Heat Still Searching For Complete Game

NEW YORK — Between Games 3 and 4 of the Heat’s first round series with the New York Knicks, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said his team was trying to “reach a complete game on both sides of the ball.”

The closest the Heat came in the series was Game 1, an easy 100-67 victory. Then their defense regressed in Game 2 and the offense was pretty ugly in Game 3. But the Heat managed to still go up 3-0, getting the job on one end of the floor or the other.

Game 4? It was the offense that struggled again. And with the defense unable to get one final stop in the fourth quarter, the Knicks got their first playoff victory in more than 11 years, an 89-87 win that sends the series back to Miami for Game 5 on Wednesday (7 p.m. ET, TNT).

The Heat offense had one more chance to earn a week off before the conference semifinals, getting the ball down two with 13 seconds left. Defensive Player of the Year Tyson Chandler had fouled out and defensive liabilities Mike Bibby and Amar’e Stoudemire were on the floor for the Knicks.

LeBron James had just hit some big shots, but the Heat went to Dwyane Wade on the final possession. After a screen from Chris Bosh, Wade was isolated on Stoudemire, seemingly a great matchup. But Wade couldn’t get to the rim, made his way to the right corner and threw up a shot that had little chance of going in. It was a possession that pretty much typified the last two games from the Heat offensively.

Wade not only butchered the final possession, but he shot 4-for-11 from the free throw line and 0-for-3 from 3-point range.

As a team, the Heat were 3-for-19 from beyond the arc, still searching for that complete game.


  1. mhel says:

    for 1st 3 games
    lebron is defending melo in 4th
    but this game 4?? battier?

    and melos shot are not contested as it was
    esp fourth quarter
    intriguing ryt?

    miami sell the game
    plAying game5 at home
    to gain extra money before going to semis

    that is why terry & nash wants to be in miami next season
    they want to become an actor
    i mean paid actor

    • S27M says:

      you really beleive they lost the game so they could win at home….
      No One with a true winning spirit would do that!

  2. Heat Fan says:

    I dont know what Erik was thinking with Wade finishing the game ( dont get me wrong im a major Wade fan) … LeBron just scored 6 straight points for the Miami… AND Chandler was out of the game… i dont understand why you dont give it to him he can drive into the paint get a lay-up of get fouled… Also with the switch when Bosh came to swtich woth Stoudamiere why? you just gave him a bigger guy to guard and Stat is a good defender…
    Also Miami wouldnt have lost if D-wade made some foul shots…

  3. Johnny says:

    Hmmm…. Basically the true comments have been the people saying look…
    The series is 3-1
    Watch the Heat disect these guys with their athleticism Wednesday.
    And those of us saying Indiana is going to make it tough on Miami. I can buy it, but it truly comes down to Paul George’s performances. (Hush, I know about Granger and Hibbert) It sincerely depends on Paul George.

  4. KS says:

    alot of talk about dwade and LBJ and championship unfortunatly their still going to have to play the waiting game as the Spurs are going to go ahead and collect their 5th ring and not because of a few overhyped names but because of good ol’ fashioned teamwork and smooth playing ability. I know you gyus want Miami and LBJ to finally get his ring and it will happen one of these years….just not this year. ..Peace

  5. S27M says:

    WADE -> 4-11 FREE THROWS!!!!!!!!!!
    That pisses me off more than the last shot.
    Need to make the freethorws bro! I beleive there were 2 occaisions in the game where he missed both freethrows.
    I can comprehend 2 maybe 3 misses but 7 from an elite player!
    come on man lets get it right the free throws costed you the game.

    Heat shot 24-35 (wade missing 7 of them)

    • K says:

      Excellent point – the last second shot wasn’t what lost the game; it was things prior to that that lost the game for Miami! However; all of those things can be corrected and that’s why you have to feel that Miami will close this thing out on Wednesday!

  6. marie says:

    lebron james is the best player in miami heat.let him do the coaching,fired spoeltra! they dont need a coach.lebron can carry the team alone without a coach.look how he smashed the NJN scoring 17 points in the last 4 minutes? oh common,does anybody did it? no.its lebron ever.

  7. yodah says:

    LOL! So many haters coming out again.

    Series is 3-1. Heat almost sweep the Knicks.
    Now their saying Spoeltra is a bad coach, LBJ chokes, D Wade made mistake…

    Can’t you just give credit to the Knicks for a game well played in Game 4?
    Look how many points did Anthony made. Give the credit where it is due.

    Yeah, I think even Miami Heat owner like it.
    Means more $$$ to extend one more game in their homecourt…

  8. jack says:

    i wonder why the heck spo chooses wade to have the last shot?..c’mon spo think twice and ur staff should have given that play to lebron, he is hot that time, he should have given isolations so he can make a shot, or may kick it out to open shot if got doubled,..man i am starting to believe that spo screwed that game,..man u disappointed me and the heat fans worlwide, we were expecting lbj to have that last play,…anyway if these coaching style continue,..ill bet heat can not go to finals,…mark my word!!

  9. ryde says:

    One lost by a small margin (2 pts)…and it’s like the end of the world again..and here comes all the “experts” wanting to be in Coach Spo’s place… C’mon guys, give credit to where credit is due. Knicks played great that game and made big shots.
    But looking at the bigger picture. I would still say the Heat are dominating this series and Coach Spo is doing the right coaching, otherwise he would have been fire by Riley long time ago.
    Heat to win Game 5.

    • K says:

      ryde understand the question; did Spoelstra draw up the last play or did DWade break off the play? If Spoelstra drew up the play then his coaching ability needs to be questioned! Last second situations are where the great coaches earn their keep! Every last second situation for Miami shouldn’t come down to either DWade or LeBron dribbling the ball until the last tenth of a second and then taking an impossible shot! Watch how San Antonio run their last second shot situations. They get Duncan involved whether it’s Ginobili or Parker taking the shot. Spoelstra has to get all three of his stars involved in these types of situations. It’s coaching “101!”

  10. gerald says:

    yeah . it should be Lebron james to take the last shot ! he’s the man ! he should be ! should be 4-0 :((

  11. islander says:

    And even if you go for the win taking the last hero shoot by one of your superstar, go with Lebron in a high pick and roll!!!!…Wade is not a three point shooter!!!…..he never had been!!!
    Luckily, they were the best home team this season…

  12. islander says:

    I’m agree 100% with you Lebron#6. This coach is totally incompetent to manage this team.
    13 second. Up 3-0. No time out. Go for a quick three with one of the SHUTTERS (Miller, Jones, Chalmers or even Lebron because he was hot). If you make it, you are up with a great defensive team.
    If you miss it, you have time to fight for the rebound with three good rebounder (Bosh, Lebron or Wade) to try to tie the game on the paint.
    Even if you do not get the rebound you can foul and wait for them to miss at least one. And then you have still couple of seconds for a final three to go to overtime.
    There is not brain or personality to guide these stars…He have to go next season!!!!! Please!!!!

  13. me haha says:

    kobe is gay!! michael jordan is beast! lebron is the king of basketball!!! nuff said!!!

  14. lebron fan says:

    Lebron is a beast!! he should have had the final shot! the coach is a retard… this is the second time wade has missed the final shot. not dissin on wade but hes not good at shootin last shot.

  15. jhonblink says:

    look guys, 3-1 was the standing Miami is so great give it time to dm, all we can do is to trust dm..

  16. lebron#6 says:

    I BLAME IT ON ERIK SPOELSTRA. He seems to be the worst coach ever. The Heat should have sweeped the Knicks. Why would you give the ball to D-Wade, he was struggling all game long. Lebron was hot. And also it doesn’t always have to be the big three who take the lasts shots. We have some of the best 3-point shooters in the NBA (Miller, Battier, Chalmers, and Jones). Why doesn’t Erik utilizes his 3-point shooters. Jones and Chalmers just came out of the 3 point contest, let them do their thing.

  17. Andrew Blaney says:

    UD could become the next sixth man of the year. He is an undeniably hard player and has the work ethic as well.

  18. Mike says:

    I watched NY played almost 6 minutes without a points. JR smith was shooting 1 for 10 and still shoots. More amazing is that they won the game. If that’s all Miami can do then how can they survive the final.!!

  19. Andrew Blaney says:

    Also, why is Eddy Curry not playing? and Ronny Turiaf? If Eddy CUrry was given more game time during the regular season the Heat could have an unbeatable line up. Eddy Curry at centre, Chris Bosh at his natural Position at Power Forward, KIng James at Small Forward, D-Wade at small guard and Chalmers or Cole running the point. Formidable team, especially with Turiaf and Battier coming off the bench a la James Harden style.

  20. Andrew Blaney says:

    The heat should make a strong play for Steve Nash and any free agent this summer. The Heat can win this season, but can become unbeatable with Steve Nash showing Chalmers and Cole how to run the floor in a team full of Superstars

  21. KIng Cole the 1st says:

    Chuck is 100% rght and spo is 100% wrong
    2nd this should be the line up JAMES JONES WADE CHALMERs BOSH
    3 Now heres theplay since theres 12 secs left chalmers inbounds with wade at the top of the key with wade cutting to the hop lebron in the corner towards the knick bench he cuts to chalmers and sets up then wade/bosh and james pick and roll/pop with bosh poppinout to the his sweet spot/elbow to the basket the help/doulbe/triple team comes to wade or james you kick out to jones or chalmers for the tre or go to the basket for the foul/dunk/layin/alley/and1

  22. kb24ever says:

    LAKERS NBA Champs 2012!! period

  23. really other then wade and lebron who are the only ones doing anything the heat are sad, the pacers are going to give the heat all type of matchup problems.

  24. brian says:

    its only a one loss.knicks played well, end of story

  25. ONEAL8 says:

    What does Eric Spoelstra have against James Jones? Why is Haslem starting with four centers on the bench? I’m having a hard time with Spoelstra. It’s like he is not trying to win. I know Pat Riley is having second thoughts. And what does LBJ, DWade and Bosh think about the decisions he is making. Definely not Coach of the Year material.

  26. Coach Spo is a terrible coach. How do you not draw up a play for the player with the hottest hand at the moment? Wade’s ego got the best of him and he just wanted to hear people say that he is clutch, after sitting out half of the season.

    This team cannot coexist. Wade’s ego is just too big. LBJ and Bosh on the same team with a better supporting cast and a solid center is a stronger team that LBJ and Wade on the same team.

    Wade wanted to play the hero for his ego and it cost the team a game that they could have won. I’ve been saying it all along, the Heat cannot win a championship with Spo as their coach and DWade needs to be traded or LBJ needs to find a new team.

    Mark my words, one of these things will happen by the end of the season if the Heat don’t win a ring this year.

  27. K says:

    This Miami Heat team was built for one thing “CHAMPIONSHIPS!” If they don’t win this year Pat Riley needs to really think about bringing in another coach! You have so much talent; however, Spoelsra is not experience enough to get this team over the hump! This team should be so dominate right now; with this being their second year together, that they should be rolling like the OKC Thunder! OKC looks like a team on a mission, unlike Miami! Miami looks for ways to lose while OKC looks for ways to win! Wake up Miami! Spoelstra should be coaching as if his job depends upon it; because it could very well be the case!

  28. KingJames says:

    lebron is soo clutch,damn kobe is an overrated chocker! lebron should have taken it fo sho,fire spoelstra,not that good of a coach. why not use riley? man!

  29. K says:

    Miami needs to figure this thing out before their next series because these lapses of not scoring for 5-6 minutes and going one on four in last second shot situations is going to catch up with them in the next round! Indiana is not going to be an easy series for Miami if they don’t come firing on all cylinders.

  30. Bane says:

    Man I think bad last play started with terrible screen from Bosh, just look at it again, that screen was just wasted seconds after which Wade had to improvise. Bad plays happens and in my opinion Bosh had much to do with it, but it will all settle next game in Miami.

  31. Reggie White Eagles says:

    this is why you can’t have multiple superstars and not enough role players, Lebron and Wade want to take the shots down the clutch but there is only one ball and this causes confusion and bad play calling by the coach because the options are unlimited… and he wants to give opportunities to both superstars… mia will not win the chip

  32. If you want win you have to have a men first option who scores 29 average per game in playoffs.
    Other way is have unite team as Lakers 80´s.
    Other way is play with effort as Pistons 1990.Miami is more similar with Pistons 1990 in terms of effort but that doesnt you gaurantee that theat win this year.

  33. The reality is the heat this year is not enough good to win. The only way they could win this year is playing with their WHOLE EFFORT.

  34. Heat dont have roll players.
    Battier is good but enough
    Chalmers is good but nor enough
    Haslem is good but not enough
    Miller is good but not enough

    Big 3 have many UPS AND DOWNS.

  35. There´s no excuses. New York and Melo played well and their support cast play well too.
    If Lin get in the court next game gonna be tough for the heat if he plays 100% which is impossible.
    Eric Spo is ok.
    The simple question is (in my opinion) that the heat depends on 5 or 6 players which is very hard to reach championship ring.

    • K says:

      It’s unfortunate; however, Miami can only depend on 5-6 players, if even that? Miller is a complete BUST! Haslem is not playing with the same energy since being inserted into the starting line up and your not getting the consistent numbers you would want from Bosh or Chalmers. Bosh has to give this Miami Heat team 20-10 every play off game! Chalmer is going to have to stay aggressive especially if Miami and Boston meet in the Conference Finals! With this Miami Heat team, you need at least 4 of 5 starters to score in double figures and also have at least one, if not two of your bench players score in double figures for this team to really be able to win a championship! If not, then DWade and LeBron had better be ready to average 40 points a piece the further they move into the play offs!

  36. OWNED says:

    The Knicks are gunna get OWNED in the next game,LABRON JAMES is gunna burn them, DWEEDE and CSOFT tis time to wake up and get ready for the next series,u got so much talent but u r still sleeping, its time to wake up be more efficient and put up bigger numbers.

  37. greatknick says:

    The KNICKS REVERSE SWEEP mark my words

  38. K says:

    Until Spoelsra learns how to coach in critical parts of the game, the Heat are going to continue to struggle. With the offensive talent that Miami has on their team; why do every last second shot have to come down to either DWade or LeBron pounding the ball to the floor until the last second and then trying to make some incredible Sport Center highlight shot? Every play for Miami should involve all three of their stars (LeBron, DWade and Bosh). Ball movement and player movement will get you an open shot everytime! When the ball gets stuck in one player’s hands and the other players stop moving it’s easy to play defense for 10-14 seconds. You wouldn’t have this problem if you had a coach who knew how to coach in critical situations, with this kind of talent!

    • ryde says:

      Seems like you know a LOT… Why don’t you coach the Heat then and replace Coach Spo?
      Here’s what you need to do: Talk to Pat Riley and tell him how you want to coach the Heat. Let’s see how you will fare with Coach Spo. Bring all your ideas with you. Or..bring the coach that you have in mind and talk to Riley.
      It’s a waste you’re just coaching in blogs like this acting you’re WAY BETTER than Coach Spo.

      • K says:

        ryde I do know a lot – but it’s okay, I’m sure Spoelstra appreciates your support!

  39. K says:

    I don’t know if DWade broke off the play that was drawn up in the time out or if the play was just to give DWade the ball and hope that he could make a play. So often this year that appeared to be the case; give the ball to DWade or LeBron and hope that they could make a play. As good a young coach as Spoelstra maybe he is not the right coach for this team. With this type of talent there should never be a time when you can’t get a good look or get a wide open shot with 13 seconds left in the game. You have 3 guys in (DWade, LeBron and Bosh) who can hit last second shots. Draw up a play that gets them all involved. If you move the ball there is absolutely no way for a team to cover all the potential options Miami as during a last shot situation.

    • dattebayo says:

      You need to watch the game Heat at Minnesota Game at the beginning of the Regular Season December 30. At the end the Heat had a great out of bounds play where they ran D-Wade off of 2-3 screens and emptied the weakside and Wade caught a lop after a cut to the rim and finished it. They can do stuff like that.

      I agree with you though, that play was badly designed with Wade as the first option and with no second or third option, because Wade couldn’t feed Bosh when he cut to the rim…

      here’s the link:

      • K says:

        You mean Eric Spoelstra needs to watch the Heat, Minnesota game. Those are the type of plays he needs to be drawning up during last second situations. The problem with the Heat and some of their struggles are that Miami gets out coached by certain teams, mainly playoff teams like Boston (Doc Rivers) and Chicago (Tom Thibodeau). The advantage Boston and Chicago has over Miami is coaching, because Miami has more pure talent then either one of those teams. If you gave either Doc Rivers or Tom Thibodeau the kind of talent Eric Spoelsra has, then we’d be discussed the Bulls 72-10 record as a possibility for this current Heat team.

      • dattebayo says:

        I am not sure it is a coaching problem, if you would call being the 2nd Seed a problem. I watched every Heat Game in this regular season and they just dropped some games because they were not putting forth the effort on defense. For example they didn’t close out to 3 point shooters as well as they do vs the Knicks in the Playoffs. They lost 2 games against the Bucks, because they let Jennings shoot uncontested 3 pointers, in that one game he went 7-14 from deep and hit like 3 or 4 in a row from the same spot on the floor. They weren’t running as much and couldn’t outscore the Bucks which to me is simply not putting forth the effort. That game in Golden State should have been a win too, but Nate Robinson got hot from 3 point land and the Heat couldn’t close with the Big Three struggling with 1-7 in the last possessions, they lost that game in Overtime. That one loss against Atlanta T-Mac got hot and hit 3 threes push the lead to 11, again the Heat could get neither stops nor buckets. Had they won these games, they would have had an advantage in the win coloum over Chicago and could have ended the Regular Season differently. They let these last games slip to rest everybody for the playoffs which was ok to me.

      • K says:

        Dattebayo you’re correct it’s not 100% coaching; however, the coaching will be questioned if Miami doesn’t win it all this season! The problem with Spoelstra is his experience with dealing with superstar players! Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Greg Popovich, Doc Rivers…… These coaches are great coaches because they control their superstar players and they hold them accountable. I really can’t picture Spoelstra getting in DWade or LeBron’s face when they mess up! With superstars like Bosh, you need a coach that’s going to challenge him to be a 20-10 player each night! You need a coach that’s going to challenge LeBron to take care of the ball and eliminate all the unforced turnovers. You need a coach that’s going to challenge DWade to trust the plays that are being drawn up by the coaching staff. These are things that great coaches possess that Spoelstra just doesn’t have right now! Good young coach, just not right for this particular team!

  40. Brian says:

    Miami bet themselves. Cant make a free throw stupid coach play at the end. D-wade 4-10 from ft only needed 3 more to win. Knicks even with melo scoring 40 cant beat miami unless miami beats themselves.

  41. dattebayo says:

    I don’t think it is wrong to let Wade have that last possession to win the game no matter how hot Lebron or Wade is up to that point in the game. D-Wade is a scorer and he can get you a bucket, but the play they run must fit. If they give the ball to Lebron and run that play, he would have had to hit a contested jumpshot just as well, only he would have had Anthony and Stoudemire in his face. I think either the playcall was bad or they screwed the play up.

    I would have loved to see either Wade or James with the ball at the top of the key, along with Bosh, Chalmers and Miller (or any other 3point threats) in the game and try a pick and roll with a 3 point shooter. If they double the shooter is freed and if they do not Wade or James can drive to the rim and pull up at any time for the winner.
    I would have also loved to see Wade coming off screens or off a double screen and free himself for an open 15footer, thats the one he hit all game long and way better then what he did on that last play.

    It was a hard game to watch though, the refs just called the game to tight and a lot of those foul calls would not even be called in the regular season. I think even the players were frustrated up to some point because they were setting less and less screens and were less aggressive on defense.

    • K says:

      I agree with you 100% with putting the ball in DWade’s hands during a last second shot attempt; however, do it with some type of screen or ball movement. I would do the same thing if the ball was in LeBron’s hands. Get all three of your stars involved in last second shot situations and give yourself a better opportunity to win. Bosh can hit shots at the end, (remember the Atlanta game)! Miami has a rarity that most teams don’t have, three stars that can take and make a winning shot!

  42. Law064 says:

    Yeah I thought the Knicks would get at least 1 game and they really didn’t get it. Wade just shot a bonehead shot, I mean they had 13-14 seconds. This will be over next game

  43. Heatlatinofan says:

    with this kind of coaching i am afraid my heat canit beat celtics , spurs or okc.

  44. akosibonik says:

    i’m very disappointed with the last play of the miami heat, in my opinion, they could’ve done better, especially coach spo, i understand the talent dwade has, but you can just leave it to talent alone, no player can do it all. he should’ve called a two man game between LBJ and dwade. that play was expected by the knick defense. im an avid LBJ fan, atleast i can say he did what a superstar does, especially he did not choke, 2 games in a row. it’s up to his teammates to support him, and coach spo to put the pieces together.

  45. Knicks win in 7 mark my word

    • dattebayo says:

      I believe you, Lin will come back and ruin the statsline for everyone so far by averaging the most points in his first 3 career playoff starts.

      In case you didn’t notice, I am kidding you. The Heat lost because the game was called too tight and miserably at that. Double Foul on Lebron and Melo and then the foul on Melo on the possession after that, that lead to freethrows. Shane Battier not touching Melo and Melo goes to the line for three freethrows. Still the Heat didn’t look as focused as in the previous games and Wade did just space out on the final possesion. So yeah, the Heat lost. They will not lose 4 straight games to a banged up, tired ballclub, whose main strategy is to put Melo in isolations to score…

      • GetitRight says:

        Battier NOT touching melo?? Watch those replays again and get it right!

      • dattebayo says:

        Yeah, sure. Melo took the quick way out by raising and putting up that 3. Shane expected a drive and didn’t get his hand up fast enough and I agree that he touched him (poor choice of words in my post above). Yet, the contact came after the release and it was minimal contact and should not have been called. That’s like calling that pinky finger on Shaq’s layup attempt in Game 6 of that 2002 Western Conference Finals Series. In the first 3 Games of the Heat vs Knicks Series that call would never have been made. Btw. when Melo hit that 3pointer just moments before, J.R. Smith traveled right in front of the referee and Erik Spoelstra before giving the ball to Melo. That 3 should also not have counted 😛

        I am not a Knicks fan or a Heat Fan, i just didn’t like the game being called so tight, come on these are the playoffs. For all that it’s worth I am happy to see another Game in that series, it sure is fun to watch.

    • Brian says:

      Dude you are crazy lol Knicks will not win this series unless the big three all get hurt

  46. Matt_Oz says:

    Everything that Chuck said in that piece was 100% correct and it’s about time people start realising how good a player LBJ is with getting everyone involved!! Everyone forgets who LBJ was guarding during the Chicago series where Wade was no where to be seen.

    • K says:

      Hey don’t sleep on DWade defensive skills now! That was a hellva block on Melo at the rim! Melo just had a great sscoring game yesterday and even LeBron could’ve have stopped him yesterday! On several of Melo’s scoring attempts LeBron was right there and Melo still scored!

  47. Choker says:

    Who cares if the Heat lost or the Knicks won….. I have one thing to say “The knicks are done”

  48. give it to lebron!

  49. jay says:

    i’m happy for new york. And Melo, they deserved it. Game 5 will be Miami’s though

    what I just don’t understand: is sidelining J. Jones all the time. Speolstra is letting him play for 1 or 2 minutes a game. We all know he’s a better shooter than Miller or Battier. Yesterday was a clear example, miami on hit 3 shots behind the arc.
    I would give J.Jones more time. PLus he can catch and shoot 3-pointers under the second. Let him play, and he will score.

    • ryde says:

      Jones over Miller/Battier??? C’mon guys… Jones is one-dimensional player (good 3-pt shooter) but lacks defensive skills and basketball IQ. Miller and Battier are more of a threat offensively and defensively, rebounds better, and has high basketball IQ.
      Did you watch Jones playoff performance last year?

  50. cdl says:

    your definitely right about there, i finally found someone that thinks the same way… more earnings for the heat if they play home.
    @Lebron iz DeezD
    agree with you too.

  51. Stack says:

    Wade should have faked that shot. There was still enough time on the clock to fake a shot and try to get an and one.

  52. Andre says:

    Dwade is the best closer on the heat team……..yes they should have done a screen and roll with him and James…. But LeBron is not ready to close…thats not his game at theis stage of his career…right now he is stat-sheet filler, great teammate, and an athletic specimen. Don’t jump down Wade’s throat….great players miss shots …MJ Kobe has too. Remember Wade is the one with the ring and an NBA Finals MVP which is more important than a regular season MVP.

    • K says:

      You know last second shots would come so much easier for Miami if Spoelstra drew up plays that included all three players (DWade, LeBron and Bosh). Teams are so locked in on which ever player; be it LeBron or Wade, when they have the ball in last second situations. If Miami would just reverse the ball back to the weak side and get either LeBron, Dwade or even Bosh on the move after setting a screen that player would have a wide open shot or drive to the basket.

  53. ryde says:

    C’mon guys give D’Wade a break!!! Those things happen even to great players… Personally, I would still want the ball in D’Wade’s hands in those moments.
    Give LeBron a break as well…if LeBron has the ball and again misses the game-winning shot…you call him LeChoke! Some will say again D’Wade should have the ball coz he’s clutch…

    What happened was Melo & Amare stepped up their games and made big shots (except free throw misses) during clutch time. They stepped up their defense as well.

    However, Heat will win Game 5. Sorry Knicks fans…but the Heat are just too good for the Knicks.

    Just my predictions:
    East Finals: Heat vs Celtics (Heat 4-2)
    West Finals: Thunder vs Spurs (Thunder 4-3)
    NBA Finals: Heat vs Thunder (Heat 4-2)

    • Jules says:

      LBJ always had this problem every playoffs, too strong is eliminations, plays so ugly during playoffs.

  54. KJ says:

    like every1 else has said…lebron should have had the last shot..not wade…lebron hit all those other shots to keep them close…stupid coaching…wtf up with the heats 3pt shooters? cant hit open 3s? wtf u in the nba then?

    • K says:

      You are so correct regarding Miami’s three point shooters! This has been a problem all season long! Absolutely no consistency at all! Miller has been a complete BUST for this Miami Heat team. The only reason he’s on the team is to be what (Kyle Korver, Jason Terry and James Harden) are for their teams. This guy shoots with absolutely no confidence in his shot! In game 1 (Miami bench 26 points), game 2 (bench 25 points). Game 3 (5 points) and game 4 (9 points). Miller should be doing 10-12 points by himself ever single game.

  55. Dr. "T" says:

    I agree that D-Wade may have been selfish on that last poseesion. Bosh made a great cut to the basket after his last pick at the top of the key — had a full step on his man — but Wade didn’t see him (or ignored him). And yes, LeBron was hot at the end, and Wade was cold all day, so it is curious how that final play transpired. The Heat continue to have problems with their end-game, and will not win the tight ones, nor a ring, until they figure it out. I am pulling for you, LBJ, but time is running out, Coach. Figure it out!

    • K says:

      The last part of your comment hit the nail on the head, “coach figure it out!” This is Miami’s short coming, COACHING! There is absolutely no reason why a team with this kind of talent should ever have a problem with getting a great look in the closing seconds of a game. Get all three of your stars involve in the play by utilizing screens, ball and player movement and get your players to by into trusting each other in those situations!

  56. me says:

    anyway… i think the knicks are already done deal for the heat.

  57. me says:

    what was dwade doing in the last play? what a stupid play from a player of his caliber.

  58. Lebron iz DeezD says:

    LBJ hot hand…. expected to get the ball and also would have had the best defenders on him… leading to a good coaching play resulting in d-wade with the ball catching amare on him…BiG playZ HOMIES…the boyz don’t mind taking it back to miami where it helps their team and gives the big three some more playoff stats. We Are All Witnesses!!!

  59. theking0522 says:

    Well, at least I will see my Heats play again without having to wait like 10 days. It would have been a boring week. Management makes extra money with an extra game, and the NBA and TNT are happy for rating purposes. The Heat will close the series in the next game. I thought the ball should have been in Lebron’s hands for the last possession. The man has been CLUTCH (Where are the haters?). I was ok with going for the win. I thought the Heat should have gone for a three-point play win or lose it because the series was 3-0 at that point, so no problem with Wade taking a 3-point shot.

    • Geo says:

      That was my only consolation as well…lol

    • Jules says:

      Game 5 is the toughest game for this series. If NYK wins the game, that will put a high possibility of having a game 7. Because the game 6 is in NYK home court and MIA had a bad records playing outside during this conference. Other than that, the change of momentum is a big factor and the pressure within MIA is huge for losing the 3-0 lead.

  60. Eddie says:

    LeBron had the hot hand, they should’ve gone to him on the last play

  61. Renato says:

    Fianlly Anthony had a big game,and as a bonus,Stoudemire played his best game in a long time as a member of the Knicks. The Knicks proved tonight that they can make things tougher for Miami.But only if Carmelo scores 40 points.That´s just to hard to do.And as a sidenote,Lebron should have been guarding Melo when he hit those three pointers down the stretch,not Battier.

    • Gladys says:

      I agree with you why was Lebron not guarding Melo? I dont know about Spolstra he makes things harder with his decesions.

    • Geo says:

      I Seriously think it would not have made a difference if it had been Shane or lebron gaurding Melo when he went up for that three

  62. Laker Fan says:

    Lebron when will you step up and meet the challenge. You have to be willing to take the big shot. You are the best on your team but you defer to Dewayne Wade. The only thing that separates you from the greats such as Jordan and Kobe is they were always willing to take the big shot and they have chapionships. They both missed more than they made but they tried. And they would try over and over until they win! Until you take the big shot and make it you will never win a ring. And if you win a ring without taking the big shot it won’t feel the same unless you are the hero. Kobe , Durant, Carmelo, Chris Paul, Rudy Gay, Dirk Nowiski, Paul Pierce, are all taking the big shots in the playoffs. Everybody but you. Everybody is trying to win except you. You are the only man that don’t want to be the man.

    • Francisco says:

      kobe has not been clutch , he is missing badly in the fouth quater, he has being lucky he has had such great centers around him

    • Geo says:

      The last play wasnt Lebrons decision,
      The play was called by spoelstra for Wade.
      I do not believe Lebron is a choker, I just think he hits a bad patch at the wrong times.
      But I do believe that he will show us that he is Clutch…

      • likedamaster says:

        Still waiting on that clutch performance from Lebron, and still waiting for Spoelstra to be fired. He’s not a coach.

    • uoykcuf says:

      I am pretty sure you have a great point but I stop reading after laker fan.

    • E says:

      Just cause its not the last shot do mean he backing down. Lebron put the heat in the last shot situation. I wish some people understood the game.

  63. Rareair says:

    Selfish play by Wade at the end. I think I’d like Bosh V Bibby on the switch, even if he does have to shoot 2 FT’s. Very Kobe-esk.

  64. TheTruth says:

    here we go again, the heat cant close out teams cz the ball ends up on the least hot player in the night..Barkley said it miami heat will go as far as lbj takes them, some1 should communicate that to the Coach.

  65. eknujsra says:

    It’s gonna be Heat and Boston fighting for the Eastern conference title..I’ll go with Heat..Go Heat!!!

  66. baller says:

    Trust James! Trust James! He made two big plays in a row, a three pointer and an and-1. Why didn’t he take the last shot? He’s playing big time; he needs to get the ball. Spoelstra has to realize that he has to give the ball to the one that is hitting his shots late and that was James! Disappointed….

  67. sarv says:

    Lebron and one was crazy. TAlk about muscle milk.

  68. Dr. JRS says:

    I love Dwyane Wade’s game.
    And I understand what he does in pressure situations.
    But after LeBron hit a three to tie the game with a minute to go, and then got a three point play to cut the deficit to 1 with about 30 seconds to go……why on earth would you not give him the ball to end the game???

    At the very least, why not run a screen and role play between LeBron and Wade at the top of the key as the Heat often do? You mean to tell me what transpired was the play they drew up in in huddle?

    On the flip side, big game from Amar’e (and of course Melo). You have to now wonder what this series would be like if he played in game 3.