Other Positives Revealed In Lakerland

LOS ANGELES – The Game 1 dissection seemed easy enough: Andrew Bynum, Andrew Bynum and more Andrew Bynum, plus some Kobe Bryant (31 points, on 11-of-24 shooting) and meaningful contributions from L.A. role players.

Except that Sunday at Staples Center offered many more relevant points about what the 103-88 victory meant for the Lakers, facts that may have gotten lost in Bynum’s star turn. The Nuggets and Lakers certainly will make note of them as they practice Monday in preparation of Game 2 on Tuesday night (10:30 ET, TNT).

For all the talk about Denver needing to push the ball like it does against the rest of the league — especially in this case because speed can hurt the Lakers — the Nuggets haven’t shown the ability to do anything other than talk about it. All season.

The Nuggets led the league in scoring at 104.1 points an outing, but against the Lakers managed 92, 99, 89 and 97 in losing three of four in the regular season and 88 in dropping the playoff opener. If L.A. isn’t committing turnovers to start the Denver transition game (and the Lakers had only 11 in Game 1) and the Nuggets can’t get easy baskets in the halfcourt because Bynum has turned the paint into a no-fly zone, any chance of a series upset is over.

One of the biggest concerns for the Lakers going into Game 1 – small forward – proved nothing to worry about in the easy win. Metta World Peace was missed on defense (Danilo Gallinari scored a team-high 19 points for the Nuggets), but Devin Ebanks, starting in place of the suspended World Peace, made five of six shots and added five rebounds in 19 minutes. Matt Barnes went from missing the regular-season finale Thursday to playing 29 minutes and being kept in during the fourth quarter of a blowout in a clear sign there were no lingering injury problems.

Finally, that was nice offensive rhythm for a team that hadn’t played together in a week due to rest, a schedule break and injury. The Lakers scored 103 points without Bynum or Pau Gasol attempting a free throw and shot 50 percent. The contributions of Ebanks, Ramon Sessions (6 of 11 from the field in his playoff debut), Jordan Hill (10 points, 10 rebounds, two blocks in 24 minutes) and Steve Blake (three 3-pointers in the first quarter to bust the game open) were more sources of concern for the Nuggets.


  1. LOS ANGELES says:

    jordan, does not have high percentage too, but he scores when it matters the most just like kobe. not like lebron who scored a lot in the first 3 quarters but cannot score in the closing minutes.understand?

  2. LOS ANGELES says:

    ok,but the bottom line he makes his team win, magicxhoward. no matter if you shot hundred percent and you only take two shots, how could you win a game…you better watch more lakers game so you will understand how kobe dominated the game.

  3. MagiCxHoward says:

    i love how people try to make kobe look good. facts are facts he does not shoot a high percentage. maybe if he didnt shoot 23 shots a game that would change.

  4. bin jone says:

    LAKERS is more exciting to watch than any other team in NBA..i believe they can get another championship ring dis year..DENVER is a great team though but it doesnt mean they can BEAT LA..Lakers were dissapointed last years playoffs against Dallas,,so watch out coz itz payback time..!!

  5. bin jone says:

    go lakerz!!

  6. Ryan says:

    I lol’d so hard… who is this Francisco troll. You clearly need to be put in your place.

  7. Ricardo says:

    Who is this Francisco troll?

  8. FAN says:

    Laker haters…….why, why???? I will never understand it. When the Lakers do great they get hated on, when they lose…..same thing.
    Give them a break, if any of you haters actually played basketball you would realize any team has a chance to win, quit HATING!!!!
    Get off of Kobe, he is the most dominant player in the game with his “old” legs as ya’ll would say. On another note for the haters, once again if you ever played basketball you would know your going to have good nights and bad nights……..the problem is every hates on Kobe no matter what night he is having. Haters get on your bandwagons, jump on what ever team looks like they will win and let us true life Laker fans do our thing. (doesnt the Heat have a blog or something?)

    • dan'o says:

      I’m a LAL fan who moved to Denver. Something that immediately caught my eye at PepsiCenter were the “Northwest Conference Champs” banners hanging in the rafters. A stark contrast to Boston and LA, where only NBA championships get the honor of embroidery. My squad has been to almost 1/2 of NBA finals and won 16 of them. Along the way, they’ve squashed the dreams of competing squads and their fans everywhere; hence the haters and lovers nation-wide. I don’t blame those in Sacramento, Portland, Phoenix and Utah, whose ire is excreted all over these forums. Their legendary lineups were largely deprived of success by better Laker teams. Its a veritable reality that with winning comes resentment from those who want to win. (Note the general absence of Washington or Charlotte smearing in these forums.)

      FAN, embrace the haters as a proof of your team’s relevant legend. I’ll be at game four at Pepsi, enjoying every sideways comment directed at the purple, away #32 jersey I’m wearing!

  9. Stan says:

    I love to watch a great shot blocker like OKC Serge Ibaka, But Bynum is in another league all his own, he is groomed for the playoffs already winning 2 rings and is dominating. I hate watching floppers trying to get charges called like Miami. I would welcome the NBA to take a look at these charge or blocking floppers and clean it up. Stand in and play defense like Bynum and quit flopping. As a fan I enjoyed watching the greats like Chamberlin, Shaq, Kareem, and Bynum is now the closest thing to that.

    • pf35 says:

      True, but there is also Dwight Howard. people dont like him only because he took so long to make up his mind and he is not really that serious.

  10. JUD says:


  11. Kevin says:

    Here are the positive things I see in LakerLand….. They are very good at housing thugs and felons. Idiots, horrible role models and they never deserve to win another championship.

    • Charles Barkley says:

      Hey Kevin you do not deserve to post if you cannot recall posting the identical message only six minutes earlier. YOU are calling people names? Really? What are you inhaling?

  12. Kevin says:

    Here is the positive things I see in LakerLand……. Why are they so good at housing thugs and felons. Idiots they never deserve another title.

  13. BFoulds says:

    Spurs > Lakers 🙂

    • Brock says:

      Well They definitely have a better TEAM. The depth is undeniable. But, They don’t have the bigs to contend with Bynum, and Gasal. Not to mention…the Lakers have Kobe.

      • Francisco says:

        having kobe is an advantage for the other team

      • sbfern805 says:

        LMAO!!! really Francisco? Really? OK everyone hates the Lakers because of who they are and what they have won. Kobe has been the best player of the league for about a decade…he has done more than any other player has done for their team…Except for Jordan and Russell and Magic…

  14. TJ says:

    “Nuggets are gonig to Run and Gun LA To Death” is a comment i saw leading in to game 1 repeatedly… Where are the chicken nuggets fans at? S.W.E.E.P

    • dattebayo says:

      Ty Lawson was a non-factor in that game and the Nuggets never really ran their transition game which made them so good in the regular season. It was all halfcourt offense and lowtempo game which was great for the Lakers. George Karl in a timeout said that his guys didn’t even play well enough for him to decide whether his rotations and strategies were working.

      I still think Denver has a chance to beat L.A., but Lawson has to step up his game and they have to take Bynum out of the game somehow. They can’t double off of Bynum when Pau gets the ball in the low post and they have to box out for rebounds.

      Denver will not get swept, George Karl is one of the best coaches in the league and they will put forth a lot more effort in the next game. I am looking forward to a competitive series and that’s what it’s all about…

    • 16going417 says:

      I hope the Lakers do NOT sweep Denver. Going 6 games would be great. This way MWP is back for the first game of the second round. I think the Lakers will need MWP’s defense in order to make it past the second round. If the Lakers sweep Denver then MWP will be out for 2 games in the second round and without home court advantage I don’t think the Lakers would make it to the WC championship.

  15. David says:

    Kobe needs to shoot less than 20 shoots, those long bricks he put up gave the Nuggets an opportunity to push it down for easy buckets.

    • kobe says:

      i can tell u didnt watch game david..kobe was awsome 2nd half..he shot almost 50% from field..1st half he struggled but 2nd half on fire…go lakers..2012 NBA CHAMPS..

      • Francisco says:

        I knew someone is going to say this, when he came out in the fouth quater the game was almost technically decided, gasol and bynum took over, he came and got like 3 easy shots(easy), DENVER defense lacked at the end , so HE took advantage to look good with numbers, affalo controlled him completelly, not to mention that the 6,10′ gallianari left kobe looking to the side line while he dunked.he was like 5 for 18 when the game was close.

      • LOl says:

        I knew Francisco will come out to bash Kobe with whatever he has.

    • Domainsnext says:

      it is time for those got on Bynum case when he shot a 3 pointer to give him an apology.

      • H2K says:

        Francisco did you watch Clipper/Grizzlies game. The game is never over until the whistle blows. Their is nothing easy that Kobe does, he just makes it look that way because he is talented. If I give you the ball undefended at 15 feet from the basket you wouldnt even be able to hit a shot, so hush!!!!