23 Years Ago Today … MJ And The Shot!

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — I know we are currently in the midst of some fantastic playoff basketball from coast to coast, but you have to make time to appreciate the history of the game.

And 23 years ago today, Michael Jordan burned an image into the hearts and minds of fans in Cleveland, Chicago and beyond with one of his signature moments. Sorry Cleveland and Craig Ehlo, but May 7, 1989 will live forever:


  1. manu says:

    Wow, what a crazy shot by MJ. The defender did what he could and his D wasn’t that bad but MJ’s air time is just unbeatable. Whenever I see highlights / past games of MJ I am amazed at what he was able to do offensively.

    I’m a huge Kobe and Lakers fan but I can tell you Kobe is no MJ, and MJ was no Kobe. Rip me apart sure if you want. The truth is MJ didn’t score 81 in a single game, not cause he didn’t want to but simply cause he couldn’t. Or else you don’t think he would have? Kobe did right?
    MJ got 6 finals MVPs Kobe only has 2. Kobe has been a top 10 player in the league for nearly his entire career, say take out the first 4 years? He came straight from high school so pretty impressive in itself. Both were AMAZING at what they do/did so it doesn’t matter both are great both can be enjoyed and both give it their all when they’re on the court.

    Anyway, the other argument of Kobe vs Duncan vs Shaq. Come on man do you not know basketball? How are you comparing a big man to a small man. They play a completely different style of game. Shaq didn’t win a championship until he came to the Lakers with Kobe. And then won one when he joined Wade, but Kobe won two more after Shaq left. Point is this argument can go on forever, stop whining, stop complaining, stop bickering and just enjoy the show god damn it !


    thanks for the video, just missed the bulls heydays…so excited to watch every game of the bulls in those days. MJ & the BULLS the greatest!

  3. W/E says:

    KD is still 23. He got the potential to become a legendary scorer

  4. Josef says:

    Craig Ehlo Still Hates The Shot

  5. Nick _ballingfrom_oz says:

    Watching MJ inspired me to play ball as a youngster, this shot and many others stick in my memory and everytime i watch these types of footage again, it reminds me of how damn good he was.

    They didnt win it that year, but soon beat a very good pistons/knicks/la team.. when he played reg season, he was basically unstoppable..playoffs came and he carried games on his back – GOAT.

    Kobe is 33, playing extremely well and only considers MJ as a greater basketball being, others aside are equally successful but none have the desire and competitive edge KB possesses (maybe CP3). LBJ playing out of his skin as is KD, though people compare them to an aged KB, who has played 14 seasons and many many post seasons. Those kids are early/mid 20’s with youth and exuberance, KB still pushes the envelope and if you wish to make comparisons between then 3, you are not doing your IQ/Self justice if your comparing a 33-34 KB vs a 25-28 KD/LBJ.

    Michael will be long remembered as a the greatest athlete of pro sports for a very long time, KB however tarnished were his middle years, will be remembered as a great as well, to say he aint top 5 player is an injustice to balling.

  6. OldDog says:

    81pts against the 2006 Toronto Raptors just before All-Star break
    63 pts in Boston against a team full of Hall of Famers!!?? with one of the best frontlines in history!!?? in the playoffs…!? at age 23!?

    I know which game I would vote for…

  7. Lakersfan2417 says:

    guys shut up about kobe on a michael jordan video. just appreciate how great they both are and stop arguing about who is better and how kobe couldn’t have won a champpionship without shaq, and how jordan could not win one without pippen. Stop this because last time I checked, basketball is a TEAM sport. People can not win championships by themselves and every player on the team has to do their part.

  8. Edu says:

    If this is the play i think it is, MJ fouled the other guy, he pushed his legs(if this is the play i think it is)

  9. darryl says:

    anyone remember the ”tear”?anyway,this was when kobe was player of the month where he scored 50points or more 4 games straight but,what really stood out was in 1 of those games,robert horry threw a full court heave down to kobe and even as he was being well defended,he took the ball around his back,then a 360 dunk in sequence.the announcer said,”you could go to an nba game everyday for the rest of your life and you will not see that dunk.he hasn’t lied cause it’s been at least 7years and noone has repeated!!!KOBE24LIFE!!!i guess my thing is,jordan is legendary w/o a doubt but,if u really want to see video footage of a superstar?no,scratch that,VIDEOS OF THE GREATEST?check youtube and look no further than KOBE.

  10. darryl says:

    81points and a win vs 63points and an L….KOBE24LIFE!!!

    • OldDog says:

      81pts vs the 2006 Toronto Raptors just before All-Star break
      63pts in the playoffs!? at Boston!? against a team FULL of Hall of Famers!? with one of the toughest frontlines in history!? at the age of 23!? where the leagues previous years MVP calls you “God in basketball shoes”…

      I know which game I would vote for…

      (and also Kobe was actually wearing #8 when he played that game…)

  11. W/E says:

    BIG deal he hit the friggin winning shot so what he won nothing that year, he was the best player of his era but he couldnt win any championships until he got a better coach,better teamates, improved chemistry,a mature pippin and no CELTICS/LAKERS in the way…

    • Bunsenburner says:

      @W/E Last time I checked he beat the Lakers in the Finals.

    • fred says:

      he couldn’t win any championships without help?? isnt it a testament to jordan that when he retired after the first 3 peat the bulls went winless over the next 2 seasons until he returned for his first full season and set the best team record in NBA history and preceeded to win another 3 championships agaisnt the like of hakeem and the rockets and the duo of Malone and Stocton to name a few. he deserves all the recognition he gets as the GOAT no matter what era he was in

  12. ddddd says:

    I love how you internet people love to argue whether Kobe is better, MJ is better or Lebron is better until you go to bed at night. MJ in his era had no equal. Kobe in his era had the Pre-injury Tmac, Allen Iverson, Lebron, Carmelo, and a few others to deal with. Of course having Shaq in his prime always helps as well as Bynum an Gasol. And MJ had Pippen and his role players. There is no realistic way of comparing legacies other than stats and championships. The only thing that we can truly say is that MJ paved the way for these other players. Nit pick if you want there but thats the way it truly is. My next question for all of you is would MJ be MJ if he would have had restrictive coaches throughout his career? Would Kobe be Kobe if coaches wouldn’t have given him the ball? So on and so on? Probably not…. However MJ and Kobe had coaches that trusted in them enough to develop their game and so they became the MJ that we know today and the Kobe we know today. Props though to MJ for his career propelling moment. That moment will always be remembered as when the REAL MJ’s career truly took off.

  13. wow says:

    Lebron is already better than Kobe, Kobe isnt even top 10 IMO.

  14. Bev says:

    Michael Jordan is a figure in sports history that will last and continue to impact millions of people
    for many many years. There is so much people can learn and be inspired by from his career.
    He was simply awesome !!

    I can’t believe its been 23 years ! Were did the time go?

    Hang in there Mike. I know you can turn the Bobcats around.

    Your Friends, MsBevBlack nba.com

  15. Kobe Fan says:

    Best clutch shot to win a playoff game. you can see why this is the guy kobe is after, respect for MJ. even Kd has shades of this guy on him, but you can’t see him on LeBron and i think that’s the difference.

  16. lakermig says:

    why is it whenever there is an article about it mj or KOBE everyone litterally starts dropping brain cells outta their ears and IQ goes down its bit of a pointless article about a super play by jordan yes but there have been plays like that all throughout history from all sorts of players ie.magic and bird and thomas in that era and its not like they write articles about those or about when Mr.Clutch had done it in the 60s so why this, cause it gets ppl talking and unfortunately usually saying rubbish.I am a laker and kobe fan this was great, mj was great, he is and was the greatest sg of all time but to deny that kobe is the second and the best player of his generation is to be mentally retarded just like this argument that seems to go on forever.
    Just sit back and enjoy these videos and this sport ppl instead of worrying whos better a player from the last 10-15 years or one from the years before

  17. CoachD says:

    My 2nd favorite shot of all-time next to ‘The Last Dance’.

    Here, he literally stopped in mid-air and stayed there for a moment.

  18. Stack says:

    I wished I was born during this era of basketball so I can watch Jordan in action. Greatest of all Time!

  19. W/E says:

    MJ got lucky on that poor defender,shame

  20. Francisco says:

    poor defense

  21. T.D. says:

    Incredible. One of the greatest deciding series games that I have ever seen. Watching the video brought back the memories of watching that game as a teen with my father. Micheal Jordan is the best I’ve seen in my lifetime.

  22. Bron Man says:

    Michael “His Airness” Jordan IS THE NBA

  23. OWNED says:

    Big deal 89′ cavaliers where just a bunch of role players,everyone is overreacting besides Bulls failed to win anything that year.

  24. MICHAEL JEFFERY JORDAN is the greastest ever his achievements nobody is even close hes the only player to average more then 30 in the playoffs [33.4] for his 13 years in the playoffs most points ever scored in the playoffs 5,987 in 179 games, for example Kareem is second alltime in scoring with 5,762 points in 237 games averageing 24.3 a game, Wilt averaged 30.1 in the regular season but in the playoffs he only averaged 22.5 in 13 years in the playoffs Wilt played 14 years in the league, Plus Jordan has the most points scored in a playoff game with 63 points, and has 5 of the top 9 alltime scores in a single playoff game Wilt only has one the third most with 56 points in a game, I could go on and on and nobody is even close to MIKE, Kobe Lebron not even half of what JORDAN was.

  25. newyorksteelo says:

    MJ = Greatness!

  26. Amitpal bains says:

    Difference between Kobe and michael. Kobe takes the big shots, MJ takes and makes the big shots.

    • adrixe says:

      Well said!

    • Andre says:

      I would never put those 2 guys in the same sentence. Kobe will finish his career with people discussing if he’s worth top10 or not. Some guys already put Kobe at top5 (Chuck, e.g.) and people always laugh about it.

      When all is said and done, people will try to realize is Kobe is good enough to be the best of his own generation, since Duncan and Shaq will probably be in the talk.

      • sbfern80 says:

        Andre…Kobe IS top 5 all time. AND SUAQ AND DUNCAN were dominant but nothing out of the ordinary. Lebron has the capability to become top 5 as well. Durant. Rose and Howard will become hall of Famers but not GOAT list…

      • Sbfern80 shaq and duncan were not out of ordinary man shaq and duncan are tied with magic for second in finals mvps with three each duncan has been to the finals four times and never lost kobes been to seven and lost two, shaqs been to five and lost one, and that one was with kobe, since duncan came to the spurs they are the winningest franchise in history of the nba over that time, not the lakers, and kobe top five no, duncan best of the last decade better winning percentage and never lost in the finals,

      • bryce says:

        Shaq and duncan were nothing out of the ordinary?!?! Have you seen them play?! I seem to remember shaq winning the finals mvp a couple of times instead of kobe when he was on the lakers

    • Ryan says:

      You should also add another difference: that Kobe gets triple/double teamed whenever he touches the ball (especially at age 26)…you play man to man defense on the greatest player ever? Youre better off having someone else beat you. And letting him take a open 15 footer (late contest by rotating big)? JOKE DEFENSE. The end was better defense but much better offense by Mr. Jordan. I dont know what people keep talking about when they say defense in the 80s was much more tough than the current NBA. Yeah ticky tacky fouls were not very common back then as they are now, but Im sure Kobe would fare better if he didnt get double teamed/tripled team from the perimeter, if thats the tradeoff.

      • Jokah says:

        this is a micheal jordan blog not a kobe blog why does kobe always have to be brought up on every blog…yeh hes good and whatnot but we have to chill with all the kobe talk everywhere we go. if hes a top five or not time will tell( because hey guys his career is not over yet)

  27. There´s no words to Michael. In my opinion he changed the Nba.
    maybe Im wrong but I think he was the first player in the Nba who put his team on his shoulders.

    • Steven says:

      Yeah because Oscar Robinson, Bill Russel, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Kareem, or Magic Johnson obviously never put their teams on their shoulders….Go read a book and learn some history.

      • Sam says:

        @Steven – U need not be sarcastic dude…. He says himself that “he may be wrong”…. Don’t go around criticising or shouting on somone who is unsure of the facts….

  28. BFoulds says:


  29. ko0kie says: