Stackhouse Picks Heat To Win It All?

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — In a postseason filled with strange coincidences and peculiar happenings, veteran Hawks swingman Jerry Stackhouse has raised the ante.

Stackhouse the player fully expects the Hawks to vanquish the Celtics (they are tied 1-1 and Game 3 is tonight in Boston) on their way to playing in The Finals.

Stackhouse the NBA analyst (a role he served with NBA TV last season), however, is going in a different direction with this prediction on his blog on

I am clearly planning for Atlanta to be in the Finals — if I put on my analyst hat, however, if we are looking at the personnel and everything that’s going on during these playoffs, I have to take Miami to win it all. Miami is the favorite to come out of the East, and I’m not counting out the Lakers in the West the way Ramon Sessions and Kobe Bryant are playing.

Tune into Game 3 this Friday when we take on the Celtics in Boston. And stay tuned for my next playoffs blog. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy playoff basketball as much as I do…

We can’t be mad at the man for keeping it real and telling us exactly what he thinks. But this would be bulletin board material in his own locker room, if for no other reason than the practical jokes his teammates might want to play on him.


  1. Calivn says:

    Miami has no answer to Rondo, Ray nor KG. If Rondo didn’t dislocate his arm, Boston would have won. It is just a matter of luck who will win. If Boston stays healthy, they will go to the finals. If Miami can keep everyone together, they will win. If both teams are at full strength, I will still put my money with the Celts.

    • Not a Fanboy says:

      Boston had already lost the first two games of the series…….

    • Peter says:

      As a Celtics fan, I disagree. Ainge’s trade killed Boston’s hopes of beating Miami that year – they didn’t have the talent, the depth or the chemistry come playoff time to make it past the Heat.

  2. Willy says:

    My take on it is who can guard Lebron one or three on one? Nobody?, especially with DWade going off as well. He is the only player, since MJ or maybe a few others who can completely take over a complete game score 25 in the last five minutes, etc…. Just a crazy good player! But? Can he do it against a good solid team defense ? Lakers, OKC, San Antonio? Don’t think so me?

    • Peter says:

      Pierce, Daniels, Pavlovic and Pietrus have traditionally all done a very good job at slowing down Lebron. He’ll get his points either way, but if Miami sees Boston these guys will make it hard for him.

      Avery Bradley is capable of shutting down Wade – in fact he can do that better then probably anyone else in the league.

      KG can handle Bosh effortlessly.

      Chalmers and Miami’s bench would have to play HUGE for Miami to win that series if Boston is healthy…

  3. kimkam says:

    go heat go! pulverized them all!

  4. Jim Diaz says:

    All of you guys are just wishful thinking….the lakers are a shadow of their old champion team before, so with the once mighty Celtics, its now the time of OKC and the Heats…Long Live the NBA…and the new fast, furious and exciting brand of basketball….

  5. Playoffs 2012 says:

    I just hope Bynum can play well against Perk, and Barnes can defend Durant. Lakers will have their hands full against OKC. Heat vs Boston will be a good match up, I will say that Heat has an edge, but having Rondo will always make the match up interesting. Pacers will test the Heat. They will have small to no chance against the Heat, but I am sure they force the Heat to play their A+ game to get the series.

  6. Carl says:

    Lakers’ frontcourt will kill them all. think about Bosh. he is softer than gasol. but bynum? bynum will kill them all. he will get 20+ rebounds per game if miami will be there matchup.

  7. KGDALLDAY says:

    okay well you guys forgot about how Wade purposely injured Rondo and broke his arm in last years playoffs, Miami had to injure Boston’s star player to beat them in the playoffs

    • HeatFan27 says:

      Miami were already up 2-0 and actually Boston won the game where Rondo dislocated his elbow. In fact you could argue that Rondo inspired them to that win. So can you explain to me how that means the Heat injured a star playeer in order to win?

      • Peter says:

        You can’t blame the injury, Boston just didn’t have a strong enough team last year.

        Remember when Boston team that dominated Miami in the regular season last year was VERY different to the one that lost to them in the Playoffs. They had four big centres (JO, Shaq, Perkins, Erden), solid team chemistry and a great record. After the big trade they lost Shaq, Erden, Perkins and Nate Robinson, played limited minutes and their record stunk. Jeff Green never found chemistry, team morale was low, and Big Baby was his usual childish and inconsistent self.

        That was a VERY different team that Miami beat in the playoffs.

        This year the team that’s in the Playoffs is the same team that dominated Miami during the regular season, only they are stronger, healthier, deeper, better. If Miami use last season as an example, they are setting themselves up for dissapointment.

  8. Pacers are going to give miami some problems miami better play better then just lebron

  9. Troy Dan says:

    ummm look at how Kobe and lakers are playing, do not sleep on them. I was hoping knicks gave Heat a tougher challenge but Lebron and friends been just balling. Let’s go Heat

  10. fanofafan says:

    miami wont win it all this year..sorry (not hating)

  11. before the playoffs starts they’re been criticized why the Miami is not aiming for the #1 spot and why they keep on playing with their Bench… now you can see their preparation for their gameplan.. they are not like OKC or any other team who played their stars even in no-sense game because they want numbers instead of going to Finals. See their preparation.. they brutalized the Knicks as what’ according to their plan and the Bench are participating very well.. this all the way to Finals..

  12. OKCKD35 says:

    The Lakers will not get past the thunder! If anyone in the west can take down OKC its San Antonio. The “final 4” will be: Boston, Miami, OKC, SanAntonio

    • Peter says:

      I wouldn’t be so sure…Lakers with their size are a tough matchup for any team. How many teams out there have two starting 7-footers who can both give you 20-10 on any given night, as well as a shooting guard who WILL score 30 on you every night?

      They are a tough, tough team. They have enough wing defense in Metta World Freak and Matt Barnes to make things hard on Durant, while Kobe is quite capable of putting the lock on Harden. The critical factor will be Sessions’ ability to defend Westbrook versus Perkins’ and Ibaka’s ability to contain Gasol & Bynum. The winners of those matchups would likely make the difference.

      As for the Spurs, Duncan can shut down Gasol sure..but who on that team can handle Bynum? Do you really think Ginobilli can shut down Kobe? Only way they will beat LA is by outshooting them. Both would be great series’ to watch, that’s for sure!!

  13. S27M says:

    Man I wish Tmac could find his cofidence, just enought to give the hawks 10 maybe 12 pts off the bench.
    Heck if Vince can get some points up Mcgrady has gotta have something left in him.

    2 time scoring champ he still must know how to put that ball in.

    I have had ACL surgery twice and I know that injuries can change your game specialy mentaly but this a great chance for him to get out of the first round.

    TMAC you need to bring that boost of the bench!!!

  14. Ian John says:

    I think Boston will beat them at the EAst finals..Miami is allergic to Boston’s mere PRESENCE..:)

    • xtian says:

      miami beat boston last season… so how could you say that miami is allergic to boston…. hahahahaha

    • olive august says:

      I feel the same way… Paul Pierce is in Lebron’s head more so than any other player. If Allen comes back near 100%, and they stay healthy, I like Boston’s chances against Miami.

    • Malique Graham says:

      Thats why they beat them last year in route to the finals

    • Eddie says:

      Don’t forget who eliminated Boston last season after also having poor regular season games against them.

    • supplanter33 says:

      Whole Boston is allergic to Lebron even when Lebron was in Cleveland. Now that Lebron has other AllStar behind him. Boston has no chance.. Those old celtic players are way behind.

    • Vince says:

      Ian do you even watch basketball? Miami owned the Celtics last year. Miami keeps getting better. Boston keeps getting older. Its LeBrons time

      • S27M says:

        Boston is not gonna beat the heat…they may win a couple but HEAT all the way just like they destroyed them last year.

      • Peter says:

        I would actually love to see Boston play the Heat. They have a far better team then last year, and the match up better with Miami than probably any other team in the Playoffs. Why?

        1. Boston’s biggest weakness is lack of size and rebouding – Miami have no bigs outside of Bosh that are really any threat, so this is a non-factor in this series.

        2. KG is still one of the best defensive big men in the NBA, and even though he wasn’t 100% himself last season he still made things difficult for Bosh. This year KG has his fire back, and you can expect him to make Bosh’s life difficult.

        3. Avery Bradley’s development is THE difference maker in this series. After Tony Allen left Boston last year, they had nobody who could defend Dwayne Wade 1-on1. Avery Bradley has developed into one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, and is one of hte few players in the league with the strength, athleticism and defensive skillset to make Wade’s life hard every time he touches the ball. If he gets into foul trouble they have Ray Allen, Dooling, Marquis and E’Twan Moore (all solid defenders) to fill in for stretches.

      • Peter says:

        4. All of the above means that there is going to be tremendous pressure on Lebron to put up super human numbers every night if Miami want to win the series. Between Pietrus, Pavlovic, Daniels and Pierce the Celtics have a LOT of bodies to throw at Lebron, and every one of those guys is solid defensively.

        On top of all this Boston now has a consistent scorer off the bench (Ray Allen), and Miami still have no answer for Rondo – who has traditionally destroyed them.

        Nothing will come easy for Miami if these two teams meet in the Conference finals. Make no mistake, if Boston make it past Philly and remain healthy they WILL be Miami’s downfall.

        Honestly as a Celtics fan, I’m FAR more worried about Indiana – their size and depth could cause big problems for the Celtics.

    • Sick says:

      Just like last year? 4 – 1 haha

  15. CB says:

    Miami is lucky in round one, it’ll be harder after NY. In the West, Laker is going fishing soon…

  16. allaroundballer says:

    Miami is pretty lucky, look at the west division. They have to work harder reaching the final

  17. akosibonik says:

    yea, especially with LeBron showing up in the fourth. miami’s bench should step up, miller, cole, haslem, battier.

    • Pat Brown says:

      Lebron did show up in the fourth quarter, but lets see can he continue to put the foot on the petal as it get deeper in the playoffs. Other teammates will have to step up as well. His energy level will soon wear down if some additional help don’t come. Oh, I’m not looking over Wade, but someone else will have to step up. LAKER FAN!

      • Raymond says:

        The quesion for me is, yes he will show when the series are @ hand, but what if it an’t, say the Celtics even the series @2 and go up 3-2, would Labron shink or push his him team to come back and win the series. I say he has to prove it and win it all. Another words Labron has to show when the going gets rough, and pull his team from 2-3 hole.