Knicks ‘Not Counting’ On Lin For Game 5

NEW YORK — The Knicks will have an update on Baron Davis later Monday, but it’s very safe to assume that Davis will not play again this season after suffering a dislocated patella in the third quarter of Sunday’s Game 4 at Madison Square Garden.

So now would be a great time for international sensation Jeremy Lin to return to action. Lin has been running up and down the floor in 3-on-3 games at the Knicks practice facility, and would be doing the same Monday and Tuesday before the Knicks travel to Miami for Game 5 on Wednesday (7 p.m. ET, TNT). But Knicks coach Mike Woodson tempered expectations in a conference call with reporters Monday morning.

“I’m not counting Jeremy Lin playing,” Woodson said. “We’ve just got to continue where we’ve been, in terms of guys that are in uniform. And I’m not counting on him to play.”

Lin had surgery to repair a meniscus tear in his left knee on Monday, April 2. At that time, the Knicks said he’d be out six weeks. And right now, we’re at the five-week mark. And as he did with Amar’e Stoudemire for Game 4, Woodson made it clear that the decision on Lin is out of his hands.

“I think it’s going to be up to the doctors and Jeremy to make that decision,” he said. “It won’t be my decision.”

Part of the problem is that Lin hasn’t been able to see any game-like action on the practice floor.

“If we had an opportunity to practice and that kid runs up and down, 5-on-5, and you can actually see him banging and cutting and moving and getting knocked on his ass, if we had time to do that, then I’d feel more comfortable,” Woodson said. “But we haven’t had a chance to practice at a high level, where you can do those things I mentioned. So I am a little apprehensive about him possibly coming back.”

Still, if Lin and the medical staff give the all-clear, Woodson won’t hesitate to throw Lin into the fire.

“If you’re ready to play, then I expect you to play,” Woodson said. “But it’s not my decision to make.”

Assuming Lin does not play Wednesday, Mike Bibby will start at point guard. And when Bibby is off the floor, it will likely be up to Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith to bring the ball up the floor.

“When they go big, we can go big,” Woodson said. “We can play Melo or J.R. at the one. It’s something I thought about doing last night, but I never would have saw the big shot that Bibby hit if I had done that.”

Toney Douglas is sort of a point guard. He’s healthier than Davis or Lin, and not nearly as old as Bibby. But Douglas has played in just 12 of the Knicks’ 28 games since Woodson took over as coach and has shot just 32 percent this season.

Woodson said that Douglas could play Wednesday … if the Heat play rookie Norris Cole, who picked up just his second DNP of the season in Game 4. Otherwise, there’s just not a good matchup out there for the 6-foot-2 Douglas, especially when the Heat go big with LeBron James at point guard.

“It all depends on who they play,” Woodson said. “If they come in with Cole, that would be a better matchup for us, Toney on the ball with Cole bringing the ball up, speed against speed.”


  1. MiaMi says:


  2. MiaimI says:


  3. jhayzshonn19 says:


  4. SMode says:

    The heat are nothing without lebron wade bosh they laughing at their fans they want ya to join them in the NWO=New World Order lol but too bad the devil never gonna win the playoffs they had there chance last year lets go Knicks roll the 7 don’t let these Moloch worshipers win………..

  5. Lebronity says:

    Pray for mercy from Miami, lebron is going to destroy knicks like a bug!

  6. Romesh says:

    man, you guys are crazy. get back to reality. Heat in 5

  7. akosibonik says:

    i see some desperate knick fans, wishing an upset, well let’s see. melo and amare can’t score 40 and 20 respectively in 2 games in a row. knicks just got lucky last game, when it’s game time in miami, it’s over. miami will blow out the knicks! mark my words!

    • jj says:

      why cant melo and amare score 40 and 20 in another game? knicks fan know well there wont be any upset, if there’s someone who ‘s beginning to fear that its only heat fans. and bron was a complete fail in game 4.

      • akosibonik says:

        lebron didn’t fail, in fact he did give miami a chance to win. you are a desperate knick fan.

  8. CarlosKing says:


    What are you smoking man? are you serious Knicks vs. Miami series will go down to game 7? and now your saying they are a team now. So u mean in the regular season they’re not a team. I bet you’ll gonna say they’re not ready or they don’t have chemistry when they’ll gonna blow by Heat in game 5.

  9. him says:

    Knicks shouldn’t push this kid. It’s couch and doctor’s choice to exam it.
    I mean he can play better next year. There will always be Linsanity. He is young tiger wood. This kid is phenomenon.

    This year. Davis is out. You can’t lose more point guard in game. It would be exhausting for the team.
    It’s up the fans choice. Save knicks killer bombs or use it now.

  10. HEATfan954 says:

    the Knicks will stiil lose even if Lin plays because he makes alot of turnovers which is the biggest mistake to do against the Heat, plus the Heat play alot better at home

    • allaroundballer says:

      Yeah, Heat isn’t Lin’s favorite opponent. But Woodson should give him some minute, Lin deserves to taste a little playoff

    • CoachD says:

      Wanna bet on that?

      This series will go down to 7 games. Amare, Tyson and Melo are a finally a team now.

      The Heat are still on the blame game about the last play on game 4.

    • Dreaming.. says:

      keep dreaming CoachD… lol

  11. Mike says:

    All Dallas fans are blaming the loss to OKC because they were without Tyson Chandler this year. I’ve seen Tyson playing many game for NY. He is just an average player who doesn’t make a lot of difference in the game. I guess the fans are just trying to blame on something….

    • John says:

      Chandler an average player? The guy was the defensive player of the year. He gets tons of rebounds and his presence is huge. Where have you been all year?

      • zeeemteam says:

        Chandler is a great defender not to mention was 68% from the field all year plus a 70% or higher on FTs not bad for a 7 footer. Mike really that just not right in fact he is the rock on that team.

    • Myself says:

      EXACTLY! htf is you gonna be hyped up about tyson chandler? lol the dude is just tall and avergae period. IMO he just like joakim noah all hyped up but still mediocre at best. Not hating, just saying the truth

  12. Jim says:

    I believe Jermey Lin should play in game 5 on Sunay based on his previous injury and skill level. First of all, I am a physical therapist and one of the basic rules taught about a meniscus tear is that it does not affect the stability of the knee joint nor does it affect knee strength. A meniscus is cartilage and as we age we start to lose cartilage which affects mobilty of the joint. While I think jermey Lin should play since he did not tear his ACL nor his Patella Tendon which both affect knee strength, his agility will be hampered ( meaning lateral quickness) but will be able to safely sprint straight up the court faster than any other player from both teams.

  13. OWNED says:

    play the gundam kid its knicks last chance, they r already so messed up they got nothin to lose, just play lin and see what happens

    • know amare needs to show up agian in game 5 and help carmelo then they got a chance, because the heat other then lebron and wade are playing bad right know its just that games 1 thru 3 the knicks played worst, but you see what happens when carmelo gets help from amare.

  14. newyorksteelo says:

    Not playing Lin on Wednesday would be a mistake in my opinion. This kid has previously proven time and time again that he can come off the bench without barely much of any playing time and bring the Knicks together for the win. He has done it in the past, and I believe he can do it again. At one point in the regular season, he came off the bench to help the Knicks win 7 straight games, becoming a starter after just 2 of those games, and shocking the NBA world. He thrives in situations like this and can more than handle the stress by remaining cool calm and collective. Imagine just for a moment that Jeremy Lin could return and shock the world again by helping the Knicks bring this series to a game 7. If the NBA thought it could sell his Jersey like hotcakes back then, wait till you see what can come out of this if he does it again!

    • He has proven he can come off the bench, but not after knee surgery and know game time or real practice time you can’t put him in a nba playoff game right now and excpect him to play at a high level Lin will be hurtin the knicks, the got there confidents up right now you don’t to mess up that flow.

      • newyorksteelo says:

        His injury is one that is common in the NBA (not serious) and can easily heal in 4 weeks time. It’s been 5 weeks and he has in fact been practecing playing 3 on 3 acording to the article. I totally understand where you are coming from Kevin, but this kid is special, and with little to no playing time in the mid season, he came into the scene and pulled the Knicks out of a serious hole to win 7 straight games. That was just downright amazing and has never been done before in the history of the NBA by a bench player in his position. I say play him coming off the bench to substitue Bibby as the starter, and keep JR and Melo where they are needed the most. never underestimate the heart of a player. If he feels he is ready, and his medical staff aproves it, I say go for it. We could all use some of that Linsanity especially now that the Knicks are down 3-1 in the first round of the playoffs. Just my take on it. Go Knicks!

  15. Prix says:

    Knicks in 7
    history in the making!

  16. Wilt the Stilt says:

    You would wanna play TDouglas… don’t wait for them to put in a guy they don’t use that much to use the only guy @ PG with some speed… Start with Douglas close with Bibby … kid might bring something to the table right when u need it… if not bring in Bibby for that vet presence…