What’s Next For Steve Nash?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — No one will ever question the love folks in Phoenix have for Steve Nash or the love he’s shown them back over the years.

Love, however, might not be enough to save this relationship come summer. Nash is going to be a free agent in July. And even though he insists that the Suns will be on his short list of possibilities, there is a very real chance that his 10-year run (covering two different stints with the team) could have come to an end last night with that thunderous standing ovation at US Airways Center.

It was quite the scene, as Nash made clear to Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic:

“It was obviously amazing to get that type of reception and support,” Nash said. “It’s very special because it’s not something I asked for or imagined. To get that kind of reaction means it’s authentic, the relationship I thought we had. It really feels special. The fans have been phenomenal and it’s meant a lot to me to play in a city like this as long as I have and to feel important to the fans and community. I just feel like a very lucky guy.”

Lucky enough to stick around for whatever the Suns continuing rebuilding process has in store?

We’re guessing no.

That farewell salute from Nash to the fans and the praise they showered on him is an acknowledgement of his decade of service to the franchise and city as one of the great ambassadors the game has seen.

But even Suns fans know that it’s time for Nash to do a little title chasing. There’s no shame in that and absolutely no need for Nash or anyone else to hide it anymore. He’s earned the right in his storied career to finish it whenever and wherever he wants.

The only question is where that’s going to be. He’ll join a nice crop of unrestricted free-agent point guards that is headlined by Deron Williams, Jason Kidd, Andre Miller and Goran Dragic, a guest on Episode 76 of the Hang Time Podcast.

Plenty of teams will be on the hunt for point guard help this summer, some familiar to Nash and others that provide intriguing opportunities for a player who finished second in the league in assists (10.7) and shot a sterling 53 percent from the floor.

Nash will have to look at all of the potential places he could play and weigh his options as to where the best fit might be and where is the best place for him to reach the only goal remaining on his NBA bucket list (a title).

If you had to guess his final destination …


  1. Michael says:

    Miami has won the 2012 nba championship over the Oklahoma city thunder , to Skip Bayless and Steven A Smith , as well as all the naysayers. ” Blow it out your pants ! “. If Steve Nash and a big ( shot blocking center and rebounder ) man , can make Miami better , I say that they pull out all the stops to make that happen. Lets get rid of Eddy Curry , Dexter Pittman , James Jones , Juwwan Howard and Mike Miller. For although Mike played fantastic in the playoffs , he always looked as though he was in terrible pain. With the above mention improvements Miami has a possibility of achieving multiple titles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steve Zorian says:

    Steve Nash Knows It’s Now Or Never The Top 4 Teams For Him To Sign With Are For A Champisonship Throphy Are:
    Lets See What Unfolds WIth Steve Nash Ends Up Signing A Contract With These Teams I Listed!!

    My Pick: Miami Heat

  3. Phillip D. says:

    Nash shouldn’t go to Miami! He is TOO GREAT of a point gaurd to end up with James and Wade. No disrespect to them, but they have their team and wouldn’t give Nash the ball as much as needed. Sorry Miami isn’t going to win it this year either, not because they aren’t good but because they aren’t ready. They need a real leader and somebody to look up to and they don’t have that. James, Wade, and Bosh are tremendous players, but only 1player out of the 3 has won a ring and that is also because they had the best BIG MAN during that time,Shaq. Nash needs to be somewhere where he can play HIS game and dish the ball like Chris Paul. A team with a big man or a team that can attack and spot up for the 3, not with a team that will lead into failure because they have no chemistry together whats so ever. That is why the SPURS are doing so well thay have chemistry and been playing together since Parker, MAnu, and Duncan been drafted. Nash shouldn’t go to the SPURS though because he is a veteran himself and can fall into a hole at a back up, which he doesn’t need to be. Nash should just get with a team he knows will win in the next 2 years and work with them not jump on to an all star team like HEAT!

  4. Chronic says:

    Face it people Steve Nash will be in a heat uniform next season. Get over it people. Miami is going to win it this year and steve will be on the first flight to miami trust me. Everybody always hating on my heat but remember if lebron went to your team you would not be acting like yall acting right now POINT BLANK!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  5. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    If Nash want to win a ring his best option are MIAMI HEAT or OKC THUNDERS… Either of the 2 only…. That’s really Sad Truth…. Lakers????? They get rid of fisher because he’s old..(Nash ain’t getting any younger too) NYK???? How about LIN? another version of PHX style in NYK… run and gun didn’t earn him a ring….. too much Pride in NYK… their Stars can’t co-exist…. Perfect fit would be MIAMI or OKC….. HEAT running again for title chase…After winning ECF last year It’s time for payback time…. with Interest!!!! No Rose It’s pretty open in East…. the only elite team in the east are HEAT and BULLS… but the bulls might not past 2nd round… Obviously HEAT again for the EAST!!!! much higher chance of winning a ring for Nash for the remainder of his career….. OKC is a young talented team… If they came as a WC champs it’s a new rivalry for HEAT for at least 4 to 5 seasons…. Those are the 2 teams Nash should go…. I really love NASH to have a ring…. He deserve to have one….. and for those haters… please don’t post stupid ideas…. It won’t help NASH….

    Let’s Go HEAT!!!

  6. fatballa22 says:

    Toronto!! He has to finish his career in Canada lol. Or Miami! Lakers garbage, Nyc never and Orlando not an option!

  7. Greg says:

    In my opinion, the best fit for him and a good chance to see the playoff and maybe the final is New York.
    He knows Amare’s game well, he could be a mentor for Lin as a same kind of point guard and Anthony steel a high level player in this league.

    New York needs a high level point guard and a bench in the low post game, Nash could be the answer for the first.

  8. erick says:

    he will never go to miami, WHy? because nash is about the money. he’s not desperate for a championship. He LEFT DALLAS Because mark cuban didnt want to give him a bugger pay. miami does not have enogh cap to sign him and he will not accept less money like lebron and bosh did. point blank.

    • Greg says:

      You’re wrong!

      What does Nash can do for Miami?
      Miami don’t needs a high level point guard with the Big 3. Lebron needs the ball as a point forward, Wade can play the point too and Bosh is in the paint for the low post game… What Nash is doing here?

      For Dallas, you’re wrong.
      Nash wasn’t the player he’s became when he was at Dallas and he found a perfect fit at Phoenix with his game and the run and gun of it.

  9. akosiaikaw says:

    if he goes to miami.it will be useless.even if he goes to okc.it will be useless to there are two guards that is useful.he will be bench for a long time.

  10. bagernz says:

    nash end up to dallas with d-will…or maybe end up to orlando…

  11. cJames says:

    For all those who think Nash would have a hard time in Miami because he wont be able to handle the ball more often with LeBron and Wade on the court with him, you are not using your minds. The two of them needs a championship ring.(They promised Miami multiple championships, so they should start doing so,) The Miami Heat will have the whole summer to work out plays and stuff in order to fit Nash in. LeBron and Wade would have to sacrifice a lot. And if they’re lucky, they’d get a better coach. Spo’s good. But Miami needs better. Because no matter how many superstars a team has, it will always come down to how the coach plays them together.

    Nash to Miami!

  12. takethatwitchew41 says:

    the real deal is in dallas if he wants to get a ring.. get a ring then retire together with dirk and kidd.. this is how it will go down.. if mavs dont get dwill.. expect it that my boy nash will be in a maverick uniform.. DONE!

  13. DeeJay says:


    He’s not going to Miami; they already have all of the pieces and Nash wants to be a supplement, a necessary piece to win the chip.
    New York’s a probability; Davis is injury-prone, and while Lin won’t be traded, Lin could use some guidance on how to be a better point guard (ball security being the most important part…Nash? Turnovers? ERROR ERROR ERROR *system crash*)
    The LakeShow…unlikely. They need to figure out their team and front office before acquiring other cats (aka, they need to figure out whether or not MWP needs meds, how to give Bynum a dose of maturity without him noticing, how to teach Kobe Bryant to be an efficient shooter all over again)…
    Dallas could use Nash, but they’re priming Devin Harris right now so I don’t think they’d take him.
    Nash will follow the complete teams that are minus a point guard; I simply think New York is the best option for that, as the Knicks have been without solid PG coverage for most of the season (Lin’s had his moments, but he’s a little rough on the edges, and as I said above, could use some priming…Baron’s showing something, but he’ll never get back to ’07 Warriors shape, IMO…and Mike BIbby? …don’t get me started there…I think Shumpert will be primed to play the 2 guard more than the 1 guard, although he is capable of both)

  14. Snow2010 says:

    A great player.. You will be missed but great opportunit lies ahead why not join the Lakers

  15. kurt says:

    Yeah Lebron and Wade still haven’t worked out playing off the ball so Nash may not work out so good.. would be interesting if they could it to work though

  16. rj says:

    perfect fit wiLL be orLando…

  17. unggi says:

    How about Steve Nash to Atlanta Hawks?

  18. Chris says:

    Nash doesn’t care if he plays 20 minutes or 40 minutes. He goes to miami and he could lead the second unit when only either wade or LBJ are on court. they would be devastating with nash dishing out to a backup unit.

    Phoenix now are effectively a backup unit

  19. HEEWON says:

    How about UTAH or INDIANA?
    or stay in Phoenix and bring Dwight Howard…
    I stilll want to see him in Arizona.

  20. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    I think the best fit for steve nash is the oklahoma city thunder…thunder needs a point guard like nash…with the fast and running kevin durant, I think he is the key for a championship there…russel westbrook is not a good fit there…in a regular season yes but in the playoffs no!….he more like a two guard for me….thunder needs to go to there main man but when russel westbrook in the point they’re in big trouble…just like what happen in last years playoffs, they lost because of westbrook lack of experience, he is a shoot first type of point guard…miami? how many great players u need to win a championship? Lakers? kobe is rerming the old lakers ( fisher, odom )..

  21. Ted says:

    Seriously Heat fans?! Getting another Poing guard?! You already have Chalmers, Cole and LBJ can play the point. Why not get a big man because who is your big man again? Eddy Curry? Dexter Pittman? C’mon

  22. KOBEBAYAN says:


  23. kilo says:

    I would be seriously disgusted if Nash went to Miami. they’re a bunch of losers. I think he would make an stoppable combo with Howard. He would also go well with the Knicks but that depends on Lin’s pride of coming off the bench. They will not trade Lin because he is a great young talent.

  24. pau says:

    nash is a goo is he player, a good leader on off the court he makes other player better but the problem is he cannot make won a championship look at dallas got 1 ring so i dont thick dallaw would get nash im probably go to d-will insted of nash
    i remember when phonix get nash from dallas they were become a better team but never win a ring now amare leaving phonex and goto nyc now if nash go to nyc they cam make better team nyc but stil can’t win a ring………….
    ithink he will go to bobcats………..

  25. Ryzah9 says:

    hes headed to New York. no questions asked. he wants to win and new york need a distributor to get those dumb big folk easy buckets.

  26. APHX says:

    Nash will look at all options of teams needing a point guard with a chance to win it. Just depends on what $$$ he is after. Teams I see Nash looking at are: Miami, NY, Lakers, Utah, Memphis,

    Miami: Needs an upgrade on PG. And I think he’s the perfect fit for Miami. If Battier stays on, and you bring in a guy like Nash, I think the Big 3 will start getting wiser if they definitely don’t win it all this year (I’m a Miami fan and I can’t see it happening – hope I’m wrong).

    New York: Re-unites with Stat, educates Lin, pick and rolls, and we see Melo changing his game. It can work.

    Lakers: You get Nash and then Sessions runs the 2nd unit or mixing it up bring his speed. Nash with Kobe, Gasol & Bynum (pick n roll). Works.

    Memphis: I can see him doing something here with their team basketball. I think this is what Memphis may just need to keep improving.

    Utah: Look at the amount of bigs he’ll have to work with…

    Doesn’t matter where ge goes… he’ll make each team better.

  27. Tre Hooks says:

    I have all the respect in the world for Nash he has been my favorite player for the better part of a decade. I would want nothing more than for him to decide to stay in the orange and purple. But I want him to finish as a PG that has a ring, thats the only thing that has eluded him in his career. So I think he should go to Miami and play with my other favorite player LeBron, so they can get that monkey of their backs together.

  28. Inside Scoop says:

    As a Torontonian I wish the Raptors were decent enough to attract Nash. But alas…

  29. Darell says:

    This man deserve a ring before his curtain close, I vote for him for Miami. Imagine someone who can dish the big three with great accuracy he well fit to that.

  30. topyxyz says:

    If Nash goes to the Heat, will people start looking at Miami differently, or will they think that Nash is just the same as the others? Nash looks perfect for the Heat, and this could really boost their chances of winning.

  31. jun23 says:

    Nash might be in NYK, playing with Stat again with melo, chan and the possibility of Phil Jackson… That “might be a ring in future.” once or twice who knows., just watch out…

  32. Alan HOllway says:

    Steve Nash is a champion but would not insist upon a starting role for the entire 3 years of his career and he would not care one little bit if he came in behind either Parker at Spurs or Westbrook at Thunder. Steve Nash can do a Steve Kerr and come to the Spurs at the twilight of his career share some court time with Parker who can run himself silly and then get a rest with Nash coming in with a totally different game. Like Kerr Nash would come onto court at important times and shoot those clutch 3 pointers and help Spurs to possibly retain their title which they will win this year. Nash fits into the team spirit and style of Spurs perfectly. The Miami experiment just shows that team synergy and chemistry is the most important thing, you cannot just throw in a bunch of champions and expect miracles.

  33. renz_garnett says:

    i think he should go where DWIGHT HOWARD will go..

  34. nashty says:

    Nash is a very good person, I think he’ll agree for a contract in Miami with a lower salary( maybe, to understand the team’s salary cap space). Or if Howard will be healthy and then he stays in orlando maybe nash or d-will will be dealt to the magic. But, more likely he will retire on a miami heat jersey! 😀

  35. Celtic Fan says:

    The Lakers could get him, I reckon they will have a good chance to win the title.
    Nash, Kobe, World Peace, Gasol and Bynum ……. pretty decent team

  36. renz yow says:

    NASH TO MIAMI! THINK NASH THINK! nash is not a pure scrorer nash doesn’t think of his scores nash cares about team and nash cares about his teammates nash will play and keep his teammates involving to the game! NASH TO MIAMI!

  37. rhainner says:

    i think he will no go to an eastern conference team he should be in LAL DAL OR PHX IF HE WANTS TO WIN A RING/TROPHY

  38. renz yow says:

    send nash on heat, come on! thnk thnk. im a solid fan of miami heat since wade is there but here’s my point. i wanted badly steve nash on heat because, nash is a great player! you know and then heat needed a point guard who can distribute the ball well. and i thnk nash is the one that the heat is looking for. THE CHEMISTRY? chemistry of nash,wade,lebron,bosh its dynamic 4 ryt? nash will really help wade and lebron by being the MAIN point guard, the PLAYMAKER. if nash is there lebron and wade will not focus on playing as GUARDS instead they will play as a pure OFFENSE and PURE DEFENSE. and while bosh, we know that bosh is a great forward, but bosh needs a person who can play with him like pick and roll its just nash and amare during the past season’s. for me put nash on HEAT! go go go!

  39. Karlo Garcia says:

    If STEVE NASH decides 2 leave Phoenix(b sad 2 c him go) he’s best destination is Dallas. At least he know the city. Jason Kidd is there where he played with him before. He goes 2 a organization where they have won a championship with experience players been there n done that, where as Phoenix has not.

  40. coldkase says:

    Yeah Nash to Heat would be a waste of time for Nash and a waste of money for the Heat,
    The play-style of the Heat would have to change too much for that move to be worth while, Lebron and Wade are too good with the ball to need a pure distributor like Nash.

    His best bet would be to go to a team with some Talent that could stand to gain from his court vision and leadership.
    I’m a Thunder fan all day but I think the Grizzlies would be a good fit for him as they have a good mix of explosive play with Rudy and a legitimate Post threat with Zach Randolph.

    Funny how Heat fans think that stacking the deck will get them where they need to go. There is some Legit talent there but without True cohesion within the team, they’re gonna keep coming up short.

  41. Jk says:

    Nash would be a good fit in LAL next season. Its playoffs time. WIN or GO HOME.

  42. realist says:

    I respect Steve Nash as a player, frankly I think he’s one of the best point guards ever. He deserves to end his career with at least one ring on his finger. Whatever team he ends up on, he will be a starter. Nash isn’t going to go somewhere to play backup (spurs behind parker, OKC behind westbrook, Denver behind Lawson). He will be a starter. There are only a few teams who have the players that can work with what Nash brings, and a coach who understands how he plays, and a team that can give him a chance at a title. No matter how much I hate to say it, Miami would be a good fit. The reason Miami struggles is because Lebron and Wade have to run the offense, thats not what they do. They make plays for themselves, they don’t run a whole offense. Put Nash in there and he can control the offense, give the ball to Wade and Lebron when they need it, but also keep the offense flowing. Nash doesn’t care about scoring, he cares about making the plays for his team. Another good fit for Nash would be dallas, only if they lose JKidd this offseason. Nash and Kidd play a very similar type of game, and Nash would definitely bring a little more outside shooting the Mavs, putting them back into contention. They would need more than just Nash to go for a title though. The last good fit for him is Memphis. This team has Gay, Gasol, and Randolph who are all playing great ball. Conley has been struggling and I think putting Nash in as a started and even playing Conley along side him could make the grizzlies a threat throughout the league. With all this said I think the best fit for Nash is Miami. It gives him the best opportunity for a ring and they are the team that really needs him the most. With chalmers still trying to find his play style and cole peaking halfway through his rookie season, Miami needs someone to take the reins from James and Wade and really run the offense how Spoelstra has it designed. I am not a Miami fan at all and is the last place I personally want Nash to go!!! But looking at the facts, it seems most likely.

  43. Quiapo Vendor says:

    Send him in a jewellery shop if he wants ring. i dont think he will go to miami. come on.

  44. Deathmachine23 says:

    Man I really hope steve nash doesn’t go to the heat, id rather see him in the magic, help dhoward if dhoward stays. Or even better go to dallas and be with dirk again, steven nash into the line up with the mavs would be killer.

  45. Mark from the PHILIPPINES says:

    hope he goes to the knicks and help them out next season! Pick n roll stat/chandler.

  46. jerv says:

    i want him to go to bobcats….

  47. Jef Nash says:

    1st Option Steve Nash to NYK, 2nd Option to MH & 3rd Option to LAL…

  48. davealjeffiliantonion says:

    he’s staying in phoenix. no doubt.

  49. Chaelo says:

    Best team suit for nash is the Laker. Miami???? IDTS ..

  50. City Hunter says:

    I think if they sign a point guard it would be Deron Williams because he’s young and talented versatile. Nash to Miami?? What are you doing? He’s very old and he is not getting any younger. He’s nearing 40 and there would be nothing to do to get him any younger

  51. hhhhhhhhhhhh says:

    How bout the Lakers..?

  52. ImAnNbaFan says:

    I think where DH12 goes, Nash should follow. It might be Dallas(reunion with dirk+DH12), Knicks(Amare, Melo, TC, Lin and DH12?), Lakers(kobe,nash,bynum,gasol) or even the heat(LBJ,wade,bosh,nash,DH12?!?!). But then, DWill is also looking for DH12. Well, I dont care. As long as hes not another Stockton who never won a championship. Nash and stockton are too good to have nothing.

    Come to think of it. LBJ,wade,bosh,DH12,nash/DWill? I think stern will do something about this team imbalance. So i think no one is going to heat unless wade or lebron is out. Same as if he goes to NYK or LAL. I might be wrong, but its a possibility. Am I right?

  53. That was NASHTY says:

    I love Nash, hate the Heats, but I love Nash more… he should go to HEATS (only chance of a a ring)

  54. Amy says:

    If Nash will join Miami then Miami will be an All Star team…………….

  55. JCR says:

    If he wants a ring fast the Spurs is the place to go.

  56. Maurício José de Sousa Jr. says:

    Valeu Nash! Amamos seu basquete e admiramos seu caráter aqui no Brasil! Força Amigo.

  57. Jono says:

    Dwade and Lebron both already play with point guard mindsets, adding nash to the roster would complicate things more. New York, Atlanta, Utah and Lakers would all instantly become contenders with Nash at the 1

  58. Gulong gulo says:

    Nash will be wearing heat uniform next season and the heat will dominate the next 3 nba seasons

  59. charles says:

    Steve would be great in a team with a defensive anchor. I think of a Tyson Chandler in New York or Dwight Howard in Orlando combined with athletic offensive weapons. I think New York could do very well with Steve.

  60. arshdeep says:

    nash to torontooo

  61. jayjay says:

    i recommed Orlando magic…miami is good with or w/out steve nash…
    what Orlando needs is an elite guard…and dats Steve Nash…and
    they are also a championship contender team…thats if dwight howard
    returns ofcourse…

  62. 68Boy says:

    I dont know about all of you but eventhough its not in the choices, I would put Nash in Memphis. Imagine Nash and Gasol or Zeebo doing some nasty Pick and Roll plays, also putting Gay on the weak side of the court can make Grizzlies one of the top Offensive and Defensive team in the league. Also Nash doesnt need to go to a team that is still in a rebuilding process and Memphis are now in the rolling process. And also why not trading Conley and for a guard and a consistent three pointer that can spread the floor for Nash to cook and also putting a space for Nash. I really hope this will happen and maybe (we don’t know) this Nash,SOME GUARD,Gay,Zeebo and Gasol will be a froce to be reckoned.

  63. Brad in AUS says:

    He wont fit in Miami. As unselfish as he is, he demands the ball and needs the ball to be Steve Nash. So does everyone else on that team. Playing him off the ball is a waste of time and PHX fans will agree that he’s not that great off the ball, not a great spot up shooter. He wont come off the bench so forget that too. He would fit better with Knicks offensively but the defense would get even worse. I like him in Orlando but only if Howard buys in and is healthy, but that means VanGundy is outy. He’s never said he wants a ring, he just wants to compete at the top level. Dont be surprised if he signs with a young cusp team to help them get over the edge. He wants to be a big contributor, not sit in the corner Derek style. Most top tier teams just cant accommodate that.

  64. John says:

    Steve Nash my idol

    Lets get RING next season

    One more run

    lets go nash!!

  65. Yupp says:

    Memphis or Indiana

    Michael Conley would be an excellent back up and Steve would have Z-Bo and Gasol on the pick and roll with Gay and Mayo on the wing. They’re an excellent team and they remind me of the Thunder in the past two years except better.

    Indiana lacks a PG and they’re another up-and-coming team that’s looking pretty dangerous. Steve can make Roy Hibbert that much of better player by spoon-feeding him dunks. And Granger doesn’t NEED the ball unlike D-Wade or Lebron.

    If he goes to Miami it would just be too congested. Nash, Lebron, and D-Wade all want and need the ball in their hands and I feel like the offense would be only a little less stagnant than it is now.

    NY would be too congested as well.

    I feel like there would be chemistry and drama problems in Orlando, which is a no-go for a drama-free, easy-going guy like Nash.

  66. Ivan says:

    if Nash wants a ring,L.A. Lakers is the team to join

  67. mark24 says:

    nash will not end up anywhere… miami, okc, boston…. are you kidding?… it’s cowardness when he will join any of that team… he will remain in phoenix…

    • KG and BG alldayevry day says:

      boston has rondo so they really dont need nash (even tho nash is a my favorite player)(and boston is my favorite team). OKC could go all the way at any point they are a strong team with solid players. they only problem with them is a small lack of older leadership (this was partly fixed with Fisher). I think OKC or LAL is the best fit for nash. NASH WILL EARN A RING! ❤ nash

  68. gerome of the phillipines says:

    I suggest, Dallas should take him back… steve nash can play shooting guard… I think so. He complements the playing style of Dallas particularly Dirk Nowitzki. I discourage him to continue playing as starting pointguard because of age factor although as alternate, its probable. Steve Nash is still very good in spite of his age. Retiring still not an option for him. Maybe after 5 or more years. He still has the capability to play at par with younger players. He will remain to be very effective on the floor if he can adjust to a shooting guard position and play as 6th man who comes from the bench. This will offset his age liability. Look at manu ginobili if you want proof to my argument. They have very similar playing style – the razzle dazzle type of play. I have been a coach once in my life and the best position for aging players but still playing very well are the shooting guard and the small forward positions.

  69. Khari says:

    do believe that either steve nash or jason terry will be joining the miami heat next year. Face it he wants a ring, he will probably not get one going to dallas which is absolutely absurd. However jk is still moving distributing doing things a pure point guard should do. Nash has already said he would not mind playing in a miami uniform next year.If the miami upstairs is as smart as i think they are they are definitely going to be waiving/ releasing a few players. Chalmers will stay jones will stay of course the big 3 and batti will stay. Cole, Haslem, Howard, and definitely mike miller will probably be looking for new squads trust me. Miami knows if they want to make a move for a championship era they need a true pg and a true bigman. Joel Anthony is a grinder is which is why I see him staying but believe me under the table they are trying to get nash, terry, and I have heard rumors about dwight. I highly doubt that he will come to Miami because he wants money more than he wants a ring and the heat simply do not have enough for him but I am almost 100 percent certain that while robin starts to wind down and batman starts to take over he will have some help. Dont get me wrong wade is good but Lebron is the Heat Franchise as we have seen on multiple occasions this year. NASH TO MIAMI

  70. LAKeRR says:

    Nash to Lakers! Kobe is just ball hogging because he can’t trust his other teammates. With Nash on the Laker Roster, it would be a nice fit. Kobe on the wing and Gasol and Bynum down low.. XD 3 rings before he retires!

  71. Lakers says:

    Nash to the Lakers, Sessions will lead the pine.

  72. Nagle says:

    Nash to his hometown Toronto 100%

  73. Eric says:

    I saw some Nash commercials and it’s funny. I think after Basketball Steve Nash needs to go to Hollywood and pursue his acting career hehehe that would be fan. Zoolander 2 he’ll be the long lost twin brother of Derek. Haha

  74. Jennah Quintana says:

    Nash to Dallas!!!!! reunite with Dirk and let Jason Kidd and Nash retire on the same season

  75. Steve Nowitzki says:

    how about if james, wade and bosh all go to phoenix.hahha..i wish..:D

  76. Ronald says:

    Nash to Lakers!!!! With two big men in the center, they need someone who can make plays. Plus kobe isn’t getting any younger so he can take over the game only if the team is struggling. I think Nash is perfect fit for lakers and best chance to finally pick up a ring.

  77. Wags says:

    Miami’s coach can’t handle using an actual point guard. If you watch the Heat, you can’t even tell who the PG is! So if Riley comes to his senses and gets a new coach, then Nash should give Miami a shot. Otherwise, it would be a waste of his time.

  78. skunk says:


  79. Daryl Abalos says:

    i want to see Steve Nash in miami uniform!

    • probably going to get your wish says:

      Can’t see many other places Steve would want to go .. let alone places where he could finally get a championship ring.

  80. pappo says:

    get him lakers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can u imagine him open in midd or 3 points (53 % ) after a double or triple team on lakers bigs OMG i think he will average 25 ppg 🙂

  81. SUNS says:

    As a suns fan i would like to see him anywhere he can win a championship, as long as it is not the spurs or lakers, and i think he knows suns fans will not be happy about him going to either teams. Personally I think he would be a great addition to the Thunder, have him come off the bench, slide westbrook over to the two, harden and durant at the three and four, it would be small but very efficient offensively, but this can only happen if the owner will pay luxury tax, which is unlikely, most likely he’ll go to miami or new york

  82. GeeGee says:

    the only teams i see Nash going to is NYC, MIA, ORL, and DAL… or he could stay with PHX…

  83. Dope says:

    How about Nash to New York Yankees? its time for a change!!

  84. Jojomon says:

    Miami should get Nash and release Bosh, Bosh is overrated..

    • Not that simple says:

      PHX won’t give up Nash for a big (and a 50/50 one at that), but they might consider Nash for, maybe: Chalmers, Miller and maybe a draft-pick. Maybe even Chalmers, Miller and Bosh for Nash and Dudley (or Frye). Who knows? We’ll see come the Summer Break.

  85. Reggie Evans is an Alien! says:

    You’re all crazy, we all know he wants to go to the Bobcats

  86. Archival13 says:

    ok so 2 guys agreed to the MEMPHIS idea =)

    it makes sense

  87. SHAWN says:

    I can see billups and terry going to Miami.

  88. nbafan says:

    I dont understand why Miami fans are still crying for other players to join the team when the already have the “big 3”.

    • Simple says:

      Because as great as Miami is right now, they still miss either:

      (1) Killer PG – who spreads floor and makes it near impossible for opposition defenses to cover effectively

      (2) Genuine Big – No D12, Bynum, Gasol (pick one!) or Chandler to control paint and create near perfect inside-outside combo offense.

      Now give the Heat one or the other? Then i can’t see many teams beating them in a 7-game, playoff stretch. Give em both? Well then … just give em the Trophy.

      Look, i’m a Laker Fan for life and even i can see that Nash needs Miami and Miami need Nash.

    • paulo says:

      entertainment, dunks , 3’s , top ten play’s more superstar in a team more exciting to watch!

  89. Fanleaguer says:

    Lebron, Wade, Howard, Bosh and Nash in Miami, end of discussion (just kiddin’).

  90. Scott from AUS says:

    Steve Nash – Welcome to MEMPHIS

    • fonzy says:

      i think both steve and derron will look for dwight howard. if any team wants them, they must get dwight first. i also like to see steve playing in atlanta

      • Right .. which team is that? says:

        I mean which franchise has that many connections in order to get D12, D-Will *and* Nash? Can you name a team with that much clout to pull that miracle off? Even if that ‘imagnary team’ existed .. can you imagine what the other teams would demand in return? They’d have to strip the cupboards bare to get that trio.

  91. terribad says:

    Miami should trade LBJ to Dwight then get Nash.

    imagine Dwight ,Bosh, Battier, Wade, Nash in your starting lineup w/ haslem as backup PF.

    it will be EZ for them to get the ring. Nash should stay away from Orlando, van gundy is a terrible coach.

    OR, another option is, if Dallas would trade for dwight, nash should join dwight and re-unite w/ nowitzki in dallas, that is

    only if dallas would not get deron..

  92. Jesus says:

    I hope nash comes to miami because damn we need him. Off course he would be a starter. Nash is still one of the best pg in the game. Its true that wade and lebron may have to adjust their game a bit. Lebron could become a jump shooter, wade, is slowing down, he would benefit from the extra rest, or from not handling the ball so much and just cutting to basket.

    If he does not come to miami, I hope he goes to another contenter and wins a title, Nash deserves it, he is such a good guy.

  93. GomuGomuno says:

    S.Nash to Pacers! PG is their missing piece..

  94. Blah says:

    If he doesn’t stay in Phoenix, he is definitely going to go to Orlando.

  95. kupal says:

    Nash to Lakers….. 🙂

  96. adgasgd says:

    Idk if nash would go to miami, that would make their team that much smaller and their defense worse.

    Knicks on the other hand… Amare and Nash again?

  97. lol says:

    NYK should trade Melo off for other big man and let Amare work with Nash again! hahahahah

  98. Yave says:

    Miami doesn’t need Nash.They got Bosh (who really I don’t know how he is considered part of the big 3)LeBron (who can’t seem to close a game for his life)and D-Wade(who I think is the best of the 3).And New York already has Jeremy Lin.The nets couldn’t do anything with Deron Williams.Toronto has Jose Calderon.Golden State can’t seem to do anything to be contenders.Utah already has a good PG in Devin Harris.The only reasonable team there for him to go is Orlando because they got D12 and they are always making the playoffs.He wants a title go become an Orlando Magic Steve.

  99. edki says:

    no one’s mentioned Portland. the team will be rebuilding this summer, they have enough cap space and their owner is willing to spend.
    other than Portland, for Nash LAL would be the best place to make a championship run. Moving Sessions to back-up PG position will make their bench deeper.

  100. Kanishk says:

    Really now? Lebron needs Steve Nash too to get a ring?

    What will that ring be worth anyway? Just tell him to buy it, because he sure as hell can never earn a ring with the Heat.

    Sad too see such a great talent taking the easy option and being a coward.

  101. SYDALE says:

    Nash to the Spurs… to back up Parker…

  102. Willl says:

    How about instead of going to a contender, Phoenix builds a contender around him. Suns have enough cap room to try and sign Roy Hibbert or Eric Gordan. Both those guys are future all-stars. Put them with Nash and young guys like Gortat, Markeif Morris, Jared Dudley, and a good lottery pick and that could be a very good team.

  103. Dan says:

    Think about this:
    Nobody has said this before. MEMPHIS. His leadership and combined skill set and play-making ability could help take an already excellent team over the hill that is the second round of the playoffs and into the Finals. I am aware that it wasn’t listed as an option (Toronto was and have as good a chance as Phoenix next year) so, think about it before you hate on it.

  104. blair56 says:

    Of course everyone is saying that Steve Nash will not re-sign. That’s what they’re paid to say. It wouldn’t be news if it wasn’t a bit controversial. Don’t be surprised at all if Nash finishes his career where he made a name for himself as one of the all-time greatest point guards, Phoenix.

  105. shaked says:

    well… Denver could be good for him.. but they are settled down with promising young PG Lawson and andre miller who knows all the tricks.. they have good PGs… he needs a team who likes to score and have good big man who can play the pick n’ roll.. maybe Huston? maybe the team that took him the 8th spot this season the Jazz? i strongly believe he needs a balanced team with bigmans and no ballhandlers (so no Heat nor Lakers nor Nicks).. could it be the rebuilding blazers?!?!

    he is my favorite player.. good luck!!!!!! you are the best PG of all times!!!!!!!!!

  106. Orlando native says:

    Nash to miami yeah right nash to orlando dwight is going to struggle next season even if he has recovered from his disk he wont be the same so NASH TO ORLANDO PICK AND ROLL ALL DAY!

  107. JAnice says:

    Nash to Miami. For all you haters, try a little love. it works.

  108. Jason Ramroop says:

    steve nash should go to a team where he has the best chance to win. in my opinion those teams are lakers, heat, knicks, and magic

    • mezz says:

      umm ok so if he was to have the best chance to win why leave out three teams with better records than all of them ?

  109. Lin MVP! says:

    NYC, watch! hes gonna b a knick together with phill jackson! that team would be unstopable specially if they bring amare of the bench, hes not going to miami cause he said himself that he hates lebron!!!! (lol i made that one up)

  110. rapsfan says:

    honestly i want him in toronto but i want him to win a ring he deserves it so even though i hate the heat i think if he were to go on the team they would definately win a ring also dont get excited heat fans cuz as soon as he leaves so does any hope of getting another championship

  111. Nash should go to the mavericks

  112. Stef says:

    Nash to Miami!

  113. logistics says:

    Wont be right for Miami? The only reason Bron and Wade control the ball most the time is because who else is gonna take it??? Miller, battier, anthony, cole, chalmers (good player but not a playmaker)…???? C’mon guys you throw in Nash, your 2nd string just went from JV to Varsity. Not to mention having the ball in Nash hands would make it easier to drive to the basket for Wade and James. Brons asissts might go down but itll give him time to focus on defense and offense along with Wade. Nash makes everyone around him better that simple, you want a ring, MIAMI is his best bet.

    Godd Night everybody im here every thursday

  114. Archival13 says:

    how bout MEMPHIS ? huh you guys ddnt think of that? with nash surrounded by zach randolph and marc gasol with athletic back court with him?? it should be memphis …..

    ORLANDO too …. Dwight Howards is surrounded by dangerous catch and shoot 3 pointers already ! now surround nash, with howard, and with those 3 point shooters ! jameer nelson should be a shooting guard/point in the backcourt with nash, nelson can create his shot.

    how about GOLDEN STATE???
    with DAVID LEE and ANDREW BOGUT in the post , and with a terrific threat of a 3 point shooter with Stephen CURRY, that seems good right?

    UTAH ?? legit too right? with Al jefferson down

    • Guru says:

      He only has about 3 years left, it’s either miami or lakers to get a ring and teach the young PGs. But if he goes to miami he can squeeze 5 to 6 years while winning rings. 2nd unit after 3 years though

  115. Jesse says:

    I don’t think i ever felt more satisfied as a sports fan than when Dallas beat Miami last year… I don’t want to lose that feeling, and if Nash goes there, it’s going to be tough to hate them (I’m sure many out there would agree)

    Don’t do it Nash! The heat should stay the villains

  116. thomas says:

    nash might as well ride the band wagon in south beach howards doing

  117. dom says:

    Nash can’t go to Miami!! Lebron is going to cry because he’s not going to touch the ball enough and he’ll try to mak all the play for himself as usual!

  118. NashFan says:

    Firstly, Nash is looking to sign for 3 more years, not 2.

    I’d say his best bet would probably be the Orlando Magic, alongside the hiring of Mike D’Antoni as VanGundy has fallen out of favor there. With those pieces (all star point guard/center pick/roll duo, 3 point shooting pieces) D’Antoni would have everything he’d need for his style of ball. 7 second offense might not be in the cards for that team, but the combination of Nash and D’Antoni is undeniable, and it’d only be fitting that if he went title-searching that D’Antoni would come along.

    Honestly though, Phoenix is going to do the bare minimum to keep him here, and he’s going to finish his career in Phoenix. I don’t think other ball clubs get it, but we’re pretty crazy about Steve out here in Phoenix. Sure you LA people can be uppity about Kobe, as are Miami fans all over LBJ’s knob, but Nash is kind of a different monster. He’s a good person, and he’s endeavored to hold onto that as part of his image. As a result, we look at him here like he’s a saint. I don’t think he could leave.

    If I’m Steve right now, I’m thinking that a ring would be nice, but Stockton never needed one and Phoenix is a GREAT place to live.

    Plus, who knows, depending on the salary Nash wants and some expiring contracts, maybe Phoenix is finally ready to buy some serious talent.

    • NashFan says:

      ‘course I hadn’t thought about the whole J Rich thing, but I don’t know if Nash would play on a team with Richardson any more with the whole wife thing :/

  119. LOL says:

    I don’t care where he’s heading… JUST GIVE THIS MAN THE DAMN RING!!!

  120. chris says:

    i would love to see him go to brooklyn but bottom line i think hes going miami

    • Danny says:

      New York makes sense. Plus, Lin is still a little on the “raw” side, so someone like Nash could mentor him into becoming a force. Nash/Amare pick ‘n’ roll is probably the most dangerous in history of the pick-n’roll. Miami would be fun, too.

  121. bobby says:

    nash to toronto! Nash should end his career from were he came from!

  122. Guru says:

    3 to 4 Rings before he retires with Miami, or 1 ring within 3 years with the Lakers. No rings anywhere else!

  123. Angad says:

    he should come to toronto because if its his last season at least be in canada your home country

    • franchiseplaya says:

      Gawd he wants to WIN a championship, not get stuck in basketball purgatory. If he wanted to play for an awful team he could stay in Phoenix, at least the weathers better.

  124. The one says:

    In my opinion I think that Nash will play in New York.
    1) He has his family living in New York.
    2) He has Amare Stoudemire , which he has played before with and Carmelo Anthony
    3) Last but not least New York doesn’t have a solid point guard and Nash would be a perfect fit to the team.

    • Ganbatte says:

      What about Jeremy Lin? He has more than proved that he can run the point and do it in excellent form. Let’s also not forget that he is young and can become much more valuable that Nash in the long run for the Knicks. Even though Nash will always be my favorite player, I strongly doubt Lin will be getting traded, or benched, anytime soon.

  125. googergieger says:

    OKC? Westbrook could be moved to the two guard in certain situations. Especially to close the game. Let’s face it, they could use better poise and decision making. Also could help the OKC big men be more productive on the offensive end. He is also still in shape enough to run a high tempo offense. Hell maybe even Denver?

  126. Free Speech says:

    Even if miami heat get SteveNash, and Grant Hill, and Deron Williams, and all the best free agents on the planet, the miami Heat will NEVER win the NBA Championship. why? because LeBron James is there.
    LeBron made a huge mistake by not going to the Knicks or the Lakers when he had the chance, as it is with those two teams his star was and is still written for him to become a global icon and to win rings, not the miami heat, not the brooklyn nets.

    • Ganbatte says:

      Despite my sceptical view on Lebron’s 4th Quarter Game, it cannot be denied that he has decided to show up in late game situations, especially towards the end of this season. Even without Wade, the Heat has had a stellar record with just Batman running the show. When he gets more confident in clutch situations, it’s scary to think how good he will be. Even though I am far from a die hard Heat fan, everyone should keep their eyes on Lebron.

  127. jopinga says:

    I voted for Miami just because I’m a fan but what everyone’s saying that Miami doesn’t need a nash type point guard is true. Miami just needs a pg that can shoot the 3 efficiently and be able to run with Lebron and Wade. I’d like to see Nash in Toronto but the thing is that they’re no where close to a championship level even if they get nash. I was kind of shocked that Dallas wasn’t one of the teams listed for voting because of the relationship he has with dirk. It’s going to be a interesting free agency….

  128. lester says:

    go Steve Nash….see u in Miami heat is better to see a
    PG in Miami”, … possible to have a ring..!

  129. chris says:

    unbelievable how smart i am…

    nuggets over lakers!

  130. chris says:




    • kobe says:

      chris learn to spell..people awlays hate the best..dont worry i dont like the Yankees steelers

      • chris says:

        good because i was worried. now i can sleep tonight.
        and dream about winning.

        that’s right, I play in the playoffs. I take place of lakers and i win

    • Truth says:

      Say that to 16 titles

      • chris says:

        who are these SO-CALLED “TITLES?”

        I will speak to them individually, and then as a group.

        you and your titles need to go back to school to learn something!

    • phillip says:

      WTF nuggets have Ty baby and Stone is being primed for backup in the next few years ( Dre might stay too, perfect fit for him ) And I think Ujiri has been pretty clear about going younger !!!

  131. Daniel Hoch says:

    Steve Nash has had a very odd pattern: the longer he plays, the better he gets. A PG who shoots 50% from the field is not only efficient, it’s unheard of. All I will say is this: he is not staying in Phoenix. My hypothesis is he will end up on Miami, a team that has a lot of ball handlers but no true PG who is efficient. As much as I would love to see Nash in a Knick uniform, the likelihood is that he plays in Miami because Nash has always played with some of the more athletic players in the NBA. One thing is for sure: wherever Nash goes, I estimate Nash will be in the league for at most 2-3 years. But that is why they play the game, so we’ll see what happens

  132. mario says:

    i think that nash would fit well with a team that has a good bench and a good center he would fit well in new york even if he comes of the bench behind lin that would be a good team.

  133. john says:

    Steve go sign with the SUNS..My SON will be happy again

  134. Slick says:

    Nash to Laker Land!!! Blake and Sessions for Nash.

    • Ganbatte says:

      I agree. It would be good because there would finally be a solid ball handler in the Lakers again. He would feed the ball to Kobe to get more open shots and baskets. The pick-and-roll with Bynum would be amazing, especially since Bynum has come into the conversation of best Center in the League. With Kobe, Bynum and Nash, the Lakers would truly become contenders again for the title.

  135. z says:


    All he wants is a ring and that is the fastest way to do it. He don’t care about minutes and paid, he just want to ring before retires..

  136. Jason says:

    Nash is my favorite player and the reason I became such a Suns fanatic. If he leaves, the pain will be real. I hope he stays with the team and city that loves him, but I will understand if he decided to chase a title, he deserves it, he’s the best point guard since Magic Johnson.

    To you Heat fans that say have him come off the BENCH!!! What an insult. You don’t deserve him.

    • phillip says:

      To all those heat fans who maybe should think of getting a center and putting King James at point might sleep better at night

  137. jer says:


  138. Keekoohh says:

    i reckon if dwight stays with magic . nash should go with the magic . they complement each other’s game . not miami . miami got too many ball handlers . they dont need nash to make plays for them .

  139. Martin says:

    I think Nash wouldn’t suit in Miami, because he needs to have the ball to play as he knows. The same happens with LeBron and Wade

  140. Chris lee says:

    I think it will be a wise choice to pick New York as his center stage, lebron a choker in the play-off, mavs to old , orlando it will be just like lob city hype, new york gives him tools to work with amare, melo, lin , smith it would Nashty team to dealt with

    • Ganbatte says:

      Yeah, I agree. And I wish this could happen. But they already have Lin as starting PG, and I don’t think either Lin or Nash would want to come off the bench.

  141. Zach Gillette says:

    If Orlando wants to keep Howard, they need to get Nash or J. Kidd for cheap and dump Van Gundy. A team of spot up shooters needs a playmaking point guard. Jameer Nelson is decent, but not great. Orlando could go for Lopez as well to give Howard a buddy with some size.

  142. BFoulds says:

    Send him to San Antonio. That’s the only way he’s getting a ring 🙂

    • Ganbatte says:

      With Tony Parker pretty much taking over in San Antonio, Nash would’nt be a good fit. Especially in an aging team, San Antonio Spurs need as much young talent as they can. If Manu, Nash and Duncan retire, all SA will have is Tony Parker. Also, Nash would’nt want to play second fiddle to anyone. He is still one of the best past first point-guards and can be a starter in any NBA team. He would fit much better in a different team.

  143. Stea says:

    Nash to Miami

  144. ice_pogi says:

    fit better in New York??? you serious??? Nash is done doing run and gun with amare in PHX before… He knew that it would never take him as far as Playoff FINALS… He’s not getting any younger…… His leadership role is valuable in MIAMI… just like D.Fisher now in OKC… If he joins the lakers… he will end up just like fisher in L.A. he will become one of kobe’s scape goats…. Catching all the blames….. Guys like Nash deserves better than lakers or the knicks…..

  145. Dan Wolves says:

    He should go to Miami. Miami needs a better PG than Rio and Cole or someone who can complement the 1st and 2nd units. Besides, as long as LBJ and DWade are healthy, he has better chances of getting a ring than anywhere else. Out of the Top 4 NBA teams this season, only Miami doesn’t have an All-Star PG so Nash would definitely be a good fit with Miami.

  146. HEAT says:

    Steve Nash can dish to anybody. Have him come off the bench for Miami with Pittman or Curry (who should be ready to play next season) and he’ll turn them into at least semi-competent big men. With him Miami’s second unit will be at least serviceable

    • Danny says:

      I think he’d rather finish his career in Phoenix then go to Miami to come off the bench. If Nash goes to Miami, HE WILL START. I’m sorry but Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole would not play ahead of Nash.

  147. dattebayo says:

    It’s obvious that Nash is still a great contributor and playmaker. He will either stay with Phoenix or he will leave to play for a title contender.

    Miami is an option but I don’t think he fits best there. Miami really doesn’t play the traditional point guard meaning dribbling with the ball and setting people up. They just dribble it up the floor and move the ball around with some play-calls for post-ups or spot-ups. The only time for Nash to be the player he is, would be coming off the bench and playing along with Bosh with 3 2nd unit players, mainly deadly shootes like Miller, Jones or Battier.

    He would fit much better in New York and Chandler, STAT and Melo are there for a few years too. Nash could set up STAT in pick&rolls like they did in Phoenix, Chandler could protect the rim and organize the defense and Carmelo could close out games. With the right coaching staff and a long training camp they could have a great season next year and contend easily, if they are healthy.

    I just really hope the Lakers won’t get him, that would kill me 😀

    • bob says:

      I doubt Lin will get traded though, or am I wrong?

      • Ganbatte says:

        No, you’re right Bob. There is no way that Lin will get traded. Especially since he is not only a solid point guard in any team, but he is also one of, if not the biggest, hype of Basketball this season. He is also putting up a pretty sturdy case for Most Improved. Even though I am a die hard Nash fan and would love to see him in a Knicks Jersey, reuniting with Amare, not forgetting that he’ll playing alongside Chandler and Melo; they won’t give up Lin anytime soon.

  148. NBAddicted says:

    either Nash or Dragic to Miami HEAT!

  149. come on guys says:

    come on guys, miami? what will he do in miami? lbj and d-wade will have the ball for like 75% of the time,, nash is playmaker. he’s better teamed up with a big man, maybe howard?

  150. NASHTY says:

    I hope he picks NYC so that they can finally have a legitimate team just imagine these line-ups

    starting five (possibly the best in the league)

    second unit (possibly the best as well)
    Shumpert, JR Smith, Fields/Novak, jeffries, (trade lin, bibby, davis for a serviceable big man)

    if nash goes to MIA then he’ll be coming off the bench and trying to orchestrate an offense that won’t be running through him so he won’t be as effective whereas in NYC he can orchestrate an offense that could go two ways: pick n roll with his best teammate STAT or pick n pops with a teammate who can finally create his own shot MELO

    either way NASH and HILL to NYC

    • Chris says:

      1. Hill will probablly retire
      2. they wouldn’t have enough money to sign hill and nash while re-signing fields and jr.
      3. Trading Lin would be stupid, because then you’d be stuck with no money and no point guard, what happens when nash retires? then what?

    • Danny says:

      New York would be nice. Although, Melo is such a ball-stopper, I can’t see him co-existing with Nash. Melo likes the ball in his hand and likes the run isolation sets. The only reason it worked in Denver with Billups is because Billups is a solid defender and is a great off-ball player, as well. Nash likes to have the ball in his hands to create the offense, so it might clash with Melo. Nash would get to reunite with Amare though which would be nice. Pick’n’roll with Nash/Amare with Melo on the weak side. Could be nashty!!

  151. Gurman says:

    My pick would be Orlando because other teams like New York or Miami and even the Mavs have a number of steady guards already. Orlando would be a perfect fit for Nash as long as Howard decides to stay there. Orlando with Nash plus the other guys would be fun to watch. I hope he makes the right decision after all he’s such a great point guard.

    • Denzo says:

      And finally someone could make FT in the 4TH quarter!! Finally!! 🙂

      I am going to fly from Australia and watch my first NBA game, and Steve is one guy i want to see.

      • uoykcuf says:

        good choice, I watched nash live several times even had a chance to meet him once at a local bar. A super funny guy, so generous he even paid for all our drinks!

    • Danny says:

      No Orlando. Too dysfunctional over there with Dwight Howard this season. Nash is a drama free player. I think he’d rather stay in Phoenix.

      • bro says:

        Thing is, get Nash and it stops being dramatic because Howard will resign long-term once he thinks they’re a contender

    • Nobody says:

      I hope he doesn’t go Orlando. There’s a great chance Howard would not stay after 2012-2013. Nash would be wasting the end of his career playing for non-contender again. Please don’t…..

      • gerald adams says:

        miami, will win the title this year. and when steve nash get there next year they are going to win it again. he really make them dangerous . he is not young in this leauge no more, and miami is his best chance to secure a title. unlike barkely , malone , stockton etc steve nash wants a ring and miami is his chance

  152. wole says:

    steve nash will not go to miami, lbj and wade need the ball in their hands, they are not catch and shoot players

    • Nobody says:

      This I think is the ONLY reason why Miami is not a good fit. However, think about the fast breaks and the open 3s that Miami has, Nash will be twice as good as Chalmers in those situation.

    • Jolan says:

      why can’t anyone else see this. it’s so obviouse. If he goes to miami, he wont fare much greater then bibby did. they will turn him into a three point shooter, and with nash’s defense, (lets face it, its not good) he would just become a pond like the rest of the players on miami who aren’t james and wade. they would need to get ride of spolstra before getting nash imo. but if they dont win it all, spolstra and bosh could both be gone.

      • Geo says:

        I Disagree with all the above comments

        I dont think that James and wade can only play with the ball in their hands,
        If Nash has the balls, James and Wade have a lot more opportunity to free themselves by running or screens and then set themselves for easy drives or even close jumpshots.
        Bosh is a great jump shooter and is pretty effective close to the basket (if he could stop turning it over)

        I agree the heat will not give up chalmers though, maybe mike and/or james jones

  153. jayson says:

    better be in lakers uniform…miami is not for him because plenty of stars [are selfish],.,, wade james can handle the ball like a point guard…lakers should take the opportunity to acquire him…acquiring nash to LA means another championship title to the franchise..

    • ballhog says:

      Sellfish eh? what about Kobe? Lakers so he can play with thugs aka MWP and Bynum

    • 16going417 says:

      I agree. The Lakers are not even listed as an option above. However, if the Lakers were to get rid of Goudelock or Morris, make Nash the starting point and move Sessions to the back up position, while also having Blake as a 3rd option they would have a great chance at winning the title provided everyone could stay healthy. Let’s face it; Nash and Kobe are not spring chickens.

      If Nash is chasing a title Miami would be another good fit. Maybe with 4 all stars Miami could finally get it done. Just remember, the Lakers had 4 all stars (Bryant, Shaq, Malone and Peyton) and they did not win it all that year.

      So, I say the Lakers should get Nash and also get Odem back and we Lakers fans could sit back and enjoy the show next season.

    • Danny says:

      If Nash were in a Miami uniform, that would free James and Wade up to roam without the ball which would make them even more dangerous. Imagine all the back door screen alley-oops and cuts. Bosh and Nash could run the pick’n’roll with LeBron cutting to the basket and Wade on the weak side. Very dangerous. Plus, think of all the kick-out threes Nash will hit when he gets fed by LeBron after the defense collapses to defend him inside.

      • Geo says:

        Absoultely agree
        What made phoneix so lethal was when Nash found soudemire to the basket
        Nash handling the ball, with either James, Wade or Bosh getting free is going to be unstoppable

  154. Laker Lifer says:

    The best fit for both player and team is Miami.

    • It'd be a great fit says:

      But it also means the Heat have to give up, maybe, Chalmers and (say) Miller and perhaps a draft pick. Phoenix will want some serious player compensation for their floor general, inspirational leader and franchise icon. Make no bones about it.

  155. Gabriel says:

    Steve nash miami big 3 = 5 rings in a row
    No doubt about it.

  156. ko0kiE says:

    I can’t imagine him retiring.. even at his age he still plays at a elite level.. averaging a double-double, shooting 53% from the floor ( when was the last time ANY guard did that? ), 90% FT, and alost 40% from 3-point land..

    name me any team which doesn’t want to have steve nash as backup point guard? ( or even as starting guard?)

    • Danny says:

      He won’t be playing backup, that’s for sure. The guy remains arguably one of the best “pure” point guards in the league.

  157. will be interesting to see if DWill leaves as well….could both be heading to Dallas! Haha, but i honestly think that Nash will end up in Miami, might bring a bit of love down south as well.

    Check out

  158. Troy Dan says:

    Nash to Miami!

    • phillip says:

      I’m not sure if anyones thrown this out there but how about OKC !!
      obviously it would depend on how much money he would sacrifice and Nash being Nash would definately meet people in the middle. The other factor is as you all know that dude with the 0 on his jersey, will he submit and be the SG. Cmon Durant make it happen !!!! ( meanwhile I’m a denver fan and it scares the hell out me if this actually happened )


        Why in the world would nash go to okc they already have a vetran derick fisher who is a great tutor (not saying nash isn’t) but thats already 2 point gurards plus reggie which makes 3. Nash will probably go to miami and try to get 1(or even 2) rings before he retires.

    • @Troy Dan .. i can see that happening says:

      I recall he gets on well with D-Wade and with his added leadership skills you’d think it was a real nice option for him.

    • lucrentio says:

      Why does Miami get all the good players? Do they have like unlimited cap space? I mean, they already have the big 3 making many millions of dollars…

      • nashty says:

        as i can remember the big 3 of miami agreed for a lower salary so that they can make deals with other players that they need and next season may be the best chance for them to get steve nash. Just an opinion bro. 🙂