] is ready to play at the level he’s used to playing at … the extra few days of rest will be good for everybody.”

If the Lakers can finish off the Nuggets tonight in Game 5, that will set up a rematch of a first-round series the two teams played two postseasons ago. It will also ramp up the importance of Perkins returning to action as soon as possible. The Lakers have two 7-footers in Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol that will demand serious attention. A potential matchup against Perkins and the league’s shot blocking champ, Serge Ibaka, would be another interesting twist to the series.

Nick Collison is the third member of the Thunder’s big man rotation, with Nazr Mohammed capable of handling some minutes as well if Perkins is limited or unable to go for the start of the next series.

But a healthy Perkins is vital to the Thunder’s championship pursuit and, more immediately, their chances of defeating the Lakers.


  1. hooplover says:

    istead of guessing like you Laker haters, i think i’ll just watch the playoffs with the rest of you and hope for the best. #lakersnationbaby

  2. Tal says:

    Love my lakers but i think they will have to play above avg to take OKC, mainly because the bench is just not producing consistantly

  3. Abe says:

    Peace will shut down Durant and Westbrook will put up his 3 for 21 every game . Lakers in 6.!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$ P.S. there is no one that wants a ring this year as badly as Kobe . And you know why!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$

  4. Greg Jackson says:

    The Keys for the Thunder to win against the Lakers is the play of shooting guard with Thabo & J-Hard giving Kobe a hard time and The play of center with Perk & Nazr giving Bynum a hard time…..Gasol and Sessions wont be a prob for Serge/Nick & Russell Westbrook

  5. Hindi ka Pogi says:

    okc fan ,let your team prove it first …you dont still have title to boast!!!

  6. Hindi ka Pogi says:

    it will be a battle match up again for okc and L.A. ……….L.A. in six if ron would knock them all..

  7. Pogi Ako says:

    Enough of OKC-LAL… It’s goin to be OKC-DEN !!!!

  8. valery says:

    Interesting, most of you sound crazy no matter LA or OKC I like both team I want that win the strongest one and please no Injures cause more important by the end who will take NBA trophy and win all, I bet better chances for OKC to win all not LA. They deeper, and I love LA for long time , but nothing I can do and change that LA have terrible bench and most of the players not good as I want them to be. Most important for me that Big 3 not gonna take it, and this is not cause LB but mostly of the hype. SA is the last one that I want to see on top. But doubting that can beat LA or OKC as well as “big 3” if the in finals. I wish both teams all the best and want to see series where 1 point will be the big difference.

  9. Sparhawk says:

    Ibaka isnt the future of power forwards, unless he can improve his scoring drastically. Kevin love and blake griffin are imo the future of power forwards.

  10. Fear the beard says:

    OKC has Scott Brooks! While LA has a lousy coach named Mike Brown, nuff said!

  11. Funny says:

    how nobody mentioned James Harden, the key for OKC to win a championship this year.

  12. roman says:

    Lakers vs Thunder would definitely be a great series, it could go either way. But between the 2, ignoring the Spurs at the moment, who would have the edge against the Heat? I would have to go with the Lakers simply because when Kobe is challenged his attitude raises the overall energetics of the entire team due not only to his competitiveness and will to win but also because of his long experience in the playoffs and finals games. This in no way downplays Thunders game, Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, Sergie Ibaka. Kendrick Perkins, Derek Fischer, James Harden, there I just named 6 guys easily who perform their jobs on the floor just about as good as you would want but I dont know if their overdrive potential is as high as the Lakers.

  13. sladjlfj says:

    as long as joey crawford is officiating, the lakers have a chance against okc.

  14. Durant 4 Life says:

    Whoever said that Ibaka is always on foul trouble doesn’t watch OKC fights, Ibaka will pound your Bynum and Gasol! Durant and Westbrook are goin to own Kobe and the rest of the Lakerlandia!

  15. sergie says:

    in Lakers, we trust. No need to brag dudes. 16to17

  16. ERA710924 says:

    The series between OKC and LAL will be very exciting….but still, LAL will end it VICTORIOUS.

  17. Tonal says:

    Laker advantages are:

    thunder advantages are:

    If the Lakers can steal one of the two first games this might be a 7 game series.
    But i’m gonna go with thunder in 6.

  18. W/E says:

    Thunder got the best overall perimeter players but their PF,C positions stink, Ibaka can play some defence mainly blocking shots,but he is always in foul trouble and hes weak offensively,perkins cant play bball,no skills cant shoot the ball no post game nothing at all,just being physical picking up fouls, thunder are really really weak on the center position bynum is gunna put crazy big numbers on em thunder are helpless against lakers bigs.

    • . says:

      Perkins is more of a defensive player…

    • allaroundballer says:

      That’s it, Thunder needs to play physical because Pau is somehow soft and Bynum may be involved in a fight with Perkins. If both foul troubled, it’ll be Thunder advantage

  19. S27M says:

    Perkins would be usefull but OKC has many more scorers than LA
    Plus overall athleticism and sheer talent is swung heavily in OKC’s favour.

    LA Has the experience and they just know how to win, the group they have may not be the best the lakers have had
    BUT they have champion players which gives them a decent chance against this talented Oaklahoma team.

    I have to give the edge to OKC, They’ll take it in 6 games

    Two big shot shooters going at it, This will be a VERY entertaining series.

  20. John Scape says:

    Gonna need Perkins really badly
    How come Perkins guarded Dirk? Because Ibaka can’t guard. He blocks and lets in open shots.
    Perkins will have to guard Bynum and Ibaka better hope that Pau plays soft and misses open looks.

  21. Objective says:

    Dear Lakers fan : A few important questions ;

    Anything can happen right ? Like Miami not making the finals right ? Why is it then always positive for the Lakers ?
    The Lakers bench finally appeared right ? Ya’ll thinking this will happen now every game ? Ya’ll counting on that ?
    Against OKC it will be very IMPORTANT that they will pound the ball inside. Since WHEN does this happen in Lakerland ?
    What’s the defense strategy against OKC since Mike Brown don’t know what this word means ? Bynum pushing Westbrook in the back, that peace guy hitting Harden and Kobe getting frustrated over Durant ? Ya’ll still gonna have a problem in Ibaka and not to mention Sefolosha and the rest of the crew. Final one : If your dear team is rooting for the lakers: WHY does every Lakerfan saying : Laker in 7 ? I’ll give ya’ll a little hope OKC in 5 games !!!! Have a nice period 🙂 I understand it’s a bitter pil to swallow but please understand : That ignorant guy will NEVER win another ring!

    • KICK OKC says:

      don’t be such a fool! they got the kobe,bynum, gasol and the rest of the crew! let’s see how much your okc improve. westbrook will shoot 3-22 from the field like what he did in the regular season against the LA. what a mess! Kobe will take the L.A to the finals kick the OKC in 6!

  22. Objective says:

    Anyway they will destoy the Lakers !! Gasol is gonna be posterized a few times. Durant is gonna make Kobe look like a punk and Westbrook will mess with Sessions and Blake. But best of all i’m gonna win mine € 1000,- I wonder in which game we’ll see the thugs again ? Artest ( with his silly peace name, Barnes and Bynum ( same stupid attitude as his low percentage leader). I’ll bet he won’t surpase the 33% FG. Dont argue, ya’ll know its the truth 🙂

    • hooplover says:

      does it make you feel better or even like a big man to bash the lakers! oh, i know, you have no talent and are jealous of those that do! lol #lakersnationbaby

  23. chris says:

    ibaka will blocks all yall shots. he’ll serve up some nachos with extra cheeze! more cheeze, please!

  24. they still got a nuff talent to overcome the perkins injury

  25. Anthony quigley says:

    Ibaka is the future of NBA powerforwards lmao

    • OKCKD35 says:

      I’d like to see you laugh when you say that to Ibaka, he will palm your head and pick you up. haha. Ibaka is the man and will only continue to get better, shoot he’s just learning english and starting to communicate with the team.