Who Is Your Coach Of The Year?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Don’t take our word for it — one of the greatest coaches of all time thinks Spurs coach Gregg Popovich ranks among the best of the best.

Larry Brown (above) speaks glowingly about the job Popovich has done throughout his career. And much like NBA.com’s Steve Aschburner, we think this season has been one of Pop’s best ever (not that he cares what we or anyone else in the media thinks). Good enough to edge reigning Coach of The Year Tom Thibodeau for the honor this season.

There were a number of strong candidates in addition to Popovich and Thibodeau. Frank Vogel guided the Pacers to a top three seed in the Eastern Conference. Doc Rivers revived the Celtics from an early season funk and finished with the Atlantic Division title. Scott Brooks has led Oklahoma City to the top of the Western Conference heap, a hair behind Pop’s Spurs. And you know we couldn’t forget our guy Lionel Hollins and the job he did with the Hang Time Grizzlies this season.

And those are just the guys who made the final cut.

If you had to choose, who gets the hardware?:


  1. Renato says:

    I pick Poppovich.He made the Spurs the best in the regular season once again (didn´t mean much last time), and most importantly,had the guts to rest his main players whatever the costs.Great job.

  2. Jason says:

    When a team plays well, that could be coaching or player talent. But when the best players are out and the team still achieves the best record, then that has to be credited to the coach. For most of this year, the Bulls were without one or both of their starting guards. The team went through many line-up changes and everyone knew what they were supposed to do. This is the mark of a great coach. I know it is unprecedented for a coach to win COY two years in a row, but I think this performance deserved a breaking of precedent. I vote for Thibs.

  3. Roc112 says:

    Numbers don’t lie so…each team finished 50-16. So is this a tie? Nope. Out of the remaining stats that are relevant i.e. Conf. record, Home & away record and Div. record. The Bulls are better except for Home games. The Spurs edge the bulls by 2 games.But wait why does Chicago have the Number 1 seed overall if both teams were 50-16? Becuz the Bulls BEAT THE SPURS IN S.A. So OK we have the numbers on the bulls side. Check. But I completely disagree with the comment that the COY has never been given back to back and so by default Coach Thibideau can not win it. So Hulk could not body slam the Giant. Buster could not KO Tyson or the Red Sox could not come back from a 0-3 (best of 7) against the Yanks. Hence IF ever the COY needs to e given back-to-back it is this year to Coach Thibideau. Apart from the numbers, last year nay Sayers were arguing Coach T had Rose. So we lost Rose for 1/3 of the season but even when Rose was back he was only 1/3. So how could Coach T maintain the Heat, OKC or the Spurs away from the best record in the NBA and for almost the entire year? He got several guys sitting on a Bench and he COACH them. Checkmate. Coach T COY by far!

  4. gmsingh says:

    Has any coach EVER in the history of the NBA posted the league’s best record in his first two years as coach?

  5. lk wilson says:

    I think Popovich is one of the Greatest coaches of all time, but how soon we forget that the Spurs had the second best record and #1 seed in the west last year. Thibs lost his starting backcourt for about 50 games and still the Bulls have the best record. This is all a push so Thibs wont become the first coach to win back to back COY awards. This should not even be an discussion!!

  6. Kevin says:

    I think it becomes too much of a hype. Tom Thibodeau should be coach of the year. what he did with a group of bench players was more impressive. But there’s never been a back to back Coach of the Year and it seem everyone’s jumping on the Popovich bandwagon to make sure it never happens. If Tibs can’t win it for what he did there will never be a back to back winner. What more does a guy have to do.

  7. JR says:

    my coach of the year is Lionel Hollins for what he did in memphis give him some consideration….they can beat gd teams in the league they are title contender..

  8. Ted says:

    Thibs still got Deng, Noah and the others out there. There record without Rose is 17-9. Not really impressive but still good. Pops did a great job turning there young players to instant contributors. But my COY is Frank Vogel. He wasnt even mentioned in the comment sections. He only has one all-star, and did a solid job of improving his team. Thibs and Pops are still as good as they were before. So got to hand it to Vogel.

  9. Troglodyte says:

    Tyrone Corbin = COY. HE was not considered because he made fools of the experts by taking a group of no-names (no all-stars) to the play-offs. And that is even with injuries to two starters. The experts (?) had predicted the Jazz would finish dead last or very close to it. One of the “experts” even said the Jazz would not even get 10 wins….Final record = 36-30. Not bad for a coach with a grand total of 94 games as a head coach.

    He replaced Jerry Sloan who took the Jazz to the playoffs 26 out of 28 years and Sloan never got COY either.

  10. duro says:

    I don’ta care so much who’s going to be awarded COY. And I’m sure Popovich doesn’t too.
    Anyway, several coaches deserve credit for their work, expecially those who had to do with too young/too old/too injured rosters.
    As far as on-field coaching, I’d love to see a Spurs-Bulls final to enjoy true, top quality basketball – not just All Star Game playtricks.

  11. renz_garnett says:

    i think the coach of the year should be FRANK VOGEL.. he made the INDIANA PACERS to be number 3 in the east compare to last year when they were number 8.. just like tom thibodeau last year.. in 2010 bulls were number 8 and last year they were number 1.. so i think coach of the year should be FRANK VOGEL of INDIANA PACERS…

  12. Omar Muniz says:

    There’s only answer to this question that makes logical sense. Tom Thibodeau is the answer. He won coach of the year last year with an MVP who was 100% healthy. This year, the league’s reigning MVP was out for over 1/3 of the season, and he took the Bulls to same spot, the East’s #1 seed. If you give him coach of the year with a healthy MVP, then logically YOU HAVE to give it to him when he yields the same results with an injured D Rose.

    Pop has been spectacular in San Antonio and although he was without Manu, Manu is not D Rose, Manu is not his best player. Pure logic tells us that Thibodeau has to be the coach of the year.

  13. rlastimado says:

    I would love to say that my vote for the Coach of the year award goes to Coach Tom Thibodeau of the bulls and Coach Gregg Popovich next in line as manifested in their W-L records in their respective conferences. But, I give credit to Thibodeau with all the players missing games he was able to manage every plays who’s available to play out there not mentioning his with the bulls team for just 2 seasons as a head coach yet. Not because nobody in the NBA won the Coach of the Year back to back hinders Thibodeau into it.

  14. kenny says:

    Vogel deserves the COY. He took the Pacers to the 5th best record in the NBA. He done it without a star player. Vogel is a first time coach and took a team from the bottom to 3rd seed in the east in less than one year. The Pacers have wins over the top teams in the NBA.

  15. Charles says:

    How can people really believe that he’s done a great job? He didn’t have to do anything! His core team BARELY changed so when he came into this season, and all he really had to do was sit back with his legs reclined and watch them play just like they’ve been playing together for YEARS. Yeah, he was a great coach, but he doesn’t have any real coaching to do. He doesn’t have to work with a new system, he doesn’t have to integrate a large amount of new guys with each other, he hasn’t had to do anything.

  16. Mark Ursabia says:

    Tom Thibodeau for me.. even without Drose. The bulls are winning a lot of games.. the reigning coach of the year is the best for me in this season.. Greg Popovich had been a great coach of this season.. Spurs lineup is very deep and they are healthy compared to bulls..

  17. Travis says:

    Tyrone Corbin = Real Coach of they Year

  18. Travis says:

    Greg Poppovich, Woopity do. Please pick someone new for once as coach of the year. Dont pick the coach of the boring spurs. Tyrone Corbin of the Utah jazz deserves coach of the year for leading a team into the playoffs with no all stars on the team. The Nba always forgets about the Jazz

  19. bullscooksheat says:

    No brainer. Thibideau had to lead a team with out the former MVP, one of the best shooters( rhichard hamilton), and a team that is one of the best in defense. Pop. is great, but he had the three healthy vetreans that are great players. Thibideau stuggled through the most.

  20. Buminberkeley says:

    Pop makes it look easy. Sure he has the Big Three, but Manu (who is effectively the Spurs’ Z’Bo) was also out and they kept winning. Their bench (of rookies) are better than most starting squads. Sure other’s had to struggle to get into the playoffs, but to be the best in the West in the way Pop has managed little time, it a feat any coach can agree is hard to do with the success Pop has found. Pop is gonna get another COY award to go with all the other trophies he’s got.

  21. laxallday says:

    Not to take anything away from pop or thibs but Doc Rivers has had to deal with major injury after major injury has taken a team that nobody thought could contend in the east to being one of the maybe 7 or 8 teams who could win it all. Pop has done a wonderful job utilizing the depth of the spurs and transforming the spurs in to an offensive juggernaut but the celtics had abosolutely no depth and were the worst rebounding team in the league and they still got the 4th seed, thats because Doc rivers refused to let his team give up on the season when they were 15-17. Pop will most likely win his second COY but I think Doc should at least have heavy consideration

  22. Ken says:

    TY CORBIN!!!

  23. Samison says:

    Coach Thibs, They had so many injuries this season and they still managed to beat the top teams. Have you ever seen a team that plays just as well without their superstar?

  24. boy takas says:

    THIBS should be the coach of the year… he manage to be in the top of the standing even without his MVP…

  25. Juanes says:

    Tom Thibodeau, Bulls because whit out rose the team plays great …dont let them lose the hope and prove to have a team motivate and playing in top.

  26. Steve says:

    C’mon, you give POP the award for a decade of sentiment, NOT 2012 COY. Thibbs hands down is COY for THIS yr, regardless of having won it last year for different reasons.

    I understand the sentiment for POP, yeah I like him too and have for yrs, but like Sloan who always competes he has had the same nucleus of players for a while just like Phil Jackson who only won it once out of all those Jordan yrs.

    Maybe you voting members regret not giving it to Sloan so now you gotta give a COY to coach with longevity of staying power at the elite level, which should be some other award like HOF, not COY. Get it?

  27. GomuGomuno says:

    Definetly its Pop. Pacers Vogel and New Orleans Williams runnerups.

  28. Lord p says:

    Coach Pop is the guy!!!

  29. L!N MVP says:

    An Honorable mention should also go to interim head coach Mike Woodson of the New York Knicks… He was thrown into the fire and has done an incredible job.

  30. BANDWAGON says:

    there should be no arguement about thibs being COY, no mvp for 1/3 of the season and still comes out with the best record. Props to pops for his coaching job, but hes got parker manu and duncan and much more talent on his side compared to the bulls. Thibs has to get more credit.

  31. CarlosLBJ says:

    If this is first half of season Doug Collins. Second half of season Greg Popovich. But COY Mike Woodson

  32. Smith says:

    I’m not taking any credit away from the job Popovich has done in San Antonio, they are obviously one of the best teams in the league. But, in all fairness, that roster is still laden with verteran championship talent, regardless of how old they may be getting. Those guys still provide the experience and core of a team. The Grizzlies, at the beginning of the season, were trying to figure out how to work Rudy back into the mix when Darrell Arthur goes down for the year, and then Z-bo. Talk about losing the core of a team. Hollins, along with Chris Wallace, took in three players in Pondexter, Cunningham, and Mo Speights, and on the fly incorporated them into a team which is now contending for home court advantage in the playoffs. Not only should Hollins be in serious contention for COY, Wallace should be Exec of the Year hands down. What a remarkable job these two men have done.

    • dattebayo says:

      Exec of the year is Larry Legend Bird, he put together a roster that has accumulated the 5th most wins in the league. They have only one Allstar in Hibbert and a lot of young players.

  33. Jason Ramroop says:

    the coach of the year has gotta be tom thinodeau. not many coaches can see their star player go down and still come through with a winning season. derrick rose went down for the chicago bulls but tom thibodeau kept his team on track and lead them to maintaining to top spot in the eastern conference.

  34. Basketballfan says:

    Tyrone Corbin definitely needs to be considered. A team with no all-stars and probably no all-nba players, that has constantly been overlooked this whole season, that was predicted to not even come close to a winning season, is now going to the playoffs. The Jazz also had many injuries and even some losing streaks that caused people to write them off, but they came right back. Congrats to Coach Corbin, my NBA Coach of the Year.

  35. Jonathan says:

    I say Coach Thibodeau for some how managing to keep the best record in the nba virtually all season long while his key player missed more than 20+ games, and battled with injuries amongst his other players as well.

    Not to mention, there’s no real dominating all-stars on the Bulls other than Rose. Most coaches would’ve cried in a corner somewhere and lost their jobs.

  36. phillip says:

    Pops man management has been supreme, as has Tib’s however the Eastern conference is weaker and the big 3 from SAS give Pops a head start with most challenges he’ll face. So I think Lionel Hollins, after loosing Z Bo has done an amazing job. I also give a special mention to George Karl, I think the amount of adversity hes been through on the court is right up there in the league ( ie- lineups 22 or more, injuries, trades, chemistry ) . To finish 6th in the West would be satisfying for him no doubt .

  37. Nick says:

    Screw Tubbydough.

    He has one of the best rosters in the NBA. Any coach could do what he does.

    TY CORBIN IS THE COACH OF THE YEAR. He took a team in a disarray and less than a year later they are in the playoffs.

    This is by far the most amazing coaching job of the season.


    But COY has always been about politics.

    • dattebayo says:

      There are some hints about that, Jerry Sloan was not even once COTY and that guy coached successfully for 19 years in the legaue. None hte less I don’t like to think that way, that the people voting for COTY are somewhat biased or influenced. I really hope they have the time to look at every coach and reflect a lot on their votes.

      That last run into the playoffs was impressive for the Jazz. The Rockets really had a bad stretch with losing 7 games in a row and that was crucial for the Jazz. I think Popovich deserves it more, I mean, he is playing young guys and rookies too, Manu Ginobili was hurt and until the Trade Deadline they were not that deep. Now they are tied for the best record in the league.

  38. the bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau, they lose the mvp in rose and still has his players buying in to him and playing the system he coaches, hes had to deal with injurys to key players the last two season and won the award last year and still has them in first place in the east with backup gaurds, hes got the team to believeing in him and them selves, and gets the most out of his players.

  39. Joel says:

    How in the world is Hollins not getting any respect. He made this team work through so many injuries and has them in place for a fourth seed. After Z-Bo went down for most of the season most would say the Grizzlies wouldn’t have made it into the playoffs but look where they are now. Hollins has done a great job the past 2 years and deserves strong consideration fro this award.

  40. Tamara says:

    I think Tyrone Corbin needs to have at least some consideration. The Jazz were supposed to be one of the worst if not the worst team in the West and they are in the playoffs! He has taken a team of “no names” and gone out there and competed with the best teams. While he will not win it he should be at least be in the mix.

  41. akismet-3cccde0a8411647744b18601c09fc181 says:

    Pop has done a great job BUT you have to give credit to Coach Thibodeau for some how managing to keep the best record in the nba virtually all season long while his key player missed more than 20+ games, and battled with injuries amongst his other players as well.

    Not to mention, there’s no real dominating all-stars on the Bulls other than Rose. Most coaches would’ve cried in a corner somewhere and lost their jobs.

    • Word up says:

      Word up. Thibs all day. Best defense in the league (in my opinion) and best record in the league again despite missing his only star for 1/3 of the year. But, no one has won it back to back and it won’t happen this year. Pops get it even if Thibs might deserve it.

      All that said. Pops did an amazing job and if it doesnt go to Thibs the only other choice would be Popovich. Looking for the Spurs in the Finals. Tough road for both teams. Go Bulls!

  42. Marcus Law says:

    What Tyrone Corbin has done with the Utah Jazz is simply astounding. He brought a team together that had completely fallen apart after Coach Sloan and Deron WIlliams left, They were an absolute train wreck the last part of last season, but he pulled them together and now they are in the playoffs. I think he deserves coach of the year.

  43. Belizeboy says:

    Doc did a very good job considering all the injuries and trade talks, but it has to be Greg Popovich this year.

  44. Bryan says:

    I agree that Pop has done an amazing job this year and deserves COY.

    On a side note, I think that Corbin deserves an honorable mention. Impressive that he could take a franchise that deconstructs mid-season last year, losing a coach and their franchise player and then turn it into a winning season and a playoff spot with a squad that is mostly rookies and sophomores.

  45. BFoulds says:

    Coach Pop is the truth. He’s going to win it.

  46. Swatguy says:

    Many predicted the fall of the Hawks, said they would not make the playoffs. Of course allstar Horford missed FIFTY-FIVE Games. But they do make the playoffs and with home-court in the first round. Nice job Larry Drew.

  47. Angry Bird Catches the Worm says:

    GREG POP is the man!