Spurs, Not Jazz, Setting The Pace

SAN ANTONIO – For all those years and more than a thousand games under Jerry Sloan, the Jazz were the Jazz. Sure, they watched video and analyzed stats and scouted opponents.

But at the end of every day, the Jazz were the Jazz. They played at their pace, played their style, played their game. Come beat us, they said. We’ll do what we do.

Part of the trouble with the Jazz in this matchup with the Spurs is that they have not been able to establish the identity that helped them close the season with a rush and get into the playoffs. Utah has not been able to pound the ball inside to their bigger, bulkier, supposedly tougher front line.

Near-rookie coach Tyrone Corbin seems unsure of himself about when to go big and as a result he’s allowing Spurs coach Gregg Popovich to dictate the lineups and the pace of play. It’s been the Spurs who are getting the ball inside and doing damage close to the basket.

If the Jazz are going to have any chance with the series shifting to Salt Lake City, they’ll have to get center Al Jefferson involved in the low post. He shot just 5-for-15 in Game 2. He made 8 of 16 shots in Game 1, but even then did not have a damaging effect.

“They’re getting him off his sweet spots,” said Jazz point guard Devin Harris, “sending double teams from different areas where he’s not used to seeing them. We just have to watch a little film and adjust accordingly.”

Jefferson maintains it’s possible.

“You can’t say we don’t have any confidence,” he said. “We’re here for a reason. They did what they’re supposed to do on their home floor. We’ll go home and have confidence right there.”

But only if the Jazz remember who they are.


  1. Nate says:

    The Spurs are obviously an elite team, there’s a reason they are the # 1 seed in the west. Let’s give credit where credit is due, you can argue both sides of the story however you want, but I think it really comes down to who wants it more. Obviously, the world thinks Utah doesn’t stand a chance, but look what got them into the playoffs in the first place. I am a huge Utah Jazz fan and I believe our team, staff, and entire organization doesn’t get enough credit for what we’ve accomplished. And yes, I do agree however that coach corbin should start Derrick Favors, trust me. Corbin has tried different lineups in the season that have been successful, he is just playing around to see which one works best against San Antonio’s big 3. I know Corbin’s doing his best,look how far he’s come since the end of last season when Jerry stepped down and he took his place. At one point in the season I believe we were a 12th seed in the west, and yet we still managed to make a final push and make the playoffs. I can guarantee the Jazz will not give up, they’ve come too far; and even if they are not an elite team in the playoffs this year, watch out for us in the future. #IAreUtahJazz

  2. Krob( Spurs fan) says:

    the Spurs (elite team) the Jazz ( good team but not elite) simple as that the best young team in my opinion is the Pacers they got some solid veterans but they got all the pieces…athletism, size, perimeter defenders, a solid pg, a 2 solid bigs , solid defense..they’ll be a contender before Utah or Minnesota

  3. ken says:

    jazz might win one. maybe. and i’m a long time jazz fan.

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    Favors has played just 48 minutes in two games. During that time, the Jazz are +6. Without him in the game, they’re -52.

    It’s really not rocket science Corbin. You’re keeping the best young big in the game glued to the bench for someone in Al Jefferson who’s God awful on defense and totally inefficient offensively.

  5. ezay801 says:

    Coach Corbin is making rookie mistakes, why the EFF are you not atarting favors at the 5, jeff at the 4 and mill at the 3, and instead you start J.howard and even contemplated starting Carroll at the 3. Give me a break!!! Ty is looking like a fool out their and simply getting out coached. Yes, blame is on the players also, but give us a break TY and start FAVORS! he’s the future that you’ll probably not be part of if you dont smart up and coach right. You dictate the line-up not POP.

  6. jbq2 says:

    As the third quarter began, the Spurs upped the lead to 38 and then put it on cruise control with subs the rest of the way. Only in one’s wildest dreams could someone blame the refs for such a fiasco. The last time that the Spurs went to Salt Lake, they left their three stars home and still only lost in the last two minutes. The Jazz have plenty of Young hope but also plenty of holes.

  7. Spurssweep says:

    Spurs will sweep series. No way can this team keep up with the Spurs. Second string came in and still maintained 30 + point advantage against their starters. Spurs would have swept regular season if they did not leave home big three, even then they almost beat them with their second string! No way spurs end this in SLC! Rest and move on to next victim!

  8. karl says:

    I am a big jazz fan and have been for years and with that being said i am disswpointed with corbin he refuses to play favors for no real reason even thhough the best lineup we have is with him in the rotatiion i mean to all of the portland fans does the name jermain o’neil ring a bell

    • ezay801 says:

      I agree man. Corbin is an idiot for not starting FAVORS. Like WTF not!! Instead he starts Carroll, Howard, Bell and blah blah blah. Pisses me off. Will lose because of bad coaching, sad to say but it’s the truth.

  9. Arky says:

    Thw Jazz were terrible away all season. Hopefully they can keep things closer on their home floor.

    • ezay801 says:

      terrible all season? serious? The bobcats were terrible all season, the warriors were terrbile all season. To say the Jazz were terrible, is an idiot comment probably from idiot person.

  10. redshadow says:

    most talented?

  11. shink213 says:

    an “identity crisis” or a realization that their team is too young and doesnt have any star players…..you can’t rely on derrick favors or devin harris.

    • ezay801 says:

      I wouldn’t agree w/ identity crisis, just simple fact that we have a rookie coach, nba players rookies to the playoffs vs. experience, championship players, COY type team. That a receipt for disaster, provenin GAME 2.

      • pravdo says:

        If it’s a “receipt” for disaster, then I would get my money back. But it is a RECIPE for disaster.

  12. Karlo Garcia says:

    Take care of home court in games 3 & 4. Any1 guess who takes the series!

  13. ATB says:

    Jazz will pound them at home look out the hurricans coming … they gave them game two so they could streatch out the serries … besides the refs might as well have been in spurs uniform the way they called the game this thing is like wrestling at times with the flops and crying

    • dattebayo says:

      Yes, the at times 36 points or more lead was because of the refs and not because the Jazz played poorly. The Spurs move the ball and hit from 3 point land, play solid D and they have Tony Parker who had an MVP type season. They will sweep if the Jazz can’t get something working in Game 3.

      These Jazz fans can be even more delusional than those Laker Fans, I tell you.

    • jbq2 says:

      Unfortunately as the third quarter began, the Spurs upped their lead to 38 and then cruised the rest of the way with subs. Only in one’s wildest dreams could you blame the refs for such a fiasco.

      • bignbafan says:

        There really were some poor calls, but, it wouldn’t have affected the score that much with that said. The spurs did look amazing and the Jazz just struggled to say the least. Hopefully the can get it together by game 3 and play a better game.

  14. Spurs in 5 says:

    Only guy who can probably match Pops is the zen master (Never seen Red Auberbach coach – some say he is the greatest ever). Corbin is getting schooled non chalantly by Pops.

    This is going to happen with a young team. They need to win at least one in SLC. Otherwise, this is a brutual experience. All this, with Ginobli in check. Can’t imagine what will happen if Manu erupts.

    That kid Favors is good. He needs to play more, if jazz has any chance of winning one game in SLC.

  15. CDS1 says:

    Can’t blame them, it’s a team full of 1st and second year players and players who haven’t been to the playoffs before besides Millsap. The Jazz will fall this series but they are the most talented young team in the league, they just need to learn from this and they will grow in years to come and get better. First year jitters

    • dattebayo says:

      The most talented young team is the Timberwolves squad in Minnesota and the only reason they are not in the playoffs and the Jazz are is the biggest injury list of any team this season.
      Ricky Rubio would have won the ROTY award ahead of Irving, Michael Beasley is a good scorer, Wesley Johnson a solid wing defender (he needs to work on his spot up J’s though), Derrick Williams hopefully develops his game near the rim, Anthony Randolph stepped up when everybody else was down, Nikola Pekovic has improved majorly and become a starter in his sophomore season (ok he is 27, but he is good) and they have the best Power Forward in today’s game. Yeah there is Pau Gasol the best post player and there is last years final MVP Nowitzki but I am with Chuck – that’s not turrible – Barkley saying Kevin Love has been the best Power Forward this season.

      Get your facts straight!

      • bignbafan says:

        Yep, that’s right…T Wolves barely broke the top ten with the team healthy prior to injuries…seriously? That’s your arguement-injuries? The Jazz had several small injuries throughout the season and went clear down to 12th at one point, however they battled their way back to the playoffs when it counted (with the most talented young squad in the NBA…according to Chuck mind you). Healthy or not, T Wolves still didn’t have a chance this year. Kevin Love is the best PF in the NBA…with that said it doesn’t entitle them a spot in the playoffs. Besides, this is an article about the Jazz and your rambling on about T Wolves stats, really?

        Give the Jazz a few more years, I don’t see them as a contender, but with some experience under their belts they could be a tough team to beat!

      • dasik says:

        I disagree, the spurs are the the best young team in the league. Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, Tiago Splitter, DeJuan Blair, Patty Mills. That’s a lineup that can compete. Gary Neal can score from anywhere, and Cory Joseph and James Anderson can ball too. The youth on the spurs is why they had the best record in the league, and why they will win a 5th championship this year.

  16. chandler says:

    Heck ya jazz play there game at hom ethey win 3 and 4 lose 5 win 6 and 7. GO JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • KingDingaling says:

      lol Ya thats gonna happen, it doesnt have anything to do with home court, the Jazz are just out matched. The Jazz would be lucky to win one game but I doubt it, bring the broom out because the Jazz will be swept. I’m not a Spurs fan, just a fan of the game.