Blogtable: Favorite Story Of 2011-12

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

The regular season is just about done. What’s your favorite story – whether it had a big headline or not – of 2011-12?

Steve Aschburner: For feel-good moments, it was hard to top the night Kaleb Canales took over as interim coach of the Portland Trail Blazers. Plopped into the job unexpectedly to replace fired Nate McMillan, about 24 hours before a road game against the mighty Chicago Bulls, Canales on the sideline looked like a young fan who’d won a “Coach-for-a-Day” contest. But he helped Portland to an improbable 100-89 upset. His players – most of whom had “come up” with the newly promoted video coordinator – demonstrated their affection for him (and vice versa) with their performances and their embraces afterward. It was a happy highlight in a very down year for the Blazers.

Fran Blinebury: Zombies.  The Walking Dead.  The San Antonio Spurs.  Every time we bury them, they come back to bite us and now they’re growling and hungry going into the playoffs.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Jeremy Lin is a good one. But there is something about the Spurs of 2011-12 that hooks me. The way Popovich has merged youth with the big-name veterans, the way Tony Parker has advanced his game, the way management made a series of in-season moves, the way the roster overcame the lengthy absence of Manu Ginobili and still finished with the best record in the West. Never saw this coming.

Shaun Powell: I’m not sure how anyone who loves fairy tales could not be captivated by Linsanity. I mean, it had it all: underdog does good, ethnicity, fish out of water, saving a desperate franchise, doing it in the Big City. Sure, in some ways, it was over the top, but only because of the media age in which we live. Taken at its core, the tale of Jeremy Lin going from the sofa to the penthouse was refreshing in spite of the hype.

John Schuhmann: The Linsanity eventually got out of control, the Knicks have been overhyped all year, and I’m one who likes to focus on what goes on the floor, but it’s impossible not to appreciate the story of Jeremy Lin. He came out of the Ivy League, went undrafted, was waived by two teams, and then sparked a run on the league’s biggest stage. The Knicks were in a bad spot and this guy, a few days from being waived once again, gave them exactly what they needed. Oh yeah, there was the whole international sensation aspect of it too.

Sekou Smith: Even without any ties whatsoever to New York, the Knicks or Jeremy Lin, it’s hard to ignore Linsanity. Anytime people you know have absolutely no interest in the NBA or basketball coming up to you at church and in the grocery store asking about Linsanity and wondering if this “thing is for real,” it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the story. The only thing that bothers me is we never got the chance to see how the story would end. Lin handled the pressure better than anyone could have imagined, but he his body couldn’t stand up to the stress. But when you look back at the highlight reel from this season, Linsantiy has to be prominently displayed.


  1. es says:

    When I watch any game the player’s ethnicity is the least of my concern.
    Linsanity can never become what it is without Lin performing what he did on the court.
    IMHO, the other peripheral issues such as his ethnicity, his Havard degree, and underdog story, etc,
    are just added bonus for the media to pick on. Granted it is only 25 games. But if Lin did perform on the court,
    nobody would have paid any attention.

    Let player’s balling do the talking…

    • es says:


      I meant “if Lin did NOT perform on the court, nobody would have paid any attention.”

  2. Steven Gray says:

    Linsanity was the most hyped in the 2011-12 season. Whether it be his nationality, or the fact that he graduated from Harvard, or the new records created, he was in the news constantly for most of the season

  3. leo says:

    basketball is not non-asian sports any more since Yao. now Lin says asian can play PG. there will be more asian. admit it!

  4. Breaking Barriers says:

    Still a lot of salty Jeremy Lin haters who can’t give him his due. No other players have gotten attention? lol. I’m curious to see how old are people here and actually remember Kobe Bryant’s first All-Star Game. Kobe was coming off the bench and wasn’t even the leading score, and eventually failed to win the 6th man award, yet he got voted into the ALL-STAR GAME!! Jeremy Lin hasn’t and will not be the only player to get attention for whatever reasons.

    Of course being Asian played into all the attention, but anyone who say it was just because he was ASIAN is being very ignorant and naive. Don’t get me wrong, I.Thomas of the Kings is a good story and so was the short lived Lester Hudson, but both don’t even compare to Jeremy Lin. If the doubters actually knew about Jeremy Lin’s story, you would realize that even coming out to college, he was not even offered a D1 scholarship to any of the schools. He went UNDRAFTED, which means he still had to battle for a spot and that’s what he did during summer league and playing EFFECTIVELY against #1 pick John Wall. Then he got cut TWICE and was on the verge of getting cut 3x.

    Isiah Thomas’s doesn’t have most of those factors in his story. Even at Harvard Jeremy Lin was facing racist remarks, even with the Knicks fans were saying racist things about him, and it kept going on and on. People here like to play the race card, so keep it real and acknowledge the racism that Jeremy Lin has faced because he was ASIAN. The fact he’s got media attention for his background is POETIC JUSTICE.

    So this is the first time an Asian-American player (who is both Chinese and Taiwanese through heritage, which Jeremy himself has admitted) with an overall compelling story that represents the American dream of hard-work, perseverance and don’t give up mentality and there are still people who can’t recognize the other factors in his story? when people have already commented that Jeremy’s story is GLOBAL? Even got Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World selection. That’s a hater at its finest.

  5. mikeemanilaphilippines says:

    go spurs. . . .

  6. JUSTTOSAY says:


  7. wayne says:

    linsanity is more about faith and less about basketball. it’s about a harvard graduate of asian origin wanting to play basketball so bad, not about him wanting to become famous. it’s more about having faith and working hard and perservering, less about knicks sucess. if not a basketball player, the guy could have easily found a wallstreet job at making money that most of us can’t earn in 10 lifetimes.

  8. Ken says:

    Fact that Jeremy Lin is the talk of almost all the talkbacks here says it all.

  9. DKUO says:

    Lin all the way baby!

  10. Jason Ramroop says:

    there are a lot of good stories of the 2011-12 season, i believe the greatest was the insanity story, but another story that i like but no one really noticed was how the boston celtics, despite all the drama of keeping the big 3 together, turned everything around and clinched a spot in the playoffs. its not really a story any one really talks about but its a story that i like.

    • merrileealong says:

      I’d forgotten that! Early on I was disappointed that the Celtics weren’t doing particularly well, and suddenly (actually wasn’t it around the time of Linsanity) I wanted to be the fly on the wall listening to what Doc Rivers was saying that made his team play inspired bball! Yes, terrific season for Celts.

  11. celtics biggest fan says:

    RAjon rondo

  12. ban says:

    and btw, Linsanity exposure is not at all different from when Brandon Roy retired. News like that were talked about and that’s why its news, it’s worth the time to talk about and pay homage to those people and what they have done or do for the game. It caught our attention and given them the praise due. So it will be talked about, but not always. That is all.

  13. ban says:

    All the stories deserve the limelight for a time, and those you want to remember depends on which one captivated you most. I was happy for the Celtics when they won the finals, for KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen to finally win one. Even when the Mavs one it too, for J Kidd and the rest of the veteran dudes. Because all players do deserve to win it at least once. Even now that the Spurs and Celtics are at it again, tagged as the older bunch, still proves their worth. It’s always good to see the older ones win it since they’ve been working on it for years. As for the up comers like the bulls and OKC, they’ll get their banner sooner or later too. So that being said, the stint of glory Lin got for a time, it deserved to be talked about as well. No bias.

  14. ban says:

    Face it, the guy can play. He just doesn’t have the experience of how nba is played. There was the unexpected but the fact that he was able to make everybody around him get those stats on top of his own production proves that he has the potential. And exactly that, why the hype? because he’s Asian and that was unheard of for his size alone and he gave it his all even if he wasn’t used to the minutes and fatigue eventually set in. Besides players get playing time depending on their production and that was a plus for the Knicks and he was given the minutes, just like any player in the league. Once he plays under control, he should be fine. If not even to the level of being an all star, at least there’s potential for him to be a starter or a solid backup guard. On top of that, HE HAS GUTS!!!

  15. Taikoo says:

    No need to compare. Jeremy Lin push a sport franchise stocks up to record high, attract foreign company to invest, from zip to top No. 2 jersey sales, force time warner and MSG to settle their dispute, have the most fans worldwide, and being in Time 100 at the same time. People who compare Lin with other NBA player are just naive and jealous. Linsanity is so much bigger than just what happen on the court. Oh yeah i’m asian like its a disease but i got 6 times your score on the S.A.T.

  16. PC says:

    As good as a PG as J-Lin is, he is not getting the attention he deserves as a NBA player; not enough to be exact. Most of the attention drawn to him is of his ethnicity. First Taiwanese-American graduate from Harvard to make it to the NBA. I watched the Taiwan news often, and never really had the news talked about a specific player until, oh look it’s J-Lin and his highlights. After his injury, the news doesn’t or barely plays the Knicks highlights anymore. Stereotypical isn’t it? But that’s true in for Taiwan. Just my experience don’t hate, but many friends of mine starting talking about basketball and J-Lin when his stardom was on the rise; I find it quite funny that the talk of basketball stopped once J-Lin was sidelined b/c of an injury. LoL during this time; the conclusion of this is basketball was appreciated b/c of one Asian-American player but not for the game :-].

    All in All, I hope he can come back soon; but will his return mesh well with C-Melo who clearly needs the ball in his hands to be effective. They should be able to work it out. PGs dominate the NBA these days now.

    • PC says:

      So it’s a good thing. Jeremy Lin is an icon of success for the Asian ethnicity. What I took of this is your dream is never gone until you give it all you’ve got. Until then, don’t stop ever for the dream b/c never will you know the outcome of your efforts. And that’s what Linsanity did, he preserved until he got to the top of the basketball world. Kudos to him. Same for all NBA players, getting to the NBA is a slim chance for most people who loves and plays ball.

  17. franchiseplaya says:

    whats Linsanity? never heard of it. #sarcasm. seriously though, it was nothing but a 2 week perfect storm of injuries and playing style that wouldve faded even if Lin hadn’t injured himself. Once Melo and Amare were both back the team was destined to going back to being mediocre. Lin is not (yet?) a floor general that can overcome those other egos. its a nice story but vastly overhyped.

  18. knicksfan says:

    somebody said other player did the same thing but bot get the same attention. That’s not true. think about Knicks before Lin came, they lost more than winning. they have superstars and other good players but none of them tried to help this team win. they had point guard like Baron davis, a two year all star, did he help knciks? No. Knicks was Bobcats before lin came. Since somebody mentions that another person could make the same thing as lin did, how come their own players couldn’t? Until lin came, he led the team to beat all 7 games including last year’s champion–Dallas. After linsanity, people suddenly realized that an underdog can do this thing to save a team, then media or players started saying–if they were given the chance, they could do it too. because they are not jeremy lin who has a very special personality and devoted faith to God. That’s why he successed.

  19. katlyn says:

    Lin is terrible on the courts; asian’s were not meant to play ball nor date white chicks!

  20. katlyn says:

    I got pounded by lin and I am pregnant with his kid. Lin is terrible on the courts just like he is in bed!

  21. Ken says:

    Jeremy Lin lifted the Knicks from the drains into the playoffs the time the team missed its two injured leading stars, Melo and Amare – all this from the unexpected bench-end and with amazing numbers and fighting spirits. He has, without doubt, turned this 2011-2012 season into one of the most memorable ones. Like the Biblical Moses who was sent by G-d to break apart the Red Sea for his people, Lin was sent by the Lord to pave the way for the lost Knicks team to the playoffs. They wouldn’t have been there today if not for him! May G-d bless you, Jeremy, you’ve made our season.

  22. Lol says:

    Lin is all hype, he had a couple good games and everyone’s on him. Isiah Thomas > Lin

  23. merrileealong says:

    Of course there are a lot of great young as well as veteran players with stories. I’m not sure why Lin captivated so many people, but he did, and we all have our own individual reasons for admiring him. And I think it’s just a wonderful phenomenon to celebrate such exciting “episodes” that brighten up a season. So fun, happy and inspiring–increases the endorphins!

  24. pusshi says:

    Lin rising from the end of the bench, that black and white commerical of the first time he got up to play for the knicks made me tear.

    The world knows Linsanity and feels his struggles. That is why his is the best story for years to come.

  25. Jim Lindsey says:

    I don’t care if everybody leaves the Celtics out of the picture. There’s the story. The real old guys. They sneak into the playoffs because they won’t go away. They won’t go gently into that good night. They still got the stuff. And when they hang that 18th banner, you’re all going to have to make them the story of the year. Dinosaurs rule!

  26. sky-k says:

    He was represent in the Media way too much but never overrated.
    It’s really not about the him being asian. It says it all on his stats/numbers.
    He’s not the best right now but he has potential. People complain about his turnovers
    but even good players have turnovers and its something he can fix.

    So stop saying its because his asian and that black players don’t get recognition because I don’t think I’ve heard of ANYONE graduating from harvard as top player and the rest we all know.

  27. Roger says:

    Linsanity by a mile. Probably the biggest NBA story in ten years. It would be good if you racist, Klan members kept your opinions to yourself

  28. chris says:





    • chris says:






  29. JDOG says:

    IT IS ABOUT HIM BEING ASIAN. Asian stereotypes tell us that asians aren’t good at sports, ect. But it was Lin who proved that wrong,

  30. Oakley34BANG says:

    The incredible thing about Lin was NOT his college pedigree or his ethnicity. It was that the last guy down the bench put the team on his shoulders when Melo and Amare went out. The Knicks’ starting five thru Linsanity was Fields, Jeffries, Bill Walker, Chandler, and Lin, and it was clearly the young PG indivdual offensive efforts that carried the offense through those games (and of course Fields, Jeffries, and Chandler’s incredible D). He saved the NYK season. Even WITH Melo and Amare they were going nowhere fast. Those two weeks made this team love each other…next year the sky is the limit.

  31. par says:

    Linsanity fisrt!!! He makes the simply dream to be the incredible dream. And the people love his story the most.

  32. ER36 says:

    I live in the UK. Over here the general public only know MJ, Kobe, Shaq and for some, Yao. When Linsanity hit EVERYONE here was talking about him. In my college, my gym, in the town centre, at railway stations, people who didn’t know about basketball were raving about him. This guy was trending worldwide. He is thee biggest story of year for sure.

  33. Nicks says:

    ja, you sound like a hater, first of all, I am not Asian, so my comments are not bias, maybe you weren’t watching the games, yes, Jeremy took a couple of bad shots, who doesen’t, the main thing is, he won games when the knicks were floundering, yes the other guys were balling, but only after Jeremy started dribble penetration, kept his dribble and got others involved, set the standard and compiled a run. sensably next time.

  34. JJ says:

    Lin is a pretty good story but this season he was waived by two teams, has a lebron-like amount of turnovers for the number of minutes he’s averaged & has reached his ceiling in my opinion.

    Isiah Thomas deserves alot of recognition for what he’s done in Sacramento. He was the last pick of the draft & like Lin, stepped into a starting role on a team that desperately needed a point guard. The main difference between these two guys is Thomas has MUCH more potential than lin does. Only time will tell though i suppose.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      The part that he was waived by two teams is a part of the story to. Lin was very talented at that time, his teams just didn’t see it so they waived him. I don’t think he reached his ceiling yet. He will continue to learn and improve on his weaknesses and then he will reach his ceiling. As for the potential part, only time will tell

  35. CK says:

    What brought people to Linsanity was the unexpected storylines.

    From getting cut twice this year to directing every offensive possesion and winning games when 2 superstars weren’t the lineup.

    A guy who supposedly cannot handle the ball, cannot finish, cannot shoot, cannot defend, was able to somehow contribute in a big way and get the Knicks back into contention.

    Winning and outscoring Kobe Bryant on his visit to MSG. (basketball fan knows Kobe’s mindset at MSG).

    Hitting a game winner (Toronto). Game winners are traditionally reserved for the elite players.

    There are definitely other players with similar storylines but never in such a compacted timeframe. He was impressive game after game during that Linsanity period.

    • Chosen1 says:


      This, yet there are still people who continue to use the race card and say it’s because he’s Asian. Well the same can be said about all the jokes and hate he was getting from various fans when he first joined the Knicks and when he struggled. Fact of the matter is, it’s the multiple appeal that got Jeremy the attention.

    • tgm says:

      Well said CK!

  36. DAVID says:

    Pop will win!!!! NO QUESTION!!!!!

  37. ja murda says:

    lin is simply a decent guard who happened to thrive in the d’antoni system of shoot whatever shot you want to at a time when melo and stat were hurt and he took advantage of it not to mention that during that run he happened to play some of the nba’s worst teams but the reality checks came once he actually played against real point guards that and one style of play will only get you so far also everyone forgets how well the bench guys played jefferies walker novack chandler landry and all those guys balled out hard and were healthy and played a major part. but i will give him credit for hitting some big time shots. but as usual the media took it and went crazy and made you sick of hearing his name and no one ever mentioned anything about all the horrible shots that he took during that run. and one guy on here said yao wasn’t a phenomenon you cant know basketball and yes alot of it was about race if not they wouldnt mention it every time come on folks be serious!!!

    • Name Required says:

      @Ja Murda, you don’t know how to use the period (.)?

    • cool knicks fan says:

      So deron williams, john wall, and ricky rubio aren’t real point guards? He outscored Kobe Bryant in MSG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kobe always plays amazingly in MSG, and Lin outscored him 38-34. Now thats something. I didn’t get sick of hearing his name all the time. The media did overhype him and he still needs to improve in many parts of his game but Lin is still a good palyer and its not all about race. Its about the underdog story, how he came from Harvard, how he went undrafted, got cut twice, and came off the end of the Knicks bench and did something that no one ever did before, score more points than any player in their first 5 starts. And he also saved a VERY desperate Knicks team that didn’t have Melo and STAT. Stop being racist

  38. ralph says:

    Ben Wallace was undrafted and he was a great center and he went to the all star and was second with most votes and made pitons win a championship but one made a big deal, we’ll see what lin can accomplish when he comes back

  39. Michael says:

    How about the Phoenix Suns season? Pretty compelling in my opinion.

    I recapped it at my blog –

  40. lakermig says:

    I think lin was a great story that got slightly ruined by over exposure which is a pity but also in more recent news as a couple of reporters said above the zombie like spurs who just when you think yeah that’s it they’re dead, they get right back up and do this…who the hell even a month or 2 months ago would have thought they’d finish 1st in the west ahead of OKC, let alone look like they might just take it all.

  41. normanm says:

    i am an asian and linsanity deserves as one great story for the year 2012..not that he is that good he came at the time when the knicks needed an energizer..that lin somehow provided..

    isiah thomas..for sure is under pressure to live by with his name sake..he may not be as good as the first isiah thomas..given time..who knows?

  42. Brad says:

    I can’t believe people are not talking about Isaiah Thomas! aka hustlin husky. The dude was the last pick in the draft and He is in the same conversation as the 1st overall pick for ROY. #isaiahROY


      Isiah Thomas: The last pick on last year’s draft exceeded the expectations, and is now the starting PG for the kings. That’s a great story. But the actual reason for him being the starting PG is that there’s no other TRUE PG in their roster, one that makes teammates better. Jimmer is a shooter, Tyreke was never a PG. If Isiah wasn’t on the roster, i’d pick Demarcus as their PG. lol. And by the way, the Kings are STILL LOOSING with him leading the offense.

      Linsanity: Being the last pick still puts you on a better situation than being UNDRAFTED. Playing on a bigger league at college, where NBA scouts can watch you play more often, is different than – man i havent even heard that Ivy League before this. The Knicks weren’t the Knicks that they’re supposed to be, considering they have melo and stat and tyson – i mean they were losing games they should’ve won. And then you were on the verge of losing a game against one of the worst teams in the NBA this season (NJ NETS) and you have Toney Douglas, the previous starting PG, struggling which actually has been replaced by Shumpert, who’s not even a PG. Baron and Bibby werent available. You dont have a choice but to try the last PG available on your roster, JEREMY LIN. And then, BOOM!!!!! The Knicks won all of the next 6 games, for a total of 7-game win streak, with him starting at PG.

      Now tell me the Isiah Thomas story is better than the Linsanity. 😉

  43. TC777 says:

    Linsanity has to be the most memorable in the 2011-2012 season. There has never been a guy who came from the end of a bench and did what Lin did. He turned the fate of his team around, set new records, galvanized the MSG stocks, brought fans back to the shortened NBA season, and captured many hearts in the New York city, even across our whole country (some would say the whole world). His accomplishments on and off the court are nothing short of amazing, truly a fairy tale coming to life. I hope it will continue in some shape or form, because God knows we the fans need it. It’s a story of hardwork paid off, dreams realized, an underdog becoming a hero, hope eternal. Just about what everyone needs to hear in this day and age.

  44. theguywithopinions says:

    linsanity was incredibly overrated just because he was asian. there are plenty of players contributing to their teams who have come from the d-league and been cut from their team.

    • Just another NBA Fan says:

      It’s not just because he was Asian. There were a lot of things about Linsanity that was interesting. How many guys in the NBA graduated from Harvard? How many undrafted guys in the NBA produced the numbers Lin did? How many guys that got cut from two teams, almost got cut from the thrid team, produced the way Lin did? When you put all that together and with him being the first American borned Chinese/Taiwanese. That’s just incredible. I am not saying that Lin had no problems, he is far from being one of the top point guard in the NBA. He still has a lot of things he need to improve in his game. But the story was great.

    • sss says:

      haha! you sound just like mayweather. It’s not him being asian. it’s him being undrafted and exploding like he did. he owns the record for most points in 5 starts ever in the nba. that’s speaks for itself. yao ming is also asian but was not a phenomenon like jeremy. so stop being so racist.

    • phillip says:

      Bad form buddy, its about the numbers ( and no I’m not asian ).

    • cool knicks fan says:

      It wasn’t just about him being the first American born Tawianese/Chinese. It was also about him being only the 4th NBA player to come from Harvard(first since 1954). He scored more points than ANY player in NBA history in their first 5 starts since the NBA/ABA merger. That includes MJ, Iverson, Kobe, Lebron, Bird, Magic, etc. Sure many players got sent to the D-League and got cut from teams and went undrafted and eventually had a lot of success in the nBA. But nobody even came close to what Lin did. You need to stop being racist and learn your facts.

    • chris says:

      check your head, dude. lin is great. he would beat YOUR team by himself. lin is greatest point guard in game today

    • Lin MVP! says:

      cmon man! he didnt contribute, he transformed and gave that team hope, he did what other greats havent done in their first five start. the reason why lin faded a little was because melo came back and took away from his game! lin is gonna b a great pg

    • Jacky says:

      Linsanity is also the NY knicks saver…Do not forget that!!! Knick Play-Off

    • PC says:

      All everyone said is true, until Steve Nash retires, J-Lin is not the greatest PG in the game today yet :-].

      • no says:

        did someone seriously say jeremy lin is the greatest point guard in the game today? is your last name lee? nyguen? chin? get the hell out of here dude, lin isn’t in the top 10 point guards in the league, honestly get off his nuts and come back to the real world where hes an average player with great HUSTLE that can play off of HYPE like nobody else in the nba. Christ.

      • PC says:

        Wasn’t me. someone above me said that. let me correct my statement, until Steve Nash retires, he doesn’t have a shot at the greatest PG in the game today. not saying Nash is the greatest, but he as for as oldest PG and Kidd today, get on Nash’s level in other words.

      • no says:

        yeah my bad, didn’t mean to respond to you