Tyson Chandler … DPOY

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Knicks center Tyson Chandler won the unofficial vote we had here at HT last week and today he cashed in with the real deal in New York, snagging his first KIA Defensive Player of the Year Award.

We’re good with the voting breakdown, save for the part where Mavericks swingman Shawn Marion comes in at eighth. There’s no way a guy who can lock down elite players the way Marion can doesn’t fit in the top five, at least, of any voting for DPOY:


  1. TRADE says:

    the knicks should trade amare and get a good backup for chandler. Melo should be playing the PF spot regurarly.

  2. dattebayo says:

    I am happy for him, he is a defensive minded player and he improved the defense of every team he has played for. Still I was looking forward to maybe rewarding a wingplayer or a guard, these big men are getting spoiled for their defense.

  3. AndrewBynumforMIP!! says:

    and also there`s something weird about this post??? it`s like sekou smith isn`t happy on tyson winning the award..It might only be me but that`s what I feel in this post…>_<

  4. AndrewBynumforMIP!! says:

    wow I can`t believe how people would say that he doesn`t deserve it..he is the main reason how a offensive minded team(last year 27th in the league in defense) became a great defensive team(this year 5th in the league(or so they say).)..I know that the serge protector deserves this also but gotta give a lot of credit on how tyson impact the team and it shows..it`s really unfortunate for the new york knicks that they have so many injuries and also no training(i think) and never really develop that team chemistry that they wished for..but really man we should be proud of tyson of what he brought to the table and also the 1st new yorker to win this award..by the way not a knick fan but as a basketball fan gotta love it….

    • AndrewBynumforMIP!! says:

      *no training camp(i think)……

    • defdun says:

      …plus the fact that Tyson did the same same thing last year to the Mavs, which proves that wherever he goes the team strongly improves their defense…

      • OKCKD35 says:

        you also have to take into account last year the mavs had Marion ( an elite defender) and Stevenson ( a great perimiter defender) along with Chandler, this year they only have Marion.

  5. Francisco says:


  6. OKCKD35 says:

    boo serge ibaka should have won, he is having a ridiculous year blocking and altering shots, people are afraid to drive the lane on OKC!

    • Jay says:

      Chandler was the truer defensive anchor and made the Knicks of all teams a top-5 defensive team. Ibaka is foul-prone and he’s not a great post defender at all.Weakside blocks are exciting but not worthy for an award

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Chandler is getting too much credit for his defense in terms of the knicks allowing less points. first off the went from a mike d’antoni high octane offense to a moregring it out type of play, when you no longer play the run and gun it means fewer poseessions which means fewer point scored. Yes he is a good defender. I’ll give him that, but NOBODY this year has controlled the paint like Ibaka has. He was robbed, another small market player robbed because he doesnt play in NY, LA, Chicago etc….

  7. Belizeboy says:

    Wow what a robbery. What the Nicks are down 2-0 and not even by close games. His impact is what exactly?

  8. jlg24601 says:

    Players and coaches should vote, but be barred from voting for themselves or anyone else on their team.

  9. Nick says:

    I knew he wouldn’t be DPOY but I just want to give a shout out to Grant Hill – dude guarded anyone at any position, plus he’s ancient.

  10. Sea Pea says:

    Players shouldn’t vote. They will just vote for themselves.

    Who is the best lockdown defender without any regards to statistics or winning percentage?

  11. charles says:

    He’s not giving Miami any problems right now…

  12. Chandler is on a 7 seed team and is not the reason there season got turned around he deserved it last year but not this year no way did he have the impact on defense he did last year, the players who play the game should vote for these awards they first hand know who is who on the court when they play agianst each other.

  13. Egert says:

    Sekou, when are they going to announce the MVP?