You Make The Call: Rondo’s Bump … Accident Or Intentional?

OKLAHOMA CITY — The decision on whether or not Rajon Rondo sees the floor in Game 2 of the Celtics series against the Hawks will ultimately come from another place, namely NBA headquarters in New York.

Rondo lost his cool after Brandon Bass was called for a foul on Josh Smith late and was sent to the showers early for screaming at and then bumping one of the game officials. Whether or not he meant to bump Marc Davis from behind will be debated from Buckhead to Bunker Hill (not to mention the rest of the NBA universe).

I’d tell you the video doesn’t lie and that Rondo’s bump was the result of him stepping on the foot of Davis or Bass and his momentum sending him into Davis accidentally. Celtics fans would probably agree with that theory.

Hawks fans, on the other hand, saw a guy that could have avoided Davis bit stuck his chest out and went right into Davis to complete his protest. And they’d love to see him miss Game 2 Tuesday night in Atlanta.

The incident will require a thorough examination by the league’s “Dean of Discipline,” VP of Basketball Operations Stu Jackson, and his staff. He’ll also have to factor in Rondo’s recent past — he was suspended two games earlier this season for throwing the ball at an official — the same way they did Metta World Peace‘s extensive history when they handed down his 7-game unpaid vacation for that elbow he landed to the side of the head of Thunder swingman James Harden.

League rules stipulate that “any intentional contact with a game officials” results in a one-game unpaid vacation for the violator of the rule. So the discussion will center on whether or not Rondo’s chest bump was “intentional’ or not.

While we await his ruling, we’re going to do our own little experiment here and take the pulse of the people …


  1. monk says:

    One game suspension seems good to me… Rondo didnt have to be that close to the ref to ‘stumble’ into him. you can’t bend the rules just because it’s the playoffs. Refs and fans are off limits. If someone came up to you and in a heated moment bumped into you would you still say no suspension? You let it happen this time and then it can happen again just referring to that as a no suspension situation, remember they added the no ‘showing up the ref’ rule this year?

  2. ninjabonsai says:

    that little bump was worth an ejection, which he got. suspension is too harsh, if he’d shoved the ref sure.. nuh, bad decision. still how stupid can you be rondo? doc says he’s the smartest player he’s coached, sometimes he really doesn’t act like it.

  3. KGFan says:

    That was not intentional but because of the prior incident at the start of the season he will not get the benefit of the doubt. They are treating this like the Ron Artest incident, any priors will get you suspended. They should have suspended Bradley too. He touched the ref, why not since you are handing out suspensions. These refs are terrible this year, absolutely terrible.

  4. Tonya Juanise says:

    LOL @ the Celtics fan getting bent out of shape over what I said. I never said MWP and Rondo did the same exact thing nor did I say the fouls were the same, I said the situation is similar because they both LIED and said it was an accident knowing full well that it wasnt.

    I don’t jump on the bandwagon, I just call it as I see it. I like Rondo, he’s a great player, but I just didnt like what he did.

    And this is coming from a HEAT FAN!

    Got it?

    We cool?



  5. Karlo Garcia says:

    When i saw the video i was like”Rondo what is he thinkin”. If it was accidental then RR would have apologize but he did not. It is intentional because RR should not have 2 walk the same direction of the official. RR could have walked in front of the official 2 plead his debate. How could you accidentally walk in front of the official when CLEARY RR saw him in front of him.

  6. John says:

    Does anyone wonder why the Spurs have made the playoffs in 21 of the last 22 seasons? The Spurs currently hold the record for most consecutive 50+ win seasons at 13. 4 NBA titles and have a .700+ winning percentage over the last 13 years.. best of all 4 major sports. Why all this success? because the don’t have player like Metta world peace and Rondo.

  7. SternSux says:

    Well, this in a nutshell is why the NBA is unwatchable! David Stern and his over-handed, oblivious joke of a dictatorship once again COMPLETELY mis-interprets a situation. For the record, I have no vested interest in either of these teams. This entire suspenstion is a joke for these reasons:

    1- That ref had NO BUSINESS even reffing a playoff game. not a good record and has not earned it
    2- The foul call that incited Rondo was a joke! That call is not made in 1,000 regular season games, much less in the playoffs! This should be taken into consideration but it was clearly not!
    3- While the first T was deserved and the 2nd unavoidable during the game, but to suspend him for game 2 after seeing it was CLEAR THAT HE TRIPPED INTO THAT REF is utterly unexuseable!

    So, in typical NBA fashion, they not only allowed a horrible call be a ref to decide the outcome of 1 game, they exacorbate the problem by making a horrible decision to that is not only going to hand the Hawks this game, but undoubtedly the series. This is exactly why I boycott ALL NBA sponsors. How about letting the players and their abilities actaul decide the games, eh Stern?

  8. Celtic fan says:

    To me the bump was unintentional. But Rondo should have been more calm. I’ve seen too many times this year Boston strugglin’ in the first half and then trying desperately the coming back. The hawk’s victory is fair and clear. We can defeat them without him anyway.

  9. Barry Tesar says:

    Somebody before me compared Rondo’s bump to World Peace’s elbow. OMG! If they can believe it when Artest says his criminal blow to the head was unintentional, they can surely give Rondo the benefit of the doubt when he obviously tripped! And that other suspension that Rondo got earlier in the year for hitting the ref in the chest with the ball- all I can say is if you ask for the ball to be tossed to you and then you don’t put your hands up to catch it, you shouldn’t be surprised if it hits you. Rondo didn’t throw the ball hard, he flipped it with his fingertips and the guy made no attempt to catch it.

    Hell, I am still fuming over What Dwayne wade did to ruin the Celtics playoffs last year. He intentionally mangles Rondo’s arm because he knew it was the only way the Heat could win and afterwards when asked about it, he says he doesn’t want to discuss it– he’s over it.

    There is so much bias in the favor of the Lakers and the Heat, no wonder the league has to hand out fines to get the players and coaches from even questioning the officiating. Lastly, how in the heck did the Lakers get 21 free throws in the 4th quarter of game seven a few years back? And those officials who didn’t see Gasol go up and down with the ball in the final minutes should be fired. If one had missed it, I can live with that. Two missing it would have been a major coincidence, but all three missing it smacks of collusion. Even my wife said to me, isn’t that walking/ The league wanted Kobe to win a championship so badly that year in hopes that everyone would forget his escape in Colorado that they basically gave it to him.

  10. build_up says:

    every out of bounds call that is a “close call” should be reviewed in crunch time or defining moments of the game. If Mark whatever cant make the right call leave it up to technology

  11. K says:

    You have to have simultaneous possession to have a jump ball; at what time during that ordeal was there any simultaneous possession? Rondo, looks like you got ejected and possibly suspended for nothing; the referee got the call right you silly little prick!

  12. karthik says:

    NBA -Has review for the last one minute to review the replay to make the correct call . Why that was not used in this case to justify that was the right call .Will this is a game changer?. FYI NBA did not have this rule until Scarmento vs lakers in 2003 series mistake .By the way NBA is not perfect .

  13. dd says:

    It was definitely intentional. Check this video:

    Yes, Rondo was tripped, but he didn’t bump to Davis because of the tripped. Check out the video and you will see he tripped, pulsed, and then intentional bumped the ref.

  14. gian says:

    the chest bump was just a natural reaction to his emotions, and so is a punch . . .

  15. kevin says:

    Again, the antitrust front office of the NBA comes through in shinmg colors. They refuse to acknowledge horrendous refereeing, they put a hot head ref who makes a call at the ceterr of a possible championship run and they “hold the line” against an accidental bumping. Let Lebron fall down in fake pain on the Chandler play, they refuse to provide any discussion on the referee union errors/mistakes/ineptitude and it just sickens us as fans. Discussing this sickens me and I am sure why Stern has createda disillusioned fan base. Good luck David and Stu on your trumped up final….

  16. Jhats says:

    Clearly the bump was intentional anyone who says it wasn’t is completely wrong.. Rondo is and has been a very volatile player and he did go overboard on purpose here. Suspension tho? That’s BULL$HIT!!!!!!!!! Come on Stern this is playoff basketball!!!!!! More stupid fines and suspensions like this and people will be calling you Roger Goodell soon enough

  17. raf.raf says:

    that was not intentional..he was just get carried away by his his body motion after he bump to the referee’s foot and uses his chest to bump against the body of the referee…

  18. Lonnie says:



  19. Baktou says:

    I just want to point out that people should watch Rondo’s feet and the referee’s feet after the call. Because I believe that is the crucial point of whether or not Rondo was intentional or not. From the video, you can see Rondo is mad at the call, however, the feet only looks like Rondo tripped on the referee’s shoes when he was taking a step towards the referee. Although Rondo may have been intensely emotional throughout the game, I would not think he would bump into the referee when there was a chance of the Celtics catching up and his teammates needing him to step it up.

  20. Judge says:

    Breaking News!!! Its final… One (1) game suspension without pay.

  21. WynnR says:

    I wouild call the contact INTENTIONAL due to the fact that it occurred because Rondo was “going after” the ref. After the 1st Tech, Rondo should have gone a different direction. And if you look at the film, Rondo still could have avoided the chest bump even after the “trip”. Bottom line, the contact occurs as a result of Rondo going after the official. He should be suspended…no question.

  22. emilnasti says:

    NBA rules have become insanely irrational. How can you let a small argument OFF the game clock (of no real physical harm to anyone!) determine the outcome of an NBA PLAYOFF game ?! Games are supposed to be determined by WHO PLAYS BASKETBALL BEST! DUH! Does the NBA think fans actually want players to be “polite” or something ? F NO. We pay to see teams fight it out. We like players getting heated. It makes for amazing basketball. THIS kind of dramatic BS displayed by the NBA belongs in a reality TV show, not in a professional sporting arena. NO suspension.

  23. Joe says:

    Intentional or not. Its the play-offs and they shouldn’t suspend a guy for being intense. Intensity is what the NBA should be going for.

  24. Brando says:

    Haha how can anyone say that was unintentional? He walked into his foot because he was trying to stand over the ref, and then bumped him when he turned his back! Just another moronic Rondo moment,

  25. kat says:

    Don’t touch the official! lesson learned! lol crybabies.

  26. LemW says:

    On the court four Boston Celtics control their aggression. In times of trouble show wisdom. However, this pushed Rondo’s aggressive button. The Celtics floor general became momentarily enraged. Getting in referee’s face and stepping forward when Davis step back…

  27. kILLarifIC says:


  28. Lonnie says:


  29. Marcelo Ramos says:

    I completely agree with Aseem. Rondo extended his chest.

  30. Frayz says:

    Being a athlete myself I believe in sportsmanship! We athletes have to remain in control of our emotions at all times. I dont think players should get away with any type of bullying, especially over a ref! He has a job just like a player does. Players dont always play well, just like refs dont always ref well. The push was intentional I would suspend him for 3 games and a fine so that players know that it is not open season on a ref!!

  31. Pat says:

    Why dont they suspend the official for tripping rondo? Or was that not intentional?

  32. K says:

    You know it’s amazing all the different perspectives! Here’s my question, why do we the sports fan feel the need to defend our sports stars inappropriate behavior? Rondo’s actions were the result of a immature young man acting inappropriately without thinking of the consequences. I could care least if he gets suspended or not; although he will get at least one game. The problem to me is there are so many people who feel the out of control anger of this young man was okay because what; he disagreed with a damn call in a basketball game. Somebody should be wrapping their arms around this kid; “Doc Rivers” and telling him that this type of behavior is not okay! This type of over reaction to something; once you step back, doen’t even matter! Hot heads like this kid is the some mentality of so many of our young people in society today. Guys like Rondo really helps to ruin the great game of basketball at all levels. This is why you have a 7 year questioning an official in a “biddy ball” game at your locate YMCA. Dude, grow the hell up!

  33. Ron says:

    No Rondo’s bump wasn’t intentional … neither was Ron Artest’s elbow to James Hardens head… get real, lying is becoming almost normal these days. Rondo’s explanation is right up there with Ndamukong Suh’s famous foot stomp lie; “I lost my balance and my foot accidentally contacted his head” … LOL

  34. Judge says:

    I would like make things clear here…

    1. Was it a bad call? No! the call is correct. You cannot call a jump ball when a player was holding the ball and the other overrun the player holding the ball and grabbing his head. Its definitely a FOUL…

    2. Rondo deserved to be called for a “T”? Its a big YES. He’s shouting at the referee so close. It maybe a bad call at Rondo’s point of view but making a call is not his job, its the referee who made a call based on what he saw.

    3. The Ejection of Rondo justifiable? Absolutely YES. If you try to review different angles you can clearly see that Rondo extended his chest to bump the referee. He tripped? YES, but considering how athletic Rondo is, he could easily avoided any contact. Rondo can run so fast and suddenly stop to fake his defender. You can clearly see on the clips that Rondo’s feet were on the ground, so it means he already gained his balanced and then intentionally pushed the referee using his chest.

    4. Celtics fans were so biased answering this argument when in fact this should not be an argument. The argument should be, “How many games will Rondo be suspended?”.

  35. Sam says:

    Seku I did not know you were one of the homers. Haow can you even ask if it was intentional.
    This is the thing about the NBA that drives people away. This guy it is not his first time doing this and you have appologists coming out from everywhere. I just lost all respect for you. You just sound like the other couns like Shaq and barkly we are forced to wach. Not to mention webber. Look around at the other real sports and see how things are done. This is why the NBA is a joke. We came back and now you guys are going to drive us back out. I should have stayed way in the first place.
    Do you really doubt he did not mean it?

  36. Tapiosky says:

    Yes… absolutely on purpose !!

  37. mvp says:

    if you watch the replay(0:27) and look at rondo’s feet you can see him stumbling/tripping. I think at worst the NBA should fine him like they did to shaq last season

  38. Nick says:

    When will the NBA make the final decision ?

  39. Nick says:


  40. Wareen says:

    If it was accidental, he reaction would be to apologize and plead his case, the fact that he did not attempt to clarify says it all, it was un intentional, he did it in the heat of the moment. He should be rightly suspended for a game, no more no less.

  41. build_up says:

    it was a collection of bad calls. the ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE out of bonds call is the real culprit to the ejection. The ball clearly went off smith and mark called it off rondo with no hesitation or thought. DISGRACE huge game changing call right there. don’t allow him to ref the playoffs. ive watched him through the regular season and makes a lot of bad calls in crunch time that certainly changes the fate of the game. so much for the review rule. huge possession lost and even the TNT crew picked up on that.

  42. JBCOOL says:

    For all of you who think the “bump-gate” was unintentional all must be #steviewonder! If anyone ever tripped before in life, there’s two things you either try & gather yourself if you’re going to fall or you look down at what you just tripped over, Rondo did neither, he didn’t even turn around to see if his teammates, on the ground, were ok. NO, he already started heading to the sideline, no argument–which tells me he knew he was guilty & now try to say he tripped, yeah he was “trippin” alright.. What fool “intentionally” opens up his chest after being tripped? We all know players argue calls, but not only did he argue a call & got a technical for it, he pursued the ref & CLEARLY opened up his chest, & chest bumped the Ref. I wonder what would happen if he did that to a police officer after getting a ticket? He deserves to be fined & suspended no question.

  43. parker says:

    All of the debating is senseless. You cannot come in contact with the ref after a call plain and simple. Try bumping into a police officer after he stops you and see what it gets you. Some of you people are just stupid. Rondo knows the rules especially that one.

  44. Fatinum says:

    It WAS definitely intentional! If it was unintentional, he would’ve been apologetic after doing it. He tried to play the tough guy! If he didn’t approach the ref, he never would’ve stepped on the dude’s foot! Sit him out!

  45. Chinaka says:

    What kind of man leaves his foot behind when he is walking forward? A “DUI” or “FUI” should be slammed on Mr. Davis plus a night in jail will justify the situation. Someone should tell that ref of a man that “Jack Daniel’s” is not Gatorade, and not every pill is Advil for his foot arthritis.

  46. Robbie says:

    So when he tripped it made his chest move forward?

  47. Aliaz says:

    Completly accidental if you pay attention to the video very closely you will see that rondo was trying to explain when he tripped on the back of the refs foot which caused the bump

  48. unbiased says:

    this chest bump was more intentional than artest’s elbow and comes from a player whos had RECENT discplinary problems with the referees… i dont think the referee is gonna be getting a concussion from this so another 2 game suspension would be fair

  49. the killer jumpshooter says:

    Intentional 1 game suspension.
    No doubts.
    It looks severe but the rules are the rules isn’t it ?
    Any player I mean nobody in any sports should discuss a refury decision especialy in USA where you have video from all angles and stuff like that.
    The players are paid tons of millions dollars per year, every body should be a gentelman.
    Why ! cause afterwords and a bit of time any situation you find not fair can be transform in energy to WIN !!

  50. tooBAD says:

    I think he should have really sold the trip by bringing the ref down then it might have been seen as an accident, instead of trying not to fall or touch the ref. resulting in an accidental chest bump and getting ejected anyways. If he was as good of an actor on the court as Lebron in game 1 he would’ve fell on the ref breaking the ref’s ankle and still get to shoot a free throw from the technical that would’ve been called on the trip.

  51. Sam47 says:

    if this results in a suspension,i will be very disappointed indeed.i think the ref is crazy here,blowing his whistle without thinking.Is this what he gets paid for?(yes,but thats not the point)and everyone,please look at Rondo’s feet,he tripped then bumped the ref

  52. Pleaseeee dont miss game 2 pleaseeeee 😦

  53. TOMPP says:

    intentional or not, it’s only a little chest bump. i know players can;t get physical with refs, but c’mon, stakes are high, adrenaline’s pumping, emotions got better of Rondo on this play… But you can’t influence or maybe change the outcome of the series because one of the players gave a ref a little bump while arguing the call.
    things would be different if it was a headbutt, or at least a charge resulting in a stronger contact, but this little something?
    everyone must understand that come playoff time, things like that will happen, players are not robots, no matter what’s Commish take on that. You can’t take emotions out of the game, for me it was unnecessary to eject Rondo, and he definitely shouldn’t be suspended. A fine for making with the ref, but that’s all – that’s my opinion

  54. Fan32 says:

    The suspension should be for the ref for bad performance.

  55. Aseem says:

    The bump was intentional. He extended his chest to bump the official. The official would have also felt Rondo’s foot on his and could have considered it an accidental bump but he didnt because it was definetly more than that.

  56. Freddie says:

    Watched the clip over and over from the two different angles,
    There is no doubt that it was intentional and he continues the trash talk as he did it!!
    That is very selfish as his team needs him to be there!
    Most Boston fans are gonna say it was not intentional! and vice versa. I am trying to be neutral and judge it as I see it.
    I will surprised if he does not get suspended.

  57. ashbash9 says:

    Reblogged this on ashbash9 and commented:
    Rajon Rondo ejected after chest bumping game official, Mark Davis in game 1 v. Atlanta Hawks.

  58. Nick says:

    Its so obvious that he did this on purpose anyone who says other wises is blind. Yes he tripped but he physically chest pumped him. If he was falling why not do it with your hands. Its so stupid that people are even questioning it.

  59. Juan says:

    look at rondo’s foot and you can clearly see that he triped

  60. Dre' says:

    The Hawks also have played the Celtics tought the last couple of times they have met in the playoffs.

  61. Dee says:

    most of these guys posting comments must be Celtics fans…….I hate to see the guy get suspended in the midst of the playoffs….but you gotta be blind if you think Rondo didn’t intentionally Bump this guys with his chest…the only reason he tripped on the guys foot is because he was going after him, which created the whole ordeal to begin with…..he deserves at least a game maybe 2, NOBODY is bigger than the game…..A fine is not good enough…..and if he wasn’t guilty..he would have at least argued his point..hell he had already been tossed outta the game…..He poked his little bird chest out…..most guys would have reached out with their hands to stop from falling instead of their chest!

  62. ggg says:

    Im a huge rondo fan but that was definately intentional. This isnt the 1st time Rondo goes overboard too

  63. kern says:

    it should be a jumpball. if the officials gonna make a decision if Rondo should miss a game then think again if the referee made the call right! Referees dont have eyes all over the court. wrong call. I lose interest watching a game when someone get a technical foul. Nba gives an overrule on technical fouls nowadays.

  64. Dre' says:

    Let’s be clear the officials across the board are doing a horrible job in all sports, NHL, MLB, NBA and the NFL partly because everything to us is real-time but we have replays time and time again and they don’t. We are also talking Boston which get the benefit of the doubt most times. So now the what if’s; what if it was Metta World Peace, what if it was Dennis Rodman, what if it was Rasheed Wallace or LeBron James would they be having this argument? NO, it would his head on a platter. I like Rondo, he is top 5 point guards to me and had an MVP like season, but he was wrong all day long. Now how many games should he get, it’s Boston, he might get 1 game.

  65. andy says:

    rondo, stop saying that it wasnt intentional, because you clearly pumped into the ref and thats the reason why the ref tossed you and the ref was moving away from you. thats the biggest problem. he should be suspended for at least 2 games because now the refs know what kind of person he is.

  66. Phil says:

    when anyone trips and falls, do you stick out your chest or do you stick out your hands to search for support to brace for impact? in his mind he knew he was falling so his quick athletic mental and physical reflexes said, “hell, i’m falling and i’ll just bump into the ref as well.”

  67. Frank says:

    I believe the fact that he tripped is being used as an excuse to extend the reasoning. Just like with the World Peace issue, the reaction after the fact tells it all. After the ref called the 2nd tech, Rondo didn’t react or try to explain that he ‘trip.’ He looked at the ref and walked out. If it was an accident, act like it. Otherwise, I’m taking it as it was on purpose. Yes, he tripped and had plenty of time to react (turn towards the foot, hop out the way, etc.). The ref would have called the 2nd, and another would jump in to explain it was an accident pointing to the foot he tripped on. Look at Rondo’s face. He was glad something happen that made him chest bump the ref, of all things.

  68. hermon says:

    refs in the nba got to much power and rondo didnt mean to do that he is not WORLDPEACE lol

  69. Clinton says:


  70. Throwback Mike says:

    That was a great call by the referee! One of my biggest pet peeves with officiating is that, whenever the ball goes onto the floor, players are allowed to jump on top of each other, grab arms (or heads in this case), and generally maul each other. If the type of scrums that are occur on the ground were allowed in ordinary game play, defensive players could simply run up to the man with the ball and either take it from them or at least get a jump ball just about every time. Also, Rondo’s bump was clearly intentional. Anyone saying it’s not is delusional. Yes, there was a trip, but there was also an emphatic chest bump. Rondo had already easily regained his balance by that point. It’s impossible to miss that. That being said, I’d hate to see Rondo suspended simply because it would drastically alter the outcome of the series. I really dislike Rondo and the Celtics, but I’d much rather see a hard fought, well played series than one marred by the suspension of a key player. Just fine him some unreasonably large sum of money and everyone will be satisfied.

  71. Martin says:

    If there ever was a time that bumping a ref should not turn into a suspension its this one.

  72. Dan says:

    If Rondo happened to stumble when his foot slightly gets caught up he definitely could’ve avoided a full chest bump on the ref. Fact is he didn’t make any attempt to avoid the contact if it was accidental. He could’ve tripped and and tried to fall to the side so he barely hit the ref. Instead while angry and picking up a T, Rondo hits the ref square in the back with the middle of his chest. If it was accidental then that was totally foolish. Follow the rule book and give him a game – if not for intentional contact with the ref then for being an complete idiot.

  73. sam says:

    who cares!!!!??? lets just let the players play!!!

  74. MavsFan says:

    I don’t think he should be fined or suspended. First of all, yes, it does appear he might’ve chest bumped him, but nobody really does that from the back… If he wanted to let the official know he was pissed, he would’ve chest bumped him from the front. Second, we can all see the foot to foot contact when he walked. he WAS indeed walking in that direction and Marc did stop in his tracks and Rajon obviously stopped too, but a little later. So, i dont think Rajon should be suspended or fined. The ejection was necessary, but further action isn’t.

  75. rebecca says:

    suspension definitely isn’t necessary. the chest bump was intentional but in the heat of the moment, it was an unintentional reaction. i think that he should be fined, but the context of the situation and the fact that its playoffs also needs to be taken into consideration. i think a suspension would be a little much, but then again thats coming from a hardcore Celtics/Rondo fan. I just hope whatever the outcome is it doesn’t effect our Game2 tomorrow night.

  76. rajon rondo says:

    okay everyone rondo did not do this on purpose it was an accident watch the replay he tripped

  77. bill says:

    Rondo stumbled on the ref for sure.. but unless he was running full sleep down the court theres no way he had that much momentum tht he would have to fall all the way forward and stick his chest out by “accident”. But the nba should give him benifit of the doubt and just fine him

  78. They should suspend him from playing the first half of game two, because if he didnt trip over the refs foot he would not have gotten close enough to bump him. He could have stopped himself though so it might be a first but a half game suspension should be enough.

  79. UniversityOfGeorgiaBruh says:

    I invited some people from my floor into my room and tripped them on the way in. They all stumbled foward a bit like Rondo, and when they regained their footing, NONE of them stuck their chest out.

    Oh and btw, you being a celtic/rondo hater/fan doesn’t make your opinion worth anything more or less.

  80. camotie says:

    Intentional or not, suspend him. Give the Hawks fan another reason to win. In that way, they have no excuse if they lose the series. Anyway, whoever wins the series will have a hard time going all the way. Both have depleted line ups anyway, so just suspend Rondo.

  81. ATLcam says:

    Rondo is too quick, elusive, and has great court vision for him not to have been able to avoid bumping the referee even IF he tripped LOL

  82. Trini says:

    Whether or not the bump was intentional, Rondo still had the chance to walk away after his first tech. All he had to do was walk away, but instead he intentionally walked straight towards the ref. I think the fact of the matter is that his intentional actions led to him bumping the ref.

    If you were browsing an antique store and accidentally tripped and bumped over a $1000 vase, do you think the owners would let you walk out of the store with no retribution???

  83. emilio says:

    the contact was unavoidable as he tripped, so how would make that contact with the ref? you have to stop your momentum somehow. to me the little bump was like the way to make less contact without putting hands on the ref. somethime i do the same haveing no control of my body. the second technical was obvious as the ref couldn’t see what happened and rondo was still complaining after the first one and it seemed he was bit too energetic doin it. so i think rondo had to keep his composure and the ejection was right in that situation (non commenting the previous foul call) but the suspension after a game changing call, right or not, is way too much. it’s playoff basketball, who doesn’t want to see some heart?

    • KEEPIT100 says:

      really? the contact was unavoidable? lol come on man if he really wanted to stop momentum he would have done it in a civilized manor, NOT a chest bump that clearly sent a message of “F your tech ref”. lol you say momentum as if Rondo was running full speed lol. smh…. im a HUGE FAN of Rondo…but i know the smell of bull feces when it hits the air….

  84. the architect says:

    First, the ref correctly called a foul against Boston. Second, the tech seemed weak but we don’t what Rondo said. Third, Rondo persued the ref, stepped on his foot, regined his footing and balance, and then proceeded with a “pelvic thrust”. It wasn’t a chest bump, it was a pelvic thrust.

  85. Chris says:

    rondo slipped b4 he bumped to the ref…

  86. chuck says:

    0:34 you can see clearly rajon has both his feet flat down, and his chest and head were intentionally in the refs face

    1game suspension is required. and i hate saying that being that the celtics are my fav team

  87. Braves Fan Since 1966 says:

    I’ve watched the video about 10 times and it’s clear that the first technical was called because of the temper display put on bt Rondo. So was the second, regardless of whether the bump was intentional or not. I think Rondo definitely deserved the second “T” and the resulting ejection. Given that he’d just been called for a technical foul, he should have completely backed off without any further pursuit. The arguement that the bump was unintentional is a weak one given how Rondo spead his upper body before the bump.

  88. styllo says:

    Rando let his emotions get the better of him. It was definitely intentional due to the fact that his last step was too controlled and worse hi threw out his chest

  89. Rinardo says:

    He just got to hot headed alot of basketball players get like that he should of just walked away sorry to say but it wasn’t an accident it was clear.

  90. Rondoforlife says:

    Neither the call nor the Rondo ejection cost Boston the game. The game went the wrong way from the get go. Most of the Celtics players didn’t show up to play. Rondo was the only one putting the hard work. The frustration may have gotten the best of him at the end for the 1st T but the second is just bogus. Marc Davis thinks this is his show. He does the worst officiating. Boston isn’t the only team who is a victim of his ridiculous calls. If Rondo is suspended for a game then that is a fair punishment, however, he did trip on Marc’s foot as well as what looked like a chest pump. I agree with the punishment for Rondo, Marc should also get penalized for all the bad calls he makes, this being one of them.

  91. Bruno says:

    maximum 1 game suspension. but a fine will do too. obviously it was intentional although he bumped. he just got a little carried away

  92. rock says:


  93. REALITY says:

    The following are facts:
    — The Celtics were making a big comeback.
    — The referee made a terrible call.
    — Rondo over-reacted.
    — Rondo tripped and stumbled.

    The following is debatable:
    — Could Rondo have prevented contact after stumbling; maybe yes, maybe no.

    Personally, I think that given the nature of the situation, the bad call, the accidental stumble, etc, a FINE for Rondo is sufficient, but to suspend him would really ruin the series. This play already affected the result of game 1, does the NBA want to affect the result of the whole series? It would be a shame.

    • ATLcam says:

      “the referee made a terrible call” goes under the category of DEBATABLE my friend, I thought it was a good call. Josh Smith almost had his head ripped off. Thankfully it was just the headband. Cant call jump ball if one player has the ball and the other has a headlock.

  94. Manny says:

    It’s the playoffs !! the ref deserved a little roughness with such bad calls at both ends of the court. If the NBA decides to punish Rondo they should also implement some disciplinary actions against the ref for his poor job making calls.

  95. Billy says:

    Oh cmooon .. of course it’s intentional from the beginning, but i can see there is a little momentum but still He is completely being against the ref he knows what he doing

  96. Rohan says:

    Are you serious? Why is this even a big issue?, Get on with the Game Ref and stop getting butt hurt about a bump that was no where near intentional, as Rondo tripped.

  97. rodstar1019 says:

    Rondo tripped, however, he used that momentum to bump the ref on purpose. You can see him thrust foward and bump the ref. Most people when they trip their hands come forward, not their chest.

  98. Ky says:

    I like Rondo! He did trip a little, but he should have put his hands out to stop the forward motion (it would look better on the replay). You can clearly see him arch his back and make contact.

  99. Avenger says:

    well that is intentional, you did see the official just turned his back on Rondo.
    and Rondo was just too upset.

    if i was Rondo, i could’ve punched that official. LOL!
    he needs to be punished with that attitude, so a 1 game suspension shouldn’t hurt them, he’s just Rajon Rondo, which is as important as Garnett, Allen, and Pierce.

  100. Cody says:

    He should just be fined its just a litte chest bump and it was a horrible call any way jump ball all the way when the balls loose on a playoff game!!!!! there was no foul there.

  101. cnice32 says:

    This guy was suspended for throwing a ball right at a ref this year already because he was in the heat of the moment same with this, he was arguing a call in the heat of the moment so don’t you think he’s has kind of a more blatant personality??? If you take more than 5 seconds to watch the replay you can clearly see he trips and slightly stumbles which causes the minor physical contact. I’m a very very very hardcore Celtics fan, but that did not cost the Celts the game, their horrid play the first half did and trying to dig yourself outta a hole in the playoffs caused them to lose it, plain and simple they didnt have enough to make those comebacks Celtic Nation is used to seeing. And to anyone comparing the MWP elbow to Harden and this ‘shove’ to the ref must be a genuine idiot, one is causing a concussion that could have severely hurt a player and perhaps caused his career to end versus a person arguing and tripping, lets be real here people. Lying or rather using any lack of sense doesn’t strengthens one argument in fact it takes away from it. If incidental contact with a ref merits a suspension then do what the rules state, but if it’s only intentional contact then lets be serious people and continue and watch a good 7 game series. I personally don’t think there is any glory in beating a team who is wrongfully handicapped. When Rondo goes and smacks the ref suspend him the whole playoffs please but until something that merits a suspension happens lets just enjoy these great playoffs that we were almost robbed of earlier in the season.
    PS: PLEASE get Marc Davis a new job he truly does blow at his job and in all honesty across the league through the regular season the officiating has been deplorable. I have seen more games this year where refs determine the outcome of games and not players….last time I checked no one wanted to see the refs just the multi million dollar players…. JUST SAYING!!!

  102. Brandon says:

    You have to be a little blind or very biased to think he didn’t bump him on purpose. If you watch carefully, after he trips, it’s pretty obvious that he brought his shoulders back and pushed his chest out to bump the official…that is the opposite of how you would react if you were trying to steady yourself. If he had brought his hands out to steady himself on the ref then you could argue it wasn’t intentional…but he didn’t. And if the rule is any intentional contact is suspension he should be suspended, although I thought the ejection was severe enough. I thought the first call being a technical was a bit excessive though. Foul, but not a technical.

  103. grifafola says:

    After seeing all you Celtic fans’ lame attempt to convince yourselves that the bump was unintentional, I realize that you all lack the minimum number of brain-cells to be worthy of a debate on that particular subject. That being said, Stern won’t be fazed by Rondo and Doc’s BS. Rage-On will be gone at least one game…more, if you consider his history. Bad calls are made ALL the time, in ALL sports. However, no matter what, you NEVER chest bump an official. Who the f do you think you are?!

  104. Bubbie says:

    He was not moving fast enough for that “trip” to effect his momentum. Look just prior to the contact he bends his shoulders back and sticks his chest out. 100% intentional

  105. me says:

    you have to admit, celts fans, rondo made a dumb move: he complained against an obvious call(head grabbing you opponent is a violation even in nfl, i think), he obviously said something nice to the ref, he bump the ref INTENTIONALLY, he did it all when they were closing on the hawks and HE LIED.

  106. Tom says:

    I just think that it is funny how one of the most graceful and quickest players in the league couldn’t stop him momentum after barely “tripping” on the referee’s foot.

  107. KO says:

    Fine Marc Davis and Rondo and move on. The entire game was stop and go due Davis’ big ego.

  108. Brian Carlisle says:

    Rondo has been a dirty player for a long time. He once took out kirk hinrich in a bulls-celtics playoff game by taking a cheap shot at him, straight up barreling into him. Also,the way rondo was yelling right in the ear of the referee, and clapping in his face is unacceptable. He should be suspended regardless of the contact. If the NBA cares at all about the message it sends to its younger fans, it will suspend rondo

  109. me says:

    ti’s like the case with steve nash and horry in the 2007 west playoff, i think nba will suspend rondo, sorry boston.

  110. KEEPIT100 says:

    Ok…as much of a Rondo fan i am….he INTENTIONALLY bumped the ref….im sorry…his foot was clipped as he was walkin and he DID NOT have that much momentum to be sent into Davis….after the initial trip he was able to gather his composer throw his shoulders back and propel his chest into the ref…

  111. KPS says:

    He threw a ball at a ref earlier in the season…. again… he threw a ball, at a freakin ref… What makes you think he is not capable of bumping a ref intentionally in a heated playoff game. God these celtic fans are pretty desperate to say the least. I can care less if he plays game 2 or 3… not gunna effect the outcome of this series. ATL is a much better team this season.

  112. me says:

    it’s intentional, the video do not lie. look at his arms as his hip moved towards the ref. come on rajon, even shaq, chuck and kenny believe you’re lying.

  113. jai says:

    that was totally intentional but no suspension. im sick of the refs and theyre pointless techincal fouls they think theyre god!!!!!! fustration got the better of him i would have punched the ref

  114. Amir says:

    intentional by Rondo but Ref deserved it for the missed call and for not reviewing it and that was a jump ball so if Rondo gets suspended then ref should get suspended too or just fin Rondo and have long talk with him
    Refs helped Atlanta big time they deciede the outcome of the game with their calls when the game was on the line 4 pts game and 2 min left

  115. Eric Coleman says:

    The Video does not Lie and that Sir Was a chest bump

  116. Kel says:

    Rondo should’ve been smarter, no doubt about it. But this is the playoffs, that was a tough call to take and given that he did actually trip on the refs foot, I think it’s ambiguous enough not to give him the suspension. Perhaps they should fine him. I don’t think it’s serious enough to take out the best player for a game and change the dynamic of the series. These guys work hard all season for this. Players should be given the benefit of the doubt unless they do something that is clearly and truly inexcusable. I actually think at first it was an accident, then Rondo decided to add to it. It’s hard to tell. From the back angle, it looks intentional. If you look at it real time from the side, it looks like an accident. But either way, I don’t think the refs should have so much control over the playoffs. Stern is making this league unrecognizable from even the way the game was played in the 90s where players were allowed to play their game. If this was even the 1990s, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. He clearly wasn’t trying to hurt the ref or anything like that. Things get heated and emotional. Let the man play for God’s sake. Should he have been smarter, yes, but let’s not change the series for the worse (the best should be playing during the playoffs). It’s completely ridiculous and would put a bad mark on the playoffs and the officials. Let’s just put it past us and play ball. I really don’t see what the big deal is that you have to suspend someone over it.

  117. mark shaw says:

    He Bumped him….i’ve watched the video several times…he tripped a bit as he was going after him….

  118. Tom says:

    He did not do it intentionally. The video clearly shows he tripped off the ref’s foot and stumbled into him.

  119. Heat Fan says:

    Rondo may have kicked the ref;s foot when he walked towards him but it didnt cause him to add the extra chest bump at the end. That was intentional and the fact that even with video showing this incident a guy with the platform Smith has here decides to show bias in his commentary, is sad. He has lost one reader as if with video evidence he cant make the obvious call then his opinion is never to be considered.

  120. Chachee says:

    As a Celtic fan, that was intentional. I hate Rondo for doing it, but i understand why he was so frustrated. Marc Davis knows better. Heck, the NBA knows better. Two possession game, 1:30 left, loose ball on the floor and two guys dive for it. It’s a no-call or jump ball. THIS IS THE PLAYOFFS. If Rondo gets suspended (which I hope he doesn’t), Marc Davis should get suspended as well. The Josh Smith/Rondo “tip” out of bounds, on the previous play, was just as poor. These are HUGE possessions. I don’t think the NBA can afford anymore negative press. Rose going down is certainly going to hurt the league. They can’t lose Rondo and the Boston market as well. The league certainly is between a rock and hard place on this one.

  121. xar says:

    rondo obviously did not like the call that’s why he reacted. the referee felt something that’s why he made the call…(if you know what i mean.)

  122. Kamote says:

    I’m for the Celtics and a big Rondo fan… I understand the emotion, but the bump was intentional and an idiotic move for Rondo… down by 5 pts in 40+ secs at the Hawks’ home court. I mean the game could still go either way, but Atlanta have a better chance of winning Game 1. But the fact of the matter is, given a 7-game series, Boston can always come back even if they lose this game. They already have Allen questionable for game 2, and if Rondo gets suspended, they’ve dug themselves a deeper hole before going back to Boston.

    Though I still have confidence Boston will win this series, I just hope the Celtics players won’t pull another move like this. The window just got wide open for them since the loss of Howard and Rose. They should just focus on winning the games they can win and hopefully have enough energy facing Miami in the East Finals.

  123. JG says:

    Hedo Turkoglu got suspended for putting his arms on the refs shoulders, Rondo should get suspended for the chest bump. It’s not hate, it’s called being fair. I don’t hate Rondo but he gotta learn composure. Next time he trips, he better put his hands in front of him instead of his chest.

  124. OdeMan says:

    From a big Celtics fan:

    I’ve watched this over and over, and as much as I wish I could say otherwise, every time I watch it, it looks intentional. Yes, his foot did get tangled, but it doesn’t look like that had any influence on the bump.

    I’m sure he’ll be sitting out a game. If that’s not the case, I’ll be stunned.

  125. william says:

    tripped and his momentum carried him into the ref and the ref stopped i believe him

  126. The Truth Hurts says:

    He definately chest bumped him & needs to be suspended 1 game. Tripping is just a convienent excuse. When he felt his foot touch the ref’s he went for the chest bump because he thought he could get away with it.

  127. threei says:

    What a bunch of morons. You just touch a ref and its automatic ejection and one game suspension. See the Turkoglu video from earlier this season where puts his hand on the ref’s shoulder. Rondo took an aggresive action against the ref when he bows out chest while making contact. He deserves 2 games, but he won’t get it. The NBA’s only chance of high rated EC finals is Boston v. Miami.

  128. MARK says:

    The refereeing needs to make drastic changes… That should not be a toss as he clearly stumbled on his foot. Also, it seems as if they’re giving Technical Fouls to everyone for anything, in the example of Amare and Haslem in game 1 of the heat… They were just talking. THEY ARE RUINING THE GAME! Let them play, in the end of the day its entertainment and people pay to watch the best players, and if they’re getting tech’d for every word they say then how can you expect them to play hard and with their hearts. Everyone complains when a player isn’t into the game fully but when they get into it, emotions come out, and when they get tech’d, fined, and tossed out of games, then their teams are hurt…

    Also in the case of fining him for tripping and bumping into him, its an accident, it happens. These players work hard for their money, no matter how much money they make, fining them for unnecessary things as this is totally unfair. Its their JOB, a full time job. But of course Atlanta fans want to win this series and know that with Rondo out their chances are much better, ergo all of their arguments are hollow. I am not a celts fan, but a fan of the NBA. And if this continues then they are really hurting the sport. And just for the heck of it… RAPTORS 2017-2018 NBA CHAMPIONS! (that is if the world doesn’t end this year)

    • KPS says:

      yeh because you were there and you most definately overheard the conversation between haslem and amare. I’m sure they were simply argueing about why the raptors are such a terrible basketball team this season… The ref gave them technicals because I’m sure whatever garbage came out of their mouthes to another warranted the tech. Refs are there so verbal exchanges don’t become brawls. They are paid to maintain a professional competitive environment.

    • estonian says:

      Sadly, i dont think you understand what basketball is about, at least on a professional level. If you want to give people a chance to get payed for unprofessional behavior, better use your own money to fund them.I personally wouldnt enjoy watching a game where grown men act like children and Rondo definitely lost his focus and nerves there. Theres a lot to debate over if the bump was intentional or not, but nothing over the referees call.One should be very suicidal to take a positon of a referee in a game as you want it to become.

  129. FANOFTHEGAME says:

    Rondo unfortunately gave a little extra at the end there and I see him getting a 1 game suspension. What hasn’t been mentioned was Bradley actually grabbing the ref by the arm after the ejection which could’ve been a foul also.

    • Tom says:

      I agree with your comment about Bradley. When I first saw Bradley, I thought for sure that the ref initially thought it was Rondo. By the letter of the law (any intentional contact with a referee with result in a 1 game suspension), Bradley should be suspended too, because he did reach out and grab Mark Davis’ shoulder and turn him around.
      Rondo deserves the one game suspension, but Bradley doesn’t.

      • FANOFTHEGAME says:

        Yeah Tom I agree. I think the ref thought it was Rondo laying hands on him because he sure reacted like it. I don’t believe Bradley was doing anything malicious but he could’ve gotten in trouble just for doing what he did when he did. As much as I like the celtics and want them to win they need to suspend Rondo a game and get these players back in line. MWP should have gotten more than he did as well. I would hate for the NBA to get like the NHL, it wrecks the game.

  130. Shell says:

    The CONTACT with the ref was unavoidable. Anyone can see him pursue the ref, trip over his teammate’s foot and the momentum definitely carried him into the ref. However, I cannot see how anyone could watch this clip and NOT see that the chest bump was intentional. Now, don’t get me wrong- the contact he made with the ref by tripping probably still would have gotten him the second tech and subsequent ejection, but there would be no talk of suspensions right now if he hadn’t stuck out his chest.

  131. Niels says:

    If you look at the clips/memphis game. Zac randolf also bumps a ref very lightly when he is getting up and he doesn’t get ejected. So i can understand the fail (since it was a foul), i also understand the first technical, but the seconds one is over the top. I’m not going to argue if it was intentional of not, but if they eject every player that comes into contact with a ref they’ll have to eject a couple of guys every game.

    • Ultima says:

      Ronnie Nunn actually made a distinction between those types of contact in one of the “Make the Call” segments on NBA TV. He pointed out that contact that doesn’t challenge or show up the ref is fine–you see guys accidentally touch refs or put their hands on the ref’s shoulder so they can get close enough to hear over arena noise all the time, like you said. The difference is with contact that is meant to challenge or threaten the ref or impede him from moving, like chest bumps, grabbing him while arguing, etc.

      Basically, if the player’s contact is aggressive toward the official, it’s going to be called. If it’s not, it probably won’t. IN this case, while Rondo’s contact may have been accidental because he tripped, he was definitely acting aggressively toward the official. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him suspended.

  132. jesse says:

    rondo is a dirty player.. he throw a ball at the ref one game now this

  133. kebot says:

    btw use your hand to get stable not your chest… its called bump! strong or not its still bump. Rondo have all the reason to bump the ref than not… he freaked out… I agree that referee made a bad call terrible call. Punish both.

  134. John says:

    Great call..

  135. kebot says:

    Bump can be avoided… his chest was intentional… he lost his cool that cost his game… DONT COME TOO CLOSE WITH THE OFFICIAL… everybody knows it… idiot can learn. Arrogant will not.

  136. C says:

    I think that he should not be suspended, yes he tripped but he also stuck his chest out on purpose, just fine him and be done with it, its not like he elbowed the ref in the head, this was a little minor incident that is being blown out of proportion

  137. Josh says:

    Noooo, why are people voting for a suspension? It’s just that he got carried away because the game is on really getting physical. At least he didn’t hurt anyone intentionally. And take note I’m not a Celtics fan.

  138. jojo says:

    i think everytime Davis refs a big game the NBA loses more and more of it’s fringe market. even someone who knows little about basketball can see how one-sided the calls were at the end of the game. What makes NHL playoffs so great is that the refs put the whistle away: the PLAYERS dictate the game’s result. in the NBA its the reverse: the officials tend to heavily influence the end of games. The hakws still probably would have won, but the out of bounds and foul calls at the end took away all the competitive drama. Its funny well hear all about rondos stupididty and suspension but no official word on Davis’ missed calls.

    • KPS says:

      The refs in NHL games also bring out the popcorn when they see two players throw their gloves off to get down wtih one another. This is what you call, “letting them play”.

  139. iRondo says:

    About 30.6% of the voters are Hawks fans, or just other haters….

  140. james says:

    you can’t overlook a rule in the rule book. all the people saying it was intentional, but that he should not miss any time don’t know the rules. you are unintentionally contradicting your own arguements

  141. Roy says:

    Clearly accidental, don’t even know why this is a debate. WATCH THE CLIP PEOPLE!

  142. TomUk says:

    If you trip you raise your hands to catch yourself, you naturally react and make sure your stable before moving on. When you chest bump some one your arms are back and your chest is pushed forwards.
    Rondo bumped his chest out as if to make a point and is trying to play it down after doing it in the heat of the moment. Its a bump, he should get a game and players should stop claiming they didn’t mean to. Instead they should say “yeh I did it. It was stupid, I have let my team, fans, family, the NBA and myself down and apologize to those involved and the NBA for my actions. I expect to be disciplined and will take that as a lesson not to do it again.”

  143. Chris says:

    Looked intentional to me. I do see where he kind of tripped (a little), but he intentionally stuck his chest out to bump the referee. If it was really just a trip, then why the need to stick his chest out? Seems to me he was TRYING to make contact, trip or not.

    That said, had he not got into the ref’s face to begin with, there would be no “trip” at all. I agree the refs do seem to be whistle happy lately and do go overboard at times, but this ref was completely justified in throwing Rondo out. I don’t care how much you disagree with a call, you don’t get in a ref’s face like that, and definitely don’t make physical contact

  144. JG says:

    You reap what you saw. Enjoy watching game 2 Rondo, or better yet, find some self-control.

    He stumbled but still went for the intentional bump. The natural reaction when stumbling down/forward is to put your hands in front a brace for a fall not to poke your chest out, unless you are Pamela Anderson.

  145. WadeCounty3 says:

    Wow. I understand that as a fan of your team,you try to stick up for your players.. but whoever says this was not intentional.. and he didn’t mean to bump the ref is completely blind! Don’t you think.. if this was some what unintentional, Rondo let’s the ref know or a simple apology to acknowledge that he just hit him, even by accident to make sure the ref knows he just tripped?? Common… I hope he gets a fine and not a suspension so that Boston is able to continue with this guy on the floor so they don’t have excuses later, but please call a spade a spade.

  146. Nichol says:

    The referees has their own agenda. They have the power to decide who is going to win and who will lose. I would like to see a weekly report on referee’s reviews. If the players, the coaches and the announcers are not allowed to criticize the referees then there should be an independent committee to tackle the issue of bad calls and missed call. Otherwise, the league should invest in an electronic system to officiate the game and re-instill a sense of fairness in the NBA.

  147. Crousher says:

    Ejection was probably right from the referees point of view, but there shouldnt be a suspension

  148. The really terrible call was the play before when Josh Smith CLEARLY knocked the ball out of bounds and Mr. Davis clearly gave the Hawks some home cooking. That’s what happens in tne NBA—————the refs don’t want the home crowd up their butts. Two horrible calls in a row. Rondo had a reason to be upset. Too quick of a “T” by the official. Clearly he suffers from “THE SHORT REF WHO WANTS TO GET NOTICED” syndrome. Good job Mr. Stern—————you league stinks right now!!!!!

  149. Joosep says:

    lol. why is there even a debate, obviously he tripped, you can even see it. jeesh

  150. PurplePrincess says:

    Rondo really didn’t do anything to that official. A little chest bump doesn’t call for an ejection……. That ref doesn’t know what he is doing.

  151. TurkishGamer says:

    If anybody remembers Turkoglu being ejected and getting 1 game suspension for touching the ref, this should get 3 game suspension. ( )

    In my book, Turkoglu didn’t deserve to get suspended for merely touching the ref, but Rando belly bumped the ref and I think he should deserve 1 game off.

  152. Fred says:

    Not intentional its just the momentum.i mean he knows the rules so why would he want to get suspended.horrible referee i mean i wish ronda punched him personally!

  153. Joe says:

    Hawk fans just want him gone he was one of the biggest weapons on the celtics team in game one. That play got out of hand right away from the moment the ball was loose. no intentional fouls we in sight the ref should have made the play keep going. clearly tho hawk fans want him gone with game one totaling for 20 PTS 4 RBS 11 AST..

  154. David says:

    The chest bump was intentional. He did trip and his momentum did carry him but he poked out his chest to bump him on purpose.

  155. Rayray says:

    I have a question. How can you stop when youre about to trip and there’s a guy in front of you? you use your hands? on his case. if he even uses his hands yall would say that he pushed the ref. So again how can you stop your momentum when your feet get tangled up.

  156. brad isaacs says:

    Yeah, the initial call was questionable (like 40% of all calls) – then Rondo tripped but threw in an unnecessary chest bump. One game suspension. Moving on.

  157. T. Khan says:

    Damn the rules seriously who cares about that. Leniency should be allowed in the playoffs because players are human beings! They are not robots they should be allowed to show emotion. You do not eject a team’s best player with a minute left in a tight playoff game for the tiniest bit of contact with an official. Intentional or not on Rondo’s part, that was a pathetic reason for ejecting a player. That ref should be fined or suspended as well because the Celtics were storming back into that game.

  158. Judge says:

    The Referees are the most important person to have a Rule Book before anybody else, they are the one who implement the Rule Book, the players doesnt know about it.

  159. OMG says:

    What the hell what was Rondo thinking no one is allowed to bully the ref like this. SUSPEND and fine anyone who atcs like this so they never do it again.

  160. kbronx says:

    Bad call maybe, did it cost the game??? Heck no! Celtics got outplayed fair and square. Besides this is not NFL where ref calls can be challenged. Rondo shouldve bit his tongue, help his teammate up and walk away.

  161. ck says:

    nba can review quality of refs separately on this case
    what i saw:
    1. ref made the call
    2. turned away
    3. walked towards court side AND AWAY FROM THE PLAYER

    the player initiated the contact, yes, stumbled by ref’s right foot
    the bump, was not intentional, but the MOVEMENT towards the ref is definitely INTENTIONAL

    so, the intention to draw contact is there, i voted 1 game suspension, no contest

  162. Thomas Williams says:

    Nba referees are the worst in all of sports.

  163. Bill D says:

    Marc Davis is a terrible official, one of many officials in the nba that make bad calls all the time. He is the nba’s worst official and thinks people pay money to come see him officiate. The bump by Rondo was not intentional as you can see he tripped and fell forward. He does not deserve a suspension. After watching this game, I am contemplating whether to stop watching the nba anymore smh

  164. heat fan says:

    Maybe it was a mistake but that anger and he was walking behind talking smack. thjats good enough to get throw out

  165. toddwarnick says:

    Are you kiddin’ me? This is a total no-brainer! Rondo will get at least 1 game – and btw, the foul is a good call.

  166. heat fan 72 says:

    ok wat i think is that the refrees foot was up so while rondo waz walking he tripped on the referee s foot and stumbled on to make contact

  167. fanofafan says:

    most of you sound really stupid…if you were in the heat of a big game and a last chance for you and your core 3 guys to make a championship run you would be emotional too…for most of you comparing this to ron artest is ridiculious, ron did it INTENTIONALLY to hurt harden, rondo clearly tripped..if david stern suspendeds rondo for this he will be the most hated man in sports

  168. Tom says:

    in the video you can rondo trip over davis foot which made the momentum bump davis so rondo should absolutely not be suspended

  169. jaygerr says:

    he trips, bumbs into him then chest bumbs him again…

  170. stallone says:

    yes! no question he tripped… but after he tripped he then bump the referee, very intentional, no question. if your a celtic fan, u would say that it’s unintentional. thats a fact!

  171. Bonehead says:

    Honestly. How can he not be suspended for one game, this is a ridiculous argument. World Peace was suspended for 7 because of an elbow to the head of ANOTHER PLAYER. He argued it was accidental and so did Lakers fans. Rajon Rondo accidentally chest bumped a REFEREE, and OFFICIAL. He clearly stuck his chest out, whether or not he was planning on it is out of the question. You just can’t do that. Stop fooling yourselves and deal with the fact that Rondo has a temper just like other players in the league. He needs to get control of himself if he wants to continue playing. Once again, stop fooling yourselves, whether or not you are a celtics fan, he deserves a suspension. End of story.

  172. RaymondG says:

    It wasnt intentional. He stepped on his foot and had to stick his chest out to avoid kissing him in the back of the head, or using his hands.

  173. frank says:

    Marc Davis has had it in for Rondo every game has refereed this year and last and the calls he has made clearly shows his bias. The call he made just prior to the situation in which he ruled that Rondo touched the ball going out of bounds instead of Smith could have been reviewed but Davis made the decision not to review. At that point in the game the Celtics were 6 points behind and Teague went down and made a 3 point shot. Davis clearly had the right to review his decision but the questions is why wasn’t that important call reviewed. Stu Jackson has allowed his Stoogies to make very questionable calls which in most cases decided the outcome of the game. This was another. The King Stooge fines players and coaches because they complain about his Stoogies’ calls instead of fining the Stoogies for their stupid calls. I suggest that The King Stooge and his band of Stoogies get a rule book and read it.

    • mr-plow says:


    • james says:

      most comical post of the day

    • Amir says:

      Davis needs to get suspended for that bad call that he missed and he didnt want to review that , Ref Davis decided the outcome of the game and thats what every nba fan dont like to see this is a nba playoff and if they suspend Rondo then they should suspend the ref Davis too for making a bad decision on not reviewing that call

    • Ruby Hume says:

      The referee did make a couple of bad calls, and Rondo did react poorly–simple as that. As NBA fans, we are mainly interested in watching some very exciting playoff games and hoping that our favorite team will win. However, without the best players, these games would be rather boring. Rondo does bring a lot of excitment to many viewers, and if he gets suspended, he is not the only one who is being punished. His team and we–the fans–are also being punished; therefore, I sincerely hope that he will be playing Game 2. The referees need to watch every play more carefully so that the calls are fairly made; this is the Playoff!!! As for Rondo, he must keep his cool; he owes it to the Celtics organization and teammates, more importantly, his fans.

  174. #thenbaisabusiness says:

    Call that a chest bump?

  175. george13 says:

    he didnt do anything..relax ! why are u all so sensitive???! u cant just eject player like that everytime they get emotional. emotion is the beatuy in sports. Its not like he pushed him with his was a little touch not a big deal get on with it.

  176. mobtown_playa says:

    If you gone suspend ron artest you need to suspend him too because that look more like an attitude problem before the technical/ejection towards the official…..and along with delonte west slapping that white boy a while back and its no need for that in the nba….its players with attitude problems and even though they do hurt a player it not professional and everybody should see that…b/c i dont think world peace should have gotten suspended, yea he has a past but from what he came from he is not the same person and i know that elbow was an accident but being the fact that it was so harsh it was unforutunate

  177. Jack Hines says:

    One final thing – seems some are saying that you need to excuse a player for losing his control if it turns out to be a bad call. That’s like saying it’s okay if someone bumps your car you can get out and punch out his lights. Players never get out of control when they think the call is correct. Thing is, the REF makes the call, not NOT THE PLAYER.

    • frank says:

      Problem is the refs are making so many bad calls which affect the out come of the game. The game is a small version of a football game because the refs do not follow the rules. You can knock someone’s head off and no foul is called as long as you hit the ball first. You can drive a player into the stands because the refs could care less what happens after the ball is hit.

  178. Nik says:

    Intentional.. just like MWP’s elbow. If past conduct determines punishment then Rondo should be suspended 1 game.

  179. Tom says:

    I am not surprised to see that ppl get to have an opinion on this, with the way that Sekou describes the situation. He clearly is a fan of Rondo. Last week with the Artest-incident we didn’t get to have opinions or vote on whether or not that elbow to the neck-thing was an accident.

    Totally hypocrit….

  180. New World says:

    What was Boston trying to do force a fumble???

  181. Judge says:

    Rondo is STUPID and a Spoiled Brat. Who the hell are you bumping the referee? Throwing the ball to the referee so fast? You are a disgrace to the league, the refs are part of the institution where you earned millions of dollars. To all idiots who say that its an accident, try to see another angle and you can clearly see that he gained composure when he tripped then he pushed his chest out. In the first place, Stupid Rondo should not be in that close to the ref. The ref walked away to avoid further confrontation but Stupid Rondo followed him closely and pushed his chest out to intentionally bump him. End of the story. 5 games suspension…

    • RCG says:

      …without players there’s no league and we’re not fans you idiot. We watch the players NOT the refs. The refs are supposed to be impartial regulators during the game and yet, somehow, manage to directly control the outcomes of far too many. You act as if the refs need more protection during the game than the players do. In your job at Burger King, how many times during your shift would you allow another employee to throw you down with your supervisor (ref) saying nothing? Then he writes you up for retaliating. You want players to be responsible professionals…what about refs? Not saying Rondo is right but your comment is plain foolish!

  182. R says:

    Oh, and one thing that I forgot to mention…

    The rule is that if a player *intentionally* makes contact with a ref, that player is suspended for (at least a) game. The “intentionally” part of that clause is obviously meant to cover a situation in which the player just bumps, or runs over, a ref in the course of playing basketball. Or if the player just doesn’t see the ref when jogging the bench. Those types of situations.

    Rondo knew where ref was, was angry, took the aggressive step toward him after play was dead, and made contact. It doesn’t matter if he tripped over the ref’s feet, his own feet, or the painted Hawk on the court. If the NBA doesn’t suspend, they make a mockery of the rule.

    But then again, as another commenter pointed out, the NBA is a business, and suspending Rondo raises the changes of them losing a good bit of coin if Boston doesn’t make it out of the first round.

  183. Jack Hines says:

    Refs are judged on how they call a game and how they control a game. I’m a Bulls fan, so with Rose gone, I’m practically an impartial observer. I think Rondo bumped him deliberately. His reflexes are certainly good enough to stop when the ref stopped. He did thrust his chest out as well. Regardless of how horrible the call may be, a ref should never feel threatened or touched. If a ref often makes bad calls .or is inflammatory, then the league should get rid of him. Rondo is a great point guard, but he has to learn to control himself. Somehow. One game suspension must be called.

  184. Ryan Sevier says:

    Rondo is a great player, with the intensity of the game and the emotional stage he was in it’s clear the bump was intentional. I love Rondo, but he can be a hot head at times. The best thing he can do is apologize to the league and his team and just put this behinh him and get ready for his next eligable game. He’ll make an amzing come back, I’m sure of it. I’m not even a Celtics fan, I love rondo because he played for Kentucky who did great this year winning their 8th National Championship. I’m sure this series will keep every fan on their feet and i’m excited to see the outcome.

  185. JAS23 says:

    Obviously intentional. He screamed in the ref’s face to get the technical. When the ref called the technical, Rondo still walked towards the ref and had more words for him! Yes, he walked on the ref’s foot, but he clearly stuck his chest out to bump him. Definitely a suspension in the works.

  186. Celtic boi99 says:

    not intentional at all bull call from the ref….. rondo tripped on his foot. your telling me davis didnt feel that but he felt the bump. if he gets suspended the nba will lose a fan because thats jus bogus.

  187. Joe says:

    It looked like Rondo stumbled over his feet and lost balance but whether it was intentional or not you still need to set discipline for what he did, Worldpeace seemed like he accidently elbowed Harden but he still got a suspension for it accidental or not.

  188. JG says:

    Celtics fans, where was the self-proclaimed (after 1 championship and nothing to show before) best player in the world at?

    Rondo DID stumble a little bit but he braced for the impact by sticking his chest out and pulling back his shoulders?? haha.

    He was dying to bump the ref, the stumble seemed like the ticket to do it.

  189. DVS says:

    If you thought this was intentional, you’re an idiot. Did u not see Rondo trip? He won’t get suspended or fined. Celtics haters saying he did it in purpose, celtics fans/rondo fans saying he didn’t (which is the correct answer).

  190. RaveWhit says:

    Bad calls are made in the NBA every day. There were bad calls all throughout the game but a bad call at the end of the game might have cost Boston a CHANCE at winning the game. They were behind Atlanta the whole game, most of the time by double digits. It was a stretch for them to think about coming back, especially without Ray Allen’s three point shooting that they rely on so much(and Paul Pierce shooting struggles last night). Rondo was mad about the call and INTENTIONALLY chest bumped the ref. We have seen lots of bad calls or missed calls at the end of games in the playoffs. Referree’s cannot be perfect and they will never please everyone!

  191. icomhack3r says:

    The bump was clearly intentional, there is absolutely no question about it, the thing is he would have never chest bump him in the first place if he had not trip. The trip, however, made him be close enough to the ref that he took it all out lost it for a split second. But please do not say it was intentional because he was able to stop his body from the trip and then continued forward. But like a said if he would have not trip on the first place I doubt he will have simple bump the ref.

  192. Andy says:

    The referees need to man up. Barely any contact was made there. That is all

  193. RexDogma says:

    intentional, intentional, intentional. what don’t you understand?

  194. Yann says:

    A fine will do… But the ref should be sent fishing ! How can he call Hawks ball on that ? It was clearly jump ball ! And there was another terrible call a few moments before, and Rajon was already upset because of that… Players are responsible for their attitude on the court but the refs have to respond with good calls especially during these playoffs games ! If Metta World Peace can be suspended only 7 games for his terrible elbowing on Harden which is absolutely scandalous, how could Rondo be suspended for that ? Let’s be serious !!!

  195. New World says:

    Since when has the NBA turned to the NFL ? Clearly there was a foul so why was Rando so upset. If the NBA would get back to playing basketball instead of hockey and football teams like Boston would know that they cant get away with tackling on a loose ball…lol

  196. A. Venice says:

    We all know that the refs are doing their job These ball players are getting out of control. Im waiting for the day that one of the refs hit back. Know that would be funny.

  197. wes says:

    yes, he tripped, but the reaction afterwards was intentional… as one comment pointed out, you don’t pull your shoulders back and sticks his chest out when you trip…

  198. Kdogga says:

    I am literally Rondo’s biggest fan, yet i am not a fooling myself. Yes he tripped, but that tiny very subtle bump was 100% intentional. Its undeniable sometimes i feel like i live in a world of farking liars/blinds people. How can you think that was an accident. He clearly put his chest forward, when u trip over and ur about to fall into someone, u dont brace contact by putting your chest forward, you put your arms up and regain balance on that person if yo uhave to with your hands, this was obviously 100% intentional.

    With that said though its a very minimal incident and one of t hose things i can imagine happening to almost anyone in a given situation.

  199. NBA FANS says:

    We know that the issue here is the Rondo’s Bump…. but for me a Win is a Win 🙂 enjoy watching the NBA 2011-2012 Semi Finals….. threat your family in the gym

  200. Mark says:

    lol. he knows, what he did, he doesn’t react at the ejection bcz he chest bump with clear intention.

  201. Michael Gallucci says:

    Only a Boston or Rondo fan can say that wasn’t intentional. Clearly, he’s using the “stumbling” as an excuse for himself. I’m 49, and have been walking for 48 of them. I know how feet work, and I’m not a finely tuned athlete like Rondo. The guy can twist around some of the finest athlete in the world and put in upside down layups, but he can’t “avoid” a “stumbling” bump? Dog poop boys. It matters not anyway, one thing it clearly was was FURTHER INTIMIDATION. He should lose a game just for that.

  202. NBA Playoofs says:

    Guys He got tripped on the refs foot.

  203. A-Man says:

    Bad Call? What a load of @#%&. A jump ball is when two players have hold of the ball, not one player laying on another players back giving him a bear hug to get a fingertip on the ball. And on the bump, intentional or not, he never should have been that close to the referee. In my opinion he regained his balance before he stuck out his chest to make contact. Watching the game of basketball is so much better when you are not blinded by your love for a single team.

  204. eick j says:

    Seriously, to fine and or suspend Rondo for incidental contact and not terminate Metta World Peace for nearly killing someone is laughable if in fact a suspension and or fine is/are issued.

  205. renz_garnett says:

    obviously it was an accident.. no suspension.. just fine..

  206. I-Like-Rondo says:

    It doesn’t matter if he bumped him or not Rondo should have been smarter an keep his cool, he needs to understand that his team needs him. Its a team effort and with all of the injuries that the C’s have had this season and Allen out, they cant afford not having him off the court. I love the C’s but I have to admit when they are wrong and he was wrong to even try to follow the ref, he should have kept his ground and shut the f up. I tech is enough we are already losing the game don’t make it worst which he did.

  207. Luis says:

    Rajon Rondo was rispid and he is arrogant on court sometimes thinking knows more than anyone, NBA should suspend him throughout all the playoff. NBA is watched for millions of children and this is really awful behavior for them.

  208. Quint says:

    He did “FLEX” his SHOULDERS BACK ; which is a RESULT in the ACTION off PUSHING his CHEST FORWARD …. So I mean really ? You all did NOT see that ? LOL … Where is the ” INTEGRITY ” from all your BOSTON FANS ? Let me guess , NONE ….. HAWKS baby !!!!!!!

  209. Kenneth Mittbach says:

    This is a close one, but I would have to say that the contact was intentional. Yes, Rondo steps on the ref’s foot and loses some of his balance, but he does not stumble into him because of that.

  210. atl4life says:

    celtics fans open your eyes and see what happend…rondo clearly trip but then he chest bump him he will be suspended for game 2 because is in the rule book…GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

  211. ginobi says:

    sticking out his chest after the bump was intentional

  212. nv says:

    why would he chest bump someones back? thats kind of like rubbing your johnson on another mans back… you all need hugs

  213. Tonya Juanise says:

    As soon as this incident happened last night, I knew the comments section would be going mad about what happened. So here I am to throw in my two cents about the situation. I do believe that was a bad call on the ref’s part, there should have been a jump ball. I also believe that Rondo was so upset that after he tripped and WALKED into the referee he bumped him on PURPOSE. Point blank, end of story. I just wish that he would have “maned up” about what he did instead of making an excuse and blaming the trip on the “chest bump”. LMBO! THis is similar to, of course, Ron Artest’s situation. With so much force given with the elbow blow and the chest bump, how can you say it was an accident? LOL HIlarious. I would respect him if he would just admit that he was pissed and bumped the ref since he had already run into him from the trip. As we used to say all the time, KEEP IT REAL!!

    GO HEAT!!


    • RCG says:

      Not at all the same as WorldPeace’s foul. Two COMPLETELY different types of situations and two COMPLETELY different types of fouls. There’s a huge difference between a premeditated, vicious attack on another player and a harmless, poor judgement call. Rondo stumbled, the ref stopped walking and momentum, along with the fact that Rondo obviously didn’t care whether or not he made contact, made contact. I don’t think it was intentional but I don’t think he cared and definately did nothing to avoid it. He saw it coming, he braced…contact, ejection. Whatever. Fine him and that sh**ty ref. Another Miami fan hating on Rondo and the C’s because one of their precious, Le-baby loving refs got insulted.

  214. Lonestar10 says:

    All the people on here saying not intentional LMAO. What a joke the excuses are, he was yelling so his chest pushed out, tripped on the refs foot. Well why were you that close if you trip over the refs foot idiot.

  215. Nice one says:

    @ 0:33 it shows Rondo stumbling on the referee’s foot. I don’t think he meant to chest bump the official but he did go after him and as a result ended up stumbling and nudging the ref. Don’t think he should be suspended for game 2 and i don’t support either team.

    • K says:

      You touch the referee you get suspended; PERIOD! He put his self in that position! I hope he enjoys his time off? While he’s off he should spend an apology card to each of his teammates; selfish pick!

  216. Lonestar10 says:

    Of course it was intentional, the Ref turns around takes a step away from him, the idiot follows behind him and pushes his chest out for the bump and walks away. He lost his cool, his had issues in the past with Refs. You have to toss him for that. You can’t let players get away for doing that. In baseball someone chest bumps and Umpire same results, ejection, maybe a suspension not needed but good call on the Toss.

  217. JUNITO0816 says:

    Rules are rules he needs to get suspended. He might have “tripped” but that did not cause him to make that final chest bump move. He knew what he was doing. Suspend him!

  218. saverio says:

    Looks intentional to me. He fumbled, THAN he makes contact with the referee, and you know it’s this way, look at him, and watch his past attitude. He always does that type of stuff. Great player, anyway.

  219. shalin says:

    The bump was definitely intentional. You can see him thrust forward

  220. MC3 says:

    he did trip a little bit over the refs foot but he also added to the bump. he clearly threw his shoulders back and intentionally chest bumped him

  221. Gab says:

    Watch the video carefully and it was unintentional. Rondo was following the ref to argue and look at the last second of the video. Rondo’s left foot tripped on the referee’s left ankle. WATCH BEFORE YOU JUDGE. People! Sheeezz.

  222. cthom says:

    clearly intentional…the chest bump was long after the “trip” and easily could have been avoided…and he puts his arms back and sticks his chest out…stop lyin’ Rajon…

  223. alex8 says:

    it was intentional, if you stop the vid at 0:12 you can see he has his right foot on the ground and can easily stop moving, but he doesn’t. second tec was right, he doesn’t deserve a suspension though.

  224. Domas says:

    It wasn’t intentional, if look closer you can see that the official turned to walk away but he didn’t really walk as his right foot was behind him, while Rondo wasn’t able to see that and he was just gonna follow the ref to plead his case and that sudden stop is what caused the contact in the first place. While throwing Rondo out of the game was somewhat the right move as it looked like he was on his way to the 2nd technical anyway, I don’t think further punishment should be engaged.

  225. Imagodei says:

    We can argue whether or not the contact from Rondo was intentional but Bradleys contact afterwards was obviously intentional.

    So the Celtics could be out two backcourt players if you want to go by the rules, it is intentional contact right.

    • RCG says:

      Bradley? Really??? Do you even watch basketball? Almost every player touches the refs at some point while talking. There’d be no one left to play the game after the first foul was called. Kobe and Wde pat refs on the a**. Lebron touches their shoulders while crying to them… If you watched, Bradley was pleading with the ref…it was the ref who aggressively threw Bradley’s touch off. Marc Davis = weak ref. He should be investigated for tampering with the game.

  226. CoachCarson says:

    That was a bone headed move. I think Rondo had a Brain Fart! He should know better than that.

  227. ok man says:

    Either way he barely touched him! They should’ve let it go!

  228. Nathaniel says:

    Im a die hard Celtics fan and I must say the hawks earned this game and rondo did deserve a technical but the bump was a trip and it was great to see him taking responsiablility.

  229. OldschoolHeat says:

    Who cares? Both of you will be crushed when the Heat show up….Rondo or no Rondo. Better get Shacklesworth ready…

  230. gmikdelight says:

    it was not intentional, he tripped on davis foot. and he was shouting at the ref that made his chest to pump out that made the bump.

  231. NC18 says:

    Why there were a lot of f-u-c-k-i-n-g i-d-i-o-t-s here? Rondo’s bump was clearly intentional. I’m a ref and there’s no way a player touch the ref for any reason. That’s the rule!!! even high school players knows it. Rondo should study the Rule Book before he play.

  232. Mike says:

    Not a chance that it wasn’t intentional. He clearly pushes his chest out. Can’t blame that on tripping on the ref’s foot. Hope he plays though because Rondo’s always exciting in the playoffs. Celtics will be in trouble without him for a game/two

  233. celticpride* says:

    you see him trip over the ref’s leg… not intentional! they would’ve lost the game probably anyway, but who’s to say what would’ve happened. Bad call from the refs. Just hope he does not get a suspension. That would be preposterous

  234. sHinjiKun says:

    well i’m a celtic fan..but as i review the video..rondo did step on davis’ foot..but still he did bump daivs w/ his ACCORDING to the rule..that is worth a tech..not a suspension..

    on the other side..This is the PLAYOFFS!!!!players have their intensity to play at the highest level..we can’t blame rondo for bumping his chest on Davis..i think the refs should have more patience too!!!!players are doing their thing..the refs should just watch…after all…it should have been a jump ball…the NBA need to control how refs react when it involves calling plays like this.

  235. Emman Busto says:

    not intentional!!! Suspending Rondo is a bad decision

  236. Zach Dorsey says:

    It was clearly intentional. I’m no Celtics fan, but if he gets suspended a game for that, in playoff time, then I’m going to be pissed. I actually want to see the stars PLAY, not sit out because of injuries and suspensions.

  237. Radovan says:

    Can’t really say. Rondo stumbled of the refs foot. Intentional or not, I think that suspension for that, especially in the playoffs would be completely uncalled for.

  238. Rik Rissewijck says:

    First of all, rondo is a great player. I’m no boston fan neither a hawks fan.
    To me, this is as intentional as they get.
    If you look closely to the face of rajon at the moment he bumps the ref you can see that he does not blink his eye (which you would if you were not expecting a bump) this and also the fluid motion in which he moves before and as he bumps him leave me to think this is 100% intentional…
    He let the emotions get to him and he admits that even in the pressconference even though he said it was not intentional he kinda gave himself away with that.

  239. sp says:

    not intentional. he trips over the foot.

  240. Zeraphael says:

    it’s obvious that was an accident, he tripped, but Rondo just had the mindset “since it happened, just go for it”. So maybe just a fine will do. He should be more matured at a crucial time like this, just like boozer, controlling themselves, never go face to face with the refs in this T-rigged NBA, they are just as important to their teams, I’m a Bulls fan btw

  241. LakersFan says:

    It was on purpose. He should apologize.

  242. celtics says:

    sure, that was a bad call, a jumpball with 2 secs left would have given the celtics a chance to win the game….
    but they didin’t lose the game on that percession…they just had a really bad shooting night.
    they defended well – held atl to 83 points and created open shots, they normally make and just issed this night. pierce was so bad…

  243. JL says:

    Having now watched it several times I’m still not sure either way. At first I thought it was an accident, and I definitely think that Rondo was going to end up going in to the ref due to his momentum. The key thing is that Rondo appears to stick out his chest as he goes forward. I think it is 50/50 as to whether it was intentional but the league is very big on protecting the referees so will suspend him. Now, I’m a Knicks fan so I’m not unhappy about the celtics having problems, but I think its time for this league to hold the referees more accountable. This is the playoffs and so far I’ve seen so many technicals called for nothing. Players need to behave responsibly but they still have to be allowed to show some emotion. The refs have got to understand the difference between aggression against another person and frustration.

  244. Erick says:

    I thought the Celtics were playing pretty badly at the beginning of the game, but I also think that there were a lot of bad calls all game long which I think helped Atlanta. If you see carefully the whole mess, the Celtics were catching up with the Hawks, and that call should’ve been a jump ball. I’m not saying the Celtics deserved to win this game, but I understand Rondo’s frustration against that call. Oh, and also I don’t think Rondo intentionally chest bumped the official, and Josh Smith had a terrific game.

  245. How can a player get suspended for that? How many games did Andrew Bynum get? Surely thats not even 1/5 of the offence? A fine is all that should be given, if Rondo is suspended it would be a travesty upon the league.

    Make sure you check out:

  246. Gwoei says:

    im a Heat fan, would love to face Hawks, rather than Celtic.
    But seriously, like Shaq said, tape don’t lie, its an accident.

  247. David says:

    You are all completely overreacting, whether it was intentional or not. He shouldn’t have done it and it was right to eject him and it’ll be right to fine him, but suspension? Please. If you build this circus around something like this, I wonder how you would react to something much more serious. Put it in perspective.

  248. lol says:

    LOL thought that he was ejected for shouting at the referee.

  249. jay johnson says:

    rondo did not intenionally bump the ref as you can see rondo accidentally stepped on the ref’s foot while complaining to the ref which resulted to bumping the ref. i believe that the proper call is a “technical foul” not ejection or suspension. (i am a laker fan not celtics)

  250. legwkio says:

    as an nba fan, i would like to see no suspensions. fine him 1 million or whatever (clearly an exaggeration) but don’t suspend him. in the playoffs, we want the best players of each team playing ball against each other and rondo is the celtics’ best player.

  251. peanut7070 says:

    It was intentional just check it out at the 31 sec mark..he tripped on the refs’ leg
    no suspension no fine no nothing
    and tell the refs to stop acting like lil kids and grow up

  252. skullz says:

    And yes I realise he did it to the REF not on the other team. Incase someone points that out lmao

  253. Rondo says:

    Im sorry guys. I admit it, that was intentional. I just saw it earlier that we aint gonna win the game. So i did that nasty thing so i could go out early.

  254. skullz says:

    How the hell do you accidental chest bump someone? OMG! Seriously this shouldn’t even be a discusion of course it was on purpose.

    You stick your chest out at someone and chest bump them, that’s not on your team. Get rid of them…

    Good call REF.

    BTW: It doesn’t matter if someone seen it live or on repley omg seriously, you guys who write comments tend to go way off topic sometimes lmao.

  255. Al Johnson says:

    Intentional chest bump yes, but the ref was guilty of 2 atrocious calls that would be bound to piss anybody off. Rondo was understandably upset because those bad calls helped to decide the game

  256. erik says:

    Speaking as someone who is a fan of neither, I hope Rondo doesn’t get suspended. A fine maybe. I don’t believe Rondo bumped into him intentionally but his behavior was way out of line.

  257. NBAJamVan says:

    The NBA needs to earn money through higher TV ratings. Therefore Rondo needs to stay in the show. Therefore the league will ultimately decide to not suspend Rondo. Easy as pie.

  258. jax2345 says:

    not intentional

  259. dsgb says:

    It was definitely intentional. In the video on this website doesn’t even show rondo mean mugging the ref as he walked off the court he wasn’t trying to apologize or nothing. Just was caught in the moment not controlling his emotions.

  260. the 17 ring man says:

    im a celtics fan and i think it was intentional, but i hope they dont suspend him for game 2. the C’s played rusty and bad calls wouldnt matter if the C’s played their best. the Celtics will win in 6, but if they lose the series, the hawks will never get any more than 1 championship.

  261. emeerica says:

    I am fan of Boston and I wish he wont get a suspension. And honestly there is no reason to get one if stumbled not intentionaly (and that is the question). But rules are clear and he should be suspended for one game …

  262. Paul says:

    There were some bad calls on both sides of the ball.

    The ref should have called a Jump ball. I don’t claim to know all the rules. However, all the commentators have slow motion better than our DVR’s and they are experts on the rules. All of them say it should have been a Jump ball. The Ref blew the call. Most of the former NBA player/commentators said that
    ” that late in the game and the ref blows the call, I’m going to get in his face about it.”

    When most people walk and stop they bring their trailing leg up to be next to their forward leg. If the ref had done this Rondo would not have tripped. The ref also only took about Half a step most people would have created more distance. I think after the trip start Rando didn’t try very hard to stop the contact.

    Fine Rando, don’t suspend him.

    By the way I’m a Hawks fan. I want to see them bet the Celtics full roster. No need for excusses.

  263. Watch the feet. says:

    Watch the rondo post game video. It shows a better angle of his foot landing on the heel of the ref. If you think it was intentional, then I guess you’ve never tripped in your life before. I don’t care who you are, when you lose your balance while walking, you’re not going to magically avoid hitting the ref unless you dive to the side.

  264. Sophia says:

    Not even a Boston fan, but no way should he be suspended. He got ejected, now move on to the next game. I’m so annoyed with these stupid a$$ little calls the league and officials make. You can’t even hardly dunk anymore without getting called for taunting or hanging on the rim.

  265. Rahul says:

    i dont get it, he gets a tech for the arguing ,which is pretty normal these days . The second he gets a tech ,he goes towards the ref, bumps his chest out and pushes his shoulders back . if he did it unintentionally it would be without his shoulders going back . Evryone can try it . as to why he gave a slight bump , maybe because he realised the stupidity of his actions a fraction of a second too late. even with rondo’ swords u can get that he knows he is wrong , he never ever said he was sure it was accidental , always with a maybe or “i think”. so not a bad call. stop hating on the refs when u lose . cause when u win never any complaints .

  266. Gokukid says:

    I’m so used to seeing players bump after a good play, and undeniably Rondo bumped the ref, see how he stretched his shoulders?

  267. Ben says:

    That was 100% intentional, watch him, he bumps him then chages direction and walks away, if he got ejected there was no need to walk into the ref like that. I have never liked rondo, he is one of the biggest grubs in the NBA and i dnt no how people havent picked up on that over the years. As a matter of fact, baring ray ray, the whole team are dirty. I no these are very strong and bold statements but that is my opinion and who can honestly say that they havent felt the same (not including the celtics fans in that discussion)

  268. adwhois says:

    Are we seriously considering suspending players for a light (possibly accidental) bump into a ref (that had already tossed him?) The ref didnt even move as a result of the bump. Clearly a non-issue.

  269. Steve McFly says:

    That was clearly intentional. He stumbled stopped and stuck out his chest and then went forward into the ref. Could have easily avoided the ref.

  270. Stack says:

    Who cares if it’s intentional or not. Celtics will win the series with the referees help. It’s all about the money and Celtics will bring it in.

  271. petejmcd says:

    there’s no question it was intentional, the most disappointing thing is how Rondo’s trying to pretend he tripped and that it was an accident. Come on now Rondo – it was intentional. For the sake of the series maybe just a hefty fine but I wouldn’t be surprised if the league takes a more serious tone on this sort of thing.

  272. lakersfan says:

    That was not intentional. He tripped.

  273. CarlosKing says:

    Fine Rondo and let him play game 2…as for me it was intentional and about the bad call? it was clearly a foul. -came from a Heat Fan.but again i want Boston and Heat in the Eastern Final.

  274. mikaaa says:

    clearly intentional

  275. deluxe says:


  276. Pau says:

    obviously its intentional! can’t you see rondo stuck his chest out! one game suspension is enough though to teach everybody a lesson to respect the officials.

  277. glagla says:

    I think anytime an nba player uses the words intentional and unintentional they must be fined large cos they obviously hav no idea of the meaning of thoz words (cf metta world peace)

  278. kavika6 says:

    He has more of a reputation for picking fights than for being clumsy.

  279. KingJames says:

    it was a lil intentional,but not hard at all,frustration came together,would have done the same -.- refs were all game on hawks side,a fine will do it. no suspension.

  280. Awesome says:

    oh c’mon did you see the way his body move towards the ref…yes he stripped but beforehand his intension is to bump the ref..what about his reaction when he the ref motioned his out?nothing because he intend to do please don’t justify what he has done..

  281. Jason says:

    Watch at 30sec. If he was off balance he would put his arms forward. Instead he puts his arms back and chest forward. It is so obvious that he meant to do it. Clearly all Celtics fans are saying otherwise!

  282. abchome says:

    It’s clearly intentional for Christ sake. This has to be at least 2 games suspension. Blame no one but Rondo for ruining Big 3’s last run. Even JR Smith didn’t do anything crazy for the one sided officiating in the Knicks/Heat game.

  283. Huddo says:

    That was intentional. He trips, gathers himself and then puffs his chest out. I love how he says he knows the rules, he threw a ball at an official only a few months ago. Obviously doesn’t understand the rule about refs being off limits.

  284. Lookey Look says:



    Look At the old guy in the back ground





  285. Bill says:

    First off it wasn’t a bad call at all. Playoffs of not that was a foul and Rondo bumped the ref on purpose. Yes he tripped but caught himself it time to stop contact. I won’t lie, I’m a Lakers fan but I actually want the Celtics to win the series because I believe they have the best chance of knocking out the Heat whom I despise.

  286. david says:

    if i were rondo ill bumb him. he should quit his job and go home.useless ref nba should fine him not rondo. PS: im not a celtics fan.

  287. Celtics says:

    Looks like all the Hawks fans are scared of Rondo being there and calling for a suspension. This whole thing is being blown out of proportion and a fine is appropriate, but not a suspension.

  288. Craig says:

    For the people who say the refs made a bad call and cost Boston the game shame on you, to those who say that Rondo intentionally chest bumped the ref shame on you. People who put blame on the refs have obviously never reffed a game of basketball in your life. Refs make wrong calls all the time which has nothing to do with their ability as a ref, it is impossible to get every call right.

    Rondo did not deliberately chest bump the ref, he was how ever in the wrong for the way he argued the call, does not deserve a suspension though. We can’t judge him for the way he acted towards the ref though because most of us would have never been in such a high pressure situation like that before. I know I have over time had my fair share of blow ups at the ref in my time so I know the frustration that Rondo would have been feeling but at the end of the day, the refs don’t always get it right because they’re human and they do their best so they deserve a lot more respect from players and fans!

  289. Dex says:

    This blog is pointless. Arguing/debating over whether it was intentional is an utter waste of time. Only Rondo knows the truth. period.

  290. Rob says:

    I don’t know if anyone will know if it was intentional in my opinion it wasn’t i don’t think rondo expected him to just turn and stop but either way it is now a game of entertainment so the best path is to fine him and no suspension and keep the series as good as it can be and let him focus on doing it on the court and make the NBA money!

  291. Bods says:

    Sorry Mr. Atlsam you were asking if we actually seen the bump on live or in replay? but you intensify that “THE VIDEO SPEAKS FOR ITSELF” what video? live or replay? it’s the replay sir and it’s so obvious that the official made a bad call… Rondo over-reacted, rondo was thrown out of the game and i believe it was just..

  292. Bok says:

    Intentional, but it was a result of frustration. I’m not a Boston fan but I felt Rondo was contesting a questionable call. It could have been just a jump ball but the referee (in my opinion) jumped on the gun & called a foul. Whether suspension or fine (or both) will apply it’s the league’s call.

  293. KuSouL says:

    I hope Mark Davis doesn’t get a concussion.

  294. GABE says:

    suspension? what for??

  295. Adamski says:

    Rondo was out of place chasing the ref. It does not matter if the ref made bad calls. A player should always keep his composure. Rondo did not so the rules should be applied: 1 game suspension. You think a pro baller cares about a fine? It might sting, but not like a suspension. Let Rondo proof he can do better by making the Celtics win the series.

  296. fanofnoone says:

    for a boston fan it was not, for a hawks fan it was… to me who’s not a fan of either team, definitely it was…

  297. Louis says:

    no way that was intentional!

  298. Marten says:

    Pathetic ref,

  299. MichaelRaps says:

    As a raptors fan, and even more so an nba fan.. I’m not biased. I think that he may deserve the sec on technical from the refs standpoint, but definitely doesn’t deserve anything more than that. Him being ejected didn’t ‘cost’ them the game but if it was a jump ball (only 2 secs let on the shot clock) then there was still a very realistic chance the celtics coulda won the game.

    Not comparable to what metta world peace did at all. His was horrible. Rajob deserves to be suited up next game.

  300. duro says:

    I watched the clip again and I’m sure it WAS intentional. Rondo walks perfectly and AFTER aproaching the ref he gives him an extra bump. No discussion about that.

    About the ref’s decision damaging Celtics’ possibility of a W, firstly you have to demonstrate Celtics would have won that game (and they probably won’t).
    Secondly, refs are human and they can do mistakes. All those shouting against them are probably people doing any other job: if you are so clever and infallible, why aren’t you a top-rank ref?
    Thirdly, if a ref makes a mistake, you, as a player, are NOT allowed to physically “threaten” him like Rondo did. Otherwise we’ll get down to a “strength” culture in which the bigger one is always right. If you like it, go see dogfights or boxing.

  301. Joe says:

    If this is all it takes to get suspended, then the NBA has truly became a game for pussies. It’s been heading in that direction for some time now anyway….

  302. Bmd531 says:

    Atlanta fans are crazy if they think they’re winning this series! Yeah Rondo bumped the guy but he cost Boston the game. Even with poor shooting they would of won this and if Rondo has to be suspended one game so be it! Boston will take this series 4-1 or worse case scenario 4-2! Lets BE REAL!

  303. duro says:

    Lots of Boston fans saying it was “accidental” bumping. What an “un-biased” opinion, eh?

    Anyway, Rondo has this kind of “accidental” things every other game. Maybe a suspension would teach him to be a bit more careful with his body.

    But I’m afraid he’s not the type of guy who learns from these things.

  304. JC Pedelino says:

    It’s NOT intentional!!

  305. Richard says:

    As a true celtics fan, I have to say i disagree with the call- at least from my point of view. But i understand, that the refs are humans and only have two eyes, so he made a judgement call based on what HE saw. Rondo deserved the first technical, the second was questionable. He had all rights to blow the whistle twice, and send Rondo to the locker room as there was some contact, but the video doesnt lie- Rondo did not intentionally bump the referee. The leauge should revoke the second tech and just send rondo a nice fat bill.

    Its the playoffs, with a shortened season, of course emotions take control of you sometimes. I think Rondo’s actions were justified- sending a message to the refs that this is playoff basketball

  306. atlsam says:

    Were any of you people who say Rondo’s actions were not intentional actually watching the game? Or a replay? This whole thing is ridiculous and should not even have to be discussed. THE VIDEO SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!!!!!!!!! Now lets see what the NBA is made of – sorry you seem to hate the owners, but that’s not the point here!!! DO THE RIGHT THING AND FOLLOW THE RULES AND SUSPEND HIM FOR A GAME. If a Hawk player had done something like that, there would be no question, no discussion.
    The Hawks have played without Al Horford all season, without Zsa Zsa for a couple of weeks. That point NEVER seems to be mentioned when the Hawks posted the fourth best record in the east.
    The “precious” Celtics can play without Rondo. DO THE RIGHT THING NBA!!!!!!
    And get Shaq, Kenny and Charles out of our city. Kenny, you should be ashamed of yourself. And Charles, you have been talking all season about the play of Josh Smith and how he should have been an Allstar. Don’t you think 22 points and 18 rebounds had SOMETHING to do with the win. Not to mention overall great team play. Shaq, you are so stupid and egotistical (if you know what that means), anything you say is not even worth commenting on.
    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

  307. ym says:

    that ref dont know how to make the right calls and should be kicked out of the league. rondo should be fined half a million but no suspension.

  308. TEEVO says:

    that chest bump was intentional, but what the h3ll was the call for???? rondo probably had every right to be pissed off. i get so sick of the ref’s and they don’t seem to be held accountable for their stupid calls. fyi, i’m not a celtics fan.

    • Mcky says:

      He had every right to be pissed off. But that doesn’t mean that he also has the right to THREATEN a referee. I’m not saying that the bump was intentional in which I really think it is, but for goodness sake, this is PROFESSIONAL basketball. This ain’t no STREETBALL rules! Yes, the referee does make mistakes with the calls. But if you were on the referee’s shoes, I’m sooo sure you’d get the same heat the referee involved in this discussion got. The point is, EVERYBODY makes mistakes. And it may seem a FOUL to what you’ve seen with the camera angle, I’ma point this out again, EVERY REFEREE’S don’t see what you ALWAYS see! Even if you say that they can push the “REPLAY” button to correct the call, it doesn’t matter because the rules of the NBA doesn’t permit them to do it! Replays are only used to correct the positioning of the ball. Not alter fouls or jumpball situations. Just no! Next time, learn to apprehend the difference between RIGHTS and LIMITATIONS

    • Mcky says:

      By the way, I’m not a Hawks fan. I’m a Warriors fan speaking his mind up.

  309. Blizzy says:

    ok so lets break this down simple, first off its the playoffs players are gonna get emotional and things like arguing calls are gonna happen, second every broadcaster that has commented on this instance and most fans all agree this call and the one before it in the game were absolutely awful calls this call in particular is an obvious jump ball not a foul, (sorry hawks fans but its true) now Rondo does trip off the foot and that is noticeable and i do think he just lost his momentum and it swung him into the ref now did he make the most out of it, yes he did. does it deserve a suspension? not at all, a fine at most. He got ejected in a case where a ref called two technical fouls that turned a 4 point game into a possible 6 point game with less than two minutes left, if you were in the same situation would you not be emotional over a bad call? or even a good call that wasn’t your way? exactly what i thought, but to keep to basic Rondo at most should be fined but at the end of the day its the playoffs let them get emotional because its the emotion and intensity in this game is why we as fans love our teams and watch it and i think celtics fan or any other team if someone on your team had a similar offense put against him you would feel the same. he bumped a ref, he didnt flagrantly hit him or anything major, no more than a fine is what i call btw Boston in 7 games

    • Bill says:

      I agree with you on everything except one. The call was obviously correct. The Celtics player was all over Smith and hit him in the face. Smith secured the ball and not one Celtics player tied the ball up. It was clearly a foul.

  310. Bods says:

    That was a very bad call giving away game 1 to Atlanta.. Officials should be consistent on their calls. It’s playoff time, that call is a dumb call, calling a foul, bailing the other team without clearly having the possession of the ball..

  311. ian coronado says:

    official (davis) should be the one suspended and fined, cause davis tossed RR that he doesn’t know the situation behind him (rondo tripped). davis doesn’t know the bumped was not intentional and he ejected RR. davis should be suspended and fined!

  312. biggwonk says:

    he doesnt have major priors. you can clearly see him stumble into the referee. he will be fine. no suspension needed!

  313. Lakers#1 says:

    A one game suspension without a doubt! Rondo was obviously chest bumping the ref like a bully would do. We can’t have players intimidating the refs with physical contact. That was not a falling motion!

  314. Jeff says:

    Come on if you trip fall whatever you dont push your chest out as a reaction lol

  315. lucy Myclos says:

    That wasn’t intentional. He tripped on ref’s foot and bumped into him.If they punish Rando for a game..the referee have to be punish for the very bad call.

  316. Flint says:

    Intentional. He bowed out his chest for full contact. It’s clear as day. Hawks win.

  317. Whoever says:

    If you look CLOSELY at the end of the clip you can actually SEE Rondo accidently bumps into the referees foot, I dont believe it was his intent to bump him because if it were he would have bumped him a little bit harder…just my 2 cents…

  318. Travis says:

    My take is that Rondo was intentionally trying to intimidate by standing close but I feel his stumble resulted in him bumping into him which wasn’t his intention.

    I think whether he intentionally bumped him or not isn’t the real issue. It’s clear his body language and decision to follow and stand close to the ref is an attempt at intimidation. It’s that action that should be the cause of penalty. While touching a ref or making deliberate contact with a ref with the intent to harm is a serious issue, I feel that behaviour that can be construed as intimidation is just as serious.

    I agree with Rondo that it was a harsh foul and he was obviously frustrated by the way the Celtics played. However as professional sportsman you just have to accept that the levels of behaviour expected of you are greater than the average person. Is that right or wrong? Again moot point, that’s the situation, these players get paid very generous salaries and part of the reason for that is that they exist in public scrutiny. As such you just need to get with the program and learn how to cope with things that are frustrating.

    To that end he should probably be suspended, but I’d like to see more protection to refs, a lot of things are let go which to me leads to this type of behaviour. Let something small go and players test to see how far it is they can go. Make the refs a truly protected species and you’ll find you won’t even get incidents like this.

    Just for example, I come from Australia and in our national football code, AFL, if you even accidently touch an umpire you can get suspended. That forces players to use their awarness to make sure they don’t put themselves into positions that compromise umpires safety. While this might be a little extreme, something closer to this wouldn’t go astray in basketball.

  319. steagle says:

    It’s playoff basketball – let the players have a little bit of breathing room. Look at the technicals that stupid ref in the Miami-NY game gave out. Two players just jawing at each other – totally harmless and part of playoff basketball. I hate what the NBA is turning into. Imagine if the NHL started acting this way? It’s amazing that fans put up with referees dictating huge games like this from their personal, subjective reactions to certain situations.

    Anyways, sure Rondo was heated but look at this like a legal situation. Innocent until proven guilty. You have to prove that he meant to chest bump Mark Davis. There is evidence showing he accidentally tripped on Mark’s foot. In a courtroom situation, that evidence would likely outweigh any intent Rondo may have had in bumping into him. But I think the NBA will try to look tough and scare players into acting a certain way by giving Rondo the one game suspension.

    How I miss 80’s basketball. You could clothesline a guy and throw the ball at him afterwards and you’d just get a foul.

  320. Homietheclown says:

    Raps fan for the record…

    Seems to me like he trips on the refs foot. If he indeed do it on purpose it would be the dumbest move of all time: attempting to exert alpha-male-ness over the person who controls the game and I do know that Rondo is hot-headed. However I think it’s clear that he trips over the refs foot causing an off-balanced moment in the heat of the game. Tough call, not sure its enough for a suspension, very interested in the ruling

  321. Steve says:

    Im in Australia and could see it was anaccident from here.

  322. Dino Galvey says:

    If I was Rondo, in a close game, a bad call could change the momentum, I would have done the same. It was definitely intentional. If it wasn’t he would have reacted differently as he walked away. He didn’t even try to explain that the bump was not on purpose.. he knew what he was doing. BUT I feel that the ref’s call should be looked into as well. Come’on it’s the playoffs… let the boys play. Can’t believe it was only Bradley who tried pacifying Rondo… or explaining to the ref.

  323. brandon says:

    it should be a suspension… everybody saw that chest bump. he stuck his chest out and didnt argue after being ejected.

  324. Nba Fan says:

    It was intentional end of arguement those said it was an accident are Celtics fans you just don’t want them to lose,want proof of this? I have found a video from the Celtics and Hawks series page .Enter the site and view it at 2:35 because it has a better angle than this video here.

  325. Cab says:

    If Hedo Turkoglu got suspended for contacting an official so should Rondo. Plain and Simple.

  326. Ham says:

    Intentional – 1 game suspension. You can’t purposefully make contact with a ref – everyone knows this. Regardless of how little the contact was, it’s intimidation and it’s disallowed by the rules.
    Deal with it. I like Rondo but that’s pure stupidity.

  327. Lakeshow says:

    Watch his feet carefully. He clearly trips on the ref’s foot.

  328. Kyle says:

    .., For starters, I am Celtic fan and I’m not gonna be bias. First of all that should have been a jump ball because two opposing players where on the ground for what, about 2-3 seconds. Second, yes Rondo was a bit rough with his reaction but come on this is the playoffs. So expect different kinds of emotions coming from the players. That was him trying to protest a bad call. Marc Davis, if you are reading this, no offense but ejecting was a unmanly thing to do. You got bumped unintentionally and you quickly eject someone without trying to see or ask what really happened. Nobody likes the referees but at least try to be a good one. And for the N.B.A. league. Before judging what will be the fate of Rondo, please look in every angles of the situation. Do the right thing because not everything can be settled with suspensions and fines. Peace out everyone.

  329. CelticFan says:

    Rondo’s a G, he should’ve taken the damn refs head off for calling a foul on a scramble with 2 seconds on the clock, suspend him, fine him, we’ll still win. We’re down to playing with back up’s and bench warmers and are still better than the hawks and whoever comes next. The NBA is so soft, the Boston Celtics are too Rough.

  330. DRose says:

    Absolutely 100% INTENTIONAL…. and I am a bulls fan, so I don’t care who wins the series because the bulls going to beat either team that advance even without rose

  331. Mike says:

    celtics fan say unintentional and hawks fans say intentional… either way, if Rondo blew up in the refs face like that, it should have only been a technical foul- btw, I’m a Lakers fan – and he did trip on the refs foot.. is too close of a call to judge it being intentional or not, but either way, it was a slight tap, nothing to get fined or suspended over… the ejection was enough.. let the players play the damn game

  332. NBAMODERATOR says:

    and stop blaming the ref on this he made the right call Smith had the ball and he was clearly hint in the face several times, the call before that one was a big mistake from the ref but i would love to see any of this people hating the ref make a better call than the one he made, with their bionic eyes and supreme response

  333. Larry O'Connor says:


  334. cant stop the STAT! says:

    honestly it looks like he tripped a little into him. who knows whether or not that is how it went down but lets talk about the real problem here. the refs have made some of the all time worst calls this season and they continue to get worse. did anyone watch game one of the heat and knicks game? the refs were handing out technicals to new york like candy which ended up demoralizing them to the point of wondering why they should bother playing. this time boston gets slapped with a terrible call in a crucial game time decision. the sad thing is that people view it as excuses and complaining until it happens to their team. i guarantee that almost every team was screwed by terrible calls this season. the NBA needs to do something in order to improve the quality of the refs so as to prevent things like this from happening. guarantee it would cut down on technical fouls as well

  335. BC says:

    Mark Davis should also be scrutinized for that CLEAR BAD CALL!
    If NBA can suspend/eject players for going overboard, its high time
    NBA should also make some ruling to REVIEW bad calls & no calls from
    referees and SUSPEND them, too. These lousy calls are ruining the games & the NBA!
    These bad calls/no calls are happening in every game, if referees are not
    competent to make good calls well then they should better quit!

  336. ASHTON says:

    It was so intentional, Rondo even pulls his shoulders back to extend his chest into the referee. Rondo explains after the game to the media that he tripped!!!!!LOL really? tripped? Bad sportsmanship for a player who is in the top 10 for MVP

  337. anonymonous says:

    the celtics are going to fail, but don’t make them fail even more be suspending rajon rondo, just fine him, the refs are so unfair

  338. NBAMODERATOR says:

    the truth is that he lost his step, but afterwards he pushed the referee with his chest intentionally. We all know taht there are rules in this games and we love it like that one of those rules is about agresion in the court against any person in it, he did it out of frustration and he is human so this things happen but they cant go unpunished. We all saw what world war i mean peace did he got punished because he didnt follow the freakin rules the same goes with rondo. I hope he gets a fine not a suspension because we know what that could mean to boston. By the way i hate boston still i like playoffs to be competitive, and i hate to see a great player off the court. I rest my case!

  339. Colton says:

    that was so clear your could tell that it was on perpose

  340. DALGART says:

    Watching the Game. Rondo deliberately “Bump” the official, as a matter of fact he actually stepped on the refs shoe, in order to get close enough to “Bump”. He cost the Celtics a “potential” win, since at that time they were just 4 points apart.
    Due to Rondos ejection earlier this season, by throwing the Ball at the Ref, they will definitely suspend him for the “Bump”.
    Whether it’s a “light” Bump or not, the Rule definitely incdicates that you can not even “Touch” the ref.
    Yes his past History, will definitely cost him here…

  341. ian coronado says:

    if rondo does not extend his chest(man’s instinct) to davis, there will be a ugly result “headbutt”

  342. MAGICFAN says:

    I’m pretty sure it was intentional but like some others have said, this is the playoffs, and you don’t really need to suspend an impact player for a game for an incident this small. The whole thing wouldn’t have happened had they got the initial call right anyways. He should probably get fined because the hit was still unnecessary but Boston will likely lose game 2 if he’s out and all I want to see is a competitive series. -Coming from an unbaised Magic fan’s opinion.

  343. Grant says:

    Intentional or not, you can not try and staunch out a referee like that and not expect him to react the only he can and the only way he can was to eject him. It was not a dumb call by the ref it was a dumb move by Rondo.

  344. Flynnestergates says:

    that was intentional. if it weren’t he would have argues it but instead he just walked strait off because he knew he did it…

  345. see, i dont think he did that to “Complete the protest” i think that is rather ridiculous. i also dont think he meant to initiate contact. i think he lost balance in his mind or something. its like climbing up a flight of stairs and continuing when you reach the top. you stumble.

    hard example to illustrate..

  346. impartial observer says:

    You can debate whether the call was right, you can debate whether its justice to remove their best player for a key game, but its just stupid to argue that it was unintentional… anyone who argues that is an idiot or a liar.

  347. tinyboii says:

    That was intentional, see the shoulder of rondo when he bumps the ref..

  348. bella says:

    im a solid celtics fan. but rondo did it intentionally. nuff said. w/ or without rondo we can win game 2 and the series.

  349. EB13 says:

    i replayed it like 5 times and that’s an accident, i think you fine him because there’s a zero tolerance policy about touching refs accident or not but that doesn’t deserve a suspension

  350. Dave says:

    Intentional, there really can’t be much doubt.

    I think its a slippery slope if they let it go. How much do players get away with?

  351. ian coronado says:

    look at the whole situation. rondo tripped and extends his chest to davis and that’s man’s instinct!
    e.g. there is a wall infront of you and suddenly you tripped, man’s instinct is to extend his arms to the wall to prevent head damage. secondly, if you are too close into the wall man’s quick response is to extend his chest to prevent his head hitting the wall. that’s inborn.. there should be no suspension

  352. anonymous says:

    as a bulls fan i dont support either team. but as i see in the video, rondo DOES stumble upon the refs foot but rondo however sticks out his chest to bump him out therefore should be punished. i would say game suspension is too much but rather a heavy fine where it will hurt him (financially) more. either way celtics arent beating the hawks but its still a great machup!

  353. Brian Scalabrine says:

    This is gay. They treat the refs like they’re some gods or somthin. Just fine him and leav the kid alone

  354. erinzky12 says:

    It is a very clear intentional and i’m upset on Rondo about it

  355. What do you care? says:

    Its a shame that the referee’s call goes unscrutinized while Rondo is at the receiving end. It was a display of poor officiating from a fellow that doesn’t deserve to be on the officiating crew. Now that doesn’t mean that I endorse what Rondo did. Absolutely not! And I think it was intentional. I think in a high stakes situation like this the referees should be reprimanded equally for poor calls. Or the silly league should come up with a review system that will review the referee calls right on the spot and if its a poor call have someone superior to the referees on the floor over rule the call and move on with the game. Doing something like that will be fair to both sides. Why should the league review the shots that are taken right when the buzzer goes off to see if it was a good shot or not and then turn a blind eye to something like this?

  356. micheal says:

    he didn’t “trip”. that was flat out on purpose, not a big deal really, but you cant touch the officials like that, one game is fitting. im pretty sure KG did something similar in 2008 series vs hawks, but nothing happened. (no surprises there)

  357. Victor Manoel de Brito says:


    Man, you’re absolutely correct!

  358. theflowson says:

    it did look intentional after looking at the second video, but honestly it doesn’t really deserve any more attention or any further discipline besides a fine. It’s the playoffs, people get emotional sometimes, this was nothing really.

  359. Jc says:

    i’m a big Rondo fan, but it was definitely intentional. But also I didn’t think the rule should be this, I think he sould be ejected and be fined, but a one game suspension in the playoffs maybe is too much

  360. carlos morales says:

    even though i dont like rondo but that was accidental. he he tripped on the refs right foot which caused him to lunge forward and ended up bumping in to the ref

  361. Dean says:

    First off Celtics fans complaining that it was a bad call in the first place are out of their minds Josh Smith had a guy laying on top of him and was whacked enough to lose his headband, it was a foul and called correctly. Rondo lost his cool deserved the tech and continued after the fact which got him ejected don’t think he deserves to be suspended but i can see the league doing so.

  362. KnightofHyrule says:

    First of all, why are some people saying that the call cost Boston the game? Their abysmal first quarter cost Boston the game.

    Secondly, don’t be delusional. The bump was 100% on purpose. He should have never been that close to the referee in the first place!!!

  363. Eric says:

    I think Rondo should be suspended for 1 game and fined. Bad call or not you are a professional athlete you can react that way.

  364. TOMAS says:

    What is happening to NBA nowadays? The power and muscle game is turning to be a fragile dont touch me national basketball league. And what about those refs, are they made of crystal to not be allowed to be touched?

    • Esporbili says:

      How would you feel if somebody chest bumps you in your job? The refs are part of the game and their calls are too. Rondo got two games suspension this year for throwing a ball at an official. This time he physically went after the official and bumped him. I am very interested to see what happens. If this was the regular season he would get four games suspesion…minimum! As a fan of the game you have to respect the officials. The games couldn´t be played without them, whether we like it ir not. This bump, coming from a player that already has shown anger towards the person making the calls… so selfish!!! As an ex basketball player and coach, you owe it to your team mates and your fans. He is leting everybody down for that one moment of indulgence. He is supposed to be a professional. Do you bump into your boss when he tells you something you don´t like? I didn´t think so!

    • i76core says:

      the rule book doesn’t say that the refs can’t be touched but i think it states that the refs should be respected.

      btw, this is NBA and not professional wrestling. there are norms that should be followed for the sport. let us just thank the refs that they’re calling it that way because if it isn’t then we won’t have anything to watch because all the great basketball players will be injured.

      • Peter says:

        It wasn’t called this way in the golden 80s-90’s era of basketball – in the Jordan, Magic and Bird days.

        I didn’t see any more players being injured in those days then I see these days…all I saw was more physical and competitive basketball, where the better (and tougher) team won.

        In 5 years I will probably stop watching the NBA and switch to netbal for the extra physical contact. 😛

  365. Oli says:

    Everyone who thinks this is on purpose is stupid. You can clearly see in the video that Rondo tripped on the refs foot, and his momentum carried him forward, it is blatantly obvious…

  366. kvb says:

    How on earth can you say that was a bad call? Not sure if he will get suspended it’s hard to tell

    • Bill says:

      It was ballsy and it was correct. Great call by the ref to call the foul and not award a jump ball to the Celtic who would rather be in MMA lol.

  367. Nate says:

    further more, if he really tripped, first reaction is to stick out your arms to balance and grab for support, not stick out your chest.

  368. Seph says:

    For the Lord’s sake, that was purely intentional.. He stick out his chest just to make an impact. Also, the ground of fault here is that Ronda went after the Referee..

  369. Nate says:

    indeed he did stumble on his foot, but it wasnt one that would force him to move forward. its like stepping on the back of someones shoe when walking; you dont just fly forward and bump them. You could clearly see him continue forward, bend back his shoulder blades to stick out his chest, and create contact with the ref.

  370. AJ says:

    This is beyond stupid..first the ref makes a terrible’s friggin playoffs and guys are chasing loose ball..give a jumpball with 2 sec remaining for atlanta…a total bad call which ended up costing celtics the they want to suspend rondo for tripping!’d b shockd if he gets anything but a fine..

  371. Valdy says:

    It wasn’t intentional. Hawks fans say it is and the rest of the nba say it isn’t.

  372. Rob says:

    2 bad calls by the same ref in under 30 secs. Fishy.

  373. charlie says:

    it’s not his fault.

  374. Bry says:

    he was very upset but bump seems unintentional just a natural response to tripping, video depicts a body bump clearly an accident. if the league wants to take action, nothing more than a simple fine for his overzealous contest.

  375. james says:

    he should be ejected for at least 1 game o yea go HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill says:

      Smart Heat fan lol. Without the Bulls in the way the Celtics are the only legit threat to Miami. GO LAKERS!!!!

      • Peter says:

        Yeah, I’m actually over hating Lebron and Girl-scout Bosh now – but it’s idiotic fans liek this that still keep me hating the Heat. I’d love nothing more then to see NY knock them out in the first round, but I don’t see it happening.

  376. Jed Borromeo says:

    THAT WAS TOTALLY AN ACCIDENT!! well if you could see the foot of the referee is suddenly stuck out of Rondo’s foot that why he pull out to his chest.. but for me that’s not intentionally..

    • i76core says:

      REALLY!!! is that the same way you’ll react (put out your chest) when tripped?

      From your standpoint, it seems that it is the ref who should be suspended because he stuck his foot… AMAZING!!!

      BTW, how much is your bet on this series?

  377. grifafola says:

    Stern’s no fool. Whether or not he’ll be suspended is not up for debate…it’s just a matter of how many games.

  378. anon1 says:

    it was intentional.. typical celtic player.. they play dirty

  379. Renato says:

    It was clearly intentional but he shouldn´t be suspended.Terrible play by a guy who is supposed to be the Celtic´s brain on the court.And the play he was complaining about was clearly a foul on Josh Smith.

  380. Lol says:

    Intentional or not no suspension, stop overracting and fine him.

  381. Coffee says:

    Common…we all know that was not intentional. LOL! Lets go Celtics!

  382. Darius says:

    That was clearly a foul.. the ref made the right call and rondo lost his cool and INTENTIONALLY bumped into him… for those who say otherwise are kidding themselves.. go by the rules one game suspension

    • Bill says:

      Thank you someone else you knows basketball and realizes that WAS A FOUL. The ref actually had balls to call the play CORRECT for once and everyone is crying about it just because it was a tight game. I guess everyone thinks that Kenny, Chuck and Shaq know what they’re talking about lol.

  383. jesse says:

    yeah no game suspension.

  384. Nick Paralemos says:

    Rondo reaction was fair because the call was a jump ball!!! not foul and the refs made the dumbest call ever!!!! tht triggered rondos bad reaction!!!!! and i totally on rondos side

    • Bill says:

      Foul all day. The celtics player never really got his hands on the ball. He had his hands all over the Hawks player. Foul all day.

    • John says:

      Am I the only person that watched the game that saw the Celtics player grab the Hawks player by the head? Sure he could’ve called for a jump ball but with contact to the head I see absolutely no problem with him calling the foul. All the Celtics fans obviously see if through one set of eyes. I mean the Hawks were still in the driver’s seat in this game. It’s not as if this call meant a Celtics victory. I hope Rondo isn’t suspended because I think the Hawks are better anyway.

  385. someguyinsac says:

    I’m thinking a harsh fine should suffice here, he didn’t run up on the ref like most players do when they’re PO’d.

  386. NBAFAN says:

    It was intentional. You dont push your chest out like that when you’re “stumbling”… yes he did hit Davis’s foot… but if you watch the slowmo replay it’s pretty clear it was intentional. That being said it ISN’T worth a suspension, getting ejected from the game was punishment enough. A fine could be thrown in to make the league look better… but that tiny bump isn’t worth a suspension, it’s not like he shoved the ref or something bad.

    • Diddy says:

      I really don’t think it was intentional and I am a Celtics hater along with no being a fan of Rajon. He should be fined for excessive barking at the official but that was a brutal call in that juncture of the game. I would have been mad too. I’m objective and I say a fine but no suspension. You clearly see that he stumbled forward a bit which caused him to bump into him. The replay shows that he stepped on the ref’s shoe. Be objective people.

  387. Mike says:

    Watching the playoff the last couple showed that refs can do whatever they want. There were a lot of one way calls. The refs are intentionally favor certain teams or making dumb calls after another

  388. 1greatplayer says:

    nba=GARBAGE refereeing i hope you read this david stern, you and your referees get paid to help people win

    • Bill says:

      It was a foul. Lose balls don’t give you the right to jump on peoples backs and slap them across the face. I’ve seen that play a million times in the regular season and it’s a foul. Foul then, foul in the playoffs. Doesn’t matter if it’s a close game.

      • Peter says:

        No one got slapped on the face…it was a typical hustle play with both teams fighting for possession and it was clearly a close call. Hustle plays like this are typically very hard to call, and as such they will usually be called a jump ball, but this one was called a foul beause the officials wanted a quick bail out.

        Still no excuse for Boston losing the game though.

      • james says:

        Bill, I’m with you. They usually let contact slide whe there is a loose ball situation on the ground.. However, this one was too obvious. You just can’t get away with wrapping your arms around a guys head, whether or not you are going for a loose ball.

  389. cj_jam says:

    that was clearly intentional… don’t defend the guy… only a naive person would say this is an accident… he lost his cool and handled it the wrong way… period!!!!

  390. 1greatplayer says:

    LOL the NBA deleted my comments because they were true

  391. Bruno says:

    I hate Rondo for life but this is a total accident…He tripped…

    • Bill says:

      He tripped, then regained his footing, then stuck his little chest out to bump the ref. You’re funny Bruno.

  392. Jimbo says:

    Clearly intentional. Suspend him 2 games. First for the foot kick (trip) on the ref. Second for chest bump. What a freak!

    • DCouto says:

      #hater…if your gonna make a statement about it at least make some sense…appreciate it

    • Peter says:

      Idiotic response..

      Foot kick? He didn’t kick his foot, he TRIPPED on it. But you’re right, Boston players typically DO get called for fouls when they get tripped by people, so considering usuall league reaction towards Celtics players he probably will get 2 games.

      Honestly, I don’t care what the rules say – it’s a small and petty action, he’s a key player, and it’s the playoffs. I’d say give him a fine an a very sharp warning – then if he does the same thing again, immediate suspension.

      I’m not biased either – I’d say the same thing if it was an Atlanta player who did it. Playoffs are too important and should be decided by who is the better team, not by things like this.

  393. THEMsFleming says:

    It was what it was…give him a fine and let’s move on.

  394. Carl says:

    It was intentional, but there’s no reason to suspend him.

    • james says:

      Carl, the rule book says a suspension is mandatory for “intentional” contact with an official. So there is a very good reason to suspend him if it is deemed intentional. They would have to erase a rule from the rule book to keep him from getting suspended.

  395. Aaron says:

    That was completely intentional. Dont like the call deal with it, but dont touch the refs.

  396. valencia says:

    referees are so unfair now a days

  397. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Are you kidding me, Sekou? People shouldn’t argue about this bump. IT WAS CLEARLY INTENTIONAL. The way it’s written, some people will think he lost his balance and made contact with the referee accidentally. But we can discuss his punishment. Not his intentions…

  398. nonno says:

    totally intentional. with priors, one game suspension will do fine

  399. Hush says:

    Intentional. Period.

  400. PA24 says:

    whoever thinks that wasn’t intentional is a clown. e stumbled caught himself then bumped the ref. rondo has always been a hot head and he made a dumb move in the heat of the moment. the only reason he won’t get suspended is bcuz he plays for the celtics and with the bulls done the nba needs them to go far. if he misses game 2 the c’s are done. the nba can’t have that.

    • Peter says:

      Are you kidding? It’s quite the contary – Boston almost ALWAYS get the short end of the stick when it comes to reaction from the league and officials. They get called for every little touch – you can all but guarantee Rondo will get a suspension.

      The only exception is Ray Allen beause he has a reputation as a nice guy, so he tends to get fairer treatment. The others can never catch a break.

  401. AK says:

    It looks accidental…he tripped on the ref’s foot.

  402. the man says:

    intentional or not it was only a tap to the refs back. i am pretty sure he didnt feel it. just fine the guy and go on

    • Hush says:

      Players cannot touch game officials in any way. That is the rule.

      Rondo did trip on the official’s foot but he did not lose his balance nor composure. Then, he kept walking and he pushed his chest out and bumped the official.

      The images are very, very clear.

      Was it a hard push? No, it was not. Did he intentionally touch the official? Yes, and he deserves a fine and one game suspension.

      • 24allday says:

        Hush, I completely agree. In all honesty I am a Laker fan and couldn’t care less about the outcome of this incident, however it is a rule and a clear rule. If you intentionally make physical contact with a ref you get as one game suspension and a fine. The video is clear and he deserves the one game suspension. Now, let’s move on to a series that means something,

  403. Rico says:

    he skip on the back of his foot

  404. Stone says:

    He tripped on the refs foot and bumped into him. NOT intentional.

    • Common Sense says:

      Why was he that close to the ref to begin with? Technically if he tripped on the ref’s foot in the act of yelling at said ref, it is intentional contact to the ref’s foot.

      • Peter says:

        Do you even understand what the word ‘intentional’ means? Do you need a dictionary?

        The ‘intending’ to get up close to someone is not the same as ‘intending’ to make contact with them. That said, I think the bump was 50/50 – the initial bump was accidental from the trip, but the extra ‘chest bump’ was intentional. That’s my take on it.

  405. wUT says:

    He was to close you don’t have to be that close up in the refs space to make a point, he broke the personal bubble space. Its a sign of disrespect.

    • Peter says:

      You get a technical for being disrespectful to a referee, not a suspension

      The technical is undisputed…the supension is what people are debating. I think getting up in the ref’s face was perfectly justified given that Atlanta would have reacted the same way if the call went the other way…but the physical contact is going too far.

    • Basketball studies says:

      Its funny how everyone say he tripped but no one is asking why he was running up on the ref in the 1st place. lol

  406. w00t says:

    if u watch the replay. it shows rondo foot being tied up with the ref which made him lean forward and hit him. whether it was intentional or not, the celtics are garbage. they wont win 1 game this serious. i call it

    • w00t says:


    • sam says:

      boston in 5 games and this reff stinks!!!!

    • Peter says:

      LOL based on what – the regular season series that Boston won 3-1, or the fact that Atlanta have never beaten Boston in the Playoffs since the Big 3 era?

      Not saying Boston will win (it can go either way) but saying Boston can’t win a game is just plain idiotic given how closely matched these teams are.

      • John says:

        Actually Boston won the series 2-1 and now with the playoff game they are 2-2. Two closely matched teams. I personally think Atlanta is flat out better but I guess time will tell. Atl is the one team in the playoffs that never seems to get any respect. They’ve been in the Eastern Conf Semi’s 3 straight years yet nobody gives them a chance to beat Boston???? I’m a little suprised by that and I think Atlanta is gonna make a little noise in the playoffs.

  407. sam says:

    Rondo shouldnt even be fined!!!!
    the reff should be fined and fired for costing boston game1 and possibly the seiries!!!

    i think he is the most hated man in boston!!!! other than bobby valentine!!!!
    nice job atlanta hawk fan, looser!!!!!
    he shold loose his job!!!
    rondo should put on a show the next game hes back and blow for 50!!!!!!
    he will!!!

    • Domart says:

      you are incredibly biased and dont know a jack’s worth of basketball. First of all, the celtics were gonna ‘loose” — i think you mean lose– the game either way. Second of all, how are is anybody gonna bump a ref and not get expected to be fined. It’s dumb fans like you that make this league so hard to appreciate.

      • NBA_GUY says:

        Well spoken buddy. Boston fans are idiots period. They have to be worse then New York fans.

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        “How are is….?” WTH? If you are going to correct the reply of someone else, then maybe you should try harder to get your reply correct. “How are is anybody gonna bump a ref and not get expected to be fined?” You are hysterical! “Not get expected to be fined?” lmao

      • Alex says:

        I applaud you Domart. Really is just bias and stupidity.

      • Peter says:

        Not all Boston fans are biased and irrational. I’m a Boston fan and though he legitimately DID trip and stumble towards the official, I do feel the extra ‘bump’ was intentionally thrown in there for good measure. He may not have intended for to be so noticable, but I’m pretty sure he meant it.

        And c’mon, you need to give some credit to the bandwagon Lakers and Miami fans – they are CLEARLY the worst in all sports.

  408. skunk says:

    pretty close call, he did kinda stumble a bit, but i think he had regained his footing before he bumped the ref. and that it was a small bump makes me think he meant to do it but not some blatant push to the ground.

  409. Rav says:

    I’m a Celtics fan; the bump was definitely intentional. There may have been a small trip, but in addition to the falling/leaning motion Rondo stuck out his chest.

    If the punishment for a physical altercation with a referee is a one-game suspension, then he deserves the suspension. I hope it’s just a fine though!

    • kentoutcourt says:

      I am exactly in the same position as you. In all fairness, even if I’m a Celtics and Rondo fan, I think he should get one game. He was right, the ref was bad, but you can’t bump him. That’s it.

      I’m not sure I only want a fine. Let’s say he plays game 2, and they win because of him, people will always say: “what if…”

      I really he should get the one-game suspension, and I hope he does. We’ll win anyway!

  410. anonymous says:

    its the playoffs, let it slide. But give him i fine i guess to teach em a lesson.

  411. LazyBalls says:

    Rondo claims accident. Seriously…I CANNOT stop laughing.

  412. yesganesh says:

    Hey come on Kid! How in the world you can do a “chest bump” to a referee !… Get ready for fun with META !

  413. LazyBalls says:

    That was as accidental as World Peace’s elbow

    • Domart says:

      hahahha yes. exactly, all the celtics fans saying it was on accident…

    • Jordan says:

      Well put

    • dalauder says:

      Exactly–MWP didn’t mean to clock Harden squarely in the back of the head. He just wanted to shove the nearest Thunder player out of his way and it went a lot worse than planned (although it was never a well thought out plan). Similarly, Rondo wanted to get up in the official’s face, but happened to trip on his way there and instead of stopping 4 inches from the ref, he bumped him. Poor judgement call and bad luck = suspension.

  414. greatknick says:

    intentional 1 game suspension automatic, Hawks go up 2-0 and sweep the series

  415. Domainsnext says:

    Accident or not, it was a bad call that cost Boston the game. The league should punish the referee on the bad call as they punish the players with technical fouls. We are talking about winning or losing a championship. If you are going to punish Rondo for a game, you should punish the referee for two games without pay.

    • chris says:

      bad call that costs them the game? we were 4 up with 40 secs left on our side of the court.. how did that cost the game? best scenario its a jump ball for you guys.. and if it was the opposite way around you would be screaming for a foul if a guy was all over ur players back on the ground.. dont be retarded

      • Rondo4life says:

        It was a questionable call. It didn’t cost them the game, but any missed call with less than 2 minutes to go and the score that close will have an impact on the game. And after watching the Clippers come back against the Grizzlies right afterward, who’s to say that call could have stopped a run?

        The bump was definently not intentional, but Rondo didn’t do himself any favors by being pissed thru the whole sequence.

        I’m definently not trying to draw attention away from Josh Smith’s game.

      • Candie says:

        “we”??? LOL dont say “we” like you just played with them…

      • alex says:

        can’ t you read and see?

      • David says:

        I’m a Celts fan and I was with you most of the way. Right until your last sentence blew your whole argument. Think about the hurtful words you use before hitting Submit next time.

    • NBA_GUY says:

      Spoken like a typical Celtics fan. Hawks won the game fair and square. This is not the same Hawks team from 2008.

    • Alex says:

      If you seriously think that the supposed bad call single handedly cost Boston the game, there is no hope for you. The announcers went over a play earlier in the game that should have been an and one for the Hawks and instead was an offensive foul. If the Hawks had lost, could I have said that this was the game deciding call? Have to be kidding me. And punishing a ref for a bad call? Bad calls happen every game, Do you seriously think that they would deny a ref his pay for making a supposed mistake?

      • DistantFan says:

        When players train so hard to get to that point in their career it’s simply not acceptable that a referee makes a bad decision. Its bad enough when the player has to deal with his own shortcomings and failures at crunch time, but to be denied by a referee error is just not acceptable. I wouldn’t say the ref loses his pay, I would just say he can’t referee in any remaining games in the playoffs that involve either of these teams. and if a referee can’t take a ‘bump’ like that he should switch to another career – the way i see it that was extreme self-control that Rondo showed not to actually hit the guy.
        And one more thing – 4 points in 40 seconds… we’ve seen many games turned around in that much time.
        And in closing: it doesn’t matter whether the error cost the game. The referee has to call the game according to what happened, not what he thinks happened. He’s getting paid to do his job, and is therefore accountable for any mistakes. Forget the celebrity status of the sport. Errors of judgment in any business have repercussions – re-training, warnings or dismissals.

      • Peter says:

        Why not?

        If a ref makes a bad call and a player aggressively disputes it, the ref’s have no hessitation throwing out technicals which the players also receive a fine for. If the player was right, and it WAS a clearly bad call why shouldn’t the players fine and technical be reversed, and the official be find instead? .

        I think the NBA should investigate these calls after games (just like they do with techicals) and if it’s a very tough call, then give the official a break…but if it’s a very obvious bad call, why should the official not be penalised for it? They get paid good money to do their job and do it fairly, so why should they be able to get away with anything? It would give the officials more reason to keep their eyes open and be careful what they call.

        How about the garbage the other day – can’t remember what team was player, but an officially ran INTO a player’s path on a fast break, and based on ‘the rule’ the offensive team got penalised and lost posession for making contact with an official. That is absolute garbage – that official should have been fined for interupting the game.

      • Peter says:

        As for this game, I’m a Boston fan and yes..the call was questionable. But, you can’t really say it cost Boston the game.

        Boston’s horrible play in the first half (especially the first quarter) cost them the game. Atlanta outplayed them for the entire first half, and then played good enough to hold them off in the second half – they put themselves in a position where they could afford a couple of bad calls if they had to. Boston played the worst game I’ve seen them play for a LONG time.

    • ConfusedFan says:

      I totally agree with you here. People are trying to place all this blame on Rondo while completely ignoring the terrible, game changing call the ref made. There should absolutely be more accountability from the referees in the game. Accident or not, the bump Rondo gave the ref was quite slight, and yet it has blown up into such a huge deal. It just seems like the referees have ended up with far too much power in the game and not nearly enough accountability considering what a large effect their actions have. For the record, I’m not even a Celtics fan, but I still find this whole situation ridiculous.

      • MackDaddy says:

        when a player gets ejected, it completely takes the wind out of their sails…. especially if its an important a player as rondo.

        ref should be ashamed of himself.

      • i76core says:

        an intentional bump to the refs, even the slightest one, is a form of disrespect. these are professional players we’re talking about, they need to act as professionals.

      • ConfusedFan says:

        With how bad the referees have been officiating these playoffs so far, they deserve some disrespect in my opinion. Obviously not in the form of a chest, but still, the officiating thus far has been a bit suspect to say the very least.

    • cant stop the STAT! says:

      couldn’t agree more. the refs have been beyond terrible this game. game one of the knicks game was lost because of a terrible shooting night and the fact that they had to play against the refs as well. finding competent refs should not be so hard of a problem

      • SammyJBaby says:

        Not only that, but the refs had an awful call that involved the ball going out of bounds on Josh Smith’s hand, and said it was off Rondo. Go to heck NBA refs, celtics ftw that bump was unintentional what of it

      • Peter says:

        Yeah but the Knicks played the Heat – you know you have no hope of having a fair game when you play Miami. The Heat get more BS calls in their favour then any other team on earth.

        Wade can clothesline a guy and give him a concussion and three broken limbs, but he still won’t get a flagrant. Boah and Lebron whinge, cry, whine and throw their hands around after every no call and get nothing…but Stiemsma gets tripped by anyone on another team and you can bet your butt he’ll get called for an offensive foul.

        Stiesma gets it worse then anyone – one of the few guys who never complains, never argues and is always respectful towards officials, yet he gets called if he so much as smiles at someone.

      • Jason says:

        Poor Peter,

        So your Knicks get trounced in Game 1 and you cry there is a conspiracy against them with Miami getting the benefit of BS fouls? Would you like a drool bib too? Geeze, win or lose you New York fans will never be happy and always complain about everything!!! You are over matched and will be swept in 4. Better luck next year…

    • Jordan says:

      So it was the bad call that cost the game? Not all those missed shots? If you were truly a Celtics fan, you wouldn’t blame the refs. I’m a Lakers fan but respect Celtics fans. You should represent the Celtics better. They know they lost that game all by themselves. If they went home crying about the refs like this, they would never win a game.

    • H3AT4LIF3 says:

      Yeah its true the ref should have checked the replay first. You can totally tell the ref wanted hawks to win. YOU DONT SUSPEND ANY PLAYER JUST LIKE THAT IF HE DOESNT SEE THE REPLAY.

    • ATLcam says:

      0-11 from 3 cost you the game, That 27 pt. deficit you had to overcome cost you the game. And by the way that chest bump was completely on purpose. A. Rondo has a history of blatant disrespect for NBA officials. B. He’s arguably the best PG in the NBA. Cat-Like quickness and his balance and vision is what makes him so, so with that said, I hardly believe he couldn’t avoid that contact with the ref.

  416. Jay says:

    That was not intentional

    • Bill says:

      How do you know as you must be BLIND.

      • Nate says:

        It looks like it was both, Rondo did trip off the refs foot then as he was going forward,he definitely stuck out his chest a bit. But at the end I would rule this unintentional as the foot trip was the first cause of the incident.

      • mine says:

        I agree, it was unintentional… if you look at the top camera angle, he did trip and after bumped into the ref. but if you were in the same situation, ur temper flaring, i guess u guys would also not apologize to the ref and just keep going. it might have looked like he stuck his chest out but that was in response to being off-balanced instead of using his arms or hands

    • RW says:

      Why is Marc Davis or whateverhisnameis even officiating playoff games? he is too unstable, inexperienced and inconsistent. Why is Marc Davis even a playoff official?

      He has not earned that priveledge yet…He is too abrasive of an official. Bad choice by the NBA. Come on Ronnie Nunn get a better crew out there.

      • James says:

        it was a great call he grabed his head…Great call….

      • khadimou fall says:

        Rondo seemed like he tripped but he enjoyed it celebtating it with a chest bump

      • K says:

        RW have you ever officiated? If someone came on your job and bumped you after a heated exchange of words, what would you have done? Marc Davis does make some questionable calls at times, but tell me what NBA official doesn’t? I would challenge any uninformed sports fan to try an officiate a game at any level for 5 minutes and then you’ll learn that it’s not as easy as you think. It’s easy to do it from the sofa in your home! Whether it was intentional or not the league has to protect their officials. Rondo should have walked the other direction instead of following behind the official. Rondo has a history of doing this kind of cramp toward the officials! Hedo Turkoglu got suspended earlier this year just for putting his hands on the shoulders of an official just to ask him a question. Rondo’s actions yesterday were far more aggressive then Turkoglu’s! So, I hope the league stays consistent with their penalties, meaning that Rondo’s actions should warrant at least a one game suspension; if not more, because of his past history!

    • MackDaddy says:

      look at his feet folks… he gets his foot caught and stumbles forwards just enough to make contact.

      ref shouldve looked at replay before ejecting him like that. he ejected him for contact he didnt even see…. just felt.

      • Plays for the Game not the $$ says:

        He also pulls his shoulders back and sticks his chest out to bump the ref, I know when I trip, that is not a natural reaction that my body makes to counter act of the tripping motion. Watch the clip again

      • Yes he tripped, but that had nothing to do with the chest bump at all. The chest bump was well after the trip. Rondo tries to sell it very well that he didn’t do it on purpose, but if you watch the replay, it is very obvious it was on purpose. He got his foot caught on the refs foot, but didnt fall forward, he took an extra step and then pushed his chest right into him. Anyway, when someone trips, you fall forward, not put your chest out like that. He just made it very obvious. Being the playoffs fine him and move on, but I think the rule is one game suspension. I think the Celtics will be ok without him one game if that is the case.

      • It is very obvious that it was intentional. But it is the playoffs and the players get emotional because they are trying to win for their team. I say fine him and move to the next game. I don’t think you suspend a guy during the playoffs for tha little bump like that. If he does it again, then suspend him.
        Go Lakers!

    • Esporbili says:

      How would you feel if somebody chest bumps you in your job? The refs are part of the game and their calls are too. Rondo got two games suspension this year for throwing a ball at an official. This time he physically went after the official and bumped him. I am very interested to see what happens. If this was the regular season he would get four games suspesion…minimum! As a fan of the game you have to respect the officials. The games couldn´t be played without them, whether we like it ir not. This bump, coming from a player that already has shown anger towards the person making the calls… so selfish!!! As an ex basketball player and coach, you owe it to your team mates and your fans. He is leting everybody down for that one moment of indulgence. He is supposed to be a professional. Do you bump into your boss when he tells you something you don´t like? I didn´t think so!

      • Gab says:

        Before you comment. Please WATCH THE VIDEO. As an “Ex basketball player and coach” LOL. Look at the video. It was unintentional. He tripped. Please rewind again the Clip and watch the last seconds of it before you make such long comment with NO SENSE in it thanks.

      • Bob says:

        The Refs are hardly the bosses of the league that are the washed up players that were never going to make it. I think a High paid star is above the refs in the line of the game. They are more like janitors that get to go on TV nobody wants them there but the are needed. The Reffing in the playoffs had been terrible so far let them play the game, it used to be a tough game now they are blowing a whistle on anything and it is destroying the flow of the game! The ref should be suspended for 1 game minimum for being so bad and rondo to just pay a fine for tripping over a play not that it will matter with the money the players earn. And I hate the Celtics so this is hardly a biased rant. Go Lakers!

      • Denzo says:

        BOB your a punk. You wish you were an NBA ref.

      • H3AT4LIF3 says:

        Alright, Rondo didnt mean to bump chest the ref. If u see the ref’s foot he walks forward but leaves his foot behind so Rondo didnt know the ref was gonna stop so while he was walking the ref left his foot behind and he stepped on the ref’s foot and tripped forward. Yes, I see he takes out his chest forward but I mean he was trying to hold himself from not falling. Wat so you want Rondo to hold on from the ref with his hands so he wont fall I mean what do you think the ref is gonna say that he was trying to push him or something. Also the ref should have seen the replay to make sure not just not just eject him like that. Would u like it if your boss fired u for accidently tripping on him no right then thats what I thought. I am not saying this because I’m a celtics fan I’m not I go for the heat. But Im just saying the truth. Of course those people that go for celtics are gonna say it was an accident. Those people that go for the Hawks then of course they are gonna say it was on purpose and to suspend him for an amount of games and of course Hawks fans want that because they know Rondo is good and its the truth he is one of the best players in the Celtics. Once again im not saying because I go for Celtics I dont. (I SERIOUSLY GO FOR HEAT) JUST SAYING THE TRUTH.

    • spur4life says:

      if you take a closer look at it you’ll see that rondo DID stumble but also that he sticked out his chest. and after he got ejected he went straight to the locker room while looking mad at marc davis. a player who pretends to be innocent would at least argue the call so the officials (may) take another look at the replay. but he absolutely knew what he was doing. after he thought or heard about a possible suspension he claimed that it wasn’t intentional. pretty pathetic…

      • s says:

        If he turns back and argue then you would said he deserves to be suspended. Under the circumstance, the best move he had is to leave, which he did.
        I’ll say if he did not tripped, sure, one game suspension. But he was tripped, then regardless if he actually went with the chest bump anyway, he should be given the benefit of the doubt.

      • H3AT4LIF3 says:

        he just went directly to the locker room because he was mad and there was only 40 seconds left why argue he just left so the game can end already. Im not saying this cuz im a celtics fan because I go for heat but IM just saying the truth of what happend here.

    • nbakush says:

      He barely touched him… Intentional or not that ejection was uncalled for

      • banks says:

        Rondo literally followed behind the ref, and chest bumped him in the back, then walk rightout, he did it on purpose……thats 100% on purpose, the ref turned right, and rondo turned with him, even after he tripped up a little bit, and he hit him after he tripped…..then he showed no reaction and walked straight to the lockerroom…..Now if Ron Artest got suspended for hittin somebody part of the game, Rondo should get 3 games for touching the ref…YOU CAN NOT TOUCH THE REF!

      • Denzo says:

        banks are you serious man.. please dont ever work a video replay room. ITS SLOW MOTION. OFCOURSE it looks like he followed through.. but he clearly clips his foot, and uses a little bump to stop himself from hitting the deck, or even worse putting his arms out.

        So many spastics on this site.

      • Tim says:

        where in the rules is barely and who gets to judge it, should ref’s wear n impact meter?
        for everyone else how was jummping on some guys back while on the floor a bad cal?l he did not have a hand on the ball before making contact with the player same as over the back on a rebound right?

    • Wil says:

      I don’t know about you guys in the real world I don’t mind getting chest bumped by a beautiful female but if I’m walking and a guy chest bumps into me a little or hard there will be some problems. It gets personal think about it. That is exactly how I see it with Rondo. He tried to intimidate the ref because of the call and he will be burned for it. In the real world we could of seen fits flying. Could you imagine the ref and Rondo going at it. That would of been crazy to think!

    • Jkidd says:

      Not sure, how you can not see that little chest bump after he stepped on Mark’s shoes.. You can see how he tripped on his shoe then did a little chest bump!! Come on. A Fine and a game suspension should discipline this Rondo.

    • J says:

      I too don’t see this as intentional. If you look at the foot-work and the way Rondo slightly tripped over the official’s shoe, you’ll see where the forward motion was created. Rather than him putting his hands on the official, he just allows the forward motion and bumps the ref. It looks like a last-minute square up and he just couldn’t stop.

    • Tim says:

      Why was he that close to the ref. Rondo was up on him when he was walking away The vote in the poll was for a fine but rules say 1 game min. If it was not intentional why is there 45% of votes for a fine?
      League rules stipulate that “any intentional contact with a game officials” results in a one-game unpaid vacation for the violator of the rule.
      HE SHOULD NOT HAVE WALKED UP ON HIM………. then it would have never happend