Mayor: Sacramento Arena Deal Is Dead

HANG TIME WEST – Negotiations between the Kings and city officials to keep the NBA in Sacramento suffered another serious blow Friday as mayor Kevin Johnson said attempts to re-work the deal have failed.

After meeting with Kings co-owner George Maloof for the second day in a row, Johnson said at a press conference that differences over plans to build a new downtown arena are “irreconcilable.”

“We know this door is closed,” the mayor added, as quoted by the Sacramento Bee.

It was not immediately clear, however, whether Johnson, the former Suns All-Star point guard, believed there is no hope of any deal with the Maloofs or whether it is the current frame work that cannot be saved. It is obviously an important distinction, especially at a time negotiations have been so publicly nasty and both sides have retracted previous statements and gone back to the negotiating table.

Eric W. Rose, a spokesman for the Maloofs, said no further meetings are scheduled, and the family has constantly stated it has no plans to file for relocation. Johnson said he would move forward with plans to build a new arena without the Kings.

“The Kings will continue the operations of the organization and building on the franchise’s young nucleus of players,” Rose said.


  1. Phil says:

    Contract. That’ll save taxpayers everywhere.

  2. SEATTLE says:


  3. seattle kings says:


  4. MAXMAKI says:


  5. js says:

    This has come to the point where it doesnt make any sense, and that usually means there’s a bunch of lying going on from both sides. Maloofs keep crying for a new arena, and according to the MAYOR of that city, they will build an arena even without the kings. That would suggest the Maloofs are holding up the building process, which contradicts what theyve wanted this whole time — which is a new stadium. So it doesnt add up. Maloofs want a new stadium. Mayor says city wants to build a new stadium. Where is the mix up here? Seems like at this point its just a bunch of brats who have hurt feelings on both sides. Meanwhile, the people that have to suffer are the fans whos money is the ONLY REASON ANY OF YOU ARE IN THIS POSITION AND TALKING ABOUT IT TO BEGIN WITH. Just love how life works. Get a mediator if you cant kiss and make up or whatever it takes to get this thing finished. Dont rob another city unneccisarily if the ability to build a new arena is there. GET IT DONE

  6. turkbox420 says:

    @ Danny, hell yea, Louisville Football has great fans when they are winnining too. New Arena is sweet.

  7. CHRIS CARTER says:


  8. Joe Pries says:

    It only makes sense for them to move to SEATTLE…They could be the Seattle Kings or something but with a local billionaire offering to build an arena in downtown Seattle if it houses an NBA and possibly NHL tenant, seems the best fit to me…Do you see Las Vegas with any other major sports team? NO. So why would they succeed in the NBA? Anaheim would not succeed either being under the Lakers & Clippers shadows. San Francisco already has the Golden State Warriors & Kansas City is too small of a market to compete with Seattle. The only other city that could use a team is Pittsburgh. I still say go to Seattle. Don’t worry Southern Cal, you can have the NFL Vikings

  9. Bernard says:

    Hmm Kansas City, Vegas and Seatle all have a nice ring to it. I cant imagine why the kings would want to compete woth 2 other playoff teams in Why not check out San Jose

  10. Eric Styles says:

    Have the Kings, come back to Kansas City. We already have a new arena,(The Sprint Center). This would be the perfect place for them. I am a big time Kings fan.

  11. Danny says:

    The KINGS should move to Louisville, KY the college team there is more proiftable then half of the NBA teams anyway, and get twice the attendance

  12. Rik Rissewijck says:

    SEATTLE IS THE TOWN FOR NBA BASKETBALL!!! not frigging anaheim:P

    • fsf says:

      Having lived in Orange county for 21 years and Anaheim for 9 years I will welcome the Kings. Anaheim is a great place and its time to show the world we are a serious city. lets go anaheim!!!!!

  13. bring it back to seattle says:

    just bring it back to seattle. we deserve a team!

  14. Supersonics says:

    Time for the NBA to come back to SEATTLE!

  15. Craig Young says:

    Maybe move the team back to Rochester NewYork, the original city for the Pro Team. Under the name of the Rochester Kings or their original name Rochester Royals.

  16. TelekinesiS says:

    Perhape… how about to San Francisco one of big city with no NBA arena yet!!

  17. mr.ed says:

    not even a kings fan but it’s the maloofs that have to go, not the kings.

    to be honest, no one here in so. cal would care if the kings came. everyone here that isn’t already a laker fan has gotten behind the clippers.

  18. marko adag says:

    the maloofs are GREEDY!


  20. zeroinkill says:

    time for david stern to put the maloof on fire.

  21. lakers forever says:

    I think it would be cool if they came to anaheim. Anaheim Royals has a nice ring to it. I mean I have no idea how they are going to find a fan base here. They would have to win alot of games over several years to really break there way in and even then I don’t know if it is possible

  22. We have already spoken. says:

    The people of Sacramento have already spoken, once.

    The mayor’s attempt to circumvent his constituents, seeking a legacy for his otherwise fruitless political stint, is recognized and exploited by the Maloofs.

    The whole hoopla benefits only these two.

    Sacramento, it’s people, it’s businesses gain absolutely nothing from a new arena. If they want to stay where they are and focus their energies on building a team, instead of an arena, they would enjoy, as always, the whole-hearted support of diehard fans.

    If they wish to recover their business losses, incurred elsewhere, let them do it elsewhere.

    If Kevin Johnson is adamant on helping their cause … they do have a mayoral office in Anaheim.

  23. ZIp says:

    People of Sacramento have supported their team through years and years of poor performance. They love their team. The Maloofs have put that love to the test in the extreme. They don’t deserve Sacramento Kings fans.

  24. Domainsnext says:

    Maloof brothers think that they will be met with open arms from basketball enthusiasts if they move to Anaheim. Before they decide to move they should know that having the Sacramento team in Orange County would be a great disappointment moneywise. Having lived in Orange County for more than 15 years, I can say that there are three groups of basketball fans. The first group are diehard Lakers which are the majority, and the group that are diehard Lakers haters many of which are Clippers fans, and there are also diehard Clippers fans. All groups have grown to dislike Sacramento over the years and there is nothing you can do to change that. I think that the best thing Sacramento can do it to go to Oklahoma City like Seattle did, and may G. and Democrats who are pure Lakers at heart and they won’t change that for any reason even if Sacramento gives them tickets free of charge.

  25. syed ahmed says:


  26. Nathan says:

    bring it back to seattle! they would have a lot to offer. That would be the top city to build back a team

  27. Ricky says:

    Maloofs are no good to negotiate with. they try to get something out of nothing at the expense of the tax payer money. They should build their own arena in las Vegas at their own expense

  28. Ricky says:

    The Maloofs are no good! they try to get something out of nothing at the expense of the tax payer money. They could do that and relocate in Las Vegas and built their own arena at As Vegas

  29. NBAFAN says:

    The Maloofs need to get the boot… you can’t own a team and then not be willing to provide your team with stuff they should have. The new Arena is going to be built anyway and it’s the Mayors decision whether or not to keep the old Arena around… the Kings are going to be destroyed by the Maloofs stubbornness -.-

  30. Couldn't be happier says:

    Time to welcome Isaiah Thomas back to Seattle!

  31. Mino says:

    to seattle