Paul ‘Understands the Moment’

LOS ANGELES – This is what the Clippers imagined, or dreamed, when they traded for Chris Paul just before the regular season. This night, this series and this situation.

Monday at Staples Center was his latest moment as Paul made four of five shots in OT to go along with a 27-point, seven-assist and game-high nine-rebound night. That was after 24 points and 11 assists on Saturday in Game 3, which was shortly after the seven assists in the fourth quarter alone of Game 1 (in which he had 11 dimes overall) to help drive the historic comeback win from 20 points down with 7 1/2 minutes remaining.

All of which puts the Clippers in this situation: up 3-1 on the Grizzlies with the chance to close out the first round Wednesday in Memphis in what would be their first series win since 2006.

“Everyone knows it’s obviously the playoffs,” coach Vinny Del Negro said. “Chris is so good at not only making plays for himself, but making the right play, which is more important at times and getting his teammates involved. He understands the moment. He’s picking his spots when he needs to be aggressive offensively and when he needs to run the team a little bit more and get the ball to certain guys that maybe have it going a little bit, whether it’s Blake (Griffin) in the post or Mo (Williams) on a flare or Randy (Foye) or whoever. That’s what makes him a star.”

Those intangibles.

“I don’t think it’s taught,” said Kenyon Martin, an opponent for many years and now a teammate. “You just have to have it.”

That’s the part that cannot be measured, although it has long been obvious that Paul has few rivals in the entire league for leadership and wanting the big moments. His work off the court in New Orleans, before the blockbuster deal made him a Clipper, drew raves. The tangible is that he is averaging 23.5 points, 8.8 assists and five rebounds in 40 minutes through the first four games.

“I didn’t know what to imagine,” Paul said when asked if this was what he thought possible at the time of the trade. “I was excited about the opportunity to come here and what we had. But we still haven’t done anything yet. We’re having fun and all that’s good and well, but we did what we were supposed to do, and that’s win our home games. The series is not over yet.”

Correct. But the Clippers need only avoid a three-game losing streak to advance to the second round to face the Spurs, which would mean a Paul-Tony Parker mega-showdown at point guard. Some moment.


  1. Migs says:

    If kawhi leonard is the second coming of a bruce bowen like defense and it materialize in the playoffs. while manu becomes the beast that led argentina to gold in 2004 olympics. There is no doubt the spurs will take this 4-1 in the series.

  2. MR. Blake Griffin says:

    thank for feeding me every game. you deserves to be an MVP.

  3. stat says:

    the grizz are no where near done!!!
    they go home get it done it’s a whole new ball game!
    all the grizz need to do is shut down CP3 easier said than done but if they can shut him down they win the series even from here….
    so much talent

  4. Muugii says:

    Go Go CP3 MA MAN

  5. Phillippppnes says:

    Spurs is too much for Clips! it will be decided by 4-1 or 4-2
    Goo spurs!

  6. Robert says:

    I am still having a hard time admitting this, but I believe that the Spurs will win it all. I know… I can’t believe that I said it either.:)

  7. REALLYDUDE says:

    @cp3overrated you a heat fan? CP3 Flops?…wow. CP3 is the best closer in these playoffs and it is showing in this series. Don’t know about against the Spurs though.

  8. Novak4prez says:

    Knicks in 7

  9. bob says:

    i mean the team they had last season is diff from there team this season!!!

  10. Amitpal says:

    Chris Paul ability to close games is what seperates him from all the other pg’s. No point guard, not even Deron, Derrick, or even Tony Parker, guy who everybody is loving right now for some reason, can close the way chris does. Chris’s is the reason the clipper are up, cuz he can close games and memphis can’t. I love chris as a player but I think spurs win the next series. They have a better bench, more experience, and probably more talent, In order for clipper to win this series chris paul is going to have to have an unbeilevable series, which I think he is capable of doing. But it’s going to be a good series but I don’t think Griffin is going to be good enough to help chris. Tim Duncan might be old but he’s such a smart defender I don’t see Griffin doing great. I hope clippers win but I think spurs have it in 6. The clipper still need to beat memphis first. It’s not over yet. Memphis is very good at home, and if they steal one in LA in game 6 then pressure goes on clipper, so they have to be careful.

  11. tata says:

    Chris Paul RUINED Blake Griffin by teaching him how to FLOP. It is one thing for a skinny little point guard to flail around the court, but watching an athletic beast like Griffin fall down and grab his face on every foul is ridiculous.

  12. tata says:

    I can’t wait to see Chris Paul and Manu Ginobilli both flop at the same time and see the reaction on the ref’s faces.

    • abchome says:

      Have you seen the Raja Bell and Manu Ginobilli double flop? Go check it in YouTube if you haven’t. The refs will have a heck of job…lol

  13. fanofafan says:

    chris paul and the clippers wont go anywhere theyre all FLOP CITY

  14. Shawn says:

    Chris Paul is spectacular. Such a pleasure to watch. He is really fighting. I don’t know, but having Mr. Big Shot there has got to help. Because it seems he is closing much better than ever. So happy to see!

  15. diehardLAKERSfan says:

    As much i hate to say this i have to. truth to be told clippers aren’t going that far. Clippers are lucky that they are 3-1 because Grizz’s coach isn’t allowing his players to double or triple team CP3. Moreover, Grizz aren’t playing like a playoff team compared to last season. IF Clippers should win this series, Spurs are going to SWEEP them the next series. Coach Popovich would make sure that his players double-triple CP3, and make him take difficult shots. Besides who among the Clippers will be able to guard Tony Parker, or Tim Duncan? Again, Spurs are EXPERIENCED team which Clippers aren’t.

  16. cp3 da best pg says:

    cp3 best pg in nba since 06

  17. swagflu says:

    i dont understand why everyone is already talkin about the next round matchups… Memphis will still win this series

  18. CP3OVERRATED says:

    The guy flops entirely too much, makes me sick.

    • supplanter33 says:

      Thats why he is the best PG there is. He will do everything to win for his team. If he gets the calls and you are on the opposing team, it will make you frustrated of course. But if you are with them, u will like it. Clippers for the Win!

  19. glock93308 says:

    CP3 is best PG in the world and should be in the conversation for MVP. Without him Clippers wouldnt even have made the playoffs. Blakes having a very bad series and theyre up 3-1. I think if Billups didnt get injured they could haven been a favorite to come out of the west.

  20. glock93308 says:


  21. nickbartlett12 says:

    Beautifully put title. CP3 absolutely understands the moment and he knows when he needs to take over and create his own shot. Check out my insight on the matter:

  22. warren says:

    Thanks to Heir Commish Pauls’s not a Laker.Then the Commish sells the team to Benson. He just hates the winning Laker franchise. Scumbag.

  23. James says:

    I keep hearing how the Clippers cant beat the Spurs(if they get there) and its like..have you all not paid attention…the Clippers dont even have to play well to win…imagined if they played well an entire game..and had Chauncey..Truth be told though…the only team in the league that can really beat the Clippers in a 7 game series is the Spurs…but Im not ready to give up on them!!!

  24. Taser_This says:

    Actually, in game one they were down 24 points with 7:54 left in the game. That is the incredible feat – much better than down 20 with 7:30 left, if that datapoint is in fact accurate.

  25. sasquash says:

    spurs are old
    Clippers will break them

  26. Zach Gillette says:

    Grizzlies beat the Spurs, Clippers beat the Grizzlies… math?

  27. charles says:

    Chris Paul has been the best Point Guard in the NBA for a few years now. He just hasn’t been getting the recognition he deserves because he hasn’t had the teammates that can make the most of his talent. His offense is ridiculously efficient and he can score from anywhere: Super quick, approximately 50% FG, 40% 3FG, 90%FT. His defense is absurd, solid team defense as well as the league leader in steals. With him on the team, your offense in flow and your defense is tight. He is truly an all around talent and perhaps the best player in the league right now….

  28. David Stern says:

    aye i was rootin for the clippers but was doubtful they even be up 3-1, chris paul is a winner so dont doubt him

  29. Sparhawk says:

    I thought clippers beat the spurs more this season. O well spurs play dirty anyways which is sad because they have so many good players. When clips win I see them taking spurs in 6. They will meet OKC in the semi finals.

    • Bisummm says:

      If you have not seen the spurs play this season, they are playing basketball the way it should be played sharing the ball and getting the best possible shot on offense and tough,physical defense. They are a different team from past years. Watch them play first before you call them dirty.

  30. X1045X says:

    Tp doesn’t need no overtime to shine he does it all game long!!! Go spurs go!!!

  31. Jay says:

    Spurs are playing so well as a team and the coaching is the best maybe ever in NBA. But there is a wierd feeling brewing in LA game after game that this Clipper team could be a shock the world contender. They have OKC’s number and can beat Miami. First they must exit this crazy tough series with Memphis which is not over. Every game has been that close. Diff is LA has a finisher Memph does not… gay has done better than expected buy he ain’t CP3!

    And yes another year + one more player and its RISE LA!

  32. Fefe says:

    If the Clippers do qualify (guys, even if they are 3-1, the series is not over), they will face the Spurs. Tony Parker-Chris Paul showdown is great, but I think that Spurs would win this series 4-1 or 4-2.

  33. daniel.b says:

    oh and in the semi finals…. if clippers and lakers can take care of the 1,2 seed…. OMG!!!!

  34. daniel.b says:

    i think that the grizzlies last yr playoff team can sweep the grizzlies this yr team…. grizzlies are playing no where to how they played last yr.. zack randolph isnt carring the grizzlies like he did last yr…. buttt i got to give the clippers cedit for still doing work

  35. Nguyen-Luan says:

    CP3 remembers what happen against the Spurs in ’08 playoffs 2nd round against the Spurs.
    If Clippers advanced, he will have the team motivated and ready to play like he always does.
    There is so many good point guards in the league but not many can bring intangibles Paul brings.

    • Nguyen-Luan says:

      Apologies for the typo.
      CP3 remembers what happen against the Spurs in ’08 playoffs 2nd round.
      If Clippers advanced, he will have the team motivated and ready to play like he always does.
      There is so many good point guards in the league but not many can bring intangibles Paul brings

  36. Ben H. says:

    Clipps have done very well and I’m rooting for them, but I don’t think they can beat the Spurs because they haven’t been together long enough. The Spurs are on a mental level as a team that will take the Clipps a couple of years to match.

  37. J. KUSH says:

    This year belongs to to my OKC Thunder…. Thunder vs Heat. Thunder in 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kevin durant for mVP

  38. Sinorsaint says:

    The Human Meow

  39. wasd says:

    could you just imagine the clips if they had Mr. Big Shot Billups and Caron Butler healthy! damn what a very dangerous deep team

  40. bestnbaforum says:

    Spurs/Heat, Spurs , who else?

    More at best Nba forum: ->>> <<<-

  41. brendan says:

    Chris Paul doesn’t go ham…. He goes YAAHM

  42. Gerald Pesa says:

    Chris Paul the best point guard in the league!!! CP3 FOR MVP!!!

  43. Barry Lird says:

    Spurs/Heat, Spurs

  44. Paul went ham in overtime, but iam not ready to say there going to play the spurs the grizzles go back home for game five and all the games have been close.

  45. Belizeboy says:

    Great job by Paul, but I was really disappointed with the officals that game.

  46. JP says:

    TP would take the clippers to school and with Manu slowly warming up offensively I dont think the Clippers have a chance.

  47. Lakersfan2417 says:

    CP3 FOR MVP!!!!!!!

  48. Oh!Yeah! says:

    Happy for Chris Paul man to finally have great talent beside him..I don’t expect the Clippers to win it all this year because of the lack of training camp and the shortened season and even so I didn’t thought that they would be this year I know they will become a title contender but for now let them experience the playoffs…Go Clippers!:)

  49. clips58 says:

    new orleans b4, now clips, cuz of cp3..& blake… just 1 game win for clips over grizz, then clips vs spurs….. clips & spurs will become the best series match-up in d 2nd round dis post-season. Spurs beaten cp3 & new orleans in game7 on d 2nd round match-up during 2008 playoffs, but i think cp3 & d clips will beat them dis tym.

    • neon says:

      I don’t know man, it’s looking like we’re in for three killer series right now with Clippers/Spurs, Lakers/Thunder and Heat/Pacers. Boston/Philly will go to Boston. The other three series will be awesome!

  50. kobe24 says:

    love the clippers, but spurs in 5

    • allaroundballer says:

      Clippers also have depth bigman which is Spurs eminence. I hope they’ll keep physical to compensate Spurs experiment

      • KareemOfTheCrop says:

        What did you write?

      • KPS says:

        “Clippers also have depth bigman which is Spurs eminence. I hope they’ll keep physical to compensate Spurs experiment”

        Wait…. what!?!?!

      • POCOCOPS says:

        spurs’ nemesis….. spurs’ experience

      • allaroundballer says:

        I mean their bigman, Spurs experience vs Clippers physical. Sorry guys LOL

      • many says:

        dont forget that the clippers are out muscleling a team that was to big for the spurs and tim duncan last year and the grizzles are actually better than last year

    • com1969 says:

      clippers in 6…

      • Walt says:

        @many the grizzlies are better than last year but so are the Spurs. The Spurs took all 4 games during the regular season against the Memphis Grizzlies during the regular season 4-0.

  51. allaroundballer says:


  52. lakermig says: