Bulls look battered, nearly beaten

PHILADELPHIA— Usually, when this many Bulls go down, someone in a suit of lights is hiding a sword in a cape in a ring.

Losing Derrick Rose in the first game of the 2012 NBA postseason was enough injury to last any team, even the league’s No. 1 overall seed, a liftime. (Actually, the most common prognoses for torn ACLs are in the range of six to nine months.)

But then Joakim Noah was rolling his left ankle on a break up the lane. Taj Gibson was lying on the court grabbing at his right knee. And in the most uncomfortable moments of all, it was Noah again, back in the game despite his ankle sprain, limping up and down the court and lugging that leg as if Jeff Van Gundy were hanging off the bottom of it.

And then there was their Game 3 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers 79-74 Friday, a defeat that left them down 2-1 in the best-of-seven series.

This most assuredly is not what the Chicago Bulls saw for themselves in this postseason. They look battered, bloodied, bummed out, bushed and very close to bowed.

The Bulls had posted the best record in the league, weathered multiple injuries and pulled things together, seemingly, just in the nick of time. They were 46 minutes through a breezy Game 1 victory over Philadelphia – then Rose went down. And pretty much everything since, even that fool’s gold of a first half in Game 2, has gone the wrong way since.

It was too soon to know immediately after Friday’s game how badly Noah was hurting – he made thousands in the building and millions watching on TV wince as he labored and grimaced through several possessions. Gibson seemed to shake off his knee pain.

But the Bulls are in trouble, facing a feisty and healthier young Sixers squad that, never mind that eighth-seeded stuff, has boundless confidence after winning the last two.


  1. Bullsfanforlife says:

    Get well soon Jo. Fear not Bulls fan the Bulls will win this series. The Bulls are the best TEAM in the league. The Bulls will win with thier BIgs, their defense and rebounding. The Bulls have the best coach and the best TEAM. The Bulls will win the series.

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  3. OJSimpson says:

    Don’t get me wrong, But i wll say that, I see Miami Heat Again Goin to the Finals! Right now the Only team Maybe, Maybe People whose can stop the Heat are the Celtics, Remember Maybe, Maybe the Boston!

  4. jc says:


  5. jc says:

    The nba is all about chicago ny la and the heat.Watch espn,you would think ny sports runs it.when philly was in first place this year all you heard about was the fourth place knicks.philly gets no respect,they played the bulls tough this season and are a better team then some think

  6. bu says:

    I agree with some of the comments where Bulls don’t hv enough good enough go-to guys. Deng is not a guy who can dominate & create smtg in his position. The makeup of the Bulls are mainly great role players + Rose, one of the top go-to & creative guys. You can see how Bulls were having trouble when Rose was shut down in last playoffs.

    They stood a chance bec of terrific defense system by Thibodeau plus 110% efforts fm all players. If Rose, Noah are out, there’s no way they can go deeper than conf finals, let alone get past Sixers where they started to regain the mojo & in sync in final games of the season.

  7. kobe24 says:

    the bulls simply over exerted themselves during the season, and now that play-offs have started they are more prone to injury.. what’s the point of being the # 1 seed, if you cant win a championship, or just even go to the finals…

    coach thibs didn’t really deserved to be COY….

    Go SPURS……

  8. NO WAY says:

    the bulls are a decent team when healthy. they can compete BUT they got no championship material,they will never win a championship with this roster.

  9. alek says:

    The Bulls will win the championship only when they will trade Noah for,Aldrige or Howard,they need a strong man in the paint,not the spaghetti handed Noah.That way the pressure will be taken off from Rose.And btw they will beat the sixers in 7.

  10. jan_279 says:

    People saying the Bulls don’t really need D-Rose…well, you’re now seeing why they need him badly!

  11. joblagz says:

    every1 should calm down and relax… bulls can still win.. but their chances have lowered.. now its up to boozer an deng to carry the team.. they should get more shots than cj watson or john lucas…

  12. Renato says:

    Actually,last night was all about the lack of execution in the fourth quarter.The game was poor offensively for both teams,but it looked like the Bulls would get the win.Boozer was finally having a good game.And then the Sixers started to make the shots they missed since halftime and the Bulls were lost without their playmaker.They defended very well for most part of the game,and wasn´t enough to get the win.Thatá really concerning for a team that depends exclusively on that end of the floor to win.

  13. LoL says:

    The Sixers just got a lucky break that the Bulls got injuries to 2 key players (D.Rose & Noah), it has nothing to do with the Sixers being hungrier. Even if they do get past the Bulls (reserve team) which will still be difficult for them cuz they’re a weak team, they will lose in the next round to the Pacers.

    • greatknick says:

      Next round for winner of philly/chicago is boston/atlanta. Get your fact straight. This is not hockey where teams get re-seeded

  14. Deng says:

    Deng has his moments but i’ve always said the Bulls need to get rid of him. He’s not able to create his own shot and he’s not a consistent player. Without D.Rose we were doomed and now without Noah its even worse. Im sad the Bulls wont make it to the finals but all i have to say is Miami isnt winning either. It’s going to be OKC or Spurs taking it all.

  15. jovdelmar says:

    most of the games in regular season they didnt have D.rose so they had to work really hard to earn that top spot. these guys are clearly overworked and now injuries are coming

  16. Riley says:

    Nobody ever writes articles about the 3 hawks players that are injured. Not to mention that they are all key players and 2 of them have missed the entire first round.

  17. ITS ALL OVER says:

    The bulls are just weak in the playoffs. THey got no one who can score under pressure,they might play as a good solid team every season but when the playoffs come they are weak cause they got no INDIVIDUAL talent. JUST ROLE PLAYERS, definitely not built for championships,even with D-rose fully healthy they are going nowhere until he works on his jumpshoot.

  18. Markus says:

    Steve Aschburner is an Anti-Bulls!

  19. Dieter says:

    This would be a sweep for the Bulls if Noah and Rose are healthy

  20. SIXERS877 says:

    Injuries has nothing to do with it! ..SO that means it only shows how weak the Bulls are without D.ROse. . if the Bulls are really capable of winning the championship,they should have beaten the Sixers even without D. Rose . That only proves that Sixers are more determined,hungrier than the BULLs

  21. of course it was injuries says:

    nyr of course it was injuries its just very bad luck, durability has nothing to do with torn acl’s

  22. NYR says:

    when bulls lose, don’t start saying ‘oh it’s because of injuries’.

    durability is part of the game. i dont care how good you are, if
    you can’t hang youre going down.

  23. well… all i can say is as long as the entire series is not over,there’s no claiming which team is advancing.. GO BULLS.!!

  24. Disgruntled Bulls Fan says:

    Once a jinx, always a jinx.

    Chicago brought bad karma upon themselves by signing Carlos Boozer, they would have been better off without him.

  25. Belizeboy says:

    These guys were all overworked during the season and trying to play at an even higher level now is taking a toll on them. Philly is about to make some cheesesteaks out of these Bulls.

  26. Michael Peet says:

    People need to remember its a best of seven series

    • akosibonik says:

      and please remember that they’ve lost their starting center and point guard.

    • Narms says:

      He deserves to be an All-Star, but not more than that. He was the reason why the Bulls went 18-9 when Rose was injured. You don’t understand how much Luol Deng plays… he averaged the most minutes out of any player during the season. The Bulls don’t have a good backup SF for him, so he just stays in. He’s also one of the best SF defenders in the league. ESPN says that he’s the only one capable of defending LeBron. So Deng can shoot, score, etc. But he isn’t perfect. He’s lost his rhythm in the playoffs 😦

  27. iknowitall says:

    Luol Deng should have never been an all star, nor should he be a leader on the Chicago Bulls. Deng is weak mentally, you can tell hes not ready to step up and take the challange, nor has he ever been. Luol Deng is one of the reasons the Bulls will continue to struggle while on the road to claim a championship. Hes a great role player, but everyone has made Deng seem like a superstar and someone who can carry a team and he clearly is no where close to that. He needs to keep taking his shots and thats it, dont expect this guy to take it to the rim hard or make any flashy plays because thats not the kind of player Deng is.

  28. Dan Wolves says:

    looks like the basketball Gods are smiling at the Heat right now. Bulls will have their time, but not this year.

  29. Stack says:

    Suddenly, BAM! MJ returns and wins them the championship. Well, I can dream.

  30. kobe24 says:

    sixers in 5….

  31. allaroundballer says:

    Why would a big guy like Noah trying to do coast to coast and than break his own ankle???

  32. Fishing says:

    If the Bulls lose this series, they were defeated by injuries, mainly DRose. With him on the court, Philly would be down 3-0.

    • Hibble says:

      If you can’t beat ’em…Beat ’em then, BEAT ‘EM!!!!!

    • brian says:


    • Peter says:

      Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng are boderline All-Stars, and that’s at least as many ‘borderline allstars’ as Philly has.

      Paul Pierce came up huge with 36 points and 14 rebounds to lead Boston to a ‘W’ against Atlanta in game 2 without Rajon Rondo or Ray Allen – he knew those guys were out so he stepped up his game. KG was his typically consistent sidekick, and the bench supported him with pure effort and hard work.

      Chicago (even with the injuries) have more then enough talent to beat the 76ers in a 7 game series if they had the emotional strength to do it…but it seems they just don’t have the confidence to get up once they have been knocked down on a big stage.

  33. Sick says:

    Chicago is already preparing for some fishing trip 🙂

  34. Tawny says:

    I’m so disappointed in them today more than last game i don’t like all these collpase they keep having first it was third quarter of game 2 and now it’s fourth quarter of game 3, and now Noah is hurt which isn’t good and as a Bulls fan i’m starting to realize that just maybe it’s not mean’t to be after all. they had this game won but blew it in the fourth quarter no excuses, Deng didn’t show up twice now and neither did CJ, it’s like no one is stepping up right now in the absence of Rose although Noah did have a good game in game 2 and Boozer in game 3 but they need Deng to step up major time.

  35. asmith says:

    wow, was hopping pulls would come through but once again we are faced with the fact that they do not have a number two guy someone to score at will and that will be our downfall, regardless until we lose that fourth game, go chicago

    • Peter says:

      Well that is supposed to be Luol Deng…but once again people have a chance to see that he is grossly overrated, just as I have been saying all year.

      He’s a very good role player, and that’s all – he doesn’t have what it takes to take on a ‘star’ role and lead a team when it counts.

      Bulls are missing a lot, but Atlanta just ALMOST beat Boston without Al Hortford, Josh Smith or Pachulia. The game before that Boston beat Atlanta without Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox or Jermaine Oneal (the latter three have had their seaons ended). Orlando – a team so dependant on their superstar – beat Indiana in game 1 without Dwight Howard

      With their depth and their ‘defense first’ attitude, Chicago should be able to grind out a victory against a 76ers team that is famous for not having any superstars. Even without Rose and Noah, Chicago have as much talent on their roster as Philly do, so what’s their excuse?

  36. markderani says:

    kneel before the might that is chicago fools!