Holiday Hangs In, Lifts Sixers Late

PHILADELPHIA — Right around the time the Chicago Bulls started wanting to see Jrue Holiday shoot the ball for the Philadelphia 76ers, they wanted him to stop.

Holiday, the Sixers’ point guard, scattershot through a miserable first half Sunday (1 for 13) and didn’t get his second field goal Sunday afternoon until 7:27 remained in the first half. But Holiday stuck with it and, deep in the fourth quarter, boosted his team into position to win. With their 89-82 victory in Game 4 at the Wells Fargo Center, the Sixers have the East’s No. 1 seed — the one without Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, it needs to be asterisked — on the brink of playoff elimination. The teams play Game 5 Tuesday in Chicago.

It wouldn’t quite capture it to refer to Holiday as a “closer” in Game 4; his big baskets came with time to spare, and Philadelphia spent the final two minutes again scoring via free throws. Still, on consecutive possession, consecutive high screens, with the game in the balance, Holiday got to the arc on the right wing and nailed 3-point shots.

The first, with 4:13 left, made it 77-73. After a Bulls turnover, he was out there again and the second pushed the Sixers’ lead to seven points at 3:34. That put them in position to manage the clock and the scoreboard, especially with Rose missing as a “closer” for the Bulls.

Chicago performed better offensively than in its 79-74 Game 3 loss — Rose replacement C.J. Watson found some rhythm late — but they still struggled to execute down the stretch. Carlos Boozer, who had 23 points and 11 rebounds, got snuffed by Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes in the lane, then the next time down, dribbled out of bounds at 84-80 and 48 seconds left.

For the second straight game, Philadelphia did its late-game scoring from the foul line. Holiday finished with 20 points after all. And in Noah’s absence, Hawes looked almost like an East All-Star big man, leading the Sixers with 22 on the heels of his 21-point effort in Game 3.


  1. Dee says:

    I’m from Chicago but I’m in TN for school. I have to give credit where credit is due; I have love and respect for Philly for their effort all year long. Sincerely Chi-town Fan 4 life (Lets go Bulls in game 5)

  2. MaFox says:

    Wheres Luol Deng……………….

  3. Reggie White Eagles says:

    I picked the sixer to beat the bulls in 6 WITH D Rose, not because I think the sixers are a better team but I didnt’ think D Rose would be healthy and then he goes down. Mix that with Rip Hamilton being in and out of the line up and it just didnt’ look good. The sixers are relatively young and haven’t had a lot of injuries/chemistry problems… I pick the sixers to advance to the ECF yes you read it here first… they will beat Boston…

  4. OWNED says:

    The buls are a decent team but they will NEVER win a championship with this roster,there are other teams alot more talented in the league,even with healthy d-rose they wouldnt be able to get to the finals.The guy cant even shoot open jumpers and he is the bulls no1 scoring option.

  5. Philabadboy says:

    The Bulls are a great team and that’s why they have the #1 seed, however you must have a SUPERSTAR for the playoffs, someone who can close the Bulls don’t have that with Rose injured, i honestly think they should draw up more plays for deng, he’s under rated, let the offense flow through him then they will see some success.. But i’m excited to see 76er’s advance.

  6. joan_calape says:

    The Bulls has no confidence right now. NO matter how you say it, losing Drose and now Noah they have no chance, even if they escape the 1st round. And they need miracle to escape Rd1.

  7. Renato says:

    Chicago has no offense without Rose and they have just collapse in the fourth quarter,cause they don´t have a player that can make important shots.It´s evident now how fake was that regular season campaign without Rose.

  8. eknujsra says:

    The Bulls has a heck of a mountain to climb to take this series..If the sixers continue to play like that, the Bulls will be gone fishing soon…Either team will lose to Boston in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals though. IMO.

  9. mattman says:

    the poor bulls are suffering..i hope they can bounce back with a better game in a few days.. and that d-rose comes back stronger and healthier

  10. camc1105 says:

    I am really upset that we dont get to see Rose play with the Bulls in the playoffs this year. Yes, we will have other years to see him play but I feel that this year was a significant one for the young MVP. I dont believe the 76ers would be in this series if Rose was availble to play. i’m sure most people feel that way. however it is great to see the young 76ers step up and win. Iguadala and Holiday are great players and i love watching them play. Check out my blog if your interested in music, poetry, news, tattoos, and of course the NBA.

  11. nickbartlett12 says:

    Shows that the Bulls really aren’t that deep. You can’t let Spencer Hawes do that to you just because Noah is out. Also, the 76ers are playing like they want it more. Check out my take on this series:


  12. This must be hard to watch for bulls fans,injuries ruined their run this year!Better luck next year!

  13. OWNED says:

    damn Thibido, he just cares too much about the number 1 spot in the regular season,he pushes players too much,chicago bulls should trade hard this summer and get a player who can be a factor in the playoffs,the team is full of bench players except D-rose who got wasted and Deng who is supportive and a non factor even when fully healthy. Bulls got NO INDIVIDUAL TALENT they got no one who can shot the ball.

    • canman says:

      No individual talent?


      Joakim Noah, one of the grittiest players and a consistant hustler is now a non factor?

      I understand he was out but you seem to be speaking in general

      Carlos Boozer a non factor?
      Now that’s just stupid, admittedly he has not been great since joining the Chicago Bulls but he contributes on a night to night basis at least enough to be called a factor.

      Luol Deng,l a non factor? That, wow, that.

      wow, I believe he was an all-star?

      I believe he stepped up when Rose went down, all season long.

      I believe he’s one of the bulls many consistant defenders while being one of their only consistant shooters

      Rip Hamilton, a key card in Detroits championships. A non-factor?

      He may be a bit old but his playoff experience alone makes him a key calling card for the Bulls

      This is without mentioning C.J Watson who has also stepped up all year wth Rose out to help the Bulls get 1. seed

      Taj Gibson who is one of the main reasons Chicago gave Miami trouble last year

      and Kyle Korver who, while mostly useless hits threes with a sniper like accuraccy

      The Bulls main problem is chemistry, when players go down chemistry changes.

      I do agree with you on one point, Thib pushes the regular season too hard and puts his players at risk by doing so.

      • Man what are you guys talkin about pushes his players to hard, know, they need to get rid of boozer and get a real second best player and the best player in the league just went down, the coach is not at fault the bulls are getting exposed for who they really are a team full of bench players, who over acheive in the reagular season, other then noah and rose they need to rebuild the bulls, bozzer is overrated sad.