The Nuggets Fight Back

DENVER – Never mind what Al Harrington looked like in the locker room as the swelling set in on his newly fractured nose and the disappointment set in that he will probably need to wear a mask in Game 4. It was the Nuggets who bashed the Lakers in the face Friday night.

Denver got the start coach George Karl had wanted but didn’t get in two tries in Los Angeles, the energy rush of a 30-14 lead after 12 minutes that fed the raucous Pepsi Center crowd. Karl changed the lineup, inserting Timofey Mozgov for Kosta Koufos at center in hopes of more of a physical presence against Andrew Bynum, and most of the roster changed the opening statement.

The Nuggets felt all along they could play with the Lakers if not for some bad starts, especially in Game 1, and now they had proved it. They were the aggressors, not the opponent that had a chance to take an insurmountable 3-0 lead in the best-of-seven series, and they were the team that set the tone most of the night that led to a 99-84 victory.

“It was huge,” Denver point guard Ty Lawson said of the first quarter. “Every game we played we played with the Lakers, we were down. We were down early, we were down big, we were always trying to fight back into the game. We made a point that we wanted to come out early and see how they did with a deficit. They reacted kind of well to it. We held on.”

Which made the win even more valuable. The Nuggets didn’t just get off to a good start. They had a big finish as well with a 27-19 advantage in the final quarter to hold off the playoff-tested Lakers. Denver, although shooting 34 percent in the second half, committed just three turnovers those final 24 minutes.

“Their energy was really big for them,” Lakers coach Mike Brown said.

Game 4 is Sunday night, and Harrington said he will play “for sure,” after getting nailed by an inadvertent elbow from Bynum. The series then shifts back to Los Angeles for Game 5 on Tuesday.


  1. Renato says:

    Kobe and Bynum had a terrible game offensively, and yet,the Lakers managed to stay in the game until the end. Lawson crushed Sessions,and the Nuggets big guys outplayed Gasol and Bynum.But that won´t last in the series.Lakers bigs are much more skilled and strong than Mcgee and Kenneth.Lakers will likely come much stronger for game four. The Nuggets need to continue to play as fast as they can,cause Mcgee probably won´t have another game like he did last night.

  2. KOBES FAULT says:

    Sessions is a freaggin roleeeeeeee player nothing special, Kobe must be more efficient and more of a team player and leader,lakers simply were a mess. last night

  3. aaron says:

    I’ll just say this:
    Any loss in this series for LA is a blessing in disguise because the more games MWP sits out this round the earlier he will be back when we need him in the next round vs. OKC.
    we can beat Denver without him but not OKC.

  4. h0w dare y0u says:

    The Lakers lost the rebounding battle and thus, lost the game. When Ramon Sessions out rebounds the 7 footer, Pau Gasol all indications point to the Lakers losing the game. Metta World Peace’s defense and rebounding was missed as Gallinari ran rough shot all over L.A. Did anyone else notice Bynum’s graying hair? He’s only 25! Kobe must be a stressful guy to be around.

  5. javier says:

    Lakers: What a disastrous game yesterday!! When those 4 players who play next to Gasol are going to start defending for a change?… Pau was the only one trying to keep his team with a chance of winning. He has to do his job and Bynum’s as well.
    What a quartet of lazy players? Sessions?? OMG! I felt pity on him. Bobe??… Horrible. And what to say on Brown. He has two towers (Gasol and Bynum and he does not really use them!!!!)
    What a horrible day we lakers fans had yesterday…

  6. Elvis E F says:

    Take or leave it the best basketball is played by the SA Spurs ending the season 10 straight win not including 2 to start the playoffs, they’re shooting at a high percentage and is well coached goo Spurs

  7. Francisco says:


  8. I´m sick and tired of these lakers fans chanting BS!Come on lakers are thugs with no respect for the game and for the fans,in fact people outside U.S.A. hate Metta World Peace´s guts!Lakers are a disgrace to the sport!

    • Renato says:

      I´m brazilian and i disagree.Lakers are the team that reached most NBA Finals,and has 16 championships.Have a little respect when talking about the franchise where idols like Johnson,West,O´neal,Jabbar,Chamberlain and Bryant not just played,but were sucessful.

  9. Erny says:

    Exactly!!! Lakers lost on purpose!!! MWP is the main key for defense against OKC. Lakers will win series 4-2.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Yeah that could be true, but right now it kind of sounds like an excuse before a 2nd loss happens.

  10. Xaled says:

    BS! Lakers intentionally lost so they get Ron Artest back in next round vs OKC.

    • Mike says:

      last year they lost 4-0 on purpose too………………………………every game that they loose is on purpose!

  11. Sinha says:

    Maybe the lakers lost.. ON PURPOSE! They’d prefer if they won the series 4-2 with 6 games, so that they have MWP back for the next series. If they swept or took the series with 1 win, they’d miss Metta, against a strong team like OKC or dallas(unlikely).

  12. ko0kie says:

    ramon sessions cannot guard ty lawson… but the nuggets need huge games likes game 3 from their bigs.. but they do have enough size to match up. and I still wait for gallinari to truly show what he is capable of. he did a great job on kobe defensively but he is still not 100% .. remember that guy in a knicks jersey hoisting up deeep 3s like they were freethrows… threethrows 😉

    go nuggets!

    btw. andre miller gets hardly any recognition for his work.. but he had another solid game and is huge for this team.. and who wouldn’t want him as a backup point guard?

  13. Rengie says:

    Whatever u said Mr. Cooper, kobe’s bad game day is another team’s good luck. Lawson is a piece of meat of CP3 talent to carry a team but nevertheless, great luck dude.