Spurs cruise away from bruising

SAN ANTONIO – The Jazz plan was the bang away at the Spurs, beat them, bruise them, chop away and eventually bring them down the way a lumberjack does to a tree.

But you can’t hit what you can’t catch and so the Spurs ran and dashed and sprinted to a 106-91 win in Game 1 on Sunday. It’s just the latest step in the remarkable transformation of the Spurs from the NBA’s premier defensive team to the club that ranked second in the league in scoring this season.

“It began 2 ½ years ago out of necessity when we realized we couldn’t defend like that anymore and I realized that we were going to have to score more in order to win,” said San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich.

All in all, the Spurs did a pretty solid job of combating what was supposed to be Utah’s big advantage on the backboards, managing to stay within 45-39 in rebounding.

But almost every time that Utah managed to hammer and maul and work away on the inside to chip the lead down to what appeared to be striking distance, the Spurs responded literally with a run. It was either Tony Parker running down the middle of the lane for another layup or Manu Ginobili running through traffic for a dunk or even 36-year-old Tim Duncan sprinting down the floor as a trailer on the fastbreak.

You can’t hit what you can’t catch.


  1. misty amaro says:

    love ya.

  2. DJ says:

    I really like Harris, and I am from Utah lol….

  3. Taylor says:

    Devin Harris is a bad point guard?

    • Jack says:

      dude he’s horrible, everyone in utah hates him, if we had a good point guard we would destroy people

  4. Al says:

    Being an australian/american, I really would like to see Patty do well. I cant deny his scoring ability, but on defense he gets lost on the most basic picks. See how easy Tony Parker leaves Devin Harris in his tracks…… Thats what Devin would do to Patty. You cant afford to make a bad point gaurd (Harris) look good. Thats the main advantage we have over the Jazz right now.

  5. duro says:


    Are you hinting that Popovich isn’t so good at rotating players?

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      I always trust in Pop, just that being an Aussie too and after watching Patty’s finish to the season (which Pop didn’t see because he was at home sipping wine) I thought he would get more and deserved more burn…10-15 minutes. I’m liking the Spurs to come out of the West.

  6. Rolly del Mundo says:

    Minus injuries and bad luck, the Spurs will go all the way and win the NBA crown! A perfect end to a great season. Go Spurs Go!

  7. BIGMatta23 says:

    Patty Mills only 2 minutes after his 2 game explosion. Cmon Pop just a little more love for the little Aussie please…

  8. Renato says:

    Great game by the Spurs.

  9. Dalwin says:

    15 more wins and we are there .Go Spurs go

  10. David says:

    Great game, the Spurs started a little rusty, but still got the win. Go Spurs Go!

    • AnoNymouS~ says:

      i missed that game
      all i saw was Tony Parker driving in and drawing the foul during the first half….but i think he did that many times