Parker Ready For Jazz’s Best Shot

SAN ANTONIO – In his 11 seasons with the Spurs and more than a decade as one of the preeminent international players, Tony Parker has traveled the world and taken in the sights. In short, there’s not much that he hasn’t seen.

So when the Jazz take to the floor tonight for Game 2 with a new plan to try to slow down Parker, who scored 28 points and dished eight assists in the series opened, the San Antonio point guard will probably shrug.

“My answer’s still going to be the same,” Parker said. “I’m going to stay in the attack mode.

“If they want to take me out of the game, I have to make sure I get Timmy (Duncan) and Manu (Ginobili) involved. That’s why we have a deep team. It’s not only on me.”

There has been speculation in some corners of the Utah media that the Jazz might try to guard Parker with 6-foot-9 Gordon Hayward, but there has been no indication of that from Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin. Likely the Jazz will do more to run double-teams and traps at Parker and try to clog the lane to cut off his dashes through the paint.

Either way, the Spurs are expecting Parker to survive and thrive.

Teammate Stephen Jackson has already said that the only way to stop Parker is “maybe kidnap him.”

While that was a joke, Jackson was also serious on the topic.

“I don’t think there’s any legal way you can stop him,” he said. “He’s in a zone right now. He’s been in a zone all year.”

Parker welcomes any new challenge.

“I’ve seen every kind of defense and trap,” he said.


  1. parker is best point guard at getting in to the lane and getting easy buckets for himself and the team nobody on the jazz can d him up

    • Kent Greenlee says:

      I am a San Antonio tranplant, now living in Sacramento, Ca. … this year (shortened as it is), has been one of the most fun years I’ve had watching my beloved Spurs cruise through the competition. I don’t see any team in the West coming close to the talent this S.A. Spurs Team currently brings to the show. There are some outstanding individuals playing on the other teams, but no team has the depth that this one is showing currently. Pop and the executives of this organization have done another masterful job of putting together another Championship calibur team. Kudo’s and good luck the rest of the way. Please stay healthy for the duration and I’ll get to watch the Spurs hang their 5th banner.

  2. BFoulds says:

    Jazz can do whatever they think they need to do in order to win, but it won’t work. Spurs are the deepest team in the NBA being lead by the COY Pop. It’s pretty much doneski, Spurs in 4