Carlisle Takes Blame For Last Shot

OKLAHOMA CITY — Mavericks forward Shawn Marion couldn’t have been in a better position to defend Kevin Durant‘s last shot Saturday night.

“I was all over him. He couldn’t even get a look at the rim,” Marion said. “He just threw it up there and got a nice little bounce and it went in.”

It won’t make the Matrix feel any better today, but Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle is taking responsibility for Durant’s two-bounce game-winner with 1.5 seconds to play in Game 1 of this first round series.

“Durant made a great shot,” Carlisle said. “The only other thing we could have done was double-teamed and got the ball out of his hands. And we should have done that, obviously, so that’s on me and I take responsibility for that.”

Durant played the hero at the end earlier this season, sinking a 28-footer to beat the Mavericks Dec. 29. But that one didn’t rescue the Thunder from a potentially losing home court advantage in a playoff series the way Saturday night’s dagger did.

“It was a great shot,” Thunder sixth man James Harden said. “It saved the game for us. I don’t think we played well … but he saved us at the end.”

If Carlisle has his way, there won’t be any more game-saving from the Thunder, the Mavericks let a late-game lead slip away.

“We made mistakes you can’t make down the stretch,” he said. “The last shot always gets magnified, but we made some uncharacteristic mistakes that we’re not going to make any more in this series. We can’t.”


  1. Thunder Up says:

    MAVS should have won that game since OKC did not play as well as they are capable of. The defense won them that game in the end. We need to strike from the get go this time and not play from behind. LET’S GO THUNDER!!!

  2. MarkyMark says:

    Cmon MAvs lets beat the Thunder! Lakers Dallas on 2md round

  3. Linsanity says:

    What Carlisle should have done is save his timeouts. If they had one left that game, they have a shot to win it, but he used all his up early.

  4. nada says:

    The Thunder still show that they are less expericence than the Mav. Harden was little nervious and turned the ball over 5 times. That’s 10 points.! KD had one of those poor shooting night. Few of Ibaka block for goal tending are questionable !!Anyway if Perkin step up his game OKC will be fine. It’s funny because the Mav do not admit that they lost the game, they think that they gave away the game.The Mav were ahead because of Terry’s hot shooting. How often does that happen?? tonight he’ll be back to normal 25% shooting…

  5. Jayed Khan says:

    KD is a beast, just face the facts and take it like a grown man that your team lost, No need to blame it on the refs.

    • Peter says:

      I have never commented on the Refs before. Dallas didn’t get calls. Sure the total PFs were similar but that’s because Dallas was playing more agressive

  6. Bok says:

    I don’t think so, Dallas gave what they could (defensively) & made Durant work hard on his shot. A pretty close series if you’ll ask me, might go the distance.

  7. Drew says:

    Honestly I think the Mavs should have held the ball for the last shot. They had the 24 second clock in their favour and Nowitzki drove way too early. Personally I would rather lose on a miss shot then give Durant a chance to win, who only happens to be the nba scoring champ.

  8. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    durant got lucky in that shot…the only thing that the mavs did wrong was they didn’t protect there lead at the end of the game….coach carlisle was right about they didn’t double durant late, if they do durant should take the three instead…game 1 is over, the mavs to get one win over the thunder is their homecourt to get the advantage….they’re the champs don’t understimate the heart of a champion…the mavericks will bounce back….

  9. kerrokc says:

    durant had an awful night but still beat the geriatric mavs. Will be funny to see what happens when he plays well

  10. MAvS41 says:

    that’s what you call a lucky bounce..if you will look at the lineup of the dallas right now it wont make it through the series, but look what happen last night, even the young thunders cant pull away from this Mavs.
    We cant do nothing about that Lucky Bounce its part of the game.

  11. Renato says:

    Marion was perfect on the play;there is no way the Mavs could defend that shot better.It was all about Durant´s ability and a good deal of luck (there´s no sin in that,luck´s part of the game,and the all-time greats needed it too).

  12. brian says:

    No one will be able to stop these guys from winning the championship this year. kevin durant for finals mvp losers.

    • Peter says:

      hahaha, good luck stoping Lebron and Wade. OKC doesn’t have a chance. Might even lose to the Lakers

  13. Alexis says:

    It is simply a case of Good D but better O.

  14. Mitch says:

    This is an incorrect statement, Mavs had 20 PF’s, Thunder had 22

  15. COREY says:


    • Oscar says:

      seriusly if the refs would have called all the fouls OKC Comited on us we would of have at least 8 extra free throws and
      would have won the game!!!

      • Renato says:

        I don´t believe the referees decided the game,but it´s natural that in doubtful situations they favor the home team.When the series shift to Dallas you can expect the same kind of biased decisions from the referees.

  16. Zach says:

    Thunder were lucky, referees gave Dirk that foul when Ibaka tangled him up…maybe it was Perkins i don’t recall but Mav’s definitely should have had this one. Costly turnover…terrible call on ref’s part

  17. Vedran says:

    I don’t like coach Carlisle saying how he should have double teamed Durant.. The Matrix defended that as well as anyone. When that kind of a shot goes in, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s no one’s fault. You can’t really claim that Harden or Westbrook’s better look at the basket (which would probably be the consequence of a double team on Durant) would have won you the game.