Playoff Time A New Time For Sessions

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – On days like Thursday, when the shades to the second-floor office of Jeanie Buss — the Lakers’ executive vice president of business operations — are open, 10 gold championship trophies shine down on the court at the practice facility. At home games, the title banners hang prominently on an inside wall at one end of Staples Center.

Ramon Sessions notices. Not that he needed much reminding of playoff expectations after he arrived from Cleveland in a trade-deadline deal, but the pressure of delivering in the postseason has been hammered home. Little that happens in the previous months matter.

Sessions is in the playoffs for the first time anywhere as his career moves to a unique level of pressure because he replaces a point guard known for postseason clutch. That was the thing with Derek Fisher — he could drive Lakers fans mad with poor shooting and susceptible defense the first 82 games and still head into summer a hero.

Sessions merely has to save the day at some stage in the near future, that’s all. The Lakers cannot lose playoff games because of point-guard play, not after management risked chemistry by trading Fisher to the Rockets the same day they got Sessions from the Cavaliers. Not after Fisher, who was waived by Houston and eventually signed with OKC, showed a champion’s composure for so many years.

“No, it hasn’t at all,” he said when asked whether replacing Fisher has been on his mind during the playoffs. “It’s just coming out, taking it game by game, just getting that first one under my belt. Now it’s just looking forward to the road that we face. It’s going to be fun.”

The road continues Friday night in Denver in Game 3 against the Nuggets (10:30 ET, ESPN) with the Lakers holding a 2-0 lead in the series. Sessions has contributed 14 points and 4.5 assists while shooting 44.4 percent, mostly thanks to making six of 11 attempts in the opener before dipping to six of 16 on Tuesday.

The trophies and the banners looking down expect production.

“It just shows you these guys mean business,” Sessions said after practice Thursday, before the flight to Denver. “The regular season is good. But the playoffs is really where it counts.”


  1. Eaglos says:

    Missing Fisher as an emblematic figure is understandable but missing Fisher as
    a 210lbs 6.1ft 38 year old player who averaged 5.9 points in 25.6 minutes is not.

    Sessions is a much younger, lighter, taller, faster player who scores double the points
    of Fisher and thus there is no need for clutch shots anymore….

  2. LakersRus says:

    Sessions was exactly what the Lakers needed! Look at the team since they acquired him! Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol! And now Sessions! They are a legitimate contender again!

  3. Reg says:

    The lakers were right in trading fish, walton and kapono, the truth of the matter is that fish he was hurting us, do we appreciate all he has done in his carrer with the lakers? OF COURSE! but this league is dominated by quick point guards who can break down defenses. Sessions is that type of point guard, with the 2 seven footers, the break u down point guard, and of course the “Mamba” who will help them all to maintain their composure and stay on the path of winning a Championship this year! Go lakers.. defene to offense to a TITLE…….

  4. Play some D Sessions says:

    Play some dam Defense Sessions!

  5. Vonnie says:

    I like Sessions. Does anyone else notice how slowing his pace down has changed his game a little?

  6. Bolt says:

    Sessions will be fine but he already declined players option, he will need to get paid well if Lakers keep him, or nearly a 5 week rental plus playoffs

  7. TD says:


  8. Looking good says:

    Old fisher is a bench player, session is a young role player definetely alot better than fisher,good thing also Lakers got rid of D-league bench players Walton and Kapono, bynum playing better overall, this year the team is alot better.

  9. TD says:

    Let’s be real here. The Ramon Sessions acquisition was probably worse than giving up Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol. HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!! I haven’t seen Luke Walton play productive minutes in 3 or 4 years. As far as Fish goes, hey the guy was a liability. No other way to say it. I love what he did for the Lakers organization, with the key word being DID. He sure as hell wasn’t doing what he DID anymore. I saw it in the first game of the season when Derrick Rose shook him off and hit the game winner. I had heard a lot of rumors about trades, Pau to Min., Drew to Orl., but trading for Sessions was perfect. Mitch Kupchack is is a genius. In game 2 of the Denver series the refs were making some horrible calls late. Sessions got fouled hard and he got pissed. Not rattled, but PISSED. He went hard to the basket every play after that with intentions of ending any hopes of Denver rallying. The last Laker PG that had that mentality is a HOFer with 5 rings. I think the trade worked out fine. Love Fish, but Sessions is much better PG.

  10. cb says:

    this year is different that others for some of the teams, like Lakers, Spurs, Heat. I have a feeling that the most important games will not be decided in the last second for them and therefore Fisher will not be a requirement for the Lakers. OKC needs him most because of their jump-shooting mentality.

  11. Mbongeni (Zimbabweanlakerfan) says:

    useessions uyabulala! kancendise ukobe athole isixth ring yakhe!! lets go lakers!

  12. LakersFan says:

    I guarantee u that ramon sessions will win a game for the lakers this post season.

  13. SUMY says:

    JHILL and SESSions are a way better upgrade than WALTON KAPANO and Fisher…lakers have particurkarky kobe hae an expereicne experience to male another deep riun in the playoffs

  14. TTKIN says:

    Sessions meant business the moment he put on the purple and gold. This kid is good, and once Kobe retires and Sessions has to take on a bigger role, I called it yesterday and will call it again today, he’ll put up a few years averaging 20-10 games for us. He’s going to be lobbin it to Bynum for years to come!

  15. Brian says:

    Sessions is a very good point guard who fits in well with the Lakers roster. He knows how important it is that he plays well in this post season contributing to a long playoff run for LA.

  16. JBeezy says:

    Sessions has been more efficient to the team; morale is up. As a fan, I’m not as worried about the Lakers immediate future as much anymore. Especially with Bynum’s gains made through the season and World Peace’s recent bout of aggression, L.A. looks ready to walk into battle with either San Antonio or OKC.

  17. jet says:

    yeah i totally agree with you Mehdimir92. Let us not dwell on someone who doesn’t belong to us anymore. Ramon Sessions has greatly helped the Lakers team admittedly or otherwise. Let us move on and focus on winning game after game till we reach the finals and eventually the championship. Hurrah to the Lakers team and to the fans as well.

  18. SaYo says:

    i was shocked of the trade, but i myself with other lakers fan gotta realize that sessions was such a good trade to get… now they have more fast breaks, i mean cmon, its so easy for lakers to go fast breaks with bynum or gasol maybe waiting at the other end, just a lob up and its a easy 2 points, fisher was good in crunch time, but you need a point guard that can help kobe and the lakers even reach crunch time with other teams

  19. LAKERS French Fan says:

    je pense que le petit ramon deviendra grand aux Lakers il est vif agressif il sait tout faire et il possède une importante marge de progression au sein de l’equipe, il lui faut encore une saison pleine, je pense, pour qu il puisse donner sa pleine mesure qu il gagne en responsabilité mais il donne déjà un plus indégnable sur le parquet par rapport au Fish; la jeunesse, ca a fait du bien a toute l’équipe et ca se voit . Je respect infiniment derek fisher pour l’ensemble de sa carrière aux LAL il est rentré dans la légende de la franchise mais le temps été venu pour lui et cela personne ne peut y échapper, meme pas Kobe, qui pour moi est le plus grand de tout les temps et pourtant ce sera lui le prochain… C’est la vie. GO LAL!! GO KOBE MVP!!! WIN THE 6TH RING!!!!

  20. David says:

    Sessions, Bryant, Artest, Gasol and Bynum is the best line-up the Lakers have had in a long time.



  22. vhirgz says:

    for me sessions is good pg..lakers all the way..


  23. Roberto says:

    From day one I was very satisfied with the trade for Sessions. You can tell, if you know anything about athletic ability, basketball IQ, and confidence in an athlete, that he is and will be a top notch point guard. I guarantee that in the next few years he will be All star caliber. His speed, confidence, handle of the bbdall, and scoring ability make him a perfect PG for the Lakers now and years to come. He gives the Lakers security at the top of the key….Fisher, Blake, Brown, and all the other PGs were not as talented or confident with the rock as Sessions…write down my words….he will be an all star!

  24. KareemOfTheCrop says:

    ” Little that happens that previous months matter.”


  25. What replacing Fisher at point guard will cause anxiety for Sessions, It’s not like he was replacing a point guard the like of Chris Paul or Deron Williams. He was replacing Fisher the worst point guard in the league at this time. He could do no worse than the one he replaced. Honestly I believe that Ramon is a big improvement for the Lakers. I don’t the Lakers will be in this position if Fisher is still the Lakers point guard instead of Sessions.

  26. smokingS says:

    Ramon Session is a good point guard for me,.hes quick and ferocious while inside the playing court .he will definitely a huge factor as the playoffs goes on even the in season finals hopefully.

  27. jet says:

    i was a bit shocked when i saw Derek Fisher wearing different uniform rather than the Lakers but life has to go on for the team. with or without Fisher Lakers will always be my all time fave. Sessions has been a big help to the team so stop crying over spilled milk guys.

  28. Mehdimir92 says:

    Not gonna lie, I was a bit upset with acquisition of Ramon Sessions. Not because we got him, but more or less who we gave up for him. However, I’d be the first to say lets move forward and make a deep post season run.

    • Luke says:

      You were upset that the Lakers gave up Luke Walton and Jason Kapono for Sessions… Really? This was highway robbery by Mitch. Dumped Luke’s terrible contract and pick up a quality PG in Sessions and you aren’t happy with that? LOL wow

      • Jones17 says:

        I think Mehdimir meant moving Fisher on after that trade so we didn’t have 3 PG’s on the roster. But yeh that Sessions trade was almost rape

      • David says:

        Don’t forget the first round of 2012 draft pick.

  29. 88taichi says:

    as a lakers fan since I can remember win or lose still a laker matter what happen I still support my team.theres no I in a word team.with regard to the trade on fisher with ramon sessions it is like you hire a new grad in replace to more experience personnell .now we have give this new grad a chance to mature and show his talent as years goes by.I belived that he will catch up perfectly with the guidance of his more experience team member.

    • LOL says:

      If you only said: it is like hiring a new grad in replace of an OLD experience personnel… I would have agreed to you 😀