LeBron Handles MSG Vitriol

NEW YORK — LeBron James has heard bad words from fans before. He’s LeBron James, after all.

But Thursday’s Game 3 at Madison Square Garden, when Knicks fans all around the arena were calling him an ***hole throughout the night, was somewhat of a new experience.

“It’s not the first time,” he said after the Heat practiced Friday. “It’s just the first time it’s been in unison like that.”

But though he struggled with his shot and was pretty careless with the ball through the first three quarters, James said that the hostile environment didn’t really phase him.

“Fans are going to be fans,” he said. “I understand. I don’t know. I don’t have much of a reaction to it. I’m just happy we were able to win the game.”

“I really didn’t even notice it,” Dwyane Wade added. “It’s normal. We travel around the world. We hear a lot and he goes through a lot and he deals with a lot. But at this point, just like he knows, just like anybody else knows: if LeBron James is playing in any other jersey, they would love him. But when he’s not playing with you, yeah, you’re not supposed to like him on the court.”

Still, James admitted that the MSG crowd was a small part of his motivation when he started the fourth quarter with eight straight points, after sitting the final 7:23 of the third because of foul trouble. The 8-0 run gave the Heat its first double-digit lead of the night.

“It was a little bit of everything,” the likely MVP said. “It was because of the fans, how the game was going. We felt like we were right there to break the game open.

“We felt like if we could get enough stops, we could kind of break the game open if we made a couple of shots. And that was my intention coming into the fourth. And I just fed off the crowd, fed off my teammates, and I was able to knock a few down to start the fourth. And it kind of just broke it open from there.”

After shooting 18-for-32 in the first two games of the series, James was just 9-for-21 in Game 3, with nearly as many turnovers (eight) as field goals. But he did finish with 32 points, thanks to 13 trips to the line. And that fourth-quarter run helped decide the game.

“I played well enough to help our team win,” James said. “That’s what it’s about, just trying to do other things, even when you’re not playing as well as you know you can.”



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  2. Bdiddy says:

    It’s too bad people don’t understand the real reason why Lebron is hated. He selfishly left the “area” (yes if you’re from Canton, Akron and any other part of Northeast Ohio, you are a Cleveland Brown, Indian, and Cav) when that area needed him most. Right in the middle of a recession where jobs were part of what he brought to the city. Then he went and made a giant spectacle of leaving like he was something. Unfortunately the only thing he ever was turned out to be a pampered, spoiled, private schooled little punk that lived his life having everyone tell him how great he was, instead of someone teaching him heart, determination, hard work, and modesty. Sometimes you’re blessed with unbelievable skills to use them in contributing to the collective good, instead of materialistic, fictional self greed. Karma is such a bitch, and it began when he first started throwing playoff games when he was with the Cavs, which led to Delonte making sweet love to his mother…it continued to play out last year against the Mavs and will haunt this idiot until he learns to humble himself.

  3. TOO EARLY says:

    Labron james might be a great player but he didnt prove anything yet. He has his chance now, a good team along with Dwade and Csoft, unfortunately in the finals he tends to disappear under the pressure,its more probable that Dwade will step up and take the pressure and be the finals mvp.

  4. devin says:

    he is to full of him self, the whole leagues kisses his butt and memeber when little rondo gaurded him last year and shut him down hahaha plus durant has better numbers this year does not derserve MVP

  5. Big Swifty says:

    New Yorkers calling someone else A**hole – that’s rich

    They weren’t saying much at the end of the night. True losers going down 0-4 , again

    • devin says:

      it is the nicks minus three plyers nothing to brag about wow you heat fans must be out in the sun to long. The bulls were minus rose for half the regular season and you guys still couldnt get 1st. impressive worth the money for sure BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kimkam says:

    what’s wrong about lebron transfering to miami? lebron haters calling james a quitter coz he didnt give a title to cavs b4 he leaves? well, why those people didnt hate shaq when he leaves the magic ? he also failed to give title to orlando b4 he leave…

  7. Jack says:

    that is why i love this guy,..i love how he handles those obscene and personal attacks to him,..he’s just human as we are, but hey look what and how he is doing??..another MVP run caliber of a game from him,…go bron just let them hatin,..dont mind these haters whose idolizing rapist and claiming he was the best player when he got those 5 rings,..lol see u miami in the finals!!

  8. Jack says:

    @ KOBE:still u carry the name of one man basketball player in the world who only knows hot to shoot! shut up kobe!!

    • devin says:

      he takes way to many flops and cries every time he misses a shot terrible terrible.

  9. DRE HEAT says:

    YES thing like he call himself king james //he got that nick name in high school // like when he said not 3 not 4 etc that was a pep rally for the city of MIA //not a slap to the enire NBA // and i guess future players should just sign a life time contract if they get drated by their city CRAZY // HEY LBJ cant do what he did in the finals last year no excuse for that BUT all this hate and fans just sweep thing like what Dan Gilbert did under the rug …and i know we watch 1 style of basketball FOR THE LAST 15 YR or so meaning MJ then KOBE two of the best //LBJ plays a different style so please stop with all that KOBE or MJ woudnt do this or they would do that …. diff era diff time

    • devin says:

      james s dirt man no good get over your self if he was that good maybe he could hit a clutch game winning shot. no just a fresh legged man going against a tire man for a lay in. Horrible person in generall loves him self more than anything not worth the money or time of day

      • Sick says:

        my name is Devin a moron… LOL

      • Devin no brain says:

        Oh yea koz you know lebron personally right?

        Take a seat hater. Your time will come when we win a championship this year. You’ll be welcome to join all the other haters in the heat bandwagon.

  10. Adeel says:

    I agree with Bev.

    I was never watched / followed NBA until last year once I saw injustice behavior with Lebron because of his personal choice. It was his choice and we should not have any say in it. I feel media made him look bad for something which was fair for him to leave Cleavland for any better team. This injustice from media and unreasonable fans who could not see Lebron in their own team jersey, made me HUGE Lebron fan.

    I absolutely love his game and wish him NBA championship and best in life. (Because he deserves it by earning it)

  11. Stack says:

    So LeBron said that the hostile environment didn’t phase him huh? Right.

  12. NireLebron says:

    I wish people could think what they are saying and that blockshot by lebron to carmelo is clean there is no foul
    Go Lebron james!

  13. Bev says:

    I wish people could put themselves in the middle of a basketball court and have ten thousand plus people shouting obsenities at you and see how you would feel. And I wish some people could put themselve in LaBron’s shoes when
    he has to read bad press about him. It is this kind of injustice that made me a LaBron fan.

    That is what is so amazing about LaBron’s journey through this. He is the kind of person who takes lemons and make
    delicious lemonade.

    Goooo LaBron, I love you like a Son. I pray that God continues to give you the strength to keep getting up, up and up.

    Lots of Love
    MsBevBlack nba.com #1Heat Fan in NC

  14. LakersRus says:

    I don’t really like the Heat! They have an amazing team! It’s almost as though they are coasting they are so good! I always give credit where credit is due! Lebron James makes that team what it is! He is everywhere on the floor! I always want the Lakers to win but this Heat team is amazing!

    • HeatWade says:

      the Heat have an amazing team but they still don’t have a Thibs-like or Doc-like or Pops-like coach. and you know what i mean…

  15. jzarecta says:

    He Has been playing like a true MVP.


    The heat are pwning hard but as for the knicks..they got all the problems a team could have.. until they get rid of their two “star” wannabe players…

  17. John says:

    I agree, that block was insane. It could be argued that he contacted Anthony a little too much though. Looking forward to seeing the Heat go deep in these playoffs.

  18. MVP, and that was not a foul when he pinned carmelo’s shot on the backboard in the fourth.