Jordan Hill Charged With Assault

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Reserve forward Jordan Hill, suddenly a key part of the Lakers rotation, is facing a third-degree felony assault charge in Houston from a Feb. 29 incident when he was a member of the Rockets.

Hill faces 2 to 10 years in prison if convicted of the charges, a spokeswoman for the Harris County District Attorney’s office told the Houston Chronicle.

Although a court date was reportedly set for Tuesday, hours before Game 2 of the first-round series against the Nuggets in Los Angeles, Hill said after practice Monday at the Lakers training facility that he does not expect to miss any practices or games.

“I guess you all know the accusation I’ve been accused of,” he said in a brief statement to the media. “I just want to apologize to fans, to the Lakers organization, to everyone. I can’t speak on it right now. I’m going to let my attorney, my agent take care of that. Unfortunately it happened at this time, but I’m going to continue to keep my head up to keep working and keep playing.”

Asked if he is concerned about being able to focus on basketball while facing series charges, Hill said: “I’m definitely not concerned. I just want to go out here and get this playoff over with and get to the Finals and try to bring a ring home.”

Hill faces 2 to 10 years in prison if convicted after a woman who said the pair had been dating for about two years accused him of hitting her in the legs, throwing her against a wall and putting her in a chokehold, the Chronicle reported. Charges were filed in March, but became public on Monday.

Hill, the No. 8 pick in 2009 by the Knicks, came to the Lakers as salary-cap ballast in the trade-deadline deal that sent Derek Fisher to Houston. Hill averaged 11.7 minutes in seven appearances with Los Angeles, but one of those was 14 points and 15 rebounds on April 22 against the Thunder. Two games later, in the playoff opener, he had jumped ahead of Josh McRoberts and Troy Murphy to become the first big man off the bench, and responded with 10 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks in 24 minutes against the Nuggets.

Coach Mike Brown said the charges do not impact unexpectedly large role. The Lakers said in a statement, “We are aware of the media reports alleging an incident involving Jordan Hill from two months ago when he was a member of the Houston Rockets. We do not have any details regarding these reports and therefore, as well as due to the personal and legal aspects, it would not be appropriate for us to comment.”


  1. jovdelmar says:

    apparently the accuser waited 1 MONTH to charge JH just when JH was getting minutes and playing better. smells fishy to me, its obviously a fish (lady trying to get $$$) nothing new here.

  2. Ingman says:

    @ Scott
    Haha kid , your OKC fan i presume? People face less charges than that for far worse things, seriously little fans can be so hilarious. As for Hill , it wouldn’t be right to judge him , if you have no idea what really happened. I think she was just angry ”gold digger” who was dumped.

  3. Jake says:

    @fakers, dudes a clown all hail KOBE

  4. darqknight says:

    @ thefakers = dont cry too much .. hahaha

  5. keep your head up, and i hope the women is fine to don’t need these things in life and i hope no kids were involed

  6. Gary says:

    This will be taken care of after the playoffs…..

  7. Scott says:

    Ok NBA step up and suspend him, all the other Pro Sports have suspend players for off field, court, ice, or diamond action. MLB just suspend the Tiger’s Young for off field action. Probably won’t happen due to him now a Laker, that is all they are good for is to get in trouble with the law or wife. Peace would have been thrown in jail if he threw an elbow like that on the streets. The NBA suspend Rondo fast enough, why so long with Hill.

  8. callum says:

    kobe doin work,
    24 on my shirt.
    6th ring baaaaaabyy!

  9. Stan says:

    I still think they put people in Jail for Marijiuna in Texas. I know they execute more people in Texas then the rest of the country. There are more people in prison per capita in this country then any country in the world, so don’t condemn the man until he gets a fair trial. Hill has been playing great ball for the Lakers and I’m sure he is glad to be out of Texas and living in California.

  10. ryanmoss says:

    the fakers?
    child please

  11. thefakers says:

    That is all Lakers players do…get in trouble. They love to hit people, push people, injure people. The thugs that play on that team can do whatever they want, because THERE WOULD BE NOT CHAMPIONSHIP IN LA.

    • Ken Nettles says:

      Really Mna. The Lakers are a team of traditions and legends. Don’t hate the player, Hate the game.

    • Lex says:

      Is that because the Lakers have more “color” than they ever had in the past?? These players are PEOPLE. Everyone has their fair share of troubles. How do we know the girlfreind did not charge at him with a weapon? Please shut up until you know every detail. [Which you will never because YOU WEREN’T THERE!!!]

    • Forrest24 says:

      Really? this happened what 2 months ago. Bag on the Lakers, but these players are PEOPLE they are not perfect. Theres so many hypocrites now a days different people struggle with different things. so please do us all a favor and shut up

  12. PERSON says:

    PLZ Hopefully Jordan Hill does not go to jail and affect the Lakers

  13. ok man says:

    First of all Jordan Hill has only been a Laker a short period of time! And this alleged incident occurred when he was with the Rockets! Watch all the blogs that come along in here blasting the Lakers over this thing! Even though nobody knows what really happened or the facts involved! This incident supposedly happened 2 months ago, and suddenly now charges are being brought? The playoffs have just started, and Hill only just started getting any real minutes! Something doesn’t seem right with that picture to me! Hopefully it won’t affect the Laker’s game! They’ve been playing pretty well! I think they will stay focused! Go Lakers!