Stoudemire Punches Glass, Injures Hand

MIAMI — The New York Knicks just couldn’t let a day go by without making headlines.

In the wake of a fairly drama-less loss to the Heat in Game 2 of the first round, Amar’e Stoudemire suffered a laceration on his left hand in the Knicks’ locker room. As was first reported by Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears, Stoudemire suffered the cut punching the glass enclosure to a fire extinguisher.

Paramedics were called to the locker room, which was kept closed from the media for an extended time. By the time it was opened, only Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony were left to talk.

Anthony pled ignorance, saying he was still on the floor when the incident happened and had yet to see Stoudemire. Chandler was a little more forthcoming.

“It’s tough,” he said. “Your emotions run high. Split second decision can obviously alter things, and you can’t fault anybody. Amar’e is a person that has high emotions at times, so one quick decision-making mistake and now you’ve got to deal with the repercussions.”

Stoudemire’s only comments postgame came via his Twitter feed, where he tweeted the following:

“I am so mad at myself right now, I want to apologize to the fans and my team, not proud of my actions, headed home for a new start”

“We all have done thing out of anger that we regret. That makes us human. Bad timing on my part. Sorry guys. This to shall pass.”

Stoudemire was seen leaving AmericanAirlines Arena with a bandage on his hand and his left arm in a sling. He reportedly lost a lot of blood, some of which was seen on the carpet in the locker room. He is traveling back to New York with the team and did not have X-rays taken, according to a team spokesman.

His prognosis for Game 3 (Thursday, 7 p.m. ET, TNT) and the rest of this series is unknown. The Knicks are already without Jeremy Lin, still recovering from knee surgery, and Iman Shumpert, who tore his ACL in Game 1. They’re just getting Chandler back to health, and Baron Davis has been dealing with back pain and stiffness.

This injury, of course, was self-inflicted. And amazingly, it’s the second straight year in which Stoudemire suffered a self-inflicted injury before or after Game 2 of the first round. Last year in Boston, he injured his back doing a dunk in warmups.

“It seems like there’s always something happening,” Anthony said about the drama surrounding his team. “But at this point, it is what it is. We’ve got to move forward.”

The Knicks went 14-5 without Stoudemire in the regular season.

Update: Amar’e took to Twitter a few hours after the game:


  1. NICECOMMENT says:

    last seasons free agent PF’s were given so much hype(stoudemire, bosh and boozer) look where they are now.. they are just below average players who is getting paid big bucks, they are so overrated!!!!

  2. ko0kie says:

    good news for the knicks.. stoudemire hasn’t really figured out a way to co-exist with anthony or chandler… anthony and chandler got a nice chemistry between themselves..

  3. simon says:


  4. Gil Franz says:

    He’s game wasn’t bad. Maybe he’s just frustrated because he knew it wasn’t his prime.

  5. Wade County says:

    thats a wrong move for you amare

  6. Guyguy says:

    Big deeeeeal! Novak can carry the team lol.

  7. Jericho says:

    Come on Knicks Fans. Even if you got frustrated on what Amare did, that doesn’t make him a fool. Some of you guys made a bigger fool of yourselfs by doing stupid stuff that’s waaaay more stupid on what Amare did.

  8. Bobby BEE says:

    lets go lakersssssssss lmao

  9. Orlando says:

    I cannot believe how dumb a 100 million dollar player has reacted. It’s a selfish move Amre.

  10. boombooroomboomboom says:

    he doesnt fit in NYK.. thats why hes mad

  11. Entin says:

    I feel for amare because everyone has broken something out of anger before, for example, a few years ago I sashed my sterio because I was so mad, my friend smashed his iphone.

  12. Gingerbreadman217 says:

    correction Tyson Chandler got the tech.. However my point still remains.

    • justplayball says:

      ….it is not ‘showing emotion’ that draws a tech… is over doing it ….. like we just went through with the non-Peace dude in LA…….. gotta act like a pro, not a spoiled brat/hothead/attention seeking player all the time..get with the program and ALWAYS have your TEAM’S best interests in the forefront of your mind…All of the Time….not just most of the time….. it can be done…….kinda like life itself…… Keep your negative (& overzealous) emotions in check all of the time so you stay out of jail and things like that because it is not in the best interest of your family(or your best interest either for that matter)

  13. Gingerbreadman217 says:

    I believe a contributing factor is the fact that Amare and all the players are now forced to bottle up their emotions during the game so they don’t get a TECHNICAL FOUL! You will notice in that game Amare got a Tech foul for showing emotion! The NBA has become WAY too sensitive.

  14. junjun says:

    If they just settled for 8th seed. They could have won atleast a playoff game..

  15. LUOL DANG says:

    The only reason for doing this to one’s own hand is to end his season. Amare simply has no interest in
    playing any more in these playoffs. He gave up, threw the towel, hung up his sneakers.

    I only have one word to describe his action: UNPROFESSIONAL.

    • justplayball says:

      ……ditto…… when and IF he gets his head on straight he will go from being a really good player to a great player….otherwise he my never live this down!!

  16. NOT A STOUDIMERE says:

    Well that what is STOUDEMIRE
    That is the reason last time Phonix Dell on West Final

  17. Renato says:

    Impressive,i thought Rondo´s stupid arguing was the low point of this first-round of the playoffs.Apparently i was wrong. He´s gonna miss the entire series and that means the rest of the season.Sad move by a frustrated player who hasn´t been able to deliver for his team.

  18. cool knicks fan says:

    really dumb move by STAT, this cost them the series. A lot of people are saying that the Knicks are better without STAT, but that was when they had a healthy Iman Shumpert to guard the other team’s top player, and (most of the time) a healthy Jeremy Lin to distrubute the ball and run the team. Now they have neither. It’s a sweep.

  19. ymnchat says:

    i think amar saw the serios 4-0 so he had to do something stupid cause he is a loser .. well now i think the Knicks will play better than him and may beat the heat

  20. HeatFever24/7 says:

    Those that keep saying he’s only human, you only non realistic. This is supposed to be important to AS if he wants to win he will do everything possible not to make dumb decisionsthat will keep him from the game. People have control over what they do….we are not robots being controlled by someone else! It really doesn’t matter though because the Heat is on!!!!

  21. nba012 says:

    WOW! amare = crazyyyyy!

  22. Abdullahi says:

    what was amar’e thinking when he did that, well i’m a knicks fan, and the team is on carmelo anthony’s back, so i’m looking forward to see the knicks winning the series.

    Knicks vs Lakers all the way to the finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Insert Novak says:

    Novak at 3, Carmelo at 4

    J.R Smith might also have to play the 3 at times

  24. knicksfan101 says:

    It happens ok….. Amare was just mad that they lost…by 10 points. Even though they lost by like 30 the other game he didnt do that. He was mad and it happens guys.

  25. Mike says:

    This guy should only get 1 million a year. He’s definitely overpaid and overated

  26. Louie says:

    NY really knows how to pick them. A great basketball city that never goes nowhere. It is because they don’t enforce team conduct ant I think it starts at the top. Make an example out of one … or two of these punks and we will see the rest get in line. Very disappointing to see D’antoni go. I know Team president chose the punks over D’antoni and sent a very negative message… A damn shame that a professional sport has to yield to punks with these personalities. A DAMN SHAME!!!

    • justplayball says:

      ….great point, Louie….If the culture surrounding the team changes they have a chance of being a great team….. if not….. well it will just be more of the same bad decisions….from the top down like you said

  27. carmelo says:

    just leave him a lone it was by mistake every one does some thin stupid

  28. carmelo says:

    just leave him a lone you guys never mad a mistake

  29. Luc says:

    Amare ! Amare ! Amare ! .
    What about the poor fire extinguisher ppl?

  30. REALITY5 says:

    wow, both amare and rondo competing for playoff prize of dumbest player!

  31. Rich says:

    Amare and Anthony cannot co-exist. When either one of them is gone, the Knicks strive. Spacing is just bad. And with Chandler in the paint too … Those 3 are really stars in their own position, however, you will need a very good coach to make this team work.

  32. patdaroc says:

    The writer transcribed what Chandler said wrong. I am pretty sure he said “I’m obviously a person that has high emotions at times.” Not “Amare is a person that has high emotions at times.

  33. Lee says:

    I can’t imagine what kind of emotions were running through his mind at that moment. It must be really upsetting to have critics writing you all season with injuries and stats. Especially how the Knicks have a record of 12 consecutive losses in playoff games. This season is over for the Knicks with many reasons, hopefully they’ll figure things out.

  34. QUEENS, NEW YORK says:

    Jeremy Lin works best with Melo, Chandler Novak and JR Smith. Hurrry up Jeremy Lin and get well, we need ASAP.

  35. Toro says:

    btw has anyone seen Amare hurting himself? We’ve got only Amare in armband walking out, Melo who doesn’t know and seen a thing, and Tyson Ch. – a lonely “spokesmen” of the silent team 🙂 I think it a big game to hoodwink Spo and to …heat up the supporters, I mean NY needs it because not even on the floor players lose their health 🙂

  36. shawn carter says:

    The Knicks are better when Melo started at power forward instead of small forward, since he had more space in the half court with less double teams because he played with three other perimeter players who can nail threes. Melo at power forward gave teams problems, he dropped over 41 on Miami weeks ago and over 40 on Bulls when starting at the 4. Melo averaged nearly 35 points at power forward. Melo is too fast for most opponent power forwards and opponents have trouble switching in cross-matchups with their wing defenders to guard him, especially in transition. Melo took challenge from Woodson, even played intense good defense at the 4, even battling big forwards which Amare never does. Had knicks kept Melo at the starting 4, and Amare came off bench in his return against Cavs, they would of beat Cavs, and gotten the 6th seed and be facing the PACERS right now instead of Miami, but with Amare’s BIG EGO, Coach Woodson didn’t do it.

  37. Toro says:

    It doesn’t metter Amar’e is on or off, if anyone hurt himself on purpose or if it was a red herring like this one, the series will be over till saturday.

  38. Johny says:

    I get what he was trying to do….

    Fire extinguisher….MIAMI HEAT….

    Anyone else get it?

  39. AAA says:

    Some of these posts are some of the most hilarious ive seen in a long time. Yes probably Amare didn’t win the battle with the fire extinguisher and all ,but just try and imagine the guys frustation ppl. He just lost his brother a couple of months ago. Its easy to understand why he went and did something so crazy . So lets just give him the benefit of the doubt and leave it be.
    Cheers to all bball fans around the world.

  40. The team is much better when Melo started at power forward instead of small forward, along side three other perimeter players who can hit three pointers, so teams are less willing to sag off to double team Melo, which gives him more space to work in the half-court. Melo at power forward caused opponents a lot of problems because he’s too quick for most power forwards and teams struggle with switching in cross match-ups with their wing defenders to guard Melo, especially in transition. Melo at the 4 played very good aggressive defense, even battling big forwards, which Amare never does. Weeks ago, Melo at the power forward dropped 41 on Miami, averaged nearly 35 points in April without Amare. Had Melo stayed as starting power forward, and Amare willing to come off the bench in his return against Cavs a week ago, they would of beaten Cavs, and gotten the 6th Seed, facing PACERS right now, but Amare’s BIG EGO prevented Woodson from doing it.

    • justplayball says:

      Hey, BSAS……..How many rings you got there with your ‘big star’ filled team….. how does that feel when you spend your money(if you ever really ATTEND) on a game and that is all you ever get…… how many years has it been since the k-nicks have been even relevant in the Eastern Conference…… but I guess the NY games are always “exciting” and not boring…. even if it is AFTER the final buzzer…. Enjoy losing Every year and watching those “Exciting Stars” …. a huge market like that and this is all you get … very sad…. but funny as hell if your Not a k-nick fan…maybe one of these days you will have a REAL ownership group that know something about basketball….maybe not…..good luck defending home court….you’ll need it !!

    • justplayball says:

      ….did I read right?? ….. That …uh…’team’ would have been better off if you had just beaten the Cavs!!……do you hear how funny/lame that sounds….. amazing

  41. Amir says:

    Trade Amare and Draft picks for Howord best for both teams this summer

  42. Anirudh says:

    Amare Get Well Soon Great Player…
    I am a heat fan but amare should recover soon!

    • kobe says:

      great player..dont think so..good player yes..he should thank mr nash for getting him that big paycheck…AMARWE DOESNT PLAY D OR GRAB THE REBOUNDS IN WAY HE SHOULD…

  43. OMG says:

    Knicks are better without amare anyway, hes too bad at defence he really is becoming a role player, all those injuries through his career, he doesnot play physical and hard enough for a powerforward of his size and he is only gunna get worse as time goes by…

  44. obrutal says:

    $100 million liability (defensively & health)

  45. Ashton says:

    This series is a sweep no one on the knicks can stop LeBron he’s to strong. When melo is not guarde by LeBron he was scoring then when he was guarded by him he was throwing up tough shots and airballing like o his force up three

  46. Troll King says:

    This is Amar’e plan. This way Melo can play the 4 spot again, and drop 30+ again.

  47. Pagz says:

    He apologized Right? Ok stop saying non-sense or idiot words against Amare He admit it he is Wrong so Guys Enough and it is ok Go Knicks

  48. Belizeboy says:

    Should have punched Melow.

  49. Kamote says:

    They wont match the Heat anyway. But at least they couldve won at least one homecourt game.

  50. ChiCitynorthside says:

    Bulls comin out in da eastt, my guy d rose comin out the surgery, cant wait to just see the bulls surprise all you in the east haha were too good, we got noah, booz, cj drops 20 points, taj gibson just a monster, and we got a bench MOB! 100% to derrick really sad for his injury, but we have beat teams like the HEAT… without him, as for the knicks they gotta find more scoring inside, cuz lebron wade will make u work, u cant just give it to melo and expect him to catch u guys up down 10. knicks got game 3

    • S27M says:

      No Rose = No Ring
      Accept it.

      Even if the heat dont win the east (which they will)

  51. GIRBAUX says:

    i would do the same…. because melo is a ball hug !!!

  52. Miami will lose to the Lakers says:

    Someone said that Filipinos love the KNICKS? Care to explain why? What’s to love with those loser misfits? They might win a championship if they played streetball but not in the NBA.

    Miami will win this series and they will eventually be in the NBA finals. They will be beaten by the Lakers though 4-2.


    Too much for

  53. S27M says:

    Smooth move Amare LOL

  54. KNICKSTAPE says:

    Maybe one of you guys, none of which could ever play a professional sport, should consider the fact this man lost his younger brother earlier this year to a car accident, he has had to battle numerous injuries this year, and he is constantly criticized by the ignorant fans that have forgotten who brought quality basketball back to New York!!

    • justplayball says:

      ….that is why he gets the big bucks…. to be above that stuff and be serious about his responsibilities …. I feel for him… and his family for their loss. Now though, he just needed to concentrate on only one thing… his JOB —- his very High Profile job….. doing that with respect and dignity will go a long way to defining himself as a man….

  55. JJ says:

    HAAHA he should go puch rondo on the chest

  56. greenboy1976 says:

    I really don’t want to criticize the young man while he’s down but Amare is not the answer in NY. He is a good basketball player and a great athlete but he was getting spoon fed by a Hall of Fame point guard when he was in Phoenix and he has never been great at creating his own offense. The PG situation in NY is shaky at best and he is no longer the #1 option on offense for probably the first time in his life so I am not surprised at all by his frustration.

  57. lvt says:

    Better hit the fire extinguisher than a person. I know what is to be that mad. lol

  58. Andrew says:

    It’s a shame how people are just so negative on Amare. He made a mistake and quite frankly, this season has been a complete roller coaster for both him and the Knicks. And BY THE WAY, Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler, Iman Shumpert, Baron Davis, Jeremy Lin, Mike Bibby AND Carmelo Anthony are ALL either injured and sidelined or just not 100% due to nagging injuries and/or recovering from an injury or just not 100%. YET, they still are hustling, persevering and crawling. Not making excuses, but in order to understand a situation, you need to look at the WHOLE picture. I hate ignorance. Still rooting for KNICKS. I’m not giving up and they’re showing they’re not either.

  59. ÑBA says:

    hey guys, you have no idea, there was a big fire at the locker room and he safe the whole team, 100M is not enough, please 100M more for the NY hero….

  60. Vinsanity says:

    This is great! The Knicks don’t need amare! They will come back and beat Miami!

    • Vinsanity says:

      I think this might be planned…

      • BETTY20X says:


  61. Yaso says:

    Knicks can go without Amare. Maybe he knew that Knicks is not match to Heats so making himself injured and excused for the rest of the games and not to be blamed for future game loss.

  62. Si says:

    Amare has been a non factor anyhow….

  63. dattebayo says:

    All those injuries really take away from a great series. I don’t think Lin could improve this team, but a healthy Shumpert, Davis, Chandler, Jeffries and Stoudemire sure would be great for this Knick Ball Club. I hope they can sign a good guard in the summer, Nash would be a perfect fit, and then they can come together in training camp and go for a top 4 seed in the East.

    If Stoudemire can’t play on Thursday the Heat will have one scorer less to concern themselves with and they can focus totally on Anthony again. I hope the Knicks at least bring the effort on Thursday like they did yesterday, and maybe Davis can be hot again from 3 and we will have an even closer ballgame.

  64. Ballfille says:

    Aww Amare couldn’t imagine that you meant what you have tweeted photos caption to use those hands ( boxin pose)lol…Ups and downs with the team is pretty normal in a professional Basketball.I guess Knicks need a tougher coach.Oh well, I guess Amara needs an early vacation….

  65. Trevor says:

    How are the knicks better without their second leading scorer. When Melo is on the bench who will score. Thats just dumb. All I see are a bunch of fake knick fans. Are you guys forgetting who brought the Knicks back into the light. Who was in MVP contention last year. Thats funny how everyone forgets that. Granted dude has fallen off some. He needs to improve his defense. He still averages 17-18 points per game. Once he steps up his defense we will be fine. The real problem is the ball stopping once Melo gets the ball. There is no ball movement and everyone just watches him. He did the same thing in Denver and that is why they always made the playoffs but got booted the first round. We need a true pg to take control and get the ball moving. We have to better utilize the pick and roll. The team has to make sure Amare gets the ball in his spots. By the third quarter yesterday he only had taken 3 shots. and melo took 18. That is unacceptable and we will not win anything with one person scoring all of the points. Knicks are going to win game 3 and 4 regardless who is playing.

  66. John Wall says:

    Amar’e is the new McGee

  67. booo says:

    this is annoying when great players like tyson chandlerl are stuck on usseless teams instead of helping other contending team win a championship.

  68. booo says:

    in the first game , when anthony fauled stoudmire, he was kept looking like a fool at anthony like trying to say how tough he is instead of concentrating on shooting the fouls, which he missed. I dont know what he is thinking. Without Nash he is usseless, and his new hair look stoopid.

  69. Hewfer says:

    In other news…There is a fire extinguisher filing a lawsuit against a big black hand for vandalizing his home. More details to come after the police investigates.

  70. LIN says:

    maybe Melo should follow Amare so that Linsanity can single-handedly storm Heats to a stunning 4-3 win ?!!!

  71. bryan says:

    The knicks need a win in game 3 if not they are done for the season and they might not make it back because the other teams a getting stronger and stronger but at least the knicks did not lose a blowout game in game 2.I think Lin should go to a team that has better players.Lets go knicks!

  72. erica says:

    Well if he doesnt play that might be good cuz everyone knows that melo plays better when stad is not playin and stad plays better when melos not playin so this might work out lol but i feel the frustration…..

  73. Peter says:

    NOT SMART!!!

  74. Ellis L. Abram says:

    People need to understand, that when you are in the midst of a battle, you giving all you can and you come up short, it gets really frustrating and yes, you can do something stupid like what Amar’e did. But in the end, he knows he made a bad decision and it was not to purposely hurt the team. It’s a learning experience and I guarantee he won’t do it again or anything that will put himself and his team in danger of losing.

    • justplayball says:

      …. Man, I wouldn’t guarantee ANYTHING he would OR wouldn’t do….just sayin’….

  75. nash manager says:

    they need more pg. knicks should start eyeing on nash as he is most likely to part suns…

  76. LAKER4LIFE says:

    I feel sorry for Chandler, He should have stayed in Dallas. Knicks are being outworked offensively and defensively by the Heat! Lakers vs Miami in the Finals!

  77. Coachd says:

    Uh you guys are speaking as if the knicks had a shot at beating miami anyways. Please!!!! The knicks are making some good moves but they’re still a few years away from being that successful.

  78. Keyon says:

    Man, the road for Miami couldn’t get any easier. Derrick Rose getting injured, Rondo probably costing the Celtics a series and now this (Lin please come save the Knicks). Unless Indiana can be a threat to the Heat, I don’t see how they can’t get to the finals.

  79. Linsanity says:

    i feel sad for NYK, they couldve played the bulls with an unhealthy d rose. and now they put themselves in danger of exiting playoff early again this year. what a dumb decision of staying 7th seed
    now with injured Shumpert and Amare, Thats the way to go, championship caliber team but no hearts to win it
    Hearts that sparked that 7 straight wins~
    PS. I hope Lin can come back game 4 and so at least we might make our playoff live a little bit longer this year.

  80. cdubbb24 says:



    seriously though, what a shame

  81. Summer says:

    its a very tough game. at least amare is man enough to admit. you can do it guys. i still believe.

  82. Wil says:

    Charles Barkley said it best when he was talking about Lin. It doesn’t matter game 4 will be the Knicks last game of the season.

  83. Adam says:

    Put a teddy bear in the Knicks locker room. They don’t fight back, and they don’t hurt when you punch them.

  84. Lawashin says:

    obviously most of you have not played professional sports. give him a break! he realizes what he did. he hurt their chances in this series. besides, him punching the fire extinguisher has something more to do with him not getting enough touches than the game 2 loss.

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      How ironic, you say he hurt HIS chances in the playoffs, then you say it was more about HIM not getting enough touches than the loss itself as a team. Uhh, that’s the problem, he thinks too much of himself. Alot of these players do, and we are suppose to buy that it is normal becasue they are human, well guess what. The Spurs must not be human because the last time stupid drama came out of there was when Eva and Tony Parker were getting a divorce.

      If the Spurs can maintain the certain level of professionalism then everyone else can too. Too many big egos, coddling from coaches and owners (as you saw in the Artest situation) and even the media coddles and makes excuses sometimes for these prima donnas. Lack of leadership, accountability and consequences is what is needed not excuses.

      There was a game where the big three were playing like doo doo, and Pop DID NOT put them back in, left his bench play because they were the one working there A$# off and they were the ones responsible for the Spurs getting back in the game. Needles to say, spurs lost but that was not, Pop treats NO ONE like a SUPERSTAR. It is all about TEAM.

      So give me break with the excuses.

  85. nats says:

    ..good move amare…miami can now easily sweep NY..LOL

  86. ryelpango says:

    Carmelo works better on his own anyway. Amare did the Knicks a favor.

  87. eric says:

    could it be a blessing in disguise?!

    NYK now can win… =)

  88. LLOYD says:


  89. specialfriedrice says:

    amre V melo, its gona happen, get amre more involved in the offense, melo has turned into more of an A button the kobe, this was always gona happen should’ve never traded for melo team was bettter with amre/felton combo, night night knicks for many more seasons to come…

  90. B says:

    Really Amar’e?

  91. :) says:

    That was so funny, but he’s still an idiot. That’s the worse way to get injured in the PLAYOFFS!

  92. billywib says:

    act like you never make mistake when you’re mad … yes he is professional but he is human

    stop your dumb comments like he is selfish … come on !

  93. KayWadeFan says:

    selfish act

  94. drew says:

    new york doesnt have what it takes to beat the heat at the moment…i dont know if they ever did…real talk

  95. Marco Polo says:

    I’m a Miami Heat fan but i’m sad for Stoudemire’s accident :(:(

  96. Kevin says:


  97. Shaqtin a Fool says:

    If I was the Knicks GM I’ll trade him next season, unfortunately I’m not.

  98. william cahill says:

    some of these comments are pretty retarded.
    1. amare is not worth a number overall pick in next years draft.
    2. stop saying that amare shouldnt of left phx, they didnt resign him. he had no choice.
    3. sure the knicks played better this year without amare in the lineup, but to say that they will do better in a playoff series against the heat without him, is ludicrous
    4. melo is not a 4, why disadvantage the team further?

    nothing worse then listening to the banter of the casual NBA fan

    • justplayball says:

      lol….lol…..but it is kinda amusing, makes me burst out laughing sometime…… & some seem like they are written in a weird, secret code……..resembling English, but not that close yet….

  99. broday310 says:

    there is no way the knicks are a better team without stoudamire. He is there second best plyer no matter how you look at it. If the concern is this year, their only chance is going with the melo/stat/chandler frontline and playing carmello bully ball.

    I think the knicks can hold at home. Its primariky resting on camrello’s shoulders though.

  100. oldnick says:

    I’ve seen the 1st half of the game and I fully understand Amare’ stress . He shooted only 4 times, without any single pick-and-roll, and played all the time for the other players. Too much for an All Star Player paid 20 M$ x Year. It’s clear that ths is not his team and the team that he dreamed leaving Phoenix. Goodbye NY and enjoy Carmelo, one of the biggest loosers I’ve ever seen…

  101. Baller says:

    Do your other hand!

    Ya big dummy.

  102. In the Heat says:

    Statistically Knicks have played better without Amar’e on the floor. While his act was incredibly stupid, this is not necessarily a bad thing for the Knicks. If Lin gets ready in time for game 3 or 4 and they stop playing too much 1on1 ball, Knicks might (just might) take a single game in this series. But no more than that.

  103. it doesnt matter says:

    new york game 3:

    chandler, melo, fields, jr smith/toney douglas (I doubt so), davis

    miami game 3:

    haslem, bosh, lebron, wade, chalmers

    now nyk has no bench scoring

  104. angry bird catches the worm says:

    sometimes it happens! you got frustrated because you feel so useless. it is good that you hurt yourself. Melo is better without you!

  105. szaface says:

    wot a muppet. maybe he was try to extinguish the heat. knicks need shao ‘lin’ back in the line up.

  106. mark says:

    good news for heat 😀

  107. Ady says:

    Whats going on with players in the last week? Is the World Peace disease catching? MWP, Rondo and now Stoudamire – are basketball players truly the stupidest sportsmen in the world? Waiting for Amare’s interview now where he can tell the world it was unintentional and he tripped over or something…

  108. Damien says:

    Y’all don’t know what you’re talking about ! I was in the Knicks’ locker room and Woodson told Amar’e to make more CUTS !

  109. Danny says:

    lol this will be easier for the HEAT…GG!

  110. charlie says:

    pure frustration… he is a much more talented basketballer than he is showing, he just doesnt belong on a team where they have players such as Anothony and Chandler on the floor. Quite sad as he was the face of the revived Knicks a year and a half ago

  111. Jumpshot = fail says:

    Knicks can’t pay Jeremy Lin next year. Lawl.

  112. TORA Uttarapong says:

    Shame On YOU!!! Worthless. This is sport YOu can win and you cannot win. You did your best. We all know. YOu alow to not win the game. But you are not alow to be a LOOSER like A M A R I. Now we have a big excuse is we got sweeped. It is because of A M A R I. What if we can win without HIM? Why we pay him that much? If LIN is not ready do not kill him down the floor. You can wait for next season. We all still the Knick Fan forever.

  113. SteadyTeddy says:

    LOL! This just happened to me yesterday lol it was so stupid. had to get sent off to the hospital and get stitches. Hope Amare’s injury is not as worse as mine and he’ll still get to play! C’mon! It’s time to man up and defend home KNICKS! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Raf says:

    I don’t think the STAT-less lineup with Melo at the 4 will get the Knicks anywhere with the Heat. If anything, the Heat will be overjoyed to be able to play a lineup with LeBron at the 4 without conceding a height advantage. Wrong team for that tactic to be effective.

  115. Choker says:

    man that is stupid. This makes a big difference to the series

  116. Herr says:

    Herp Derp Potato

  117. Chris says:

    he mad because anthony hogging the ball all the time.

  118. MJ 6 says:

    lol!!!! nothing is gonna work in the Knicks advantage it’s the King’s Year and Miami they are sweeping the Knicks for sure!

    • justplayball says:

      lol…’the king’….lol….. kings have to have some hardware…..’the king’ is 0-2 and IF heaters make it to the finals, it will be 0-3….. third time is the charm!!!

  119. G.J. says:

    Jeremy Lin is overrated and predictable, so he wouldnt make a difference against the Miami Heat, and you saw how he got shut down in the season against them. With the whole Linsanity thing you have to remember, the teams the Knicks took on were teams below 500, except the wins over Dallas and LA. However, I think Lin could help the Knicks steal atleast a game or two, because Lin plays with something Amare doesnt play with anymore, he plays with HEART, and he’s humble. I remember a few years ago when Amare signed with the Knicks and he was asked does he think he is better than Bosh, and he scoffed and said ‘definitely’, well it doesnt look like it anymore. Someone has to go in New York. We all thought the problem was Melo, I did as well, but now I look and see, and the problems were Mike D’AnPHONI, and Amare. 1 down, and 1 to go. Stat lost his mojo after phoenix. Trade him next season while he still has some worth

    • justplayball says:

      …no real good point guard to feed him slams and layups— well, til Lin maybe

  120. celtsfan says:

    this guys older brother died in a car crash less than 3 months ago…. so dont be so quick to judge other ppl

    -celts fan, dont give up on your team knicks

  121. Guy says:

    it´s really stupid and irresponsible, you can´t do that while been on playoffs. It´s really inmature

  122. Understandable says:

    I like the view that the knicks trade him for a number one pick and anthony davis. They were much better without him, and davis could fill his position admirably with better defense. Really inexcusable action from a highly paid professional. It might however be to the good of the knicks.

  123. Cash Muhneh says:

    Cool… now NY might actually avoid 4-0 with a 4-1 or 4-2 with the 6″10-11 baggage out the window.

  124. Jay Quiz says:

    Amare just blew this series for the Knicks. Game over now that Lin is still on the mend. Hopefully they can get him back before the series ends and hope for a Linsane comeback!!

  125. djmbenga says:

    man do i miss jeremy lin… baron davis can hit the outside shot, but he definitely is not the pg jeremy is

  126. toki says:

    I think this is a good news for the knicks…. Melo plays good when stat is not playing

  127. dwad33 says:

    Things like this happen I think Amar’e messed up but look at the reason itwas a rival gameand the knicks lost two straight. I think Amar’e could have handled it better.It tells you what he learned last year. nothing

  128. ballaz says:

    Maybe now the knicks could get back to playing how they did in the amare was out and they went 14-5 – they might even win a game or two.

  129. phamie says:

    Amare you have to go back to PHOENIX coz that’s where you belong. No one can better the team work between you and Steve Nash! Open your eyes man. you don’t belong in NEW YORK, believe me.

  130. callum says:

    just drop him for the rest of this series and put melo back at the 4. atleast they play better that way the knicks. still miami too good for em

  131. Joaquin says:


  132. supplanter33 says:

    It doesn’t matter. whether Amare is playing or not, Heat will still win this series. If i were the knicks ill trade him for a high potential PF like Favors or Milsap, Derrick Williams, Farried or just trade for the number 1 pick and get kentucky’s Anthony Davis.

  133. Keenan says:

    Trade Melo and Amare. And Lin will carry you to the finals.

  134. ARam says:

    was it worth it amore?

  135. pinoy ako says:

    sweet chin music to the miami heat.. white hot..

  136. BIGMatta23 says:

    Clearly sick of playing as the second or thrid fiddle ona disjointed team with no hope. I agree with a couple of these comments though, this is not a bad thing for NY.

  137. B says:

    Brooklyn Nets = ]

  138. NBAisMylife says:


  139. jason says:

    please melo let the the team knicks play

  140. jason says:

    we filipinos love knew ork knicks. go knickerbocker

    • me says:

      you saying you’re a NEW YORK KNICKS FAN, and yet you can’t even spell their team name properly!

    • cool knicks fan says:

      You misspelled New York Knicks, next time you become a fan of a team, make sure you know how to spell their name.

      • sf11 says:

        Because it’s not possible he hit the Y key too lightly and/or his keyboard didn’t register it..

        Next time you adventure into the realm of the internet you should unclench your butt hole and realize that not every missing or misplaced letter means the author meant to type it that way out of ignorance.

        It’s called a Typographical Error, you should probably learn the difference before you try to put someone down for their mistake.

  141. Marnix says:

    Cmon man!!! That is bush league.

  142. JTastick says:

    Damn now that amar’e is injured and probably won’t play, the Knicks actually have a chance of winning 😦

  143. gigi says:

    hi guys, where can i watch this show TNT half time report? huge fan of barkley

  144. Chey says:

    Even before game 1 the Knicks had no chance of winning this series. Still, as a fan of the game, I expect players to exhibit a little more common sense or restraint so I can at least watch some competitive games.

  145. MIA says:

    so NY are done for mia is going to sweep them 4-0

  146. dude says:

    wooooooowww thanks amare, you just costed us the series, oh well, tough luck. And seriously the competition for the Heat is just decreasing in the east, there is no way they cant come out of the east now.

    • shhh says:

      “wooooooowww thanks amare, you just costed us the series” – you serious?
      NYK has no chance with or without Stats.
      Knicks’ only chance to go to 2nd round was to secure the #8 spot, and not the #7,

  147. Granthill4411 says:

    This series is not yet done.

  148. johnny says:

    You haters think this is a bad thing?? Having Amare out is probably the best thing for the Knicks they were 14-5 without Amare!!!! He’s defense is just not good enough!!!

  149. west coast says:

    Amare may be able to solicit spike for a role in one of his films. Oh yea they stink just like the knicks

  150. robert says:

    Serves him right!
    Sometimes I don’t understand people. The Suns stuck by him through all the injuries, including the one to his eye. They even had a good and young team with a bright future and potential. He turns his back on the Suns to sign with the not so talented and even less well managed knicks and … all of a sudden he’s upset at losing. Well bro, if winning was that important to you, you should have stayed in Phoenix. Get your priorities straight

    • kankantrie says:

      Its all about money, my boy. You go where the money is…..and dont forget…..the free days that go with certain injuries, and…of course…the sweet life of New York…New York. May be without him the Knicks could better..just during the Linsanity era.

  151. markangelo says:

    stupid! idiot! Amare, that didnt help his team at all, next time punch carmelo and tyson to make big headlines than this lol

  152. gumby says:

    tough luck for stoudemire and the knicks that team will make a good run next year if they all stay healthy i think this year lebron is on a mission though

  153. Drew says:

    Amare you should have never left the Suns. But it must be better getting knocked out every first round of the playoffs.

    • juan says:

      he made the right decision for him. he saw the suns werent going anywhere so he took his chances with a younger team. what team would you rather play with next year the suns or new york knicks?

  154. THUG says:

    LOL Bravo you dumb….even with Stoudemire and Pat Ewing the Heat will win the series against the Knicks.

    don’t try to find some excuses !!

  155. Kent says:

    Don’t worry Amar’e, 2 more games, the much needed vacation to ease your stress and frustration is soon to come.

  156. Bravo says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like the Red Sea is parting for LeBron and the Heat to win the Championship. Derrick Rose, Amar’e, competition is bowing out. I hope Stoudemire’s hand recovers in time to hand LeBron the Trophy.

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      Not so fast there, there is still the WEST to contend with. The Spurs are pretty deep, if they stay healthy they are NOT going to lay down for the almighty heat.

    • JK says:

      The West is waaaay to deep for the heat to claim a trophy… OKC FInals champs in 6… like last year- 6 games.

  157. King_Gee says:

    U MAD?

  158. Bruno says:

    NY needs a PG badly….Don’t worry amare you still have next year…

    • ndog says:

      even if they get lin back they still need a strong foward. i don’t think Amare is the right guy for Knicks. i mean he is always injured when they need him.

  159. SamIAm says:

    What a loser lmao!

  160. sam says:

    well we can understand his frustation, but team like Lebron and company this year newyork can’t touch them. so even if Amare is there wouldn’t make any difference

  161. junski says:

    Stupid move by Amar! Doesn’t matter anyways Knicks still going to lose to the Heat with or without him!

  162. lamber says:

    lebron was angry too at chalmers when anthony shove him…
    at least lebron didnt punch a defenseless fire extinguisher

    • KnightRider says:

      LOL @ the Knicks!!!! They can’t keep their emotions in check. That’s right Amar’e, you show that fire extinguisher enclosure who’s boss!!….Hey Miami, time to finish them. IT’S A WRAP!!!!

    • juan says:

      no he wasn’t yelling at chalmers. he was yelling at the ref because after melo pushed chalmers, he hit him with ball and ref just stood by and didnt give melo at tech for it.

    • dattebayo says:

      Lebron was not mad at Chalmers, he was angry at the ref for the nocall.

      Lebron only gets on Chalmers when Rio does something stupid on the defensive end like reaching and bailing out a jump shooter and stuff like that. And even then he is never angry, he just flat out tells Rio to focus. I like Chalmers, he plays his role great and most people don’t appreciate what he does.

      • I agree with you on this one. Chalmers is an exceptional role player. And I am impressed with his improvements. Lebron is only giving him positive critque so that he can continue to grow. You know all players go through this stage.

    • Gui says:

      defenseless fire extinguisher…lol…can’t stop laughing here

  163. Brydon says:

    First of all, this is hilarious. Secondly, is it just me or is this the best thing that could have happened to the Knicks? They’re clearly a better team without Amare.

    • phillip says:


      • Costa says:

        I can say the same thing also about Melo.Obviously there is not room for both on Knicks squad.Trade one and get lots of secondary pieces.

    • Renato says:

      Couldn’t agree more!!! The knicks are a much much better team without Stat… you can’t play against Miami with Stat because you need everybody to play DEFENSE… Amare S.= Worst blown 100M in human history….

      • Mark says:

        joe johnson

      • JCA says:

        You mean the same Joe Johnson who’s led the Hawks to a 5th seed (higher than the Knicks) and homecourt advantage? The same Joe Johnson whose team will have an advantage if they make it to the second round, facing an inferior 76ers team or a weakened Bulls team?

      • shhh says:

        same goes for joe johnson.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      this is not hilarious, this was a really dumb move by STAT. It may be true that their better without STAT, but this time around they don’t have Linsanity or Shumpert.

  164. joey says:

    How retarded could you be?

  165. chitown1 says:

    wat an idiot

  166. Wow, I would have felt bad for him, but he brought this on himself. Knicks are done.

  167. Amar'e Stupidmire says:


  168. joblagz says:

    amare is sooo stupid.. knicks should learn to play together and stop playin 1 on 1 basketball.. jeremy lin should lead the way once he’s healthy.. also, miami will sweep them.. no doubt bout it..

  169. LOL says:

    This is just stupid

  170. Andy Roo says:

    really disheartening for Knicks fans…

  171. NYKS says:

    This is one of those things that may have a huge effect on the outcome of the series. If Stat isnt healthy for the remainder of the series the Knicks will be fishing very very soon

    • bwana01 says:

      Nonsense, nothing Stoudemire does will effect the outcome of this series. Heat in four or five; they’re just the better team! Goodbye Knicks.

    • shhh says:

      i don’t think it matters, NYK would be lucky to win 1 game with or without stats in this series.

  172. allaroundballer says:

    Amare you are a downgrade. Imagine how hard it is to work with another scoring forward and no Nash / Linsanity to feed you. Then you’ll punch wall

  173. Ken305 says:

    LOL thank Amar’e. you just made things easier for us on game 3. not that you had much of an impact

    • CJ says:

      Come on people! I’m a Miami Heat fan but damn ya’ll don’t got to make the man feel its worst. Yes he was selfish but
      s–t happens. He’s as human as us. Most of us in a moment of frustration we do the dumbest things. Give the guy a break a lot has been said.

      Let’s just enjoy the good games to come! Good luck to all players!

      • Anirudh says:

        yea CJ…..This was only anger made him do…nothing else…he is also human like we are….it happens!

      • Anirudh says:

        i’m a heat fan but i won’t speak rubbish about amare he is also human

    • cool knicks fan says:

      arrogant heat fan, STAT is human, i’ve done a lot of dumb things when I’m very frustrated. It’s human nature, a lot of people are like that, but it was pretty dumb for STAT to do that.

  174. NYKS says:

    Even dumber than what rondo did

  175. rich says:

    Word Amare? clown

  176. John says:

    FIRST!. Wow. I cannot believe Amare . Cornrows too tight probably. The blood circulation not flowing properly lol!!

  177. John says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!! GG KNICKS!

    • ndog says:


  178. svsdv says:

    wow really amare

    • phillip says:

      A selfish foolish act which might work in the Knicks favour

      • chubbena says:

        At least he’s got heart. What do you have?

      • Samir says:

        LOL clearly has heart but what about brain. I like Amare but that was foolish. He hasn’t been able to stay focused since he came to NY.

      • justplayball says:

        …’re right….14-5 w/out him…. maybe they buckle down now…..(and…maybe they can hit some shots) they need one win ! Now …right now …..or get ready for the draft…. and….. “gone fishin’ “

      • Anirudh says:

        what the hell…he is regreting his action,…it was his anger and he is regretfull of that…..its only an anger its not fullishness